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May 21, 1964     Shelton Mason County Journal
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May 21, 1964

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PAUE TTELTOI MA ON C015 q " 30UPCNAL -- Published in ":Ch r;stma.tOwn, U. .AY, hdton, Wa. hington VFW NEWS Mardi Gras Theme ) [ k '~ 1:::ltl.l III$~J.PlI.,(II~ Rachel Knott Guild ,o,,,.,...,,+ _:--" 1511" -ocla--vents" May2g-29 lho VVW t'ost and its Represented At For Annual Senior Sends Check To auxihary wi] bc rm the streets .... ~t ...h ,,.,,,,,es ,.r s.. R-a Graduahon Party { E d, or watt I Orlhopedic Hospi|al This monuv 'sovv,~:~ n a iV disahled I .~u ,J,,,~,~ ,,-,~,..~ ~J ma,,;i oras th,,me has becn i ( y j e s Phone 426-4412 ) vet.c~ran~ a'lcl I 'g~ ~ ~:ti(m is re- / l~epresenhttives from American Soolet lamed nt (lily local area ("Xge 1(, 1- Lake "~ cl.~ tans nospflal, Ma.dlgan e!losen by thc parents of grndu- [ .I~achelThe MaYl~:n()t, t15 OrthopedicUnChc t ( fGuildlhe or the dead, bV helping the liv- h(,~p~l.d, V~!,sl.e~'n Sl.aie hospital ating seniors for thc annual all- was attended l)y 18 members Mrs ---,-,inrr" ......... '1 'Phr, Vli"JJ v'~""'"".-v,-., .--~ ...... ,....~,.-.]"'""-[ann ~rom t mrce, Trlllrslon, urays night party to be held following ,, Harold Nie.hols trusted the group t(" 's .... We" ,)e 1 ........ ml (r ' r,.j,~, ,t' mtt,x'ec'~ .... }lavt)ov and Mason. counties Red eommencenwnt exercises June 5. A ~L ..... I .... ~ " ~ at hcr home on t'he canal with .~ ..... ~: Closs chapters gathered nt the night of fun Is being planned Mrs Haeold Nol'del']o" as co-hos- Timl)ers banquet room May 11 for which wi!l in(.lude games, dancing tess. MEM()IIIAI, SEiiVICE ] t rote,ling )f the Casca,le'Couneil and a rot:night supper., q'he night ]V[t'l]lori;~.l :ievvives will lie. con- , MI'S. l-'oarl Dulcller. president dueled in the Velcva.n's sft:t.mn of of Ameri(::m R.ed Cr)ss. Thirteen will ]e ulima>-od with an early- ] Executive Board ,Church Of Canal Club Meets Serve t Mrs. Robert I'u~we and Mrs. Ed- Hot dogs, t ward Jenner entertained lilt, cx- fee, pop and e.cutive board of the l-h)od Canal availahle for \Voman's Cluh at "t 1:30 p.m. hm- 'l(te g()ers tP cheon at the Tyec resl.am'ant last St. David'3 E Thursday. Folh~wing the hmcheon churchwomen the board met to discuss bllsincss planned n. dl to he presented h) lhe club at its it possible to May meeilnK, ade w:ttcherS Attending wevo the Mes(hunes have plenty i ............... , ;.-~ ost.q f )m M tson C )untyat- morning ho)terlany for the past year, conducted I.he Archie Calahan Ge ~ 'gc l=}r( wet logging ne Snmt.on ~vtcnor ~l ~' "K (cm,- , " " " " , ' business meeting wi~ich followed. Gene Dorman Walter Thwaites Serving tory beginning at 11 a.m. Merllor- tcndect, A $6 donation iv be!ng asked The mint~i.es were rend and the William Gilhert= Francis Akcrs, after the ial liar. Mel~lber.,~ of the "Vl0"~V Mrs, Aria Rolslad Gray Lady from parent:~for each senior or i.reasurel's report given. A check Arthur Kraus, Leslur Ager lhvoughot~t the Auxili't'r,,. , ., ," nd the. Amer~. .,"m Leer- at \V~st'~ln:, .,S ale ho~pit'd. , , told. non-.setlior gflest..., attendill, g. The for $425 was sent to the Chi'ht-D. H. Pierce, Ethel Dalhy, Nine ' ....... ion Auxiliary will make sprays ',~'methmK el l.hpw work lhere, committee ha~. asked the money . ... ~ ren's Orlliopedie. hospital and Med- Miller, l~Iaude Crosby. azld Miss ll'~,~|f~ J next Tuesda.: dlll'il'l:~ the morni;{g Plans were (;ompleted forthe Maybe turned ili as so(m as possihle '., ~ at the 7Memori'll b ihlint~ 13-1.1 v'u'n v~ l it Americm Lal~e toMr. T son ':d' th( school el to . . hi i('ala center last month.. The March Dora Fredson , . " ' .