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June 10, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 10, 1941

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Page Two SHELTON—MASON couNTY JOURNAL, Tuesday, June 10. Tacoma Visitors. . , x :' ,., a] ,. . “null. H! At Angle Home V A It: , ‘ aIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllillll Mrs. Edgar Mumen and daugh_ 2f tilt; ‘2 23k ‘ figs, T I SE o N. P. PurChdSBS‘ = K ter Jean of Tacoma, are spendin ‘ 0'“ u e 0" a a“ a)’ ‘ , , -‘ ' "' e E l . a few days a, the G. c, Angg (H00, . h th SOFTBALL BATTLES. 2,200 New Lars E BEAVER MUSIC STUD] , home. Edgar Murnen, Jr., was 8‘ 55 mmutos “mm” l “Ti IFAGFF 5,01 THAT—— V.F.W. Sewing Club I E 3 also a visitor Monday from Bram I . ... ,1 a . f . i Bill Dickie, each with a mangHolds Friday Meeting Northern Pacific Railway all" = P 'v t1 I st of f . erton, where he is now in active JZZXZd'll gfiig 13:23 a‘m‘ _ \V L RF RA aboard, were the big explosions The VFW Sewing Club met! nounced today through president E n a L n ru Ion or I -. . service as an ensign in the Navy Lojv £354 _2'A‘1 fi' M‘l‘f'lgafi -------------------- --1 0 8 6 in that last canto cannOnading.lFriday with 'Mm Henry Hafisen C. E. Denney purchase of 2.200 E Piano, Violin, Voice, Clarinet, Trumpet, Cornet, Tm communications department, . ‘_ p' ' A ~;A('UV8 Uill) u ml 0 1? 5[Ned Snelgrove pitched remark-i th Rid C f u additional freight cars at a cost = Saxophone and Guitar Ila ngh 8-46 P-m~ 1L8 fl- i Bonneville 0 0 0 0 able bqu f r a ‘ effort for I to Sew for e 0 toss 0 0W f . t 1 6 930 000 b .- '-'-' Pretl. _ w lSkokomish Mo 1 6 gl f O n Openmg =ing dinner. Mrs. Orden Harri- ,0 appfomma Cyjq‘; i l i i “ng'i: . 1 Osi ,Y i . . , . . . I the winners, , t1 4 .t» h qtees mg N. P. s freight car orders Class Instruction for Theory, Harmony and Con P -_ 011 v — _"' JThuri-Z FIFO? a~m~ 15(8) fE-iRayomer ................. ..0 l 5 12 Thursday evenings schedule son was “3 ass” mg 0‘ L ' since October, 1939, to 6,700 for = ' bms w H I une 1415,, 1538 Activiiggefzngyg:§;t5 will serve to introduce the Bon- Visits Parents £1610 006611337 tOtauing abOUt $197 IE 't' muck High 9:32 pm. 11.7 ft.i Mobllgas 8 Skokomish neyme .Surveyors t9 the City at" Mr» and Mrs- James Dunbar! d d "iq (mm. a t of the _ IE Wednesday and Thursday of each Week ake th SHARPENED Games Thursday glut With Skokomish Granget has I and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Attwood “on? pl’Em/va firefight car b3; 5 11 am, to 6 p_ m, g, ecessa, 9% . Fri. L0W 2148331. 5-5 ltd Rayonier-Mobilgas No. 1. l e newcomers nval~ for e spent the weakend With Mr' Att- I ing to insure adequate equi ment = II June 13 High 7:16 a.m. 9.5a; Skokomish_Bonne\/ine N0 2 levenmg- The game “1113.9 Play-.wood’s parents. Mr- and, Mrs-lfor mm 0,: gamma, defefse is E'fllllIIII||lIIIIlllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllillllllllllll'_v, h Low pm, 41 ft, i Games Mondaiy ' ‘ ed on the N0. 2. or small diamond, i Charlie Attwood at Steilacooml gche (me (*1 for deliver be innvin; /. , High 10:15 P-m- 11-5 ft. i Bonneville-Rayonier, No. 1. zgigfogagfifé lggblégzs 132d fail-.5 Clty‘ this fall. y g D 3 “me Of Sat. Low 4:14 am. 511%,; MObflgaS'ACtiVians’ NO' 2‘ regular diamond, in the . other Skokomish Economics Club Thirteell hundred 311d fifty 50‘ June 14 High 8:18 am. 8'8 [t'i Amidst the usual sloppy early- contest of the night Enjoys Annual Awarding ton-eapamty steel box cars and \ A . June 1 Low 3206 p~m_ 412 ft'zseason fielding, city league soft— Tim, complete first half Sched_| The Skokomish Economics Club 200 ballast cars Will be built in S C ,3 ’11: sh Hi h 1058 .m. llgftflmll play was inaugurated last “ lenjoyed a picnic at the home American Cal“ and Foundry CO’S, " C g P -) . . V. , lule follows, With the last namedl , night Witt} two ,pretty decent team in each Case serving as the l of Mrs. Fred Bell, for the annual St. Lou}... plant. Pullman-Stand-l P I Sun. Low 6:09 a.m. 4.4 ft. 5 Opening games- home team and therefore draw-l awarding or their qmlt' WhiChi 314.511 gaildag%0N§)anufaCtun~ng “(307‘ i ufifid’ h June 15 1-11 h 937 am, 8‘1 stg Mobilvas rrrt Off to a w-nnin . went to Mrs. Belia Roberts this Wu .111 9 0x cars in en . . . a : PHONE 243 L3,, 3,501,”, 09;, I start with 33mg” Squeezei (mg 311115,;:hfzfiréggyglrfigritrségéas NO. yeah There were 14 membgrs Michigan City, Ind.,'pla_nt and 1.50 W1th1n 2 M11es of Shelton d b: We Call For and High 11:38 p.m. 11.3t't.l3k0k0m15h Grange. to 6. as 1. Skokomish-Bonneville,’ No. Present “>110ng a POUUCk d1“; , boxl‘iars W1“, F9 W“ m the mu" ; . .1, ‘I Deliver Your Machine IRay Brown bested redheaded 2. Activians’ bye. ,ner at the beach cottage a mom. fiat companys shops at Laurel,i Wllbert Catto t e JMon.16 Illiofi lizég a.m. 4.6ft1. Johnny Eager in a pitching bat- June laigonnevngayonier’ N0. afternoon was enjoyed. Omaha. i I, “32 pa; “119 1g ' a.m. 7.61‘t.‘ tlc. Danny' Wilson horned for the 1, Mobilgas—Activians, No. 2. - i 0the SLEYSTER’S L”. “6””- 19” 5 33m“ and Jim R059 (Med for Skokomish. bye- “"llliliiiiiffviae Hatch... daugn- Olympla Ma“ Heath . r WALKER PARK X I ; Tues. High 12:15 a.m. 11.1;eg “icfgjfggfi'fib 0t Off in front Juli? lf—gkokomifhlvg bitch“??? ter of Mr. and Mrs. s. A. Hatch- PIOneer Assocnation PHONE 59L“, . Fl T P June 17 LOW 8:03 am. 2.7ftflw1th a :hreimrmg fivqt inmn and o.R. onnexg e— o 1 gas, 1 .1 er returned home Friday. Miss; ‘ 5., . ,, on I , 1 High 12:45 pm. 7.5 ft. . was mic, ‘fimded‘ its lzgto 5' Jun", zoayi‘léfféiagse. Bonneville lHatcher has been attending the Caljoxlv SignAMeiefii At 160% :Aakel uh la‘ ro— l ,3 V ‘ " 1 0— - Yl r i if Low 5.27 pm. 2.9 it. E trmmpn over Rayomer, but the Na 1. Rayonier_Skokomish’ No. gmverSity of Oregon at Eugene, H 3Pioneerm Atazogzltgxilm y E __ 81‘s: I - M_ v "‘ struggle was touch-and—go until 2, Mobiigas, bye, regon' Jlily 27th I ‘ W” “‘ _ i the first of the seventh when the June 26_Rayonier-Activians, No. Visiting With Parents ‘ Millard Lemon of Olympia, born 89 years ago in a covered wagon on the Oregon Trail, was elected ‘clubmen blitzed over six runs. i 1. Skokomish—Mobilgas, No. 2. iHomers by Fred Snelgrove and Bonneville, bye. . June 30~Bonneville Skokomish, Mrs. Jack Haskins, the former; Merna Rowe and new daughter, Jacqueline Vera are visiting with o I ~:' SPECIAL MEETING WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11 _. 2:001? Olympia Conference report will be discussed we. voted on. There will be a negotiating commivye! 'member present to make a report and ans 5, ‘ questions. '» n0w 1'0 6311'“ M0“ F03 YOU“ 1 No. 1. Mobilgas-Rayonier, No. i her parents, Mr, and Mrs, T, R, . president of the Pioneer Associa- ‘ lNEW ACtiVianSi bye- ROWe for two Weeks. Mr. Has—l tion of Washington, at Seattle No. session last week. Mrs. Clarence Mothe July 7#Activians-Mobilgas, 1. Rayonier-Bonneville, No. 2. Skokomish, bye. July 10—Mobi1gas-Bonneville, N0. 1. Activians-Skokomish, No. 2. Rayonier, bye. 1y 14—Skokomish-Rayonier, No. 1. Bonneville-Activians, No. 2. Mobilgas, bye. kins brought them down from their home at Bellingham lastlL. White, Seattle, was elected weekend. Vice-president, and Frank Atkins, ‘ Seattle, reelected secretary. Some- thing over 500 pioneers from all, over the state were in attend—' ance. G. C. Angle was the only person from Mason County at the annual dinner in the auditorium. The annual gathering of mem- bers and friends of the .Callow Clan will be held at Lost Lake, MATTRESS MONEY . Lesson #7 Cuts Weight And Boosts Safety In automotive history, the year 1941 will probably be noted prin- cipally for the introduction of a new kind of automobile body con— struction that results in a 15 to Weekend Visitors Mrs. Florence Weeks and daughter Patty, spent the week end visiting her sister, Mrs. Ralph. Bonnom of Bremerton. , lJu Mrs. James Dunbar l l l l I l l l l ! Entertains Club Motorists Given .20 per cent reduction in dead - .weight while at the same time . Mrs-James Dunbar entertamd in Mason County. same as last increasing the roominess and R F ‘her budge Club Frlday evemng' year on Sunday, July 6th and with two tables of contract. Mrs. an the old friends are m’vited. r0 "safety 0f the bOdy. P3111 Dittmani