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June 3, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 3, 1971

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Art Event Port Ang Port Angeles, on the Olympic Peninsula, invites everyone to come and enjoy the annual art festival Angeles Arts in Action. Many art events take place during the first week in June, with the In June 5,6 blocks west of the Peninsula College, on Boulevard Street. The Children's Drama, and the "Plaza Suite" performances will charge a small admission fee. But everything else in the entire i: ac Want to get away from it all? Try the back-country of the National Park System. Forty-one remote areas are described in a new pamphlet, "Back-Country Travel in the National Park System," now ravel Other publications in the series, also available from the Superintendent of Documents, are: "Boating Regulations in the National Park System" - 40c, catalog number I 29.9:B 63/970, el administered Service and of national addresses and areas are 29.66:970, 2405-0204. big arts and crafts fair June 5 and arts festival is free to the public, available from the Governmentstock number 2405-0243. "National 6. including the arts and crafts fair Printing Office "Camping in the National States" - $1.51~ The Washington State June 5 and 6 the big arts and George B. Hartzog, Jr., Park System. - 25c, lists all maps showing l Artmobile will be in Port Angeles crafts fair is where the action is. Director of the Department of the campgrounds operated on System. Includ! for public viewing at the corner of Hours are noon till 9 p.m. on the !i!~: Interior's National Park Service, National Parklands catalog metropolitan W 6th and Lincoln, Albertson's campus and in adjoining buildings ............ , ~ i said the compilation is the latest number I 29 7 1 "97 1 stock and New York ( Grocery parking lot, from May 28 of Peninsula Community College. ~ :~ ~ in a series of publications on number 2405-0266 " ' sections of the! through June 3. The exhibit isIf it rains all will be undercover [ ..... ~ ~ travel and recreation in the 'Fishing in the National Park one map sg0 "The Joy of Crafts There will be directional signs L "~ nation's parks. System" - 30c, lists all fishing Nation, catalog From June 1 to 6, the Juried along the hiway, to guide visitors I. ~ *,.4 "This is a pocket guide for areas, types of fishing available 23, stock nurnlN - -- ................. , .... REV HORACE MOUNTS, seated, center, and his family will getting away for a while to share and license requirements for "Winter "~ PtrI /LXnlDII Wll! De open Iorto the t~u.~g~. viewing at the Peninsula The Juried Exhibit and the leave later this month to make their home in New York in the majesty of our natural anglers in National Park areas, National Park' Community College, in the foyer Two-man Invitational Exhibit where he will be Executive Director of the Binder Sweitzer environment," Hartzog said. ' In catalog number I 29.2:F lists winter r~ around the Little Theatre. Along continue there. And there will be Amazonian Hospital Foundation. Other members of the it are both rules and suggestions 5 3 / 3 / 9 6 9, st oc k n umber and programs at with it will be a Two-man more than 50 artists and family are, left to right,Linda, William, Mrs. Mounts, for the public's enjoyment of 2405-0004. System areas Invitational Exhibit, featuring craftsmen demonstrating their Charlene and Marityn. trips by horseback, foot or canoe "Living History in the California, ca into the primitive areas of our National Park System" - 30c, 29 2'W 73, George Jenkins and George specialties while the public Anderson. George Jenkins is awatches. _ _ national parks." describes live demonstrations of 2405-0262.. "Back-Country Travel