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July 1, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 1, 1971

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Letter box- Daddy? Yes, son. What's decadence? That's a strange question coming from you. Have those f'mk teachers been giving you those dirty textbooks again? No, I was just reading the words of President Nixon in the morning paper. He says the United States is turning to "drugs and defeatism" and approaching the decadence that destroyed history's great civilizations. He's right. Decadence is a decline in morality and the morals of the younger generation are going to hell. Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that they are practicing what they learned from their parents? How can decadence spring up, fullblown, overnight? Isn't "drugs and defeatism" the child of "alcohol and apathy?" That's a bunch of crud. Can you imagine my generation or your grandparents' making a hero out of an accused murderer like Bobby Scale? Yes, I can. You made a hero out of a convicted murderer - Lieutenant William Calley. And President Nixon led the mob. It seems to me if we are going to stop the slide into immorality the movement should start at the top, not at the bottom with the kids. The President particularly singled out the young in his pompous warning. That's because he's a good Christian gentleman and he sees a good Christian nation going down the drain because the younger generation doesn't respect the values of the elder generations. Take money, for instance. Everything comes so easy for you, you don't know the value of a buck. You haven't the slightest inkling of the meaning of thrift. I get my ideas about thrift from you grownups. I just read about a humble Quaker gentleman who spent more on his daughter's wedding than his father made in ten years in a grocery store. The ceremony was in the White House in Washington and each of the three family dogs had a corsage of its own. Now, there's a man who knows the meaning of :hrift and is qualified to preach on that subject to his :,ubjects. You're confused. It's his money, so he can spend it any way he pleases. Buying corsages for dogs isn't decadence if have the money to do it. Thrift could be defined as not >cnding money for foolish things when you don't have any 0 Q 41 ,I) 0~ o "Loosely translated, it says, 'Now that we have wiped out dissent, our civilization will last forever,' said a spokesman for the Pharaoh.'' ql l.ike a welfare recipient buying a corsage for his :er's wedding? That's right. Now you're beginning to get your head , tightened out. lm just trying to get my sense of values straightened out it will coincide with yours. Now then, it's a sign of : trength if a well-to-do man buys corsages for his dogs - z ight? Correct. So that means if we are to avoid decadence we must place more value on a rich man's dogs than on a poor man's daughter- true? Not exactly. You've twisted that around somewhat. Another shortcoming of you young punks is that you have no understanding of logic. Logic tells us that the poor will always be with us. It's too bad, but that's the way it is. When you grow up and develop a sense of responsibility you will realize that messing with the inevitable can only cause trouble. The poor have always found solace in Christian faith and if they would stick to that instead of agitating for something that doesn't belong to them they would not be unhappy. Now do you understand? I think I do. In order to maintain this great civilization we enjoy we must realize that the rich man's dogs get their corsages in this life and the poor man's daughter is awarded hers in a celestial setting, and both should be happy with that arrangement. You're simplifying again, dammit; it's not that simple. What we must do is accept the inevitabilities such as war, poverty, cruelty, and injustice and not let defeatism, negativism and alienation destroy a system that works so well it takes only alcohol and pills and hypocrisy from our leaders to make it go. That's negativism, son. The system isn't working; it needs some drastic changes and they aren't being made. That's defeatism, son. How are the changes going to be made when the adults are so busy pursuing their own brand of decadence they don't see the problem? That's alienation, son. I've got a great idea, dad. You mix a martini and I'll light up a joint and we'lVtalk about a humble Quaker who believes the salvation of the human race depends upon an abiding faith in biological weapons, hydrogen bombs, anti-ballistic missiles and the depravity of man. We can't do anything about it, but at least we can ease the pain a little. Great idea, son. I thought you'd never listen to reason. Mailing Address: Box 430, Shelton, Wa. 98584 Phone 426-4412 Member of National Editorial Association Member of Washington NewsDaper Publishers' Association SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $5.00 per year in Mason County, in advance -- Outside Mason County $6.00 EDITOR AND PUBLISHER ...... ................ Henry G Gay __pltol dome: virtually all utilities in the state, with many passing costs onto consumers. All three privately-owned power companies, the major gas companies, and two major telephone systems have applications for rate increases pending before the State Utilities and Transportation Commission, but they aren't alone. Some of the big city-owned utilities, including Seattle's City Light, also have scheduled rate hikes. So has Grant County Public Utility District. Whether other P.u.D.'s raise their rates depends upon Bonneville. If Bonneville raises its rates to the P.U.D.'s, most of the latter will follow suit, though some may be in strong enough financial position to absorb the boost. Tax Won't Be Felt A new tax enacted by the 1971 Legislature, to be levied by steam-powered generating plants operated by joint operating agencies, became effective last Thursday, but it won't be felt. The only plant in this category is Hartford Plant No. 1, and it is exempt. But when Hanford No. 2 goes on the line in By STEVE ERICKSON Beefy fans languished in a concrete-floored bar at arenaside, studying boxers' battered countenances on the program, sharing confidential asides in the murky gloom, re-enacting past knockouts and sucking thoughtfully on schooners of suds and the stern stuff. "Most of these people look so rough," shivered a blonde slip of a girl at a tippy table near the rear. "I'm glad I'm not alone - there's some scary-looking people here." But then, she wasn't a fight fan. Her date, who was, explained over a whiskey that "People who like fights are a certain breed - they come early just to talk about fighting." Scary or dedicated, a few of the boys did look like they might have caught a punch or two in their day, or even thrown a few. Inside the drafty arena about 1,600 fans, a light turnout, reclined on collapsible steel chairs, waiting The public address system rasped that somebody had left his Ford headlights burning. At 8:32 an unseen bell clanged tinnily. Nobody seemed to notice But one minute later a dark-haired man in a white bathrobe hopped from nowhere into the starkly lighted ring, and on the other side, an opponent appeared in a silky jacket with his name on the back. These were preliminary fighters, "ham & eggers," who would entertain bored fans waiting for the main event The ring announcer introduced them, naming the white-bathrobed one and adding that he was "Ever Popular." Round one saw Ever Popular hit the canvas three times. A 60-ish farm woman turned to her son and said "That was as fake as they come.'" She probably didn't like round two, either. Ever Popular was slammed into submission twice more for a total of five knockdowns. The crowd crowed its mercy, compassion and heart by booing him lustily. That's pugilism. The suffering ham & egger finally was counted out at 1:55 of the 2nd. A couple more fighters tried the manly pursuit - a tall stylist, and a toy bulldog filling in for somebody who couldn't take it, or wouldn t. Thes two feinted and dodged and danced and menaced each other from afar, 'feeling each other out," as the willowy blonde's date explained it. Page 4 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, July 8, 1971 1976, the tax will apply. Both are projects of the Washington Public Power Supply System, a joint operating agency composed of P.U.D.'s and city-owned utilities. The coal-fired steam plant being built in Lewis County isn't a joint operating project. Only publicly-owned utilities may form joint operating agencies. When the plant goes into operation, the private utilities will pay the usual ad valorem property tax on their share, and P.U.D.'s will pay their usual excise tax on gross revenue. City-owned cities may pay the P.U.D. rate, but this proviso is permissive. Legislation to impose the same tax rate on all participants, based on size of plant and production, died in the last legislative session, but is being studied by the Legislative Council. Youth Making Its Mark The situation on teenage voting is changed by the hour. All potential candidates in this year's city elections who have been wooing prospective young voters in advance, can consider themselves lucky. Two weeks ago, it didn't appear that the constitutional amendment extending voting privileges to young voters in all elections would be ratified in time for this year's municipal elections. A week ago, the chance appeared to be 50-50. Now its all over. The 38th state ratified the amendment last week. Overhead, colored bunting hung from naked wooden rafters, and lifeless light fixtures stared impassively down upon the gladiators. Finally the tall stylist won the bout, in the 3rd round when he abandoned style and slugged gracelessly. Next, a slender black fighter vaulted over the ropes, into the ring. That drew a cheer. He was Ever Popular, too. And so was the referee for this fight, an overweight ex-pug. And the combatants' gloves were red. This was "the semi-final 10 rounds of boxing," quoth the ring announcer, and it turned out a crowd - pleaser. They really watched this one, sitting transfixed: an intimate, private conclave of acknowledged peers. Up front, a television crew worked the arena with bright lights, big cameras and audacity. A