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July 1, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 1, 1941

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1 PM.“ [Byron 1).; SE', soc. Twill ‘i‘v’. Yt‘lll‘ in Certificate Cer— Original Certificate No Roll Pal—1'1: 33. lain“ _' _______. 20 N., R. I; W.W.M. Yr iii (ioi-th tiii" Page 25. Line 19, Ass :d to PortI soil, liltti'l F._ ’ 9 . (‘Jilt‘ 1 Certificate “ . ' lii lnal Certificate NO. Roll Blakely Mill Co.; SW34 SW14, Sel'. T Roll 2.}P‘dizt‘ Line Assessed to North! 32, Twp. 19 N., R, 4 Year in C’ Piin ox. Lille 28. Aksnsgrxd U, pug“ Pacific Public Service Co.j\NVV% in Certificate Certificate ‘Mill (To.; NEIII SW", NW1h SpCI 3;. SEE... Sec. 8. Twp. 22 N R. 3i, Original Certificate Roll 3. 'o L E A N I N G Yelm Tr00ps Put HELps PROLONG THE No. 348 issued in one certificate in book form- Y T I ‘N er - i' i i i I Y , ., L'FE OF OUR CLO HES In um at eal VOTTAIN%%IPECEOC%}¥EUNO.O%NT and dated the 7th day “t mm" 1911' Twp. :30 N., R. .‘l WAN/.M. Year in W.W.M. Year in Certificate Ccr— Page 25. Line 22. Assessed to Port‘ . I I CeriiIl'it'att- l‘92i'l, IIt'Yr-i‘til'it-ate tifit'ltlif I I BIlakely Mill NVV‘AV SELL. Sec. 1 10. . s . I I t, th St I: by the Treasurer of said Mason (,oun— Original et-rtlilclltw No. 60. Roi 2, Original Certificate No. Roll I Twp. 19 4 W.W.M. Year. I111 ItheI bquerlOX roult 0 e =18 ty, Washington. and_issued to the; Page Lille 1. Ass ‘sed fr. StilfiL Page 91. Line, Assessed to North. in Certificate Certificate Edward L Curtis Rcrriorlall, of Washington for Mason VCounty. {said Mason County for the several . By in NE‘, Nlfl‘i, Stt'. 32. Twp. Pacific Public Servi E Co.‘ NElg‘l Original Certificate No. toll P‘ ~ '- t 5. d MASON COUNTY. WASHINGTON. a! amounts due and owing for ta. s R. 3 lt/.vv.ih.";~ar iii (‘el'tiii— NWH. Sec. 51 Twp 22 N’ Page 27. Line Assvssvd in Port Sim Scout EXBCUUVC “as announce ilglunirilial Corporation and wept thei each and every lot. tract. or parcel l rate 1 (‘el-tif Ytisi- iii t‘mrtificate Cer—i Blakely Mill Co; ND; Nwlg, slit-W10. ., the Change Of the Troops 0f Yelm. (40“111103 0f the Stat“ Washlngton. I of land hereinafter more particularly‘ ()r 7 18. Twp. 19 4 W.W.M. Year in Certificate I i Orig izil Ct'l'iiflt‘aiv l l l l i I I ‘ilial Cert R01 2 l til'icatv . I . i I“ t I -v I -4 a hneck, d 'b d . d t f th .. 'd i v v) a_ " a, .l' v- ,, . - r ‘ u . iv i “r ‘7 . ( "u" l (‘ -l‘tlflc ,' NIOICOH, and Mineral from the PM“ “LlIff ‘5 Gm“) Malan‘y e ‘1" Se .01" v 5011 amour“ 51. / bl. Llut u. . to bcott, l ()1 Iii , Ctitlilcate No. Roll 2, in Ceitlficatl Ct.ltitlt.ltc I )llslna t all pitrsOflS helemafier named d5 OWH' being set out nppOSite each particular Byron IVVl/JY HE Twi), l Pagchilz. Line 1. Assessed to Wash- Original Certificate No. Roll :1. Page 82. Line 10v Tacoma counCll t0 the Tumwater ers of any of the hereinafter described in Comm, mgmn Stan, LOgI COI. NEi/IrL NEiIéI Page 27, Line, Assessed to Port‘ son, Etil'l F. et i 1 description and being the amount duel 20 N., R. l l i Council, Boy Scouts of America, real llro‘gmthy. antiIa,£I1IllmIDpetrosogi‘:nug;l zImId tdelinquent iiiIiohf IcacIlli particular cafe Certificate Sec. 10. Twp. 22 N.. 3 W.W.M. Blaker Mill Co; NVVl/Jt Nwii, Scr.‘ 10. Twp. 15: Nit. hese‘ 111 g C l 1 T i 0, rac. or parce O an rcspet:tivc—; Original Certificate Rt 1 2.' Year in C-rtit‘icati cg ‘fic TWp. 19 N.. 4 \V.W.M. Year iii Ccrtii‘icli 0 It It was thought by ha‘mg t 1 having or claiming to have. any light. , for taxes for the years to Fag-ii 5L I Assnlérd tr, sign“, 1 ' L at] atet in Certificate Certificate l Ori nal Cci'tlf lTI‘OOpS. Wthh aTeI already WlthmI title. estate. interest or equity in ant} inclusive, for which said Mason Coun-‘ Byron D.; the various counties of the Tum-i to said property or any part thereof. ty claims right of foreclosurc as will N.. to N(,_ 11 I Roll 1 Original Certificate No. Roll 3:, Page 82. Mile Sctt. Twp. . ‘ sscd m cFadonI Page Line 8, Assessed to Port son. 'l a I Original Certific' Year in Certifi- Page 92. Line As l v . t . , ‘ i i Dolendants. more speCifically appear by reference (“LLtl‘ 3 1). \yE . Blakely Mill 0).: SE NW1: . Sec, 35, , 10. Twp. 19 . 4 water Counml Terntom’ that tleY l You. and each you. are hereby to each particular description herein, ( 'rliizil No. Ho 1 3 TWD~ N-- R- ‘1 W-W-Tvl“ YWU' 1“ in C.""