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June 5, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 5, 1941

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FINo at Go the Belfair grade school, the num- , I 8 es beéggtaligguifi-es include M rue: I e I n e y l AMMMAMAMAAAAMMl "' "‘m wwnwqu“--. On Classified Advertisements I ' . g K '- y BILL [FOR SALE: 5—room modern house, SHELTON FURNITURE UP-,FURNISHED APARTMENTS for; 10 cents a line (_5 words) first l 11) Culbertson, Anna Lou eith, Jua . . . . I 2 t tt 4. .. 1 1 . . nita King Dorothy Mathews Bet- s DICK”; furnished or unfurnished. $2800 holstermg, furmture remvemdt rent (2 ahd3moms). Good lo_l lnser ion, a I'llClee y ow lacs HI‘H GRADE ty' Michael, Ilene Opsata, yBetty terms. Phone 328-J 01‘ 499. and rebuilt, free estimates, 714, cation, Very reasonable_ Golds-j 9n SUbsequent msertlons- Mm“ 5AThe Thye, Lorraine Nagle, Eileen Lew- ‘ l R—5-13—stf. EllinortAveiDhJoe 5ggszsvbaumel‘, borough AptS, Second and Knee: lmum charge 40c. : “ Co I '5, Eve] in Norrin ton, Bill B ld- . — . , proprie or. one - . land Streets, Shelton, 5-7.3, . . . ; hefgrfizréctemenfit ex- imm Ro¥and Cumgtson, E13,, $3» ; NOBLE INSPIRATION , sport fans, so it was natural that “a? SALE- 51" Atoms; mafia“: 5—20--6-20—1M l cog-73353:? 3 nEYmnasium mg m lenberg, Bob DiheS, Joe Eatonyj Doff your fedora today to the sooner or later the idea of doing] [/2 acres 0“ Olga 1&1 t ' J-—--——--———— ROR RENT: two pleasant sleep-l phone gubscribers Cash should m ’ Arnold Heitzman, Burton Michael, COffee 0111b: neighbors: for that’s ‘ something to honor the Prep dia' roczimt bluse’ nilYt'cified 031912)? F L O W E R S mg rooms- Mrs- W' A- Bmdt’ accompany all other orders or Z statent address was Gene Michelson, William Newkirk’ l where the plan to fete Shelton’s mond lads should pop up. It was :1. km“ a; recoutblogrd ’motor 121 East Cedar. Phone 582-J. payment made before the first itgégenatoi' LuIlu Jenny Olson, Richard wens, Billy} three-time. pieg baseball cham- a noble thought, and the Coffee! “‘1ch ézlggyggn Route 3 ‘ ‘ . B—5-13#tf. of the month to save expense 001m 3" n Roeder Charles Stolze and Leon PIOHS Orlgma e Club can take a bow for a real ‘L ' —- 0‘ er v i _ _ - - , . _ , of billin . An extra char e of siffigfi at}: Benson. t The Coffee Club, in case you ggog deed, althoufihbthéilcl‘lal‘rébell‘ g l 29 6 29 1M All kinds of Bedding Plants, FOR lilith furrlllsthtél dapalgmelztl 10c will Elbe made when billiiig is ..; 1 and members of he graduatino‘ hadn’t heard, is a semi-official 0 0mmerce W1 9 19 30 “a »- . . avaia “’19 S- 9 ar par" . C d fth k 50. 4.11 I." and others class. C r gathering of business men Sponsor 0f neXt Wednesday’s dill- WATERERONT BARGAIN Quar I snapdmgonsi StOCkv P3115185: merits. Phone 382—J evenings. necessary ar 0 an S c in Vngghwas provided Ogcar Mickphon chairman Of' about town who drop into the ner. l teI‘ kmlllgw fgggiaggh :355’ n tun, q eraniumg tomato W—5—13—tf. Classified Display Rates on J..: L A k 1 k A 5' Fara, Chorus, the board 0f education’ presented Shelton H-Otel COffee Shop PLUGGED TEE—IKE l ’soutli Side.,Kn0wngaS Can- £9 1a g . ReunSt' I ‘0'.’ 9 070 one o o o o o o o o o o 3W4 eia'c!‘ momdng' til. qlrliaff’ a 3)” Speaking 0f the Highdimber‘ “eerPOint- MAKE ME AN OF' plants” etc' AgAgiEtianefitE aildnepr?vazt}e- {32?}? Phone 100 I ...’.‘3.9...’..'..’..’..’..’..’.0’..’O.°”’°‘§.