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June 10, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 10, 1971

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Services SUMMON Y UCATION NOT,CEOF. SHER,F 'SSALE T,MBERSALE NOT,CE OF SALE ~Aoore,=l~one426~,378. M6/3tfn ad~'anced beginners anci IN THE SU;ER'IO'RCOURT OF ANDSEWER RATES . EuXseECUTIOgN0- NA TIONAL FOREST OF VALUABLE MATERIAL ntermediate For information caTHP C-T~TI=" nl=" UUDL~.I-IIIMt"_Tr"IIM 14.56.010 Schedule of City sewer La u:) TIMBER FOR SALE. OLYMPIC ON STATE LAND TREE TOPPIN~ fallina and426-8223 or" 426-2507 W~/q in ;--,...T-, 7,',4,:.-~,'~--,;;'~".' ........ rates IN THE SUPER OR COURT OF NATIONAL FOREST BING 05 STATE OF WASHINGTON ~' " v/~''~ ruff IVI/~3UI%I I~UUIN/Y " . -' - clean-up. Phone 426-~532. ~ --, ,,~--*--,...~PI--III I II::)P~ ,,.vL...~.,.,L,..IIM~/IE:'C'T&AI:I~IT ~.-v.,P~ 1 ~ " (a) Each. single, famllv. . _ THE STATE OF WASHINGTON 70 SALE, located within T.. 21 DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL Mc8/6tfn CERAMICS, ARTS and crafts at Washington Cv.p~..~t;~,~ Pl~i~t,ffl residence within the city limits IN AND FOR SNOHOMISH and 22N ........ R 6W. W. M . partla ly RESOURCES Bert L Cote, ~-- Exce t ona Fore tel ,,- Iz~AFq A wll i 16~M =~ shall pay three dollars and fifty COUNTY. surveyed Pubhc notice ~s hereby Commissioner of Public Lands. P s s, an w ..................... J'-", ~'"~ - G " TRACTOR WORK -- plow ng, intermediate care fac "ty for the MARY LOU WlLLIAMSON h~:-Cents ($3 50) per month. CRYSTAL UIMONT, P a ntlff given., that pursuant, to the. Notice is hereby given that on ,4i,-inn I,v~= nn, h~rkhacl~_..I_ _ menta v retardr, d.. n,-,~,v,~;.... + wire ...... r ' (b) Each sanitary sewer vs MERLYN GU MONT provlsons of Section 5 of Pub c Monday, the 28th day of June , ...... ~. .......= ..... , .... ue enaants n mt,~uinn t~ll o a~ & e ~ C. I Sh el ton Hiah v 1(31 :-}-~,~ c,~,^ ..~ ,^,~.~.;~^,..~ ,.. connechon within the c~ty limits Defenda t. Law 273, 781h Congress (58 star. 1971, commenc ng at ten o'clock ........ = ._. r .... we d_...a I , . wa. - - - -,,~ .~,~,= v. ~e=,,,,,u~u,, ~u " - nder and b v rt f r " (Jae) 426-8~15 Even ngs-week- .Greenware g!azes stains too s, the said James A Williamson andother than a s~ng.le family _= U . _ y - ue o aw_t 1.32-16, U.S.C.A. 583-5831)., and in the forenoon of said day, at the ............... "-: .... ' - ' --- . . residence snall Dav sixtY per cent u~ r-xecu[lun Issued out ot tne me Cooperative /Agreement for Shelton District Headquarters enes. TS/Zl-b/llforU~U~n~'sa e """~"UmFree nstructCeram=CSon dag~TtSl Mary LOU Williamson, his wiTe. 'of the water 'cl~ame= -o~r thr~o_ ~ Superior Court of the State of the Mana Dement of the located at Shelton County of ~~ even ng c asses Monda" anYd and all othe.r persons or_part,.es dollars and fifty cents ($3.50) Washington, holding terms at Participating Forest Properties in Mason, State of Wash ngton, by .... ~ =,,,~ .... ~ .... ,~ ,,=o.~*,, ,J Thursdav 7 nm *-- n ----~ ..... unknown c~almmg any ngn.~, tl~ewh chever monthly charae is the Seattle, in and for Snohomish the Shelton Cooperat ve the District Administrator of said .,~,,,..u =,,u ~.v...~,,,.~.,, v,-,,-~ v. . ~ . .v = v.,.. ~.~u~ estate, lien or interest in tne rea~ . . - ount in s ..... ~OOd water Call 426-8615 wood products for sa e -- nicnic est=te ~le~erlho,~ ;~ h ..... ,=;,~ h~.gher, provided, however, that C .- y,^._ ;aid State, and dated .Sustained .Yield Unit entered into District, the t mber on the ........ " ~, ~ ~ i ~# ~ i ~ ~,~ ........ . r J m ~ ~...~.; ,~,,:u , ........... ~ ...... when conditions exist that Drove on the ltstn clay OT May, 1~/1, on oy and between the United States following described state and will p~ ;;XCln~J. 5F2~tfn~':~ I. 111111~ and ~r:~y?e~a?drnQ a~i!hd oft youl~ par? twh~tr ass Umb;~ea?:c~a I is a motu nbtei o~ i!~todhrgernl~thr~dl~er!~l~ony~a l?n9 !~rn?r~ i~6~aen9;~a daa~ddSl ~psn bTelrm b~: highestbe sold bidder,at public auction to theto wit: ^n ........ ' "^" 'hin -ixt ........... returned to the sewer system for , , 00 M board feet of MASON COUNTY y make sewmg macmne. /A w~ ~.,_y ~.