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May 27, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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May 27, 1941

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.i RI‘HVARD—S‘Efnul) A reward of 32.3.00 will be paid to Is, RIGHT 'OF CHARLES NUBY. Deceased. OUCAN’TSELL UNTIL 900 D A BUZEMSEWANT-ADS IN THE MATTER OF~ THE ESTATE UN TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that 1(‘ will be forever barred. Date of first May 3th. 1941. EDVIN TINGELSTAD, Executor of the Estate of publication, SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL} FOR SALE: 5-room modern house, furnished or unfurnished. $2800 SHELTON FURNITURE UP- XJOURN AL W holstering, furniture recoveredl -————————. ANT ADS “LAMAA‘” WWAMW FURNISHED APARTMENTS for; rent (2 and 3 rooms). Good 10- ,‘ Page Seven On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, 5c a line each subso- ‘ “We Won't P i‘ ‘ ' m "V' ay ——-———-*———~—-’ ———— No. 1429 claims, together With proof of scrv- 'VV'WW 'm‘ I veI‘tise It! I In thNoglcn. ’l‘()( (ZREJDIfTO’lllS \t t gel 311% the Clerk of tlio above en- - 0 - "v- w 'w l ' l‘ .upcrlor ‘our 0 e .‘ a e i e .ourt, within six months after R l E t t f d S ' F Re t 0t “'ashington for Mason County. the first. publication of this Notice. S a e n In Probate. tO—Wlti May 13th, 194], lil‘ said Clulllls AQA‘AAAAAAAAMAMMM“) ""0. l : l i anyone furnishing inl’ormati'n lead— Indel'hjigm‘d. Cal'l Ed Larson, has ' v ' ing toptht- atrrll‘st d3: (\giilzailflpndof gigznwfirlrgfntagn goatlgazngufltqitedw {Dacegwpolsmm loliil'ud, terms. Phone 328-J or 439- tf , and rebullt. free estimates, 714i cation. Very reasonable. Golds-l quent insertion. Mini mum , ‘ anV ).I‘St I1 {111 )(‘l'l " U 04 C , ll . , Ulll- ._._.‘ ._. _ I Have the , stroyilng flood signs or dumping gar- l and Testanéenttl otf cllliarles Nuby, De- bemenis Building, Sth 13 , giggfiiétgve. Joe5 $315302?me bolroudghstAPttS, Sseilcolitid and gi'zietef-l charge 30c. , . r. .. n 'lec . '. . r , . . —- _ . _ “53,3; g,;;;d~;l‘,1,*:,a,. M Ma), 1941. Eleliing' aéginsinlliod sairdelDOeICZastbiiVlgfi‘ coumy’ FOR SALE: 15 acres, Pickering an ree 3’ e on ClasSIfied advertisements ac- BOARD OF CQUNTY Q()NI),IIS_ , lll(‘ said Estate art- hereby required CHAS. R. LEWIS. Pass road. Saltwater COVé, FOR RENT; pleasant Sleepingl cepted over the telephone from i iii.i2:35;.classiestsails r3: screen. spring brook. about 1 has F L o W E 8 mm. Mrs. w. A. Bee. ml phone subscribes Cash should 4 , ‘ 1'1, TRENCKMANN' l the undersigned Executor. or his At- I men's’Building‘. Shelton, peel} ,Cunlvated' TWO fme bulld-‘ East Cedar. Phone 582-J. accompany all Other order. or €116,311???“ F91. gmrd' windy 'ot gogiolrd. 8.12818111ng 1, Nluumoi Mason County, Wash—00 mg Sites, electrlmty. telephone B___5_13_tf. payment made before the first VIN E1 .. AUL, 0'1"!” 111} 11.1% I“ 011- ason mg on. 543w 7- 6-3—4t- available several acres good . of the month to save expense M” FE} * p C unty. W'ashlnrt l. the . n 5 b2' ' . ,- . . . . ATTEST: FPED U‘IS' JR' l ad’s-iguana! as thi‘himx. formal: “32:5 grape ground, eaSIly. pleared.