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May 27, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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May 27, 1941

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y 27, 1941. 131i: 5“ aHere ' me /1 O p' ills Splendid 2 “38 For Youthf ‘ rd". .dwzaLMfl . irs. a 41, Films t . w 0 0 be one of the led m Maori-unifies for young Seattle , 035,311 ,seamanship is now ‘ i lei-Vi 1“ the U. S. Mari-i in Holy nag-323 training organ—l. 1 M9”'.' 'tlmemlstered for the U. 1 Commission by the: uau‘d. i barf, '~ 1193‘: Dressing and in— i of . Amelie 0" trained seamen i V. , ‘Mmuan Merchant mar- | l i ‘5 tra m M_ | We Service is ex- 3 “lng program and 1 1c ellgible young men 1 .rflcter, a special "Wig with pay tol, areer at sea. “ h the Maritime ber- l‘oonths as ap- an,“ $21 a month, tninspcn-tation, clo- ‘ MmggfilCCommodations :‘ . l .~ Service. T h e : Eta y_ ln'cludes three 3.; ralmng station and . .p. e“Magyar-d a. training e. um es ass1gned ac— ‘ mm" Preferences and ‘ enmesy and upon sat-i c” Dletion of the! h E t t1. he em‘ollees will bei ant E"POPtation to jobs‘ eligiblvessels and they! tin the for regular en-i t ‘3 Maritime Serv-i , “,folpazlhln the merchanti went-011 1011 this training; “ with998 start at $72.50} ,cha food and quarters 1 . n(398 for rapid ad- i l H. EATING UNITS! en (Tap L4,” “5!: 0011x1125) re» lS’West-priced 1' lot t1"C, range of ‘itogquality that we “mire? only some _. , dial :1) “lg features S; eOVe. Others at switches -0n , . We“; Convenient * Panil, cco- . " hu' . i. ,l ,- ‘llla‘ltti “1 Scorch Ket— ‘ . mwtonqvenswitch to 0f: atgiving exact .. “Sp. en tempera. lece . I1 -P0rcelaln- ino smoke or soot, your kitchen Training Health,» Safety Of Family Is Kelvinator Aim The moment a Kelvinator elec- tric range is delivered to your home, things begin to happen. Your home is a far safer place than it was before; your kitchen work is easier and more pleas- ant; your food tastes better and is better for you and your fam- ily; you have more time to do the things you want to do! Some of the reasons why a Kel- vinator range protects and brings new leisure, happiness and safety into your home: l.~ Saves cleaning and refin- ishing because electric heat makes walls and curtains stay clean and‘ bright. i 2.~7Saves time because there is' no constant watching of cooking; foods, no basting, no scrubbingl and scouring the bottoms of pots and pans. 3.~~»—Cooks complete meals at one time, in your absence if you wish. That means real economy and a big saving in time and work. 4.7—Ml..imizes s h r i n k a g e. by cooking meats and certain otherl foods 'with the low, accurately-i controlled heat of a Kelvinatorl electric range, shrinkage is kept! at a minimum. ; 5.—Cooks low-cost cuts of ’meat properly. You can save by buy- ing inexpensive cuts and cooking them slowly in the Scotch Kettle at a low, even heat which assures. you tender and appetizing meat to1 serve. i 6.—-Protects health as it cooks] by steaming, thus preserving thei vitamins and mineral salts which l give much of the flavor and nu- tritive value to the foods you eat. vancement exist in the merchant marine today. To be eligible for enrollment an applicant must be an American I citizen between 18 and 23 yearsi of age without physical defects? making him unfit for life at sea.‘ County School Supt. J. E. Mar— tin has application blanks if any young men in Mason County are interested in this opportunity. Sterling “McGuire ‘ Dies In Montana Funeral services were conduct-i ed Saturday from Witsiers Fun-i eral Home for Sterling M. Mc- Guire, 77, who died in Helena, Montana, last Thursday. Burial was in the new Masonic perpetual care cemetery at Shel- ton Memorial Park. Rev. J. 0.. Bovee, Baptist pastor. had charge of the rites. Mr. McGuire leaves his widow, Lucinda, of Shelton; five sons, Bert, Thomas and Marshall. all‘ of Shelton, and Norman and Hugh, both of Harlem, Mont; five daugh- i ters, Mrs. Ruby Fitz, SheltonI Mrs. Stella Holtz, Morton, Mrs. 