°W‘°o% gndlaggsszlg. all: millet?!an bafiel’a“ Clubv it is the Sidelinerysl FER' Ray .C'. Grugllke’ 31%;? NFallows Apartment, 718 North --—---—--——--~ 929, ing circle minus the sewing, $511110“ that memg the 1941 S" Theatre Bmwmg’5_15¥$$g;_13t: "C, 6th. D. 5-27—tf.l wvvvvvv'.vvvvvvfiv,vvvv 0 . you might label it. tIt’s the Conference hue “733,131”ng l '——-—‘- ———-- °°l do to the work of three kids who -——'———'——"- n 9 place to hear the latest about . d . fl . i ‘ “OR RENT: 3'r90m turmShedi F 06: what’s happening around the Jump? lnto trOUblesome °P°t§ 1“ FOR SALE 222 S- 10th Phone 112-W apartment. Inquire 218 North 03° village. gidsmfleglh and Progltlfled 13th BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY First. M. 5-27—tf. r-A-AeeAAA-A» ‘ Most of its “membershi " are- 0 ey are l e 0 Good going store on well traveled' FOR SALE; $59.95 new range Ooo P Pearce, who came up out of no- road and fully equipped and FOR RENT: new two—room apa'rt- only $49.95 Also used wood where to plug a serious gap at a - (1! ment, furnished. Mrs. Edith . . _ stocked gaSOhDC pumps, 011 an I range With c011 Western Sup ..0 L F third base’ Ken Latham’ Who air service also Includes 4-rm. Whittle, Route 3. BOX 1, Shel- 1y C0 218 N 'First ’3’: e Shifted in from the ontfield to‘ modern hOme and 3 acres of ton' W*6'1fltf', P 5:27-29. 6-3-5—«41: ‘ O l ' ' do“ the heavy armor 0f catf‘h' land. Busv district surrounding. a . 5 .--~ v“. ’3’; Jr Hl Athletlc mg and handled his pitchers With If you are interested in a good , Figarfffii’f' prgiefizmbaifimsfifi FOR SALE: Underwood portable o9. ' ' ' acumen and dlsplayed d 10E 0f business proposition with good :‘ Street‘A artments hone‘ 259M! typewriter, good condition. Used 0.. ar 10f] ginger, and_Warren WOOdS, NhO easy income I would be glad to p ’p 6_2#tf very little. See it at Journal. Evatsfit rgalt‘mgh the’t gratis .ai show you thisproperty. Cash ‘ ,1, ‘ , ' Price $22-50 caSh~ °e° Sixty-one athletic letters were “$23k” t“ tWhO fppe 01‘“th 3 rprice or terms. : ‘ HOUSE FOR RENT: 8 mlies west 549*6'10-"4’3- egg. earned by Shelton. junior high iteveripgapiblsy 01 Op an 1 e . A150 nice modern home in good 1. on Matlock Road. J.. ChurchillFOR SALE OR TRADE REAS_ .og SChOOl athletes. during the Past. Incidentally' Coach Homer condition and well located. 6-5—tf.‘ ON ABLE. one Jersey bun eh- 9 year in four major sports. Awards Thin is an an - -‘ ____.__.__.._———-—- . ' , l. 0 Taylor has been very fortunate $450000 terms 5 y ~ gible for registration one heifer. 9”! were made yesmrday at the in uncovering third Sachets one Should want in a nice home‘ i FOR RENT Inquire at 219 South Second, .z. assembly Of the Year as fOl" since the brilliant Elmer Mat- FOR SIXIE ( In! Pr‘cE ONLY DO YOU WANT ADDITIONAL 1 Apartment 1. C_76_2_5_10_12__4t , - . . l ' .n-u') 'n _..._ .____._._~ of a s) s o comely, Drew C010. Don Riebowi‘ best hot corner performer the l Cellent ground" 1'r00m house i and-while or hill'csohot ' 0 store Livih uarters in bui1d_l $1.25 crate. You bring contain- .06 Hal RiChardson Gene MCGuire Hi h l' ' l and cabin With garage attaCh‘r m0"ies 3‘ imp mo- ' -g q l ers and pick J. S. Carmen ¢ i i g Clmbers have ever had In . : .t.4spceds.51°,“fi AJN ing. To reliable party only $25 ' ’ co, Orv111e Anderson, Stan Waters, their baqeban history so it was 661- Berrlesi garden and flowers 9°“. makes ammned Sm 00l- .. e m nth phone 14—F-41. (5—3-5m2t. .3 Jim Tobey, Roy Robertson, Dave with no little foreboding and r Mostly 311.C193red_ready P0 0‘11“: 223mm provls‘gie‘i'. delivers“! l p r 0 ' ——————-——'—“" ’. Oldsv Les Oldsi Junior P311115, A1 crepe hanging that fans 'viewed i tivate' Thls place 13 Close 1“ and spedfl” “scs' FOR RENT' 4-room modern FOR SALE: horse con" 12 months 9:. Alexander, Norm Temple, Chet the future as far as third base ‘ will make a fine home for a ,m hereto all home ' $17 old. Weight 1,000 pounds grown. .z. hugswgptb Pgtty. 