‘ All kinds Of Bedding Plants’ lFOR RENT: furnished apartment of billing. An extra charge I! l IgARRY DEvETTE, r 1' m i $1311.19; :lndthrei-lp “of tin: Eleni N0. 1432 Nice stand of young piling Just Snapdmgonsl Stock, pansies’ available June 1st. Cedar. Apart- 16c Will be made when bll Um‘k of BW‘I- "‘ ‘5” "27"31- Q5,th ,‘mM or g.:,.,,,,.,. 'fiims'mg’gapxifi N()'l'}l(()fl1 To (’(REIH’I‘ORS right for log buildings, $800.00 merits. Phone 382—J evenings. necessary. Card of thanks 1 , . ~f ’. i V FILE ‘LAIMS . . i. 2 Shel- ' i —— - —— . . . _ / , :irY trill:Infillgngmflnttifili,dfirggiggbnvlgmig In £th Two?" Cows fof 3m (5mm Eggmsvv 1:5le Ball, f".(')§:c§20_2,7i2t petunias, gerariums, ‘ tomato W 13 tf cmmed Display m on i" -‘ ., ’ . ._ o as mg on in an or lc loun— l ' , E BRICK thi‘iTi TEES fiiii’ih if.%i§”i;..33§a' INtYTng, PitobTuPtliE ESTA L ————. —— plants, etc. Eon RENT. cotmpiettely furnished Request H l- 1 ()4 ‘ 1 T; . i A 'a '-room aarmen e co ric The Abstract Man of : 0t Inst publication, May 13th, ‘ C. GRISDALE, DE_ HCélzlzfé. BflglliirgéqléEl‘yOR/[ccgiigy range, regrigeratok automatic . i CARL ED LARSON. . ‘ ~ v d . o r. _ _ 4._ t heat hot water Available June I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , E‘N‘utur of the Egtluo. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Route 0. a 20-22 27 29 4 i -l [I U Mason County ‘ of clumps Nuby ’ 1‘30; . fillings rift Administratio‘nd otn 13c _ A Low, ‘ I lst. Bachelor apartment equip- . I ; . ' ', is ' e r -' l l fqa‘q‘qVGSlfite'Ulf Lum‘ unchchigneil (inwfh: firthndeay o? Mag}. FOR SALE: 4 room house, l/Zl 222 S. 101211 Phone 112-W l pea same as above’ LaWton ‘ LL i ”Ma:$£lg§'um 1941. by the said Superior Court._ acre ground. Gunnar Sjoholm,‘ Apartments Phone 56'J- '“‘““M . l Wishinvrt‘on y. NOTICE IS FURTIIER GIVEN. Hoodsport' “rash German she ard CH '5 LEWIS z” ' that all persons havinz.r claims against . 22 27 29 4t M___ _________ n_________ -_ P Aiifnfn'n ‘im- quiti' Ev— W“ 95m“ “0 1‘*?L’1“m‘d ‘0 Serve m“ 5' 0' ' ' _ FOR RENT or SALE- new house Pups“ Inqu‘re Shem“ Auto - E “mu”. ‘3Suito ‘1 Lufik samehwith the neceissull-y [Vix'iucIl—Iers all)» 2 large rooms 3'8 00 month’ Parts on Olympic Hi hway. ‘ i I q Q ‘ H' ,' .' I “II P um PTSIC’nf’. a 1i”. 3W A7 - Y . ‘ - - - - ‘ AbStl aCtL’ Real Stat” l Bgl‘l‘llllllilrlSW'ElgélgnézlllllV “C” or Ame“ 50‘ Baym" Tm“ “1‘ WATERFRONT {BARGAng Quar Three room house, outbuildings, W 5 20 2 27 29““: T ’€V.,..],jn'.,{0n“l rgl'..»90_27 6_.}_4t surance Building, Shlvlton, VVasl‘iilig- tel" “1110 fronuage. 2;) acres. 20 acres land $15 00 month J v ‘ L0 DH and Insurance b ' " "“ ' ton. that bring the place designated creek, 10w bank, on Big Skoo- _ r - . : FOR SALE: 4 year old Yorkshire 3 o -- , for Ithe Itiyitnstlctiorrli of the basin“? Rpm south Side Known as can. i F. Siders, Route %,2g121.%’.27 3t 1 ram. Never been at stud Fred ‘ ~, . o t i: “saw. wit in six men is :i'— z‘ . ' - - _ _ v. BELL BUILDING l Vain“ 9,1,", lfifigynnom Ul‘l‘ tttllm dato of the first publication , pery Fault- lélAgEllll/lkE ACN QtFi WW .,,_,,_,_ . W' Budmgl Auynvs 3:33;?” at -, 3 . ‘. , ‘ ' . o' is iotice. towit: within six T R, a , r111 13, a 1 a ' ' ' "T ' SHELTON, WASH. 1n they Superior Court of the. State months “for the 20“, day crummy, E i‘ y y , 01 . pW lFURNISHED APARTMENT, “ushmgtml 10" Mason coum" 1941, and file the same with the ThOdJC Bulldlng: ympla. 