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June 26, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 26, 1941

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ANGLE Editor lvlzmn ger Member of Washington Nt’WSpilpt'l' Publisher-5‘ Association and National Editorial Association A NEEDED RIB-DEDICATION President Roosevelt announces a nation-wide appeal on July 4th for re-dedication of the Amer— : ican people to the liberties gained in 1776 and the inalienable rights guaranteed under the Constitu- 4 tion. In View of the discard of many of those hu- man rights‘as old-fashioned and the threat of war to further involve'the national liberties, it is well to take the coming Fourth more seriously than inn ordinary celebration. THE FIRE DANGER SEASON I The danger of fire in the woods and every- ;‘where cannot be too often reiterated because the iaverage citizen is: prone to be careless in his ac- ltions until he has had-a lesson brought near home, ;or perhaps suffered ’loss through the careless 5action of others. t Most fires are due tolack of precaution at ,some time in the past, either in proper protection iin building, in electric Wiring, throwing inflam- 'mable materials and matches around with smok- ers as chronic offenders, and responsible for most lwoods fires. 1 Fire is a dead loss wherever it occurs, for ieven if the property is repaid in part for direct loss, the property can never be replaced and its jvalue is gone for good; this is particularly true in 9the case of woods fires and those which destroy the young growth. on which posterity must de— ‘pend for its living. l l 1: l l l I i l i A BADLY SCRAMBLED WORLD With every day tides turn in old world af- ‘fairs, the latest turn being of Hitler turning on his erst-while crony in crime Stalin in bitter war- .fare which is causing turns of opinion in this icountry on the part of our administration. ‘ After working at cross purposes for the year isince the second world war started, and crying . fout for money and spending it. lavishly the gov- ernment is coming itself to realize that our coun- try is in for war and is asking the people to take in their belts. ‘ , , labor played Iwith, farmers and industry forced to cut produc- ition, and demands for set prices in the face of rising wages and costs, until the threat comes of {foodless days and gasless Sundays, while our sur- 'plus is being sent to feed enemies. 1 Congress seems to have no idea of the value lof money nor willingness to save any in economy imoves to hold down the. growing deficits and §place a limit on tax demands; it smiles on the or— ! ganized pressure groups and frowns on any move- :ment which might protect the rights and inter- iests of the common and unorganized public. Taking a sensible View of things in the pres- ent stress, the administration might well heed its i own words and shut down on the freaks and some iof the so-called-“social gains” which are doubtful igains, freeze prices by checking boosts in every idirection that lead to higher prices for the help- gless public; and'give some thoughtto the future. * It hardly. makes sense to permit things tc run “hog-wild” in every direction While clamping down on every agency which could, if permitted, make the wheels go and production rise to meet the coming demands, but sound results and confi- dence cannot follow the “scrambled” brains at headquarters. SOLDIER MECHANICS Not only is this a mechanized war, but the training of mechanical recruits closely parallels the training of drafted soldiers. In New York City, for instance, defense training already operates on a 24-hour day. There are three shifts in the public vocational [schools, one class of mechanics entering as an- other leaves. Many who were once familiar with machine work, but have gone stale in idle years, are enlisted to brush up in courses of 30 hours 1 l itories in 100 hours, and aviation mechanics in 400 hours. “Working at top speed,” says Time, “U.S. public vocational schools by .next summer will have delivered to defense factories and airdromes nearly 500,000 mechanics.” . l This would be at the rate of a million a year, and the latter figure will be largely increased as the scope of the work is enlarged. Several other cities are working along the lines that are follow— ed in the metropolis. Such opportunities may be given before long in every community that has a industrial training school. It is evident that this is going to be a nation of skilled mechanics. We are not likely to have too many of them. There is no more useful class of citizens and, perhaps, no more intelligent class i l l i l i i i i 'district with the greatest gain of ,a week. Welders are