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June 26, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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June 26, 1941

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June 26, 1941 “'5? A 3'4? "Army Trucks ‘Can Take It’ l I tar}! might is on the move! From Maine to California and b0I'Cler, men and materiel this week are converging on the maneuver areas, to begin in June the greatest schedule of tics ever held. For example, thousands of soldiers have C Camp Forest area for the “Battle of Tennessee,” where by the famous “Rolling Fourth” and 2nd Armored Divisions tae him 7 ’ E. Ga., and many other units from the East and Midwest. :5 ChWrolet 4 x 4 army trucks have now taken their posts and .— the rigors of the field, backed by months of testing under m-wheel-drive army trucks at the General Motors Proving l°Wi it ploughs through a mud hole that would stop anything 1here “iron horses” built for the army. l l I I M0 a Chevrolet 4 x 4 is shown on a 60% grade built especially l . , Tia—EATEn AT HOSPITAL lhIercantlle I Whitney Rodgers of Shelton es ‘was admitted to Shelton hospital ~\Corpora’tlon Wednesday for treatment. , Canal Mercantile I'da i :- mt. y f led a certi l HOSP|TAL PATIENT l 10, , l John Rider of Shelton was ad-' 1 of corporationl mitted to Shelton hospital today. '3 Office bearin . g the I h 1 'Katheryn WiISOn' E for Wiedlca care I e 3 MARRIAGE LICENSE 1“ States that a“; William Andrew DeCoy, 37, andl pad and a“ as" , Jessie Millikin, 27, both of Aber-I deen, at Shelton, June 26. I l M VACATION I . Glenn, daughter ' A. L. Glenn, re-i whome here yester-l tee-Week vacation‘ WEA- R. Egan of' ., “3 friends in San ‘ .Monterey, Calif. Site Takes Hike I Kill Devil hill, the dune on the North Carolina banks from which , the Wright brothers made the first airplane flight, has moved about 50 yards since the event. I -———~————————- I Ores and concentrates valued- at $142,000,000 and containing 1,- 386,000,000 pounds of recoverable copper were produced at cop- per mines in the U. S. in 1939, ac— icording to the Census Bureau. elm“ hospital n Wednesday. R RENT r CONAT 9161's — Pile Drivers — Gas Shovels Cks -- Logging Trucks & Trailers CLEARING and EXCAVATING Information and Estimates Free ROY KIMBEL Agent RICHFIELD PRODUCTS Shelton .31 6'43 M/Il’ 35 6’50 5 illlngs can happen to a car, the motorist l N complete peace of mind and protec- u [5 pocketbook is not content with in- I '. SlqInst one or two hazards only but insists . l ‘ .mOSl- comprehensive policy obtainable. 9,5UCh policy, written by one of the ‘ '"Suronce companies in the world. Let W" the cost for your car. I l PHONE 304 'SHELTON ,, WASH. :ESENTING THE ‘_ CASUALTY , SURETY COMPANY, HARTFORD, CONN. said day, Station 6 milcs car, and day pursuant to and dersigncd will on Saturday. o'clock in the City from. however, all public roads,‘ CCC '21 to 38. Tract H. Tract I. 4 lion‘) 4, Twp. 22 N., Range 1 Description No. 7. NWL/i NWJA, Section 21. Twp. 21 N., Range 2 W. W.M. Offer $40.00. Description No. 8. NW1/4 NINA, ‘ Section 29. Twp. " NV: you CAN’T SELL UNTIL you ERWUSE W_A_NT--ADS A on Monday. the 7th day of July. 1941, I NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE OF ABANDONED CAR NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That hour of 2 o‘clock P. M. of! at the Brock Dale Service North of Shelton. ill Mason County, Washington, I will .~ ll the following d. had abandoned lo—wit: 1929 Ford Pickup 25795, lVIOLIIl' at the l One. 1940 Llcr-nsc No. AS55649. at public auction, best. bidder for GIVEN under my hand, this 24th of June, 1941. E. F. MARTIN. Sheriff of Masonl County. Wash. bearing; No. I in the highest I cash. 6-20 ~1t. (1]) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha1 in conformity with on order of the Board of County Colu— I missioners of Mason County, State of Washington, duly mado and entered on the 281i) day of May. 1941. order— ing tho undersigned to sell. ill the manner provided by law (Section 133,, Chapter 263, Laws of 1927), the. un-' the 