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June 24, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 24, 1971

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II i (Continued from Page 1.) stop Jackman from reaching the Navy four years and was me pillshepointed out. under the mattress where he kept honorably discharged. He stated He stated he did not hit trom the Allyn House nursing his billfold. Valley said he he spent a year in Vietnam onValley or takestatedanything from him. home when her car would not believed he was hit in the back of river boat patrol. Kropp they then went The start, the head with a coffee cup. Before his arrest April 14, he to Schletty s house. He stated he Miss Smith stated she had He said after he was shoved, stated, he had been picking brush did not know whose house it was. by the never seen any of the young men Jackman lifted the mattress on his and planned to go to college this He stated a light was turned held before that evening, bed and began tearing it up.fall. on in the house and Wood and Riders Following Miss Smith on the Valley stated he had fiveHe stated the day of the Jackman went in. When he Stars stand was Austin, who testified packs of Herbert Tarreyton incidents involved in the case, he followed a little later, Schletty Fair that he had lived in Allyn for a cigarettes which he had purchased had gone to Jackman's residence was laying on the floor and Wood The number of years and that he lived from a sailor in Bremerton and to work on his car and worked on was standing over him and that la ride has alone in a small cabin, that these cigarettes had no tax it most of the morning, told Wood to stop hitting will make He stated he had gone to the stamp on them. The cigarettes He stated he and Jackman hadSchletty. Allyn Tavern the evening of April were from the Sea Store at the been drinking from a pint of rum Kropp stated he had a hunting 12 and had been drinking beerShipyard, Valley said. he had. He stated that later, he knife with him attached to abelt The when the four young men came Valley stated that after he was and Jackman went to the tavern loop, but, that he did not take it donated bY in. shoved between the bed and the at Purdy and later in the evening out of the sheath that evening. Bishop's Austin stated he was wall and the bed wastornup, the to the Allyn Tavern. Kropp stated after leavingthe r acquainted with Jackman, and,three started to leave when Kropp Wood stated he was drunk Schletty residence, the three left Building a that he was invited to join the apparently noticed he (Valley) when the group left the Allyn the area. the group at the table by Jackman. did not look well and asked what Tavern and he remembers going Each of the three defendants He stated he was at the tablethe trouble was. Valley said he to someone's house in the car w a s r e p r e s e n t e d b y a The drinking beer with the four young had a slight heart condition and with Jackman, court-appointed attorney. Wood by Mrs. men a little more than four hours, when he gets excited he has He stated he did not was represented by Fred Gentry, BishOP and, that when they all left, the problems, remember going into Austin'sOlympia attorney; Kropp by young men offered to give him a Valley stated Kropp gotsome house and denied hitting Austin Jerry Whitcomb, Shelton .... - promote ride home. nitroglycerine pills from a cabinet or taking anything from him. He attorney, and Jackman by Don KEY CLUB DISTRICT officers were the speakers at the Shelton Kiwanis He stated he went in a car in the trailer and gave him some stated he did not know Austin. Ingersoll, Olympia attorney, activity. with the three defendants and before he left the trailer. Wood stated he remembered The attorneys concluded their Club meeting Tuesday noon. Shown here are Pat Ode, district recording that the fourth young man left on Valley stated that after the going to Valley's trailer house and final arguments before the jury secretary; IRon Pannell, president of the Kiwanis Club; Jim Connolly, District his own in another car. three young men left, he stated he knew Valley. He shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday and Key Club Treasurer, and Ted Inouya, Key Club District President. Austin stated when they discovered his wallet with $114 in remembered Valley and Kropp the case went to the jury for its arrived at his home, he entered it was missing. He stated he got having an argument about decision. ,e first and lighted a gas lantern. He dressed, and, since he has noKropp's brother and having a nnans Hear ..~Ve-- ...rl does not have electricity in the 12 telephone, he drove to the drink of wine. He stated he did by 16 cabin, he stated and uses Sheriff's substation office innot hit Valley or take anything District Key Club Governor Club Internation convention International convention. the gas lantern for light. Belfair, but, found it was closed, against his (Valley's) will. Ted Inouya, Tacoma, along withwhich will be held in Anaheim,Connolly will compete as the Austin statedaftertheygotin He then drove to his brother'sHe stated he did not several boys from the Shelton Calif., early next month, and the winner of the District talent the cabin the young men 'began home and awakened them and remember going to Schletty's Key Club were speakers at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio,contest. demanding money and that he called the Sheriff's Office inhouse and stated he did