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July 3, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 3, 1941

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Four Thursdy,_J,. Page WSHELTON—MASON COUNTY“ JOURNAL .n-um lto old friends and members OIIShelton friends, held in VVash—l i ( . . I i J ' ,. ,. l , v . l V ant 11' ‘ ' l) ’ . — d — ' l ! Rebekah.» Visli At ,Gltirla Johnson Vt eds A ac an'gmseznfivllfifu'i lpbtusegiiilwzgllisng FreSh vegetables I i law [“Iisoil Home 1In Washington, D. C. Taxes . Advg"; Vx c I ~ \ . '. ‘ ' ' f interest to many‘: Journal \Vant‘ ’ agent it is—phone 100. Placed 0n Surplus ' l 1 film. smond of a series of ViSits A wedding 0 , I . Food List In July Easily Must Use ‘ m‘ - ilk-bokuhs; was held Monday eve- i ington, D. C.. on May 29, llhlgildi ' — —‘- i ‘ " June 240, when the group in marriage Gloria Johnson, ic Say Durmg July an trCSh vegetables: :at the home of Mr. and i only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 3 . inns»: Ellii-‘Cll on Mud BaylWallacc Johnson and Francis} 1A 7 o‘clock potluck dinner waslGrimaldi of Long Island, New Est-med oil the front porch over- i York. The wedding wasperform—l , looking llll‘ bay. The evening was ed by Nelson Pierce, former pas- 1 WITH FLOWERS They Bring Comfort and Happiness be PurChased W151 b1“? Stf'lmps bYl Persons whose skin has families taking Part 111 The F9d‘lpampercd and protected for fall.: ‘eral fOOd Stamp Planv accordmg' winter and spring months, find' to announcement made today by that summer brings a great de. available on local markets can. _ g l l . the members of her bridge club. such while swimming or enonY‘S M7,“). AWL, Get“. Mrs_ Ruth Edg_ I . . . v ing other summer recreation. Ln- ' l “n: l g ‘ ( ‘ 1V1 tl l'st FUNERAL DESIGNS AND lHoward T. Heun, area supervisor sire for sunshine and sumtans. If; . )\ islulrigr‘rpl lying cards l tor of the Shiletgnof U]: Bojtfin- 1 S l ’ l (litrlu is. lilosc present during , Church and a f1 , H‘OSPITAL BOUQUETS of the Surplus Marketing Admin—1 propel-1y controlled, the sun’s raysl 3 the “mind WOW Mr. and Mrs. son family. , Dellverod anywhere, anytime llStI‘athI'l. lmay be beneficial to them. but; 15mg: FY5201; Mf- and Mrs“ Jor- Mrs Grimaldi W“ born am“ By Un‘ . , More than 4.7,000 public aSSist- : misdirected enthusiasm may bringf 21m ("H Wm :Mr and Mrs E F i ' d. Sh 1t “ad has been \ g Valle ‘ance families in Washington par- temporary misery. From prolong—i 1 rt: ( lVlh». .‘md .Mrfi Ham; Car; iaise in c onsant‘ 7‘ .‘W‘, “of the h It H d Bld tiCiPate in the Plan and by PlaC': ed exposure serious illness can de-i l, 11“: 1 mid Mrs flurry 3320mm ‘emplfiycdD as pAriani,f ‘ heir J1 Phoflee 2;; ar ware b'w I gig antaifieShligtegeilEalllses eignecizggl V0101). l Mrs. 21‘s: Brulnbaugh, Mrs. Hezl-y i Eludth foipfificmpbgst thl.e}.(yeal.s_ mm W ‘ 1‘ thmt S 'gerable increase thel The sun is a therapeutic agent‘l en Forrest, Mrs. Amos Fordyce, l The bridegroom is 3150 in gov- 1, an Ecoisufxpntsign of seasonal local sub, and like similar treatments, mustl :! MFR A W. Anderson Mrs. Ham ernment employ, as a Chemical d Mrs s luses Bf erishable truck cropslbe employed. cautlously Whether! film-h PC‘thI'SOTM MYS- Kate CI‘USOU» engineer in the Bureau of Re~§ Ught lawn resultp \ lat a.sanat0“¥lm or a resort Teni , Mrs. Anna Wyatt, Mrs. George search, Mr. pierce is now pr}, l‘e vls“ 1In addition to all fresh veg—i to fifteen mmulces. 0f expfmsurei lMcCl'eary, Mrs. Alma White, Mrs. l vate secretary to Knute H11]. 