12th day of July, 1941. at the. hour of nine in the forenoon of said day. at the front door of the Court House' of Shelton, said County and State, offer for sale, at not lessl than the minimum price stated be— low. plus advertising and cruising, costs, to the highest and best bid- ders, all the right, title. and interest of said Mason County, excepting there roads. streets or alleys now in use. or rights-of—way for roads now owned, or sought to be appropriated atl . this date for public roads, CCC roads and pro- I by. or streets, by said county. vidcd further that proceeds from sale of forest products shall apply on con- tracts, in and to the following de- scribed l'cal properties, situated in said County and State, to-wit: I Description No. 1. Lots 1 lo Block 1; Lots 1 to 48, Block 2; Lots 1 to 56, Block 3; Lots 1 to 5, Tract‘ B, Lots 20 to 41, Tract D ,Tract E,. in Block 4;.l all Tract G. Lots and Lots and Lots 48 to 56, Lots 1 to 14, Tract F. 47 5. to 56, all in Block 5; Lots 14 to 20, Lots 24 to 28, all in Block 6; Lots 1 to 23 and Lots 28 to: 46, all in Block 7; Lots 1 to 46, Block 8; Lots 1 to 46, Block 9; Lots 1 to 19, and Lots 24 to 42, all in Block 10; Lots 1 to 46. Block 11; and Lots 1 to 23, Block 12; all 111‘ Lakewood Plat G, Mason County, Washington. Offer $75.00 Cash. Description No. 2. SE14 SW14. Sec- Offer $40.00. Description No. 3. SW14 SE14 Ex— cept Tract 15, Section 17: NW%, Nerfi and SW14 NW1; Except part of Tract 2, Section 19; all in Twp. 22 N., Range 1 W.W.M. Offer $150.00 Cash for all. Description No. 4. Wl/z SE14, Sec— tion 30. Twp. 22 N., Range 1 W.W.M. Offer $80.00. Description No. 5. Tract 20 and Tract 22, (both in SW14 SW14), Sec— tion 29; Tract 3 in SE14 SEV. Sec- tion 30; and Tract 18, Section 32; all in Two. 22 N., Range. 1 Of— fer $25.00. Description No. 6. SW14 SW14. Section 31. Twp. 20 N.. Range'2 . W.M. Offer $150.00 Cash. Section 29. Twp. 21 N., Range 2 W. W.M. Offer $40.00. Description No. 9. NE% NWIA, 21 N., Range 2 W. “W.M. Offer $40.00. Description No. 10.’ 81/2 NEW, SWI/i. Section 31; and W143 NWI/fi, Section 32; all in Twp. 21 N., Range 2 Offer $240.00. Description No. 11. SE14 SW14, Section 12. Twp. 20 N.. Range 3 W. W.M. Offer $80.00 Cash. Description No. 12. NEH, SW14. Section 13. Two. 22 N., Range 3 W. W.M. Offer $40.00. Description No. 13. 81/; SW14, Sec- tion 13. Twp. 22 N., Range 3 Offer $80.00. Description No. 14. Nl/g SW14. SEC- SEl/i. Section 18; tion 17: and SE14 .State of Washington I ing. as he may (lcsu‘e to m‘ 52, I 'jcct to Lots 1 to. SHELTON—MASON COUNTY JOURNAE NOTICE OF \VATER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5479 Office of pervisor of Hydraulics Olympia. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notico is; hereby given UIL‘J t N. lpr-ight of Shelton, State of l l I I Su- ington, under (lot. 1' June 3, I llled with the .‘ to Superv v of. Hydraulics, Olympia. Wasnington, an application for :1 permit to divert the public waters of an unnamed ‘rcum Lributal‘y of Pickering Pa‘ gt‘, lll= the amount of 0.01 of a no fool, subject to existing rig ll‘l)lll Alll'lll 15 to October 1 of each your for tho: ‘ purpose. of irrigation; and coutiilu- I ‘ ously for domestic supply; that mo ‘ . approximate point of diversion ls lo-E catcd within Govt. Lot 3 of Scctionl 34, tango :1 W. ‘ M., in Mason County. A map . ing the location and plan of . diversion and the. place of the })l‘U~I posed use is on filo in the. office of the State Supervisor of Hydraulics, Olympia, Washington, (ogcthvr with such othcr information as is requir- cd by law. Any pcrson, firm whose right will be fooled by said application may fill» with tho State Supervisor of Hyde raulics, at Olympia Washington, such objections or reprc ultations Township 21 N., corporation 5. I'- (11' I lllJLll‘lhuS " witl .c, this 5th day of June, A. D., 1941 CHAS. J. BARTHOLET. State Supervisor of Hydraulics. (SEAL) T26. 