leather-lunged fan in the back yelled "Turn off that goddamn light!" again and again. At last, the main event. Andy Kendall, "The Scappoose Express," versus Roger Rouse of Anaconda, Montana. Ring-wise boys, and tough. Kendall and Rouse once fought to a draw in Montana. Later they knocked heads in Seattle and Kendall won a decision. They're both classed as brawlers. Kendall's manager brags that "Andy don't depend on speed, he depends on brute strength." Andy himself says "I outgut 'era." Both are top light-heavyweights, or they were. Rouse fought for the title twice. He lost twice. Kendall got a championship shot in 1969 and was knocked out. At 31 or 33 years of age, depending on whether you believe him or the record book, Kendall is ranked fifth among contenders. Rouse isn't ranked. The fight started and the boxers worked each other's heads, stomachs, chests and arms with meataxe efficiency. Brawlers, all right. It was brutal. As Kendall smashed Rouse, and Rouse bludgeoned Kendall, the question occured whether these men could possibly make enough money, reap enough glory, salvage enough satisfaction out of such slaughter to make it all worthwhile. Kendall's manager once said a Number 5 ranking is worth $25,000 a year if it's peddled in the right places. But at what cost in broken bones, brains and blood vessels? This Editor, The Journal: Ever since reading the editorial on the poor natural born lefthanders and the Birch Society's stand on birth control, I can't help thinking what a great baseball game this would make. The Gay Liverationists vs. Welch's Winners ! The Welchers would naturally be using their best right winger while the fibs would counter with their best portsider throwing from the left. The lefties are known for being a little wild, but are famously good hitters. Those swinging from the right get their share of hits and the pitchers must have their control. - There are over 5,000,000 teenage unmarried female dropouts annually in our junior and senior high schools, because of pregnancies. We have birth control pills, (Probably U.S., it Magazine publication). has been ads for care I can see education in qualified or English treating the effect. I am the police Townsend as Chelan a full blown how far are human) good time. I win the Gays bleW Editor, The Journal: To Teen-agers everywhere. Happy days ahead! But if you don't show us the way thereto, who will? You the young are "honestly dissatisfied" with many things! God bless you! Spread the good news that a "Happy Tomorrow" is attainable! And show us the way, thereto! WAKE UP us the people! Show us that. to make Democracy work, spirited involvement by all of us is a necessity! You teen-agers have the needed spirit and energy! Get together! Hold forums, as in our public high schools. Discuss and deeply diagnose the true deep-seated causes of various critical problems of today. Pinpoint the simple salient, human factors, as to true correction. Actually, the very focus of our major problems is - People ! We foster the delusion tfiat: "You just can't change people"! What a challenge to you teen-agers, to WAKE UP us the man-made is for more splrl[ adequate the similarlY, deficien spirit of the part and the inflation undermiX economY ! spirit, to each otheI We love, and necessary tots! A developing women nq the the twig millions o most from their people! Show us that the future mothers necessity will be: precisely what, we the people, yoU people make of it! Just more of the same", or - the truly betterwhat " world such as all mankind longs objective for! In teen-ager forums, leave teen-agers! in our )ub religion-in-theory to the homes, for Churches. But above all else, champion the actual building of true the brotherly spirit, ,by practice, in ALL schools, and in homes! to turn, Mankind's No. One need: The drugs, spirit of brotherhood ! Just a few examples, briefly, as to the challenge of you teen-agers, to WAKE UP us the people: Our high courts uphold noble principles, as to justice and equality, between whites and non-whites. But flagrant injustices people go on and on! We all know about best it! A threat to unity! A hazard to we can the very survival of our Democracy! In order to provide useful jobs, good homes, can, self-respect, etc., for the poor non-whites, and the poor whites, more is needed than simply "cold motivatiC and in our the simPle of life, we Education World Security? spark ) teen-agerS' particular gate totaled $6,000, to be ways. In the fifth round it mercifully - Kendall blasted the ring, flat on his back. The hoisted Kendall's fist over his was over, all over. Rouse revived and seemed to Kendall cleaved happily through .a toward his dressing room, taking hiS of the moment. Maybe this - this procession was the why of it, the motivation, Kendall's nose has been broken munched it again tonight, and as scar tissue became visible over battered appearance, of course, an craggy-eagle look, yet strangely And, as Kendall moved lonely Befitting a man whose afterward because he won, but a is always faced violently and where life's little subtleties are bloody voices screaming "Kill the "Broiled swordfish . hold