1 e of M1 0n o. - . . “I ' ids,“ s ,. .. , k , t‘ U . I Eli's soévalllzigigetso biggegtsrzmfl; “63511.1eg longer periods on thel 1 Butler, M. B. Schumakel', Guy can , £11135 d2? eelgs1e ngelfigelheyofi'igited avmg ici‘sxedurmg JUIY 316' p igonowtllrilg dayts Yin otrdmarily pm‘i and Mr. Hyde, the hOStS Mr- and the bridfé's brother Mr and Mrs ' uce 8 pro ec we an necessary- l Mrs. Ellison and son Nowell. ' , M 1 Shell eggs’ freSh oranges' freSh before the time element can be: i HV/Aig I Paul Johnson, then to Seattle for, at ‘peaCheS’ pork lard' pork meats somewhat ignored Even then ' , jug-s. (7M1 “human ia two weeks ViSit With her par- ! (except COORed' .or packed in glass moderation must be the rule. Tan, l g Engnrmingi Um, . ents. They are returning “Via the -, 001mm i or metal container?» com mgal’l itself, has little virtue. ‘ Mrs. Cull Hellman entertainedl Northern {mite andfp‘flagm Rutledg ,hommy (corn) grits, dry ediblel Most sunburn victims becomei at her home last Thursday for and NeWYm‘k- Bow 3813*! la Heale‘ ibeans’ prunes‘ Wheat flour and| the Puget Sound country is unex- whole wheat (graham) flour, and celled by any place visited. raisins. Saturday, July 5 Juveniles Degree Of Honor Slate Meeting July 8 The Juveniles of the Degree of is in conscious of the harm that 5’ being inflicted, they persist t exposing face, shoulders, back and i legs to sunlight. Then, w h e n ley. Mrs. Alice Cooper, Mrs. Mary| Smith, Mrs. Hazel Borst, Mrs. Bessie Barrett, Mrs. Nellie Byrnes and the hostess made up the twol VV.C.T.U. Postpones i , Friday Meeting Mrs Borst and 1, ance Union have postponed their The Women's Christian Temper- i l ‘l l ‘ d ft r- the la ‘3 over the become a‘ -: ‘ iabli‘i‘i 0t: bridgeg , . . . i ‘.§ , Echr 3%“? .1311;1 8m:€t2T<i}:lsocalz aai :ho' full; alvilre that ghoughtlesgnelsls, {Mi-v smiui won honors, With Mrs. l inmeffiigg “ml the “1”” rs. 1 {Odd Fellows Hall has brought them real injury. l , Emmi-Lt Winning the galloping G Music b Four Aces _._._. The benefits derived from radi- ‘[ goose. Refreshments Were served 1 National Service League raham y ' iViSit Here M Th I ant energy in the sun need no lby the hOSteSS- lpostponed Meeting } Zrmeeli ._ l Mr. and rs. omas rvme roof. For man diseases, in« l . . ~ ' ‘ J 3‘ Gents 35¢ Ladies 10¢ and 50“ Dale 0f Seattle “Simd in (finding. tuberculosis, rickets, and‘ {yogiiliir‘uilf ' giggniitssfigigingaei‘ifiii 1 “20:8, the home 0fththiveagfiingfls. Bin Others’ the healmg acnon of sun' Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Hack at- regular Thursday meeting thisi 0m Dickie over FULL POUND All Flavors and Types. Picnic Basket. A Huge Shipment of‘Delicious Fancy Cookies 20c Just the Thing for Your light along with the fresh air, is most effective. Basic princi- ples of the treatment should be considered at all times, however. the sun with the reSpect that is due it. In the absence of such consideration a penalty will be exacted—the least consequence of which is removal of immediate possibilities for pleasure on the outing. Matluck, July 2.