8—3—er2l. W'A’I‘ER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. .3498 State. of \Vushington ()fil'cc of Sn- pervisor of Hydraulics ()lymplh} TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that K. W. Blanchard, of Shelton, ington, under date of June filed with the: Slate Hydraulics, Olympia, application for a permit to (Il\'(’l‘l. the public waters of an unnamed spring tributary of Mill Creek, 111 the amount of 0.075 of a second loot. surl— cxisting rights, l'l'om_ April 15 to October 1 of each year {chino purpose of irrigation and colitlllu- oust for donmsuc supply; that tho approxunate point of diversion 1:; located within swig of SVVM oi Sci:- NOTICE OF 21, Superwsor Washington. an 11:41. W.M., in Mason County. A map show— ing the. location and plan of said diversion and the place of tth pl-o—_ posed use is on file in the ofllcc. of the State Supervisor of Hydraulics, Olympia. Washington, together VVllh such other information as is l't‘QUll‘rtd by law. Any person, firm whose right will be fectcd by said application may file with the State Supervisor of Hyd- raulics, at Olympia, Washington, such objections or representations. In writ- ing, as he may desire to make. with— in thirty (30) days after date 01 last pélblication, which date is July 3. 41. Witness my hand and official sI-al this 24th day of June, A. D.. 1941. CHAS. J. BARTHOLET, Statc Supervisor of Hydraulics. (SEAL) ‘ 6-26. 7~372c corporation :41» or injuriously No. 1437 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior (‘ourt of the. State of Washington in and for thr- (loun— ty of Mason, In l’ruhiitc. In the Matter of tho Estate of ED— WARD DICKENSON PAYNE, Dcrwas— ed. Notice is hereby given that the un~ dcrsigncd has been appointed and has qualified as administratrix of the cs— vcrificd, on said administl‘atrix or he attorney of record at the address bo- low stated, and file the sanele with the clerk of said Court, together with proof of such sorvicc, within six months after the date of first pub- lication of this notice or the sumo will all in Twp. 23 N., Range 3 Offer $120.00 Cash. Description No. 15. WM, Lot 1, all of Lot 2, and that up lattedwmrtionl of, Government Lot of Lilliwaup Falls, containing 1.30 Acres. more or less. all in Section 30, Twp. 23 N., Range 3 Of- l'cr $65.00. Description No. 16. Tract 20. Section 11, Twp. 22 N., Range 4 0f- fer $5.00. _Description No. 17. Wl/z SE14, Sec- tion 2, Twp. 19 N., Range 5 Offer $125.00. Description No. 18. Tract 47 of Es- rom Place Tracts, Section. 13, Twp. 20 N.. Range 5 Offer $10.00. Description No. 19. SEE/1 NWIA. Section 24. Twp. 20 N., Range 5 W. ying es tcrly W.M. Offer $40.00. OMER L. DION. Treasurer of Mason County. (SEAL) 6-19-26. 7—3—3t. ORDINANCE NO. 335 AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO BUILDING PERMITS IN THE CITY OF SHELTON, AND THE USES OF THE CITY STREETS FOR THE CARRYING ON OF BUSINESS. THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF‘ SHELTON DO ORDAIN AS FOL- LOWS: SECTION I: That the City of Shel- ton. its Mayor, Council, Officers, Agents, and Employees. shall not is- sue any building permit to any Corporation, Company, Firm, or per- son whatsoever, where, after the use of the building ermit and the erec- tion of a building thereunder, any part of the City Streets, Alleys, or otllelfibuSlness places will be used and occupied temporarily or permanently for other than street, alley, or other public purposes. SECTION II: This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect five (5) days. from and after its passage and publlcation according to Law. INTRODUCED IN regular Council Meetln this 5th day of June, 1941. I PASS‘D IN regular Council Meet- mg this 19th day of June. 1941. APPROVED: William E. Stevenson, Mayor. ATTEST: Glenn W. Lenders, City Clerk. APPROVED AS TO FORM: ~ Charles R. Lewis, City Attorney. (CITY SEAL) 6-26—r-1t. NOTICE. OF SPECIAL ELECTION A Special Election will be held in School District No. 306 on Saturday. June 28th. 1941, for the purpose of VOtmg on a Special 5 Mill Levy to cover General Expenses of. the Dis— trlct. -The polls will. be open at the Lilllwaup School House from 1 to D. II]. C.‘ W'. JOHNS. Clerk of_tlie Board School District No. 306. 