832 kSrnsith. was concerned when Manson 5355; gal-:mgghpaggyléngge 01f, ANDREWS PHOTO STUDIO ‘ """""""""""""""""""" " . . g?- NalleyS on Loggsggkog' ,, ac , i e, uane 1c en on, la ed his 1 st . . , x FOR RENT - - _- , .I 9 l P y a game l . . 90 and Clyde Robertson, manager. But ~n 1939 ~ 01 fSO terms .............................. .. $790.00 ,4_mom modern home, close W"- _V i' V 30‘ 'BASKETBALL”D°“ald Dan‘ a pies; fair pitilllilerr {£21.de til: R SALE 1 BULLDOZING, grading, cxcavat_ in ______________________________________ __ $16.00 FOR SALE. DeLuxe bedroom set. * 9 O lels, Louis Lumsden, Joe Parsons, bi i F0 - , . _r - ht Inquire Union 290. E—6-5wlt- Y S 0 l g 30b 0f filling Matsons shoes h 3 b d mg, etc. Reasonable rates. Sec 7 00m modern home, in excelle . . . l ‘ 0’1 Eognii Plemgnsa D1911; RfCtgrillf-Oy and-did a grand job of it, at least 5-Egogogoggggitiggehefisisfiggléfil Clarence Wivell Lorraine Dairy, condition. Fireplace, full base-3 "’ r. 90.: 0 er son, or on op an , eO- defensively, then came 1940 and . 'Wh t phone 17F1. 5—27. 6—2771M., ment, oil burner, electric water: D V nard Savage, Gordon Smith, Norm little Gen A d t sf d Slde' GOOd yard' y pay ren reater. Lar e ard ........ .. 35.00 NG ' ' 0:0 Temple, Jim Tobey, and Chet from Elm: t: Easofiltoratge egg; when you can any 3 1131111625316 - 41.50,“ ,umsfiedlapt, 35001 Wood ranges, heaters, beds, (10% with mirrors: it is done with our vitamin-full 9’. Evans! manager' capably, and now this year Pearce as low as E250 own an $ ‘ MS 3-roonl furnished apt. .......... .. Sprmgsi breakfaSt. setsl dav' e A, B, C of health is a story every boy and girl .3. J B‘AfiSEBAI‘J‘I‘J “ Vgrg MarShfin’ kiCRed in With a fine season per month FIL I enp‘ifts an: -C:‘§lr§gd-t:sbles’ . . r , , h min , l . Derow‘and Car} know by WatChmg for 0‘” ads 1“ 3 olgs Pliggxis ciiigé‘vnnis EXPERT OPINION FOR SALE DEVELOPED Herb Angle, Angle B dg was lgiagog‘ably priced and in??? ad Willt tell you something important about .0. Roy! Robertson Louis Lumsden’ When he was here last week Business building in Shelton. Ren- vvvvvvvvvvvvvuwvvvvvvm l amins is con ains. O . . . . . ‘ tal income. Terms. $4 600.00. ‘NZ ' . , 96 Ray Phillips Norm Temple Don- end for a ViSIt Frank Tobin the ' Olsen Furniture CO. ‘. l l I .9. ald Daniels, Hal Richardson, Gor- big catcher who used to be Mr. at, ‘ I b n per r011 «l I J 1 FOR DAILY DELIVERY don Smith, Walter LaMarsh, Sam Big in Shelton baseball circles, lfroom 10g cab‘? on 33 e a Free Enlargement coupon with. M““‘“““““““‘ ]-—————"——_ i 0;.- MILK AND CREAM 0.. Bednarski, John Milosevich, Jim added his voice to increasing clan '.'.La'ke' Term: igog'oo' each r011, C S * 0:0, Tobey, Les Collins, Orville An-‘Who figure Sacramento is going 5% m d h me with hard APPLIAN E ‘derson, Jerr Cole, Duan D' k- to b h —‘ ' 00m 0 em 0 l ' ., . .z’zenson, and Clarence Perkins lafnd Leagfie :eingglgnthifgrseagcem coaSt WOOd floor, fireplace, furnace FIR STORE Keats 0f “penance lawn ile—KBIViha‘LOI‘ Refrigerator , I ‘9‘ Jack Beckwith, managers, “Pepper Martin has a buhch of and basement, 21/2 acres of ex- i makmg, Contra“ 91" 50¢ an I like new .‘ ......................... "$8950 t - I TRACK—Bob Smithy stan Wa_ ydung players who are just a ycellent ground, with fruit trees: l‘ hour; Might years‘}? Shelton- l1~Montag range . 