in the historic e ui rs s painter from Victoria B.C. He has Artists in the Juried Exhibit, ~ U ..... Jk~ ~ IIp 1 q p m e n t a n d Purchase had several one man shows, and the Demonstrating artists are K ~ V N O r~ C ~ ~v~ ~ H n 1['~ | ~ | ~ | r~ National Park System" is available techniques which can be seen by check or money including the Frey Museum in from all over Western Washington ..... ~ ~ ~ ~v ,~'v m for 35 cents per copy from the park visitors, catalog number "I to t he SuP.eJ , bupenntendent of Documents, U. 2 9.2 : L 76, stock number Documents witl~ Seattle. George Anderson is an art and it is also an International art ~ ~ I S. Government t'rinting Office, 2405-0216. also the cataloS~ Lnstructor from Centra! show, with a large group of artists / mt- l--lf' rtlf,qr ~1 I~~I~I~I@~ ;2s?n?thoSvti:t;~oTi'hfse'ur~:z'~I from Vancouver Island, B. C.I--tlll~l~ 1~JI Illl~ll I /UUJ JUUJJI[ III Washington, D.C. 20402, under ''National Parks and number. " . . b .... participating. The publicmayalso catalog number l 29.9/2:B12, Landmarks" - 55c, lists and .,~ gJassconstructmns, watch Olympic Peninsula Indians b ............ hospital, the condition of the coming to Shelton in 1963. stock number 2405-0267. briefly describes all areas ATHEISM l.~ uuring me week there will be ..... : ..........)lcsweavin- y JAN VANPUND Indian tribes in P-e v'~:--:*-" uo~ ,....,.,:.: ....... .~ .... ~ _~__ strength, but o~1! .......... ~. ..... ~ lute,, i,, ., ~ ....... y ..... auu,uun to an auuptcu ~on, point. hand concerts at otn an(] LmCOm. baskets,and othertraditional Deep in the far-away jungles improved, the infant mortality William, Horace and Zella Mounts On June 2, at 3:30 and at crafts of primitive Peru, in one of the rate dropping from 80% to 10% have three dau hters Linda now KWG~Ilil[w~I~l~''--" IP FO~ Th~ I------T _LIn' 7:30 there will be a Children's " most remote are-- --~ ........... " g ' ' " " The art fair will also feature a ~ uJ the entire In spite ot the iact that every in Germany as a Rotary Exchange SchooIDrama'presentedDrama Class inbY thetheHighlli Clothesline Sale where y;u may wretchedwrld' 180,0existence 00 nut iv es eke out din square inch of space is utilized, Student, will enter Lewis and . _e I ]r~U~ find a'bar at: ainti~ for $5 00 poverty including the crowded corridors, Clark College in the fall' Martin ~lilomi~lg Year '=leered I dil School auditorium It will be a " g" P g " conditions beyond the wildes ' Y ' " " " " or less And there will be a "t ofit is often necessary for two or a 1971 Shelton High School costume play, with lots of Studen'iExhibitarea ofart work fromHih western Hemisphere imaginations, three children to share a bed. graduate, will enroll next Williambeen re-electedtt" LarsOn,presidentSeattle,of TruKe;mit. Ehlinger, Vancouver, | r I-,,~ excitement for the children in the the Junior' Hi'h and It was in this disease-stricken With adequate space for 32 September in the University ofhas 1 1 IUSI~i- "~ audience ' g , g , ' corner of the earth, where eight natients, the hospital consistently Puget Sound. Charlene will be a May 28, 29 and also the next Penm~ula College students. . out of every ten children died accomodates as many as 55 ninth grader when schoolresumes the Keep Washington Green Keep Washington Green, an 1 ..... a Also there will ne..nve music., before reachm weekend, JUnCl,lavers3, will4' present5' the with. S~trolhn~ ' years that Dr.'g the age of five persons A great need exists for Carmosina Compos de Association, marking his second association for 31 years, I your.S~f~ ' g mus~cians, sma,~ Theodor Binder-, . .............. . , year as head of the non-profit fire originated in the State of I C. C'.