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June 24, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 24, 1971

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Marriage .................. Attend Meet Licenses ........ June 17 64 42 - Plan Is Told Postmasters Faith L. Evans. Lilliwaup, Wanda Nilson, Union, June 18 68 53 .11 This summer a child living in a and Betty Goodpaster, Hoodsport :+:-'.Applying for marriage licenses June 19 64 56 .18 non-contracting town or city in were some of two hundred ";+,':in the Mason County auditor'sJune 20 69 56 - the Timberland Regional Library postmasters and guests who ;"~'::" office this week were: June 21 69 51 .01 district may purchase a attended the 36th annual " """ James Borst 21, Shelton, and June 22 87 57 - non-resident library card for 50c. convention of the Washington ~ June 23 74 51 .13 Patricia Mill, 22, Shelton. These temporary cards will beChapter, National Association of )UNTy Gary Morrison, 22, Shelton. The extendedoutlook for issued so that children may join Postmasters, in Spokane last '.OURT Webee, 3610 61st, Seattle, public Apts., Shelton, negligent 'driving, case a beer taken, and Sharon York, 17, Montesanol Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the 1971 Summer Reading Club week. intoxication, $25 forfeit; Emery $1 I0 forfeit; Randall Stanley, Byron Thompson reported he H. Vincent Beaver, 18. for partial cloudiness with awithout paying the annual $7.50 They participated in the !n the docket in B re w ster, Ally n, no valid 1233 Franklin St., Shelton, minor left his car after a tire went flat Shelton. and Carleen Gross, 18. chance of showers. Highs will be fee. Tile decision was made by seminars and panel discussions :y Justice Court in the 70's and lows in the 40's Timberland Regional Library which were an important part of n~ Correa during operator slicense, no valid in possession of and consuming and when he returned the car had Sheltonl n: Washingtonvehicle license, $30 liquor, $50 forfeit; Lawrencebeen vandalized. Steven Richard, 24, Seattle, and lowerS0's, trustees, the convention program. The forfeit; Dan Knight, St. Rt. 1,Anderson, 1619 Laurel St., Charleskenning reported a and Susan Johnson, 21,Lilliwaup. ----------------.----.------ The 50c cards may be paramount topic was concerned State Patrol Box 383, Union, speeding, $15Shelton, furnishing liquor tosign down. Jonathan Adams, 24, Union. purchased at any library in awith the sweeping changes which iad e, 11524 forfeit; Seth Sampson, 2226 S. minors, S100forfeit. Mrs. Terry Hubblereporteda and Bonita Roosa, 25, Hoodsport.New Arrivals contracting city in the are occurring within the postal o w, Tacoma, 126th, Seattle, failure to keep COUNTY BUILDING PERMITS large dog came to her place. R o d n e y N e 1 so n. 4 4, ~~_--___~ Timberland district, or on the service, preparing for the change Mrs. Robert Barnett reported Bremerton, and Fern Rodeen, 46, Mason General Hospital bookmobiles. They will have over to the new organization July ~Orfeit; Mark fight of center line, $15 forfeit; Building permits approved by a cabin damaged. Silverdale. ,ox 68, 8helton, James Vickers, Allyn, drivingthe Mason County Planner's Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Arndt. "'Summer Reading Club 1971" 1. Iorfeit; Frank while intoxicated, no valid Taylor Towne Care reported Ab:~i!: aTnd RJ:b~n~st/2nd,682412 Walker Park Road. a girl. stamped or written across the top, They learned that service on a Office during the past week were S300taken. and will be valid only until business-like basis will be the ' ' June 19. .St.. Bremerton, operator's license on person, $125 to Willard Bennett, enclose porch Mrs. Kenneth Auseth reported Mr. and Mrs. Grady k. Banks. August 14, the last day to sign up credo of the new U. S. Postal ur~eit; Robertfine, five days in jail, suspended, and extend living room, $5,000; a four-month old puppy taken.Gregory Ange. 25, Shelton, Service, and returned home better 'x 575, Belfair license suspended 30 days. Bobby Finney II, residence, Raymond Moore reported and Helen McDonald, 281 2020 Washington St., a girl, June for Summer Reading Club. 23. In Mason County. children prepared to meet the challenges ~Orfeit; Alice Game Department $7,800; Raymond Freeman Jr., vandalism. Shelton. living in the non-contracting city the future will present in ; Crest PI., Kent, Carole Oglesby, 12429 14thresidence, $8,000; Edith tfarvey, forfeit; Charles Glen Brown reported a Rick Watson, 1 9, Port A DAUGHTER, S., Seattle, fishing withouta recreation room, $2,400: Dr. W. break-in. Orchard and Christine Martin, 18, Tracey Gale, was born on of Shelton will be eligible for the improving the mail service. (94, Traceyton, license, S25 forfeit. Jay Hunter, cabin, $5,000; ClydeJim Matthews reported a Bremerton. , June 8 to Mr. and Mrs. Gale 50c cards. Rettkowski of Wilbur. For further information tOrfeit; James Knight, residence, $20,000; female Siberian Husky dog Grandparents are Lt. Col. (Ret.) contact the nearest Timberland 419 121tth E., Fisheries Department Dalbert Morris, residence, $5,000; missing. lg, $15 forfeit;Philip