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July 8, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 8, 1941

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' 8, 1941. D__A STILL ,- IN SPlTE E cons I I .I I ToI States prepared to that question to- ! bafter the all-out gall-«is this: ‘hfi-S the world’s , eavily armor- ”: gh the second- }I the “two-ocean” tile making. I . ar . be I my and air ~' ead ft , [at its y for about men still are it 350.000 000 000 iii states started a n ‘1 $5,000,000,000 de appropriations, titehSe loans and Wlll total $50,- aBtually paid out .111 the twelve . The .. 1y 1 will bring 1. $1 defense spend- .vi 3,000,000,000 to pending on how a; and shipyards ‘ 01‘ .H . of the past year 23POWer—an army i772 a year ago 1345,000 today. 3.9111 is 1413000 took a large year’s produc- Vertheless some Ne Whipment were my compared with , PTO 'efzted_goals 0f ‘fol‘ce now has es - sThe navy 3.476., v “33% ago. A high bse are trainers. at Craft still lack ‘2’“ and protec- § at YDeS. The land “83' 9f world war rifles and .30- guns. and against 2,800 'in are as use of the. at. 1‘3 rifle. But 111 mostly world * ‘types that Ger— aighfiscautdeci. the”. Would carry Aflghting if the ugliv merlca’s deter— the the world’s . ‘ me, although bat ships in ser~~ a.year ago. The P North Caro- ,‘hvgashlngton are in i, ‘Wlll join 1; h 6 Building Year Ago Now Ago 15 16 6 12 1 37 54 6 236 199 25 101 78 14 “IDS. though still Dime equipment 9- War footing, 0091 account of _lt has. Its lcers and men .that of a year tinued ‘ -\ 0 Years 0‘ the entire FHA °Eram was as. 1::th Roosevelt ._ passed by gexghe National ending cer- .-~ Plan slated to ' July, oath TProvides f o I However, for tofol' more than m be converted , 5’ units, the Raised to 55000. than I, ,r leqthose for :. imam at the epayment per- i" the Federal , . On’s program wont interrup- Jackson, FHA culture Claude eallotted Lewis ector of the A‘g-ive pro- f00d for de- E“iequate sup- .__ request was in“ actual or .0! bolt shortages the nation. \ ‘31 N SEATTLE ' orge Gilmore the, left last «their two-week Telephone Firm , statement to shareholders, Powley “gate artillery and making huge plant additions to ‘torgf‘nnmg to come meet the extraordinary service re-,I has} few of its quirements i. “WICB now equal Preparedness and the accelerated‘ ms tempo of business activity. gaggngegfiggiegreof0335885035 I should be, obtained from the Dis-, more than a year ago. the highest payroll in the history of the company. we estimated that our 1941 con- struction program would approx- imate $60,000,000 of which aggregate of $48,000,000 would be exclusively for new. construction.§ We now estimate that this pro-, gram, which is still ill a state of flux, will be in excess of $70,.l 000,000 and it will undoubtedly be I enlarged due to the continued un- usual and unforeseen extraordin- ary service demands." May was 10,641 as compared with 6,260 in May last year. for the first five months of 1941 was 61,596 as compared with 40,-I 347 for the corresponding period of 1940. ‘ for the first five months of this; year increased 22 per cent over; the same period last year." Official Season EYES I Construction Up 513 A 50% Bflnd 1940; N. R. Powley, president of The‘ [Pacific Telephone and Telegraph‘ Company, issued a statement last week in connection with the re-: lease of dividend checks to share- holders in which he commented Ion the indicated adverse effect I on the company‘s earnings due to; its huge plant construction pro- gram—«in excess of 50 per cent over last yearv—now totaling more than $70,000,000, heavy increased‘ . A . . , wage payments recently effective? “on to the pr‘ces bld f0! and the forthcoming substantial tax increases. I I In further commenting on theI Mr. I stated: “Throughout the Coast we are- involved in Defense; Our I We have “ “Prior to the first of the year an “The net gain in telephones in, Net gain 1 “T011 and Long Distance calls. on Forest Fires Is Now At Hand The forest fire seaSOn opened officially on July first according to F. H. Brundage, associate re- gional forester, U. S. department of agriculture, forest service, Port- land, Oregon. Severe burning conditions may come a little earl— ier or later than that date, but it is the usual time forsputting fire prevention precautions into effect. “The regulations now in force are the familiar ones that have been found by experience to be practical and effective,” Brundage said. a campfire permit is required for building a