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June 19, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 19, 1941

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.. ,l’ase Seven “he 19, 1941- SHELTONMASON COUNTY. J QURNATJ mu . Before bids are submitted, full: Buick sedan, outboard motor. I etic officers setting I 6th. D. 5-27—tf. of the month to save expense 1 l is asked to approve said account and information concerning the tim- M. L. Kolmorgan, Route 3. heltonys 1941 team' seems to be the QUCStion “link at ‘ report, mokt- distribution of the estate, of billing. An extra charge 0f m ~_‘ " V r._r_ _‘ mw———=MW YOU CAN’I SELL UNIiL YOU I VV D ,FIND A BUYER! USE WAN I --ADS . \_m __, __~___ _ _, ___ ____ . ————————-—————————-——— —-————— in:OTH‘E or Signage ()N‘ FIN/u tion to the prices bid for the 'vv 'vvw'wwv “ v" i in ,, 2‘ ‘. ‘1, * ‘ a *, stumpage a cooperative deposit . l I i AH 01 NT AM) I hPORT AM) PETI- . I d e H e By ,Tm 0,, “Wm, gm”, 0, ,2, ,8, M m B_,,_ ,0, 3,, Real Estate laSSified Servme For Rent . i ll lJzyig‘ggi‘FDICTRIBUTION AND DI?" total out Of timber under the AAAAAMAAAAM‘MMW‘ "m wwwwwm‘“ On.CIassif_ied Advertisements BILL , IN THis‘siileRIOR COURT OF THE termsdof the agretement ‘t’V‘H be re‘ FOR SALE: 5-room modern house, I SHELTON FURNITURE Up- FURNISHED APARTMENTS fol _10 exacts atltlhe t(_5 Yogi: 1.12;: l Ian! 5 more I 3‘?” P 6.0333 Se °f on unfunnnnnu- $2800 nnnnnnnnn nunnnunu rent luauunroomu- Good In a :39 Sari Min-l IN PROBATE . . ispgsg. , 0. 0 Imust be de- terms. Phone 328-J or 499. and rebuilt, free estimates, 714‘| cation. Very reasonable. Golds_l on subsequen 13 er ons. J, In the Matter of the Estate of P9519 Wlth caCh bldv to,“ all" R.——5-13-»tf. Ellinor Ave, Joe NussbaumerL'borough Apts, Second and Knee_! imum charge 4 c. ; ‘SAF'AH A- ECKERT- D°‘*”an;')£‘-, pl‘ed 0“ the PUTChaSC Pmen TC' — proprietor. Phone 590-W. land Streets Shelton. 5-7-tf. 'f‘ d d‘ t' ts ac- ' lthat the 1941 junior legion squad 7 #5851? IgchEtRngotzgtrdrblhl The”: f.“n‘.ledu 0‘" “tamed in Pa.” as ‘ FOR SALE: Six room. house and' 5-20--6—20—1M ’ ———-— 0:233:15; from i (he is CaSt now With is exceptionally Strong ill the "hm" “milled "St-5t“ has filed with hqmqa-ted damages’ acqordmg to 21/3 acres on Amadla Road' 5— AVAILABLE June 5: 3 — room c(reipne subscribers Cashnshould 151) layer Squaé Teg' hl"1l1y llllPOl't“llt blttcry depart" 'ttllaugltcrlicpglifi gngl‘ltt)rhll%l f1sncil eontdltlons 0f sale' The nght to re-' room house’ Chevrolet 00%“ apartment and private bath gcgompany an other orders or fl ‘ ‘.',',) e I ‘.- ' -n ' may by American Le- night and appears to have a pret~3 tlcmcnt and distribution of the estate Jec any and all b‘ds ‘5 reseTVGd-i and trailer, reconditioned, 1.,27 Manows Apartment, 718 North payment made before the first The Port Orchard coach had . dersigined will on Saturday, the 12th| FOR SALE: 7-room house and day of July, 1941, at the hour of nine 2 lots. Beverly Heights. $2100, ing, etc. Reasonable rates. See, duction, reasonable" monthly '31 districts which ty fair infield, but the outfield of the deceased, wherein the CourtI t . . . b , tl " _. . , _ A- _.1, ""‘“ . _““‘““'"-'_ _ or“??? back now, no the moment. Tomorrow's prac-i uncogrggnngFuglggfgglghm m. til: sugtinicsgiiiiitglfmbig: :iiéii‘iumhcol! 529 3 29¢ 11% lFigarfililtr.Inigg'cématflilllgggig 100 Will be made When “ling ‘5 ' n . . .1 ‘- -. 1 i - , ( t i . . e- " hipflcements POSS“ “09 game?“ P0"? Olchald].bnOUIdlin accordance with an order oi the obtained from the Forest Super- WATERFRONT BARGAIN Quar- Supply Co M__5_27_tf' necessary. Card of thanks 500- ak ‘ .~ 8 g‘ _unusual cases) help to give more oi a .me on said Cm,” made and entered on the visor Olympia Washington or the ter mile frontage! 25 acres, . I . . Offlmally registered the entire squad, hoWever. Then,l7th day of June, 1941. a hearing R .’ 1F ’ , ’ k 1 b n}, on Bi Skoo_ —'——‘——-“——"“‘— Classu‘led D1splay Rates on A I Comeq‘ the Opening of the 4th lvmim hadtbdore im gaunt {m said gglona oreSteg'ISOItlgngylogi- free ,s siadeHKnownga Can FOR RENT: new two—room apart' RequeSt~ . .‘T .’ . ’. .ztun,reportn eiinon . an -—~. 