11- electric ice box ara e down_ FREE. second growth wood :61? In iroliiztc. Clerk of this Court, together with 5-15--6-26——13t. town Phone 59,8-§ FEB-22_tf the butting. J. D. .White' Little Cliff Wivell’s CERTIFIED ' on tllv IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JIACOB HOLMEN ONSRUD, Dc- (Ilfélsl'l. . NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that Undersigned. Edvin Tingelstac, proof of such service, or they will be forever barred. Dated this 20th day of May,~1941. J. W. GRISDA'LE, Administrator of the WILL TRADE a good 40-acre ranch for place in or near town. A. L. Bell, Bell Building, 4-room house with FOR RENT: Skookum Bay. 5-22-27—2t. basement and laundry trays. FOR SALE: new 16-foot boat‘an'd trailer. Can be seen at Al Pet- West Railroad, 2-blocks out cityI a V has been appointed and has qualified E t t, f E tho C l ' + ,as Executor of the Estate and Last Sf)" ,0 5, 1r Shelton W'ash. ' ' . I Will and Testament 0f Jam" Home“ ALDEN C. BAYSEiiqdak' Dm‘asm' 5-22-27‘29"6'3'—4t- hmlts‘ Phone 37181- 5-27-29—2t l “sons, Mmerva Efgln-27—4t GA?" TEXAOO SERVIGE Representative in Mason County for Fl BY BOAT Onsrud. Deceased. .and that all per- verified, with the necessary vouc ers dry towel and press until dry. l HOME j Attorney for Admin- place of the proposed use is on file in the office of the State Su crvisor of Hydraulics, Olympia. Was ington. together with such other information as is required by law. Any person. firm or corporation Whose right will be injuriously af- fected by said application may file with the State Supervisor of Hyd- raulics. at Olympia. Washington, such objections or representations. in writ- ing, as he may desire to make. with« in thirty (30) days after the date of $800 terms $200 down. 4-room cellent ground, with fruit trees and large chicken houses. This will make you a fine surburban. home, close in. $3450, terms mayl Free Enlargement be arranged. ‘ Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. Phone 304 25¢ per roll- coupon with i each roll. FIR DRUG STORE Mallows Apartment, 718 North! vvvvvvvmvvvvvvvv V ‘V V 'V Wanted MAM .AM A“ LET PLOVIE make your lawn and rockeries; plant your flow— ers and shrubs evenings. 726 S. First St. P-5-1. 5-30—1M.l sons having Claims against the said e . . ' 13.693594 0, the said Estate are here- $231,133; agghggglgme Bw‘dmg- 1 FOR SALE: 4-room house newly AVAILABLE June 5: 3 room PIANO near Shelton. Small size, ,by iequired to none the same, uly 5_29_27. 6_3_10_4tl remodeled downtown, $750 cash, apartment and private bath. almost new. W111 sacrifice to save shipping. Terms can be maimed “lipnAiim undeisiineddm‘ h tl f‘ 'n d 10 res 6th D r27 tfl 4.. L, t not} or. o [S orney o_ .ecor . at , , . ouse par y lnls e , a0 ~0' — . arranged. For tai ". i'vri e s n x i _. NOTICE OF WATER RICHT . . ________~_____________"___ , ., y I I ,tjtllrlfthllhsirrllmggéhrlg’l} SWBagllllgl‘élgmsr‘t‘ge APPLICATION NO. 5445' land. llghts. 