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June 18, 2020     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 18, 2020

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LETTERS TO THE Rights of protesters are too important Editor, the Journal Where is Inslee? The ques— tion of the day. ‘ I sure feel for the shops and people who live within the six square blocks on Capi- , tal Hill. They must be terri- fied and no one seems to care ’ about them. It’s all about the “rights” of the protesters. Val Reineman Shelton County looks to hiring a grant writer — again Editor, the Journal During the hiring freeze of 2017, county commissioners eliminated three staff posi— tions so they could fill three new positions in the Support Services Department. As a result, one of the employees laid off was a highly quali- fled and well-respected grant writer and contract manager. Some citizens questioned the wisdom of eliminating a revenue- generating position during a budget crunch, but those voices fell on deaf ears. Cut to the June 8 com- missioner briefing, wherein the most important item on the agenda was contracting for grant-writer services. Those who tuned into the meeting heard Commis- sioner N eatherlin say that the county is missing out on a lot of free grant money and should hurry up and hire a local grant writer like the one they laid off. Commissioner Shutty said he was unaware of grants that could be used to offset normal operational expenses and questioned ap— plying for grants that would increase pressure on already limited staff. And Commis- sioner Trask took the oppor- tunity to reveal an unsettling lack of knowledge around the purpose and process of hiring a grant writer. . These types of commis— sioner discussions are all well and good, but they need to take place before pulling the trigger on a national outreach for grant-writer services, not a month after, while assessing respondent qualifications, as was the case here. Hiring decisions need to be influenced, if not guided, by a professional human resources director, which the county no longer has. The current» hodge-podge process is the result of a 2014 restructuring of operations that replaced top-tier managers with lower level loyalists, and it is the same operational structure responsible for an increase in lawsuits, ballooning budgets and more_long-term debt. A poor operational struc- ture is not the only reason Mason County should con- sider shifting to an alterna- tive form of government, and home rule is not a panacea for all the county’s issues. But operating by a charter that was designed by the community for the commu- nity is a heck of a lot better than being controlled by a three-member board of com- missioners operating without guidance, oversight or guard— rails. Home rule charter: Gov— ernment designed by the people for the people. Tom Davis Shelton Trump’s , ignorance cost us big Editor, the Journal Once again President Trump demonstrates that his wants and needs (that of being re-elected) are more important to him than the health and welfare of the American people. Before the first reported COVID—19 case in the United States, Trump ignored the advice from top medical and science advisers about the seriousness of the virus and the steps to control A it. And, he saw the virus’ V negative effect on the econo- my of infected countries. The majority of those who voted for Trump, self included, did so because of the image he was a great businessman and would help improve the economy. In reality, Trump’s effect has been the exact op— posite. For three years Trump consistently thumped his chest bragging about our great economy using in- creased employment as an indicator promoting the im- age he was the reason for an improved economy. Not true. The economy began improv- ing in 2008 and continued to improve at a steady rate up through 2019 and the increase in employment dur— ing Trump’s first three years in office was less than the increase during Obama’s last three years. So, any negative virus effect on the economy would have a negative effect on Trump’s re-election chances. Thus, he chose to pretend it would just magi- cally disappear. . And he is doing the same today, downplaying the seri- ousness of the current virus status and the reason for it. He wants a huge rally where people attending must sign a virus-related waiver. Which is reasonable, in a way. After all if you engage in hazard- ous activity you should ac- cept the risks. However, what about those not participating in the rally? One attends Trump’s rally, gets the virus there and then infects others who never attended the rally. Does Trump want them to Thursday. June 18, 2020 Shelton-Mason County Journal — Page A—5 sign a waiver too? Question: Had Trump lis- tened to the experts (doctors and scientists) advice would the environmental shutdown have been as severe? Maybe just a phase three? Finally, it takes a real man to wear a mask. Russell Fraser Shelton Team mentality should be left to sports Editor, the Journal Howdy. Right and wrong should be the dominant goal for evolution and all mankind’s dreams. I feel sorry for all the good advice and herds that now are caught up in this. Stay with the team mental~ ity approach that is used in America, especially with the police and politicians. The team mentality should be left to sports. We are a united people or not and alternative