'um,o . S - ~- . it"otm the list are a District championship campaign , the 19”, (1a; of pjulyf‘ 1941' g r1914}, Point MAKE ME AN OF_ merit, furnished. Mrs. Edith Phone 100 “ungstere uh - 1d next Tuesday. at 10:00 o‘clock, A. on said dayl v ' C .t 1 ‘ Whittle, Route 3, Box 1, Shel- i I ‘ highinyi’oxiotuhe i ——‘ l "h “‘8 at”? RoomtOfSlfaliti COW liln Rt mg 'ld'ngrugllifiiipiaapW: = Film for ton- W—Gnl—tf- ‘ l V ,v v TER ALI _t 9 our ouse a e on, as 1 ea. re ul 1 , , -! r 5 n . ' . , woul h v 0b_ NOWASHOUTAF_ I . , ngt _ __ #1“. H ,, _ ' MW sun,de 31:1 ewho 1 Port Orchards; Junior leglfm ll Dottie this 19th dav or June, 1941. NOTICE IS Hit-{gm GIVEN that: $251 1 mmmuie IFOR tRENtT' 312mm,) {firmsfiifi '1' '- ' stre t] baseball team didn’t make its ‘CLARE ENGLESEN. pursuant to and in conformity with R nALE- dern l’-r00m housei camel-ax i apar men prlva e a l . ng lened the w . , . Clerk 01 the Superior Court for an r n _ F0 m0 v I street A artments hone 259M, a bit Bob Waid- "‘1’ ‘0 “"3"” yemmal in Mason County Washington 1 0“” 9f ‘fhfiuBWd 9‘ Com”; Com with large sun porch and large featured hem p p f Jack i’agei a pair Yam after au’ “3 .Sp‘te. 0‘: be' MW?“ 0 BAEYLEYu’ 'wgilfiiigtzn? auiSO’nifii‘llnila Sofia-Ed lot. Inquire J. H. Tice, 11th and 6'2—t~ we» outfieiacrs on this "‘8’ “Fable. ,t" 1’1“), he°au§et£f '053$“frigiffrfhccxgfiii'dihg, ?§gt¥§.2gfifid§a¥ “$4?” 1931' ,3rdffi: Thomas, AngleSEGe- ANDREWS PH 0T0 STUDIO HOUSE FOR RENT: 8 mlies west PIANO SPINET returned _from curlian team. Bnt i ;¥ferfl::ifl§ssVe mmb um 0 e iShenon' wasmngtog' 19 26 7310—4t mannerlprovmfiiggi’ lag (Sgeétion 133‘: 6'19'24'26"7'1_4t on Matlock Road. J, Churchill. rental now at our Port Town- , 0t to play, both i ' ' ~V__ - Chapter 263, Laws of 1927), the un- — BULLDOZING’ grading, excavat_ 6-5—tf. send store. To be Sold at a. re— l l .; ' made it difficult completely forgotten yesterday NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION '1 ,k th, r a s 'd (1 - FOR RENT: Unfurnished 3. art- a ents. Write for particulars. to get in for prac- was the deadline for registering 8% Slnclglal iEtlefiélOHBgélll '3?le8101 in Etc 8i}, {lint 30,,3r5?0?§e (501,3; 1103;; terms. Inquire Journal. , Ciifélcfigwensg’gmla‘é71331113? ment’ 4 rooms and a bathpvvm gdfiglsting Dept; King and Fo-lk %1es’ SO that’s that his Squad and upon learning 5 Jim? 28thS r1041 Cioi- theonpurzligsre agi m dthn City Of Shelton‘ sald county B—6’12'1"19-24—4t' p I cox Apartments Phone 311W. Music C01, 124 First St, Port i ceul .I that fact from Shelton’s le ion mug, on‘ a s ‘ecigi 5 Min Le, ,0' all State Offer for sale; at not less , I , n _ - _ « n d have regls g g p y than th? minimum price stated be- N 4th and Grove. -—6 17 19 2t. Angleles W11. Bob Ra th 9 er l athletic committee turned tail cover General Expenses 0f the DlS' low plus advertising and cruising FOR SALE: 4'room house' Ice M W;6_12-17-19.’24_4t ‘ y' e p pp y ' tllct- Th0 P0115 Will be “Dell. at the ' ‘ _ ard arden and flowers. In- FIL S . .lgh school catch—l and llt 0'1t f01‘_h°me 1“ a “is?! Lilliwaup Schoui House from 1 to 7 fig? £53 hlfihejluand geategldt y. u .g . 636 B u we FOR RENT. 1-room house furn- ._ __ ‘ ozklng here now, buti to get that all-important detail p. in. of said Maggi 'Cqurit‘y,an cxcepii‘iisg we “3" InqmreB 6_12f324‘:_4t' DEVELOPVD ished $10.00 month. Call 92-J, FOR SALE ci—lEAr‘: Mowing 0 S0 the Shelton Properly attended to- Had the x, c' W' JOHNS therefrom, however, all public roads, '1 ' machine hayrake narrow and e made up entirely game been called off by phone i girlilolglolgistlélgcfrfigdaos CCC roads‘hitrefets or falleys 30W in ———-———————— 1302 Cota. St. F—6-17-19-24—3t.‘ cuiuvatér Phone! 21?,J3, eve- nt. Athletic Chair‘ and Port Orchard not made the 6_19_Z4-_26_-3t- use, or rig s-o —Way or we s new FOR SALE per r0 —-—-—'—————‘—————— J 619.24é6—‘4t MCComb t ' h th Kitsa C t -»————~——-—-.e OYV-ned by' qr sought to b? appro“ £11 lung‘s, —— — - . . of Fred B. “P ere ‘9 P 0"“ y piloted at this date for public roads, ' FOR RENT _.___‘ - firecrv'rote to the. state coach undoubtedly uould have . _ 51%: {£33,133 sgffilt‘sér b¥h:%ldpggg&t3; 7—room modern suburban home Free nlargemenl: coupon With DO YOU W ANT ADDITIONAL FOR ALE: 1,00q_wattrcflpacity' ‘yo, or for a ruling on let his registration deadline slip Natlonal Forest Tlmber from sale of forest products shall on paved highway, fireplace, each roll. , INCOME? 32_vo}t Delco right generator, ;, “11g Ray would be by unnoticed and {us club u gpfiilypn gontracts. inland to tthel basement, plastered Wltllll nevi FI DR Then rent this fully equipped complete with batteriesgswit— eelved an affirma- wouldpt hale been 6 lglllle to for sale situlvtlégg in eggidbEdCouliietgy alllgpesrtéiil paper' .Has excellent We kep_ R store. Living quarters in buildr ches‘, radio and globes. Excell- er the r l h h particmate m the 1941 Junior - yard With many beautiful flow . . , , l 13.53 may bueecxséid legion competition. _ . toD‘gstcription N0. 