~. . . e ....... I at Sak" money lol',llin~ $237 .................. S )rm" ............ ho'~l)ilal which is the hlghhght of Harry Ros.% finance chairman, ' I ,, g,, .... ! g ~iSlTS ill)ME She year for the patients. M~s.22!.2 .Wauhinglon St. ,. i was included. Local Women Aliena,u 'Phc She t01.1 1I ~rry (7 co { \xill lie le vin,~ f )t li'r e(lq Me(" tw of Aber(le~n told of Thin r .... , - ' 1 Mrs Frank Travis Jr 'mnoune- ~..a-L__-*z.._a ~'~ ,. Auxiliary vl ' ..... & . ~' 2# . ..... " ." . 'C ~ ill D(; a nleetlng oi coln- 1 . ..'' ' ,., '" ' ' " I1~IbII(IUIS[ OlllCrCllCC s,)rin~ hT{nc te Cohlrnblls Ohio Ihis week after m,r travels in lnal,~, ang..tae ap- mitlee chairmen next Tuesday at: ; : | ca there ave 2:) active memt)ers 27: .~ ' .. " ', ~, '2;, spcndil~g a vucation in Shell.onpalling poverty in calcutta. 7 30 pm at tim home of Mrs "Bob ..... _ and s.wen inact ve ones in the .~,.v,j's. ~:aln!ev *~{~berts and Mrs. Mon(tqy at ~ with his n;other M)s. Mary Coolc. Local donal.ion.~ this nmnl.h were Te~ple 'Isl'm(l'I aloe Drive " i , ~ :; ......... ...... " " , . ~ ~.. t-niuip *larnie attended the 2'l'rd F ection ~z stlpl,lies for carniv.l.1 by Mrs. Gee. ' -'.:--'-..7- - ::'._ : ......... 7.: : ;: ~~;:;'" ~',.~'Zv':;: '" B~V~te~tSl'~'ell;;.~ anllt.ltll nleeling of the Pacific hmchcon '~, .th ............................................... LeCompte, N dozen cookies by the l~Ag~_II~ "I~'IIJ~IIT~ " Drive ehairm:ul, t,-, bri'ng' theft Northwest 5~ethodist C, mfe,'ence gram pres n}' , " - , ,~outhsidc Friendship Clnb cookies aua~,t~J.~atao *~1~*.~ { . .:. .: cnvelopes to her home am soon asw. oma~vs ~oezely of Christian Set- local worl{ ~: J Vr~ Co,~,f 1[~o+ qUl~=~ J trcm Pwkermg I-Iomenmkers Cl Ib CAI{I) I. AR[Y nossible wce May 1;1-15 in Vancouver. noon will ~L0~ .............. ,t~ J==~ . Ea l ' .... ~,mZ~htus?:iper announcep that itors present representing most [ | Mrs. Purl Jemison, , Mrs. Carl g es .&uxilialy No. 2079 will ~ ~ " ~'~ s 'D .......... There were 450 delegates and vis- for the schol$ l il d hold a card pal ly be mnm at 8 | ~l~l~l~"I llll | Johnsnn and Mrs. ,1. H. Gil an . ', -g' ' g ' ~ ~, Lne '.~ n. y(nmty orinope(llC of the 265 local Chllrcil societies CANAL~ [ |l~ ~ []limb,, | Games and books for the child- p.m..Saturday nighL, at the air- .,~ ~ I g'ulms ate navm~, tnei ' an real tea in W'~shin"ton nd Nell] "(" " -- "~ "a' [ ~ [~ ] ren's ward at Madigan hospital' pol't.nali. The public is invited. MII [] 1 at the Governor's manmon" next he ' ' g ~ ' lel'n lla- ~. Tile. . ~oC,..,...J': I | were also dormted by Mrs Luc- wmne!'s~.ror tne may 9. play Wednesday. ;rhe . . uraer or ~n= ! n.oqt. : oo..o .,,. v, ll I I I .... * next anmml meeting ,,,am next Me ida: | ~gu~s $ =~v~,~o I Arsdale sen; seceded high went to Jack ill I [] I Tne u,ive Roberts guild of Se- set for first Methodist church in temple in Un [ .... -- ............I Smith an t Avis Saeger. Hcrman nnmmnn [] attlc is spnsring a "G t Era'" Seattle, May 12-14, 1965. hmcheon as as I Lo,+,. +. =,+.o, owo. Ill.n .! .I +e +,, ,,+ ,.o o,+ I SLATE TEA WEDNI'~SI)AY won the travelin, p}nochle. , opedic Hospital at the same time" i ................................... ; --- ---/ I - + IIII I I the hospital one can have a round J ~'_ I-- WLxchan e a trip With a donation to trip chavler fliR'ht lo Europe for | - I I | ~A~l~[~l~l|~. U nrxt "'~e~in~'sdgy Lo' be ;~eht from ]animotm b,illot for ne~- officers at Ill I I I ~340. Rese,vati-ons are open to I 1 ~ -- = -, lho last meetm , ' 2-~i p m M~ Roy Mct2oni~ey 717 . ~ g. guikl an..