-C?017E)n; (7on, munity combo rou .... '" , . -, expans,on oi me nospxta, ann .enor, o a tsrazman ~iri wnoseprevention association. Washington and has snread to I "Can Solve Y.~, r g ps anu me po mar c .. Nell Simons (omedy "Plaza . ,, , P ' 1960 tounued in Pucallpa the facilities are reauired' for education is financed hy the - , " , belt01! S'"'einTr~ ;t;c~ ~.w" i; ;~]i;i; alst ThVrCt'~r';"nl r"e'lattWOS"15 ttighland rs Pipe Ban awaraeW in n trigd Olymp,c taAlheirtl S;?2e;hejhn'o" 2tlentAmaz'~"'~" preventative measures to include Mounts family has attended St. Vincent,Als re-electedvice president'Were WiltonEdL. freignsCUntries'nearl3 40 stateSofficesand severalare in |l He's in Sl~elt0":i P.. :' " ~. .", " .I) . P hygienic training and Martin's College for the past year. Loners, secretary; Seth Richards AndeLon Hall, University of I StandardOil_g,~!~ is ever turned away; and ,t,s as improvement of the food supply. Mrs. Mounts, a registered treasurer; and Mrs. Bed Warfield' Washington, with Ed Loners as I ""*"" me ~xecunve .ulrector ot the Towards these goals the efforts of medical technologist, has madeeducation counsel director. | - B,nder. ~cnwmtzer Amazonian the Rev. Horace Mounts will be two trips onavolunteerbasisinto Larson is manager of the Hospital foundation, Inc. thatdirected South America to assist in theWashington Forest Protection ..... ,,.,~ li -- In I. L A the Rev. Horace Mounts willleave No stranger to hard work is establishment of Medical Association which represents ~v --~!!.'~. j ~MY~I~II.Ill__ mentai Ileol! I1 ,rouo Shelton on June 22 to beginHorace Mounts Born and raised laboratories She anticipates forest owners in public affairs, Meetina" Is H .Id.-- H- erer dutieSyork City.the following ..... day in Newyearsin MinnesOtaafter graduationhe workedfromfOrhighSiX husband sfUture ,participatiOnproject. in her research.fire and pest control, and ll/u ,I~ "r' ~lr~= [J' i. v a~ways ueep,y interested and school before entering Los The Rev. Horace Mountsfeels A University of Washington vY n~i~/ARE J,., involved in missionary work, Rev. Angeles City College Working his a deep dedication to the program graduate, Larson is active in many I ~ ~ I/I il ~ lI~ Plans for community mental Jhcrc will be a presentation Mounts is now about to embark way he attended next Williamette initiated by Dr. Binder in his war forest and industry groups LL)kJI II L r'ur ~ health and community mental of program plans and budgets by on a tremendously challenging in Salem' Ore receiving there a B against the poverty, disease and including Society of American -- r,.:ardation programs for all participating agencies June 8, undertaking in his chosen field. A degree. Still employed, he ignorance of the Peruvian lndians. Foresters,Washington State II IhurstonandMasonCountiesa,-e at 7:30 p.m. in the County With the assistance of a enrolled in a Seminary in Denver. Hesays: Forestry Conference and I Travel??? , now being formulated by the Commissioners' meeting room in secretary and under the guidance He was married to his wife, "Instead of going out of the National Fire Protection _ . . ' . -sKA, H Thurston-Mason Mental Health the Thurston County Courthouse o f a b o a r d , h e w i 11 ,Zella, in 1949, and in 1950 ministry, it seems to me that I'll ._ - ....... I ~urnteea s$iffnments to EUROPE AL~ ~ndrMeRtaloRnetardation Advls?ry Annex.. .... single-handedly, direct the received a master's degree from be more actively carrying out the ~bsociauon. tie is author oi ,OR,~ orrgs in the U.,. numerous articles on forestry and ~ a o. ec mmenaauon ,or me rarnc,panng agencies includestate-side duties of the lliff School of Theology in teachings of Jesus that stand out so is a frequent witness on forestry 1 Goo t lobster use of the federal, state and Community Mental Health Center Foundation, seeking to