4 miles cut $350 FOR RENT_ 3_room furnished Mrs. J. W. Clifton, 1001 Mam . 'same being designated as the place Stale 0‘ Washington Offlcfi 0,1" Super- cash. Inqulre Journal. - street, Sumnen “rash. . I I for the transaction of the business Talagffighflfi‘dlfilggsé‘éggggfi_ 5-22-27-29—3t. apartment Inqu‘re 218 North . p, I of the said Estate, and file such EN%ic2his glegetig‘gi‘grtl :hatfw‘gnafin * First. M. 5-27—tf. HIVES OF BEES for sale; Bert _‘ '. .‘or o e air, a e o as - ~29~2t. . —I—- . in t . a d t f M' 3. 1941. . FOR RENT Rau’ Kam‘lche' 5-27- ll— _ Laundering Lace iiiidonwi‘fi'i‘ etlhe asiatg Suggrvisor of! ‘ FOR SALE lBULLDOZING, grading, excavat- DO YOU WANT ADDITIONAL ————- . . l 9 When laundering a lace or .in em- Hydraulics, Olympia. Washington, an Busmess building in Shelton. Ren- mg, etc Reasonable rates. Sec INCOME? FOR SALE; 359,95 “SW muse . broid r d collar aste it c r appllcat‘on for a perm“ to awe” the tal income- Terms- 54:600-00- 1 r n e 'v 11 Lo ‘n-. D ' only $49-95 A130 14.3.95. W506 e e , b a efully b1 . C a e 0 W1 e mm c airy Then rent this fully equipped . y: . _ f 1_ th ft pu ti}? waters of an unonamed gtiganz, ,1. hone 17F1 5_27 6_27_1M' t L. _ t b .ld I range with can Western Sui» ' h - -1 out: 8- pllecgvo hmusdmpr 0 ‘er so 1 Srlllbjeft a$()u§):isgtilgO-O;lgflfigon coniiii' i-room log cabin on Isabella p ' ' § 01‘9.T lvlilgbiiuar efs in1 ui$251 ply Co 218 N First ‘ ma er . as an nose 3 s i .‘ in . 0 re 13. e ar on u , .3 Grade Fuel and Base] .01 S a... .53.... i. . Tum... towels if; 33351;.“:1.arecuzgsisisnrrli Lake- Terms- $950111 1...“? month. " y y i . 5-22-29. 6-3-s—4; E” ' .V' . . : . * 4: a: ‘ i ‘ almost dry, press thoroughly on the of dnersion is locate Wlthln Govern- _ ,l .1.“ ROMPT “53”” we... 5.... Remove t... con... do... an Latest ii "from 53333:, 12:3,?“ gsgficzmluilzgg FILMS FOR RENT 4-r°°m modem ‘ USED FURNITURE an . . . _C ' .' " . i , v 1 house ...................................... .. 17 - i ‘ (‘ Franklin Phone 397 the cloth, lay it face down into a ,_aggngsianAognigiéshcéwgigiglie algaatéfirg and basement, 21/2 acres of ex_ Herb Angle, Angle Bldg. $ Wood ranges, heaters, beds, springs, breakfast sets, day- enports and chairs, washing machines, radios. Reasonably priced Olsen Furniture Co. vvvvvvmv ‘rvv vv“ 9. tables, } .a. PROFESSIONAL CARES NVflaKey llast ublication which date is May LARGE SIZE " ‘ a Cane , ' 21 1 41. ‘ x . WANTED: authentic knowledge “M““‘“f“‘.m.‘f‘fif ‘6 F Witness my hand and official seal Duplicating of lost buried money. No findvl TIEST FREIGHT SERVICE DOOR DELIVERY IN SHELTON Should be routed via Str. Indian, Ferry Dock, has ‘ fight via Str. Skookum Chief, Milwaukee Dock, O Convenient Terms 0 Reasonable Rates . this 8th day of May. A. D. 1941, CHAS, J. BARTHOLET, State Supervisor of Hydraulics. (SEAL) 5-20-27—2t. W vvvvv vvvvvvvvvvv‘n l ’VM'V'VV'VWWVWW" l l SHELTON’S‘ FINEST AND SAVE! V1910 Buicki Coupe, like new, lots SALES BOOKS 5¢ Each 3r 55¢ per dozen no pay, my way. 0. M., Route 2, Box 205, Visalia, Calif. lVlv—5-20-22-27—«3t. WANTED: home for “kids dog?" ALDEN C. BAYLEY l ATTORNEY AT LAW. Title Insurance Bull 5 i i LOANS ., l 'thliflfllic iszaatciisli.