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June 6, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 6, 1963

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ii al Students Lost Lake Families , Local Teacher To Winning Essay In VFW Contest Was Ln?ler00k:::e?ilies Activities At Belfair Centered L?:ealdT00i:?hh00rnT?tul e K!1[hn..Sheltn Students xxere :!. 'iy t, VV'ashmg.on S-t ' .- ao received degrees ii " eaent exercises Sun- Written By Joe Snyder, ISR Student The Weekend Around School Ending This Week Robert J. Sund. a mattmmatics THAT HOME.  were Shar- er arts in ed- ,Orr, bacl)elor of and Georgia K. of arts in Joe Snydcr, 16, was awarded first place in the VFW essay con- test at the Irene S. Reed High Scho6I Awards Assembly last week. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snyder and is an Eagle Scout and an active member of the Methodist Youth Fellowship. :,_:*, He is taking academic courses in high school and is considering law 1" I II  -- __ as a profession. |l  e Second place winner was Donna -i, V I  ] Owen of Mary M. Knight School ;:   and third place Sue Minegishi of ::iU ][  mB  Irene S. Reed. I I In[ Ill  i Following is S, nyder's prize-win- ,,.. -i i ii i nine essay on ,,What I Can Do i%t),-- For My Country. .' Ilm,,, , _ n and  , , , . ,. "",. of Television ' By Joe Snyder . 0000ltllll :Rnnm i can best solo country oy r4;  / S'IIU serving myself in these teenage :i l, GlUlDlllrk years. Our government is a Dc- 'FIlilU mocracy, "of the people, for the /l'lie e ..... 426-6602 people and by. the people. As e-duster such, it can onJy ne as strong as S A V E By The lOth ! . ..Savings. made by June I0 | Will earn interest from June I i -' SAVINGS at;urrent annual rates EARN ONIDEHD$ AT I%o 41/4% County Federal & Loan Association nsured to $10,000.00 by the F.S.L.I.C. "-- 4 P.M. Monday thru Thursday 10 a.m. tb 5:30 p.m. Fridays fice Branch Office ay 313 Railroad Ave Shelton, Wash, BOXES Private, Confidential, Economical JOE SN YI)ER erican who betters himself has strengthened his nation and is able to give his greatest service. One of the bestWas."young: person ca n prepare to. be a good citizen is to get the best possible education. Lately there has been much controversy over the p0ssi, ble superiority of Russian schoolS. As a student I can destroy this possibility by applying myself to learning. No hool can be any better than the students who at tend. rie students must excel scholastically and must also de- velo p proper fftitudes. THE 1 STIJDENT who does his best: in school is giving his na- tion his best service, Where would the, Declaration of Independenqe have .come from if Thomas Jef: ferson, hadn't bothered to learn to write? How long wpuld our na- tion have. survived without the Constitution, :which was written by learned men with the ability to express them,elves clearly? : The student does have. other bb: ligations besides studying. He should take an active part tn the extracurricular ctivities of, his School: By joining clubs he learns to, get:,along with others. He be gins to understand Democracy and how it functions. These extra ac- tivities can help relieve the ten- sions of .Scholastic life. They are also a means of developing one's self confidence. When! speak of a good educa- tion. I include also moral and re.- ligious training which mUst begin in the home. Our land was Settled and our country was founded by religious men. Faith in Cod'has comforted and led many .gTeat men of our country. Our country is .based on Christian principles with freedom of religionf0r ai .... A CLOSE religious Lie gives one a high moral standard. It is a fact that all former empires fell due to moral decay and.corrup- tion.from within the country it- self. A belief in God is the grea- test. deterrant to moral decay. ] can serve my country, ,by be a moral citizen and-religiou givc this high moral standard. I, as a young American, can serve my country by keeping in- formed on current affairs. By hav- ing a knowledge of the circum- stances. I can have a better un- derstanding of the decisions made by our government officials. I be- lieve it is the right