campfire on grounds not posted and improved as camp- grounds. Throwing away lighted material is prohibited; that in- cludes fire works and. cigarettes. On camping trips with autos or pack animals, an axe, shovel, and water container should be taken along—these will be needed any— how. Smoking while traveling on forest roads or through the woods is bad judgment and restricted. If anyone wants to smoke, he should stop in a safe place and stay there until his cigarette is out. “Some areas on the national ‘B.M. for Douglas-fir, $4.35 per M istumpage, to cover the cost ofI islash disposal will be requiredlI . mitted full ‘ County “On national forest lands. embracing about 400 acres within I Sections 20 and 21, T 23 N, R 51 W., Dry Creek Watershed, Olym-I ic National Forest, Washington, estimated to be 6,070,000 feet B.‘ 2,190,000 feet B.M., more or less,I M., more or less, of Douglas fir,I of western red cedar, and 500,000I i of sale. The purchaser, if he be not feet B~M-i more 01' 1953. Of WCSteI‘n : the owner of tho lll‘Di‘l’ivf‘illCll illust hemlock and other Species. N0 lorthw1th pay to the officer 1‘ ‘the sale the full amount of il l I bid of less than $4.50 per M feet,I I I the 5 $2,000.00 must be deposited with iright to reject any and all bidsi Before bids are sub-‘ information concern- ing the timber, the conditions of[ sale, and the submission of bidSI reserved. trict Ranger, Hoodsport, Wash-' ington, or the Forest Supervisor, Post Office Building, Olympia, Washington. 7-8 and 7-22 —-—2t. NOTICE OF OF TIMBER. 0N STATE LAND Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, the 5th day of August, 1941, SALE ‘ coliimcncing at ten o'clock in the forc— of county front the the in to City.’ of Shelton, of Mason, State of Washing— by the County Auditor of said I I I I I I I l l of said day, I I I I the timber on the following~ I I t I entrance door house in the noon main court ton, county, described state land will be. public auction to the highest therefore, to—wit: APPLICATION NO. 16904 Timber on SW1”, of NE%, NEV, of SW14 and NW% of SE14 section 36, township 22 range 3 west, W. M., containing 120.00 acres, more or less, ac— cording to the government sur- vey thereof, appraised at $369.00. According to the State's cruise there are approximately 123,000 feet sap— ling fir. The purchaser scribed timber will comply strictly with slash disposal as found in Title 36, Chapter 1, Remington’s Compiled Statutes and laws amendatory there- 0. The purchasers of state timber are , required to run out the lines and; are responsible for trespass in case timber is cut on adjacent state—owned property. Said timber I sold fer not less than the appraised value, as appraised by the Commis- sioner of Public Lands in the man- ner provided by law, a statement of which is now on file in the office of the Auditor of said county. Terms of sale are: Cash to be paid on the day of sale. The purchaser of timber lands will have 2 years within which to remove said timber, Willi the privilege of securing extensions of time under the statutes governing. JACK TAYLOR. Commissioner of Public Lands. By FRANK YATES, Assistant Commissioner. 8—5—5t. sold at bidder of north, of the above de- be required to laws governing on‘ said land will be 7-‘i-15-22-29. NOTICE OF W'ATICR RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5498 State of \Vashington Office of porvisor of Hydraulics Olym la TO WHOM IT MAY CONCEIIN; Notice is hereby given that K. W. Blanchard, of Shelton, State of Wash— ington, under date of June. 21, 1941. filed with the State Supervisor of Hydraulics. Olympia, Washington, all application for a permit to divert the public waters of an unnamed spring tributary of Mill Creek, in the amount of 0.075 of a second foot, sub- ject to existing rights, from April 15 to October 1 of each year for the purpose of irrigation and continu— ously for domestic supply; that thel approximate point of diversion isl located within SW14 of SW14 of Sec—I I tion 28, Townshi 20 N., Range 3 W. in Mason ounty. A map show— ing the location and plan of said diverSion and the place of the pl'0—‘ posed use ls on file in the office of. the State Supervisor of Hydraulics, Su— I I I I forests have been closed to entry on account of special fire haz- ard,” Brundage said. “Others will be closed as the season advances; All these areas will be posted. Prospective visitors to the nation- al forests might to advantage ask the nearest forest officer if any closures have been made that will affect their plans. “Protection agencies are pendent upon the traveling pub— lic for assistance in keeping the forests green. The fine coopera— tion record in the past is much appreciated,” Brundage said. Lumber Industry Probe Will Open In NE Shortly Washington; July 3.