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July 1, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 1, 1971

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Letter box: Strike up the flags! Break out the band! Today is much more than the first day of July, 1971. It's Postal Excitement Day! Sixty million householders across our broad land Will receive newsletters from the big chief of the package-smashers in Washington, D.C., telling them of the exciting promise of the scintillating new United States postal service. The newsletter is "part of a new corporate image consciousness" that includes an enlarged bureaucracy piled on top of the creaking structure that hit its peak during the period of the Pony Express. This new bureaucracy is dedicated to a businesslike approach which includes the hiring of a public relations firm. Public relations firms, you will remember, are those organizations which are hired to convince you that you have received a special bonus when the motor falls out of your new car or you suffer a ruptured eardrum while dialing your aunt in Minneapolis. We have no way of determining what transpired when the public relations boys threw the post office problem on the floor and walked over it, but we can guess. The scene is the conference room of the firm of Muffet, Turret, Curds & Whey. Sam Muffet: "Man, these cats have problems. Here's a complaint from a woman in California that it took nine months for her wedding invitation to reach a relative in Georgia. Omar, you're the creative member of the team - got any ideas?" I "He says he's just been hired by the new postal corporation." Editor, The Journal: Your recent editorial regarding the use of a large police force recruited from their regular duties prompts this letter. It appears that you believe that Rock Festivals should be allowed regardless of their legal or illegal status and regardless of what takes place at such an event. The past performance at such events has prompted the enactment of laws against Rock Festivals. Those involved have "earned" this reputation that led to the creation of such laws. News releases stated that there were 120 police officers gathered to prevent 300 to 500 young people from gathering for the Rock Festival which had been were Editor, The Journal: We read your editorial, "The rights of others." We were there and your article has the best and most accurate account of what did happen at Sunrise '71. We appreciate an accurate account of what happened. We have talked with others who were not there and they all believe Omar Tuffet: "This is right off the top of my head, you understand; I'd say start giving green stamps with every mailing of wedding invitations." Charley Curds: "Great, Omar. That's attacking the probh, m face-to-face at its roots." Editor, Tile Journal: The following is a letter 1 recently sent, as my response to a Seattle editorial, which expressed concern for the national security, Churnley Whey: "Isn't there some way the lady's mail and the possible unconstit- utionality, with the public could get from California to Georgia in less than nine exposure of the Pentagon report. months? Shouldn't we explore that possibility with the By ROBERT C. CUMMINGS ratification earlier this year, and it still in session should ratify. The discernible in the wav states have Dear Sir: I:? , It appears virtually certain was killed in a House committee other would be pretty sure to ratified the 18-year-old vote. I feel compelled to respond to postal peep that the federal constitutional in Virginia. It isn t given much follow, just to be the 38th. Many of the original 13 states your editorial opinion, June 24, Curds: You ve done it again, Churn. How many times amendment extending voting chance in either of these states Kramer Is Ready have ratified it, and so have regarding the publishing of the do I have to tell you to sit over there in your corner and not privileges to 18-year-olds in all during the current sessions. Alaska and Hawaii, the nation s Pentagon papers. elections will be ratified by the It appeared to be nip and tuck If the unexpected should newest. You condemned the action interrupt. You know damn well you re only tolerated first of next year. But the chances in Ohio, and about the same in happen, and the amendment is It has been ratified in New but gave no solution to the of it being ratified before the North Carolina. ' ratified after registration books England, the highly industrialized hypocrisy, lying, and the deceit because your old man founded the firm. Now, play with your September primaries in this, year's close for the September primaries, states of the Atlantic Seaboard that has been perpetrated upon silly putty and keep quiet. , municipal elections aren t any Two Coming Up those between 18 and 21 can still and Mid West, in the Farm Belt, the American people, regarding Muffet: "'Thanks, Charley. Now, let s get on with it. better than 50-50. Two other states have special be registered and permitted to in the Deep South, and all three the continuing horror that is tiere's another gripe, this one from a pensioner livingin a rest Thirty-four states now have legislative sessions scheduled, vote. states on Pacific Coast, Vietnam. home who says it takes three weeks for his home-town ratified the amendment. Only Utah's ,will convene August 2; Secy. of State Lud Kramer Washington, Oregon and Honorable Americans have four more are needed. Four states Georgia s in September. has made arrangements to register California. been attempting to force the newspaper to travel 60 miles. He says with this lousy mailhave Legislatures in session, but Utah's Governor has put them on primary day at the Besides the five mentioned, truth and expose the catastrophic service it will be three weeks after he dies before he can read the chance of ratification in at ratification on the list of issues to polling places, with special polling other states which have ratified situation, which has invaded the • ', be considered, and its approval booths to be set up for this are Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, decency of America, slowly his obituary and he might not live that long• least two, possibly three, is appears assured. Ratification