and duty of every .ctizen to criticize the gov- ernment leaders if he disagrees with a policy or decision. Timre- fore, a knowledge of current af- fairs is essential h fulfilling this obligation. I also feel that young peop should take an active part in pub- lie service organizations such as Boy Scouts, Church youth groups etc. These organizations help by giving leadership training and op- portunities for the older members to help and guide the younger members. Another way rot youth to streng- then America is being brought out by President Kennedy and his physical fitness program. To be By Doris Ili('kson IX)ST LAKE -- Jim, Barb ad little Scott Bm'ell were the four day weekend guests of the Don Saegers. During their stay they joined the Saeger's in a picnic, at the South fork of the Skokomish River. Recent Luncheon guests of the H. A. Loertscher h0me were San- dra Mattson. Mr. Richard Matt- son, Mrs. Pat Dugger. Dave Dugger, and Dora Brown. Dur- ing the luncheon Mrs. Brown en- tertained the guests with a show- ing of antique glass. MR. AND MRS. R.EILY and children spent Friday with the Clyde Norris family. Saturday night there was a "whooping" good time at the Bill Wivell home, because it was Mr. Wivell's birthday. Guests of this party were: Mr. and Mrs. Stan Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. hen Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Layman, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burwell. Mr. and Mrs. Don Saegar, Maradee Guyer, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Cole, man and H. M. Wivell St. MR: AND MRS. DENNIS Loer. tscher of Seattle were the Sun- day guests in the H. A. Loertsr eher home. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Keefer were the Friday evening guests of the Clyde Norris family. On Saturday the Allen Tibbits were the guests in the Ctyde Nor- ris home. re are sorry to hear that Mrs. O'Brien is having a minor opera- tion on her feet, but will be back to work very soon: !erq.pe"ent Ore Russet leather uppers "weat- . 9e -"=mle split-leather insoles Cushion crepe t: =es = NaibLess construction, ra v' camping, shng, walkhg. Emoy . ,?tloa boots and shoes crafted or the grea wea h--Urafted for comfort, fit and longez '. q Red Wing Shoes. - .... tht 4 ,e in and try on a pair.  f d. ,nng makes, tb WING,S FAMOUS sharp mentally one must be In good physical condition. Turning out.for school sports is xdellent and it also teaches teamwor k and sp0tsmanship. A strong country needs strong citizens, young, ad old alike. As a young citizenI can keep myself physically fit and thUs help strengthen America:. PERHAPS ONE OF the grea.. test services I can give is to help younger people to become better. Few teenagers realize that smart ler children often lo0k tip?to them if I set a good example for these children, then .by helping them, I have helped America. However, to set this example, I must always obey the laws, be courteous, have & high moral .character.and ShOw patriotism to my. country. I can do one more service, >but I need the help of every young per- son in the land. The prestige mid honor of young people has ebbed to a new 10w in the past fewyears. The word "teenager" has become synonymous with delinquent. By being a better person mentally, morally and physically, I can help aise the reputation of American youth. It is said that a country's greatest resource is its . young people. If I can raise the .stand ard of young people, then I have raised the wealth of the country, Another way to.prepare to be a valuable citize is to learn about the _Tnited St.stes, the. traditions; aud the heritage. We have rich traditions and an inSpirifig heri.