22.50 " I 0.. ters, John Cole, Jack Griggs, or_ little Shy of the majors and they and large chickenhouses. This. LARGE SIZE I‘llcfillcgt it}: So. FlISél,3Cé)I‘n2eg“ , Esuperior range 2l.50 ra'ry t h t Id d H .z. mel Bostrom. all know how to run and do run ” gm mai‘e you $32? tsurburbani Duplicating ‘ l 1 re“ ' ' “’W 3i*%ang range . rumors we ave no so out an wi Four youthful athletes earned Tobin summed it up “ ome, cose in. x , erms may i ' WIL’L 'UQ ‘, t d 1 (1'1. Slang range ......... n; ~0 . grille l° we Our Wilmmfls the best possible ’g‘ first team letters in three differ-i Tobin is managing the Olvm- be arrange‘i‘ I“ 'SALES "BOOKS ' l livereg to oiyfiig‘i'éoorori’gissbcil1-1ncinmt0r’ 3‘“ Wh‘te ' 175° ' .. ent Sports during the year. They pia entry in the Northwest Herbert G, Angle E3011 James Bradner at dock or eve—’1'TLimndry Stove -------------- " ~were Hal Richardson, Jim To—l League this cam ai n and is ’1‘ 55¢ er dozen c. 1—N01‘ge “’aShCT 2 - l P 3 Angle Bldg Phone 304 P nm 5 Stuart Hotel. , , , , .,:‘,)bey, Roy Robertson, and Norm still donning the harness and ’ —— °’ 5-22L6_24I_10t,1e—rNorse washer @723 0.99.”.09.o0.;0.00.0009...9,00.00.02 Temple. I catching most of the games, We also take orders for a“ kind“ llflvoss VvaSher """ u 1750 ——~ "M‘- "“"“‘“ “Sides hitting unusually well. FOR S ALE of special—a :GIRL WANTED for generalll—Thor washer ..... .- ls-ro He has Don Satra, the ex-High- B O t | PRINTED SALES BOOKS l housework. Mrs. Elmer Smith..}#-A-B-C; WhSheT ----- -0 cltimbel'iflflogtballl) and baseball H. 111131119153 h Ppgr an; 3k [Our prices are an low or lowerl Phone 112-J. 6-5~—tf.li—$glg1:1?:§§n 1333: 9,) 50 s at, w im ut so far Satra 1g way “110 an 50 mn than outside salesmen can uotel ' ‘. e’ " “ hasn't appeared in any games_ place on Hood Canal, new and ‘you, q l"""‘.’"" ""‘ “"‘d' ' ' 1——Automatlc gas hot water 24 50 Tobin reports the Northwest attractive, with 22 x 60 ft. build- I 0 ( heater .............................. . .circuit is at its eak this ing, 6-stool counter and 10 Easy Terms Free Delivery E 11 ' p yea-n booths kitchen e ui ment Pro —-— - ROTHERS thicewliggl gfidhtlii 52231323: 10(1in erty includes 532 pa-CYBS. Wig" NOTICF TO CONTRACTORS :FOUND: smau 170w boat" Ricnard JEEPARTMENT {has six lighted parks in which 75,000 ft. of timber. 200 ft. NOTICE 'Is HEREBY GIVENIthat' Seha‘lflerl lewaup' Wagh‘ 117 Com Shelton I that the Shelton team hasn’t had ‘Realtor a Ngfiomll) athlong its players. m-_..._ ,Mfiy—i . N l paye the first three ' i ; years Of the Program, “grad- I |I ;‘ uating” just before the local ' i clubs began to be factors in I the state picture, but at that NOTICE N156 Efiiunvrhks l the diplomas. This was the larg- est class ever to graduate from ! Music by Band Chuck Malinari‘s you CAN'T sat when. A BUYER! use WANT-ADS “- ... _-_ w_____._.._.__——._..—_..____W.,______~._n_— SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL‘ 7' MW Real E tate to play. TIE THIS ONE It probably would be difficult to find another father and mo- ther in this state who can boast of having had sons playing jun- ior legion basoball for six con— secutive years like Mr. and Mrs. Homer McComb of Shelton can. This year will be the first time since the junior legion baseball program was inaugurated here was catcher for the 1937 team. which many fans consider su— perior to the 1938 club which won the state championship. Then Jim came along to play second base on that champion- ship 1938 team, the 1939 club that reached the Western “’ash- ington