—The July meet- ing of the Matlock Townsend Club has been cancelled. The August meeting will be held as l per regular schedule with a speak- er to be obtained for the pro- gram, club officials reported to-, day. Matlock Townsend Club: July Meeting Cancelled, l l l ~— For more formal occasions, lace combined with m oussel ~iv1 ine makes this charming dinner drens, modeled by Lucia Carroll, designed by Marie Miller. line in many layers prov ides the graceful skirt. l l l l l l l l l White Calais lace forms the top, and White moussc— l PHONE 100 o.E.s. Hold ‘ Saturday Meet Keelrr-Marrill ‘Weiltling Wield Al Sili‘il=)ll Sunday 1 V____ g M i l l , friends of the Hacks. ' the bride‘s tended the wedding of Miss Jan—1 ice Ward to John Watson, formcr- , 1y of Gig Harbor, at Sequiam onE ter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ward, 2. Hexall druggist who are old reception was held for the popular l young couple’s many friends at home following the i, wedding. I “XSIKS. Plan Picnic ll 2 At Baysllore Home The Women’s Society for Chris- tian Service will hold a picnic at Bayshore at the home of Mrs. W. M. Elliott on Wednesday, July 9. A short business meeting will fol- | low the luncheon. The devotionsl will be led by Mrs. Nena Roberts. Cars will leave the church at 12 o'clock and all persons desiring} transportation should be there at, that time. ' Royal Neighbors Slate Meeting The Royal Neighbors will meet Thursday evening, July 3 at the Odd Fellows'Hall at 8 o’clock for a regular business meeting. week. lowing Thursday, as usual. Visiting Here ' . . . . Sunday. The service was held , . J R ' Y The Wise vacationist Will tem-I at 2 Odock m the Episcopal MISS Esther Sharrer of Bormgyu ' » _~ ~ . . per his enthusiasm for sunshine,l Church. Miss Ward is the daugh_ , Oregon, is visiting friends in‘ with moderation. He will treatl l Shelton and Allyn this week. She , l attended high school here last ’ A large 1 year- ‘ They will meet the fol—‘ We are pleased to announce the appointment of Paul F. Marshall ,. "* \ ‘isizsisn...om........ \ The hall of VVelCOIne Chapter Miss Lam-fl 1.333101. Marlin, “g to represent us 35 ER spent No. 40 was beautifully decorated dugo‘iitcr oi‘ ‘ Mrs. A. J. Lr-gve For Englewood ‘ 0 ' ‘for the occasion oi" the official LalZilll (.l‘ Ill . 0110 the’ and Mrs. S. W. Carter left DISTR'CT MANAGbeefl Kt; visit of Olive Dillc of Tacoma, bl",l£‘ of C “I Koc‘icr, son fci- their home in Ing1ewood, caijf, for this area. He has 1 he ' B lworthy grand matron ol.‘ tlie gram: of Mr. 21ml 1‘. iibiii chler of They have spent the past month selected because we fee raer ' , lChaPter 0f VV‘dShiNStOIL 01010? 0- Brvnierim: on Sunday, June 29. here visiting their daughter, Mrs. i5 W911 qualifmd to renset’ ‘ Eastern Star, to Wi' ‘Ulll‘: Chap 3 The 0;.ka Fred Hickson and their son, Mar- , the courteous, friendly ter 40 Saturday il" Julie solcmmm Li ':7-\' ill;‘ I 1 .‘lllOlly \V CL S , 3 r x . Lani- l l Carter. vice that has built our Over 100, meni‘bers 1",”: belt at the l:‘()ll‘v"t:qilal'c , sonagc. organizations. .ted L, I the mceung “om F‘“ “m” 1: ‘ For her wed rig the b rid e r——‘ -" -———. You are cordially anl I“ Isa] Elma, .Unionm, Seclth i zuci' , 1., 3 mm. 2 m t visit his Office at ' She Centrahav frhek‘mhbv ‘E" v. .11 iik and \‘Cll‘lli‘ ct pcas‘i L 119 S. 3rd a R Brcmerton a 11 c M o n l. -.. 1H,, D , ‘ .. 1161. mmage' , 1 CITY MARKET i t‘? heap, honor Mini ' .5 Her only .l't was; Mi Tomi . me “ “en! W01“th m“"“ Dailev. Dilile wore a navy DaVJd W. Peregoy. 30, Fort can BUTTER JAM JELL pt.........15¢ zvlbs. 3 for 27¢ Ella ‘1 ., . .v .-.. . loch, Dorothy Gordon, E15"; d111,? "1{,,f§5i?fs?fgf§,,“§g: Troast, 45, both of Seattle, at INTER o s c son, Annie Anderson; Veret’ta‘, fijanCUng". Thev' wi‘l’l‘ make ‘theiri Shanon, June 30, o o o , . .. I gggibrfiénigdvilfemégévxCiifl' 51510;: home in Bremerton where Mr.! A, 0 - Close of the meetir‘w: “‘ ‘ heeler is employed In the sliip- If You want To Sell k Youvn EXCHWGE . . Ripe Dill Wax Precedm th e t1“wards. . 