“““"”“ 4" V could best be serviced and receive; “Om-led that the aboyp mde main- together with an inter“, mth and, . . . C. mic I I I , r 4 -’~. : _« »- « . ssessfl to butt, Cat‘ Ccrtil -t/ ".r Executive SUpeI‘VlSlOn through the; tiff. Mason County. a munICipal cor- penalties thereon up to and includiiigl . hwii, 32, film 6.43m.” Germ-12%).; bi, fig, R011 2 Tumwater Council Executive and and th“ lawfully 0‘" the 7th day or June, thorium w Year 111 Ccrtiii— Pagt- Lille Assessed to North .. .L'amzcd and emstmscuuntles 0f the, of the person. firm or corporation to, Cert ' titc Pacific Public Service Co.‘ Niall - - Office. State of Washington. is the owner and whom orIWhlch said pererty is u Cpmflcam NUI 64I Roi 2I I N\ViIIII Se“ 17_ TwpI NI‘I RI J. 1/2 int.: NEHi NE]; ex E 228 At a meeting of the Executive hold” or ‘1 Ceft‘flcate "1 dflll‘quemy sessed being set forth With each par—1 Page Line Assessed to scott, ‘ W.W.M. Year in Certificate Cer— ft. (Brunk Int), SOC-3 titc l Orig na Original Certificate N “loll 3.l_ " Page 46, Line 1, Ass‘ ad to Sliiitli.f Clara M 1» int. brunk. Loretta; Certificate Cortifit: _ ticular descri tion. all (f said " -"3~-»~ ‘ . . 1 ‘ f -- i m ‘2" . 1.. . ~ IBoard of the Tumwater CounCll, . erty being sitpuated in Mason Coiilil‘ilgz ‘ 4Yriif~(”jn32('jhft‘;¥: “13$;312726;}.mjcme NO 119 Roll 2 in' (gwfficiotc l\19341? ‘ the members of that Board were Jensen. could make monthly, State; Washington. and being more, (Jillt- Certificate iPage 95, Line Assessed to North. Original 09””in N0~ Rt)“ highly pleased of this change and visits in order to help them in afiitlculafly (1050“de as JOHN’S' 9"} ()r'iés'inul Cl‘i’tii'imtfr 65. Roll 1 Pacific Public Service Co.; NEIA l Page Line 37. Assessed to Port Smiths, ; i -l Jeri e I I Page (5]. Lint; Asseugpd Show i :{VVII NVWI NUI I ,1 :I I n IBlakely Mill Co; NEH NWi/t. Sec. 28. Original I Certificate No. Roll l Byron D.; SEi.é [ix Tract NUI II NII 14H 3 er'IvVIMI 3§,.§,~(in17é(;fglli)cafgi Twp. N.. R. 4 thlr ill Cer-1 Page Line 10. Assessed to Ol‘llle(:k,lSe<t. Twp. 20 R. 3 Certificate ltlflcate Certificate . gra3cc 5Malage3é: 3}in Traci)? lit). ‘ vicar in Certificate Certificate Original Certificate No. 120 Roll 2 'POI‘igifiIal SettifécgateANu. 171.5.IRolIl 3,; ., v ‘ an - e(7: 0' W.“ L -~.$10-75‘ Page 95. Line ss 1% ' 3gp " .me 1 55955” .0 )Ol'tl a I It WdS learnbd tOday that Pres R. 1IW.W.M. Year in Ccrttliratc Original Certificate No. Roll Paiit'ir Public Sci-Arm? Clot-0 836%,?l31akely Mill 0).: NWI/l NWli. Sec. l Pas" ident Martin of the Tumwater Certificate II I iPugt- Linc Assessed to SCUtt,JNW1;. stir. 17. Twp. 22 N. Twp. 20 Year' dale Berth” , t Council was anticipating making Orlgmal Certilicatc N0. 4. 'Roll Byron NET Niall. s Twp. V‘t'tl‘ in Certificate Cer-l in Cel'til'icatn C('rtil'i<:atc . GillieIi-t ct (Ll 1.2 are communicating their welcome their Scouting activities and to , f t F to the above named communities. help train and SupeerSe the lead- Yesl 3", thats a 30- re It is felt that by making this ers. quent Cleaning makes your change the Scout Executive, Max clothes wear longer because quality, careful cleaning gent- 1'2 Ilit.). . . . Page Line 40. Assessed to Ohneck. ? 20 N.. 3 Vv Y i in -3 t'f‘: t Original Certificate No. Roll 1y removers 0‘13 an? 9““ 83V It la pelsonal mp to “cm 0f the Grace Maianey; Tax No. 107 ex. A,lcatf- Cer‘ill' t . ‘Hm l l(Iii-Ciginal CEw-tifirato N0 121 Poll 2 Page 45v Lin“ 39~ ASS 59““ 1“ Pm't that deteriorate fabric fibres ,Troops to personally welcome B, C." D rindet. assessed with Tral Original Crrtiiu tr 76. Roll 1 Past» 95. Line Assessed“ to North‘lBiakely Mill Co.: swli Nwil, Sec, to I anddull patterns and colors. i them, No. i to 17 inc. L. C. Ispc. Ii Page Lint- to SCUtL.l1)fl[’,ir-i(j pump Sum“. COI. Twp._ 20 Ivy.W.M.I Year, O 1111] C§~rt144II -eh1‘P. Modem methods and skilful ‘ Twp. N.. 1 W.W.M. Star in ‘ Byron D.; 3.1I T“,DI1NW1I,II SW 17I TWDI 22 NH RI '3_ in Ccrtlflcate 1I9Ia/l. Certificate IiPage LInIG int . i . . They Bring Comfort . _ Certificate Certificate It. .‘i in Certifi-‘ \VIVtrMI Yul, m Certificate 1934 Ce,._ Original Certificate No. Roll 3. dale Lertlia as a} handhng Insure the long hfe I and Happiness l Just Common Sense Original Certificate No. Roll cate_i Certli‘I tmrath 386I31I Page 46. Line 40. Assessed to Port; late Page lb. Line Assessed to \V3_'— Original U«‘1‘illl( 77 Roll 2 Original Certificate No. Roll 2. Blake” Ml” NW1,,/._ Sec, I . HOSPITAL BOUQUETS l dietetics is just common sense Twp. 22 N.. 1 WWM. Year lll‘BM‘Hll D.; Nil; soc 34, Twp. 1 Pacific Public Service Co.: Niall l Conifer“? 1934:..(3‘51‘17910310.5438- . ‘l . . Original Certificate N Roll ()llfs’lll‘dl Certificate Certificate N.. R. 3 of garments cleaned by us. FUNERAL DESIGNS AND i Someone has saidthat the SClenCe koffI Fred JI. Sm; SEVII Sm I,I‘,1),,g,. U3I LII“. 