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June 17, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 17, 1971

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Editorials: ___pitol dome: By STEVE ERICKSON That dreaded late-Spring atrocity, the graduation speech, was not, after all, immortal. traditional Reports from across the nation bring news that it is, mercifully, dying as the now-generation rejects the platitudes of its elders and perfects a set of its own. This is good news for parents and graduates alike. It is much easier to bear the breathless heat of the bottom-numbing ceremony if there is some uncertainty concerning the subject of the inevitable speeches. A distillation of all the "'Whither, now" speeches endured during a lifetime would approximate the following: "Ever onward, ever upward might be, all things considered, the motto of not only these, but others who have gone before them, throughout the history of this, not to mention additional, with which we are all thoroughly familiar. We, the graduates, are ever mindful that if it were not for that, bolstered by those great men who gave us this heritage not only at great sacrifice and danger to themselves but, God willing, those who followed, in a word, the precepts fostered with the knowledge that it is right and fitting. We have inherited this mantle and willingly accept it, although we realize that it will take not only dedication but, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, who prepared the fertile soil in which we will, in all humility, probably see fit. It will not be By ROBERT C. CUMMINGS The feud within the Republican Party organization has ended in this state, but it has broken out elsewhere and in a more serious spot. The continuous battle of words between State Chairman C. Montgomery Johnson and King County Chairman Ken Rogstad subsided with their retirement. Their successors, Earl Davenport and Dennis Dunn, appear to be getting along famously. But the conflagration within the party machinery was little more than a bonfire. The blaze which has erupted amongst Republican elective officials rapidly is assuming forest fire proportions. "Team" Is Target The principals are Republican legislators on one side and the three Republicans in the executive branch on the other. The latter three, Gov. Dan easy, but our years of preparation in this great - I see some Evans, Secy. of State Lud Kramer of my fellow classmates smiling - has provided, if we took and Atty. Gen. Slade Gorton, with Art Fletcher, unsuccessful advantage of the opportunities, that which is, when all is said candidate for Lieutenant and done, not the least of which. Our legacy is manifest; our Governor, comprised the "team" were slashed out of proportion to those for the Democratic elective offices. True, the Democrats, who controlled the Senate, had a hand in it, but with the Republicans holding a majority in the House, they couldn't have done it without Republican help. Governor Evans vetoed the section restricting Kramer's activities, but he couldn't do anything about the budget slashes. Public statements by all three executive officers since adjournment of the Legislature, calling for "legislative reform," haven't done anything to close the breech. Chance To Recoup? It is hard to determine at this time who is faring better with the voters. Evans, Kramer and Gorton appear generally to be getting the better press, but they have better access to the media, and a bigger sounding board. Appearances can be misleading, as the vote on the Governor's tax reform proved last year. When it comes to catching gravy, today's wide-angle, bursting-rainbow neckties simply can't be beat. And with the upchuck patterns on many of them, who's to know a gravy glob from a paisley whim? Extra-wides camouflage many a cigarette burn on the ladylike blouses we boys wear nowadays, too, and if excitement makes our little noses bleed, they sop it up and serve as a tourniquet. Multi-purpose threads, man! There's a major drawback, though, to all this versatility and convenience. As a friend lamented over his diet fruit punch just yesterday, "It kills me to pay between $7.50 and $15 each for ties." This aspiring fashion-plate took me along one day as he visited his right-on haberdasher in quest of something spiffy that would propel him into any blind girl's waiting embrace. I believe he found it - for $9. A golden-hued bib that sparkled when he moved, glowed in the dark, and tied into a knot the size of a yo-yo. "Expensive," he gloated proudly, "but worth every cent of it." He could have directed traffic in a three-ring circus with that subdued yard of cloth draped from his Adam's apple. We returned to the office, where another colleague toiled through lunch. He glanced up as we entered. "Holy Barnum and Bailey!" he commented most unkindly. "Like it?" said Flash Necktie, misinterpreting. "Hey! Just nine big ones." "Nine bucks for that rag?" said our suave friend, whose name, incidentally, was not Dale Carnegie. "You, friend, have been had." destiny should, like the stars, be not in spite of but because." These innocent exercises in boredom were concocted by duty-bound students who were interested in getting them past the principal's blue pencil with the least possible trouble in order to please parents who would feel a warm glow because they raised a child who wrote a speech that satisfied the principal. The student who had a personal message to impart, of course, never had the opportunity to deliver it. He can, now, and that's what makes today's commencement speeches of more interest than their predecessors. The potluck offered at last week's Shelton High School commencement exercise is a case in