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July 1, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 1, 1971

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~s.T,.~,~.~X~.l~-~,n~,~[,~..,~",r~.'~Xdl~, K"s.xt=u~,X.1.~ .a.~)'~$. "L"I.~ "a~.3,,~l' Ib& ~4%1~ IL'~.SJSk..S.,J~ " / Points ~ , , . . . ..... . . . ~ ..... :. 15 10 /o Points Allowed.., ................... , , 20 April 24 - Angte Bid#., Shnlton 5. Food for all occasion (formerly meal preparation) Points Allowed ....................... 25 April 24 - Angle Bldg., Shdton 6. Food Preservation Points Allowed ....................... 30 April 24 - Angle Bldg., Shelton 7. Bread Baking Points Allowed ....................... 25 May 8 - Angle Bldg., Shelton 8. Forestry Contest Supervised by Mr. Bill Kamin Points Allowed ....................... 30 August 20 (Friday) - Fairgrounds, 2 p.m. 9. Dog Activity Friday, August 20 - Fairgrounds CLASB U -- FOOO AND FUN EXHtmiI~ :::: : : All tedpes to be on 3" x S" au~s with a dfffe~-nt roCil~ fOr a. each exlffbit. Exhibit only m project emroBecL 20 10 Lot 1. 20 10 2. 20 10 3. 20 10 Blue Red White 3. Points Allowed ........................ 12 10 8 4 Cooid~ b. 4 Servings of cake made from country Food Provider (use 3x5 cards for recipes) a. 4 dinner rolls b. 4 whole wheat rolls Balanced meal chart for Lot's Cook & Eat Membe~ c. 4 fancy rolls For those enrolled in Picnics and Parties, loose-leaf portfolio 4. Make Up Your Own Mind, Sr. (Submit or card f'de showing 5 parties for friends. Give menu, cost, entry) number served, occasion, decoration and recreation. Blue Red White For those enrolled in Outdoor Eating and Bachelor, display Points Allowed ....................... 20 15 10 of equipment for outdoor cooking (homemade equipped 5. Flower Arranging (Refer to Class XIVd) picnic box or basket with itemized cost of items.) Put Points Allowed ...................... .'~ 5 2 itemized cost on 3"x5" cards. . j~- 3x5 carols for xecipes) made from recipe from some other country recipe of another project plan with CLASS V -- BAKED FOODS WITH RECIPES CLA.SS lla FOODS AND NUTRITION .--~" All members. Food Shopping Poster: Select one. ~.._ ~Olmn-to all Foods and Nutrition members. Recipes on 3x5 _, Blue Re&Whit6~- cards. Entries can be made from a prepared mix or separate Open to all 4-H Dog Project Members RULES -~- - "~ - Lot (1) All dogs exhibited in the 4-H class must be preset animals during the current 4-H year (2) Shots and innoculations: as required under Health Regulations (3) Dogs MUST be on leash at all times except as directed by the judge. (4) The obedience classes are divided into 5 groups. The lots are based on the ability of the dogs and not on the age of members. Member must decide on which group to enter according to which best fits his needs. Member may carry more than one dog as a project but must keep complete records on each. Member may enter each project dog in an obedience class but no two dogs may be entered in the same lot. The champions will be the highest scoring dogs (tie scores will have a run-off) (5) Equipment - Six foot leather lead and choke chain. Choke chain is a must for safe control of dog. Collar must be suitable to size of dog. 4-H training leader will determine this. (6) Dogs and handler must be well groomed. (Will be checked on stand for examination.) Coat should be glossy and combed. Animal must be free from dirt, dust, dandruff,fleas, lice and ticks. Ears are to be free of wax, dirt and odor. Nails should be short and feet without mats between toes. Lot 4 dogs will be checked for grooming as they come into the ring. (7) All Blue Ribbon Winners of previous years must go on to the next class. (Except Open and Utility - they may repeat in their class) Points Allowed ................... Blue Red White Lot 1 Novice L.T. (Beginner) 30 20 10 Lot Lot 2 Novice A (Advanced Beginner) 35 25 15 1. Lot 3 Graduate Novice 40 30 20 2. 10. Public Utility District Contests (Sponsored by Mason 3. County P.U.D. No. 3 Employees' Assoc.) 4. Rules: a. Contest entries to be prepared and made for contest only. Cannot enter an exhibit entered also as a "fair exhibit." b. May enter any article or display made during current 441 year within project enrolled. ONLY ONE article or display can be entered in a contest by an individual. c. Contest winners will be selected by fair exhibit judges. d. If for reasons - (a) lack of entries or (b) judges feel exhibits are not worthy of any prize(s) - such a balance of funds will be given to the Mason County 4-H Leaders' Council as a donation for State 4-H Conference in Pullman the following year. few CHILD CARE CONTEST Open to Child Care Project members First Prize $5.00 Second Prize $2.00 HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTEST Open to Home Improvement Project members First Prize $5.00 Second Prize $2.00 MONEY MASTERY CONTEST Open to Money Mastery Project Members First Prize $4.00 Second Prize $2.00 ELECTRIC CONTEST Open to Electricity Project Members First Prize $15.00 Second Prize $10.00 Third Prize $5.00 (Merchandise may be substituted for cash at P.U.D. option). HOME ECONOMICS EXHIBITS- 4-H CLASS I - CANNED FOODS 1. Open to all Foods and Nutrition Project members. 