3I Agscsged ,II Sm“: Pug“ 5,5I Um, II Assessed ,0 Nam” Twp. 20 N., 4 W.W.M. Year 'ill', ‘in Cortii'i-{NEL,, Sec. Twp. 22 R. Delivered anywhere, anytime and the discoveries about nutrition Ori . I . . Y , ‘ I I I I I H I . II I A I 2L II ginal Certificate No. 6, Roll (1110 Lertlticnlr l W.VV.1\". Y i ‘1'”l- i 7 ~— Page 46' 1.4m" 41‘ A ‘Wd 1" P“‘t Pa“ ‘3' Lmiw 1’» Mason County Steam Page Line 1, Assessed h, nyknffil ()rigiiial Certificate No. Roll 2. tint-tit.»l m C” mm“ 1934' “1 Blakely Mill C0,; NEIM Sk‘t'. tern, la. hung?“ Fred J.; NEl/g NE1/4, Sec. 8. Twp.:Yais"f‘ 53. Lille 4. A to Sc ti. Ol‘l."'n‘l Cei't'f':a 3 N . “ 2, 28. Twp. N.. 4 Year. Sllt‘I'WIIUfl AV“- 22 N., 1 W.W.M. Year in Cortiil- D.; NE l: U “I ‘1 1” t‘ 123' m” l “I TwpI Page 100 Lino 26I Ask IIsed to CadyI in Certificate Certificate Elli. foods—fruits, vegetables and eggs, I l can still be reduced to “protective” l l l Laundry&Dry Travis Floral Shop l of which milk is usually considered cam artifan $1211 :20 P WWM CH1,“ 1) . a , . Original Certificate No 179 Roll 3 lct-l'tli'itizite $ ene _I.C, I .. — ..W.,bE‘,shl/'Lt1,_"- _ . t C] 3' rs Shelton Hardware Bldg' the mostimportamI according to nu. Original Certificate No. 7. Roll 1.;vateI1931. C(fl'iifl(‘att‘ platted ttndtpl. '14‘1'.01N0.0 @0933“ Page 47. liinevl4.IAss<;ssch to HiIii,. ti giiilil carnal)“ PHONE 88 phone 232 Page 20. Line Assessed to Northl Original Certificate No. 79. Roll ‘ Twp. 22 R. 3 Year iii: TChaI'leS EN? I‘ll l‘tws,1‘;,l+i SYN“ P' 3‘~ 113‘“? t _, tiltionists. Pacific public Service 0,; Sign, ! Part» Lil. o', Assessed to Scott,:Certificate Certificate i WP- H R' 4 ‘ ‘M' "W “‘3 Y1 (33411 Eff-isn‘in ,,.I . NW’A. Sec. 8. Twp. 22 N.. R. Byron D.; NYE/'14, W.W.M. Year in Certificate, Cer~ r tificate ,t‘att‘ Cert 4' Original Certificate No. Roll 1. (ll-sllldl Ct‘l' . NWil. Sim. Twp. Original Certificate NO. Roll ' Cm'tifi‘fm“ Cellimat“ $16951- l l . Page 25. Line Assessed to Graves. I FRI-’9 ('13- L111“ l fivvg‘KhSN-T“gym-Fryés:Y 22W}? Charles ‘EAV SVVl/ir ISEILL. St‘(‘_. 29. l Your in Certificate Cer~ N“ R- ’1 WW” “‘1” m Um” ’3 i if: S Q ,_; u‘iiial Cel'tjfi‘fte; 58. Line IL 80. Roll 2. , ed to SCfllt. iL' I . Ho. 101- LakeVYV Bll Leon E.; NEE; NE), 0x . Hymn sum NW- Sec. 34, Tw til'irate :<‘=lt°.1934< lellt‘al" $28“ l 1:2- 151"“ 2,- Tract NO- 1. Sec. 19. Two. 22 Rpl 20 R- . Year in Cri-tlfi— Original Certificate, No. Roll “Wm‘i‘ N“ 181' “"119 i ““rt‘llwh" illflzificate Year in Certificate Ct}l’~1(.'iltt"I1934- Page Lilllt‘ Assessed to Cady Page 47' Ln.” 1'6' *;“d l" Him 0 311131 (3‘1 tificate 1 Original Certificate No. 81, Roll \iv,; SW1;4 Nqun SOCI 24I Twp: I IClliH'lf‘S bElll 29. Twit: . Original Certificate No. Roll Page Line 3. . ed to Scott. 22 N.. R. 3 W.W.M. Year in Ccrtiti- 10 N..}? 4.W:W3M~ “all CNN“ 3 Page 26. Line 12. Assessed t” Berg, 1 Byron ii Nwi/l. SM. Twp. : cctr Certificate .C“l“,.1:’~ll- i and ] ThOSI SI: 20 ft Strip across Sl/é 51,51,4 ,‘JU N.. I . Year in Ct‘l‘tlll— Original Cvruficato NUI 126I R0“ HI; Oliglnal Leitiiiratt- No. Roll NWI/l. Sec. 20. Twp. 22 N.. U“. Pagr Line 16. Assessed to Cady. l Page 5" 1411‘“ 704 ‘ “SSW ‘0 YV““""" W.W.M. Year in Certificate Cei‘~“ (er pal Ct'rtll No. Roll W.: Lot 4 ex Part piattrd. Sec. lla"““‘“"T“.“b“" ('0'; NW“ SW’4' Se”: BU] tificatc gPage 63, LlIneI Ass sort to Scott, 24, Twp, 22 NII RI 3 WIWIMI Yew.I TVIVpI-I NHAR. IWIW.MII Yeah Original Certificate NO- 11. Roll D-1 .9“ Sec. Twp. in Certificate Certificate l1“ C.-"‘>m'c“t3,193‘.: Cemm’atf “7‘6" of 'f‘5 ~r0 lPage 29. Line Assessed to Puget l 20-N-- 1"“ {3 \VIlNVlVl- Year in lel‘llll‘ Original Certificate No. Roll 2,‘ Oljgl-nal «(’f‘rtlfu"ut:.l,\f,m 18" R"”,.33 H, 3911‘ (4’ df Mill CO.; SE14 Sec. 29. Twp. "‘lt“,1934- Cpl't‘llwtt‘ 45’ 9. lPag‘t- Line Assessed to Cady. Pagt' (’7‘ L111" .11” 125’“?de t” WP.”- )()T':"“1,"d 9‘: 2 22' NII RI 1 WrIWIMI Yea]. in C,i-,.ufi,i Original Certificate. N 83, Roll I R. “1.; Lot 1 ex part platted, SECI haeusel Timbel Co., SW ,4 SW I4, but; fact Lint. Page Line 14. Assc... d Scott, 5 Twp. 22 N., 3 Year! 19' Twp" N" R' 4 WW” Yea" cate Certificate -in Certificate Certificate Original Certificate No. 12. Roll 1.,121'14111 D.; INEY‘i_SE%A, Sec. 34, Twp. in Certificate Certificate 3.,» . .. . t IPage 33, Line Assessed to Puget i BOIl‘mI 3‘ Year in Certii'iq Original Certificate Roll Polgbépdngi’nllgca‘Xs 1:15:63? $51111)? Mi“ COI; NEi/Ir, NW1d m; E of CHI ; (1?,th .. Lt‘i'tifIiIcate lPage Line 21. Assessed to Black— ' RagE ’)'t u”? Ti. 1 0Q(,(.e (3K pan-(t Rd., Sec. Twp. 22 R. 1 ; UOWQ . ugcatp No. Roll 2, burn, Hattie M.; 1" NX'R Wwiu" if Aifigév . Year in Certificate Certificate 3,43" 06. .Iissnsgcd to Fund NW'ai. 896- TWP~.. N. R- ngificate certificate $67 84 1’21-29‘rllirl: $21I4I7II NIlllVCo; bec._34. Twp. 1 VIVI.IVV.M. Year in Certificate Cer— Original” Cert'ificm, NO 192s 'Ral 3 ; fQQI‘“ Cn’ruficate Original Certificate Roll 1. Supp“ ‘ l," ' Y?