finals, and completed his eligibility with the 1940 team which reached the state finals. During all that time Dad Mc- Comb was a member of the Legion post‘s athletic committee, under whose wing the junior base- ball program was conducted, and Dad is still on the job. He and Al Brewer have been the chief cogs on the athletic committee for most of the time that the program has been conducted here and the harmony in, which the pair have worked has been in no small way' responsible for the grand success of junior legion ball ere. RED CAMP EXRLIER To the Sideliner’s desk the nouncing the annual Cincinnati Reds baseball camp at Olympia for 1941 and the Sideliner was pleased to see it has been sched- uled for July 1 to 5 this year. Heretofore the school has been in September when foot- interest in the baseball sea- son hindered it. But now the weather should be good, no other sports should be detract- l , other day came literature an-, ball and bad weather and dying * ing and baseball interest should be at its peak in that early July period. Incidentally, a few enrollment blanks were enclosed in the en- velope and they will be distrib~ uted to the first comers who want them. Mickey Shader and Al Chapman are scheduled to hair’- dle the Olympia school this year, according to the literature. DANCING 9:30 — 1:30 fllooll CANAL nAllcEch More than 200 million pounds of soybean oil are uSed each year in manufacture of shortening and more than 70 million pounds in the manufacture of Oleomargar- ’ine, according to the CenSus. frontage on highway, plenty of parkmg Space and lightmg' For Mason County, Washington, ln -their price and terms, see M. C. [office at the 001m house in Shelton, ZINTHEO, Realtor, Shelton, up to two o'clock p. m. on Monday, Wash . June 23, 1941, for the construction ' ,4 * of Mason County Road Project No. "' 15. 1941.Road oiling, which proicct. FOR SALE; 5—1-00“, modern consists Of Units 1, 2 and 3 combin- house on improved street, handy to school; 60x120 ft. lot. A rent beater for only $1200 on terms you can handle. M. C. ZINTHEO, TO FILE CLAIMS In the Superior Court of the Slate of Washington for Mason County (In \Probate) IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JAMES D. M‘IFFLTN, Deceased. ’NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That Letters of administration on the Es- tate of James D.-‘ Mifflin, deceased, Were granted to the undersigned, on the 14th day of May, 1941, by the» said Superior (Court. All persons having claims against said estate are required to serve them with the necessary vouchers upon me at the Office 01' Julia Waldrlp Ker. 203 Cap. Park Bldg, Olympia, Was?» ington, within six months after the date of the first publication of this notice. to~wit, within six months af- ger the 22nd day of May, 1941. and: l l l ile 1he same With the clerk of this‘ Court together with proof of such service, or they shall be forever bar- red. Dated at Shelton. Wash, this 22nd ZOA MIFFLIN, day of May, 1941, Administratrix. JULIA WALDRIP KER. Attorney for said Estate, 203 Cap. Park Bldg, Olympia, Wash. 5-22—29. 