'Minnie Granger, Ignacio, 0010., Mrs. Mabel Billmore, Holand, Mont., and Mrs. Francis Watters, Great Falls, Mont.; 27 grand- children, and four great grand- children. Mr. McGuire was born Septem- ber 15, 1863, in Tennessee. Phone 100 for a Journal Want-A0 aes are plainly marked . . ACTUAL EIGIERES SHOW COST OF ELECTRIC RANGE AND HOT WATER HEATER VERY Low . . . The amounts given below are for all electricity used in SHELTON-MASCN COUNTY JOURNAL r“ a home, such as lights, iron, radio. washer and refrigerator,.plus electric ranges and water heaters. ; TWO ELECTRIC RANGES and HOT WATER HEATER E Acct. No. Consumption Amount ‘ 367' April ________ .. 617 KWH ______________ __$7.52 May ............ .. 571 KWH .............. .. 7.17 ONE RANGE AND HOT WATER HEATER I 801 February .... .. 290 KWH .............. .. 4.70 March .......... _. 374 KWH .............. _. 5.50 April .......... ._ 181 KWH .............. .. 3.61 i May ............ ._ 396 KWH .............. .. 5.76 RANGE AND WATER HEATER ' 247 May ............ ._ 516 KWH ______________ ._ 6.73 l RANGE AND WATER HEATER : 956 January ...... __ 590 KWH .............. .. 7.32 ‘ February .... _. 563 KWH .............. .. 7.10 March ........ .. 463 KWH .............. __ 6.30 April .......... .. 612 KWH .............. .. 7.50 May ........ 419 KWH ............. .. 5.95 RANGE l 1336 January ...... .. 303 KWH .............. .. 4.83 [ February .... .. 244 KWH ....... .... .. 4.245 , March ........ 189 KWH ______________ .. 3.69 April .......... .. 161 KWH .............. .. 3.41 ‘ May ............ ._ 117 KWH .............. _. 2.71 RANGE I .816 April ............ .. 155 KWH .............. .. 3.35 i I May 215 KWH .............. _. 3.95 l RANGE V i 1314 March 100 KWH ______________ _. 4.18 r 1 April .......... .. 191 KWH .............. .. 3.71 May ............ 142 KWH ______________ _. 3.16 ‘; Health—Eezitilres Featured Theme Of Westinghouse For glowing health and abund— ant energy, every member of your family needs his daily quota of health-building vitamins and min- erals. And the best natural source of these essential, nutri- tive elements is the food you serve . hand in hand with You choose food carefully and preserve it carefully until you are ready to use it . . . by cooking it properly needless loss of those highly important vitamins and minerals can be prevented. The new Westinghouse Electric Ranges make vitamized cooking the Shelton Electric 00., local dealers for Westinghouse appli- ,ances. Flip a switch and the 5-speed Cox-ox Unit delivers the exact heat you want . . . clean, fast, depend- able electric heat that's ideal for VITAmized COOKing. All switch- . it’s easy to get the right heat and the most economical heat for every need. And electric heat is the cleanest heat that money can buy . . . no fuss, muss or worries. Cur- -With a simple setting, the tains, walls, pots and pans and the range itself stay clean. Now, Surface cooking with :1 Westinghouse Electric Range can-- be completely automatic with “pot watching” eliminated entirely: new Single Set Switch will change from “HIGH” heat to any lower, heat, including the economical: “SIMMER” heat . . . or from “MEDIUM-HIGH" to “OFF” . . . the exact minute you wish. With: this amazing new feature youi don‘t even have to remember to: . turn the switch from “HIGH” toi G°°d f°°d and 300d c°°king 3"", some other cooking position. good health. . It's another reason why you can en- joy more Leisure for Living with! 8. Westinghouse! ‘ VISITS HERE j Mrs. Fred Smith of Kirkland,‘ was in Shelton'Monday visiting friends. She is the former Supt,~ . at the Shelton General Hos ‘t I.‘ easy' accordmg to Ben soper 01" She made the trip here» :Mrs. Eunice Curtiss, speaker at? the Garden Club meeting. No More ‘Firemen’ "Firemen" no longer is the..cor-' rect name for men who fightvfires, according to Fire Chief Selden R. Allen of Brookline, Mass. Because they work on automobile accidents. drownings and “certain illnesses," he told 500 firemen at a "smoke," talk, they should be called “humani- tarian-scientisis." '. r~ .———-'- Enjoy VITA-mized Cooking with a Sparkling New Wufinglwm ‘ Electric Range Clean Electric Heat Is Always .— .— —....