-1 auxiliary members of | I ~ ~. / RI U |I R b I ,. o,,o,o,, .o, .am0 I o' o'"oo . I1| I I I ,.o Children's Orthopedic h0spital, ] I // I ................. and their families. If arlyone is [ 1 n ' . ~ on given in lasL week's Iournal [ --- / for' the local affaw The pubhc is] ." .... inn = n ilLerested blanks can be obtained I 1 Ii~ ,~ ' ~ ~ "invited" to" arlene'" ; ' I snouldtrove, included. Dorothy IlU U I .... l .ads, inside guard, a.d Agnes . IlI I I I .,ore Mrs. aeorge Cropper, ,t2o-I I II I I , Lurid, outside guard / I I " : , ; ll| | I | 222, .Mrs. Dutcher thanked the h0s- I| In ..m |[] lZ ",'heSalvationArmytruckwin, ' "'V'- " " te~sesfortheluncheon. I m ll' l = I F =->:: : / be in town next Tuesday. t,'or pick-/ Past - " OCE~NOOR~,HV Is a career Carolyn R,obbins is debating about o o , __--= 2226 O ympic Hwy. No. " | tlps pholL 426-606~ or leave arti- /,~,~m~ ...... a ,4;~,~ ..... '~.. t.~_ pursuin~i. A member of the Top Ten in this year s graduating publ clesaL325North5th,street, |0rod at the Ma 12 meetin-of' c ass, shedeflnltely plans to enter one of the math or scence Re (:mis Iave I 1 ill It I 11 .......................................................... / Y ~ l f e ds. She has chosen the Universit of Washin ton for further- ,'" ,---7 ............. "",[EagleSmarkedAUXlliarYthe 37th NO.birthday2079, ofWHtch]the in~= h.r eauoat,oo; Y g Potluck Dinner [ ~ I I 1 [ O IICE OF NAMES OF PERSONS [[auxiliary , Carol n Robbins a -he .... ' ..... About SO guests enjoyed a pot. I[ ~ ~ ., ,. : _ .... I y ,. ~ lton11o nanoicaD to uaro/yl,l Gtlrulg" IlCt APPEARI ' Attenoing were ertna ,.ore, . - [ NG TO BE OWNERS OF I charter m,~,~be ..... ~ ,,o,, ~,oao,,, I High school traduating semor who achool years. She is one of the luck dinner sponsored by the We- I I n ............ v ............ a " , mens Rel)ublican Club at th~ Mem- I | ~ 1 , st rids five feet tall with her Top Ten ~ ~ her raduatm cla~s I ABANDONED PROPERTY I/presidents Bertha Loi'd, Gertrude] sh ........ g g- " oriel Hall Monday night. ]| -- " I~Westcott, Clara Stuck Doroth q oes on, pmns ~o tacme a oig ot aoout 180 She nas amo to~md I The following persons appear to be owners of ]lEads o-el *sche F,or=nco , ]suhject when she enters the Uni- time to be Girls' Club progran~ Speakers for Goldwater wez'el! ' .... ' " ' ........ " Versity of' Washington this failchairman this year and partita I certain Intangible personal proDertv which has I/ler, Alice Herzog, Marie Lewis, I,,a.o ................. ; ..... ..... ._ Major H. H. Lapham (reLired) of II 4 a~ta! s ~a! t=~t~ ~a.I~-i. ..... RUb" "ore--e ................. [ ',., C ~yn la,ttn~ tO major m sclencu pate in ~,t~. ~carlec "~' , ~cience Olympia and Luke William~L Jr. of I I I U/ LLUN PKI:P WI/H ' y xa ~a~ z ttl[U vzl'i~lina L.)Un- Ol math ith th ' I been reported to the State Tax Commission. |leas Gifts were "resented th^ ] " w e thought of pos- Club and Honor Society. Spokane state head of Goldwater I ) . "" . ~" ~ Bibly going inLo oceanography In '' I Jackson, E. C. I otlatch; Johns, Dawd J. R. ][group. A luncheon was served. [ B-in ..... ~i ~ .............. ' add~tmn to her school aeti~z- forces. George Ferrer, Scattle at-I| PURe.Ua. r nr a e,a||n~ I *al~ D ...... ~- a2z...s....