1. Lots 1 to 52, ers and shrubs. Small conser— “Lg; gout-Enable party only $25 eggoc°§dlti§n'ngbegfifl‘gtsaze 0mmunities inv lvecl - Sealed blds W111 be recelved by 1 Block 1; Lots 1 to 48, Block 2; Lots vatory attached to home with P n $ 03 - M i i 8gate 0 FASTER SYSTEM the Regional Forester, Portland,i1 t0 56. Block 3; Lots 1 to 5. Tract m lants Includes about 2‘ LARGE SIZE Box 29-13, Lake Spencer, " andm&1§ert:a&e2%g It would seem offhand that Ta. Oregon, up to and including July EfldL‘figtszo4gotglv56Traa-ff 31v $735: {49: 33:3 pof 'excenent soil and Duplicating 4-room furnished apt. 35.00 6-17-24—3t. ties d coma legion baseball officials and 24 1941 for all the live timber Lots 1 to 14 Tract‘ F Tract G L015, . uhn ——————-— -—~f—~— . . Des not 5 on- . . . I u n ,. . i . glaVity water system. '1 is is Herb An 16, An 16 Bid ' . . ,, . ,. lehon baseball. (aims State .Legion Athletic Officer Har- marked or deSIgnated for cuttingi! 2% £3 g3. gifaicxtx giogra5ct gain? tgogsl one of the finest suburban 5¢ E 3 ch g g g FOR SALE. Vagity ml: "gig under which Kelso and W Blgelow had gone Off bit and an memhantable dead t1mberi Lots 14'to 20, Lots 24't0 28. all in homes in the county and willt 'VVVVV'W'WWVWVWW 11011 Reasona e- a ‘1 Park St. B—»6-19—~1t. l . ,6 com half-cocked when they arranged= located on an area embracing. Block 5; Lots 1 to 23 and Lots 28 make an excellent home. Wh ,1. 55¢ per dozen i to ailseigbgge 5:251 “sudden-death” two-out-of—three about 940 acres, designated as‘ to 46. all in Block 7: L015 1 to 45 not see it'today if you wantz ““ i_ 'i too, it last a.§‘§10n in the sec- mfialnst the Seattle .00 be taken as an autyle will likely see . When Description No. 4 WV SEV. Sec- . tion 30, Twp. N., Range 1 W.W.M. 5~room modern home With large R__6_19_24__2t. Officersciigiogfi N0. 5. Tract 20 and upstairs in excellent c’ondition,‘ 1938 BUICK 441001. touring se_ —-——~————‘———‘— " Tract 22. (both in SW14 SW14), Sec- hard WOOd floorsv fireplaceu .fun dan, nicely equipped, 4 new WORK WANTED by carpel'lter I-Montag Range tion 29; Tract 3 in SE14 SE14, Sec- i basement, furnace and nice tires. New car guarantee $645 and builder, rough, finishing‘1.Montag Range was taken, and in the Secalld species of sawtimber; and for an place a straight “sudden deat l vav V w" vvvv vvvvvvv" USED FURNITURE 29.50 $24.50 unestimated amount of live and elimination is not as fair a way dead Douglasmir, western red- of settling the district title as cedar, Sitka spruce, western hem- the round-robbin Percentage lock, amabilis fir and other species hevs not “on 301 and Tract 18v Section 32? yard. Cement sidewalk and.1937 BUICK 5 passenger coupe. and alteration also painting. Re— 1_.wood Heater _ 19,50 system which Wivell favored to be taken at the option of the ' team). elimination series beltween the 2 Unit I, within Sections 10, 11, 12, l in}? 189‘_ Iggtds luff; 426,; ligocfzfliagflfi really fine home that is clgse We also take orders for all kinds W-“ ‘m‘uwm I APPLI pit h. two Tacoma Junior egion teams 13, 14 and 15, T. 30 N., R. W., Block 10; Lots 1 to 46. Block 11; in. Win sell for $5800 and glve I of Ip801al—~ V WILL B Y 1 a _; lflLang Range (used) _____ “£25.00 15 0 "lg Strength without consulting 4th District and Section 18, T. 30 N., R. 11 and Lots 1 to 23. Block 12: all m some terms PRINTED SALES BOOKS U cott°nw°°d ogs l 'th ‘1 3000 Players of this Athl t'c Officer Cliff Wivell w w M estimated to be 16- Lake‘l’OOd Plat Gv Mas” County, .Our rices are all low or 10 r livered t0 00’um Port DOCR- 1—Lang Range “” °°‘s"" ' in Jess Phil“ S 1 . , n , -v -i Washington. Offer $75.00 Cash. ll—acres in Kamilche Valley, fine p we James Bradner at dock or eve_ 1__Toledo Range (an enamel) liq Miner EMF”: In the first Plilrbe al‘l‘a'nglllg 500,000 feet-B.M., more or less, t. Description No. SE14 syvln,v§ec- soil and most all under cum- than outside salesmen can quote mu 5 Stuart Hotel with coils _______________________ n 2750 ..300 P h I the SChedule fm: the away.“ [Of Douglas-fin 500’000 feet B'M” 010130410on0. 22 N" Range W. 'M- vation- Has gOOd 4'r00m houselyou' g 54.24-24 lot 1—-Cold Spot Refrigerator... 