“ "1 Cpl‘ml‘ “NC t“a, . , 1 Pa 106 Line 1 Assessed {Q'Bmmatt‘ Origin-i1 Certif’ Page 52, Line Assessed to Port‘mt“ ‘ : 31.9401; 'Ul'lgmal Comfmte NO- 135 Roll Irvg’in A" \‘FV ‘NEAl’H Sec rw; . Paw "flinc ‘ Blakely Mm COI; NEH SVViIII SN.” fit)i‘lglllal No. 80. Roll Page Line 29. ASSOSSdetO Bross— 93 N R’ a {V‘WM "yvm. 'ill‘cm.uflij HjflnuifAJ. Lake 51‘ “W Ni R- 2 WW-M- You" ' mg“ (’J‘ ‘ . l $55075“ t.“ Pug” ’9‘“ Alex-i ‘47 SW14 "X R or Fatr Ccrti'tic'atc' $4 : ‘Rldck m Certificate Certificate C”: 591*. 55- TWP- 500» 3?- Twila N-v R- 3 W'W-M- 'Oriwinai Cei-tit'icatc NO Roll 3 certificate $1 Original Certificate NOI 16 Ron ]I : 3‘IWI.IY§/.lvl. Year in Certifl— IYt‘ar in Certificate Certificate P3091306 Linog' («savaged {o'Bonnett‘ Officinal Certifio Page Line Assessed to Fraser. 2 "at" U-A- “TU: 1‘“ $30-01-_ $21-05-I Ins”, AC NWi,‘ SR. 25‘ Twp‘ Pan'obsq Line, lThos.; Tax s . 4 t" M' 86' R0“ 3- ‘JV'g’nal Cf‘l'tlllwte “0- 136’ R011 N R' 4 WAWM “Yew-'in‘Crrtifil Leih lilac Mil1 IN” R_ 2 WIWIMI Year in cm-tmcatp i 1115:“ I I W‘sscd to Puget PagIcII134. Line 39. Assessed to North "t '1‘934' C411 'ti'm 3?) 1 3 “Year lMlll Cm: fill/1.4 31:4 . Soc. Tw Pacific Publi: Service C (Ate. ' H 1.6a 6‘ £003. l 34v Celtlflcate $6-51- v 5 in . . .. ( 0w NW4 Original Certificate No Roll 4 certificate I Original Certificate NO. Roll ‘i‘ 3‘" 1'“ \V""'M‘ you" “1 comm" She“ 13W V‘- 5"“ 34' Twp‘ N" R' 3 Page; 3. Line 6,1 Assessed (to Ctlllll; Original Cel'tifl l l IQI '1“va 20; Ui‘lg’ll’l‘rtlv‘t)‘ Lli Page 69, Line Assessed to Hill. , “‘W‘ “""““'f“’ Sfimm RU“ 'SE‘S}; m Certltl‘ia‘e CC“ back. Chris; Lot No. Sec. Twp. Page, 91, Line 2;;00 rd to Puth ginai 'Cértificate No. 137 Roll 2 1.9 N" R' 5.,W-‘W'M; goat“ Cm'tm‘ “NIH, Cii,.¥‘}‘n '06 SOC. Twp. Page Line 41, Assessed to North | Cate-1934' E’xtftl'tlrgam lqo'ld‘q R Brim} 3‘4‘1 Year in Certli’l— Pacific Public Service Co.- SE14 POT'gW‘I -’(’Et1£l(‘atp,‘, O',1‘6‘ 9114' “led” $' ' c II Shir SWVI Sea MI Twp 23 NI RI/3I age 3, l._ ASSt.S/S§(l to (Iulni— ‘ ' 1 back. Chiis, LBW 1A . Soc. EWp. Original Cl-rlil Cyril D.; SE14 NEE; ex 1 A., See. . Line 29. Twp. 20 N.. R. 2 Years in Certificate to Inc... Cer— MW C“- , . n r 20 R. tificcte cate 3: Original Certlflca Original Certificate No. 18. Roll 1. Page 91L Line Page Line Assessed to Hill. ,Ol'i‘ijlml “UW‘M‘NW‘ in Certificate CCI" 19 R. r Year in Certifi« J. H; Walker Y Cyril Dr: NW% Sec. 29. Twp. N “male 51-34- ' catc Certificate B (7k Ye‘lil' in on] 20 N.. Years in Certifi- ,..-‘..i'. .. Icate 1927 to 1934 IHCII Certificate $6489 2;] RI 5 (‘Hgm‘ll C"‘tlflc‘lt" 3‘0" 140- R0“ ‘2' Original Certificate No. Roll ti Ccrtifi— Page Line Assessed to Hama' . \t s ~. , . s ~ 5 e 3 v’ Original Certificate No. 21. Roll 1. “9.419331%”.‘19 . . lHu‘M Lug W" SWJM SW‘Ai 560- l EgtgiSS'dSWLI‘ZG sigh/f 583:5. ta'wlgfnlg‘l Page 89, Line 23, Assessed to Wingert. IOUSI‘}W,1:”“}1,W AW 89' Roll 4 .TWP:. i\-- R 3 .W-VV-M' Year N R'. 5 WWM. Year in Certificate J.; Tract No. 12 of Lot Sec. 20. l Rig" b3. mm A «rszed to Puget . 111_C.“1'im‘53t}‘ Ct‘rtlflcate Certificate ‘izlticlt— 2. Year in ; “<1 0’5- TWP-l Original Cfn'llilcate NO- 141i R011 original Certificate NO. 198 Roll 4 tifiratr Year in C(‘l'lllh Page Line 44. Assessed to Hama Page 3 Line 40: Assessed ‘to Borg'II Original certiflca to . Original Cel' Page 94. Line I, .J. 11.: Walkcl‘ Ce wpI. 2 Year in 1 NW‘: Certificate Certificate ““ A“. Original Certificate No. 23. Ro‘l - . 515'01- Ham L03 00* SE14 SW1“, Seer 14v v wv . r t t P r 1 Line Page 102' Line BI Assessed to flank joi-lgm Certificate No. 90. Roll Twp. R. W.Iw,MI Year in! IfiOU1§, EEfiIngI/AY‘ISIQICinJ.Cg¥?fiIa€-g JIaLPOII? -Walker fa i or calm Nat'l A5511; SEX; NW5, loge l'l, Lth Assessed to Capps. Certificate Certificate 193'4I Certificate $2430 Block ZI Year in ‘ .7, TWpI 22 NII RI 2 VVIWIMI Yum. in gall-'lfiliI NW1; MW Sec. Original Certificate No. Roll O ‘ rm 1 Ci‘t‘fi ate , R 11 4 tif’cat . er iCertificatc Certificate (filling, No.1? W-Wermlfijal‘ P513“ 143' L‘l‘“ 4‘! Ali‘s‘ffissd t0. Hama Pagrelgl4a Lug; 129C, Assélssedg'ic UPort . Original [Certificat ., Original certificate NOI 24I Ron ]I .M.,lLIlIllIcaflJ‘ Ibérl‘tlfiqatlioitw.