1, Have To Tell-i-Phone 100'for a I g‘ e 11199298 fit 3v1‘ A reception was held at the; Journal Classlfled Ad, ‘ P gigging), afglgiglcirsfig}iiz;eS‘giti:E riome of the bride‘s parents in a”- PORK and BEANS .... .. 3 cans 25¢ FRUIT SALAD ..... 2 cans 25¢ TUNA .......................... _. 2 cans 27¢ SHRIMP ...................... ._ 2 cans 27¢ KERR LIDS ............................ .. KOOLAD’E ........ .; ...... .. 6 pkgs. 25¢ FELS NAPTHA .......... .. 6 bars 29¢ Sunny J im BUTTER .............. .. 25¢ VEGETABLES EX. Lge. Lettuce3/ 10¢ Tomatoes. . . 2-lbs. 19¢ Local Peas. . 5-lbs.'025¢ Syritll Murphy. Thesis:I g'atfiel'iliéi,tlie Women's Circles and the ,. ' ‘ 0 ie evening were Jrs. l'ervu . Church. H . 3.“. f d .,_ , PlgS Feet . . . . . . . (It. Wingard, Mrs. Walter Elliott, .Ir.. , get to 8090301,? {egmrlegifs r1: Glass Lmed v . . . . . Hormel's pickled Mrs. Lester Murphy, Mm John GREEN, ONIONS and Radishes . . . 6. for 10¢ ' CAN-TALOUPES WATERMELONS 9¢ C 4 lbs. .......... _. 1.05 85c 2rolls 35¢ Drip or Reg. Del Monte OFFEE M EAT 5 Lamb v Wieners.........lb lb. 15c. . 23¢ Sirloin Steak . . lb. 30¢ Prime Beef. Prem or Treet . . 27¢ Fresh Killed Hens & Fryers lTY MARKET luncheon. Mrs. Laurence Burrell ton residents, are now visiting l "‘ RICHARD E- GEEN BEQG 9 Pr‘op. and Mrs. Eugene Brown won lion- , iii Shelton with his mother, Mrs, lors with Mrs. Zul‘rcll \x'iniliuf: ills ‘ Mill'lt l<‘lpll.~:o;i will his: :xlnlor, Mun] ‘_ galloping goose also. i l<ldllh Maihmvsi-u. , Clifford VVivell, worthy. presided during the exernplii'x-‘W tion of the initiatory ce-ren‘lon following which the impressin addendum honored Mrs. . . fore her address to thc members. Taking part in the addendum were Viola Kimbel, ' Chapter was served at the Color:« ial House to honor Mrs. Dili’e and: the grand officers coming With her. They were Hugh McNivcn. worthy grand patron of F” .‘iuzlttli‘: Mable C. Clark, grand matron anti ' grand secretary of Seattle; Mm Floss Busch, past grand malt-o: of Seattle; Maymc Hal-nulliy. as—l sistant grand matron of Seattle: Martha Churchill, grand conduct-g ress of Bremerton; Lovida Lug»; wic. grand marshal of Seattle,} and June Magcnheimer, past grand ' matron of Tacoma. l, Rebekah Lodge Holds Large Birthday Party The Rebekah Lodge held a; given. Mrs. Cyril Murphy Honored At Shower Mrs. Arnold Stenger, nee Addie Putnam, entertained at her mo-i ther’s Mrs. Gone Putnam‘s apart-1 ment Wednesday, June 25 for a} surprise baby shower for Mrs} ——— l Harrier, Mrs. Charles Rowe, Miss Margaret LeDrew, Miss Vera Rowe, Miss Earline Cleveland, Miss Margaret Vail, the honored guest, Mrs. Murphy. and the hostess, Mrs. Stengcr. Delicious“ refreshments were served during" the evening which was spent visiting. Double H Meets At Burnett Home The Double H Club met at the . home of Mrs. Willis Burnett last‘ Thursday, Julie 26. Two tables of 1 cards followed the 1:30 dessert, ‘ blue suit. 3 best mail. ‘ Elma high M ,ladies interested in the golf club .are welcome to meet with thel large birthday party Friday toEgroup on Monday. . her faithful and helpful service to incgree Of Honor Slates : July. l'oni Dailcy was the: The bride is a graduate of the! ‘lool and the Paciiicl Lu licruli co ego the bride- groom graduated ironl the Elma. high school. A tan coat and (l McCleary. I I W'omen‘s Golf Club- Slates Monday Meet '1“ c thclton 'Women’s Golf Club met Monday morning for an or-l glinization meeting with 11 ladies, present. They have changed thcl meeting day from Wednesday to Monday for the convenience ofl their members. They will nowi' meet Monday mornings at 8:45 at, the club house, with matches being! arranged. Mrs. Rolla Halbert was I elected president and Mrs. W. A.