Jr" and Mrs' Har‘ Those who attend should bring IMPORTANT MEETI} ‘ jwhlihlhsisneaiil ofiltnsgargcfliifgpfsezthcrtéogf ry Dittman Won honprs‘, Mrs' A1 their family lunches, but coffee, the new Nash Ambassador “600 ” .Drummon Of Olympia was gueSt cream and sugar will be furnish- Y . v is described by Nash engineers Strict observance of highway: 0f the Cmb' Dellcgus‘. refreSh' ed. P. M. -— as “unitized'n An amwelded, road signs by the motoring public i ments were served uring th e \ mm_ A 5 [throughout the State of Wash- evenmg' The 1940 Census shows there STRlKE COMMITTEE, Local 38, HA" . framework of bridge—truss steel girders surrounds the passengers, providing greater Safety from ev- ery angle. The car has no con- ventional separate frame to which were 62,958,703 people living in the metropolitan areas made up of cities of 50,000 and more and ter-‘ ritory adjacent to those cities in ington is requested by W. C. Thay- ‘ er, acting chief of the Washing- ton State Patrol. In a letter to E. C. Heinz, Washington District Miss Ruth Wyman To Wed June 14 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mahan LISTEN to o. M. Orton over KOL‘ If snvs "FRESH" msma the body is bol Some mattresses get musty and stale inside. bridggtmssesy That’s because they aren’t able to ventilate by demg‘ themselves...fresh air can’t get to the interior. i from the fac . gauge sheet m Beautyrest has 8 ventilators that really venti- 02‘s, and each ‘ late. They breath in fresh clean air, expel the , i a construction stale air. Because of them the Beautyrest keeps clean, dry, and sanitary through its interior. See and 19 SS 9. Simmons Beautyrest today...find out about frame is an integral Additional strength strength to the other. ted, but instead the part of the joined inseparany is derived t that the heavy etal of the body is ‘, also welded to the framework gird- part adds its own This is principle known as i monocoque, the same that is em— ,ploycd to give greater strength weight to bombing planes. long-range Naturally, op- Sales Manager of the Tide Water Associated Oil Company, Thayer pointed out that at the present time the Washington Highway Patrol finds itself under-manned to adequately patrol all highways , due to the tremendous increase in highway traffic brought about by the defense program. An increaslng amount of travel by United States army and navy men on the highways throughout Washington has swelled the traf- fic volume to a point where full- est co-Operation on the part of all Wyman announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Ruth, to Mr. Thomas Robert Nilsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nilscni of Bellingham, Saturday evening, June 14 at Westminster. The Rev. Earl W. Benbow will per— form the ceremony. Miss Ellen Opal Coy of Yak- ima will be maid of honor and bridesmaids will be Mrs. Carl Johnson and Miss Louis Hardin. Mr. Charles Mahan Wyman, Jr., will serve as his brother's besti man. i Miss Coy has been teaching in; l which population density was ati least 150 per square mile. This: was 47.8 percent of the total pop- ulation of the nation. 441/774 . while you go places . . . Drive the luxurious, roomy, new 7:00 Tuesday, June 10 .ww‘ Shelton. Both Miss Wyman and Mr. Nil- . sen were graduated from the University of Washington. Miss Wyman has been teaching in Shel- ton and her fiance, who was a member of the University debate team, has been a teaching fellow in the department of speech at the University while working on his master’s degree. Past Matron O.E.-S. Slate Luncheon The Past Matrons of the OrderuI of Eastern Star Club will meet with Mrs. Rex on Thursday at 1, n. m. for a dessert luncheon. Mrs.