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June 17, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 17, 1971

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, Dan Nye een Isrein roug up nn By DAN NYE Brothers & Sisters, Since we were small we have accustomed ourselves to receiving some sort of reward for our good deeds, from gold stars in Kindergarten to the honor roll in high school, recognition has been given us by our parents, teachers, and community in order to encourage further good deeds. Our bad actions have been punished by anything from a good spanking to a loss of privileges. We have thus been brought up in a make-believe world where all good is rewarded and all bad punished. Tonight, this changes. Very soon, maybe even tomorrow, we will discover that very few people are going to care if we live or die. We, the class of 71, shall go the way of every class and find out that the world is not at all as we have been led to believe. We shall see that no one really cares if we make $4.75 an hour or if we get an "A" at college. Our good deeds will be met with total apathy, if not mild scorn. In addition we will see wrongs go unpunished and many, if not rce By JERRY MANN This school should, but sadly doesn't, fulfill it's commitment to the community and to the students. I view the latter, the ,chool's commitment to the students, as foremost in importance and zts comrnHment to the community only secondary. It must be this way or the entire educational process becomes stagnant and immobile as we are wmmssing here and throughout this country. 'Io provide the students width an environment which is conducive tc~ learning and a curriculum which is varied and liberal is not asking too much. This is nlost cer tatnly within the range of possibility for the Shelton School by:-,{ C m. But this type of education cannol exist if the administrators ears and educators insist on reinforcing the petty fears and absurd hang-ups which now premeate the main body of our affluent society. These fears and hang-ups are inimical to the learning mind. They adversely effect the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of the individual. They have no place in the school. They should be there. One widely held myth is the belief thal exposure to another way of thinking, is sure to breed radicals who's only goal is to see the destruction of existing society. But there's the contradiction. It's not the exposure and understanding of different ways of thinking that initially fosters social revolution. Just the opposite. It's the narrow and confining view of life which present education supports that ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~r l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~l~~~~l~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~l~ an ignites the fire o1 social upheaval. Another school practice which in reality is counter-productive to the educational process is the belief that as an incentive to learn 9 ma our ere IO ers puc up le By GAlL HASBROUCK Twelve years ago as we were entering the first grade the schools in North Carolina were closing their doors to all students both black and white. They were protesting a Supreme Court decision saying that the schools must integrate. School board members in that state requested an additional two and one half years. The Federal Government intervened and said that it would be impossible, they must integrate and they must do it now. So the Governor of North Carolina promptly closed the schools. Throughout grade school we saw our country show its military strength through word and action. We saw them pull a bluff in 1961 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and we saw the Vietnam conflict escalated to such a point that you couldn't even pick up a newspaper without being confronted with the bloodshed taking place there. Gall Has Brouck iw i i in u al i Page 14 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, June 17, 1971 Jerry Mann elievewo most of us, will be completely bewildered at the shattering of our ideals in the stark reality of the REAL world. Some of us will seek obscurity in a total conformity to whatever society demands. Others will take their newly found freedom of being away from direct authority and abuse it to its utmost in order to "show the world". Others of us will revert to childhood and scream and kick against the wails of a cage we can't even see. Some, how many no one knows, will stop amid the confusion of the world and ask "what is right?" These ones, as they ask themselves this question, will discover life's real meaning. They will find that the true and real joy in performing any task comes from ones" personal pride and gladness in helping humanity through one's deeds, and not in the false pride brought on by society's acclaim for one's deeds. They will realize their own limitations as well as the fact that they cannot change the world or even another human being, but that they can find peace, true peace, by being honest with and by knowing themselves. They will see that it is not a Bachelors degree in a prestigious job which makes for happiness, but an inner peace in knowing that your doing what's right for you. They will realize and perform their responsibilities as citizens. not of a town, state, or nation, but as citizens of the world and their every deed will be directed towards improving the lot of all the people not just a select few. These people, while they may not be leaders in a political or social sense, will be leaders in their own way, because of their willingness to help those less fortunate. It is this type of person we should all strive to be, and to do this we must realize before it is too late, that the world is not the idealistic place we have been led to believe it is, but in spite of that it IS possible to achieve an inner peace so great as to nullify the effect of all the evil of the world. For if we are ever to find our God - no matter who or how we believe in him, we must find him, not just within a church or religion but within ourselves and in union with our brothers and sisters in love throughout the world. In grade school we were shown films of children our own age who had never really had time to be children. They came from war or weather torn countries where they were forced to take on the responsibilities of their younger brothers and sisters before they even had time to grow up. In the Spring of 1967 we had finally finished the eighth grade and according to all state regulations no more formal an ups there must be a immortalized student at the head of each class who serves as a collective goal towards who everyone strives. This produces not only people alienated from themselves but also a fair amount of so-called "failures." None the less in the face of impending doom the school, as an institution, will not take the necessary steps in order to bring sanity to education. They seem content in their policy of isolationism. But it's a psuedo-security in the belief that remaining static is the best way face the multitude of changes which now confront the school and the race of man in general. There can be no security in such a policy. There can only be security when the school positions itself in the forefront of change. This time in history must be acted upon and allowed to evolve with or without the aid of established