75.00 , h I n' Miner’ teams was the d‘strmt .atmet‘c [more or 1955, Of weStern red‘ Description No. 3 SWl/i SEl/r Ex- with large chicken house. El'ec- 1__5_ft Majestic Refrig 45’ 00 ’5 en a' .3“ 13“ Who Officer’s job and ally WISheS 0f cedar, 95,000 feet B.M., more or cept Tract 15, Section 17; NWIA NWl/1 trio lights daily mail and about u . n W ' 25'00 “mule? of local fans the Tacoma coaches should haVe l less, of Sitka spruce, and 1,500,000 and SW14 NWy1 Except part or Tract miles frém Shelton. Win sell ,vm,'“,vvmvuwnm WANTED good homes for malell—Norge asher ........ . ' gas}; to do “‘0” been submitted to him for ap- feet B.M., more or less, of western fiansggct'fnwfimfilloég, Tfigéctizcgh for $1775 and give good terms U d C kittens and female Maltese cat.l ‘ 5 year» and pfoval before any other action hemlock, amabilis fir and other for all. to reliable party. Good mouser. 1233 Franklin St! Ind all in Two 22 N. Range 1 u f ...,, A arlson is looking d had rovided for in the h 1 1. f Offer $25.00: ’ dustless street. Will sell for radio, heater, new brakes, new ferences. Reasonable. H. M. 1..vvood Heater -_ ______ ._ __ 24.50 ‘Vloord base and in the 231113111119 1.2 had outlined early Eggitasgéb $326: ‘érésgmate‘aa gs ' Description Non 6~ SW’A SWW 800' $4500 and allow some terms‘ l paint .................................... __ $545 Jones, 1714% Ridgeroad, Shel— 1_Leather Bed Davenpbrt,_ 14,50 «practice work- “0" 31' TV“ 20 N" Range W-WnM- 7-r00m home in best district 1937 CHEV LET DeLuxe‘4 dr. ton- J—6-12-17-19—24—4ti 1—Oak Dining Table .... .; .... .. 4.50 D " this week. Unit II within Sections 13 14 Offer $150.00 Cash. . DS is 3 ca able in- ' ' ' D ' t' \1 7 Nwi/ NW1/ Large lOt With excellent Slde' sedan radio heater S Ct 1i ht —-——- ———————_____.____. __ . . , . on to 135 itch_ The Tacoma leglon Offlmals had and.15v T' 30 N-I,Rn 12 _W'u W-M-u Secfii‘if‘pgif’“ Thug: 21 N” “Range “2 walks, A very good buy at new ’aint ____________ __’ p 5495; WANTED: experienced youngil Square Dmmg Table 5'95 '1‘. "fies, P gone so far as to have reported-, an In the Olymplc Natlonal For” Offer $40.00. ‘ $2450 ()0 terms $350 down and 199 IERY """"" " lady wishes work_ Inquire Jour_ o . ’haof Coles fans are lfy scoltd some 300bt‘lcckets tflfor 'E‘he Est, gaggington. Ntt) fbidDof less tiaeigl‘ip'ltisg 1313. Nzynléolgfiléé, $20 06 p’er month at 6%. Why RZWCpaintSIZEriV‘R 33233.1 00:59?! nal office. S_6_17_19__2t Olsen Furniture 00. ‘- ve ,v irs wo games 6 ween e a- ban 0. perM fee or oug as- -v ~ v ' . r, ' . H S .... .. ' l g twonfiog‘téfiestrgggée coma sihools, advertisigghthciem a: fir and Sitka spruce, $3.35 per M Oféigcfffgififl'n N0. 9_ NE 14 NWV4 ' gem n,“ see It tidal“ ,,, 1938 Pontiac 8 busmess coupe. ' elimina ion games, an a 521.1 ufeet for western redcedar, and N., his year: for in nothing Whatever to District Ath- $1.00 per M feet for western hem- t- Tur , R , ,w_ , . . . Radio, heater, low mileage $595 , I. - r . ('S I” bA o'iinor $40.00? 21 “g? 2 M 4-r00m unfinished home, Wlth 1936 CHEVROLET, radio, heater, TldBS Of the week ’ USED APPLIANCES .0016 the rangy letic Officer Wiveu about their lock amabilis fir and other 5 Description No. 10, sl/Z NEi/i. NM; large tracts of land, good well, new amt $385 . , , , ' i 108- SWy, st 31; d WV, N 1,3, - p """"""""""""""" " Co t fo akl u ' * Hrom laSt years i plans and evidently giving n0 cies, will be considered. In addi- Secti40n 3‘2? 1gill1 in N., R‘zisiige and raSpbelglr‘y tandetranergyl 1933 STUDEBAKER sedan, excel- H NAP“ ed O and Bay ‘ ,1—Kelvmator Refilgerator.,., ’, 8% Omer ,Taylor has thought whatever to what She]- 2 W.W.M.. Offer $240.00. u PatCheSu Ell y 9 W00 nu lent condition thruout, radio $325 ( 0%: ggnr’gigllteess fifrggf) hour i like new .......................... ..$89.50 I but S. Cole, another ton and Clover Creek the other! tiégleslgrll¥lv3§ N11. grolt)erty.+ $$1000563 1n.thA$7g€8(§ 1933 PONTIAC COUPE. New! I 1—Montag range .......... 39:0 an outfielder, On tvyo district entries vyculd do_ Offnu $80.00 "c _h. " ,7 ' ' '5 ea er a” 'l 1 WI paint ..... ..‘.l ............................ .. $185: , . 1—SuPel‘i0r range -- .7' 0 Had. The latter has Fortunately, pl‘lblic/ation of .D‘escripuon I35). 12. NE14 Swyh See? down and $20.00 per month, 6% ' Several Liodel Ays _____ " $85 _ $125‘ Fri. High 1258 3.171. 10.7 ft. 1_Lang" range ........ __ 21,50 See collSiderable Sthf Wivell’s district schedule re— .133461‘389' N" Range 3 W'W'Mg IntereSt- Better Values ~ Lower Prices ‘ June 20 110‘” 9:36 a-m- 0-4 ft" 1—Lall8 range ------------------- --‘- 3450 qmte a bit 0f 30' minded the Tacomans that l Declscrip'tion N0. 