~. I| * * * / "- e, ............ vvarenuy oeen ties she ,teaches two arid three torney, spoke on behalf of Rocke-]| ........... As~.v,,v | .,:" . |/ MAKE VISITATION [ ................... yea," olds Sunday school class at fel~rmbers in charge of planning[[ OF ANY COLOR.( g0 , i lntormation eoncerz~ing t[~e amonnL or (aescription of the pro- ~i ~everal conples from the W.ag. I the Hood Canal Community church the dinner were Mesdames Herb-I| m IIli.t.re,, -t-ttttit,.* t.~a= [ perty and the name and address of the holder may be obtained Illos Aerie and the Auxiliary visited [ ~l~nnlr l"~o~r~ In in Hoodsport and worics in thu err Vonhof, Robert Puhn, Ralph II LINll/I:U 111)11;:, URLI.'"-I | by any person possesuing a legal intereat, in the property by ad- ||Castle Rock for a District 8 m~t- | at vl~][$~ L'*'~0'~ ILl[ {hurch Youth m'OUD | dressing an mqun'y to the 'fax Commmsion, Unclaimed PropertyI|ing last Sunday. t~k]'~,=,4-1~ "~ .... A ,,..-...~ Math ana acience classes have Horton and Ray Snider. [[ ',,,.. I Division, P. O. Box 510, Olympia, Waal~ington. I| ..... ~---- l l~UILl[ l1d~Ul[ 2-]kl~l, been favorites of Carolyn through- | If I)roof of claim in noL pr(~sented by the owner to the holder I| MUSIC CLUB DINNER r][~l.,,*,., I[IT.,,,!....-21 out school. Her subjec[s this ,'ear Forest Festival Dance ]| , ~, [] I and if thc (,wner'sA'ight to receive the'property is not established || DATE SET TUESDAY I'l ltt~ VV t eltelltl have been math anal sis, chemis- For Teenagers Friday ]| n n ! to the holder's salisfaction within aixty-fivc (lays from the date !| The Shelton Music Club will en-] Buddy Poppy days at Belfair, try, French II, seniorY~nglish m:a The Catholic Youth Organiza- [[ I 1 | of the second puhlished notice, the abandoned property will be I|tertain all of the music clubs in I Grapeview, All'vn and Tahuva will civics. tion will sponsor the Forest Festi- l/ m m, | l',laced not iatcr than eighty-five days at'tcr such publication date |[the diatrict at dinner next Tues- I be this Friday and Saturday'Spon- Sewing, knitting boating, water wd (lance for teenagera from 10 |/ ~ ~s I in thc custody of the T~{x Comn~ission. - 1/day aL 6 p.m. in the Methodist lsors in that area are Nuel'Curtis skiing and hiking are favorites of I -~ ...... , ||church. , /VFW Post No 5372 and its aux'-' our spotlighted senior. She is the p.m. - 1 a.m. this Friday night at /| ~' N| the armory. Music will be by the J| I 2AX COMMISSION OF TilE l/ The Shelton Music Club is af- [iliary ~.'ll money collected goes only child of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey I~.aymarks of Olympic college. The ]l ,- I ~q~Arlp~ t'~'~ ~A~xrl~'f[wm~xr |mfiliated wiLh the SLate and Nation-/to help needy veLerans' or their W. Robbins of Lilllwaup and was dance will be ~ell chaperoned I I | ~."~lal, l~ ~Jt' llZ'lk.~lll,L~'~.ll.~U~a.N I/al Federation of Music Clubs t .... " ' boln in ............ :: nl ' i zamnzes. ". ~ocuova, ~tasKa ~gec. ~, GeneTal chairmen are Mary I I By Charles W. Hodde . , ]] GOODWILL TRUCK " lbyO,~hee pfo~ P;3J~3t~hgupPa~Z;oted_ ~4s)zTheuR~b~e~anci~Yo?;~qwa~ Johnse,a and Pam McComh. Ad-]| I~ ~i + T,,o Goodwill tm,clc Will be in 'l~t:!