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July 11, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 11, 1963

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PAGE 10 SHELTON--MASON COUNTY 30URNAI-Published in "Christmastown, U.S.A.", Shelton, Washington ThursdaY, Lilliwaup Area Residents Have Visitors From Near And Far ho .een00o00 Six Local $,tudenls were received and approved by the On OUy pi H R !i Mason County Commission: The I C oflor 0 ]By Virginia Allison family reunion picnlc given by Mr. Grand Page. This was the 75th of five months with the Pierces, Grove, Hoodsport, class D and E; Six students from the Shelton LILL,IWAUP Berries are for- and Mrs. Henry Korzeniowski at year of the Grand Chapter in the taking Vickie back with him to Maple Court Grocery, Shelton. area have been named to the Merry Ti||er SCOTSMAN I ruing now in northern Mason their home on Bjorsted Creek. State of Washingl;on and the Die- visit her first cousins, daughters class E and F; Agate Grocery, spring quarEer honor roll of Olym- model--shown with |chln County on salal and huckleberry They were Mrs. Doily :MEcAnelly roond Jubilee session Frances raG- of Robert Walker Jr.. Eleanor&apos;s Shelton, class E and F: Old Mill pic College, Bremerton. rotors =nd extensls'to 23 bushes. The blossoms of madrona from Marion. Ill.. Mrs. Clyde Pros- tored to cad from Spokane with brother. Ruehl's sister and brother- Tavern and Care. Hoodsport. class NamS.d to tl:[ honor roll were wide--is fle thrifty powW and rhododendron have disappear- ley from Chicago, and Mrs. Lola Mr. and Mrs. Orville Kagcr of or-in-law' Sarah aria Even Paulsen. B, C, E and F; Victor Grocery, Peter Buechel. Kent Johnson Gary package for small garden ed from 1963's landscape. Supplan- Presley from Wellsville. Mo. Other Grapeview. also of Vancouver now guests at Gig Harbor, class E: Oyster Bay Simons. Lars Sjoholm. Sharon plots. Combines 2V= hp witk ring these are the creamy, pond- guests enjoying the happy occas- George Hanson. who claims res- Eldon are making their annual, Store. Shelton. class E: Happy Townsend and Dian Wood. chain-drlve transmission te ant lossoms of Ocean Spray, a siGn were Mrs. Evelyn Nicholson idence in this area since 1888 and swing around the Olympic Pen:n- Hollow Store, Union class E; Honor roll required a 3.0 average deliver equivalent of a 4 hp tall shrub of lacelike delicacy, and daughter Judy. Mr. and Mrs. his wife Grace announce the good sula. Rody's Grocery, Tahuya, class E or better for at least 12 credit worm-gear unit. Comes wUk regarded as treasures in North- George Moake, Mike son of Mrs. news of a second great grandchild It has been a relatively safe and F; Bear Creek Service. Bre- hours. I" rear transpa=! wheel=. west gar4ens. We like to think, McAnelly, M:rs. Maggie Korzen- Uorn to granddaughter Jacklyn, season thus far along Hood Canal morton, class E; A]lyn Tavern. rightly or wrongly, that Ocean iowski and Myron Katzer, the now Mrs. Thomas Dunn, Jacklyn with no major car accidents, to Allyn, class B. C. E and F: Bel- - " Spray is big cousin to the lower later two from Shelton. lived with the Hansens during her oar knowledge. However, a hum- fair Tavern, Belle:r, class B, C, Joua[ Wt Ad Pay growing Goatsbeard. Ed and Marjorie Furlong of the student years at Irene S. Reed bet to write in your phone book E and F and St. Charles Winery, 141150 Good advise comes from Bill Driftwooa shell and sign shop, lo- high school. The Dunn's raise cot- in case of emergency is 796-2400. Grapeview, class C and D. / WhitneY of rhododendron fame. rated between Hoodsport and Lil-ton and cattle on a plantation at which will bring Brinnon's ambu- i* Saeger Motor As early as possible after the liwaup, had numerous holiday Vick, La. lance when needed. Brinnon is UP AT THE LAZY @ ranch, for- blooming season, he says, remove guests. From Lake Quinault came Vancouver. B.C. residents re- about 10 miles north of the Mason- merly River:no Lodge, the big at- dead blossoms from azalea and Mr. and Mrs. Slimp; from Che- peat their visits to Hood Canal, Jefferson county line. It has the traction this summer is five AD- rhododendrons and pinch off seed halls Mrs. Mary Holland. Mar- according to guests at the Rueht only ambulance service available paloosa colts. Spirited little beau- clusters where there is a tendency jorie's mother, and from Olympia Pierce home in Eldon. Robert :M. between Shelton and Port Town- ties they are. It is a fine sight for plants to grow too tall. Follow the Taggerts. Don, Edna and son Walker, Eleanor's father has just send and is not yet a listed hum- to