point. Those in attendance heard a traditional speech, a roundup of the problems afflicting the nation, an indictment of the Shelton hool system, a plea for universal love and understanding, and an updated traditional word from the superintendent advising the students that ( 1 ) they should be responsible (2) they didn't invent idealism (3) they should shun hypocrisy (4) they should do an honest day's work 15) they should thank their parents for building a better world. (All five speeches are printed on page 14 of this issue of the Journal.) None of the speeches will live through the ages, but their variety is refreshing. The traditional speech was the least because he indictment in soft, even that belied tho, strong words, and the Superintendent's message was the most surprising because it was toned down considerably from the lectures he has delivered to previous graduating classes. Keep up the good work, graduates. There is no place to go but up. Ever onward, ever upward! By DAVE AVERILL There are all these things we've been telling ourselves for years. Beauty is only skin deep. Money won't buy happiness. Unto thine own self be true. Honesty is the best policy. These, and more; and who believes them? The kids do. All of us have known from childhood that you can't judge a book by its cover. Mother used to say it, and so did Grandmother. Along comes the new generation, a whole library of books dressed in the wackiest covers you ever saw. What do we do? We judge them. Having been brought up with the knowledge that money isn't everything and you can't take it with you, we are busy collecting ulcers in a wild scramble for the stuff. Confronted with kids who actually seem indifferent to money, even to the extent of being uninterested in seeking work, we go into a frenzy. Civilization will crumble, all because those dumb kids believe what somebody told them. Unto thine own self be true? Look, you've got to be a realist in today's world. When a kid talks about doing his own thing, slap him down. Probably we could bear it all if it weren't for the bit about honesty being the best policy. When a kid says, in all honesty, that he thinks his elders are all on the wrong track - well, about then we start climbing the wall. Can't he even show a little tact? from the Bainbridge Review 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~ll~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~ Founded 1886 by Grant C. Angle Mailing Address: Box 430, Shelton, Wa. 98584 Phone 426-4412 Published at Shelton, Mason County, Washington, weekly, except two issues during week of Thanksgiving. Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Post Office, Shelton, Wa. Member of National Editorial Association Member of Washington Newspaber Publishers' Association SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $5.00 per year in Mason County, in advance -- Outside Mason County $6.00 ;EDITOR AND PUBL~ISHER ...................... Henry G. Gay ~~N~iM~u~~~~~~u~~uu~~~~~u~u~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ' Page 4 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, June 17, 1971 which campaigned 1968. Evans found many ':':':" .....,. Republican law-makers who had :':':':... :.;.:.: done his bidding so willingly for .:.:.:. six years becoming decidely i~ii::i! unruly during the 1971 session. :!:!:~: There always had been some i renegades within the Republican ranks, but it wasn't until the 1971 session that their numbers grew to the point where they could shape the course of legislation in the opposing direction from what .... :.:.-.- ,.....-. their Governor wanted. In Line Of Fire ~iiii!! (Editor's note: The following is While Evans' troubles with the iiii:":ii entitled "An explanation of the war in law-makers were the greatest,iii!iiii Vietnam for primary school children." 2::::: It was prepared by the U.S. State because he had more dealings !!iiii!" Department Bureau 'of Public Affairs a with them, other members of the iiii!!i 'team" also were in the line of few months ago as a response to young fire. school children who bed written to the ::::::: President and State Department about The Legislature wrote a ::::::: Vietnam. It is reprinted here with a section into the budget designed ":':':" i:i:i:~ supplement which we recommend for to restrict the activities of ::::::: any child who might receive the State Kramer. The budgets for both ~':':':" ::::::: Department letter.) Kramer's and Gorton's offices ::::::: !!iiiii IETNAM is a very old country i:i:i:i in Asia, about 8,000 miles away Letter box: from the United States. About iiii!iii 17 years ago, part of the Vietnamese He pulled back the tattered folds of his and a moth flew out, coughing. "Howd'ya asked, revealing a candy-striped number that even though not as star-spangled as 1971 "I give it a C-minus," sniffed he of' "Okay a C-minus," said Mr. Tweed. "I And I rest my case." He'sat down. "At what elite shoppe for the thrifty my friend. "Where else? Rack B, Goodwill Industries.' My friend was still blushing with sharne i destitute, shameless Mr. Tweed as I left, in my mind... And sure enough, there I was today, around my face, hat yanked down over Incognito, I hoped. Perusing Rack B. And just my luck, they were having a ties marked down to 20 cents - six for a grabbed one. It was pretty. I snatched Before I knew it I had 80 cents worth of neckties in my trembling hands. At this rate, I quickly computed, I the price The Ringmaster had paid for one. to revive me with smelling salts when I And so today I have a new ensemble, a new tie for every day of the when 1 don't wear one with my bathrobe And eight dollars left over for the something to go with all the new finery. any pegged