6—19-24-26~—3t. No. 1437 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior Courtvof the State of Washington in and for. the Coun- ty 01 Mason. In Probate In the Matter of the Estate of ED- ggARD DICKENSON PAYNE, Deceas- Notice is hereby given that the un— chIgnated has been appointed and has qualified as adniiniszralrix 0f the es- Current Expense Warrants Nos. 10278 School District No. School District No. School District No. SchOUI Distr'ct N . ' (SEAL) l o 309 Building Fund be barred. Date of 19. ' 1941. VALEVE PAYNE WEBBER, Adnlinistrau-ix of said Estate, ' Shelton, Washington. l DOANE BRODIE, . IAttorney for Estate. Angle. Building. Shelton, Washington. 1 6—19-26. 7-3-10~—4t. first publication June l NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that sealed bids will be received by the. Board of County Commissioners of Mason County, Washington, in their office at the court house in Shelton, up to two o'clock p. in. on Monday, July 7th, 1941, for the construction of Mason County _Road Project No. 15, 1941 Road .Olllng, which project consists of Units 1, 2 and 3 com- bining bituminous surface treatment light and non-skid single seal ollcd road construction, Bids will be ro- ceived up to the_ time fixed and then opened and publicly read aloud. Plans and specifications are now on file With the County Auditor where they may be examined by prospective bidders and may be had upon re- ceipt of $5.00. which sum shall be forfeited unless plans and specifica« tions are returned in good condition within f1ve_days of awarding bid. The englneers' preliminary esti- mated quantltles, Including those com- bined in Units 1, 2 and 3, are as follows: Item 1. preparation of roadway oil, 29.55 miles; Item 2, preparation of lroadway. unOlled. 6.8 miles; Item 3, bituminous cement road 01'] 1Vl.C.-2 in place on roadway, 445 tons; Item 4, Screened gravel surfacing, ~11 inch minus in place on roadway. 4850 cubic yards; Item 5_. bituminous cement, R. C.-4 road Oil in place on roadway, 120 tons; Item 6, schedule A, coarse screened gravel. inch to 1,4; inch in place on roadway. 1200 cubic yards; Item 7, schedule. A, fine screened gravel, 1,1 inch to O, in place in road— way, 450 cublc, yards; Item 8, water in place on roadWRY. 70 M gallons. Road 011 to_bc used on this project will be furnished to the contractor by Mason County under the, terms of its contracts vnth prozucers and dis— tributors, according to special pro— visions. Each bid must name unit price on each item ,as specified and be ac- com amed byccrtifled check payable to reasurer of Mason County for five. percent. of total bid. Dam of completion of work to be on or before August 1st, 1941. The Beard-requires that where pos- sible the contractors will em 10y resi- dents of Mason County who are Americanrmtlzens and that the min- imum wage shall be $4.00 per legal day. All material used on the Work shall be procnred Within Mason Coun- ty from local dealers when available. subject to kind and quality provided for in the standard specifications and bond must be secured from a local agent of an aCCeptable bonding com- pany. Bids of contractors residing outside of State ,of Washington will not be considered. Board reserves the right to reJect any and all bids. Dated this 26th day of June, 1941. HARRY DEYETTE. County Auditor and Ex« Offlcm Clerk of the Board of County Com- mlssloncrs, Mason County, Washington. 7-3—2t. 6-26. NOTICE OF: WARRANT CAL Notice is hereby given that the following Mason County Warrants are called lorpayment at the office of the Treasurer of said County, and that interest Will cease on the date of the publication of this notice: to 10503 inclusive; Publlc Assistance (Social Security) Warrants Nos. 207410 2181 inclusive; 2 Warrant Nos. 2008, to 2012 inclusive; 43 Warrant Nos. 1951 to 1954 inclusive; , 45 Warrant Nos. 2920 to 2931 inclusive; 1 School District No. 302 Warrant Nos. 1612 to 1625 inclusive; $611001 District No. 304 .Wai'rant Nos. 1210. to 1219 incluswe; 85: OMER L. DION. Treasurer of Mason County. VVarranl No. Dated at Shelton. Washington June 24, 1941. ‘I‘OR' SALE: six room house and ill writ— 1 I I State of \Vush—I of tion 28, Township 20 N., Range 3 W. ‘ 4——--—--~—‘-— vvv~vv vvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvv LEGAL PUBLICATION I Real Estate - I A“AAALMAA“‘.AAMAAM furnished or unfurnished. $2800: terms. Phone 328-J or 499. Rfl5-13—tf. 21,43 acres on Arcadia Road. 5— room house, Chevrolet coupe and trailer, reconditioned, 1927 Buick sedan, outboard motor. M. L. Kolmorgail, Route 3. 