~u~ aa.ys, aT}er me sanitarv treatment the Pantiff, and against the above t mber marked or otherwise ApplicationNo. 33847 r~er expert w II come to your -,.-.-----------------~--------- ..... oate o~ [ne llrst pUD cation OT " named Def n f de i " ....................... - ....... +~" ..... m"n" * .......... ._ _... comm ss on is hereby authorized e dant. or the sum of s gnated for cuttmg wdl be sold C-1200 Thinning located ,lUm~ a.u: t~uJu~>L anu Dalanc~ u.~ ~u,,,u ~. ~u w,~ w ul r} :~ X~y Three h to im " " " f r ' . and permitted to review any such T ousand, One Hundred S pson T~mber Company, tens,ons, check, fabr,c-handhng. Legal Pubhcatmns .(60! day s7a~te_nthe th,rteen, th.,ofcase and establish a rate to Eighty and no/100ths Seattle Washngton, on June 30, approximately 9 miles by road mecnanlsm ae-I nt tnreaa ~wdy :~ ~ ~ u ue|eno me ' . - 3 18 1971 The minim north of Shelton. The sale is ..... ' ...... ~ ....... nti'le ........... conform w th the commercial ($ , 0.00) Dollars together . um acceptable composed of all timber 40 inches handling assemDly; Oil entire auuv%-~ ~ u. ~L.~u, m me nercentane of s xtv her cent of with an attorney's fee of b d per M board feet is' or less in circumference measured machine, inspect motor- lubricate NOTICE OF SALE OF superior court aToresaio and '- . =. - - ." ~. _ n~.l~r~ ~...~ ~...+...~ ...:, ....... Do,,.~. f;. ~ ~n ...^.,^..: motor, if needed; check wiring for TAX TITLE PROPERTY answer the complaint of the water mecerea, bu~ reauc.ea on .an ..... ~,u..~ .... v.,.=u!~.~a^~u ~ h^~.u^,~,~" --:~ ~L,u; w~_~,, outside the bark 12 inches above ~afettY'c?nl~YY'$s9 ~)Oa/2rieSshe';~; T,CE ,S(6H4}ERE aPlna~if~ andserv~hae CnPc~erfs,;Uc~ ~pprper~=mna~egper~ewna~gen(~SbS,Dn; ~he rateLo?'~erc~Z~t i~aeS~um' ie~iC'~e~s~ ~i~8~19f~'.~'ALdU(~'It?ru~ the ground p, us a,, trees marked ' . -e- r of thin thirty (30 days from June Hoodsport, Washln to P with blue paint bounded by sale .......... ~ NO BY GIVEN ............. .......... returned to the sewer system om date thereof or $31 80 and p " eq * or slash disposal area boundary tags and property ~ailroad, o, Zb-bZU/. ~inger that pursuant to and in a~orne,y,~u,r ~u+lJ~m~,~me~r (c) Each sanitarv sewer amounting in all'to the'sum of is$123 per M board feet for all linesinzUnit. No. lonpartNE%' ~en^ter, bouth Sound Center, conformity with an order of the~rlCeu?~a~lu're'so~o;d~oiUu.~"r~en~ connection outside the city limits Three Thousand Two Hundred above species. In addition there is part N/z S/z; all timber marked L,=,.,=y. ".=,-~'.uv. Board of County Commissioners wil~V ~.^o r^n"ere" ~ ,Inst~ "'"u shall pay as defined above plus an Eleven and 80/100ths ($3 211.80) an unest mated volume\ of all with blue paint bounded by sale ...... of Mason County, State of ..... ,u~ ~ ~ ,.~=,o~ ~,~y~o additional forty per cent (40% ~ !Jollars plus costs ot sale.' species of hardwood which will be area boundary tags in Unit No. 2 CHAIN SAW sharpenina, speedy, Washington, duly made and ~on'~'~'ai~t/nthisa~ion'w~qict~ t~'a~ 15. 36.030 Schedule at city Which said writ of Execution paid for at $1.00 per M board on part 5E1/4 NE1/4, partNEV4SE'/4. accurate. Prec!sion grind'ing. Now entered this 26th day of April, beenPfiled with the clerk of said meter rates, was to me as Sheriff of Mason feet. In addition there is within in Unit No. 3 on part NEV4; all a.~ Meger MOt;or Shop, Hillcrest. 1971, ordering the undersigned to court Schedule I County, Washington duly the sale area an estimated 153 timber marked with blue paint ~none426-4602 1/]Stfn sell, in the manner provided by --: ........... The m i nimum month y directed and delivered and by acres of all species of Iogs subject bounded by sale area boundary law, the undersigned will on forfe i e ject,,_ .t, n2ac nLs charges for water inside the city which I am commanded' to sell at to per-acre pricing which will be tags and property lines in Unit BA1HRL)OM AND k{tchen Monday the 21st day of June .= ~.'u.%~u.'uu'~u.a~~'%)[~L-~ limits shall be based u,~on the Public Auction, accordng tolaw paid for at $24 24 per acre. AIIof No. 4 on part NVz NE]/4; all timber remodeling. . Roofing, patios 1971, at'the hour of Ten o'clock' c()ntracz .ea}ed, /Apr. tub4 following schedule - ~" the following described property, the Alaska yellow cedar bounded by right of way ~s?o;nt~,s :~?