‘ Florence Taylor, Mrs. Hazel Bar- ron and Mrs. Mary Shelton will be, the co-hostesses. i U. S. furniture factories an-f nually turn out about $1,500,000‘ worth of church pews and pul-l pits, chiefly made of wood, ac-g SO. First cording to the Census. i crating economy is increased very considerably, and the new car is said to get up to 40 per cent more miles per gallon of fuel. motorists is needed to insure pub- lic safety. Acting chief Thayer compli- V v L , I ~mented the Tide Water Associatgd, ; How this construction has also 011 Company for the splendid edu. added t0 the Size 0f the NaSh cational campaign of adVertising “500.” making it one Of the big- currently appearing in newspa- gest cars on the market, is shown pars up and down the pacific in a comparison with the Nash Coast in which typical highway 0f twewe years ago. In 1929 the signs are illustrated and attention ‘ fmnt seat 0f the NaSh SPeCiall is called to the need of observing Six was 42 inches wide, while the these strategicauy placed mark- 1941 Nash has a, front seat that ers, , is 16 inches wider—nearly five In his letter Thayer said: “May feet acr'OSS- I extend to you at this time my hearty congratulations and en- dorsement of your traffic safety campaign program. I feel that this is another step forward in getting over to the public the idea of obeying road signs, fort after all the signs are placed upon : lthe highway for the safety andi protection of the driving public. {We have at this time an emer- gency due to the defense program . lwhich has brought to this state, large numbers of Army and Navy men and has increased traffic to la point where we find ourselves 'greatly under-manned for Patrol: l Officers. ! Observance of signs such as you outline would aid us immen- sely and assist generally the traveling public. I want to again thank your company for the courtesy and thoughtfulness in the really worthwhile campaign in, safety’s sake.” BuickLeads All County Car Sales For Last Month Shelton and Mason County have gone for Buick in a big way, says “Bob” Ervin, resident manager of Mueller-Harkins, Buick distribu- .tors for Southwest Washington. I “Just as Buick has set sales records all over the country, SO | ‘Buick. is leading in Mason Coun— } I ty,” Bob said. “May registrations; I show that more Buicks were sold l in this county than any othcl‘.‘ make of car.” l Word also comes from Buick, zone headquarters in Tacoma that 'Bob Ervin’s record showing in Shelton has made him one of the top-ranking salesmen in the en- tire district. iBuick Owners At Annual Meeting its amazing comfort. The Beautyrest is . . . $89.50 ...it may be purchased on convenient terms. WITH NEW TRIPLE-CUSHIONED RIDE AND NEW TRU-ARC STEERING Ten beautiful models to Choose from—every one available as either a six or an eight. @' //J" film/[er 3/7 year fif a, SHELTON MOTOR CO. / 5 Wanna: moses? SLEEP VALUE 1; Olsen Furuiture Co. ' to O. M. Orton over KOL at 7:00 Tuesday, June 10. adv.i IN SHELTON AND MASON COUNTY “Best Buick Yet” Outsells The Field Again During May, 1941 l l -——-———-—“-. —F—+-———‘_. m Yes! Official Mason County registration records show that BUICKled the field during May — proving again that MORE motorists are convinced that you Can’t Beat Buick! Look at these May registration figures: ‘ BUICK . . . . 13 Chevrdlet.............. 12 Ford 7 1 Plymouth Mercury Nashf Pontiac 12.. V‘flflm- o.-oou.-.-o-coooo- lie the "besf buy,” t—F-N U‘ Present for the occasion were [Rudy Mueller, Walter Baldwin land Ray Renwick, officials of the Mueller-Harkins Co. of Tacoma. ,as well as local Buick represen- Bumk “mm m this “Sim” ' tatives. , , Lee Hale of the Cushman plantl . o L Bob Ervm —— Res1dent Agent , iwas master of ceremonies and an .interesting program was enjoyed: _ 5th and Raierad Phone —— Shelton 94 ' . . CONCEMED SAFETY- . . . c a . It’s the "best seller.”...FIrst ugam STEPS taggfiejgggofiggegigg 013,13; Oldsmobile . . ~. . . . . . . . . . 6 Chrysler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , , Wm mm“ _. x a. oc‘iationhelda banquet at R0—! 1 J ,L , m 41, for the tenth lime III the ganggod Lodge last Thursday See and Drive Bmek NOW? umnzso KNEE-ACTION BOX-GIRDER' FRAME omcmAL FISHER 0 DRAFT VENTILATION lusl eleven years! See”);+“ [ye/I?" Saw”? .Mell Chev lst & Grove et omp by those present. ; APPRAISERS NAMED ‘; J. E. Martin, Fred Diehl and' Phil Bayley were appointed ap-‘ praisers of the estate of the late“ Esther Grisdale in a superior court order signed Saturday by Judge 1). E. Wright, rol iL-Jr'vm. A “‘P‘hone 14