‘ McKenzie, treasurer at the last meeting. The committee mem— bers will be announced later. All l ladies at the church parlors. Miss Clark. who is the bride elect of Byron Deffinbaugh, received many lovely gifts. Mrs. W. R. Collier, who will soon move to Bremerton, was pleasantly surprised at the ga- thering when the group presented her with a gift in recognition of VJilcy and Mrs. Francis Cole made the gift presentation. Refresh- ments were served during the afternoon. Business Meeting The Degree of Honor will meet on Tuesday evening, 8 o'clovlt at the Odd Fellows Halli for a burninrss meeting. This is the only meeting scheduled for Visit Mother no}; Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Fredson of! Los Angelcrs, Calif, former Shel-l July 8 at; a l ! Stevens, Ore, and Carol Theresa Murphy, 22, Aberdeen, at Shelton I July 2. Kenneth T. McCamman. 30, Mc- Chord Field, and Gertrude Wach- ob, 25, Avenal, Calif., at Shelton July 1. John B. Cain, 46, and Jane and learn why y0 0... save safely on auwmcg ' bile and truck insura“ with . l IARMERS Aumuggig j gar/rm!!! _ AND CINE KODAK FILM # Don’t Leave Moths To Enjoy Your Vacation $1.00 Larvex ________ __ 79c Whitman’s Sampler CHOCOLATES 1.50 FOOD JUGS and VACUUM Bottles “- 0 U. S. Howland Patent Suction Bathing Caps ...... ._ 59c [Small, Medium and Large Head sizes. ‘ boa-Lug _.._ __ _____..._..____—.——-._—.———~~.—————- ' / ://“ HA. KIND YOU WANT! ‘ cl: Cine Kodak 8 mm . . . . KODA 4' Cine Kodak 16 mm . . . KODA, Cine Kodak 8mm Kodachrome M in celebrate the birthday of every i Full Qt Larvex 1.19 M member of the lodge. There wassl P.E.(). Holds . ' . . "" " - e Leg about 50 persons present. Each, Monday Meeting Dl‘Chlorlmde ------- —- 49‘: Cine KOda’k mm KOdaChrOm . table was decorated to repreSent; The RED. Ct Monda June 00 -‘ Be gntlgélth with the igembers “(322303 30’ with Mrs» Xiden Q Baggy for Kodachrome for KodaksiA’ro " 11' ays Fe m amlafy ‘ ' t a social mectincr to hear the re- 1 j. I rating the July table and the DC“, ports of the anvention held in L 0 T I 0 N S “ Mixers or Pop Steer Beef cember group decorating the? Spokane. Mrs. S. A. Hatcher and . : " Qt. Bottles I June table and so on down th'fi, Mrs. R H. Diem were the dele_ Harriet Hubbard ,. . hne' Refr‘iShments OI md‘wquaf,‘ gates. A 1 o‘clock potluck dinner Ayer Suntan ______ _. 500 1, ‘ I ‘ cake dand ice cream cups v~ ere; was served, Sunburn Crgam 33c no serve . I , x l Shoulder Plans were made to hold theE Miss Evelyn Clark DeVVItt’S Suntan Prt I 3 ~ r Past Noble Grand night on Ule Honored At Shower Lotion ................ .. 500 290! ’ , - , IaSt meetmg m me VVthh.li' YMiSS Evelyn Clark was the. .7 . Sun Goggles ............ ,. 19c, 25c; ' ,_ (Plus (199051” v ,. JUIY 25- At the JUIY 11 meetfinb; guest of honor at a miscellaneous i— , , . reports from the Grand It‘oc‘ge shower given by the Baptist Noglalr Sllp-On Goggles _ _ _ _ _ _ . — —-" Breast ‘- held in Everett last week Will be; Azurine Fold-it Goggles $1.00, $ Crookes Lenses Goggles ....... Developing Film Developed and Printed . . . F r e e Enlarge ment Coupon