~/~e~41?l~)Al~?fnCall rthte ~roenO~nt~fe S~u~Y(~it~hine an~d~qu!eta~!t~eMa~i~inarteLf~un:rti~ feet3;~nCmhor~te~.~pto 400 cub,c tllw~tose portions of the South !itaer~n~m~d bePUrS?p~nts ttneP(~bli~ boundary tags on part NEV4, part NWV4 SE% of Section 30, the City of Shelton sad C ty ........... , 1 inch meters up to 400 cubic 165.00 ft. of the Tract No. 27 mestic users and processors as Township 21 North, Range 4 WaShington, aescrlbecl as BACKHOE SERVICES with late and State, offer for sale at not less ......... : .... feet per month $3 00 and the North 85.50 ft. of Tracl~ stated herein, if any, is exempted West, W.M., containing 238 acres, model 15 ft. backhoe. 15 yearsthan the minimum price as set -~r .Lu~ u,_t~cK .z, Plat OT 1%-2 inch meters up to 400 No. 29 as measured along the trom Domestic Process ng Atota more or less, comprising / s r_na division ixlo z experience. Also sewage systems, forth for each description, plus acc ......... " . " cubic feet per month $6 00 east tines of said Tracts 27 & 29, volume of 500 thousancl board approximately 840,000 bd. ft. of u=ulng [o tne recoraed plat t TOp worKmansnip. I=arl T. Marr,advertising costs to the highestthe-" .......... 2/4-3 nch meters up to 400 Sam B Thelers Home and Garden teet in addition to that which s Douglas fir and 30,000 bd. ft. of ~eUl in me Oft ceor me 426-3053. 6/11tfn and best bidders all the right Au ....... ~i _ . . cubic feet per month $9 70. Tracts, according to the recorded surplus to needs of domestic users hemlock and white fir, or a total ....... ' _, ,~-...~: u~or ~or sa~a county and state inch mofor ,,,-, ~,'Ann ,-,,k,,- latt thereof in the office of the and rocessors as st tltle and Interest ot sale] w~u. .... .... , " . p r~ =~'~ ~'~;" ;* of 870.000 bd ft. , County and containing further vol;b oi" F!ats, pages.60 to .67, feetper~mon'~'l~z~) ......... Auditor for said County and any ~s exempted fro'm"l~ome'sti'c Minimum acceptable bid: uu~. *nc=uslve ~nc~uo~ng State Vol 4 of lats P P DAY & SONS the exceptions and reservations"h"~ ........ ' . . . 8 inch meters U'l~ to 400 cubic , . p , g. 20, rocessing. If successful bidder $16,800.00. v =,,=.u~ as snown on saicl plat arh ul r e r e a fo ~,zzmTe~u set out in Chapter 19 of the ............ feet per month $21.80 p c a y d sc b d s ows: notzhes Forest Service rior to Timber will be sold on a cash ,~.v~,~ Session Laws of the State of a~u lyl_n,g Detwe.en tne. s~o.ednes .Schedule I1- " COMMENCING at the Northwest award that he will not exPport all or installment plan basis. Timber IJ uuuceo 3u Teet trod the line OT corner of the outh 1 5 0 f ROTOVATING Washington for 1943 or as ordinar" "i .......... Hotels and motels shall be S 6 . 0 t. of or part of the exempted volume, must be removed prior to LaThtn Gard;nsj:a~:/rr;e 2r ~ne~ii!dbee~ !ea~dparnt~pt~tYt'felito~w~i(~ eeasSevrra~i{!~9'frWe~2r~d'~ia!~i~Tt~! ch~ic~h~?Ys a:hvailgdae~3r!50?~pm;amuUn~ i~edunth~ret~2527EagtUi61h~):a~ ~hcenoti~d~c~tl!ll V~l~emthclai~J i~! September 30, 1973. e s On or before June 28, 1971, small 426-87~0 4/9tfn o That acated portion' of the u~,~c~lr~fC~fethme" defendants and any in addition to the basic service. 86.70 ft. to the North'hne" of said uncommitted export' exemptions atmaketO:00a a.m.,minimumeach bidderdepositmUStof S uth half of the Southwest *'~lcolm'J ";' ....... Each unit sha be a owed 100 South 165.00 ft; thence East may be assigned to one or more $1,680.00 in the form of cash, quarter of Sect on 32 Township ,v,o,..rne" f..~%,,=~v~;, cub c feet per month along the North ine of sa d South subsequent sales Bidders are 22 , ~u y u~ r~ ~,~ ,I " 1 f " a v . .. money order or certified check. ,,~,_=,,.~,,, ,,^, == ~ North Range 3 West W M ..... p-- ~f~;.^ ^.~.~ .... Schedule III 65.00 t., 279.50 ft. to the pomt d ~sed that v=olahons of the Said deposit shall constitute an Urflce o( u~ ~ .,u= ,-,uu,~=~ f a r ct No ZlmDer sa es to the wolator or opening bid at the appraised IJII::IMI::M/~L I1/~ULIIM%l more partcu arly described" as ~,~, ~^..,~. u...,.._ D,..,.. : M ob i I eHome Parks of beginning of the tract of land Domestic Processing requirement ~U j~ UI~A~-~;/ I IUII.UI I D U~J. ' , . TOp Dirt Blocks 24 29 and 38 all of Lot ............... apartments dunlexe~ =~,~ ,~her hereby described, thence South constitute breach of contract and heart e wasn ngton ~u4 m " price. Upon award of this sale, the Sand--Pit Run- Gravel ] to 8 inclusive in Block 43 and ' r-.ll'4on.