5-29-»—6-29—-1M. WATERFRONT BARGAIN Quar- ter mile frontage, 25 acres, creek, low bank, on Big Skoo— kum, south side. Known as Call— ncry Point. MAKE ME AN OF-l FER. Ray C. Gruhlke, Capitall 5—15—-6~26—13t. lot. Inquire J. H. Turner, Angieside. 6~19~24-26-7-1—4t FOR SALE OR TRADE: 80 acre ranch, 6 room house, chicken house, garage. Hay is ready to cut. 1'3 acres cleared. in thirty (30) days after date of lastl publication, which date is July 3, I 1941. Witness my hand and official seal . I I Summit Drive, four rooms and breakfast nook; full basement and furnace; nice yard, lawn, shrubs and trees: garage and fence. Handy to stores, church and 'school. Reasonably priced at 32500. Terms $500 down, $25 a mo. See M. C. ZINTHEO, Realtor; Title Ins. Bldg, Phone 157. . ' m FOR SA LE modern suburban home on paved highway, fireplace, basement, plastered with new I paper. Has excellent well kept I yard with many beautiful flow- ers and shrubs. Small conser- vatory attached to home with many plants. Includes about 2 acres of excellent soil and gravity water system. This is one of, the finest suburban homes in the county and will make an excellent home. Why not see it today if you want a really fine home that is close in. some terms. 11-acres in Kamilche Valley, fine soil and most all under culti- vation. Has good 4-room house with large chicken house. Elec— tric lights, daily mail and about 8 miles from Shelton. Will sell for $1775 and give good terms to reliable party. 5-room modern home with large I upstairs in excollent condition, 7~room duStiess street. Will sell for I $4500 and allow some terms. '7—room home in best district. Large lot with excellent side- walks. A very good buy at $2450.00, terms $350 down and $20.00 per month at 6%. Why not see it today? 4-room unfinished home, with 2 large tracts of land, good well and raspberry and strawberry patches. Plenty of wood on ‘property. Close in. A rent beater at $1,000, with'$75.00 , down and $20.00 per month, 6% interest. 20—acres more or less located on Spencer Lake. Good beach and good fishing. Located in quiet spot and a good buy at $1,000. Terms. * * =l< BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Good going store on well traveled road and fully equipped and l stocked, gasoline pumps, oil and air service also. Includes 4-rm. modern home and 3 acres of land. Busy district surrounding. I If you are interested in a good business proposition with good easy income I would be glad to show you this property. Cash price or terms. one should want in a nice home. at lSmall place ivith 1A acre of ex- I cellent ground. 1-room house and cabin with garage attach- ed. Berries, garden and flowers. Mostly all cleared ready to cul- tivate. This place is close in and will make a fine home for a ' couple or single party. See it today. Half cash, balance on terms ................. .. $790.00 9?- at in good condition. Refinished in- side. Good yard. Why pay rent when you can buy a home for as low as $250 down and $20.00 per month ? l5—room modern home, 3 bed rooms, l ~I< 2:: ' al' Business building in Shelton. Ren- tal income. Terms. $4,600.00. l * =3 t l " * * * 5-room modern home, with hard- wood floor, fireplace, furnace and basement, 21/2 acres of ex- cellent ground, with fruit trees and large chicken houses. This , will make you a fine surburban I home, close in, $2850, terms, may be arranged. Will trade. Herbert G. Angle l Angle Bldg. Phone 304 late of Edward Dickenson Payne. deceased ; l _I1121L all persons having lcl-‘llms against said deceased are here- by‘rcquircd to Sl‘l'VP. the same, duly verified, on said udminislralrix or her ulto‘ncy of rccord at the address bu- low stated. file the same with tho clcl'k of .lld Court, together with prool of such service, within six }months after the. (lato of first pub— ,. £1. licalion of this noticc'or the. same will be barred. D211“. (If 19. 