“ l i K ‘ t . No.2 3 of extras.” Cost $1175.00 new. w I . - . . . ~ p , . _, ~ NOTICE ., , , e also take orders for 81. kinds Fine childrens playmate. Inquire opposue First National 1; .x -‘ r N 'DELAY s h 1 D- t - t , -1 Now a bargain at .......... .3795 of ecial_ 3 ‘ .. . .. .. .. ,, Ck Dell“. 'Tlme SChedul'e as fOUOWS: . O . l bugs: gr? 12 1c?)ng oilN €6-i311h“glld 3333513. 1940 Pontiac DeLuxe 6 4-door se- .gRINTED SALES BOOKS 32 COORDOH or Journal Office' Phone 23 - Sheltdn " llcans Tacoma daily, execept SUNGayi at 5 P-m- for ‘WBEIS cilrlitl'l (it‘eiegccagill‘ié‘gtglfigl p, m dam LOtS 0f 'eXtralS'. New all Our pricas are an low or lower WILL BUY COCtonWOOd logs de“ '- VAIT Olympia and Shelton ,May 315t, and will be opened at‘ m5 guarantee- Cost original owner! than outside salesmen can quote livered to Olympia Port Dock. _ z. .. lves Shelton daily, except Sunday M ason (flaunt Savin l 50g%01h%used8t thatfltjme- , ‘ $1200. NOW --------- $795. you, nges Bradnel‘ at dOCk 01' eVe' )1. _.ARENCE GARLANDER’ president y gs reject; as?“ angesefiwgmtshe fight t011940 Chevrolet M ter DeLuxe nings, Stuart Hotel. ; & . A MR IDA ‘HUSSMAN‘ COupey miles of CODSEI‘V'; 5-22—6-24fl10t SOUND FREIGHT LINES ' 5 20 first 8011001 911% 509?“? at?” “‘8”? Every ml‘i‘s‘lsa‘éie Emma. o. g... for HERBERT G Assign? ' Title Insurance Bldg. ' ' ‘“ " ‘ 0 a“ i as :‘ ex ra- 05 owner ' LAWN MOWERS ‘ , v . . .- iNow __________________________________________ $745 housework. No children in fam— 41' r A .. i No. 1415. £1939 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe 4-l 1131- Call 246- 5-27—1t- Office at Angle swam; ' ——~ -‘ - INOTICE OF DEATH OF“ ADMINIS-‘ door sedan. An exceptional car. Keys made _ washing ma_ WANTED_ Y f 1’(T1113{TingsvTA NAINDN%¥XEIE(‘)I§AT¥CN' throughout A. real value $685 chines repaired — specialist day work fiufirewj’xifial or . ... 0F ADMINISTRATOR DE BONIs '1938 Bumk spew“ (BlaCk) 44100“ in fine mechanical repairs and q D_ 5-27;“. ‘ ‘ ‘ T R A C T guaranteeing today’s price on 9 Oil an Furnace Oil for a full year! ' : yders of these contracts are protected 11 ntil NON AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRESENT AND FILE CLAIMS died on the 3rd day of May, 1941. and the UnderSIgned, Edvin Tingvlstad has been appomted and has qualified as Administrator dc honis non, of l the Estate of the said Olga Marie 0115- , rud, Deceased, & that all persons hav- ing claims against the said Deceased. or the said Estate are hereby re— quired to serve the same duly veri- fied. with the necessary vouchers at—- tached upon the Undel'signcd Admin-. nated as the place for the transaction sedan, lots of extras, thoroughlyl reconditioned mechanically with Above average .................. .. $195 Three model A’s and 1929 Olds-' mobile sedan from $40 $95 Better Values ——« Lower Prices a stronger guarantee you’ll not find anywhere! ’41 state tested . . . BOB ERVIN All upholstery. l Handy Man Shop I l The Journal Journal W‘ant-Ads—Phone 100 of Hood