~"lF_.13 ~n ~vc~. mulhple-family dwe r~gs wh ch 28Deg. 25 West 284.82 ft. more ay result in contract respective deposits shall be 5-YardandDUmPLoaderTrUCkall .... of Mt. View Park, together ..,/,..,-,=u-,::,-~/o-.~u-,,-w have more than one living unit or or less, to the South line of the cancellation or in refusa to award returned to the unsuccessful wlm streets and alleys as shown mobile home space on one meter North 85.50 ft. o s id T a " . " , oldoers. On the day of sale, the Tel.- FRANK- 426-3153 on the Plat of Grays Harbor and shall be charged an additional 29, measured along the East line debarment or suspension from purchaser must pay the balance also Light Clearing 3/4tfn Union City Railroad Add t on to NOTICE OF SALE minimum month y charge of of said Tract No. 29; thence East o=dding on future timber sales. If between the bid deposit and the Union, volume 2 Pane 1 OF VALUABLE MATERIAL $I.UU per unit or space available along said South line of said requested by the State of full bid price plus a $5.00 bill of e x c e p t i n g t h e re f r o~m a ON STATE LAND for occupancy in addition to the North 85.50 ft., to the East line Washington .or b.y. Grays Harbor sale fee, or may, if the purchaser ,,,, ,, .............. non-exclusive right of way for CT^T[ ~ W^CU,MPT,',*, basic service. Each such unit shall or said Tract No. 29; thence or Mason Mounties, or by- any so elects at the time of sale, pay . ~.~.L v. .,,~on,,~.u,~ " North al n " erson deeme I,AI~Ul I~U~I~ ~OVIN5 road purposes w~thm above r~^o-r^~ENT n~ ......... ' be allowed 200 cubic feet per , o g the East hne of said P d to have a an additional amount tobring . . ,-,,-r~,~.,,. "-,-- ,~.Un~L Tract rea sonable ter ' ,, ...... n_: ....... described, being sixty feet (60'~ in Dl:l~/'~//Df"l:'l~ ~. , ~-^,^ month, s 29 & 27, 250.50 ft., more n est ~n the the total amount of the deposit r~l)U~U~ r~a~eQ, rounclal:lons . width thirty feet (30q on eithe~ -, ~--~,.,.,~,,,-~, ,~.~,.~ .L. ~U,=, Schedule IV or less, to the Northeast corner of proposed sale, or n ts terms, a exclusive of fees, to equal 10% of ......... J . . ~.ommlss~oner u~ rubric Lanos - ~,~,~ ~,, ,~ +ho m -" the South 165 0 ft. f . pub c hear n. will be held in e and Leveling sine ot center ime. ~aia center Notice is hereb ......... ; __ ,, ...... u .... ~ ....... ,imum . 0 o Tract No_ " g " " th the full bid price based on the line beginning at .a point at the Tuesdav the 291hYc~;v~o~n~une~. charge, the following rates shall 27; thence West along the North office of the Forest Supervisor, cruise estimate, provided that Phone 426-8147 center line or vacated North Park 1971 ~ommencinn at ~o,, ,~'~,~[~ prevail for additional water used: une OT ~ne south 165.00 ft. of r.edera{ ~ulldlng, Olympia, such deposit shall not be less than ]/27 tfnStreet between the Southeast in the f"reno"n " f%- ' -~ "='-'- "-~"'~-'-" (1) The next 1600 cubic feet, sa~d Tract No. 27, as measured wasnmgton, on the 23rd day of $2,000.00 This balance may be corner of vacated B ock 30 and t~..., v,.,. ~. ~.~,uu~y_,~.~u thirty cents ~30c~ per one a ong the East line to the point June 1971 at 2:00 p.m. local paid by personal check. Purchaser F U / L U / L II d / U UI~L/ILL " f " " ' i ' " the r r hundred i f o beglnnln t me Requests for ubhc hearln No theast corne of vacatedHead-'"arter- I .......... cub'c eet. g- P g must also furnish within 30 days ICfl'I~PUlI t1111 Block 33 thence running r~...h qu ~-.. ,~,. u~u,. a.~ ,.r or[ (2) The next 1000 cubic feet Now, therefore, public notice will not be considered unless of date of sale a surety bond of ',J,~.,,~,u ~...vu,,~y v, r\,t>dlJ ~L~ILU I here received In Ib II, Ib ~l,, I IlkVll, V A J/,t LIr, J S Northeast to'the Northeast corner ....... 