1941. VALEVE PAYNE WEBBER, Administratrix of said Estate Shelton, Washington. DOANE BRODIE, Attorney for'Estate. Angle Building, Shelton, Washington. 6-19-26. 7-3-10—4t. first publication June Theatre Building, Olympia, Wu; . FOR SALE: modern? 5-room house, with large sun porch and large barn, , N. W'. Mutlock. Inquire G. L. Bliss. seen—1-2:. I FOR SALE: Modern home on Will sell for $5800 and give. o- up- : FOR SALE: 5-room modern house, SHELTON FURNITURE UP- holsterillg, furniture recovered and rebuilt, free estimates, 714| Joe Nussbaumcr, ' Ellinor Ave. proprietor. Phone 590—W. 6-20. 7-20~~~-1M. SAM,‘ Have you heard that you can get a “License Plate Key Tag,” and chain, with your own licensel FOR RENT: new two-room apart» number printed on it in baked enamel, in your own state colors, lFREE, with any purchase at 'Al I I liuerby Motors? Your pal Pete P.S.»J1‘hey also have those new 13. F. Goodrich Tires, with “Dura- n I I - Tice, 11th andl I l ANDREWS PHOTO STUDIO l BULLDOZING, grading, excavat- ing, etc. Reasonable rates. See Clarence Wivell Lorraine Dairy, ., phone 17F1. 5-27. 6-27M1M. FILMS DEVELOPED I 25¢ per roll Free Enlargement I each roll. I FIR DRUG STORE coupon with I I LARGE srzm Duplicating SALES BOOKS ‘ 5¢ Each )r 55¢ per dozen , 11am 01", Egygr'a “wckwmn gurus hard wood floors, fireplace, full (eciaasc ; la. a persons ' amiin , r,‘ , ~ , claims against said deceased arc here-q" bafiementl furna'v‘f ‘ind 111C 6. lby required to sorvc the same, (1111 yzrl‘d. Cement Sidewalk and, ' lWe also take orders for all kinds I of special—— I PRINTED SALES BOOKS lOur prices are all low or lower than outside salesmen can quote you. I THE JOURNAL ‘ VW'V'VVVVV' V‘w'v'm Used Cars vvvvvvvvvvvvv "' v 1938 BUICK 4-door\touring se. dan, nicely equipped, 4 new tires. New car guarantee $645 1937 BUICK 5 passenger coupe. radio, heater, new brakes, new paint _________________ __ $545 1937 CHE T DeLuxe 4 dr. sedan, radio, heater, spot light. l new paint .................. ._ $495 1937 CHRYSLER Roya Coupe. l new paint, 4 new tires .... .. $495 1938 Pontiac “8" business coupe. I Radio, heater, low mileage $595 June 30 High [1936 CHEVROLET, radio, heater,l 1 new paint ____________________________ .. $385 i1933 STUDEBAKER sedan, eXCel- I lent condition thruout, radio $325 ‘1933 PONTI C COUPE. New paint _____________________________ _. ..... .. $185 Several Model A’s .. $85 - $125 ' Better Values -— Lower Prices a stronger guarantee you’ll not find anywhere! All ’41 state tested . . . BOB ERVIN NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF EQUALIZATION I_ The Board of Equalization of Mg:- son County. Washington, will meet in open session Monday, July 7, 1941. at ten o‘clock at the office of the County Assessor, County Courthouse, Shelton, Washington, for the purpose ofcqual- izing assessments of property in sald County. a (I will continue in scssxon from time 0 time for two weeks. At I this time any taxpayer may bring to lthe attention of the Board any com- .plaints regarding assessments for the current year. WARREN LINCOLN, Mason County Assessor. , 6-19. 7—3—3t. No. 1388 NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL , ACCOUNT AND REPORT AND PETI- I TION 0F EXECUTOR FOR SETTLE- MENT, DISTRIBUTION AND DIS- l CHARGE. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MASON. IN PROBATE. In the Matter of the Estate of SARAH A. ECKERT. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that Walter O. Eckert, Executor of the above entitled estate, has filed with the Clerk of said Court hl_S final account, reportand petition for set— ill-ment and distribution of the estate Iof the deceased, wherein the’ Court is asked to a prove said account and report, make istribulion of the. estate, and discharge the. Executor. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN. that in accordance with an order of the said Court made and entered on the 17th day of June, 1941. a hearing will be had before the Courbqn said final account, report and petition on Saturday, the 19th day of July, 1941. at 10:00 o'clock, A. M., on said day in the Court Room of said Court in ltlie Court House at Shelton, Wash- ] in rton. . ated this 19th dav of June. 1941. CLARE ENGLESEN. Clerk of the Superior Court for Mason County. Washington. ALDEN C. BAYLEY. Attorney for Executor, Title Insurancu Building, Shelton, Washington. 6—19—26. 7-3-10-—4t. ‘— V‘A._— m- ——-—————_—— NALWANT Ans “m‘-“ 'm'm" "wmvvvv'v- Classified Service I I I “AMA” WAAAAAAAQAA ‘FURNISHED APARTMENTS for borough Apts, Second and Knee- Then rent“ this» fully 4-room furnished apt. Page ———~—— -—-——--.w RATES For Rent On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line. (5 words) first insertion, attractively low rates on subsequent insertions. Min- imum charge 40c. rent cation. (2 and3rooms). Good lo- Very reasonable. Golds— land Streets, Shelton- Classified advertisements ac- 5—7-tf. I cepted over the telephone from I i I I AVAILABLE JULY 1: unfurnish- apartment 3 rooms and bath. Phone 37—M after 7:30. 221. No; 10th St, across from tennis. courts. S—6-24‘-26--7-1-.’,‘~#4t. phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 10c will be made when billing is necessary. Card of thanks 500. ment, furnished. Mrs.’ Edith Whittle, Route 3, Box 1, She1-’ Classified Display Rates on ton. W—r 6-1~tf. 1 Request. ’ F—OR IENT;"*‘”"_"“""‘“ Phone 100 3-1‘oom furnished apartment, private bath. Mill Street Apartments, phone 259M. . 'VVV'V'VVVVVVVVMVVVVVV 6u2—-tf. ‘ IWI For Sale DO YOU WANT ADDITIONAL I INCOME? , . FOR SALE CHEAP: Mowing machine, hayrake, harrow and cultivator. Phone 2 1 7J3 ev‘e- nings. J—6—17-19-24-26-w4t. equipped' store. Living quarters in build-1 ing. To reliable party 'only $25 per month. FOR SALE: Red cockc-r spaniels. Phone 483-W. Mrs-.g Leonard Brown, Capital Hi‘l’l‘i 346-24—tf Herb Angle, Angle Bldg. IFOR SALE: practically new Es- "vvvvmWVWW‘v'vv' “ _ tate wood range, 18 inch oven, l about half price. Avene Richert, I 918 Turner, Shelton. 6—24--8—1-3t l WAMAAAMA‘ AA ‘AAAA-I AAA WANTED TO BUY: two wheell FOR SALE: 2 mares,~ yrs. old. trailer; cheap. C. M. Hovdey,;i true and sound, mowing mach- Bonneville Office, Box 509 Shel-I me and other farm machinery. ton, 6-28-_7-1A2t, or will trade for milk cows. F. l I I I l I I l I I l l I I I l l I I 'I I l I i I I H. Landgrath, Upper Skokom- ish Valley. 6-24-26v-7-1-3—4t- STEADY WORKw—GOOD PAY—I RELIABLE PERSON WANT— -— ,V ,q 1, .. ED to call on farmers in Masonl Cfiheav‘tngfzsmfifidn County. No experience or capi- E F Goofirigh girég ‘ ““7 tal required. Some making $100| ’ ' V 'j_ ill a week. Write MR. INMAN, DRY CEDAR EDGxNGs. May 242‘; Magnolia Stu oaklandvl have for hauling. Churchill Mill, cahf' 6‘24‘26““2t-% Matlock Route. 6—26—1t. CHRISTMAS TREES WANTED1lFOR SALEzd’i goal milk cans”. large or small lots. Highest, 2 Guernseys, 5 Jerseys. Two to prices. Mattson Carlson; 4125} be fresh. David M. Crosswhite, Sixth Avenue, Tacoma. 1,"2 mile north of Belfair. 6-26—1t 6-24-26—-7—1-3-8-10—15-17—78tj USED FURNITURE ‘ 1—Montag‘ range with coil $49.50 vvvvvv'vvw "vv » "MW V Il—Montag range .............. .. 27.50 _ I lfiMontag circulator, good I as new .......................... .. 39.50 LOST: partly finished needle-Il—Quaker Radiant Burnoil point, about 16 inches square; heater .............................. .. 29.50 between Railroad AvenUe andila—Westinghouse Electric courthouse, Saturday evening. range .............................. .. 29.50 Please return to Mrs. Lydia Towers, County treasurer’s of- fice. 6—26wlt. Olsen Furniture Co. USED APPLIANCES RANGES WOOD LOST: red pique dressmaker bath- ing suit between Pine and Cotal Streets. Mildred Daniels, 12th _ ’fi I1—Lang ............................ ..$39.50 andfiBayviewA. mwd 26__ >1t. , 1ALang _______________ u H 2750 l 1~-»Home Comfort 44.50 LOST: will the person who found 1 1i. Montag ............................ .. 29.50 a_ ladies black kid glove down- i... Montag _________________________ 39.50 town please return it to Jour- 1- Monarch 24.50 rial office. C~—6—26-—1t., 1— Western _ ,;_ 2.4.50 ‘, 1’ Laundry ............. ....:-. ..... .. 12.50 i ELECTRIC RANGES ‘1 ' ,1—Hot Point (only f TldeS Of the eek : slightly used) ' ...... ....... ..'..$79i50 Computed for Oakland Bay REFRIQERAgogg‘iU “1°32? $332312:ERIE?” 1~Sparton . 109:50 l;1——Grunow ......... .. 79.50 . Fri. Low 1:24 a.m 5.8 ft. I Wf‘SHING ,MACHINES , . r ll—Maytag, rebuilt ...$39.50 June 27 High 5.42 a.m 9.7 ft. , .- ,1—-Norge .. 27.50 Low 1:19 pm -1.4 ft. I Hi h 9-09 m 113c 1—‘N0rge 2450 g P- * - - 1—Thor .... .. p 19.50 Sat. Low 2 :16 am. 5.5 ft. MISCELLANEOUS June 28 High 6:28 a.m. 9.3 ft. 1—aut0matic Gas Hot water Low 1 :58 p_m -1.0 ft. heater ——————— ..................... “$24.50 High 9:41pm 11.4 ft. 1—palr bed springs 4.75 _ ll—lce box ................... .. 5.00 Sun. Low 3.10 a.m. 5.0 ft. June 29 High 7:30 am. 8.9 ft. Used Dept. 117 Com. Low 2:40 p.m. -0.4 ft. . . ‘ _. A " Mon. Low 4:08 a..rn. 4.3 f? 8:51 am. 8.4f'. . i " . Low 3:25 pm. 0.4.ft. ‘ M‘m. ., , High 10:47 p.m. 112‘4'ft. , , .1, ' I 7 1'11 Tues. Low 5:07 a..m. 3.4 ft. ALDEN 0- BAYLEY' I‘ July 1 High 10:21 am. 8.0 ft. ATTORNEY AT LAW Low 4:14 pm. 1.4 ft. . ' ‘ Hi h' 11:22 . . 11.4fm. Tm“ “dun”? Building . g p m Opposite First National Bank's I Phone 23'. -v r: Shelton -—-—- National Forest Timber For Sale! INSURANdE HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle fiifldlng u—n—In- Sealed bids will be received by the Forest Supervisor, Box 187, Olympia. 'Washlngton up to 10 A. M. July 26,r 1941. for all the live timber marked 01‘ designated for cutting. and all merchantable.dead timber located on an area embracing about 400 acres Within Sections 20 and 21. T 23 N, R_ 5 W., Dry Creek Watershed. Olym- pic National Forest, Washington. (ls-l tlmatcd to be 6.070.000 feet. B.M., feet B.M., more or less. of Douglasvi’ir. 2.190.000 feet B.M.. more or less of western hemlock and other species. No bid of less than $4.50 per M feet, B.M. for Douglas—fir, $4.35 per M feet B.M. for western red cedar and $0.50 DEBI‘ M feet B.M. for hemlock and othcr Species will be considered. A co- r>Derat1ye deposit of $0.35 per M feet BM. for timber mel'chantable under the terms of the agreement, in addi- tion to the prices bid for the stump- agf‘. to cover the cost of slash dis- posal will be required. $2.- 000.00 must be deposited with each bid. to be applied on.thc purchase price, refunded, or retained in part as liquidated damages, according to conditions of sale. The right to re- lect any and all bids reserved. Be- Iore bids are submitted full informa- tion concerning the. timber, the con— ditions of sale, and the submission of bids should be obtained from the District Ranger, Hoodsport, Wash— lngton. or the Forest Supervis 1' Post. Office Building, Olympia. Was iiigton. 6-26 and 7-10—21. ELLIOT B. SPRING ' Accounting Tax‘ Services! Bookkeeping.- Systems 123 4th St.‘ Phone 565 Painting Interior Decorating . GEO. A. MLCREARYI Phone 559—J Shelton, Wri. Papering International Correspondence~ School Shelton Representative: NOTICE OF CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION. WILBERT CATTO thNOD’I‘ICE CIS'IHSEREBYFCIVEN, that .c 0 we lVl ‘cl'l'icc .omnllsslonot‘ , the City of Shelton will. on Monday phone 591 w evening. July 14th. 19:11, at 7:30 O’clock P._M. in the City Hall. in Shelton. Washington. hold an oral ' and written examination for Cityi Pol'mman. MT. MOW'AH LODGE 1i pTICE IStF‘URTH‘lER GIVEN. that . a crsons a.lng tic Examinatiin rIiJlusit file :1p1)ll(‘2l1inf(‘i1SCWllh the No. 1‘ F'&'A'M. n el‘SIgnc crl'etar' an hhf E, ‘ ‘ uminer on or licforg Monday: July Next Regular communicaflon-fl 7th, 1941. JULy5 Dutcd this 24tlcljfldag of June, 1941. A ' A '. R. LEWIS, i . H. NEEDH M, Secretary and ChinI M Worshi fix] lMagter Examiner, Civil Scr- p. Vic-3 Commission for 1hr: City of Shelton, Washington. 6-24-26. 7-1-3—4t. J. L.‘ CA‘r'rb, ‘ Secretary.