facts and the people that spout ‘em should be flushed down the toilet and given a dictionary. The politicians and judges might want to put it on their top read. The efforts from the past condensed into words, made into songs are the true Amer- ica. I live and love. Peace out. Born Free, God Only Knows Where I’d Be Without You, Brick in the Wall, Why Can’t We Be Friends, Feel- ings, Wonderful 'World, For Your Love, Walking the Line, Money, etc., etc. John Haupt Union Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists Editor, the Journal Have the Democrats de- feated their chances in the November 2020 election? How . have the far left groups like antifa and Black Lives Mat- ter sabotaged the Democrat candidates? The stench of burned buildings, walking on the broken glass from bricked windows and the shock of seeing gutted businesses is hard to forget. Neighborhoods trashed with no place to get milk, eggs or a cigarette will not set well with voters. The trauma of protection aban- donment has affected resi- dents who again are buying guns for self-defense. Actions evoke and provoke reaction (another letter). Voters won’t forget. Why allow days and days of riots to continue without calling in help to protect citi- zens from rioters? One mayor called police precincts and directed them to stand down essentially suggesting like Nero, “Let my city burn.” One mayor kicked the National Guard from a hotel by refus- ing to pay for their stay. A murdered black man, a demigod for Black Lives Matter, has become liberals’ justification to raise millions and millions of dollars to bail out M01otov—cocktail-throwing arsonists and out-of—state organized rioters. Seriously, give scholarships to the children of fatherless homes in black communities; help drug rehab centers; create job training programs. Do black lives really matter to far-left groups? A black man was killed defending his neighborhood on Martin Luther King Drive and he was ignored. That man served his community for decades as a policeman. Celebrating a policeman is not a politically correct nar- rative since Black Lives Mat- ters demonizes police. Rioters burning a black man’s busi- ness while chanting, “Black Lives Matter” is disingenu- ous. Another example of dis- ingenuous motives is grant- ing political privilege for gatherings of hundreds and hundreds and thousands of protesters during a pandemic. Church services and gradua- tion ceremonies were banned because of city-dictated limits of 10 people due to the COV- ID-19 crisis. Limits were dog- matically enforced by state governors, including arrests. Mayors condone hundreds and thousands of protesters unavoidable contact (political privilege). The media goes silent on COVID-19. Horrific nursing home virus deaths in blue states and now grandma gets thrown under the bus as protests heighten the threat of a second virus outbreak. The common man will re- member the feelings of alarm and of fear and of abandon- ment when left to clean up the destruction left from the protests that blue state lead- ers allowed to turn violent. Failure to condemn orga- nized, out—of-state (federal offense) antifa thugs is a big failure. Citizen trust is on the line. Cut the funding for police is the recent Democrat solu- tion. Logic would suggest that is" a tool for anarchists rather than a solution to control riots. All the money in the world won’t help with lead- ership that lets their cities burn. Democrats have defeat- ed themselves. The Democrat party has been hijacked by extremists. Peace in strength is Trump’s motto. Thank God he is a law and order champion. Irene Graham Union We need a leader with a moral compass Editor, the Journal This isolation by pandemic has given me time to reflect on what has been lost and what has been gained. A sense of outrage seems to possess the land, outrage against right-wing bigotry and hatred, against racists in America and racism. This is a great and necessary gain. ‘ ‘ As to what has been lost: I pray daily that come No— vember this nation corrects the past terrible error and elects a leader with an honest moral compass. Gregory Dallum Grapeview What is wrong with maskless woman? Editor, the Journal Wow, about the lady in front of me in the Medicine Shoppe on June 10 without a mask on. ‘ About that lady that lady, staring at five staff, all masked-up; me behind her (well behind her) masked-up; she passed a sign by the door on the way in asking patrons to wear masks. I guess the lady in the Medicine Shoppe missed the sign, the one by the door on the way into the store, the sign asking that customers wear a mask in the store. I cannot help but wonder what makes someone so com- fortable flouting the rules; ignoring the sign on the door; ignoring the recommenda- tions of the medical commu- nity? I wonder what makes someone feel so comfortable breathing in and breathing out while the rest of us are masked-up, because we are concerned for the health of everyone in our community. I am not wearing the mask because I have CO- VID-19, I wear it because I don’t know that I do not have it! All of us encouraged are by our elected officials and health care providers to wear the mask. So, to the lady in the Medi- cine Shoppe, and to others who don’t wear a mask in public, what the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? ' Asking for a friend, ‘ ' Katherine A. Price Shelton see LETTERS, page A—6