13. Sl/2 SW14. Sec. 20"acres more: or 1855 located 03 a stronger guarantee you'll ~ ngh 41‘5ij- 9-1fta l—Incmerotdl‘. all White 17-50 . somebody else had something 10 V N e 0 tion 13. Twp. 22 N., Range 3 W.W.M. ' Spence?" Ifake' G09d beam I not find anywhere! . LOW 8119 an- 5-2 ft- 1—Laundry stove .............. 12:50 ,. 180 fa;- Ken Fred- say about the thing beside them_ ‘ , 9 Oflger“$80.00. N 14 N1 mm, D good fishing. Located in_quiet' A11 ’41 State tested . . . , s t H. h 2_33 losft 1—Norge washer .2 29.50 ttqum Veteran! has selves and the situat'on was I M N tionesi/Tipggg SEW 'SEI/2 “SectionSidj Spot and 3‘ gOOd buy at SPI'OOO' I 3“ lg a'm' ' 1—Norge. washer ‘2 24.50 f.l'om the out- ht t- that'a 511 M ore ews ems all in Twp. 23 NT“, Range 3 W.W.MI‘ Terms. i :June 21 14”" 10'” a'm‘ '02 ft' l—Voss Washer .. 17.50 I‘ Trplaying leSt base, (ligiiigsionmoflmaigell’s schedéiile “‘—- Offer $120M) caSh' i I * * * l ' ngh' 534 Em. 91ft. l—Thor waSher "‘ 17'50 .. ‘ .gavls McGuire has will allow the Tacoma teams By Mrs. V. L. Knowlton ofDfiiictrlg,ugthghalauilgléttngtpgrtiiii’ BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY , , , t 1 LOW 9‘17p‘m' 5'6 ft' 1 1—A.B.C. washer ............... ..‘. 19.50 savthe second base to go ahead with their two Tahuya, June 18__Gordon Stolze of Government Lot lying ‘Westorlv GOOG gomg Store on W?“ traveled' $431“me filerateflld Ml“ ETS’JGFnu .1“ sun} High 3:04 am_ 105 ft~ 1—Combination electric and h 'n “ bbeage’ junior “311 games without losing the bene— Will have Charge 0f the dance on Of human" Fans” containing ln'go'i road and fully eqmpped. and clcluarrid Edith? Mmo' deceaue meow“ June 22 Low 10'29am -07ft WOOd range. nearly new; 99.50 Mon n seeing 3 gm“! fit of the ticket sale and its Saturday night, relieving the la' €0”??@’.“3§“u‘.” £332.} zflilllllim‘IVK' fill/“5’03: StOCked' gasolme pumps’ 011 and 303” adj/“firmd' 5 High 621613.111. 10.2 ft. lflAutomatic gas hat watef ' i at shortstop and t t - t. Th 1 dies of the club of this respon- fer $65.00. ’ ' ' air service also. Includes 4-I‘m- . May 7. 1941 L 1 ' ' 5‘9 ft” heater .............................. .. 24.50 ' ' been ' lmpor at} ’90“? 5' . ony U Descri tion No. 16. Tract 2 Sec— u u f Meelll‘lg of board, all were pres—l 0W 0'13 P'm' ' ' ' ‘ V; " Aha . playing third change m the smmtmn 15 that Sibility. He is deputized by the . 91. N R 0- modem home and 3 ac1es_ 0 cm , _____. Easy Terms Free by“??? ;‘ shtlme' But 301’ I the games won’t be straight sheriff to take care of any dis— 8?;2o1115oXP ' " ange 4 W'W'M' land- BUSY diSU‘iCt surroundmg- It was moved and seconded that at} Mon. High 3235 a.m. 10.4 ft. _. . , . “ o . . in ‘ all-p little fielder ' eliminatiofi contesm turbance_ There will be a door _Descri¥tion 130. 17. W17, SEl/i. Sec-l If you are interested in a goodl 15:13:00} bemaugrtg‘sltzegngol‘cgg' June 23 Low 10:59 am. -1.1ft. NASH BROTHERS imber Champsv V The round-robin percentage sys- prlze 0f tWO donal‘s- 3%,21123311 N" Range 5 W.W'M' busm‘?55 pr0p051tlon wlth gQOd' viction 'of persorligs tampering with'ori ngh 6254 105 ft- USED DEPARTMFEI‘T, .mielut 0f the left tem which Wivell’s schedule calls Mr. and Mrs. Pents of Brem- Description No. 18. Tract 47 01‘ ES- easy Income I would be glad tot destroying road signs, or dumping Low 11:01 p.m. 6.1 ft. 117 cota Shanon Win d very We“ and for is much the fairer system to erton have taken over’ the teach_ romN Plfice Trgctii “Section 13, Twp. Show you this property. Cash girbigcs £11116 rgad Sgpsshegnglntggéugg l . n , . n . l I ‘ ' ! Li ’3 ‘ , . . ' « i " o " 0 $01 11%;: either the determine the best team in the er's cottage for the summer. Mrs. ZODes’cripziiiagne No. 19. SllilaiAOISWI/A‘EHSQS- pnce.or terms' ' (1% Mason County Jtfilrna-l Once Per week Tues‘ High 4'07 a'm' 10'3 ft' u ' u -- 98 th gnment- district for the simple reason that Pents was Jennie Marie Ames be- tion 24. Twp. 20 N., Range 5 W.W.M. ‘ A130 11199 mOdern home m goo i for, three weeks- Cdrrlfld- June 24 Low 11:31 a-m- '1-4 ft- i , 6 two Bob Coles, it river; each team q chance to fore her - d h t Offer $40.00. condition and well located. Helms allowed. . _ High 7:31pm, 10,3ft, ‘ anoth 3 . marrlage an, as Spell OMER L, D10N - - _ Minutes of April meetings were ~_ , \ .91 Sk°k°m}5h meet each rival twme, whereas much of her life in Tahuya_ Treasurer of Mason Counfv' $4500.00 terms. T1118 15' all any road and 3 proved, Low 11.48 pm. 6.1 ft. ‘ V; i‘ ‘perh;;l;argsoii, Dictk the Straight elimination allows 3 Frances Huson and Mrs. Know1_ (SEAL) 3-19-25-_7_3_3t one should want in a nice home. (0153:? P3)?nngfigui2¥0n12;?