6-5-12-4t. NOTICE OF W'ATER RIGHT ~ APPLICATION NO. 5450 State of “'ashington‘ ffice of Sn- pervisor of Hydrauli s 01 'm ia. TO WHOM IT MAY CONC R : Notice is hereby given that E. J. Dalby of Union, State of Washington, under date of May 6, 1941, filed with the State Supervisor of Hydraulics, Olympia, Washington, an application for a permit to divert the public waters of an unnamed stream tribu- tary of Salmon Creek, in the amount of 0.3 second. ,foot, subject to existing rights. from April 15 to October 1 of each year for the purpose of irriga— tion; and continuously for power, (10‘— mestic supply, fish culture and propa- gation; that the approximate point of diversion is located within SW% of SE14 of Section 32, Township 22 N.. Range 3 W. W. M., in Mason County. A map showing the loca— thn and plan of said diversion an the place of the proposed use is on file in the office of the State Su- pervisor of Hydraulics. Washington, together with such other information as is required by.1aw_. Any person. firm or corporation whose right will be injuriously a- fected by said application may file With the State Supervisor of Hyd- raulics, at Olympia, Washington, suc objections or representations, in writ- ing. as he may desire to make, with- in thirty (30) days after date of last publication, which date is June 1941. Witness my hand and official seal this 14th day of May,» A. D. 1941. « CHAS: J. BARTHOLET, State Supervisor of Hydraulics. (SEAL) 57-29. 6-5~2l. Olympia. Classified l l JOURNAL WAN l Service M-,..lv Page Sev en T ADS RATES v vm‘ For Rent 1 sealed bids will be received by the Board of County Commissioners of ing bituminous surface treatment light and non—skid single seal Oiled road construction. ceivcd up to the time fixed and then Opened and publicly read aloud. Plans and specifications are now on file with the County Auditor wherel they may be examined by prospect- ivc bidders and may be had upon I'N‘eipt 0f $5.00, which sum shall. be forfeited unless: plans and sp’emflca~ tions are returned in good Condition within five (1' S Of awarding bid. The engineers preliminary esti- mated quantities, including those com- bined in Units 1. 2' and 3. are as fol- lows: Item 1, preparation of road— way oil. 29.55 milt‘s; Item 2, propar~ ation of roadway. \lnoilcd, 6.8 miles; Item 3, bituminous cement road m1 445 tons; M.C.-2 in place on roadway, Item 4, Screened ’74 inch minus in place 4850 cubic yards; Item gravel surfacing, on roadway, 5. bituminous Bids will be re-l 5—6-3-5-10-12—4t. " VVVVVV'VV‘WV“ l'wfigéafiggw PROFESSIONAL CARDS. ' vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v. v ALLA“ I 91938 BUICK 4-door touring se- dan, nicely equipped, 4 new tires. New car guarantee $645 31937 BUICK 5 passenger coupe. ' radio, heater, new brakes, new paint .................................... .. $545 1937 CHEVROLET DeLuxe 4 dr. sedan, radio, heater, spot light, ALDEN C. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW Title Insurance Building Opposite First National Bank , Phone 23 Shelton _,_______._.__..... ’ - . l new paint .......................... .. $495 _ ____ 1937 CHRYSLER Royal Cog}; . . 4 ti 5 .... .. . new paint new re ‘NSURANCE 1938 Pontiac “8” business’ coupe. l Radio, heater, low mileage $595 I1936 CHEVROLET, radio, heater, new paint ..................... .. ..... .. $385 i 1933 STUDEBAKER sedan, excel— lent condition thruout, radio $325 33 PONTIAC COUPE. New HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle Building ‘19 canml. R.C.)-4 mad Ipil 1h plalcnlth‘} paint ____________________________________ ._ $185 roa way. 12( ions; cm i. sil'll‘fu use 1 Model A’s $85 _ $125 A. coarse screened gravel. infill 1'0 Vera """ " . 1/1 inch in place rm roadway. 1200 911-1 Better values Lower Prices B. bio yards; Item 7, schedule A, flnl‘. a Stronger guarantee you'll screened gravel, V; inch to (3, in place, Tax Services not find anywhere! Accounting in roadway, 450 cubic yards; Item! 8. water in place on roadway. 