——Within the next few days the National De- fense Mediation Board will ap- point a fact-finding commission to investigate economic conditions in the Pacific Northwest Douglas fir industry: This commission will make rec— ommendations for the final set— tlement of the dispute which caused the recent lumber work.- ers’ strike. The board wired today to O. M. Orton, president of the CIO International Woodworkers of America, and J. B. Fitzgerald, secretary of the Employers Nego- tiating. Committee, that it would consult union representatives and the employers before recommend- any Solutions and will aid the disputants to “agree_between themselves” on as many issues as ing possible. The wire renewed the board’s request that “parties meet togeth- through collec- tive bargaining to. reach a per- er and endeavor manent settlement.” A temporary settlement ended the recent strike. for Sale , Sealed bids will be received byi the Forest Supervisor, Box 187.- Washington, up to 10:00} A. M., August 11, 1941, for all the; designatedI Olympia, live timber marked or for cutting, and all merchantable dead timber located on an area. (16- ] ~F..._——— I LEGAL PUBLICATlONS ‘I National Forest Timber, Olympia, Washington, together with such other information as is required by law. ~ Any person, firm or corporation whose right will be injuriously af- fected by said application may file with the State Supervisor of Hyd- raulics, at Olympia, Washington, such objections or representations, in writ- ing, as he may desire to make, with- in thirty (30) days after date of last i{iglfilicatiom which date is July 15. Witness my hand and official seal \thlS 24th day of June, A. D., 1941. I CHAS. J.‘ BARTHOLET,_ _ State Supervisor of Hydraulics. i 7-8-15——2t. N0. 1388 I NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL I ACCOUNT AND REPORT AND PETI- TION 0F EXECUTOR FOR SETTLE- ;YOU CAN’T SELL UNTIL "You USE W__A_I_\_IT--AD I than the appraised value above s‘ ., , dltlons I FOR SALE: 5-room modern house, followmg: I, vand upon the terms and con praised value of the impi-ow-iiiei above stated. materials cutting or removing any such tiliibci' feet B.M. for western red cedar, ggflfgnfil'rimw}t‘;lusil 1”“ {Mid t ,llladll 3 f l l l (tl't‘fS on i (‘— ‘and $050 per M feet. B'Mj for barred payments at ihe rate of six . hemlock and other SpeCIeS Wlll be per centum per annum: Provided, ; i considered. A cooperative de- i partly lmaiii’n my: this! ‘ . . : . i : tcl‘s an' ROS“: 0f 390-35 per M feet B'M' forf statutory fees at any time and oi», timber merchantable under the! tain deed. The purchaser of inndi .terms of the agreement, in 30111- containingr timber or other valuabch I or consent of the .lic Lands. 3 the purchase price has been paid and. scription, and. to the additional toriiisI and conditions ‘ 3 of chapter 256 of the Laws of 1907. the terms, conditions and l't’SCl'YatlUilSI of chapter. 312 of the Session Laws of', 1927, relating to easements for l‘lglltS- O S (I State of T0 WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: N. Upright of Shelton, State of W; ‘11-, ington. undel- date. of June 3, 19.11, I filed with the State Supervisor of I Hydraulics, Olympia, Washington. all x application for a permit to divert ll public waters of an ulinali " tributary of Pickering Pi i the amount of 0.01 of a ll foot,l subject to 91' ’ng rights, om April 15 to Octobe of each year for the purpose ously SHELTON—MASON 5...... an oyster tract deeded by the State of Washington to 8. Jacob— son Julie 8, 1901 under application No. 2632. Said lands will be sold for not less (l Not less than one—tenth of tho pur—I chase price must be paid at the limei lh' I . I I I I One—tenth of g I I I is prohibited by law from' materials without first obtaining C(ilimiissionor of Pub» until tlio'full amount of each bid, to be applied on the pur- ; deed issued. ‘Chase Price, refundedv 0r retained? with??? his“fittdifi‘fiflfim “Biff”: , . . . >2 . . é: . ’ .,‘ l S, ‘ In part as hqu‘aned damagesv 33' I gases, coal. ores, numerals and fos- cordlng to conditions of sale. Thei sils of every home, kilid and do-. prescride in section C vvv VVVVVW WV Mm OUNTY' JOURNAI} Real Estate furnished or unfurnished. $2800 terms. Phone 328—.1 or 499. Rr—5—13——tf. ? O R S A L E: modern 5-room IFOR SALE: modern furnished! house with large sun porch and large lot. Inquire J. Tice, 11th and Turner, Angleside. 