§;in§p0¥‘%1;9 1 G H h ...4.37 10 1 ft ,. . , .. . .. . . _ . . , . ‘ ar 50“ 0 team to meet onl two rivals ro- ton in " - . ‘-, ‘ ’ , ' — e i 3 aum- . . n i l 1“ y p we a busmess mp t° Shel Small place ivitli 172 acre of eX-i {L‘esgtoui‘ai‘é‘lfi "ie‘rorftn‘twmiyoc'éi‘égi : June 25 Lotti” 12:05 P-mu -1-5 ft- ALDEN C BAYDEY eimagine (Toad) Dick- series, only one rival if it loses Austin s b. h S b, k NOTmE 1041-3‘7MWI‘flRQ cellent ground. 1-room houses and reply Jinnah. 0 H 7' I i High 8:04 pm. 11.1 ft. , -~' ' I i zth‘lfio fig reserves With its first series. In other words, mg thp mail beiweefifiusegp: in the Superior ciiurt‘ of the State and cabin With garage attaCh‘: ,ngnzfgglgm ,gn,,lgngl;;;{vg,g,,§§°ad 0”“ . ATTORNEY ‘7 LAW, l » the avmg some 9’“ the elimination system is not a ties as“ . . .u_ of Washington in and for the Cofin- ed. Berries, garden and flowersl Board a flu”,ng ‘ Thurs. Low 12:36 am. 6.0ft. in!“ n Bimdihg b game , mail carrier here and VlS ty of Mason. In Probate 1_ . rance . [ugh it ns. test agamst the whole fleld but mng his sister Mrs Butterbau In the Matter of the Esta“, of ED Mostly all cleared. ready to cu B {11111112,1194116 t as of June High 5.08 am. 9.9~ft. op mite Fir-st Nauonai Bank ‘ woum 389’“ only part of the field- who is ill in Bremerton Mrs But: ggnnv DICKENSON PAYNE Deceas‘ t‘l’ffte' T1?“ plafie lslflose 1? 3’12. Noggin mmcéétigg- were on lfil‘gp'm- fig 'iione 23‘ Show u —— _.__n._____._~ . . . ' . . , , . Wi_ oma e a me ome 0 Letter from Act- r Director of 1g p.m. . - . ' ’ i. ' Prese ts N B gigall‘lapfirgcamgnfiar: £1; dhospital degcgigggpéshggrglggnlggggi 23:3 113;: couple or single party. See it] é-Iightways,dconf‘ilrmingrggilgmi‘liizatign pg .. H , ,1 p ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘n J, w H u 1, l‘f‘edlas administra'ri' r the cs- toaay- Half caShu balance 0“ tiiuny Wlte in 151.5210 0 -0" 00713. B d t ll t ' “Son made a busmess (gal xof Edward Dicfienkso: payne_ terms ______________________________ .. $790.00 m‘édf‘moun 0 $ ' 0'0 mum]? an ( Till; btiilxig' girlie €1,312: lgieslféliring on recessed; 4thtat aéld pegsogs li'iilving >i< :1: a: PlResolution from Masond Coliirilty; petition of fJoe McKifl tot 81. Dfor calms agalns 3211 see so are ere- . annin Council. recommen ing a Iormation o a Fire r0 ection is- by 7‘6 Hired 1‘? 591‘“ the Sam‘li dllly 5 loom mOdern.}lome’ 3 roo‘T‘S' Board 0 all, in their pow/er to pro- trict, comprising a part of Hoodspor verifie . on said administratrlx or her in good condition. Refinished in- mote the building of a public road Precinct, it was moved and seconde attorney of record at the address be- side. Good yard. Why pay rent and bridge to link the county and that the Findings and Order be ap- lNSUflAN‘éE trillpdrioaisigalilllfs.ofia¥:yl have V "HERBERT c. Alicia: purchased the farm property for- Recounted Here! merly owned by J. Coldevin (the Rodney White place to old -tim- low stated and file the same with Forest Ser ' ' .. , . , . Vice roads leading to South 1 proved, carried. . . . W . ers) and are whipping it into the clerk of said Court. together with When you can buy a horn? for Fork of Skokomish River and Lake Trespass in the amount of $140.00 Game at mu ' t 2- ~ The 001- Bv Mrs. Gladys Irvmg sh ' f r proof of. such servmc. within six as low as $250 down and $20.0010ushman, received and filed. b Rudy Loertscheron NE, of NW ~ ' ape or a dude ranch. (Eot 1) Section 4,-19 5 was report- ~ months after the date of first pub- per month? Notice from District Engineer. that, Lawsom’ld awarded a Belfair, June 18.—Mrs. Glen- We are sorry to report bad lication of this notice or the same will ,i, x. ,5, Mason County’s March allotment. bas- ed, same was paid in full and turn- i be barred. ed in April Collections. amounts toI ed over to Treasurer. deS'I‘ee to Judge cross and daughters Florence and *W he}; of the Thurstoanuth and son, Albert, from Se- . l BuaSSIgnmentS- Jake vided it wins its first elimination ton and Seattle last week. I l l {9" We are com- Dean, spent Fathe ‘5 Day in Se- ing some sort of week, the calen- Resolution re Transfering Forest It was moved and seconded that and asphalts for calendar year of 1941, It, I . ‘ lea {he hIStory Of an attle With the” aughter and dar ls getting retty well fined! from Union Oil Co., received and fil- Reserve Balance to County Road Fund SOHOOI Shelton Representafwe news on the J. H. 01' ‘ n ' . . . . . .. . .. .. .. n. '. t Mn Rome went to gag]: sggaéggss 19:31am of first publication J unc 19. Busniess building in Shelton. Ren- $9,310.96. lrieceived- and. meg. t A t_ gtlaims alloweg. d d d m t , In ». , I .