not hit Shelton Kiwams meeting Tuesdaywhich he attended last year. The Key Club is a service club was struck and knocked down on Shelton. Schietty or take anything from noon at the Timbers Restaurant. Three members of the Shelton for high school boys sponsored by the bed. Valley testified that Jackman him. Accompanying Inouya was Key Club will attend the the Kiwanis Club. Austin stated that one of thecould have known where he kept Wood stated when the three Pat Oda, corresponding secretary young men straddled him and his billfold since about fourleft the Valley trailer, he crawled Fire Chief Allan Nevitt, to the district governor. He is also demandedbeat himmoney.in theHe told them,face and months before the incident, into the back seat of the car and Fireman Dan Ward and Volunteer from Tacoma. m,,~ | Jackman and another man named went to sleep and the next thing #,b *m r~ __ . Fireman Greg Shimek are Also speaking were Jim ~OCIOI aecunry Keporr he said, that he did not have any Nelson had showed up at his he remembers is being at attending a four-day school and Johnson, president of the local money, trailer house about 7 a.m. and Jackman's house the next day. conference in Long Beach andKey Club, who discussed the Is Given By' Office He stated the others dumped told him they had been in Shelton Wood stated the first time he llwaco this week. group's activities during the past out drawers and ransacked hiswith a man named Wood and had saw Kropp that evening was at the A t t he Saturday night year; Bill Gray Division Lt. At the beginning of this year social security beneficiaries. home. been left there. They told him, Allyn Tavern after Kropp andbanquet, which will conclude the Governor, who described the social security benefits weregoing "Pointing up the fact that He stated one of the three Valley said, that they had walked Ross Brown arrived there shortly conference, Nevitt will be duties of his office, and Mike told him he was going to cut his from Shelton and asked if he after he and Jackman did. presented with a fifth place award Connolly, past division Lt. Gov. to 3000 residents of Mason social security is family throat, and that another, who he would give them a ride to KeyKropp testified Ross Brown for fire prevention control,and District Treasurer for next County according to C. A. insurance", Skinner said, "are the Skinner, manager of the Olympia 300 beneficiaries under age 18, believed was Kropp, said he Center where Jackman lived, picked him up about 10:30 a.m. The fire department entered year. social security office, who are receiving payments as the wanted nothing to do with He stated he had gotten upApril 12 and the rest of the day the state-wide contest in 1970.Inouya talked about the Key cutting someone's throat, and gotten dressed and took them they drove around and were The contest was sponsored by Th e m on t hl y total of children of retired, disabled, or Austin stated he was struck to Key Center. Jackman, he said drinking, the Washington State Firemen's $327,000 at that time has beendeceased workers. In addition again and passed out. When hecould have observed him getting He said they went to Association. Shelton placed fifth In (~ermcln) raised by ten percent because of another 70 beneficiaries between came to, the three were gone and his billfold from between theJackman's home, but, Jackman in the part paid cities division, an increase in all social security 18 and 22 have had their benefits the place was all torn up. mattress and spring on the bed. was not there but arrived a short Army Pvt. Jim W. Brosam, 18, payments signed into law by continued past age 18 because He stated he went to the Schletty said he had lived at time later with Wood. He stated son of Mr. and Mrs. George President Nixon on March 17. they are still in school". home of Deputy Sheriff Charles Allyn since about 1950 and that they decided to go to the Allyn Brosam, Shelton, recently was While the increase was Of r'he Mason County Mustain, which is not too far his home was located near theTavern and that he and Brown assigned to the 3rd Armored retroactive to January, the first beneficiaries, 2200 are retired from his home, but the deputy junction of the highways which went in one car and Jackman and WcIrlted Mon Division in Germany. checks carrying the larger amount workers and their dependents, was not home and that he go to Victor and Belfair. Wood in another, d Pvt. Brosam is a truck driver were those delivered on June 3. while 600 are receiving benefits as contacted him the next day. He stated the night of AprilHe stated they were in the IS Joile with Headquarters and Company Later this month a separate check survivors of workers who have said his eye was Austin " " 12, he had gone to the Allyntavern about 4 hours, except for Robert Allen Wilson, who is A, 122nd Maintenance Battalion for the increase for January died, and 240 are disabled, face swoll~~.;~:~yw:~i~.flv to talk ~n /~tia, a short ~ime ~en h~knd "Brown ~harged with grand larceny by. of tile division near Hanau, through April ~will be ~'ffi~t to workers and their dependents. r ~ e raek.ed r~. ~~~71~e~as {ta t~tav~rn he went t~ssistfllP ~o~fan ~egetting Check in Superior Court here, was rue oeatmg ne nag ~eceived~ had observed the four young men her car started. " arrested in Oregon City, Ore., and there. He identified the three Kropp said he had on a dark was returned here Tuesday. I 1 in checking the next day, he defendants as three of