“ I Tlaliia Logvcoq SW14 ELI/3. §ec. Blake“, Mm COI; NEl/i NEW“ SeCI 7I Page 3 Line 1. 'i 1 Ipage 102 Line SI AS god to Bank; )UllggInal tritlficato .2. Roll lwp. N.. R. 3 Year Twp 19 NII RI 5 WIWIMI Year in Ce,._, Lonnie HI. Amenée lot CalifI Natle Assn; NElII/I SWMI I, $311g00418. Line, 41, IA se ‘ed to Nrg‘thl Certificate ILertificate “Home 1934I Certificate $6IG4I Block 8I Year in .1 I lSec. Twp. 22 N.. R. 2 W.W.M. l sfis'mg Pail)!” 5:3“. C31 §Eh bl‘fléil ,Oé‘lgmsil Cer'tlflcatf NO- R011 2, Original Certificate No. Roll 4. tificate Male IYear in Certificate Certificate “L” " “p' 4“ “I” I“ " W~W-Mv lag“ 143' Lme 14' Assessed to Hama Page 4. Line Assessed to Port. Original certgflcw l l I AD 1 u: on m ’ $5I38I Year in Certificate Certificate Hamel ILogYCtn; Sec. Blake] Mill COI; NW]. NEJ/I SPCI, Pa 6 7, Line. 91, Original Certificate No. 25. Roll 1. 519595;. , . . Wilt-“44, “,- R' 3 .W-W-M; Year m ng. 19 R. 5 w/‘wM. Year in t Amen. and. Page Line 12. Assessed to Bank 3 ,“Pllhlkp’tljr‘cmo 1V)- 932 BO” (““ltlnfflm 13341.C0Tt1f1°ate $553 Certificate Certificate Year in 09"" of Calm NamI Assn; SE14 Evy”; Page“ 89, Lille vl,‘ Ass *ssed1 to North ()riginal certificate No. Roll Original Certificate NUI '201I R0“ 4 Gate $15I8.L II Sec- TWD- 22 N. R- 2 lVlVV-M‘i “will; 131m“? Sellvmemuizi NEW" P355“ 11" LJne‘ Asses§ed t0 Han“ Page 4. Line Assessed to Port Original CCI'Uf‘C Year in Certificate Certificate afvgvfl' 51;“? I-3,‘ 94 *V-r Rf H3?“ LUS 90-; JVle/i lVIIEl/, Sec. 17. Blakely Min 00.; SW14 NEIA, See, Page 7, Line 52. I “.M. I ta! in (/t-Itllltfatf} Cer- 1‘v.p_.II_24 N., W.W.M. Year in 7 Twp_ NII RI 5 WVVIMI Y9.“ in. WI LI. Amen 3.139019, Original Certificate No. 26 Roll “HEW? $14-71 . ("El't‘inlzam 19341-.(’€rurlcate $631 1 ' Page 108’ Line 29I A5505 ed’m Bank; Original Certificate 94. Roll Original Certificate No. Roll Original Certificate NOI 202 RD” 4_ $5I28I I , ‘t “ of Calif. Nat'l. Ass'n.: NV‘inr, Page. 59" LVN.” .Assmso‘d to North Page 5' Lm‘" 12' Afisfssed to Asmus' Page Line 33, Assessed ‘to Port Original Ceruflc’i Sec. 18, Twp. 22 R. 2 PPM“: WWW Ctr-.1 N‘x’z P-i. NO- 187 SEN/4 NE‘A NWl/t Blakely Mill an/l NW1/. See. Page Line H- Year in Certificate Certificate‘ {filflv’b hi3“; I3.~ TY~’P.-,. €43 F913 “X W- ft-gsfic- 8i TWP. N, R- 4 Twp. 5 Year in' seth. M-: Angler? $5I38I _i .. . .M. em in Certificate Cel— WW.M. 39.221 in Certificate Cer- Certificate Certificate $6I64I 1 .. . . Lot Block Original Certificate No. 27, Roll i. “[164”? 530?- Ori inal Certificate No. Roll Certifica’w. Page 108I Line 30I Assessed to Banki Original. Certificate No. 95. Roll Original Certificate No. Roll 3,!Pageg10I Line Assessed to Port Original Cert) of calm Nat.1I ASS.nI: NW1]; N\V}II.II Page Line Assessed to Lady, Page 11. Line Assessed to Thomas, Blake1y Mm Cm; swim Sec. Page 18, Line Sec. 18, Twp, 22 N,, R, w,w,M. WA Ni: DSWII; NWl/li SW- _3. {05:50 0- J11: NEt/é NE‘Al. 390- Twp. 19 N.. 5 W.W.M. Yearl pel, Claude; Year in Certificate certificate; N m 3 W-W-M Year In Pill-.19 New R- 4 Vii-WM Year In in Certificate Certificate lBlock 5. Year In Celtiliuate Certillcate Certificate Certillcate Original Certificate Roll “ficth $231, I Original Cerfificate NOI 28I Ron ]I Original Certificate (1. 96. Roll Original Certificate No. 148,vRoll l Page Line Assessed to Port Original Ce Certificate Certificate , Year in Certl FIRESTONE CONVOY TIRES Don’t miss this oppor- tunity to equip your car with Firestone Convoy Tires for summer vacation trips and year ’round ~.driving at these Special ffisale prices. You’ll get 'thousands of miles of dependable service and Pa 8 133I Line 1 Assessed to meSI P814389, Line A ssed to North Page leie Assessed to Thomas, B1akel ’Mill Co.; NVVM‘ swy, Sec. pa rn’gs, Line Magrgaret AIII NVVII/I NElII/II Sec: 19I 1 Pacific VPUIEHICI Ser ice Co.-, .VSVVX',t Jesse J11; NW3; NWMt, Sec. I9, Tsvrp, 19 N... R. 5 W.W’JVI. Year‘ Blagneh B.', D- ‘TWpI 23 NII RI WIWIMI Ypal. in SW Seed, I\., R. Twp._I19 N.. R. 4 Year in in Certificate Certificate -E. 6 ft. Lot ,Certirwate 1934' (knit-mate $GI28I l3IIYVI.IVi/I.I\1. Year in Certificate I Certificate 1934.IICertliicate Original Certificate No, Roll tificate C Original Certificate NOI 29I Ron 1 i Certificate I 1 Original Certificate No. Roll 3, I page 10, Line Assessed to Port Original Cert Page 133, Line SI Assessed to LyonsI Oliginal Certificate. No. 97, Roll Page 11. Line Assessed Thomas. Blakely Mill SW14 Sec. 16. Page Lin MMgamt AI; SW14 NEIAI S€C_ wI Page LID/F) Assessed to Lady. Jesse JR; bWVl Sec. I9, Twp. 19 N.. 5 Year in Leonard C.; TWDI 23 N__ R_ 2 WIWIMI Ypm. m H- W: SWI/iII‘JWMi. Sec. ’ljwp; ~19 4 Year 1:1 Certificate Certificate E. 6 ft. Lot 7. Certificate 1934I CartithP $5I61I TWD- H2 YVII.W.M.IYcar in Ccr— Certificate ICertlficate_$8.21. Original Certificate No, 4, I tifjcatp Cf! Original Certificate NOI 30' R011 L tillcatc Cii‘l‘ItlllClttQY Original Certificate No. 3, Page Line 44, Assessed Port 0111511131 Cer Rage 133. Line SI Assessed to LVOHSII original Certificate l‘\0. 