—- 5-HEAT of Foods THE COMMODORE ( as illustrated) PHONE 154-W ACCURATELY CONTROLLED Economy Cooker Brings Out the FULL FLAVOR B. W. SOPER ‘ ‘ Shelton Electric Co. GOVEY BLDG. . ] i Milliontthnit i I out of a million brighter kitchéns‘ “iiGood Progress Goes On Tour } Project Reportedl Response to his requests for 1 financial support from the sever- A mighty legion of a million al sehOOl districts which conduct happy homemakers have waved I hot hlnch programs for the gar- good-byc to old—fashioned guess den project on the old county cooking. A million strong—«these farm has been gratifying and has housewives today enjoy the ef—iassured success from that end, fortiess ease and convenience Of‘Cmmty School Supt. J. E. Mar- cooking with Measured Heat on a Hotpoint Electric Range sold 10-; cally by Nash Brothers. Gone Reversible sliding shelves; lst Em- bossed shelf guides: lst Sealed- are the back-breaking work, 1‘ the In Steel oven units; lst Lighted heart-breaking failures and the! work surfaces: lst Stainless steel budget-breaking cost of old -1 trim; lst S-Measured Heats: 1st fashioned guess cooking. A mil-iHinged Surface Units; lst Platc-‘ lion women can’t be wrong when Warming compartment. they say the modern Hotpoint way i _ is speedier, easier, safer and eco- nomical, too. Hotpoint says j'thanks a mil-i lion" t0 the modern American! homemakers whose confidence inl Hotpoint made possible the build-i ing of one milliOn electric ranges. This year, Hotpoint celebrates this notable achievement by offer- ing the greatest electric range values in Hotpoint history w sol that minions of other American! housewives can discover the thrill I of anewer, better way of meal-l making. Among the many first credited to the makers of Hotpoint Ranges are: lst Practical electric range; lst Open coil units; 1st 3-heat switch- es; lst Calrod enclosed units; lst Glass-sealed heating units; lst All steel body; lst Welded all-enamel- i ed body; lst Hardware and color; I 1st Built—to-the-floor cabinet withi toe space; 1st One-piece cookingi top and back splasher; lst Flush~ to—the-wall construction; 1st Elec- l tric Oven timer; lst Automatic ! indicating oven; lst Temperature control; lst Smokeless broiler; lst . . . ' Pontiac gnu: begun a Six Busmess'Cau a.“ Sun tax.qptmna :q syndication! 5" ONLY $25 MORE FOR AN El jut R. B. Dickey Be sure to See this Replica of the SIGNIFICANT milestone in the swing to electric cooking is marked “by Hotpoint Electric Range No. 1,000,000. As a tribute to the million American . women who have already enthusiastically , See these Bargain F EAT U R ES I 01hr» new» Iii-Spud Calrod Surface Units, each with 5 Mens- fl uro‘d Hoots. 0‘All-Porcolaininamol Finish. 0 New Seven-Quart 5-1100! Thrift Cooker with Flavor-Seal Lid. 0 ,Now‘Ovorsized All-Purpose Flavor-Seal Oven. 0 New Duo-Speed Radiant Broiler Unit. 0 New colrod Baking Unit with New Hoof Deflector. ‘ All those futures and many more—see it today! 0 Each new Hi~Speed Calrod Surface Unit pro- vides 5 Measured Heats. Cooks faster, or slower, as needed, but always economically. Coils are self -c1eaning. 'x Practically all districts which “0th for every trip. 253 Per regularly conduct hot lunch pro- daY; Rates lower on longer grams have assured Supt. Mar- Permds- see Herb Angle NOW! ,tm that they will give whatever —-~~— ~—————~-— —~————-~~ financial backing the garden pro- ject needs. Planting and plowing , on the project is progressing nice- Graduation ' Lincoln P.-T. A. of Shelton while the cost of seeds and renting ma- ,from copper ore, 429,496 ounces ELECTRIC RANGE TIC NASH ano'rnnns Page Five GET A TRAVELERS accident tin announced yesterday. ly and all present prospects point to a very successful undertaking. WPA work connected with the project is being sponsored by the page: LINCOLN GYM Tuesday, May27 Hoquiam Orchestra Adm. $1.00 couple Dancing starts at 9:30 chinery necessary is to be borne jointly by the school districts ben- efitting from the crops raised. United States cOpper mines in 1939 recovered as by-products] of gold and 13,138,000 ounces of silver, according to the Census. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 317 So. First WW adopted Hotpoint's completely auto- matic cooking, we are proud to present this model of the One Millionth Hotpoint Electric Range. See this great range today—aswell as otherattractive models. Souvenir Given to Visitors! HIS new Around the Calendar Meal Planner gives you a bal- anced menu with a twist of the dial. Contains menus for spring, summer, fall and winter. Novel and easy to use. A gift to all who visit the display commemorating Hot- point’s One Millionth Electric Range. RANGES