also purpose. This would be a extremely dim. "Come again?" ~ The Illinois Legislature was is expected when Georgia's one-time-only registration, just Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, destroying the goodness of our • ~ ~ ....... ~ ii ~ , ';" The Senate had approved ali'~ad~c'permits 18-year-old~ "to would be required to complete Maine, M~'yland, Massachusetts, a resulL these same honorable ; ..... Sam, go over that ~¢~ai~ to adjourn June 310. Legislature convenes. That state for this one election. They then Indiana, Iowa, Kansas; Louisiana, democracy like a fatal cancer. As ratification, but at last reports, it vote in all of its elections,their permanent registrations after people have been scourged and Muffet: "Never mind; the main thing is that it takes three weeks for a paper to go 60 miles. Work on that one, Omar." Tuffet: "This one's too simple, Sam. Give me a hard one. We use the same approach we did when those 90 old-timers got sick after drinking Jerricol, the tonic that puts a new spring in your step, a new sparkle in your eye, and returns physical powers you thought were gone forever. You remember, we picked 90 'Pioneers of the Year' and sent them each a genuine simulated wool shawl. We do the same thing for the post office department. Write this down, Charley - number one priority: issue a commemorative stamp honoring pensioners and give them a free month's box rent if they pay 10 years in advance." Curds: "Fantastic!" Muffet: "This place would fall apart without you, Omar. I regularly offer up a prayer of thanks that you consented to leave the tent business and join us here. Now I've got one for you, Charley; you're the merchandising expert, since you spent ten years in the mail order business selling firearms to sub-teens. We've got to up the gross. The postal service has an outlet in every city and hamlet in the country. All we need is a hot item." Curds: "I cheated on this one chief; I was awake most of the night working on it. The answer is pornographic stamps. Porno is a big seller right now, and the postal service should hit it while it's hot." Whey: "Wouldn't it be illegal to mail letters bearing pornographic pictures?" Curds: "Of course, dum-dum; that's the idea. They sell millions of stamps but nobody can use them. Pure profit. Stick to your silly putty, Churnley, and quit interrupting our creative sessions." Muffet: "You've produced another winner, Charley. Now all we need is a promotional plan." Curds: "Simple, chief, simple - as simple as Churnley over there. We buy television spots and hire that Swedish broad who sells shaving cream. While the camera closes in on a mole on her lip, she intimates in a soft voice that she loses most of her natural Scandinavian inhibitions when she meets a guy with a full set of porno postal stamps." Muffet: "You two have done it again. This project is not only off the ground, it's half way to the stars. I think this calls for something extra in your envelopes at the end of the month." Tuffet and .Curds: "Like those two genuine simulated wool shawls that were left over from the pioneer stunt?" Muffet: "No, like two bottles of Jerricol." Whey: "What about the improvement in the mail service?" Muffet: "Churnley, I know that silly putty is becoming a drag. How would you like a nice new box of crayons and a brand-new coloring book?" Page 4 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, July 1, 1971 still was hung up in the House Rules Committee. Two Look Tough In the four Legislatures still in session, the Alabama Senate killed This would seem to assure the primary, when the books are that at least 36 of the necessary reopened. 38 states will have ratified by the No Pattern end of September. About the only chance of it being ratifiedN o p a t t er n has b e e n earlier would be if three of those ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~m~~~~~~lIB~~~~~~~~~~m .from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer VOICE OF THE PEOPLE Michigan,:' Minpesota ! l issouri, Montana, Nebraska, N~w York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin. mercilessly preyed upon by the Administration, its Hawks, and misinformed Americans. When I first returned from S.E. Asia, I became acquainted and impressed with your television editorials. I am still impressed. However, Sir, how do you feel about the thousands upon thousands of dead YOUNG Americans, wounded YOUNG Americans, drug addicted YOUNG Americans, and YOUNG i 9s Editor, TheJournah schools are an area of parental Americans returning as responsibility, professionally trained killers with The p u b lishing of our Switching to a different forma burning anger in their gut? Need "Commencement Speeches" is anof radicalism, I have been told of we be reminded that the dead i i appreciated service to us who did a professor at our UW who boasts were, and the living are, the not have tickets to attend the of wrecking the religious filthier future of America? b/" ~ "graduation Exercises." It also all his pupils. Again, how "sh How do you feel about the incites me to "rush in wherethat exposure of the young to untold thousands of dead, angels fear to tread". I have in mind the speech I have heardradicalism does not breed maimed, and to be maimed S. E. I am a junior pre-med student attending the Univer- discussed the most, Schools radicalism were really true.Asians, innocent victims of a sity of Washington. I have always been conservative in reinforce petty fears and absurd I had never before heard of corrupt regime and the the idea of an "immortalizedAmerican aggressor who my viewpoints and never had anything against the "sys- hangups", student at the head of each made it possible? How do you tem" or police, but recent events in Eastern Washington My first reading was casual,although I have had many " es feel about the wanton destruction have made me feel otherwise. Then after hearing still others and nephews as well as of a small tropical country with I was traveling to Sun Lakes to go camping for the discuss it, I read the article again, acquaintances in high school, its bombed, burned, and poisoned weekend, and upon arriving, I was stopped at 11:00 p.m. this time studiously. But the , Finally, the subject of jungles, streams, and