interest Denver clearly both in his teachings and in matters before legislative groups 1 " I~ ~ county funds which are available (Thurston-Mason) Morningside doctors, nurses, and teachers to In his first church in his example. Officials elected for K-~-" I Over a00 opportunities vllble Trining , for community services will be and Exceptional Foresters, give of their time, their talents Beaverton, Ore. he remained for "Jesus came that man might ..... - "-" ~ ,~,~v i~ YOU Qulify for the lob you wnt. ,,i~ ~1 washington Green iirst term are: _.....n t~vi~wed by the committ~ at a Members of the Bi-eounty and their labors on a volunteer nine years;the next four yearshe have life in abundance which Glen Wiggins,' Port 'Angdles, ............... r~ '[ meeting in Mason County advisory board are Mrs. Jessamine basis, spent in the Audabon Park certainlv includes feed,n,, t Courthousc on June " at 7"30 Sherman Warren Elanagan, Jack Since the establish ....... ............. a ~ ~he Olympic Regional Vice President; I I~Ulb~ !~ur I .... , . ,,,c,t u, t,,c methOdiStt~nurcn of Spokane hungry, giving water to the p.m. Martin, William Pickles Leland ....... BelliRn;haY2,ldrthDw;s kRh -iUnSai I TO---YOU! ......... ' .-., , thirsty helping me blind to see, G~g2': e ~t~)n;Pr'able~'~tr:rnk Baa;jre ~PSk cr:Pn~le2t~n walk, heahng the Vice President; - ' ' " , " g at liberty those Jerry Nevin, Spokane, SEE: SFC JOHN C. ROSA [4 o Edmund Olson, M.D., J. V. o__ who are oppressed Dr Binder is legal Publ tlO.$ Deshaye, M D., George Yantis f'~--~,~,,~.~T~,~ .... " " Tru~ee; U.S. ARMY RECRUITING sTATIO rt" - ' t-I II~I~'il , /IkJU= certamw engaged in these things ~on Campbell, Seattle, DING NOTICE OF HEARING~ Kim el J hn S reibe Alan Jr'--blrVlnoMC~'chnUr' rRbert I ! .r~ for the poorest of the poor in his ~ ustee: FEDERAL OFFICE BUlL . Vi C OF HEARING , , I"% ....... ~ -- Albert SchweitzerHospital in lr .~ , ..... a 8th & Capitol Way, Rm. 314 OlyrnPla' , PROPOSED VACATION - Ilarding and William Hunter. Mrs. L~|SCL~SS oervle~. - I~rnest ~wanson, uiympl , i ,e1.943.7200 Ext. 451 or,+~.,I- " .. ..... p . -- -* v,., reru. ~~ ORTION OF OLD CUSHMAN Gladys Burns ~s the coordinator. "I feel that I can resnond tn Trustee ROAD NO 9420 eel N , ,- ---= Both of these m ings are open ew ideas for getting library Shut-ins.' th~ calling "'ith all my time, GIv~O:T-~CaEon~%2EaREMBY to any interested citizen, services and materials to At the afternoon session,enerov andta~e ............... "--" ~ x handica e , "- ~,-, ,~,- ~, ~uvv~,~t m~ 2);r~/lo@~res BwOeard of CountrY ~ aged, b~inPdd, iP:Ztu~;onal:hedS:Ckd ;tfart:~g a;i~rc30 ~omuC;rl LHi;lrl2r~y~ h~;kull;' fto eDxrpanBlitd, er and, tention to Vacate a . . 11. .. others - will be discussed Tacoma, will speak on "Service to The new Ex " " " portion of the Old Cushman Road gaOOI rumlanl n$ c_,_ r aa" b'" ,at. ................. ecutlve Director ~ .. ..... . ..... . -~ oa~u u y y Hu~ans el Nurslng homes, and ~rs Jean the B1 f I~ r~o. u,~zo since a ~o~ relocatmn .......... .... of 'nder Schweitzer P;?[~Cetrl;en?etr~ge~iP?r;'?2claY:2g ~ 72rt;shoe;tt2abSeniheg;;natatth; LY:r:r;' ;tillth;aLnogVm,W.TPa?kbilnig maz l'a;e2asnPdtsalfwOUr at,oon' unused tn Section 14, Township WATER RIGHT Low,view Public Librar,, ~...,t. e .............. " . . a ] m n " ~ ~. ~,uu,~ o~,v~ce Loncluulng me the oroject at 8 22d Nog/2~ul?~gec4be~eSats,: W.M. S TAAPPELICoAFTIOwNANsO~I2N30?ON . The. session,, !~rst of !our program will be a discussion, in tide United MPihnodTst M2und:hY" ~hceaO~ Cu~hm~ DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY, Ph~nn~e~atr, ~e n:;;:s;;Ud th:ySttheM~;ry URuOfelVOl~ntt;rS,chl;dby , , S , Section 11, Township TAKE NOTICE: Advisory Council on Library Public Library. 