~On, e at Eaton Ra--'-'=p ....... - in tr h C fif~l' g"adc a " 'l h ave '+ mad ~ m~ston P "iee will be $1.25. / R'~ I 5/2:!-28. I/town next Tuesday. For pickups ~,+an where more. than 2v~+'---jv~t-c-[-~-~-,,,, uq,,+m+ their .heine on +Hood Canal since " Patience and obedience win theI/ HILLCREST | I|phene 426-4847. of veterans ate cazed fo- "" thaL time. Carolyn is favored wKh golden scholarship of experimen-l1 " ' ' . z'. l-leFe , , , ~ - , . , I q dalk blo~n eves and dark hall ' - children are brought up in as nat .... tal tuition. -Mary Baker Eddy /L JACK B. NIMBL[ II WED.- THURS. - FRI. MAY 27-28-29 PORTRAITS ARE coMMtNOEb PARENTS' MAGAZINE PLUS $0 for wrapping, handling and insurance BUST VIGNETTE Ho appolnfment necessory. Photographer will be on duty regular sfore hours, Complete selection of finished Photographs to choose from. /' SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY 'BACK! Limih one per child, two per family--oges 5 weeks to 12 years. Children's groups taken at 99~ per child. Slofe Hours ' 9:30 a,m, : to 5:30 pm. : A Subsidiary 6f P. N. Hlrsoh & Co. iI~ iii] i i i i iiiiiii ii iiiii 1[ i ii iii +ll;P ;11 ITI *rr ............................ ural a home-like surroundings aa Ls possible. There is no resemb- lence to the usual orphanage. The children have clothes to fit their individual personalties and attend public schools where they learn to mix socially with the children from ordhmry American homes. Today, Thursday, May 21 Welcome Chapter No. 40 Past Matrons Club, 12:30 p.m. lunch- eon, home of Ruth Latham. MRotary Club luncheon, noon. ing Tree Care. Port commission meeting, 8 p.m. courthouse. NaVy Mother's Club, 8 p.m., Me- morial Hall. Friday, May 22 Rttb~' Rebekah Lodge, 8 p.m., IOOF Hall. Saturday, May 23 Drivers' license examiner, 10 a. m. to 5 p.m., police station. FOE card party, 8 p.m., airport hall. Salty Sashayers Square Dance Club, ~:30 p.nL, Memorial Hall. Sunda, y, May 24 Shelton churches invite you to attend the church of your choice. Monday, Mary 25 PUD NO. 3 Commission meeting, 10 a.m.~ courthouse: , i , I I i i ii i i L , County commission meeting, 10 10 a.tn, PUD Commission room. I] S!~eltpn Bridge Club, 7:30 p.m., I PUD bldg. Royal Neighbors, 11:30 a.m. 1Lmcheon meeting, Memorial Hall. Shelton Generai.~H0spital Auxil~ lary spring luncheon, 12:30 p.m., Alderbr0ol~ Inn. + ML. View PTA, 8 p.m., multi- pui-pose room, Kiwanis Ciula luncheon, noon, S ECIALWORLD IRIRICESON Memorittl Hall. City coflamis~ion meeting, 8 p.m., m, I city hall [ Salvation Artny truck in' town Plmne 426-6564 for pickups or ........ leave articles at 325 North 5th St. 3 Cycles 3 Wash Temp. 2 Rinse Temp. Cold Water Wash Filter-Fie 12 Pound Capacity All Porcelaint Interior Airplane Cable Type Suspension SYstem With Working MATCHING DRYER Over 200 Appliances on Display Miller Shelton SS .m Olympia IN A TOTE BAG ............................................... v;'" 6 TRANSISTOR G.E, +~,..- ~i~: ......................... < The above prices good for Mooni|g Maso : A Subsidiary of ~the P. N. Hirsoh & Co. only G.E. Sales! and Mrs, Nelson will furnish the door prize. Mrs. Letha Quinn. Mrs, Gerry Himlie Will conduct the meeting day for a hmch and meeting at the Memorial Hall. Lunch will be served by Mrs. Gladys Nelson and Royal Neighbors of America will meet at 11:30 a.m. next Men- ROYAL NEIGHBORS