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May 22, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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May 22, 1941

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May 22,. 194.1. “ r~ Several at- uChOOl board meeting 33' evening when the appzlliiaChosen from the Will be MS. The announce- tis si made later" when Schoolgned. Bids for work 1 grounds were made present teacher, Miss Sh w; ill: tldrich who is in the 3 CO] , svigit fie fPom the east coast 1 i s. ’gsh his parents, Lieut. ‘ ‘ nar ‘: mlmbe d AlC.llCl‘l. Yof ‘in at linpi‘ovemcnts are 2;; E ‘jCalm Cove," the ,‘ ,HefiGrlmm has given his! 13 now building a con- , S 01:8 on the wa te r Ems side of his place, i pairedei-s Ramada Sm} and close to that, th 13 buildino' a road .. 9 win . .5 . . U as entrance to' , l t he 'Madl‘ona Lodge, which| a ' . Whig 1mDI'Ochent over lllndmg mad. Juan: Amlersen motored begin?!“ Theler of Belfair . 1e asteY'S’ convention at last ‘ Friday and Sat- .”I‘Bo-ard In *’ MEMBERSHIP [N 1 increase I‘eer, has resigned he: ; was announced today by the Ma— re after teaching two son County Unit of the Women's e plans to be married I F191“ 9 CANCER UNIT lS Campaign Ended With, Increased Results; Quota Exceeded By Mason County Unit ship drive with an encouraging over last year’s figure Army of the American So- iciety for the Control of Cancer lthrough Mrs. James Needham, l captain. Total funds collected were $130.30, an increase of $14.30 over last year. “We were informed last week by Mrs. Swenson of Olympia, dis- trict vice-commander, that if we collected more than our quota, ~which is one dollar per 100 pop- is ; ulation, we could keep whatever we collected over that and apply it to our local project fund, which was started in 1939 by Mrs. Irene S. Reed,” Mrs. Needham day. The balance was $14.30 on the basis of 11.600 poplulation, leav- ing $7.20 after expenses were de— ducted. Public Talk Highlight said to- w ~"-o hexaESfox-mer has been j: to tak'ey the Public “util- ,. care 01 the heavy S Dter‘ th . matron of Eli- I 0 Went with at e‘Past Matron Club ill Tah idem uYa. employees M9011ng Thursday. “1'5. Walter Day are' oh v" new home, i am Service Station. i Je am and her daugh— i .5 eth an Main and Mrs: IEntertained with a o M onday honoring the l 6112:. Oion Addlrmun.1 . i; . , 1- Mali E ., Martin, who has i K, 5“ suffer in California, was T I; ‘ castldfiy inspecting “But- ‘h v' " out fe- She plans to ye I or the summer, next rice of Skokomishl Kuett’s Tavern. n ch, is very happy over : “ire Thanks to his' both 3111 help of the Vet- d LadY" and the pup—1 g Well. c\_.__ es Chickens , 0V8 More Costly x. 11]“? nations, n e e d 1 if they are to at- e"gimplnent, says W. D. Xtension poultrymani College of Washing-E long _known 3°C Of room in raising‘ ck now have scientific; ha?) their contentions, i e u A recent study! chicovered 130 flocksi .Cks. Results show-.5 12.4 per cent' were brooded in lots: 500 and only six' u Of 300 to 400. It‘ nélds of feed to pro-i co“ _9f. broiler underi dltlons; only 3.75 broilers were not; l! . usextra Space in theK in t“costs less than Ruchae long run," sum- r-Ra "loOEC’OK INN OPENS 531mg In“. one of the “Pellets; Hood Canal, of— easglts doors today for them Feature of the. lo“. K. annual dinner of! t. lwanis club to bej k— l , ( ..-.Good At _ hm‘an, Sziys He‘ thew {er t eported to the han average luck is flax)? folk at Lake S 1 9w 1e 1.“ or .the e thim a little reti- , nul‘nerical quantity hath Blscatorial hauls, rust lt that the fish he mm at all. Espe-l bought that nice; “y Allie Hanson, 33!, Stores Inc., and Wlth the hook and S registered in bearing 1941 91‘s are re— their , .NSPECTION I I 10 ngety l ‘ikaine Stfilzmn 3 b a 0N, WASH. aim' to 1 p.m. and i ' t° 5 p.m. , school motorcycles, l ed by Federal, c‘l‘nty. All owners gases registered in in‘ of this state, ,It Masai County. l ~ . in 0 present their . '- sDBCtion. s not A r- . roved Bet t‘g'thoutp: seal, ; .appl‘ehension _. rtii,..,XVaShington i of Highways 5- Dr. 1 tal Tumor Clinic spoke to a small Martin ‘ Mrs. Knowlton's Wed-g , . I Clubs on April was also of great Fuck In” that. an. a} importance, she added. preparing.’ l Vera Hammond, I Most important educational fea- l ture of this year’s program was the, public meeting April 16 when Buschke of Swedish Hospp but very interested audience at other! the courthouse here, Mrs. Need- ] ham explained. Dr. B. N. Collier‘s l talks to the Women‘s Federated "I would like to take this op- lportunity to publicly thank Dr. Buschke for coming" here and for his very interesting and educa- tional way of presenting his sub- ject,” said Mrs. Needham. .