- tage. By learning of our history I can understand out present and help guide our future. IN SUMMARY, .I believe I can best sezwe the United States by preparing to be a future citizen #nd voter. I must receive an edu- Cation, for without it I cammt hope to make' wise decisions in -this ever-changing world. I need' a re ligious background for I must have a belief in God. Without this faith I will be fuII of uncertainties and doubts about right and wrong: I need to take an actiVe part in school and public affairs, for this is preparation for a greater 'role in te future. I need to keep phy- sically fit, I need to learn about our great history. Meal/ important, though, I must strive to become a good, moral honest, and patri- otic citizen. My goal is to be a person of whom the United State can be justly proud. To serve in this way, I must now prepare fo the future. : i i i By Rachel FTeelin BELFAIR Much of the ac- tivity in this c0mmtmity the past week has centered around grad- uation activities and the last days of school before summer vacation. Belfair is. proud of the 42 North Mason graduates and the honors won, and also congratulates all those responsible for the fine Bac- calaureate and Graduation prog- rams and,the mmcessful party at Alderbrook which closed their high school years for the seniors. The closing of the school year also brings one less happy note to the community with the de- parture of the C. Vance Shep- hards, with Brad, Stanley, terns and Brian for their new ranch home near Maupin, Ore. Since sellinff their property here Vance and the C. E. Slmphards have spent several months prer paring the new home for the move. The senior Shephards will be spen. djng a good deal of their time in trailering, from now on. Last Sunday Racine Shephard .was'honored at a farewell coffee l0ur by members of the Belfair Community church, where she has in superintendent of ,the Sun- day school The coffee tble was centered, with an arrangement of Peace loses; with Oregon grape and horse figtirirms in honor of the ndW home.,. Pouring were Mrs. C. C.. Edd 9, Mrs. Jams Wilson, Mrs. Seth:" IInc'oln; and Mrs. William $poonCr The: Shephards have been very active, ifi local a:ffalrs and com- munity projects d'uring' some .20 years here, and,their'.many friends Will, miss them, tholgh wishing them .erery happiness In the new home; ' : Their move alsO leaves a vacan- cy.' on the N0rt Mson school aii, g-ith ,Douglas Hoppe of the North,shore, and Dorothy Harper o$Belfir having filed 'for the position. : TWO WEDDINGS of interest to Belfairites have madenews recent- ly, 'Miss Sharon 01son, daughter of the, Cliff Discus Of Rose 'Point and Bremerton, and Joseph :Fer- gus0n, of Port Angeles repeatecl their L x ows before the hey Milton NeSs at ,0Ur 'Saviour's Luthe'afi ChurCh in' Bremert0n.: The hride win'e: a full length gown of Wh)td lae and net Reed Carried her Jdb s Daughter's Bible,' topped :wlt ga'rr dhi.as 'ahd s(ephanotis. Shades of pier were Worn by the attendants, who included 'Miss. Mary Thaes 0f:Belfair, and'Mrs. Jim Burts, for- merly Of this eommunit3r, and now of- Wh(dby Island. The new .Mrs. Ferguson is fort mer Honored' Queen, of the Bel- fai" Bethel '43,.' Job' s Daughte/-s. ' Miss 'Jane" HermPn of Bremer- toh, daughter 0f Mrs. Thelma Her- man of, SioIx"City,-Iov,a, became the:.bride of Robert HamptOn Bt, lh. son at a small'wedding last:Tliiig any -at . the Belfa!r Community church: The groom s parents 'are tile'Robert Brinsons oYthe Sbutli hore .... : The lride wore a street-'length- iaeket -dress of White and beige; nd rattled a white Bl'ole with white orchids:-Her attendant was Miss Charlotte Brinsonl sister of the groom. Bernard Whittaker yas best man for. 'Mr. Brinson: The hey, Milton Gire officiated. .T'O GROUP HELD installa- ti0n of nevg offiS,rs recently, ,The Women's Missionary Society of the Belfair community Baptist church and its circles h0noed the officers for the coming year wRh ceremon- !es at which the. f011owing were mtroduced by the hey. Milton Gire: Mrs. Rkyrond Medeiro, pre- sident; Mrs.' Robert Meyer) first vice president; Mrs. Rc;b6Ft !:.- Long, Mrs, Robert Shelly and Mrs. Milton Gire, vice presidchts; ;Mrs. Elmer SIagle: seCetamj-treamlrer. Ci,cle officers are WSCS: Mrs. Jack Dean, president; Mrs. Them. Hill, Mrs. oc mu.