2. All fruits, vegetables and meats to be exhibited must be in standard canning jars. 3. Jellies shall be exhibited in standard jelly glasses with metal lids which may be removed for judging. 4. Jams to be exhibited in standard containers with tight rids which may be opened by the judges. 5. Check the Western Washington Fair Premium Book - not all entries listed in this premium book are eligible for Puyallup. 6. Age of entrant to be on entry tag. Blue Red White ..6 5 4 Points Allowed ...................... Each exhibit to be labeled as to name, variety, method used and date. More than one item may be entered in a lot but only one entry of each kind and variety in specific lot. Fruit LOt 1. Large m small stoned fruits 2. Benies, any variety 3. All variety fruit Vegetables Lot 4. All vadety of vegetables Meats Lot 5. All meat, poultry and sea food, 6. All jellies 7. An jams 8. All p~erves Points Allowed ....................... 10 8 6 ingredients. Blue 1. A family with young children. Points Allowed ....................... 10 2. A family with teenage children Lot 3. A family of two retired persons 1. V2 Shortened cake, frosted 4. A single person 2. sponge, angel or chiffon cake, no icing 5. An overnight campout for two. Three meals. 3. Six rolls, yeast or baking powder The poster (not more than 22" x 28") should emphasize 4. Yeast bread, fancy or plain - loaf "Smart Food Buying." Include prices, quantities and 5. Quick bread, 1oaf or4 servings preparation. 6. Four cookies, any type (rolled, bar, drop, etc.) 7. Other CLASS lib FOODS AND NUTRITION All members. Menu. Poster not more than 22"x28". Select one. Blue Red White Points Allowed ....................... 10 8 6 Lot 1. Breakfast 2. Snack or Lunch 3. Outdoor Supper 4. Indoor Supper. The poster should include number of people being served, prices, quantities and pictures of prepared food. CLASS III - BEGINNING HOME ECONOMICS Blue Red White Points Allowed ........................ 6 5 4 Any articles made in the project can be entered. (one entry per loL) .~ Clothing Food Child Care Interior Design CLASS IVa -- FOODS AND NUTRITION, Jr.-Int. Red White 8 6 CLASS Va -- DECORATED CAKE Open to all foods members (Puyallup has no entries for this class) Blue Red White Points Allowed ....................... 10 8 6 CLASS Vl -- CLOTHING Open to Clothing members only. Clothing exhibitors will be permitted to enter only those articles which were made during the current year and within the clothing project in which they are enrolled. If she chooses the same plan for two years, she must be sure she is growing in experience. NO TWO ENTRIES OF THE SAME DESIGN OR PATTERN WILL BE ACCEPTED. Lots 1 & 2 Sewin_g Is Easy and Fun Blue Red White Points Allowed ........................ 5 4 3 a. Place Mat b. Headband c. Ilead Scarf d. Travel Kit e. Swim suit cover up f. Chef's apron Points Allowed ....................... 7 6 5 Exhibit only in project enrolled. Label each exhibit of its name g. Cover up apron h. Pop over and variety or type. May enter one or more exhibits, depending on i. Fun Dress project enrolled. Only one entry per alphabetical letter unless j. Mini or half shp otherwise indicated, k. Wrap around skirt Blue Red White 1. Easy to sew blouse using pattern Points Allowed ....................... 10 8 6 m. Other Lot 3.Cotton Outfit (artiCles or outfits made in the project) 1.Let's Cook and Eat Points Allowed ....................... 10 8 6 a. 4 Cookies (enter one, two or three different types eg. drop, refrig., bar, rolled, etc. No two entries of same 4. Bedtime Outfit (articles or outfits made in the project) Points Allowed ....................... 10 8 6 type) 5. School Outfit (articles or outfits made in the project) b. Candy - four pieces Points Allowed ....................... 10 8 6 c. 1 Waffle or 3 pancakes 6. Sports Outfit (articles or outfits made in the project) 2. Let's Bake Points Allowed ....................... 10 8 6 a. 4 Cookies (enter one, two or three different types eg. bar, shaped, rolled, etc. No two entries of same type.) 7. Special Occasions or Party Dress (articles or outfits made in b. Iced Cake - Sponge, angel or shortened, the project) Points Allowed ....................... 15 12 8 3.Picnics and Parties 8. Tailored Outfit (wool or wool blend) a. Picnic or party menu, or a quick snack or meal menu Points Allowed ....................... 20 15 10 on cardboard with colored illustrations of food served. 