Canal. in the amount of 0023 around foot. subject to existing rights. continuously for the purpose of do— loczltion and plan of said diversion and WANTED: Experienced part-time FOUND: two car keys. Owner may have same by paying for this ad. Journal office. tf. REWARD for return of two 12- foot chains lost on Dayton road Thursday night. James FraZier, LOST: 12-ft. green rowboat, No. ELLIOT B. SPRING " . Interior Decorating GEO. A. MORE... Y Shelton, 7‘ 11.: Phone 559-J I tlcS ,' Cut fth stt. . . ‘ ng’fijgfgeliilggarforohfasogi Cuifiity,nli(i=,19§8 fixtggeg-Coofigg waitress, age 18 to 25. Union A . V. " 1 i ' w . A -Hotel Shelt ccountln Tax Servi 5' 3;. assists gates.) pea. low mileage .............. .. $595 M (33%: Shogp‘diween 4.30 .83 3......2. .. s 3.... °‘ ed. p ' 1937 Chrysler Coupe, new painted, ason County Maps 5 p m 5_27._1t. p 9 y ‘. . NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that" 4 new tires, overdrive, etc. $495 LARGE Mason County Township ' 123 4th St phone 565 {figoglstgg finifigi' Nfigfiméfigfégr d‘gl‘ 1937 Pontiac 6 Coupe, radio and maps $1.00. Also maps of "vv to lard“ W. 11°13: “$23.2. 8W5“ are: in? "f 0 . 15 d lors 0 e sa ccease on ar-i 11 e . ew . II 01111 . . 18th. 25th. April lst and 3m 194‘1-‘1934 ChevrIEoletpag—ldgor sgdan. ry an 38 c o. Painting Papering ATTORNEY AT LAW, .V l . I V , d. l " ~ ~.‘ Inl‘slic supplies: that the appmmmatc ‘ now fferina, P R I C E P R 0 T E C T I O N Rgcmigmst nggitéiil'h‘f‘ufiitiggi, l l gililixit o? gi‘xfirsio? iss loading glxshn I phone 9_F_6’ Route 1. V . $ .s.‘ i ‘ V I ' l/ 0 ‘ 1 ' U _ . V , " 0 '3 programs; $5233.13ng ($352, WILL SACRIFICE equ1ty in 19.191 sin; 22 N., n‘an‘én 2bcw‘?" w. M., in 2° 22“”. CHARLES R. LEWIS ‘ Mercury 4—d00r sedan. Phonel Mason County. A map showing the -- , . , ggdthfeimbuqsétngssclgifmsili«itngig‘ 329-W. 1311 Stigmnéitl 3t 9110 plath oi’ tfl’igs prolpoislcd giffuls Stanl 30_K_296_ Reward. Notify Un- .-'-, ' . i —' ' ~— iv. in ‘ in: 11‘ 33 - i ' Eggogbggc siitl‘i‘titl‘edwggurttfmwfilhgk a?!“ ---———~—r~—-- -~-—w «7 ~77 ~ We — pf‘l'ViSOI' 12f” fiydygiulics, Olympia. [ 10”- Garagei phone 282v Unlon- Suite 1 L. M. Bldg, months after the first publication of FOR SALE: Late 1939 Fiat. WflShmgton. together with suCll nth-l 5-22-27—2t. . this Notice. .1655 the time between the death of said Jacob H. Onsrud and the date of the first publiCation of his Notice as such Administrator, Creditors to present and file their ‘ claims or such claims will be forever barred: Date of first publication, May to I Driven only 9,000 miles. Will sell cheap. E. A. Mork, Rt. 3, Arcadia Road, Shelton. ’ I M. 5-27. 6-5—4t. or information is required by law.