pants, down there at the The Ntate Department's ezplanation for school children of whF me are there decide how to run their country for themselves. So they asked us to help them fight the North Vietnamese. The South Vietnamese had showed that they were brave people and we know that if the North Vietnamese were not stopped from trying to take over another country by shooting and killing, the other countries in Asia would be in danger too from the communists. So we decided to help the South Vietnamese people, and some other countries also decided to help. That way we hoped to keep the war in Vietnam from becoming a big war that might put the whole world in danger. America promised to help the South Vietnamese and w~ sent soldiers, ships and airplanes 'to Vietnam. Five other countries also sent soldiers. Over 30 countries gave food, medical supplies and many other things to help the South Vietnamese. We have been fighting very hard for six years to help the South Vietnamese soldiers. Together we have done well and the soldiers from the North are not winning any more. They are still trying to take over the South but they know that the South with our help is stronger than they are. The South Vietnamese are becoming such good soldiers that we are bringing some of our men back to America. In May and June last year American'and South Vietnamese soldiers destroyed the communist bases in the next-door country of Cambodia. We did this because the bases gave the communists a chance to attack our men in South Vietnam and then to run and hide in Cambodia. Our action in Cambodia made it safe to go on bringing our men home. This year some South Viet- namese forces, with the help of U.S. air power, have moved into the nearby country o(.La0s tO ,cot the supply lines the communists need to carry on the war in gouth Vietnam. We and South Vietnam do not want to take over the North and we do not want to make the war bigger. All we want to do is to stop the communists from taking South Vietnam. President Nixon has said that if the communists go back home to the North and leave the South- :done, the war will end. We iii~iii! people called Viet M/nh were fighting ~ :.~:~.::: agaima Fro, nee which had ruled Vietnam r !!{ii!!i~ for many years. Many of the Viet Minh :::::5: wanted Vietnam to be a communist ........ Editor, The Journal: i:!:i:i: dictatorship rather than a free country. It seemed like all of a sudden !~ii~! The Vietnamese communists are es- :':':': pecially dangerous because they believe 1 started hearing about a place !:i:i:i: in the use of armed force and terror. called "Inn Quest." A place where :::::::: :':':': The Viet Mirth finally won a big kids could go to rap, listen to :.:.:.:. :':':': victory over the French forces. The music or whatever they wanted, ..v.-. (just about anything).........i:i:!:i: French and officials from some other My first reaction was that "It :::::::: countries who were interested in Viet- .-.%... will never work". And it seemed a iii:iii! nam sat down to talk with the Viet lot of people I came into contact :::::::: Mirth in the city of Geneva in with also shared my same !iii!!!! Switzerland. They agreed to make peace thought, so I forgot it, (for awhile !iii!:.!: and to divide Vietnam into two parts. anyway), il The northern part is held by the . Then one day last week I communists and is called North Viet- ~EAR CHILDREN: The story with the people because itsleaderswere started to think about it again. I nam. South Vietnam is held by those you have just heard was made rich and corrupt and friendly with the started questioning myself as to Vietnamese who do not want to live~ up by people in the American foreigners who had once controlled the why it should not work. So l under communist rule. It is also called State Department. They are part of the country. So the people who ran the called Mike Gibson, the guy :i:i:i:i the Republic of Vietnam. Many people government, and their job is to tell the South Vietnam government had to get behind "Inn Quest" and asked i!i!iiii in the North went to live in the South ':':':': to get away from the communists. Many him if I could meet with him :.:.:.:. iiiiill more wanted to go too but the somewhere to talk about it. communists broke the rules of the We met downtown that same ":':':': agreement made at Geneva and would day over coffee. All the time he ....v."v" was talking 1 just kept thinking, !:i:i:!: not let them go. A few years went by. "it's not going to work". 1 kept !iiiii!i The North Vietnamese were planning to government's side of the story. In more and more help from the Ameri- Vietnam there isa war, and ourcans. government is on one side of the war. A war is like a fight between two people, In the earl), days of the fighting, a only much bigger. When someone who few Soldiers from the north came down is in a fight tells you what the fight is all to help the South Vietnamese people thinking of how many times I had !ii!iii take over all of South Vietnam by about, you must remember thatyou are who were J~tghting for a better govern- elections because there were more getting only his side of the story. Here ment. But they were outnumbered 5 to heard some cat talking about a Northerners to vote than Southerners are SOme of the important things the 1 by troops of the South Vietnam coffee house or a place for kids to go. and because the communists would State Department left out.of the story it government. Nevertheless, the South We finished our coffee and 1 make sure, by force if necessary, that lust toldyou.. Vietnam troops were on the verge of asked him if we could go up and more people would vote for the NorthThe people of Vietnam, like the being beaten, so America sent