- , co ~ ~ n a . . . n . ance cense‘. was issue o 0 “TH _ was move an secon e ' a w , r p . v r annUalirt saturday attle’ are VlSltmg’ tins week sometime ago and we were left VALEYE PAYNE wEBBER, tal Income'*Tzrmf‘ $4’600'00’ Club of Shelton, for public dances Bids be called for CRP 15, Road 011- B; , i, 83 of commence- MrS. Lucy FOSteI'S Qme- guessmg for some time as to What Administratrix of said Estate at Blue Ox for 3 months. mg. bids to be opened. Monday, June ' “son the college. Mrs. Walter Morrison had as the ultimate results might be SheltOn’IWashing'mn. a: a: a: Resolution re tax accounts was Sign- 23rd at 2:00 P. M. h , A g ' Tax segfloe. ‘ Pkg” has kl “lug guests 1.a5t Weeku Mr5~ ETiCksonn Latest reports are that his con- 283g}; EigOIEsEIate. Angle 5'room mOdern home' With hard‘i edCfiirili‘iIusapaiiigwi‘iii. anlflmllvgglti $233335 v83 igly’y‘£‘%o%l~ u" n" s . V . “It in. as a Jurist. Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs- Lona dition is critical, at his home in Building, Shelton, Washington. wood floor. fireplace. furnace. Board adjourned. mencing July lst, 1941. to June 30th, 3°°kk¢°Pm9 Y“ m," r .9111 main address to White from Allyn. Ketchikan. 6-19-26. 7-3-10~4t. and basement, 21/2 acres of ex! ‘ May 19, 1941resent 19:112fi was ilgnefil- f 123 ‘th Pfione :1“) recelved M11 alld Mrs. R013??? Irvmlg Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rends- . cellent grounfli With fmlt “99:5 2%,? Setpfyieyei‘iip‘éarea to ask counfy 2:51? lt‘iiiéoilgndsorweggrgggfiingd , .' i ,. master 1113- from Bellingham, are v151tirlg re" land and Mary Sabisch went to NOTICE 01‘ MEETING OF BOARD and large chicken houses. This that postponed hearing on ProposedI and approved and minimum valuations nut t men and friends in Benin” “1‘5 Tnnumu on last Saturday to at- r... industries” t n will make You n fine uuuuunbnn Pun in rendition shunning? carcinogen-Tara: Eugenia n _ , 210110 a- . e o . . . i '90:“ 19.13“? graidlfaftt week“ 7th Allen tend, the funeral of Mrs. Rends- 5011 County. Washington, will meet in home’ Close mu $2850! terms! may June 2nd atp10 o’clock A. M- to advertise. and sell same according Pamtlng Papering .,. h empharimen a 0 Mr. aiiid Mrs. KenneS turd“, lands grandmother and Marys open sfssliontllggndafyé, Julfy J}, 1341, {it be arranged. It watts) movectl dangndsiazlgdigearl‘iihnagt toNlatw,e c.-f1rried.Director f Hi hways n s r; _* e ' c a Olceo, ' cue e rane. 01c ram 0 ' - u “The .lS on ma 'from O ympla were ‘_a great grandmother. 3:562:02, Count)? Courthouse eShgllltlznz’ Will trade. fieqpoitponei‘i to June 2nd at 10:00 A. that CRP No. 16: Matlock-Becker- Interlor Decorating lies a spiritual and night guests at the Hariis home. , , . 85m}!ng for the purposevof equal; Herbert G_ An 1e M. Carriei ville Road, had been approved, re- ' ‘0 re. the Import' Nels Barber was a caller at_the , . izing assessments of property in said ' g9 Dance license was issued to Pris- ceived and filed.‘ i “1:: In life,” he Morrison home Sundav 8V9n1“°'- County. and \itvill ctontipue in session Bldg‘ Phone "04 861118- Cllllb fgl‘ coml’gunfingfifcfiirgg Ongfiice no?“ tLa‘ gozaggmgghmBofi’i'g GEO. A. , . . . . . - u ' ‘ , ' mmuni an e o r . ' the; difficultfilmes Mrs,‘ Wm' Baldwlnl Mrs’rverdo‘n “ «- l- « 4- — p 53;“ tiiiritlae Jilly xtrgri"a(;'10rvl’zgaye§ifi§ig 1:0, mggtlliis ut‘g‘ Aggust 24¥h, 1941. ' Creek Aguto Cam to Millo's Grove, Phone 559-J Shelton, Wn. ed t actor first and Savage and daughter Patty, 0311' I a ' the attention of t 6 Board any c0m- tion 7~21-1 running thence approxi— Notice from District Engineer. 0t received and, file. . take a Stand ed at the Irving home Monday- S ee iplaints regarding assessments for the mately 1500 ft. to the line of Elmer correction of Mason County's March Notice from L1 uor Control Board A M d M G] H r is Mr current year. Wesserling in NE of NE excepting allotment to $8,009.01'mstead of $9.