&, Azme Cheney, Jr., Mrs. Burr Huzt, of Sheton Mrs. John Scllrieber, Mrs. Cal poc, Mrs, Carl Anderson and Mrs. Viola' Laugen. Parents are reminded that chil- A subsidiary of P. N. Hirsch & Company, Lots of hair left dren enrolled hz the grades will formerly Lumhermen',s Mercantile need to bring a sack lunch boca,use o Lho" all.dy ,.olb teacher at Irene S. Reed High as KingSton, secretary; and Mrs. Clay Jones, treasurer. Mrs: Gire and Mrs. Stanley Bradley are co- chairmen for program. officers for the. Fireside Cir- cle are; Mrs. Ivan Holm, president; Mis. BOb Schwartz secretary and Mrs. Owen Calloway treasurer. Mrs. Robert Shelly is program chairman. Mrs. Kenneth Spangler is ehairnmn for the Fellowship Guild. NEW OFFICERS of Belfair "00lheran Bible School June 10.14 1 June 10 will be the opeziifig day of Vacation Bible School at Faith. Lutheran Church this 3*ear, ,The school will be held June 10-14, from 9.a.m. l o 2:30 P.mi each day for grades.one through senior high, and froni 9 a.m. to noon for pre- Sch001ers. Everyone is welcome and invited to attend; There i no charge made for the school, but there will be a free:will offer- in accepted during opening ser- vice each day which will go to neip aeray expenses for the school. , Thc theme for the sehool this year is "Teaclz Us To Pray" and criers a course of study in the Lord's Prayer. In addition to the daily Bible\\;study there x-ill bet- eluded interesting liand k, ork, h}nm singing and recreation per- iods. ..... . . : Teacicrs for the pre-school de- partment include Mrs. Vernon Partlow, Mrs. Thomas O/son, Mrs. J. C. Thompson, Mrs, Ken Razlf, Miss Arlene Cheney, Mrs. Won A/fir and Mrs. %Va.vne Coleman. Teaching grades one" througl scn- $HOF, ior high be Mrs. Bob 00,hn. PHONE 426-815 WI MrS.mmlie.VernMrs.MOr,,S.wa,.ren Mrs. Vh,ce Barracks 2778 World War I Vet- erans and its Auxiliary were hosts when the group held its first year celebration combined with a mem- orial service and ehtertained more than 100 guests fl'om Barracks in lort Angeles, Port Townsend, Ret- sil, Paulsbo and Aberdeen. A pot- luck luncheon was served from a beautifully decorated table, and music for the occasion featured William Herrick at the organ and Mrs. H. M. Strickland at the piano. Officers for the group are: H. VL Striekland, commander; Walter Onstad, St. vice-commander: Lau- rence Castleman, Jr. vice comman- der; George Sumner. chaplain; Vernon Parks, quartermaster; Henry DaM, trustee; Adolph el- son, judge advocate. Auxiliary officers include: Mrs. Joe Tschida, president; Mrs. David Crosswhite, and Mrs. Walter On- stad, vice presidents; Mrs. Lau- rence Castleman. secretary-treas- urer; Mrs. Dollie Parsons, chap- lain; Mrs. Adolph Olson, conduc- tress; and MVS: Shar, guaru. Graduation time brought a num- ber of visitors to local homes. Among them was Mrs. Oscar Ed- land ofStazwood, a guest at the the John Clappe's. Mrs. Aina An- derson of Harstine Island was at the Carl Mattus home, where oth- er guests were Mr. Ron Leuning and Miss Caiol Mattus, bOth stu- dents at the University of Wash- ington. " And the very special life gzards for the Senior party were. Miss Karen Kovack from the U.. and Jim Wilson from Linfield. both of whom.had brothers in the class of '63. School has been accepted in the second year of the sequential surll- mer institute for experienced high school mathematics teachers at San Jose State College, San Jose, Calif. The six-Wdek summer institute is sponsored by the National Sci- ence Foundation, under the direc- tion of the Department of Math- ematics at San Jose State. RlhvI[vuAG E SALE A rummage sale will be held by the LDS church relief society Friday and Saturday at the PUD building. Doors will open at 9 a.m. o L('W:AL rRADKMA , Spends much on postage Les Joslln SUGGESTSI VACATION TIME IS ACCIDENT TIME. MORE ACCIDENTS OC- CUR DURING SUMMER WHEN PEOPLE ARE ENJOYING VA- CATIONS. A WEST COAST LIFE ACCIDENT POLICY, CAN HELP PROVIDE AGAINST F I N AN- CIAL LOSS. &IFI * ACCIDENT * IIIAILlrll 1627 SUMMIT DRIVE PHONE 426-6373 with purchase of this FmGIDAiRE REFRIGERATOR! Yes. this is the week to buy that new Frigidaire refrigerator you've been wanting. The price tells you it's a Best Buy. And--you'll get the Frigid- aire Ice Ejector with two 20-cube trays--fastest, eagiest ice server ever--absolutely FREE. Hurry! [ !11 II H Model FDS.13T.I 13.24 cu. ft. 4 colors or whttel Giant 100.1b. freezer. 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