7-3—‘tf. I beach house at Union, Hood I Canal, including 90~ft. of water—I front. Owner, Glenn Coffee, Olympia, Wash. 7-8—10-15#‘3t. ;FOR SALE: completely furnished house at Lake Newatzel, 2 largeI rooms, cedar finished. Terms to reliable party. R e a s on a b l e. . \Vritc A. J. Slocum, 2016 North; Bethel Street, Olympia, Wash. 7—8-10—15#3t. Said land will be sold subject to] carrying of timber. and other JACK TAYLOR, Commissioner of Public Lands. By FRANK YATES. Assistant Comliilssioni‘l'. 8-5—5t. f—way and the tone, minerals var the some. p roduCIs 7-8—15-22-29. NOTICE OF “'ATER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5479 \Vasliington Office, of pervisor of Hydraulics Olympia. Su- Notice is hereby given that Georgi: (1‘ continu- of irrigation; and that the, domestic supply: for approximate point of let‘I‘SlOn is lo- cated within Govt. ‘ 11%, Township 21 N., Range 2 W. W i diversion and the place of tho posed use is on file in the off" the State Supervisor Olympia, such other information as Lot. 3 of Section I A IIIILD show- in Mason County. plan of the location and ng of Hydraulics, togctlior with is requii'—, Washington, ed by law. whose right will fected by said with the State Supervisor firm or corporation be injuriously gif— application may file of Hyd- Any person, raulics, at Olympia, Washington, such objections Ol' representations, ill writ— ing, as he may desire to make, with- in thirty (30) days after date of last) publication, which date is July 15,I 1941. I Witness my hand and official seal this 5th day of June, A. D., 1941 - CHAS. J'. BARTHOLET. State Supervisor of l-lydi-aulius. 7‘8—15—2t. No. 1438 NOTICE TO (IIHQIH'I‘ORS In the Superior Court of tho State of Washington for Mason County. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JOSEPH SCHLEHOFER, i I In Probate | Dc— I ceased. the undersigned NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that has been appointed and has qualified as Adiiiiiiisti-atoi' of the estate of Joseph Schlchot‘cl', (ii;— ceased; that all persons having claims against the said deceased or the said estate are the necessary vouchers attached, Administrator proof of such service, hereby required to serve duly ' verified with the. on said at the address below, and file the same with the Clerk of said Court, together with within six 16) of first pub— 5211110, stated, months after the date. the above entitled action in the above entitled Court and answer the com— plaint of the Plaintiff, Lester C.'Ha‘icli, and serve a copy of your Answer upon the Undersigned Attorney for Plaintiff at his Office below stated, and in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demands of the MENT, DISTRIBUTION AND DIS-I CHARGE. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THEi STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND: ,1 FOR THE COUNTY OF MASON. 1 IN PROBATE. In the Matter of the Estate of SARAH A. ECKERT, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that Walter O. Eckert, Executor of the above entitled estate, has filed with the Clerk of said Court his final account, report and petition for set- tlement and distribution of the estate of the deceased, wherein the Court is asked to approve said account and TEDOW Infilke distribution of the estate, and disc arge the Executor. ‘ ‘ NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that in_ acoordance with an order of the said Court made and entered on the 17th day of June, 1941, a hearing will be had before the Court on said final account, report and petition on Saturda , at 10:0 o’clock, A. M., in the Court Room of said Court in Wash- Dated this 19th da of June, 1941. CLAR ENGLESEN, Clerk of the Superior Court for Mason County, Washington. ALDEN C. BAYLEY. Attorney for Executor, Title Insurance Building, Shelton. Washington. 6-19-26. 7—8-15—4t. the Court House at Shelton, ington. NOTICE OF SALE OF STATE TIDE LANDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That on Tuesday. the 5th day of August. 