those who colored wig that evening. The wig, Wilson is charged in said, he found a pair of black had been there, he said, used to belong to his information filed by Prosecuting leather gloves, a cruising axe and a He stated after talking to wife. Attorney Byron McClanahan with small hunting knife were missing Austin, he had gone home and He stated that the group all obtaining $882 from Seattle First from his home. gone to bed and that about 3 a.m. left the tavern about closing time National Bank by check. Austin identified the three he heard a car outsideandheard and that Wood, Jackman and Local authorities were defendants as the three young voices. He stated someone called Austin went in one car and he and notified of his arrest in Oregon men who had been at his homehis name, and, that he believed he Brown followed, and two members of the Shelton that evening, recognized Jackman's voice. Kropp stated there was no Police Department went to During cross examination by Schletty said he turned on the light in Austin's house and he Oregon City Tuesday to return the three defense attorneys,light in the house and opened the could not see too well what him to Mason County. Austin said Jackman was the one door and the three young menhappened. He stated he who grabbed him first. He also came in. He stated he knew remembered Brown throwing stated he was drunk. Jackman. Wood out of the house. Valley testified he had lived in He statedafter they were He stated Brown took off in Film Showing the Allyn area for a number of inside, they demanded his money his car after that and Jackman ed years and that he had served with and a gun. He stated he told them agreed to give him (Kropp) a ride IS PicInn the federal prison system, had he did not have a gun. home. A 10-minute film on efforts been a Mason County Deputy He stated two of the young The three went to the Valley to rehabilitate inmates at the Sheriff 11 years and McCleary men, he belived it was Kropp and trailen Shortly after they entered, Washington Corrections Center Town Marshall four years and was Jackman, grabbed him and theKropp said, he and Valley had an and efforts to rehabilitate presently employed at the Navy third hit him. He stated they argument about his brother. Shipyard at Bremerton. stayed about 35 minutes and that He stated that he sat in the handicapped persons will be He stated he had known his home was ransacked. He chair in the trailer house most of shown at 11 a.m. Sunday on Jackman about 16 years and stated after they left him, he the time he was there. He stated K 1N G TV's Community Wood since early this year and stayed lying on the floor where he had a drink of wine which Workshop program. knew who Kropp was. he was for a while and then got Valley gave them. The film produced by A1 He stated that Jackman had up. Kropp stated he was out of Plush of the Division of entered his trailer house and that He stated he found his billfold cigarettes, and, that Valley told Institutions and Elton Troth of Kropp and Wood had come in on the television, but, that $1 him totakea pack. the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, will also feature I a t e r. Jackman and Wood which was in it was missing.He stated Valley either fell or appeared to have blood on their Schletty stated he had to gowas pushed between his bed and an interview with an inmate at WCC. hands and Kropp was wearing to work the next morning and did the wall and that when he noticed gloves, Valley stated. The State Board of Prison He stated that shortly afternot have time to report the Valley did not look right, heTerms and Parole was also incident. He stated he was asked what was the matter and at involved in the production of the ! they entered the trailer house, he contacted by officers later in the Valley's request gave him some of film. ...... ........ and Kropp had had some heatedday. words about Kropp's brother. Deputy Sheriff Marvin Snyder Valley stated that Kropp sat testified he had headed the in an easy chair during most of investigation of the incidents and ....... the time the three were in the told of arresting Jackman and trailer house and that Wood stood Wood at Jackman's residence. He .... ..... in the trailer and didn't do much identified a cigarette package as of anything during the time he one taken from Jackman's was there, residence under a search warrant. Valley said he was in bed Leading off as defense when the three came in, and, that witness, Wood testified he had True 0 Degree cold freezer has 3 shelves (2 removable). Iackman demanded money from lived in Western Washington all of Thinwall construction means larger capacity than in him. He stated he was shoved and his life, and had lived in the Port same size cabinet with regular insulation. Durable Thinwall construction of foamed-in- fell between the bed and a wall by Orchard area for a number of injection-molded interior wipes clean with a damp Jackman when he attempted to years. He stated he had served in more capacity within c~binet than cloth. Flush-hinged right-hand door opens within regular insulation. And because the pressure between the walls, it can't set1 width of cabinet.., even with unit against sidewall. 231 pounds of frozen food in true 0 NOW AVAILABLE Magnetic door gasket seals in cold. Walnut-grain basket. Baked enamel interior wipes defrost. Counterbalanced lid, plastic laminate work top. ~ walnut-look worktop. White . 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