graduated and ready'for fac- l I .1 How Styles Have Changed! Grapeview Club Sends Delegates To State Confab G r a p e v i e w, June 24~7Threc members of the Grapeview Gar-I den and Social Club attended thel convention of the State Federation l of VVomen’s Club last week in 5‘. Mrs. H. E. Peterseon, Mrs. Bert G. Mitchell and Miss Louise Mit- chell. It was very gratifying to have Mason County Districti bring home, for the third succes— sive year, the cup given to the. lew- federated clubs. We fell that the credit this year goes to tth new district president, Mrs. B. C. i Combs, of Shelton. We were proud to have our district fur» ,ther honored with the recognitionl ’given.Mrs. E. C. Riebow, of Fob, latch. She received a national award, a gold medal, for outstand— ing work done in Home Safety. Miss, Louise Mitchell came home ‘with three awards in the literary division of the state Fine Arts Valgpt Festival. The conventionl , many points of interest which ' Vic‘s. lf’eterson and Miss Mitchell| will report briefly to the Grape-‘ View Club, at: its meeting oni Thursday, this week. Stanley and Albert Richards were at their summer place overl the weekend making numerousi improvements; In another week -'we hope to have a rather com- plete report on the 'building that. has been done in the community in the last six months. There are a number of new constructions which deserve more detailed re- port. Miss Pearl Syrjala has been called to Washington, DC, to a, position in the officé of the Vet-1 eran’s Bureau. We wish her much E success and pleasure in this new. work. , Chester Hansen left on Friday; :pr a visit with his father in Seat- e. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Ferris and granddaughter Marilyn Were dinner guests at the Spooner home on Sunday. They are Seattle resi-} dents. Emilyn Fitch ,is making an! extended visit at. the home of her' uncle and aunt, Mr. and MI'SK H. E. Peterson. i The A. C. Robinson family and the McKenzie family were at. Echo Beach last weekend. ’ Mr. and Mrs. Ed Westberg have left for a trip to Minnesota. Bats Must Climb Bats cannot rise up into the air from the ground like birds, but must climb some object such as a post or a wall and drop off into the air. For this reason bats sleep upside down. When disturbed they release their clutch on the branch or beam to which they are hanging, drop a short distance and fly away. They’re Ozark “Smile Girls” Jimmy Dell Clatksville, “Smile Girl of 1941” to succeed 17, of was chosen Tillman, Ark., Jane Nichols of Bentonville, Ark., last year’s winner. Entries were from Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. llinks play, George Ashbzlugli Blind Bogey Sunday; , Hurry Handicap Cards Golfers have a— blind bogey tournament scheduled at the Shcl- ‘ ton golf course next Sunday to satisfy their desire for competitive . an- E nounced today. Starting time isl ten o’clock, as usual. l Ashbaugh had noch to get one] of the several tournaments he hair .Seattle. They were, the president} in mind for this summer under—1:; way this weekend but reports uni insufficient number 'of cards turn— 1 F on which to basclfi. t ed in so far handicaps. So far golfers haVe been slow to turn in their cards and until, several more do so there Won‘t Ut'i enough eligible to take '3; in‘, the tournaments to 4.- to hold them, Ashbaugll .. First Skyscraper The first skyscraper was built in Chicago. It was the Home Insurance building, 10 stories. W Ford engines have tough cast shafts that wear almost three times as long as other types. There are long-lived valve seat inserts on both intake and exhaust valves. At the critical points I‘ord Trucks are built extra tough. Let your local Ford dealer tell you how this extra toughness trucking costs. With these three great truck engines to Choose from—and a variety of body types— you can select the one Ford Truck that will m -» no u HEREVER EXTRA STRENGTH means longer life or lower upkeep, tllere Ford engineers wrote PLUS. Ford Trucks have big, tough frames. Springs are extra heavy. Ford hy- draulic brakes have extra. large drums; Clutches are oversize. The Ford cooling sys- tem has extra capacity and a big six-blade fan that is mounted direct on the crankshaft. YOUR CHGIEE 0F GREAT ENGINES! . THE GREAT V-8 . . . 95 HP OR 90 HP THE SUPER-ECONOMY “4" . . . 30 HP Biggest islilnzl Australia is the largest the world—so big. in fact often referred to as a continent. contains 2,974.58l square miles spite the fact that Allz'll‘ easily support only about 6,000,000 persons there and most of the interior is still ‘ unexplored. ‘12iiilllilllllililllllllilllllill DEAVE L. 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