70 Ml All ’41 state tested . . . Bookkeeping systems gaggglf'lid must name unit price on 5 each min as specified and be ac— 123 4th st. Phone 56 companied by certified check payable .____—_———-——— to Treasturefr pttlvllaaoai County for five F L t_ 1939 F. t DCI‘ 0611' O 08., l. g l a 6 1a ' m-Diiipto‘ig cXfliiiiWét‘.” 134011.k to 0" Driven only 9,000 miles- Will Painting Papering ghethBoard trcqpircs thlat 1133121; 1118233 sell cheap. Mork, Rt. 3, ' si e 9 con rac ors WI 0 3' ~~“ Ar Roa e1 on. dents of Mason County Who u": cadla' M 5:27 6_5__V4t Interior. Decorating American Citlzfinlsl 1nd midlioaot 11):)? “1:13; . I . . llnum ware s a u .n. >' an , I diain bAll E’materiial 1:15:30 (gig: FOR SALE: $200 discount on 1941 A. 5 a 9 “00‘1"” W‘ m ‘1‘ . S D Luxe 4- assen er — . ty from local dealers when available, Plfecmhth ion 8 Radig heifer Phone, 559 J Shelton, Wn Subject to kind and quality pl‘OVlded ymo p . , ,, for in the standard summations and group A accessories. Call . bondt my“ be sectulcld gagging 465-W or inquire Richfield of— W. aen 0 anacce aoe _,— . . 8 Bids of IContractors rCSldlng prCe. 6'3'5"‘2t' pany. outside of Sta not be considered. the right to reject 29t da of May, 1941. Dated thls I—llARPl’Y DEYETTE. County Auditor and Ex Officio .Clerk of the Board of County Com missioners. Mason County,- Washington. 5-29. ‘ 6-5—2t. to of VVashlngton wil 0F CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL COUNTY, WASHINGTON that Consolidated School District, No. 309, of Mason County, Wash- ington, calls for payment on July lst, 1941, and will on July lst, 1941, at the Office of the County Treasurer of Mason County, Washington, pay the principal and interest on Bonds 41 to 46 in- clusive of Consolidated School District No. 309, of Mason Coun- ty, Washington, said Bonds being dated July lst, 1941, with inter- est payable July lst and January lst, and said Bonds being de— scribed as “School Building Bonds of 1931, Series “A.” NOTICE IS FURTHER ,GIVEN, that after July lst, 1911, ‘said Board l reserves any and all bids. NOTICE OF REDEMPTION OF BONDS 41 TO 46 INCLUSIVE 1941‘ DISTRICT NO. 309 OF MASON NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, l FUNERAL HOME Licensed Embalmers W A. Witsiers, Prop. Phone 180 ;>- Shelton. Wash. I _ 250 A DAY for $5,000 accident in-‘ surance. Don’t take any‘ trip Withou tit. Issued while you wait. See Herb Angle. ______..__—-————- Consolidated School District No. 309 will no longer pay interest on said Bonds. Dated this 20th day of May, MT. MORIAH LODGE v '- No. 11 F.&.A.M. CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 309 OF Next Regular Communication MASON COUNTY, VVASH- l “mg 7 NGTON - I M. H. NEEDHAM LOUIS VVEINEL, Chairman. HARRY CARLON, Clerk. OMER DION, Treasurer of Mason County. Washington. 5-20—22-27-29. 6—3—5-10-12-17-9t. CALL FOR BIDS , Oyster Bay School District NO. 11 will receive bids for 30 ricks of 16- inch second growth and 10 ricks of 16-inchold growth Fir Wood, stacked in the woodshed by August 15. 1941. Bids will be accepted until June 16, 1941. at 7:30 p. m. at which time they will be opened at the school house. The Board reserves the right to re- Worshipful Master J. L. CATTO, Secretary. ____________._._—-———- International Correspondence School Shelton Representative WILBERT CATTO Phone 591-W A Vacant. in use fi‘uL'L ray ‘ect an 0 all bids. . J §BERRTHA WALDRIP. Clerk. (:4: 54033 .,. a "it“fl'v "5 . m exit» Route 1', Shelton, Washington. 1 Taxes . . AGVertise It! Journal Wunt-Adsel’hone 100 n “my: .