‘ Any person. firm or corporationI whose right will be injuriously zit-I footed by said application mily filel with the State Supervisor ol Hyd- raulics, at Olympia. Washington. such objections or representations. in writ- LOST: Pair rimless, unbreakable glasses. Reward for return to Journal Office. C. 5-27-29—2t. Shelton, Washington __l . .;_. DOANE, Broom H e ' ' se in ' . d i27tn 1941 Iron SALE- 1935 Chevrolet fl] ing as he may desire to make, with- . i 2 . ' . v v . v a r D I l in thirty (30) days after date of last \ It 0 T I CL _ , -. , 1 l ' ton truCk' Plgmon MOtors' publication, which date is June 3, _Skokomlsh. chool District No. 43 r b f't f d t 'f ' non of the Estate 03’ 01- 5-27—1t. 1941. Will receive hi 5 on 50 ricks of 16-inch lie l 0 l "g8. Marie Onsrud. DocPaS-_ Witness my hand and official seal old growth Fir wood, s lit for heater Angle 'Bundmg i l ed. Suite 1, Lumbermen‘s this 2nd day of May. A. D. 1941. [anddelivered to the so 001. . )- 1 Building, Shelton, Mason No, 1436 CHAS. J. BARTHOLET. Bids Wlll be accepted until June Phone 337 V County. 'Washington. . NOTICE T0 (IREDI’I‘ORS State Supervisor of Hydraulics, 13, at p. m., at which time they . ‘CHAs. R. LEWIS, In the Superior Court of the State (SEAL! ,Wlll be opened at the schoolhouse. y . . Attorney gortsaild IAdmin- ' 1111 l\jl’aihitnirton for Mason County, 5-27. 6-3—2t. 3.123% gubergr liseigg: the right to rs~ CAL}, on”! s l ' ..._.. istrator. ui e , um- n 1'0 ii 0. . . k . . . h r , ard Burner 0118 am Clean trOUble free— bermen's Building. Shcl- ‘IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE NOTmE 0F REDEMPTION 0F FRED FERBIS. Clerk “281;? fighawm lgggmgoulghgggl ton, Mason County, I OF MAYME E. TAYLOR. Deceased. . INCLUSIVE Schpol District No. 43 I Hayfield. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that BON S 41 T0 46 v Pam“ R0”: Shel‘ Sealed bids to be mailed or delv- 0mica]. Our oil burner service is the best in Take advantage of this opportunity to fireyour he atin g costs for one more year,~ Washington. 5-27. 6-3-10—3t. No. 1430 NOTICE TO (‘REDITORS In the Superior Court ‘of the State of IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE the Undersigned, Allan L. Bell, been appointed and has ualified as Executor of the Estate an Last Will and Testament of Ma me E. Taylor, Deceased. and that :11 persons hav- ing claims against the said Deceased has i OF CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 309 OF MASON COUNTY, WASHINGTON NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Consolidated School District ton, Washington. 5-22-27-29—3t. Use Spider's Web The optical instrument industry 'ered in person to thc“'Cle'rk of t 0 District. schoolhouse. Opening of bids to , at 8:30 p. m.’ on June 5, 1941 at The board reserves right to reject any or all bids. Work to begin not later than Juné' th ‘ . Washington for Mason County In or the said Estate are hereby rcquir- , 16th next. ,. 1, Probate. ‘ .ed to serve the same. duly verified. NO- 309, of Mason CountyiwaSh provides the only commercial use EDGAR BIERBRAUER ;. with the necessary vouchers attach- ington, calls for payment on July Clerk School Dist. No. "10. V l, l OF HILDUR ONSRUD. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Undersigned. Edvin Tingelstad, has been appointed and has qualified as Administrator of the Estate of Hildur Onsrud, Deceased, and that all persons having claims against‘ the said Deceased or the said Estate are. hereby reguireg to serve the same, ed upon the undersigned Executor, or his Attorney of Record. at the ad- dresses hereinbelow given. and file such claims, together with proof of service with the Clerk of the above entitled Court, within six months af- ter the first publication of this No- tice, to—wit: May 27th. 1941, or said claims will be forever barred. Date lst, 1941, and will on July 1st, 1941, at the Office of the County of Mason County, Washington, pay the principal and interest on Bonds 41 to 46 in- clusive of District No. 309, of Mason Coun- Consolidated School for spider‘s" webs. 5-20-22-27—3t. Union, Washington. New Chrys Get Your Price l'Treasurer ' i dul vori iedh with” the necessary bf first publication, May 27th. 1941. . . . . Vousclhers attached upon the under-. ALLAN L. BELL, . ty, Washington, said Bonds being v signedf A‘dminmlstra‘togtfig lhlSL Atéorq Friecutog 113v; the Elsi dated July lst, 1941, With inter- . .~ . :I . ne 0 sec ,,i.a , um cr- a e o ayme . mebh’s Building.‘i§ielton. ason Coun- Taylor, Deceased, Bell e51: Payable 1121.113, ISt and January , '- ty, Washin ton-he same eing desif- Building, 4th Street. 15.11» and 5&1 Bonds 99mg 6' I ; hated as ht e place for t e rainsE —l Shel§3mhllllaston Coun- scribed as “school Building Bonds , tion of t e busmess of the sat 3—. ty. as mg on. of 1931’ series “A.” CHAS. R. LEWIS. Attorney for said Ex- ecutor, Suite 1. Lum- bermen's Building, ‘tate, and file such claims, together :with proof of service With the Clerk lot the above entitled Court, within six months after the first publication NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that after July lst, 1941, said Consolidated School District No. . $116+” Delivered in Shelton—Fully Equipped of this Notice, to-wit‘. May 27th, Shelton. Mason Coun— . . i 1941, or said‘ claims will be forever ty, Wash. 309 W111 no longer pay interest {barred. Date of first publication, 5-27. 6-3-10-17—4t. on said Bonds. May 27th, 1941. EDVIN TINGELSTAD. Administrator of the Es- tate. of Hildur Onsrud. Deceased. Suite 1, Lum- Dated this 20th day of May, 1941. CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 309 OF MASON COUNTY, WASH- NOTII'E 0F W'ATI'IR RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5440 State of W'ashing'ton Office of Sn- bermen's Building. Shel- ervisor of Hydraulics Olympia. i l _l .! 'Iilltitulussn "I In 0031‘! u: tussle style: is “:1 u i I I a QIii-14%|!317.1%!1‘1flit}"(Huiitdiflrliltliliiiiitutriif}[.3141]. ‘ ,'1,il,.1‘a‘. ton, Mason County, T WHOM IT MAY'CONCERN: . , , , '. " C C COLE" Mgr ' CHAS R LENvilIsigmgmn' DMi/llile i'sl‘ heirebyd gildeer ménd Bkae INGTON I I W k H I ...,. . . - . 1 . . . ,1 1 5, ms an . . a y, r. .. ‘ IRU , 'Attorney for _said Ad- of Belfair. State of Washington. un- LOUIS WEINEL' Chai‘man‘ I I 0Tons OF OFFICE pHoNE ginigrator, Suligte 13, ‘{11:31: gait: 01's May/‘1. 194fl.Hfllgd \lvith IgfilgféYDCiggLOTN, Clerk. f um ermen's ui ing. e a e uperwsor o y rauics. , . ' IL PRODUCTS 4 82. lShelton, Mason County. ‘Olympia, Washington. an application reagurer o 407 5- FlrSt Phone 133 . . Washington. | for a permit to divert the public wa- Mason County’ Wasm gton‘ '5-37. 6-8-10-17—~4t. "ter‘: 0f an unnamed sprint: tributary 5-20-22-27-29. 6-3-5-10-1 47-912 l