2 ....... ;4.. . twenty cents /20c~per one " by given that on the 2nd " " the offce of the $2,000.00 to guarantee u~ vva~rlln~Lun oy [ne UIStrlct ~ ~ ' F f day of Jul 1971 at 10 o clock orest Su ervlsor Federal ~:~ ~ s -- Serv ce Cu""lie- o Block 29 Prov ded that unless ^~ : . . ' ........ hundred c-bic feet Y, P compliance with all terms of the ,; -- a ~,~~ r . " ~ommls~ra[or or sala UlS[rlct me -~- " a m of sat Buildin Ol m " ........... a Dad is constructed thereon and *i ......... ............. '~-~ (3) All water used in excess of . . d day, at East Door of g y pla, Washington, bill of sale. All checks, money I.,/ALL 4Zt)-,~4 opened to unrestricted public ,,,u~. u,, ~,~ .u,,uw.,y u~.llU.u.u three thousand cubic feet twelve Court House, Shelton, Mason on or before June 17, 1971. Fo, f ee delivery -- Jack Man ey usage within three years from Ituat~iolantdo ~'l~leI hbighSe~db~tdPe?bl~oC cents (12c) per one hundred cubc County, Washington, I will sel Dated May 27. 1971, Wynne M. orderS,payable toetC'thearecommissionert be madeof ......... ........... , gate ot sa~e.then ~id ~sement ...,, ' feet ~ the aDove described property at" Maule Forest Supervisor Public Lands. ~.~li~Q~4~;B~|Ir~tS~e~o ~'' 'Al-HP~lie.#t|nnNn ~-~ ScheduleV '?'pubic auction to the h~jt~S'~ Olympic National Forest. A C C E S S R O A D " ' n - ,~-r- ......... s all revertto the owner or .... ..v;...?...,.. _ ~rovided that summer bidder for cash, or so much 6/3-10-17-24-4t REVOLVI~(~'FU~ND: $'[05.00 to ~worrls LreeK located ................... ........ thereof as owners of abutt ng pro ert s nn'~lT6 ra]es ............. may be necessar to -- HAND SAWS P Y" approximately 11 miles by road P g shal be an~ {Pie . . . . . Y ................ -- be paid on day of sale; _ _ Appraisal $6 000.00. noru,wes[ .............. o~ t~el~alr /ne sale ~s same are .hereby adonted, u'~onv aboveralse sufflclentn to sat sfy said last CALL FOR BIDS Accessibility: via public TABLE SAWS John B. Cole com-o-e" -f ..... "- ~ - ~ the following schedule, amed amount, together FIRE APPARATUS access. p ~ u u d [imoer Dounaeu wtth incre e ~== ......... Treasurer of Mason by sale arua ....... Dounclary tags in uni~ (1). Residential s ngle family interest" " as d cost and increased TRUCK CHASSIS Corn plete contract and ~lll~l~llllllP~lillq~ County No ......... ~ ..... ~" service shall be the same as _ .. The Mason Co. Fire specifications may be examined at J. UII ~Jd/L 3I'- /4 3V /4 0T ' " U .... ,z.=,.~l"71a e=..~.=u,,/A4~# ..... ~'".#~+ " '~wl~/; .... ~ (Seal) 6/3 1 ............. ~e~H,,,, l~::u IJ=,,"'=' ,,LMCZZ',, ,~vv~""Z",4 v,^" schedule 1 for the first four this 25thateddaat Shelton,of Washington, Protection District No. 4, Shelton District Headquarters, - u-t/-3t ~ection ~-' n ~ln f N,~ ~ .....~ .hundred cubic feet per month, . . y May, 1971. Shelton, Washington 98584 will County Auditor's office, and Ph. 426-6687 6/l]tfn ~~'--- SWl/4 SVV~/4' "o'f"S'ecti'on" "16" ~a'rtthe next 2600 cubic feet at Jonn. D. Robinson receive sealed proposals up to office of the Commissioner of , NOTICE OF HEARING NWV4 NWV4 of Section21 'al~' in fifteen cents (15c)per one ~neriT.t oT.lvla.son June 25, 1971 for the furnishing Public lands, Olympia To be sold at Shelton District Headquarters on Monday June 28, 1971, at 10 o'clock am'. Any sale which has been offered, and for which no bids are received shall not be reoffered until it has been readvertised. If all sales cannot be offered within 124 4t the specified time on the advertised date the sale shall continue on th'e followin~ day between the hours of ten o clock a.m. and four o'clock p.m. O ~J Line -- Clam Shell -- Loaders . - " ' ~. " . ........ meter rates ' ON NO ! 1824 the District and not necessarily be Said timber on said land will He v i " settlement of the account un or DeTore June z~, i~/i - STATE OF " be sold for not less than the a y Equ p. Hauhng .... r ..... n of th- - - " at lO.00 a "~ each bidder must All water rates for service _ WASH INGTON bound to accept the tow bid: appraised value, as appraised by +~..u~.~ !DUuu .... e es.~ate, .and ..... "q". .... outside the city limits shall be the DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY Each bidder shall spec ty the the Commissioner of Public Lands ~'" alscnarge wnlcn matters nave ,,,~u a minimum aeposlt OT ........ " . - r~tYMPIA ' ,~=v;.... ,'~,li~r~/ ~l~f== nf the , been set for, hearmg on July 2,$458.50 in the form of .cash, a~ll;ional c~Yt,,r~eSr exc+ep~an ~,KE NOTICE: c'h=as'sls'"to~'ttle" above "sta'ced in the manner provided by law, a notice of which is now on file in l~/l, at ~.ou a.m. in the money order or certified ~cnecK. ~ ~,~~-~,,, t'*v-m/ hat " shall be charged T EMERALD LAKE location SWIMMING POOLS cCOuU; room of the above-entitled oS;edndneopo~d Sha~ll t~onstitu~aei :n. " 6/10-1t COMMUNITY CLUB, INC of E a c h b i d shall be the office of the Auditor of said county and District Septic Tank /pSe/rsR2nba?rl~aeJreOs/iViero prl:;e~in av~ard2:i~shiS s~a?ei, ~;e N~ Pc~.~s?~ile~aaS;;;?ta~?oOnfoArSrelr28~ ~leCCOippanlaedd sbYeci~icdietas'led Administrat'or of said district. bulldozing, DacKnoe .., 2 .. ~ senzazlve ~ _ . p) s a De WATER RIGHT to withdraw Public around water~ the chassis and edu Dment which Bert L. Cole L~lenn P. Lorrea returned to me unsuccessTul I . ~ _ . _ _ . Commissioner of Public Lands and dump truck .rvic = z~,t...... f /~w hidder~ ~....^ ._,, _, ....... APPL CATION No. 11880 throu.gh..a we!l .situated within Lot is proposed to be furnished. Bids 6/3-10-17-24-4t -- -- - u,, u,= uay u, ~dv~ Llle e ue ~ .'- - , ....... ;'4~";-"%{~ .... T.ur';~..-; ..... , .......... ' ....STATE OF WASHINGTON 48 ot m ..patgf Emerald Lake to have power curves and Torq " . ~ ~. ,~, , F ...... ie~Ubi~d I~d~Y os[~ a~'a~lce DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY Division i~1o..11 of Section 24, Curves furnished w th b ds. ~ur~ewa~er, cndLtl_n_ers Shelton, Wash,ngton . between th . pc ^^ !d. the OLYMPIA Township 21 N, Ranne "~ w All bids shal be ess Federal 6/10-It zu,i o,a price plus a :bb UU D u ot " " = -- --. ~I,I~N PARR sale fee or mTM if +ho" ..... h ....TAKE NOTICE: W.M., in Mason County, in the Excise Taxes and Excise Tax NOTICE OF HEARING '42,.6,39 Sl~01ton, NOTICE OF HEARING so ela~Cdtstiatnat~e: tmimen'if~aiei~ai of ;h(~tolnT, TwRs~YOtNolnEoR~ II~lCy ar~nn~!e~;~jUsifeCCa~o0ega~:qSigP~; sEi;e?ptl;y ctel~teih~:s~Sic~'l/pbne. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That the Board of a/6tfn FINAL AC_C~UNT the total amount of the denosit 13, 1971, filed application for co y, cn Year {'or the presentation by the successtul County Commissioners did, on Nn z[in~--'" excl-~iv~ nf f~=~=~ fn ==n==~l 1(~o'}^ nf permit to withdraw public ground purpose OT community domestic bidder. tAI AAmaLml ............. "'~,~,:~'~...." ........ the -full- ~i'~'-'-r~:-~'~-~" ~.T,%h",~ waters through a well situated sup~y. . . Walter Sivo, Sec. May 24, 1971, direct the Clerk to DII~ ~,#~,~1,~1~N '~'?.2nE ~u~'~-~u~ LUUI-(/ UI- cruise e_U,:~._~',^~ ~9_~_~',L''=, within NWZ/4NEI/4NEI/4 of Section /Any oDjections must be Fire Dist No 4 prepare a Resolution declaring trtt= STATE OF W ~u,,,a~ IJ/UV UI~U Lndt om _ ASHINGTON ..... , ...... 17 Township 20 N Range acc panied by a. two dollars 1714 R dge Road their intention to establish an FOR MASON COUNTY IN sucn deposit snail not De Jess man ' "' 2 00 record n tee Installahon Serwce PROBATE $2,ooo 00. This balance may be :3,W.W.M., m Mason County, in ('$;*1~ t2 ....... ~ .... and filed Shelton, Wash. ._ _. unnamed road, petitioned for and" ....... ........ ~.~ ~. ........................ me amount OT IUU ga Ions per w,;. ,,.= u=l~oL~,~,~ u.~ ~COIogy 5/27-6/3-1U-.~t constructed to County standards ,,.~ ~rlr_ M/~ITER OF THE ~.=,u uy I~=,~u,,~, ~.ll~C~. rurcnaser --:--, ................ ,,itnin tnir,,, ,~,,~ aa,,~ T.... -- --------- by the citizens abutting said road Carni tinn -- FnrmiP ESTATE OF FRANK LUSIN must also furnish within 30 days [,..UL~, ~uuJeC[ ~ .ex.IStlng rlgn~.s ~'(~ 1971 "~ ~""~ " ..... , ~une r--. ~ "~ ...... -- Deceased. ' of date of sale a surety bond of May ~ mrougn uctoDer ~.~), eacn ""' ""r "" . .... CALL FOR BIDS in Sections 22 and 27, Township Ceramlcand Linoleum NOTICE IS GIVEN that the $1,000.00 to guarantee year for the. purp.oseof,rr,gat,on. ~ealV~l~;ess+m~ynanoc} ~/~:vffi~al Notice s hereby given that 20North, Range 3 West, W.M. ~n OD i ..... , ,.