education. wor] an on By SUPT. LOUIS GRINNELL Your class motto "We have only just begun" is very appropriate because the meaning of commencement is the beginning. The question is where do you go from here? Elizabeth Campbell, the famous English actress around the turn of the century said, "I don't care what people do as long as they don't frighten the horses in the street." I guess a lot of horses are being frightened and our age is being referred to as the age of anxiety. This may be true, but 1 think we could, also, refer to it as the age of the big excuse. We can think of excuses for everybody and we can just understand each other to death. We have built in a education was necessary. But we didn't quit school and go to work to support ourselves orour family. We didn't have any responsibilities except for our school work and our friends. In the tenth grade we learned that in the United States that year 4.5 million people Would become involved in a life of serious crime. And that two out of every one hundred people would become victims of those criminals before the year was out. And when we were juniors studying U. S. History we were again reminded that people starved to death in the world; they not only starved to death in China and in Pakistan, but they starved to death in the United States and they starved in Washington state. Two new words entered our vocabularies this year. Pollution and Ecology. By now all of us are familiar with these words and we all know one hundred and one ways to cure the problem ourselves. Now before 1 close lets go back to the south. Those same students who had to fight to even be able to start to school are now finally graduating twelve years later. One girl while walking home from her graduation was gunned down in the streets and killed. Our class motto was well chosen for, compared to other people our age in different parts of the world or the United States, We Have Just Begun. But we aren't starting with a clean slate, it's our job to pick up where , others have left off. We simply build on what has already been constructed, or we tear that down and build on the rubble. morles are aln come more precn By LARRY OLLI Well, friends, classmates, parents, teachers, and those concerned : We've finally made it, to this day anxiously awaited by each of us. Through l 2 years (tninimum of 1 2 years), reaching this day has been the number one objective of our going to high school. Regardless of the many other facets of a high school education, graduation is and has been the ultimate goal. The thoughts and feelings concerning this day are, l'm certain, as great in number and as varied as there are people seated in this gym tonight. Regardless of the individual visions and personal .joys of this day there are two (2) Larry Olli onng, I big framework of excuses and understandings that take the responsibility from people and gives them a complete explanation of why they aren't going to do anything. The problem is that if we are going to mat nt ain freedom, democracy, and civilization, the responsibility is going to be with the individual. 1 think adults generally listen to the moral statements of youth, such as - love of mankind is beautiful, prejudice is bad, poverty should be irradicated, bigotry is unkind, pollution is a problem, hate is bad, war is evil, peace is good, etc. These ideas or major thoughts that apply to us yearbooK) all and which have been relive our undoul~tedly entering and recall the re-entering every graduates mind o f o ur throughout this day. memories are First, is the realization that more precioUS after tonight this 12 year and we are campaign and experience will be school in its over. Next fall we won't be The returning to these lockered halls most preVa and tunneled walkways as has everyone's been the tradition for 12 years, of what the Our high school days will become individuals. a memory, a completed chapter choice of of the past; we'll never be able to been quite re-act the times, re-do the prescribed p roblems, re-create the school, and excitements, or re-schedule the this is no events. Only through our this time on memories (and the Saghalie, exists. Our interests dimension 0 resp onsibilitY' The open to us include: 1. Further pursuing working school, technical college universitY' 2. Work 8to5 most grandpa requnre which is just another name for society, wants youth to tell us about things we don't know, mainly how to solve these problems we all know exist. There are no easy solutions to tough problems. For here like Through 3. Travel " greater today past, it t~ but the the person. 4. Marriage forever to engage new allC anything us, is make others choice 5. Ar obligatr boys. high our importa varies armed choice an( Louis Grinnell 6. Playing although ~ as a fulfills a person for check. the enjoym~ life that desirable. Along certainly and choices a With and paths, we the Looking Glass, Alice found In a that conclusions were written first exposed Life ? and introductions last. 1 don't know what some of today's provide for, and live hang-loose, uninhibited RegaZ philosophy covers up, but 1 hope chosen or whatever it is will be positive and beneficial to our democracy, is future So be consistent. If you reject matter materialism, then you should the reject the idea that someone else precepts weren't invented or should buy your bread. If you spend his conceived in 1971 or 1871 or in want to preserve the environment future will 71 A.D. 1 think the establishmcnt, and your thing is pollutionof the preS control - start by throwing your Scott pop cans in the proper recepticle, quite well: If you believe that the love of , ,The mankind and the brotherhood of weekend,. men is paramount, then start with [ end, folio and was a Frora that, future your parents and your own brothers and sisters. Of course, it's easy to reject society and drop out. There is no effort needed at all, but no rewards of any consequence are available. The workers and builders will be here long after living, those who do nothing but sit class, around rapping and whining about their lot in life. Those who In are afraid to face life and drop to you a from one out through the drug scene are members finding out the beautiful baloon is filled with hot air. us all, Perhaps mankind is not so far what I the removed from the old simian thirst or the amoeba on the beach as to be Godlike. But each of you can do something to make a great nation a little better. It won't be the have easy. It will help to improve your Well, skills through on-the-job training, I'd like to college, trade school or whatever at the pa to increase your ability tolike to contribute to a better society, parties The new world is going to require year an honest day's work. I know everyone hopes you will feel and internal satisfaction and happiness and with your job, but this won't be required. You'll have to grow and with us and have I strew most of the rose petals you Also find in your path from now on. appreci~ 1 hope each of you will do as well as your parents have done for parents A this country and this world. It's a little better because of their congratl efforts. Of course, they've had an and opportunity you haven't had as the yet - they've paid a price and here they've paid a bill. Maybe somewhere along the line, if you to ,,it haven't already done so, it might be relevant to thank them for it. SENIOlt