1941. commencing at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day, in front of the main entrance door to the Coulity Court House in the city ‘of Shelton, county of Mason. State of Washington, by the *County Auditor of_sa1d county, the following de- scribed state tide lands. together with the improvements situated thereon. will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder therefor, to-Wit: NOTE—No one except citizens of the United States, or persons who have declared their intention to become such, can purchase state lands. APPLICATION NO. 10477 All tide. lands of the second class owned by the State of Washing- ton. situate in fro t of. adjacent to or abutting upoll lots 2 and 3. section 1, township 19 north, range 3 west, W. M., and having al total frontagei of 58.82 liliileal clams, more or ess, a raise at $1,176.40. pp Exce ting such portion of said tide ands as may be included in the 19th day of July, 1941‘ I on said day \ complaint which has been filed with. the Clerk of the said Court. By this action Plaintiff seeks an Interlocu- tory Decrcc or Order of Divorce from you and thereafter a Final Decree of Divorce as prov’idcd by Law. CHAS. R, LEWIS, Plaintiff‘s Attorney, Post Office and Office address: Suite 1, Liiiii— bci-lncn’s Building, cadia Road from Shelton. 75¢ to $3.00 per foot. Low terms. E. A. Carr, DcsMoines, Wash. 'v 7—8—10~15-17~4t. Call at 825 South First. K—7—8—1t. FOR SALE OR Ruhr for good, ’7 I 11-acres in Kamilche Valley, fine car, 10 acres on Matlock Route. Inquire Churchill. 017-8e--1t. ..————-——-'I FOR SALE I i -room modern suburban home on paved highway, . fireplace, basement, plastered with new paper. Has excellent well kept yard with many beautiful flow- ms and shrubs. Small conser- vatory attached to home with many plants. Includes about 2, acres of excellent soil and gravity water system. This is one of the finest suburban homes in the county and will make an excellent home. Why not see it today if you want a really fine home that is close! in. Will sell for $5400 and giveI some terms. , soil and most all under culti- vation. Has good Ill—room house: with large chicken house. Elec? tric lights, daily mail and about 8 miles from Shelton. Will sell for $1775 and give good terms! to reliable party. 5i-room modern home with large 7-1'oom home INEW 4-room modern plasteredI with dining nook andI upstairs in excellent condition, hard wood floors, fireplace, basement, furnace and yard. Cement sidewalk andI dustlcss street. Will sell forI $4500 and allow some terms. in best district. Large lot with excellent side- walks. A very good buy at $2375.00, terms $350 down and: $20.00 per month at 6%. Whyi not see it today? >l= * '4‘ home, utility room. Has hard wood floor and new linoleum. Well located Oil corner lot. $3100 terms $600.00 down with pay- ments of $21.00 per month in-‘ eluding insurance. taxes and in- 1938 Pontiac “8” business coupe; terest. This fine new home is A AA AA AA AMAWMMW I - SHELTON FURNITURE Bus—T BUY WIN WATERFRONT‘ on Puget Sound. 5,000 ft. on Ar-! 1 FCIR large house suitablei to keep boarders and roomersg v‘ ANDREWS PHOTO STUDIO Free Enlargement cu” Classified Service I holsterilig, furniture recoveredI and rebuilt, free estimates, 714‘ Ellinor Ave. Joe Nussbaumer, proprietor. Phone 590-W. 6~20. 7-20 1M. w RN AL WANT ADS "“ ’- “LAMAaAAAAAWAuAM UP‘ FURNISHED APARTMENTS for‘1 'v"- For Rent rent (2 and 3 rooms). Good 10- , cation. Very reasonable. Golds-i thorough Apts, Second and Knee-l land Streets, Shelton. 5—7-tf. I LANDSCAPING Years of experience in lawn making. Contract or 50¢ an hour. Eight years in Shelton. Plovie, 726 So. First, corner Mill Street. 7-5—-8-5!1M. l CABINS FOR RENT 2 IFOR RENT: " HOUSE FOR RENT: 5 rooms un—I rooms, lights and water. 6 miles southl on Olympia Highway. Munson’sz Auto Camp. Ki7-1-3-8-10—4ti I 5 room apartment' with bath. Mallows Apartment,-‘ 718 North Second. Phone 487-1! D—s7-8—1t. furnished on corner lot down- town. Phone 18. G—«7-8—1t. ers It'-‘ F'ILMS DEVELOPED 25¢ per roll coupon with each roll. FIR DRUG STORE LARGE SIZE I Duplicating SALES BOOKS 5c Each )1' 55¢ per dozen We also take orders for all kinds of special— PRINTED SALES BOOKS Our prices are an low or lower 'V 'VV v V vvvvv v vvvv,vv vvvvv‘ full I than outside salesmen can quote n i c e I you- I THE JOURNAL Used Cars vvvvvvvvvvvvvv V' vvvvvvvv 1938 BUICK 4-door touring se-I ‘dan, nicely equipped, 4 newI tires. New car guarantee $645! an excellent buy and you should 1936 CHEVROLET, radio, heater-vi see it today. , :1: a: Small place With 1A; acre of ex- Shelton. Mason Couli— ty, \Vasliinglon. l 7—1-8-15-22-29. 8—5-12—“7t. \ No. 1387 NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNTpREPOltT AND P ‘ ITION OF EXECUTORS FOR SETTLEMENT, DISTRIBUTION AND DISCHARGE. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF» WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MASON. IN PROBATE. , ‘ In the Matter of the Estate DAVID E. BARRETT, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that Arthur T. _Barrctt and Jesse Harold Barrett, jomt Executors of the above entitled estate, have filed herein their fin acc0uiit, report and petition for set ement and distribution of tho estate, 'of the deceased, wherein the Court is asked to approve said ac- count and report, and make distribu— tion of the estate, and discharge the Executors. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that in accordance With an order of said Court made alid entered ‘on the 28th day of. June, 1941. a hearing will be had before the Court on said final account, report and petition on Sat- urday, the 26th day of July, H41, at 10 o'clock, A.M., on said day in the Court Room of said Court in the Court House at Shelton. Washington. Dated this 28th day of June, 1941. CLARE ENGELSEN. Clerk of the Superior Court for Mason County, Wash- ington. ALDEN C. BAYLEY, Attorney for Executoi's, Title Insurance Building, Shelton, Washington 74.845.22.41 of NOTICE OF WATER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5409 . State of Washington Office of Su— pervisor of Hydraulics Olympia. TO WHOM IT MAY .CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that VVil— liam Crawford of Union. State of Washington, undcl' date of May 29, 1941, filed with the State Supervisor of Hydraulics, Olympia. W'ashiiigton, an application for a permit to di-- vert the public waters of an un« named stream tributary of Hood Canal, in the amount 000.1 of a sec— ond foot. subject to eXlsting rights. from April 15 to October l of each year for the purpose of irrigation and continuously for domestic supply for cabins: that the approximate point of diversion is located within NWI/t of NWI/JL of Section 5. Township 22 N., Range 1 W.W.M., in Mason Couli- ty. A map showing the location and plan of said diversion and the place of the proposed use is on file ill the office of the State Supervisor of Hyd— rauliCS. Olympia. Washington. toge- ther with such other information as is required by law.‘ Any person, firm whosc right will be fectcd by said application may file with the State Supeersor of Hyd— raulics, at Olyillp‘ Washington, such objections or i'epi litlitions. in writ— ing, as he may (1 ire. to make, witli~ in thirty (30) days after date of last publication, which date is July 8, 1941. Witness my hand and official seal this 24th day of June, A. D. 1941. CHAS. J. ill/\RTIIOLET. Slate Supervisor of Hydraulics. (SEAL) 7-1- 8—21. oi" corporation llIJul'lOuSly al l I I Il cellent ground. 1—room house and cabin with garage attach- ed. Berries, garden and flowers. Mostly all cleared ready to cul- tivate. This place is close in and will make a fine home for a couple or single party. See it today. Half cash, balance on .terms ..... ....................... __ $790.00 :1: it * >l= Business building in Sheit‘on. Ren- tal income. Terms. $4,600.00. it t * * * 5-room modern home, with hard- wood floor, fireplace, furnace and basement, 21/2 acres of ex'dI cellent ground, with fruit trees ' and large chicken houses. This will make you a fine surburban homeyiclose in, $2850, terms, may be arranged. Will trade. Angle Bldg. Phone 304 Herbert G. Angle I NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF EQUALIZATION Tnc Board of Equalization of M3.— son Coulity, Washington, will meet in open sessmn Monday. Jilly 7. 1941, at ten {clock at the office of the County Assessor, County Courthouse, Shelton, Washington, for the purpose of equal- lzmg‘ assessments of. property in sai County, and will continue in session from time to time for two weeks. At this time (my taxpayer may bring to tllt‘.‘ attention of the Board any com- plaints regarding assessments for the current year. . \VARREN LINCOLN, Mason County Assessor. 6—19. 7-8~3t. No. 1439 NOTICE TO CREDITORS 7’") FILE CLAIMS In the Superior Court of the State of “'asliington in and for the County of Mason, In Probate. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE of LEWIS E. SANDERSON, 'Dcceascd. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Letters Testamentary on the above estate Wore granted to the under- signed on the 12th day of June, 1941, by said Superior Court. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that all persons having claims against said estate are required to serve the name, with the necessary vouchers, upon the undersigned at the Law Office of Alden C. Hayley, Title Insurance Building. Shelton, Washington, that being the. place designated for the transaction of the business of the es- tate. within six months after the date of the first ublication of this notice. towit: within six months after the 17th day of June; 1941, and file the same with the Clerk of this Court, together with proof of such service. or they will be forever barred. Dated this 17th day of Julie, 1941. RUBIE M. SANDERSON. Executi'ix of the Estate of Lézwis Sanderson, Deceas- c . ALDEN C. BAYLEY. Attorney for Executl‘ix, Title Insurance Bldg, Shelton, Washington. 647-24. . 7-le8—4t. I I ‘Court of said County and tate of Rubel'i F. Harps, ileceased, has rendered and presented for set- tlement to. and filed ill the Superior State his account as such administrator; and that Saturday, the 12th day of July, 1941, at 10 o'clock A. at the court room of our said Superior Court, in the. City of Shelton. Wash. in said County. has been duly appointed by our Superior Court for the Settle— ment of the) Final Account, at which time and place any person interested in said estate may appear and file his exceptions in writing to the said final account, and contest the same. WITNESS, the Hon. John M. Wil- son. Judge of the said Superior Court. and the seal of said Court affixed this 14th day of June, 1941. (SEAL) CLARE ENGLESEN, County Clerk and Clerk of said Superior Court. 6-17-24. 7-1-8~4t. FOR RENT: I house. Inquire Mrs. R. Cook,I 530 Franklin Street. E-—7-8o10—2t. v.._.___.__._._._.._...__._.. I FOR RENT: I Mr I Ill—room furnished apt. .AAAAAAAAAA” AA AAA‘AAA AA A CHRISTMAS TREES WANTED: WANTED: woman _fOr general cleaning. Inquire Journal office. WANTED: WOULD LIKE to contact someone HELP WANTED: men to cutcord VVVVV 3 room. furnished small 2—room house. partly furnished. Close to townI in nice location. Ideal for single1 man or woman. $10 month. In—I On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (Swords) first insertion, attractively low rates on subsequent insertions. imum charge 40c. Classified advertisements ac- cepted over the. telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 100 will be made when billing is necessary. Card of thanks 50c. :5 Page Five RATES Min- —-——————-———-———- - - Lats...— Classified Display Rates on Request. Phone 100 .' " vvvvv ' vvvvvvvvvvvvv' For Sale ‘“ AA.AA‘A“..A “AAAAAAA FOR SALE: good used rowboats, Alderbrook Inn, Union. Phone 231, Union. 7-8-10—2t. quire 619 N. Fifth. W..,7-3__tf_.: FOR SALE: 3 milch cows. Marion FOR RENT INCOME ‘2 I rent this fully equipped: store. Living quarters in build-‘ ing. To reliable party only $25| per month. . } Herb Angle, AngleBldg. "vvvvvvvvvvvv' "m' vmi‘ Wanted large or small lots. Highest] prices. Mattson Carlson, 4125i Sixth Avenue, Tacoma. ' 6-24-26--7-1~3—8—10-15—17-—-8t D——7-8-—1t. I I experienced girl or woman to do housework. No‘ children in family. Call 246. P——— capable and willing to tutorI college trigometry. Box L, Jour- I nal. L—~7-8—10——-2t. I wood. Phone 473—W. HVes7-_1—3-8-10—4t. I ",VVVVv mvv I Lost and Found -I 620 Ellinor for long hair stray‘ cat and kittens. B—W7 —271t. Tides of the Week (Hood Canal tides are one hour I I I I I Smith, Defendant: You are hereby summoned to pear within sixty 160) days after date of the first publication of this summons, iO-wit: within sixty days after the 30m day of Julio, 1941. and defend the abovo entitled action in the court aforesaid and S(‘l‘\'e a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorney for plaintiff atliis office address below stated. and in case of your lailui-e so to do. judgment will be rendered against you aceording to the demand of the complaint which has been filed with the Clerk of said ap— court. The object of this action on the part of the plaintiff is ,to secure a divorce from the defendant. J. W. GRAHAM. Attorney for Plain- tiff. Office Address, Suite 5, Covey Bldg, Shelton, Wash. 7'1—8-16-22m29. 8—5-12—7t. _——— DO YOU WANT ADDITIONAL FOR SALE: 250 New Hampshire laying pullets, 100 N. H. year- ling hens. 'month old N. H. chicks. Anna Bloomquist, Capitol and Boysenber- I ries for sale. Chester Rosenberg, Skokomish Valley. COMPLETE Montag Furnace, Unit, Coal Stoaker with auto- matic heatcontrols. Water Tank and Coils. All, in good condition. Most economical heating system. Now in opera- tion. Price $115 for whole out- fit. Inquire Journal. Smart, Skokomish Valley. 7—8-17——4t. 300 good layers. Hill, Rt. 2. is: 7-8‘17.—4t. . 