- of apéilication of ohn Webber, Clip- « inn been in a state of drMasn K rs'th eArllena son' What with ever bod roclaim WARREN LINCOLN‘ ihzei isoutii 1éd 0f souiii 1/2 seem" “036’ receive? andt‘figlreci'ormer letter germ erlmBe‘ fii7 énOvaSSS-i‘i‘i” " ' *~ . n r. enne - - "r n _, _ S enm I, o , 0x ,4 , r- . p. , it. {I a. , i y y P 6'19- 7-3—3t'Mason County Assessor. )V ceived. an en 1111, at is pomt re qulai’itgegr mggpmelzrrin prices on road Oils ton. received and med. to International correspondgnce ,, , . . . . . petition be acce ted and that En in- . )hghgynwéhe world rte-iSIster Mrs. Jud Babcock and sat 1‘fiege’s ano her—Fern-cutting COMMISSIONERS ligfiCEEDINGS eert be orderedpto examine and grc- ed. d d C M d that the Slaléidj grid iripgirovlpg.V 01 mg F d h re 88d ‘ ' . u 59 une 2 . May 5. per on same. it was move an se 0 e sou on n v un s I.Sfllglon ca'iyh t pzlfmfil-ly Ed Ch t f East Acc'ordin I: to JLllIl!y 1 u_l Board met in regular session, pres- Dance permit was issued to Sam Order of Purchase of Chevrolet truck signed and. approved. ‘ 111 Qe ' a 1 155 na’ . “8.3, g 0 ,a' acoma “3.51 exit. R. Trenckmann, Chairman, Vin- B. Theler for Belfair Tavern. be signed, carried“ Board adjourned. ‘ e0 . rmany today. of the Mountains, 15 VlSltlng her dent who was qmte bothered Wlth cent E. Paul and Fred Ferris Jr,, Claims allowed. Letter from Chapin D. Foster, com- BOARD OF COUNTY COMMIS- Phone 591.w me have made uncle Harry Hyde and famlly. the plant that plagues most, west- Commissioners. and Harry Deyette, Board adjourned. plimenting work done on comfort sta- SIONERS. MASON CO U N TY, g ' God and. H-tler . M d M K1 nd two em washin to f S and ar_ Clerk of Board. , May 6, 1941 1 tion at Harstine Ferry Landing, re- WASHINGTON a, I , 1" an rs? mg a d g n arm g This being the time set for post- Board met. all were present. ceived and filed. R. TRENCKMANN. a Sanlinonstrous hu- children have bought the hJim Fuss, no fern can stand the hex p(l)ned hearing on proposed plat ofl glacilms allowed. T h Mpg“; permflt vgsbgrigiteg 119 Don Attet Chairman of Board. v 3‘ OnS ave O ein ni lit Peasant Cove Beach Tracts, No. 2, u itor's count of reasurer's cas . ec man or 0 m 00 avern, S i. _ [r n the 1a of Eaters Ptla'c: in: thfheEaIEings arel week OEJunEPEd during the as W. _0. Watson appeared, to ask thati was examined and approved. to October 31st, 1941. HARRY DEYETTE, ,MT. MORlAH LabGE t p move 0 u u n’ '. . . hearing be postponed until .Monday, Copy of license to Donald Muir Agriculturists report was examined Clerk of Board. 6-19.11, V a_ We tend to from Tahuya. After experlmentmg Wlth every May 19th at 10:00 o’clock A. M. it! Beckman, dba Robin Hood Tavern, and approved. No. 11 F.‘A.M. 5. ms peril. Our Mrs. Glen Harris visited Mrs. known method of exterminating yas gauged andt sieconded dthat above] waist received al/(iid filé-zd. d d a t glasmsprliiéleowgghtmct for Kerosene . _‘ e '- , , eques e gran e , carrie . was move an secon e 1a 0 , , , , . . . , .. {of up; .110 Teahze Harry Hyde MondaY- .‘_ Rrake ferlls' the Tacoman assel‘ts ~It was moved and seconded thatl the order of Purchase be approved with Richfield Oil Corporation was Next mimf gymuéiw‘“ Spiritual and Mrs. Bill Orr and daughter, MR». 8 has hit on the only sure-fire applications for purchase of county] and signed, carried. Order in 1‘6 signed. HUM-24 1y When this Roeselle and son Visited the Irv-l cure. tax title lands. for sale No. 11 be' Paul’s car. In the matter of purchase of car . ,_ . We Stamp out mg. home Tuesday “Cut iem any other week in the agceptledfidp lifiay 261 anthliat galtel Ntolicc of lginal Inspeftinl 1and ac— for COlllllélSSHanel‘S EighthNto. 12,] 1: L d E b I . M. H_ NEEBHAM . .. . ' , o 53.8 0. e se as i e Lt , cc ancc as ein' satis ac ori coiii- was move an 500011 e a a so i n m a as Clvnization.” Mrs. Verdon Savage and daugh- Xear,’ he says, “and they crop c'ari-ied. 1 lplgted, by Distrift Engineer ony Coun- line body be substituted for the reg- cc se me" “'9’”:th gm" % §ree was giVen ter Patty, have been visiting at right up again. But nip them in {Ofetligicoaiiiélnf Ealliliéer eggisi?é'}lli1¥l§ntet i a; 1:3? {1121,3801 No, (3-22 was recap body at a cost or $28.00. Ca,._ 'W A_ Witsie‘m" Em \ J. L. c A1701,“ ‘ 'fiomery’ super' the Bakle home' They are‘ tile laSt week .of, June and your County Road 40 ft. in width com-i Notice from liquor control board Board adjourned. , Phone 180 ' ’ Shelton‘ ub' , Secretary- 10 Yle. fl‘dm Union. “ m‘l'lev‘l are Dyer. "touting at NY; or ill-Tl; of NE, of ,lilmiifil i’mx‘iii’vxcimi for Mrs. Him] “:11: ‘lflth. 1‘)“ _‘ — " ~ n“ " “'- " " ' mm . , ..