rice paddies? by a roadblock of police carrying rifles, and t01d to go result was the same; that is, What 'change". It is only normal that Surely you realize that all this does he mean9 W back where I came from. I politely asked why and was. hat is he talking in the life of a semi-adult four was made possible through the told to "just leave now" s0 I turned back in the middle of about? :I wish he had given years in high school seem rich economy of a great nation? illustrations of what he has in "static". But we who have lived The lies and deceit have helped the night and traveled a 10ng distance to Lake Chelan mind, etc. thru several overlapping keep the economy of this nation State Park where I was again blocked by police with the I have been unaware of the generations are aware of constant moving, and its people placated, same unfriendly treatment. I talked to many people who permeating '.'petty fears and and unceasing changes in with the paychecks that have had a campsite with all their equipment there, and hav- absurd hang-ups . Does he mean everything. , helped buy the anesthetizing hag gone to town for food. weren't allowed back again, something like the concern the Just a few glimpses of today s unnecessary goodies which are so No exceptions were made if you were a youth. One young average parent feels that maybe high school textbooks make me dear to the American heart. In so W oman s baby was back at the park and the police still he won't be able to adequately feel as if I myself have had no doing, the nation has wasted W 'ouldnt let her through. All of these incidents came support the child until he is able education at all- the changes are precious natural resources and to, stand on his own two feet and so great, some for the better and further polluted and poisoned our about as a result of an excess of kids camping in East- shoulder the responsibilitysome really tragic. The whole beloved land, making the sin of ern Washington because of a canceled rock festival, himself? world is seething in a turmoil and our involvement in S. E. Asia, a THE POLICE were supposed to be volunteers helping The subsequent paragraph turbulence of changes, too many double one. out the situation but I dare say they seemed more like mentmns' a "myth", and it sounds of them irresponsible. Have you ever lived in S. E. vigilantes taking the law into their own hands in the like it is given as a specific of the The few years of high school Asia and understood and known authoritative guise of a uniform and gun, having no vague "fears and hang-ups" I during the formative period the people and their problems? valid or reasonable jurisdiction. In trying to weed out assume it is an indirect reference should best be a time of Has anyone in our Administration the "undesirable," they lumped,all kids into one class to the radical teaching of the comparative security based on really cared about the little and stepped on too many persons rights. , many known Communistic proven and timeless values. That people of S. E. Asia? Obviously This kind of acU0n can only engender into today s professors in our USA colleges does not mean "isolationism". not. The sights have been set youth a feeling of hatred which may be expressed byand universities. Some are onen With free access to daily upon much richer rewards. How even more violent acts against the system. Whether and boastful of their activitie~ arid newspapers, magazines, radio, and have these little people benefitted young, old, conservative or radical, people in a dem0- others subtle. - ........... TV, to say nothing of libraries full by having their country bombed, of books, anybody who is alive and poisoned from the face of the cratic society have the right to assemble and express With the,, aid of travelingcan be "in the forefront ofearth? their ideas and practices as long as those activities are Commumst' organizers,, these lawful. That is how a free society progresses and radicals in high o'" ns hav~. change". It is my opinion that the P sRm ........ It has taken me hours to leaders of any American changes, whether for the better or worse. When an au-incited and some have even taken reduce ten pages of thoughts to" Administration, plus their thorRative body gradually exceeds its rights then thepersonal part in the vicious and this page and a half. Jerry Mann Pentagon counterparts, do not totalitarianismg°Vernment is asJUStin°nemanyStePotherCl°Sercountries.t° oppression and destructiVeHowI dori°tSwish°nitcampuseS'were all only was admirably brief and I amhave the right to solely make the By writing this I am taking a legal pathway of ex- pressing my viewpoints. Not every youth will do this a myth! But it is only natural that trying to profit by his example, decisions which should rightfully though, instead of writing he may burn and destroy, and the young (before years of But just this one little be shared with our elected activities last weekend can only kindle that fire of experience and resultant "postscript" - his speech was a representatives. Is not this a hatred. I hope this article is published because it will ...... saddening reminder of one of the Constitutional right, and what dlscnmmatmn), Imbibe with little characteristics listed in the first Democracy is all about? [e nf:r ed Ys/na th in tile proper channels of communica, or no question such radicalism, five verses of II Tim. 3. A truly civilized God-fearing And parents should have at But his youth is in his favor - country, our America, would CRAIG gHINKOSKEY, least as much concern about the "while thereis life, there is never have knowingly permitted 8517-42nd Ave. W, bringing up and educating of their hope." the murder and destruction of a ~u~l~u~~l~l~l~l~ll~l~l~l~l~t young as do the animals. Our Emma B. Richert small nation, and invasion el declared this, 3( gathered Martins by "one" This 300 legally ThiS their and no same Rainb0 convent occurred. It to be F estival even one what is and and trouble. If b e lieve others have all t bordering been repreSe acts, halls of The bloody America burden 1 with th convince Americ~ the ful destructi people s unawar comrnitt~ And to know decep They those ConS Ame~ of an been to the lift, honor I though exp has Ameria sorrOW[ Anlerl~