35.00 I FOR SALE: yearling heifer, 2-yr. old Jersey, fresh. 3-yr. oldHol- stein, fresh in 2 months. $160. Also milk goats. Oscar Bertel— ,' Sen, 2 miles out Agate road. 7-8w1t. 7-8-10-15-17f—4t. FURNACE OUTFi'i‘ Lau Blower, 30 gallon, A—7v8'—tf. 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USED APPLIANCES sedan, radio, heater, spot light,,July High 7.16 pm_ 150 ft. ‘, I new paint .......................... .. $495' ' RANGES —~WOOD »~ 1937 CHRYSLER R 0 y 31 Coupe-, W d Low 12.35 a m 6.2 ft. ; 1-Lang .................................. "$39.50 "I, new paint, 4 new tires .... .. $495; Jul; '9 High 5235213,]: 13_7 ft I 1.—Lang ................ .. .. 27.50 . . Low 12:46 p.m. —2.6 ft. 1—Home Comfort .............. .. 44.50 I Radio, heater, low mileage $595! High 7:59 pm. 15.2ft.1i—fi0ntag _____________________ , — on ag ._ . ,i new paint ............................ .. $335 Thurs. Low 1:27 a.m. 5.9 ft. 1—— Monarch 24.50 “I 1933 STUDEBAKER sedan, excel- July 10 High 625 a,m_ 13.31”; 1__ western 2450 H lent condition thruout, radio $325 I Low 1:30 p.m. -2.1 ft 1— Laundry .......................... .. 12.50 1933 PONTIAC COUPE. New] High 5391mm, 15,2 ft ’ELECTRIC RANGES paint .................................... u $185. 1—Hot Point (only Several Model A’s ...... .. $85 $125I Fr" 110‘” 2:18 a‘m 5‘5 ft slightly used) ....... .1 .... 479.50 2 . Better Values — Lower Prices i July 11 High 7316 3-m 12-0 ft ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS . ‘, a stronger guarantee you'll I LPW 2313 P~m- '13 ft 1_Norge ______________________________ __$ 89.50 f not find anywhere! High 9219 P-m- 15 1ft 1__sparton 10950 ,i All ’41 state tested . . . *— 1_G 79 50 7" Sat. Low 3 :09 a.m 5.0 ft “mow ------------------------- -' BOB ERVIN July 12 High 8:09 am 12.2 ft 1 MWASHING MACHINES 0 “ - Low 2:55 p.m -0.3 ft — aytag, rebuflt ---$39-5 7 High 9:57 pm 14.9ft fag: ------------- -- FOR SALE: 1934 International Sun. Low 4:01 a.m '4.6 ft 1-—Thor ._: ............................ .1: 19.50 14’ “9’? Panel delivery truCk- W111 July 13 High 9:05 a.m. 11.6 ft MISCELLANEOUS sacrifice Cheap Shelton gaskegfi'l Low 3:39 p.m. 0.9 ft I-automatic Gas Hot water 7' ' _'| High 10:35 p.m. 14.6 ft heater .... ..$24.50 FOR SALEZ— $12500 credg‘é 1931' Mon. Low 4:55 a.m. 4.1ft i—iiagrbgid Spmgs ' Nash or Willys Best 0 e1“ 3’ Jul 14 H' h 10:13 a.m. 11.0 ft - """""""""" " July 15. TRADE. Rollandgin— y L‘fw 4:25 pm ft NASH BROTHERS aday C-O Harold Hun er. 0' - 1; , , 142 ft Used De t. 117 Cota komish Valley. 7—3-8-10—3t. H‘gh _i_13.p m 3 ~ p“ w —- ~——-—-—-—-—-——-—-—’———“_““‘ ~Tues. Low 5:54 a.m. 3. ft .v' ' ' '7'" ' " ' 'v For an inexpensive but very ef- ; - ‘ fective Journal Want-Ad—Phone Ime 15 100- ' High 11:52pm 13.8 ft. M“... NO_ 3999 Wed. Low 6:52 a m. 2.9 ft. ' , SUMMONS hon rPUBLICATION July 16 High 1:02 pm 10.5- ft. ALDEN C_ BAYLEY ' In the Superior Court of the State Low 6:14 pm 4" ft. IEgTvgighiagttgAffiéHMagfl'ngfliyo ATTORNEY AT LAW 2 . . alnl . vs. . . BEtRTHA VIOLA HATCH, Defend- Jgflurlsr-z 132g: 3% Title Insurance Bundmg . “has STATE OF wnsnmgfipfi y High 2§37 Dim 10:9 a: Opposite First National Bank ' EQTEIEEGfigfisPERTHA Low 7:21 p.m 5.7 ft. Phone 23 Shelton You are hereby summoned to ap-_ , _. pear within 60 days after the date 01 Fri. High 1:15 am 13.1 ft. the. first publication of this Suni- July 18 LOW 8-41 am 15ft ‘— lti‘rilonfi, ttctii-wit:f J‘Vllthiilq4g0 dag-ed High 3:55 p'm' 11.5 ft. : i k . , . , an e e .i. . . . c. liriatign ghisunhtice or the same. Low 8:34 p.m. 6.4 ft. INSURANCE will be barred. ~ ~ __ \ 19[Bate of first publication June. 24, Sat High 2500 am. 129 ft. G. . CgAS tthLEngSE July 19 3:92): a.m. 133;: I A minis m 0" 5' lg *1 Pm -' ' - Office at Angle Building f J l S'hl . 111%thle pegggspehqéwg‘ Low 9.41 p.m. 6.7 ft. $121333,“ Wag:l "1‘" Sun. High 2:44 a.m. 12.8 ft. 6-24. 7-1-8‘15—4t. July 20 Low 10:10 a.m. 0.1 ft. " “"' ""“ s .. High 5:40 p.m. 13.0 ft. '5 N0. 1298 mi LOW B0 NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT ' . I m q or Apoqt‘nyfl mm NO 3997 Accounting Tax Services nyvnfhin‘gfiiimi'n aii'iir in": into; Co'un- s u M'M o N s 3°°kkeeping Systems ty (In Probate) In the. Superior Court of the State of 11% THE MATTER OFQTHE EST(iATE GfihaASIliiBgtgn f§&1¥?§onP§§.wzffi}~ 123 4th St. Phone 565 U RUBEN F. HARPI Deceasc . . . l , vs. NOT (:1 6b int '1‘. A. ELMA SMITH, Defendant. Parker? f‘hésaldghinibstigyaitgy ofdthe es- STATE OF WASHINGTON to Elma __ Attorney-At-Law Angle Building Phone 337 ATTORN EY AT LAW I “7.;—