98, Roll 2. Page 1:), Line 7, Assessed to Bryant, Blakely Mill Co.; SE1/4 Sec. I page 56, Line Margaret A.; NEl/l she”. 10, l Page 89, Linc 11. As d to North C. W.; No. 284 swu. NE»; Nwi/l. 15, TWp. R. 5 w.w_ivf, Yearl ageI Edith Mn, LOW PRICES t saft m. N Tw I 23 NII RI WIWI I I. ~n Pacific PubllIC Sci-lice I Co; SE14 Sec. N.. R. 4 W.W.M. l m CertIficate Certificate Mill Creek Par . I 9" 1'3 e V tom the o I Cer‘gificme 1934‘ Certificatévlmgggf x NWiq, .1. TwpI. I 22. N.. 3 Year in Certificate Certificate’ Original Certificate No. Roll ASec. 25. Twp, ate And remember, you ., Original Certificate NOI 3L RU” II Year in Certificate Cor-I I l Page 19. Line Assessed to Port‘ Year in Cel‘tlfic. Page 133’ Line 12 Assessed to LIVODSI I titlcate Original Certificate No. Roll Blakely Mill Co.; NEIL; NEIA, Sec. mayncver again have the opportunity to buy at Iuch‘ an amazingly low cost. Original Certificate 99. .Roll OTHER SIZES P 89 L' A i t C a gaffe Lilla 829§S§le€vsfd ‘s‘hferffian‘ 33' Twp' 19 N” R 5 W-W-M- Year Original Certl N.. 2 . . ' 'ifi— age ‘. SSW-set 0 a 0111 t: to. t A A AA. in Certificate Certificate 96,4556, Line. cite Cegif‘lzallqe m cm R; “7'? ND“: SW14 S 3v TWlé- 22 SW 18‘ “Wu Nu R- 4 W:W-M'l Original Certificate No. Roll 34:53, Edith ’ Original Certificate NOI 32I R011 L TM. 3 I‘W.VV.M. Year in Certificate Year in Certificate CertificateI Page 19, Line Assessed tr) Port Mm Creek Pa Page Line Assessed to Lvons = 19341.98rtlfwat9 , _ Blaker Mill Co.; Sec. 25. Twp. 20 I," i ’ Margaret AI; NEIA SEMI Sec: 13 Original Certificate No. Roll 2. Original Certificate No. Roll 3, 32, Twp. 19 N.. R. 5 Year in Certificate I ' 'v IITWDI 23 NII RI 2 Year. in PageI89, Line 18. Assessed to North Page 17. Lille 5, Assessed to Weyer- in Certificate Certificate Original Cei'l ‘ Certificate Certificate Paar”- Publlv Servme NW’lii haeuscr Timber NEl/a NW1/4. Sec.» Original Certificate No. page 56I Line I : i i' l , l “ ' i , ' - 5191/. See. TW). 22 N., 19. TW 19 4 W.W.M. Year P e Lil 26 A essed to Jerri-l ' I I I ,I 1 4 , ,_ lI, __ as. . . ss 0, Edith M . ' Paog'ggllggl nggtlflcagsslfsgedgst'o EffllmlSI W.IW'.M. Year in Certificate Ccr— l 1n6CIPt'tlf1CatC Certificate berg, Wni.: Esrom Plat-e Tract 42. (egg-99k Par-k T 3 - . I I I Margaret AI. NWVI SE»; Syd 19I tlfécate $13686.t r N 10] R II l D ,rigilnalICertitlIlcaXte No.d15tS, Sec. 'Iéwpt. 20tN.,19§4. Twp. 'cl' 3. , . v ” ‘I riglna or i it-ztie. , o . age line ', sscsse o eyer- Year in er ifica e ' , er i'ica 0 i 'f'A, ta ' I T E s Twp. N” R. 2 W'W'M' Ypm m d to Cadiz hamlser Timber Co.; NWI/4 wag, 09’“ “a ‘ o I FOR Y0 R, Certificate Certificate PM“ 89- Line 19 AW That any NEW SAFTl-SIURED FIRST QUALITY IMargaret A.; Lot Sec. 19. Twp. I? W.: Sec. Twp. 2:! Sec. TWD- 4 VV-W»M~ Original Certificate No. Roll 4. {m m- parcb’ N-I. R» 3 Year in Certificate» Year ili Certificate. Certificate Page, 32, Line, Assessed to Jern-l described and Margaret A.' SW14 Sec, 10 ‘Cf'l'llflcatfiI1:63.48. I I I berg, Wm; Esrom Place Tract 52. in tho Certified lTWpI 23 NI ‘RI 2' Your in ()riginttl CQIIlilf‘att", No. Roll 2. Original Certificate, No. Roll Sec. 13. Twp. 20 N.. 5 mfore issued . Certificate 1‘934I Certificate $5IBII Line 44, Assessed to North 1 Page 17. Line Assessed to cher- Year in Certificate Certificate be sol(l"subjf’0t 1 Original Certificate NOI 3,5I Run II PilClllC Public Seerce C0,: SE1}, liaeuser Timber SW1d; NW14, Sec. 1 ,ment assessmfi Original Certificate No. Roll 1. Page Line Assessvd to Lyons. ' ‘ , 4 SVVlrl. Sec. Twp. 22 N.. R. 19, Twp. 19 N.. R. 4 W.W'.M. Yoal' Original Certificate No. vLc‘rx irri ation. r I E s T o N E r I R s T o N fifigaig 391,3)?lAsg‘gfiSLgonggfmig w. WM. Year in Certificate Cer—' in Certificate Certificate Page 42. Line 1. Assessed to Smith, ; éSf't’ Ofglocal NI RI WI'WM fanfm ’Cemmcuth tlllCZIltPI. 