'I"--..LI_ ..i ~1 22 North, Range 4 West, W.M. That Walter E Allen of Programs for Hos itals Mrs Ruth Hamilton a State Iand the NW of the NW of Section Shelton Washington "on May 4 - - P ' " '. I[~ lW4~s'rtown~/hip22 North, Range 4. 1971 filed application for perm' InstLtutlns and Socml" Services." Library consultant, is" chairmanof IrOUDle __ I ..... beginning at to divert the public waters of ~peaKlng at me morning the committee organizing the 1 lrlnnr I ~ngi9eers Sta--t.in 39+00 thrugh unnamed stream tributary of meeting, starting at 10 a.m. wiU workshops statewide Other 1 IIUUI / l1 . .~ng,neers ~tatlon. 61+00 and Skookum nlet, in the amount of be Mrs Joan Hill coordinator ofme...... Z 1 --a_.at2_ 1 lylngnorlnoftherlght.of.wayof 0 03 cubic foot per second - , . !-uers are ~rs. Kowena In the1968exlst,ngand shownrad aSonCOnstructed inth .. sub i eel to exist,ha r in h t,': = =- ........ volunteer programs at Harborvlew Chnst,ansen of the Ephrata Public I pn 0n.t I I~ W I n n er m~" f ........... re official cent nuous y each year for the Hospital, Seattle, whose topic will Library; Mrs. Krlsty Coomes of I .." ........ 1 a u tvv ~ pruJect on tile in the ur use f do I c gur?tandaroa~ManYur btanaard Man oirlt.e"~ ...... Ol me Mason'Coun- . p p o mestlc, supply, b e ' A 1 t e r n a t ~ v e ,s t o the State Library', Mrs. Dorothy ., / En9meer" the r i " " " Instltutionahzatlon, Mrs. Knsty Carter of the King County 1 1 ty stockwater and recreat,on that .... .,, " . C.C. COLE & SONS, INC a ppox mate pont of ~mve Your vroDlern NOTICE IS FURTHER diversion is located within SW'/, Coomes, a research consultant at L,brary System; Mrs Mary i 2:,";'s nsV:elISnUr-;~-/e~m~:, i GIVEN" That a public Hearth x " ...... " "-"~"ell ..... - ........... rig.SE /4 SEVa of Sec. 3 and the Washington State Library, Pamment of the University of " I "- ! aW;a'n$:nrnn:n~J n~'h;~ffiPc~oP?l~ Government Lot l of Section 10, speaking on "What is Happening " Washington Library, and Marcia I i-~ ............ - .... "'"I .of th,s week s $1 0 pr,ze County Comm ss oners at 11.'30 .IO~;sn,pm son Coun19N" Range 3W.W.M. and James Kirks,, Jr., librarian of Finseth of the Library for the Standard 0il Company ty oanm'inMtgrndayj Jurneoln4rnL?'72t~:2adr. .~ ~u ~ . -. v~ = accompan,edAny objections must beb the Port Angeles Public LibrarY,who w , Blind and Physically I standard :ilg fpt a / , ., ..,.~ u....;.... +.. ~... ~.~...~ .~;*h ........ " . Y a two dollar illtalkon 'Service to Handicapped Seattle f .............. r r .... ~J ................ r I GbZOUl. recorain-g f,e n, o ..... ,,,,a .1 ,n the Shelton merchant'S o o against salo p oposa . w,th the Department of Ecology .~...~.. ............... Board 9f County . within thirty (30) days from June Ik~ ............. I#P"~'~"~''r'~'~ ~1 Lommlssmners or Mason 10, 1971. ~ .., County, Washington Witness my hand and official ~ we will :i ~yRuthE. Boysen seal this 27th day of May. 1971. , j ---- - Bazaar of Values sale ;vent uditor & Clerk Glen H. Fiedler ~ Ill I [lqP PlJqPIIl l It l of the Board Department of Ecology THE T rAIR I r.e IIAIgKIU| a tvn S CO[R;G 3 , HOME F( i ]!, :inalRegistrationSUmmer Session ,97] II l Route a, Box :'{ RIAL A winner will b ejected each ! Friday, June 11, 197] t : Fo ru:ioe a;i::e 3-bedroom home. | Room 32.9 ,a,. ! Free Estimates and awce It /! ST. MARTIN'S COLLEGE -- 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. l Iill IAIILI / III /i for further information call today mnl II ii____~ O~ ]I 491-4700 DRY WALL PAINTING EXTERIOR AND INlet n I KEITH LARKIN LICENSED AND BONDED ALL WORK GUARANTEED i Director of Summer Services .... ~[ M ST. MARTIN'S COLLEGE / OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON Phone 877-5301 o e 14 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, June 3, 1971