Baling, Rt. 1, Box 121, Jack Mullen, vacation home, and Mrs. J. A. Tobler of Shelton. Regional Library. In Mason Pioneer Board lt. 2, Box 730A Gene Ward reported a pram SUPERIOR COURT and M r. a n d Mrs. E. C. County the library is the North Lilliwaup, illegal possession of $17,000; Robert O'Brien, taken. NewCases Rettkowski of Wilbur. Mason Public l.ibrary in Belfair. A special meeting of the g, $15 forfeit', crab, $50 forfeit; Francis Kenney, residence, $4,500; ShorehillsMrs. B. K. Larson reported a Corrine Johnson against State Great-grandfathers are W. C. Pioneer School Board has been n, Kt. 1, nox~" ' 4318 55th NE, Seattle, possession Estates Community Club, Cocker Spaniel dog missing. Division of Public Assistance, Tablet and John B. Cormier of scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Monday ,Speeding, $15of more than lawful limit of retaining wall, $2,760; Thomas William Bullamore reportedappeal. Shelton. Her great-great- THE CRUELEST lies arein the school library. Purpose of rShall, 717 May crabs, $25 forfeit. Ragland, cabin, $2,800; Shelton the top part of a fireplace taken. Teddy Haddock and Norma grandmother is Mary I. tturley of often told in silence, the meeting is to close out the no motorcycle Sheriff's Office Cemetery Association, storage D. D. Marquardt reported Jo Fillo, marriage waiver. Federal Way. Robert Louis Stevenson building fund. lo helmet, building, $8,000; Charles Wattsll, several items taken from a house. Jack Meyer, Hoodsport, recreation cabin, $5,000; ,. no vehicle Jack McConkey reported a riving, $135physical controlof a motor Laurence Willy, residence, break-in. vehicle while intoxicated, $190~1 , Rt. 3, Box James Oberg reported a boat Ceding $15 fine, five days in jail, Rahn $7,800. ~, St. 'Rt 1Redman, Beaverton, Ore., SHELTONPOLICE taken. dcation ~,~-' speeding $15 fine. A keg of beer was reported A. D. Lester reporteda 1, Rt. 31 f]o; Municipal Department taken from a delivery truck, break-in. ! W. B. Bevington reported mailMark Petersonreporteda P u b lic Stanley J. Johnson, 1015 taken from a mail box. break-in. forfeit; Birch St., Shelton, displaying a A car driven by Joseph A. Mrs. Arne Sundquist reported Box 743, suspended license, driving while McLeod and a bicycle ridden by a break-in. ng While license suspended, negligent Gary Johnson reported he ve days driving, $1 55 fine; William Clyde Rains collided at Five Stewart, Rt. 3, Box 13, Shelton, Corners. Rains received minor found a shaving kit and some 698, driving while intoxicated, $190 PI. !tay right 'perator's fine; Curt Cheney, St. Rt. 2, Box 191AA, Shelton, aiming or firing a firearm in Evergreen Square, $100 fine, 30 days in jail, 27 suspended; Larry Watters, Rt. 4, Stone Box 49, Shelton, minor in ing, $15 possession of and consuming ~3225 intoxicants, $50 forfeit; Larry Harkins,. Rt. 1 0, Box 345, ne, $10 Sbelton, minor in possession of Ft. and consuming liquor, $50 forfeit; Michael Krise, 222% S. Fourth, S., Shelton, minor in possession of right of and consuming liquor, $50 forfeit; Robert Thomas, Rt. 1, Box 308, Shelton, no operator's license, $35 forfeit; David Knecht, 11702 Interlaken Dr., 655, Tacoma, furnishing liquor to minors, $50 fine; Susan Olson, St., 244 1 Rocket Point Rd., ng, $15 Bremerton, no arterial stop, Clayton Rt. 3, ~, to signal it; Lloyd injuries. Clement Gillette was taken to Mason General Hospital after falling on the steps at the Court House. Kellie Chappel reported a billfold lost. The back door of the liquor store was found open. Donald Anderson reported windows broken from a car. O. M. Baumgart reported his son found a pair of baseball shoes. Vehicles driven by Harriet Campeau and Janeen Deyette collided on S. First St. SHERIFF'S OFFICE Mrs. Paul Cook reported gasoline and several small items taken from vehicles. Thomas Turner reported "a boat adrift in Hood Canal. Windows were reported broken and a drinking fountain damaged at Hood Canal Junior High. Ruth Smith reported about $200 taken from her home. Mrs. Lindberg reported a cabin broken into and about a travelers checks. Andy Dennis reported a break-in. Dave Matheny reported tires taken. CITY BUILDING PERMITS Building permits approved by the city of Shelton during the past week were to Ira Morse, enclosed porch, $720; James K. Anderson, fence, $450. A building permit was approved by the city of Shelton to Jim Pauley, for converting a used car lot shed into a record store. FIRE DEPARTMENT June 12, 10 a.m., Nellie Nelson residence, 105 N. 5th, ~ papers in a stove flared up. June 12, 8:40 p.m. cardboard and a door in the alley behind Western Auto caught fire. $25 damage. June 9, 3:30 p.m., Amy Nelson residence, 301 Harvard, fire in sofa, floor and wall, $500 damage. minor consuming liquor, $65 fine; Debra Feulner, 2757 Rocky Point 1542 S. Dr., minor consuming liquor, $50 )eeding,fine; Randall Stanley, 1233 Rt. Franklin St., Shelton, speeding, Stop at no motorcycle endox~cement, $55 eXander forfeit; Pat Nolan, Edgewood Goo Power Cushion Polyglas" Blackwall '8.98 to ,14.84 on the same on many '71 cars. 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