1 Original Certificate Roll Glenn; NEI/Y NET/4, Sec. 28. Twp. 20 merits lawmlly II 19é4I Certificat'e $24I8'8I Ol‘lgm’tl Certificate No. Roll Page 17,.Line Assessed to Weyer— N.. R. 5 Year in Certificate That f 4 I - I “11 L Page 90, Line 13. Assessed to Nortl‘. haeuser Timber Co.: SE14 NW4!” Sec. Certificate I hereinabove nggllgglLfiggtlggcaffgsggg.d36,,,1}I,.,,,,,,I Pacific Public Service Ca; Niall. Twp, 19 N., 4 Year Original Certificate No. Margaret A." Lot'2 Sec 20 Twin. sch. 5. Twp. 22 in certificate Certificate Page Line Assessed to smith, 2 W.'WM Year 'in Certificate 1 W;W.M. Year in Certificate Crr—l Original Certificate No. Roll Glenn; swag NEi/l. Sec. 28. Twp. 20 interest at the .193'4I Certificat'e $1133 tlficaItc IPagc Line 29. Assessed to Port 5 Year in Certificate per mm11 Original certificate NOI 37 Roll 1I Original Certificate Roll l Blakely Mill NEH NEH, Sec. Certificate l the 7th day Off be. I page 133 Lim. 35 Assessed {0 Lymis, 1335:1190. Lille Assessed to North‘ Twp. 19 4 Year in Original Certificate No. Roll payment thereoerelfi Margaret. A.‘ Lot‘ 3 Sec. 20 Twp. }11"1110 Public Service Co.; . Certificate Certificate lPagc 42, Line As, ed to Smith. mom lentered h of ‘ ‘ Twp. 20 and 6210 ear. Deluxe CHAMPION TIRES HIGH SPEED TIRES Here is the world’s first and You’ll be surprised how only tire that ilSaftiaSured. little it will cost to put a It is Safti-Sured against complete set of Firestone / blowouts and skidding and High Speed Tires otfvour 3‘- descriptions tract, or parce garfigmg 4“? 'm Curtmwu. Pacific Public Service Co; NE»; Original Certificate No. Roll 3. Glenn; NEll Nwii. Sec. 28. Twp. 20. 19'3'4 Certificate $7I54I NVEH. Sec. Twp. 22 N.. 3 Page 23. Line Assessed to Port N.. 5 IW.W.M. Year in Certificate' Or'iginal Certificate NOI 39 Run 1I WI.IW.l\I._IX:OIll' in Certificate Cer— Blzikely Mill Cm; NEl/Zl. Sec. Certificate entitled acilo Page 133 Line 39 Assessed £0 LWmSI tlilcall; Twp. 19 N.. 4 Yearl Original Certificate No. Roll court, and seIl‘V Margaret, A-‘ SW14; NWUl.4 SN»: 2oz Original Certificate No. Roll in Certificate Certifiéate lPage 42. Line Assessed Smith. upon undcrsl‘s’l}e Twp 23 N RI 2 WWM' Year in Page" Line Assessed to North Original Certificate No. Roll Glenn; NWV. NW1/t. Soc. Twp. tiff, at, his offlt Certificate 1'é34 Certifiéaté $‘5ISII Pacliic Public Service, Co.; SWl/A Page Line 32, Assessed to Port 20 N.. 5 Year in Ccrtifiv given, or pnyv Original Cert‘ificate NOI RD“ 2I1NE1/t. Sec. Twp. 22 N R Blakely Mill Co.: SE14 NEl/él. Sec. l cate Certificate above sct the day 0 of said dat‘ . . . . I I . mth Svc. , Twp. 22 N., R. 31 Original Certificate No. Roll 3. Glenn; SE14 Niall. st- Ynu, I 3 Safnjsm’fd 70' [008’ Safe Cat " ourfrade‘m Price on fix“ chrtgfifllefgg} "1 0“ Vv.IW.M. Year in Certificate Cer— Page Line 30, Assessed to Part; N.. R. 5 Year in Certificath suliiiiloned to a? the nonralud mileage. Your Old nreS- Original Certificate No. 38 Roll 1. Blakciy Mill Co.: NW‘A. NEVA SeC- i 1£1344(.3t‘1‘t11it'ate (60 days) alttirthls . v ‘ page 133 Line 36 Assessed {o L‘rtmg, Original Certificate No. Roll Twp. 19 4 Year Original Certificate No. Roll 4. publication of i THE "RES BUY MAY '20 TW‘DI 2:; Page 91. Line Assessed to North! in Certificate Certificate ‘Page 42. Line Assessed to Smith, lice, to-wit: W H HAY! “ST A [ONG TIME—$0 IT'S GOOD JUDGMENT 'I'O .. ._ -BUY THE BEST! : v 1: TRADE TRnAns' Inns-ran}: vs , Year in Certificate Ccr- 30 Twp. 19 N.. R. 4 Year‘ Original Certificate No. Roll tracts, or - ' xiiSt. . . I I r filiglgqmlggnfvo5-3A5§§§Se§19 “Irvin tifiratc in Certificate Certificate Page 42. Line Assessed to Smith, { which y u i ‘ND SAVE MONEY PAY THE WAY N P; 3 WWM was,“ 'Cmtmmm Original Certificate No. Roll 2.i Original Certificate No. Roll 3, Glenn; Nwl/l ex Tract No. , owner, 0' in l , . , I 19$ 'Cerfifibaté $1126 I tPagIcI91. Line Assessed to Norihl Page Line 33, Assessed Port Sec. 28. Twp. 20 R. 5 ; to own (,1. have. . .. ' THAT MOST _. Or'igmal Certificat'e NOI 42I R011 2, l Pacific Public Service 8151/. Blakely Mill 00.; NE»; NWI/i. Sec. Year in Certificate Certificate. right. title 01‘ ge til 0 r r' ‘ a: I NEH. 8. Twp. 22 N.. 3 Twp. 19 4. Year! $53336" k‘i‘e fii/EAESSSfid ] Sal, I W._W.1\I.IYear in Certificate Cer- in Certificate Certificate ! Original Certificate No. Roll 4. I penalties 14 Twp 3 wLW.M Year mi Original Certificate No. Roll 3, Page 42. Line 14. Assessed to Smith. In the event Ce'rfiflca'te 1934' certificate 31834 Original Certificate NO. Roll Page 23, Lille Assessed to Portl Glenn; NWIA} SW14, Sec. 28. TVIVp. 20 pear and dcfen Original Certificate No. Roll Page 91. Line Assessed to North Blakely Mill NEIA See. I N.. 5 Year Certificate tho, amount CON murmur- mom! . SEMI-MONYHLY Have us put 'New Treads o n ’y o u :- prcsé'ht wom tires to give you the full Always the mot orist's e c o n o m y buy. Thrift and depend— ‘ 0R MONTH“ . p -it"- w . i ‘1/ l ' . 