many, see the "Inn Quest ' building. Sothan for the South. The leaders ofpeople of America, want to govern many soldiers. Two years ago we had we were off. We w, li[nt inside and South Vietnam refused to take part in that s when he first'started to sell elections that they knew would not be themselveg That is why they fought so more than 500,000 soldiers there. Plus me on his idea, he took me from fair. This made the communist leaders hard for so many years against the lots and lots of artillery, tanks, planes, room to room, telling me of of the North very angry, and they French, who were from a far-off bombs and napalm, which is a jellied future plans for each room. Afterdecided to take over South Vietnam by country.. They have many differences gasoline that burns everything it you talk to Mike I guess you forcel . . . among tl~emselves, lust as we do, but touches. Despite all this help, the South know somehow that Inn Quest When the country was dividea into most of them were united in theirVietnam government still was not able cannot fail, this guy won't let it. two parts, the communists had leftopposition to the French, lust as lnost to crush all the people who were The last thing he said to me some men in the South who pretended of us were united in opposition to the fighting it. was, can you try to get some to be like the Southerners. TheSe men British during our own Revolutionary A very important thing to remember people together to come and get received orders to dig up the guns which lear. When the French were finally is that Vietnam has been badly hurt by the work done so we can open. they had hidden and to kill people in defeated about 1 7 years ago, all of the war. More than one third of a So, I'm asking now, let's get the South so the men in the South Vietnam would probably have been million people have been killed. More to work and get it open. I thinkwould be afraid to fight against the we can all make "Inn Quest" communists. These communists in the united under their leader, Ho Chi Mirth, than one million people have lost their work. South, called guerrillas, would often go who has often been called the George Dave Bachtell, Jr. into villages at night and kill important Washington of Vietnam. But the man people such as the mayor and the school who was then the head of our State Thl leeches teacher. Thiswould make the villagers Department, with the help of the afraid to tell the South Vietnamese trench, persuaded Ho Chi Minh to soldiers where the guerrillas were hiding. The guerrillas did not wear uniforms accept a temporary division of the country into north and south. Ho's Editor, The Journal: and it was easy for them to hide m the enemies then fled to the south, tOOK The grand jury should put the jungle or to pretend they were villagers, cntrlthere, and tore up the agree- spotlight on how many political Dttring this time we were sending guns leaches which the state has on and supplies to the South Vietnamese so merit to hold ,'ee elections. their payroll, who are receiving they could fight back. We also sent Naturally, the people in the north some soldiers to advise them how to were ve~. angrv about this And so were their wages for going to college;fight. ~ "'orth Viet- many people "in the south They felt hirednt workingfor, on the job they were As time went on, tlae ~ . that the Americans and the "French and And who has been getting the namese sent more and more menm Theytrm Ho's e~wmies had played a trick on thousands of cases of whiskey, the North into South Vietna . .them. Many people'in the south beer and wine which the began to send soldiers who attacked the CMomsP~iftehd~bUtreWhat had happened. distilleries have been giving to the soldiers of the army of South Vietnam. put in jail, and some liquor board? And how many and soon there was a real war going on. of tl~em were shot. Then the people in thousands of cases of liquor The soldiers from the North and the the south took up arms, and that is how which we are told has been guerrillas were well trained to fight, the war began. The government of accidently broken in the state Things were going badly for the People of the South The w able to South Vietnam was not very popular liquor warehouses? . y anted to be J. L. "Red" Parsons !i!!ii~iiiiiiii~!~~iiii~iiiii~ii~~~iiii~!iii!~~i~i~iiii~iiiiiiiiii~i~iiiii~ii~iiiiiiiiii~iiiii~~ii~iiiiiiiiii~~iii~ii~iii!!iiiiiiiiiiii~iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!i~i!i!iii~~i~~i~!~!~i~iiii~iiiiii~i~iiii~i~iii~!i~iii!iii!i!iiiiiiiiii~i!iiiiiiii!iii~!i!i~i~i~i!i~i~iiii!ii!~!iii!iiiiii~iiiiii~ii~iiiiiii~iiii!~i~iii are having talks with North in the city of these talks, we are they will take all of the.!t South Vietnam, we will take all of our soldiers Vietnam before we are sure that the can take care of be breaking our promise countries which are then believe that our and they would not President Nixon is very our men held prisoner bY has said that as long as holds a single will have forces in We are sorry the are not ready to pull but we think they peace is better than President Nixon and that a good and just Until the North must have lots of pati, on with the talks in fighting in Vietnam. homes. Most of the have been destro.vdd. tenth of all the mined by chemical suffered more loss {for its sizeJ than since the history Most of this Americanx Most Americans that they were them now believe it that we should of Vietnam - north up thek wounds and arguments. That is is bringing some of But the Presidenthas to do this. And he long time before and killing people day that America boys and girls and fathers in Vietnam There is a way really care. Sit down letter to President D.C. Tell him you tell him why, and it NOW.