9. Make Up Your Own Mind (submit project plan with entry) 4. All American Foods Points Allowed ....................... 35 25 15 a. Menus for special parties, holidays, etc. Can be a brunch, breakfast or buffet. Include cost of meal, number served and the occasion for the meal. CLASS Via -- New Garment Made from an Old Garment b. 4 Bar cookies c. 4 Shaped cookies Open to any Clothing member; has to be a garment to cover a d. Scrap Book - food storage ideas significant portion of the body (e.g. not just a scarf, but a coat, e. Scrap Book - how to use food left overs cape, stole, blouse, skirt, dress, etc. would be accepted.) Include 5. FoodFor the Gang & Outdoor Eating (use 3x5 cards for an explanation of the old garment. recipes) Points Allowed ....................... 20 15 10 a. % Loaf Fruit Bread b. Loaf Nut Bread CLASS VII -- Color Coordinated Outfits c. 4 Fancy Rolls d. 4 Cornmeal Muffins The following color coordinated outfits are exhibited as a unit. 6. Baking Is Fun (use 3x5 cards for recipes) Each exhibitor can enter only one outfit per lot. These Outfits a. 4 Biscuits compete for the J. C. Penny Grant for 4-H State Conference in b. 4 Muffins (wheat flour only) Pullman, 1972, if the exhibitor will be eligible to attend the c. 4 Muffins (other grains) conference. Include date of birth and year in school with entry. 7. Outdoor Eating Blue Red White a. Reflector Oven Points Allowed ....................... 25 20 15 b. Simple equipment for outdoor cooking Lot . c.Equipped Picnic Basket 1. Cotton Outfit d. Tin can cooking equipment Skirt and blouse and another skirt or blouse e. 3 pancakes Jacket and dress and another dress or jacket 8. Meals For Today Skirt and blouse and jacket a. Menu for quick easy meal 2. Bedtime Outfit b. Chart displaying multi-nses of newer kitchen Two-piece pajamas (long or baby doll) or a nightgown, robe, equipment and accessory such as slippers or curler bag. c. Chart showing cooking do's & don'ts with reasons 9. Make Up Your Own Mind, Jr-Int. (Submit project plan with 3. School Outfit Two skirts and one blouse or one skirt and two blouses entry) Blue Red White 4. Sports Outfit Points Allowed 15 12 8 Wool, wool blend or cotton. Follow ideas under Class VI ....................... Clothing. Be sure you are covered once, then add one more 10. Flower Arranging (Refer to Class XIVd) piece. Points Allowed ....................... 8 5 2 5. Special Occasions or Party Outfit Basic dress, or long or short formal with a jacket or stole or cape or overskirt. 6. Tailored Outfit CLASS IVb -- FOODS AND NUTRITION, SENIOR Two-piece suit and blouse Dress and jacket Same general rules of Class IVa apply to this class also. Dress and coat Blue Red White (fo~ description of outfits listed, see Outline for 4-H clothing Points Allowed ....................... 10 8 6 projects, em 481.) 306 Railroad 426-3456 Shelton CUSTOM MADE Fabrics - Woven Wood - Bedspreads - Shades - Rods - Carpeting & INTERIORS Kay Gott 129 Railroad Avenue Shelton, Wash. Phone :ik i ~:iii }yi; i!i~i!! Prepp's Pharmacy Your Prescription Pharmacy For Over 27 Years 2nd Railroad Shelton, 409 Railroad Avenue Phone 426-6432 LADY ARROW BLOUSES -- PENDLETON -- GARLAND MEN'S PENDLETON -- VAN HEUSEN -" ARROW DOUBLE KNIT SLACKS -- SPORT COATS & SUITS LADLES APPAREL -- PETITES, JRS. & 1/2 SIZES Evergreen Square, Shelton, Wn. 426-8293 / A Complete Line of Potted Plants, Artificial Flowers, Ceramic Gifts & Flowering Trees of all Kinds. I 1610 Olympic Hwy. N. Shelton 426-6207 WR. , Shelton, Washington 90584 : ~ : ~ " Phone 426.4602 Wheel Horse Tractors--- Homelite Chain Saws MODERN HEAT ULTRASONIC JEWELRY CLEANING EAR PIERCING 126 COTA CERTIFIED C0~FORT Gott 0 Distributor - Shell Inc. Heating Oils Phone 426-3322 P.O. Box 247 "Christmastown, U.S.A." SHELTON, WASHINGTON 98584 mlt Y ~IM~N EMPLOYEE~' FEDERAL 5th and Cedar Sts. Pho ne 426-1633 can't see it... you can't hear it... Page S-12 - Shetton-Mason County Journal - Thursday. July 1, 1971 there when you You can't see or hear ele(tricily -but you know it's there, 'round-the-< h)ck to do dozens of ~, / things for vou. k. ,,. Our job is k('epin~ ele( tFi(ily flowing to your home, or I)t s[ ~ess, or in(hi,dry. And this job is m)t as easy as il looks. Keeping electri( ity tt~ere for you means night-and-day service, no matter what the weather; constant planning-ahead on our growing power network; and using the latest in equipment and methods to prevent power outages hefore they happen. Modern, dependable electric service is important to you and the community. We work hard to be sure electricity is there when you need it. MASON COUNTY P.U.D. No. 3 Edwin Taylor, President Harold W. Parker, Vice Jack Cote, Secretary Jerry Samples, Manager President Thursday, July 1, 1971 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page S-!