18“ SI com~ .ac.llc Public Senlte Co., 5134 Twp. 19. 4 Year 1934,ICert1ficate $1 42. (ii paicel of .I I ggggnSg.Lg'tsfgveffggzg3235M, Nwlil. Sec. Twp. 22 N.. R. 3 inICcrItificate Certificate Original Certificae No. in which yo II,- YW mileage bullt abilit com. 20 N R_' 3 ’Y'Pm. in certify i W.W.M. Year in Certificate Cer- Original Certificate No. Roll Page 42. Line 17. Assessed to Smith. hereinabove 5 5t: fulfils" ‘into them. . . . AND Younv Gate '1’934I Certificate $16I58I _ ltificate Page 23. Line Assessed to Porti, Glenn; NEl/l’t Sec.I28, Twp. 20! pondered agalnp E x e r t As Low As blue to give on; 11“ Original Certificate No, Roll 2,. Original Certificate No. Roll 2. Blakcly Mill C0.; NWIA Sec. 1 R, 5 Year in Certificate lot. tract. 01‘ “I P _ ,greater do]. I page 50 Line 13 Assessed to Scott, f Page 91. Linc Assessed to North 30. Twp. 19 N.. R. 4 Year} Certificate closing there? workmanship c PER 1 f _d “a Byron SE14 SW14, SACI 2g TWp_ 1, Pacific Public Service Co.; NEW; in Certificate Certificate Original Certificate No. ROIII4. County fol'I l andzuaranteed ar' 0‘ " 20 R.‘ 3 W.W.M.’Ycar in Certifiv, Sec. Twp. 22 N.. 3- Original Certificate No. Roll 3. l Page Line Assessefl to Dickln-' quency. winch qua“! ‘ WEEK value. , Gate j934I Certificate $1053 {W.XV.M. Year in Certificate Ccr- Page. Line Assessed to Port! son, hal‘l et a1: NE1/4 NE1/4, See. I alties. interestvfl V. l Original Certificate No. 47 Roll 2. “limit” Blfikol)‘ Mill C0~; SW14 SE14, Sec. l TWP-, N-. R- 6 Year of said lots. tgdi . Page Line Assessed ’10 Puget Original Certificate No. Roll 2. Twp.I 19 R. 4 Year in Certificate C01‘tlf}cate up to andIinclI A v. ,0 '~ -; iMiu Co,‘ SE14, Soc, 27 Twp. 1 Page 91. Line 10. Assessed to North in Certificate Certificate l Original Certificate NO. RIollI4, said certified,“ " if t 20 R: Year in Certifi- 1 Pan Public Service Co.: NW1d: Original Certificate NO. Roll 3.1Page 82. Line Assessed to Dleln-l Any plea E‘ cute 1'934 certificate $7I50I l§VV\T‘i. Sec. 8. Twp. 22 Ng4RC 11:121gkf3123,VILllInBC44, {SslsIsIt/asseSdElto Igort ignfiaaprl all;2 ‘erfihYScc. ordprocess,d D ' .I . - ' - . I I Roll 2. Year in Certificate 1 , er- 6y i i 4,4, 34, 60. I . .. . I . . ear iin ei'signe ~ ' Paogrelggilalngtftglc‘ifisslgssedmto Pugvt til‘itrute R II 30. CTwIpf 19 Nl-é34R-C4 fl-WIM.$1¥32171‘»Inofiettlficage t.1I934. C§‘.\%‘tif12(:2a2teIéi§7il3321 Mason Gonna:er l ’ ' ' V - " ‘- .‘ " Twp. Original Certificate o ‘. in .‘er i icate , er i ica e . i i” gma er i‘icate 0. 0 stator. an Listen to the Voice of Firestone wufh Richard Crooks. Mai-gore? Specks and the Firestone SymphonyI I 133% COR: YoifiP-ilf’bc,.,in-l 133,40 9L Line “I Agspsspd to NUT”, Original Certificate NOI 16;, R0“ 3I Page 82 Line 3 Assessed to Diakim the clerk of Orcncsm. under no dirociion «Mil-ed Wailenstein. Monday eveninis. over Red Network. icate Certificate i Pa,i“'- Pulilir Service of: Pat:n 25. .Lim’ 3‘ ASSESS“ to P0“! Ea“ F- et all SW14 NEVIi $00 ‘ ' i l Original Certificate N0, 5]_ Rlill 2. i SW’ft “WI/ft. SN‘. Twp. 22 N., R. 3 Blaker Mill (30.; SWIA NEl/t. Sec.'I10, 6 1LIMIT. I i Page Line Assessed to Scott, Year in Certificate Cer—i 32. Twp._ 19 N.. 4 Year! in Certificate Certificate 1 ' Byron D.; ex. R. . tificatc 'ln Certificate Certificate I Of'lgmal Certificate No. RollI4. R W. Sec. 28, 7‘pr 20 N.. 3‘ Original Certificate No. Roll Original Certificate No. Roll I Page 82. Line 4, Assessed to Dickin- ' Year in Certificate Cor-l Page 91. Line Assessed to NorthI Page Line 17. Assessed to Port: son, Earl et a1: SE14 NvEl/i. SOC- . . ' I fificate ' 1 Pacific Public Service Co.: 81/; SVVl/i. Blaker Mill Co.; NE‘A SW14, Sec. TWp.I 19 N.. R. 6 Year Prosecp , I O . Original Certificate No. 52, Roll Sec. Twp.” 22 N.. ’wpI. N.. 4 Year in: in Certificate Certificate Hey [051554, [Page 52, Line 35 Assessed to Scott, I Year in Certificate Cer—i ertificate ICertlflcate 1 Original Certificate No. office, and P0 I, up IBymn DI- svvi/4 stl/b sec, 23_ Twp. tificflio Original Certificate No. Roll 3. Page 82. Line Assessed to Dickln— of Attorney £80“ 9 ‘ Q R. Year in Certificatcl Original Certificate No. Roll 2. , Page Line Assessed to Port I son, Earl F. et :11: NEW NWI/i, Sec. son County ton I 'cdrufipate 'Page 91. Line 14. Assessed to North,‘ Blaker Mill Co.; NWI/Jt Sec. 10, Twp.I 19 R. 6 IW.W.M. Year ton, Washlng may“ a ()riginal Certificate, No. 53, Roll i})lil‘lfl(', Public. Serv Cm: 91117.4 TWD- No R~ 4 Year in Certificate Certificate NO. 25 Ple' SW14, Sec. Twp. in Certificate Certificate Original Certificate Roll C «I i . , ' — . I Page 52, Line Assessed to Scott; 8. 15. r