=. ,. ~. ,=~ The centerline ot said road compliance w th Y ject ons must De i f F nal Account and Petition for ~ - " a terms of the .... Glen H pio,~lor ' the Board of Comm ssioners o , ~ ,-, , _ " Distribution has been filed with Dill. Ot sale.. All checks, money acco, mpanled .by a two Dollars De,,.;~'--'^-~,'~";-~..,.._.. Public Utility District No. 3 of being more specifically described Licensed, I onaea the Clerk of the above Court and oraers, etc. are to be made ~.~..vu) recorDing tee and filed ~,=,u,~n~ u~ ~v,u~y .... Mason County, Washington does as follows: & In -r d the personal representative seeks pa,y,a.Dte, to. the Commissioner of w!z.n, tne..u.epar~ment of Eco!ogy ~/o-zu-zt hereby invite sealed proposals for Starting at the SW corner o1" .... ~o+~ .... ~ ,~f h ........ P'UD.C Lanas wlmln mlrty (~U} days Trom June su I in substation e ui ment Section 22, Township 20 North, .......................... A " " '- 17 1971 PPY g " q P Im ....... distribution of the estate an(JREVO~V~N.~ ._S.. S._ R O_ A D ; Witness m ............ in accordance with specif cat on Range 3 West, W.M.; thence N 88 mii~A,,..,., .~.-],A ..................... ' ~_ _ .~ rur~u: $105 00 to y nana ann OTTiCial Nu/IE:ETO CREDITORS No E5-71 obtainable from the deg. 00' 43" East, 1739.76 feet; rll~lllt =l=i-l~m~li~i~l .olscnarg, e. Wl,.C..,~,~ ,.~vebe paid on day of sale " seal this 4th day of June 1971 No 4207 D strict u on re uest ~%ence S 6 deg. 50' 30" East, been set ror nearmg on Ju~y z, ' " - " ' " " P q " 1.59 feet to the centerline of 3/6 tfn 1971, at 9'30. a.m., in the or" P~atural"Access~bd~tY:ResourcesV~a accessDepartment GueenpartH.mentFmdleroT ~co~o" IN THE SUPERIC)R ..... r_(bURT OF Proposals for furnish ng this County Road No. 1892 (Old -- Courtroom of the above-entitled ........ - , ~gYn .-~ .~. THE STATE OF WASHINGTON e.qu!pment must be sealed .and Arcadia' Road .e .,, = p,~, .+ ~.urnp~eze contract ana w,v-,--~, N AND FOR THP Pr'~IIIMTV C3P Tiled at the Distr ct s office, ff.u. o " ) which is the true ~.vu,,. s e ifi " " ~ .............. NqNIC lank ,~, net~,, ne~,~n p c cations may be exammed at NnTIr~ n= ,,~^~-~ MASON. Box 490, Shelton, Washington p int of beginning Thence /~/ u ~'~ ~" ~'~J~ P r . . ,-~--,~- v. ~vr~r~.~,r~ e.... el_ .e Personal Renre~enf=+i,,o o t O r c h a r d District WAT=D ~,~-u~- In the Matter of tho ~'~+=,= ,~f 98584 on or before July 12, running N 6 deg. 50' 30" West inlHl llCllrlonl Glenn E Correa~" ....... Headquarters, County Auditor's APPL~l'~/~l~)l~'~on~3070 VERNON C. GIJ~T,~~C)I~, 1971' at 1:00 p.m. Pacific 1335.28 feet, this point being the end of the proposed road. The ~,,., .o="~ "" "~ ......... ~ ~ At'"rn^;'~u, i~y =1.-41 I...alP~/~' office,. . and office of the o.~.~^~ ........ dr- vv~:~rnlr, u.v,,,': .... "1-"'"' Deceased. Daylight Time. right-of-way being thirty (30) feet ...... t,P~__., ,t~. |~1 . afh ~~oo Commissioner of Public Lands r~EDADT&/~I'r r. ...... ,-.v NOTICE IS HEReby ,-.,,,cM E a c h b i d s h a I I b e urim PNNIS, DttCh D I ................. ~..~*r,.,.,L,w. vr ~.ULU~T . ~ ~,v~,~ . . . on each side o~ the described " tgg'ng .............. Olympia ...... ~,^ that the undersmned ha~ ~'een accompamed by a bid bond, m centerline. ,~1~ l.un, wasnln ton " ULT]Vlrl/-~ " -- ., a u 0 Bad(hoe, Trencher for H~re g ~/~n.l To be sold at Port Orchard T~lXIC Mr~:r,~-= appointed and has nu=l~o.~ ~ the amount not less than 5Yo of FURTHER, said Resolution -'-,~-,- mlntstratrix of " .... ~" = the amoun i I h a cor orate elL____ Be_J_~ ~ . ..... District Headquarters, on .... ~-~'~ .~-_~ ....... ad " " the estate of t b'd, w't P did instruct the County Engineer - -- ~ ~- ........ . . -- .,,all dr--/-~l~ I% MYI=I'(b OT ,,ornon C Gust suret hcen business n ~11111~11 ~ ~ /uesoay,, June Z~J, 1~/1, at 1u She ton Wash ngton" on May 4 ,v" .erso arson, deceased,. Y " sed to do " " II to report on said road ........... o clocka.m .... hat a p ns havi this State, and no bid w~ be Phon1426-3~60 ............ _-_-_-_, 1971 f ed apphcahon for permit t said de ng claims . establishment and request the ~,. = ,,,=., ,_,, ......... Any sale which has been ............ adams ceased aro ~-^-^,- considered umess accompanied by Prosecuting Attorney to review ~,,~ ~ el=P/. DMTelrIIZI tTn ~ Lo alvert me pUDIIC waters ot o ~ ,,~,~uy rVICOS iiii~it~ ~~fi~i! SPab~yj~ei~rL~i~l ii!