“I' also wish to thank the medical 1 staff of the Shelton General Hos- pital for their cooperation, which has been invaluable, and also the officers or the local unit, Mrs. M. D. Rodgers, vice-chairman; and Mrs. C. E. Runacres, secretary. Many Helped Cause “Others who added so much to the success of our campaign and who deserve sincere thanks are Mrs. Glenn Landers, Mrs. Lloyd Loughnan, Mrs. Rolla Halbert, Mrs. Leigh Duffield, Mrs. Harland Jordan, Mrs. Frank Bishop, Miss Helen Orton and Miss Dora Fred- son of the senior high school, who helped us mimeograph over 200 letters, Miss Bessie and Miss Lillian Warren and Mrs. Martha Haines. who did a great deal of ltyping, Mrs. Gladys Martin, Mrs. Mrs. HanSOnl Berg, Mrs. Anna Klassel, Mrs. Ken Blanchard, Mrs. Alva Mc-l Kay, and J. E. Angle of The Journal. “We also wish to thank all or- ganizations which took an inter- est in and made use of our edu- cational literature a'nt'. who con- tributed funds.” Mrs. Needham reminded the public once more its part in can- cer control concerned these fol- lowing points: Publie‘s Part Outlined 1. Enlisting every April in the Women's Field Army. “Your dollar fee (or more) is import— ant in carrying on an educational program throughout the nation," Mrs. Nccdham explained. 2. Read the literature supplied ‘by the Women’s Field Army, and rgss it on to others. Spread the message that “early cancer is curable." Fight cancer with knowledge. 3. Form the habit of having an animal physical examination es- pecially if you are over 35 or 40 years of age. 4. Learn the danger signals and if they appear go to your phys- ician at once. These danger Sig- nals are (a) any persistent lump or thickening, especially of the breast; (b) any irregular bleeding or discharge from any body open- ing: (c) any sore that does not heal, especially around the mouth, tongue or lips; (d) persistent in- digestion, especially if accompan- ied by distate for meat; (8) 311(1- of growth of a. mole or wart. Of the more than 3,000 flower- ing plants to be found in the state of Washington, approximately five_ percent are considered en- demic to Washington. Not only are some of these species confined to Washington but many are restricted to a very small part of the state. In the Olympic Peninsula there are about twenty different kinds of flowering plants which occur In no other place. Among these are the Piper Bluebell, Henderson Spiraea and the Webster RagWOI‘t, all named for botanists who have done a. great deal to further the work of floral exploration .111 Washington State. Mount Rain~ ier has about a half dozen plants peculiar to it while the Wenatchee Mountain region has about twen— ty known endemics and the Blue Mountains have thirty. The most accepted theory re- garding the scarcity of theSe plants concludes that the endem- ics are old species that formerly] had a much wider range, but which are now scarcely able to maintain themselves in the face of competition with other speCIeS‘ Newspaper circulation in the U. S. is now over 62,000,000 an all-time high—according to the Census. The average family now spends nearly $10 a year for newspapers. Daily neWSpaP€rS have increased their average c1r- culation three-fold in 40 years“ from 7,000 per paper to 21.000. ‘ OVER i131" YEAR Completion of its 1341 member- l SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL .__’« Pineapple... 2 tins 29¢ Fruit Cocktail . . . . .. 9¢ All in OnevIG-oz. Fancy Peas tin 10¢ *M t. Smooth Salad Dressings N‘u-Made. . pt 21¢; qt 37¢ Famous fresh mayonnaise. Spread. 1/2pt 13¢; pt 21¢ Duchess. . pt 15¢; qt 24¢ Page, Three Rnsedalc whole slices of pineapple. 25H)?“ tin. Vernon brand iziiicy 3—si'wc sweet peas. Made with fresh eggs for flavor. .. THANK YOU! You finehpeople of Shei- Thc rich, i'lzn'orl'ul salad dressing for spring t‘m certainly gav“ 1‘1".“ «wads. wonderful sendoff ior ' ' my first week as man- Pierré 8-02. 10¢ Thicker. top of your lettuce. Lunch Box Sandwich Spreadwpure mayonnaise thh relish added. :ihfcr in. Shelton. Plf‘ilsv (‘nllit‘ in again this Wt‘c‘k. ROY MADDUX Manager Zt'Hlli‘l‘ French dressing. Stays on I{('l‘llv"l" Wllnlt' kernel LEO—ox. liu. 1‘, “Bulim- t, pzu'kt-(l ' tum com. Assorted Canned Vegetables ‘ vacuum burr 25¢ 20¢ 19¢ Libby’s Red Sockeye Salmon lb Heinz Asst. Baby Foods, 3 tins Borden’s Eagle Brand ,Milk tin comfort BlaCk Tea Country Home Corn ...... .. 20-02.‘tin 10¢ T I S S "E 0 N S De Monte Bantam Corn 17-oz..... 3/25¢~ “BRAND R F. . , V Hy,” Famous “yellow label" WhOle Kernel Bantam Corn 20'0Z- FineSt quality peanut High quality at a 5a..- ' but 4 1521;” Canned Meats and Fish 1-1b ¢ 1 lb . ROMS—"— LLB" TIN Valamont Pork & Beans 31-oz. tin 91¢ Jar ______ _. 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