~:~ihemrt~u~f~oc~i ~i!danta~t i~~l~a~S~o! ialo~nC~iii~~~i~l!ii thereinand give approval to the stepSNoTiCEordered. IS FURTHER - -- - GIVEN: That said Hearing will be p t me on the ear for the r s e With the III Rillll IUIn l f=DBLeBI -LJ .......................... Y pu pose of irrigation, ~lerk of said Court toaeth=~ contract to the lowest responsible held at the office of the County =uv=,u>u u=~= L,,~~=,~~,,a,,th t " w,th ~Vtl~ IVIII Illtlllt qlill a th IBilllll ............ - ............ e approximate point of nroof of such servce wit'l~i'n . b dder upon the specficatons. Commissioners at the Courthouse ~u...u~ u. ~.~ ~u~ uwln u~y diversion .... fo.,. in Shelton, Washington, at 11:00 is located within months after the The Commissioners reserve the between the hours of ten o clock Governmen . (4) . f . date of first ..... a.m., Monday, June 14, 1971. All a m and four o clock - m t Lot 3 of Sechon 32, publication o th~s notice, or ~h,= unquahhed right m their sole and ),,~ ~i~ ----J ~.----J-I_e " "Said timber on sa~d land will Township 21in Mas N,, Range 2W.W.M., same will be barred ""~ abso ute discretion to reject any interested persons may appear at ~UII filllf 0110 RIHflUO II be sold for not less than the -- on L, ounty:. D_ATE of first publicat on. and all bids and to accept the bid said Hearing fo be held for the appraised value, as appraised by a- ~ny objections, must be the 27th day oT.May, 1971. ' " which in their sole and absolute purpose of hearing the Engineer's _ the Commiss oner of Pub cLands (~0r~panieoorcl~Y ~e:WaOdd~illlar Shir~?nYls~USttatxSO? judgment will under all report on said County Road. PHONE HOODSPORT: in the manner provided by aw, a... I .. g " ed A " " ' _ Estate circumstances best serve the DATED this 25th day of May, , notice of w~in cn~ is" now on f e n wiWlm the .department of EcoIoav~, ..... Address P O uox 212 interests of the D~'strl'ct. 1971. ]1117' .. i_' llll tl the office of the Audito ~ ..... ) . , g n ublic Utility District Board of County V~,d IP'V IF U J,/ M D0strl , ~/~ W JaCKSOn : ason county, and " "ct ..... . Earl . _ : . No, 3 of Mason County Commissioners of Mason Administrator of said district. . w.Itness my nand and official Attorney tot r-state E.W. Taylor, President County, Washington sea~ dis .~ro Day of June, 1971 Box ~b H W P r BOB DUNHAM -- SUNRISE MOTEL Bert L. Cole p.O. . a ker, By Ruth E. Boysen 6/3 tfn Commissioner of Public Lands Glen H. Fiddler ?~J2nd ~3 ~h Auditor & Clerk 6/3-10-17-24-4t Department of Ecology Battle G ~ a 98604 Vice President / " / ""17-24-7/1-6t J.A. Cole, Secretary of the Board 6/10-17-21 6/10-1t 6/3-10-2t Page 16 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday. June ]0, 1971 Instruction Legal Publications Legal Publications Legal Publications Legal Publications Legal Publications Legal NOTICE SALE OF UNDER GEN Cause tN THE SUPI THE STATE FOR PIERCE JOAN L. E GLENN L. BI Under al general execl and under thl Court of the in and for s 19th day of judgment rer on the 28tl 1971, in raw and agains judgment del Two ThoU; Fifty and no Dollars, toge' fees interest'; costs, and t delivered, I d of May, 197 right title a judgment del following de! satisfy said ju, Lots 27, BI~ Block 6 of No. 2 as tt VO ume 5, P! records ot Auditor, Washington... NOW THI IS HEREBY Friday the ; 1971, at 1 Forenoon of the above dei so much tl necessary judgment, attorney's fet increased co.' to the sum of Hundred Nin ($2,219.28) [ Said sale East door of Shelton in State and auction for highest ~]nd b~ Dated at 19th day of 5 John D. F Sheriff ot By Ann F~ Ann Rose Chief civi NOTICE WAT APPLICA' STATE O! DEPARTM~-r OLYMP A. TAKE NOTlt That "1 VALLEY .CI NC of Gig on April d p p I i catiO withdraw P~ through a v SEI/4 SEW 5el of Section Range 2W. County, in gallons per existing rigt year for , communitY Any ( accompani~ ($2.00) re with the r within thir 10, 1971. witnes; seal this 2, Glen H Depart~ N 01~/~ APPLIC' STATE I DEPARTM OLYMPIA, TAKE NO1 That BEACH Harbor, W! 1971, filed to withdra~ through t~ within LO Twanoh P' of Section Range 2~ County in gallons pe~ existing rig year f.o~ community AnY ~ accompani~ ($200) r~ with the H within thir~ 10, 1971. witness seal this I,