see them galloping around the on Hillcrest this grooming with a feeding of Michael. returned to Vancouver after a stay ber. pasture. Fish n' Six and generous water- Spending a long weekend with ings. Add a mulch of some sort Lewis and Faith Evans at Holiday to prevent the surface roots from Beach are Darwin and Marilyn drying out in summer's sun. Not Hayden from Kirkland, lIrs. Flor- too much work, is it, for good once Ross of Bremerton. Faith's results? mother, and her brother Jim Ross DO Wa.shi.ngtonians deserve You ind that you do not retire of Mount Lake Terrace; Sharon when you move to lIood Canal; Wahl their daughter with hus- you merely change to different band Robert-and their four child- kinds of work in our clean frag- ren---a full house indeed. /Holiday rant air:" 'The guetS e' rte'he Beach I5''hbldes Whd"share collec- highest are those who pitch in tire ownership of the clubhouse and help us with our work. Ideal and beach, built a large bonfire guests of this type were Mr. and and toasted marshmallows on the "= " . : Mrs. Jack ]IcCarn from Seattle Fourth of Suly while waiting for to I,ve ,n Wash,ngt0n? visiting with the Zeb Kidwells. dusk fo grow dark enough for a Aided by a chain saw Ralph helped community display, of fireworks. Zeb saw and stack next winter's Mrs. Star Whzte (Elma) was entire supply of firewood, while honored on her birthday which Mrs. Jack helped prepare the occurs on Independence Day by a meals, dinner party given by ]Ir. and In the sme class are the Ralph Mrs. Karl Kaiser, electrical engin- McClanahans visiting the Bill eer and music instructor respect- Whitneys. Ralph sawed the parts :rely of Tacoma, at their summer for four dozen flats for seedlings; home on Paradise Cove. Other while 8-year-old grandson Jackie guests for this special occasion AIlright, all right! Don't get sore: We know that aloyal, knowledgeable Washingtonlan, can skip from Anchorage, Alaska, not to were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Camp- be outdone by adults assembled bell. Buree Guise and Star White. yOU deserve to live in Washington. Our question down to "What difference does it make what the flats mailing them all well MRS. FRANCES MOAKE re- and carefully, turned home Sunday from a five- is aimed at the guy who doesn't appreciate this kind of a guide you are?") THltEE SISTERS, none of day stay in Spokane where she whom had previously been west attended the O.E.S. Grand Chap- great State of ours, who knows next to nothing How well do you know the territory? Take of the Mississippi, attended the ter session and participated all a about it-the guy who thinks he has to leave this difficult test. Simply stare long and hard ruv,ae""e ,,," JHllla'"n Ul i itr":c:n :*'' H01d the Pacific Northwest and go south or to some at each of the six photos, decide what each is other such fastness to have a good vacation, a photo of, then check off your answer. No Sh0w For B d 0 N ighb Ridiculous, isn't it? cheating. The answers are way down at the er urne ut e or Yet such misguided guides do exist, and the bottom, but to protect you from temptation, By Judy Von Osten ren were all in atendance. Every- picture part of this ad is for them. (You, being they're printed upside down  .... ALLYN- Mrs. Janet Anderson. one brought a couple of different _ . .... whose home was burned a few dishes and a wonderful feed and .....  weeks ago was honored last Mon- fun-filled time was had by all (ay niht with a shower to help --despite the rain. -- " ............. replace the many lost articles. The Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thorsen ...... " ' ' ' What kind of a guide are munity Hall and all from Allyn, Earl Tcrrells o2] Friday. `==::::==::::::==::::::::==:::====::====:=:===:=::====:::=:=::==:==========:::=====:::::==:=============:==============`===========================.=:=::=:======:=:==::=::==:::::::====::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::=::::::::::. i.:.:!iii!!ii!;i!!ii;ii;;iii!ii;ii:i;i.!::  :i::iL::: ii!;:::;iiii!iiiiiiHiiT:ii:i:i;#:i!:!i:ii::.! i:@b i:#:::::i::i::!::i::i::i::iii!ii!iiii i;?iiii!#!iiii;ii:ii;iiii:iiiiiiiiii:iiiii!i!!!!:i;i ............................................................................................................................................................. Now that you've taken the test (wheW!), Victor and Be]fair were invited Patsy Sharer celebrated her i.$; ;i!;:[i;;;;::':" .: o: " : ::: :;;;:;;;; H HI;;;;H:[: " ............ five points for every correct answer and see to attend. More than 50 people eighth birthday June 23 at. home ::!:;!.H:  ....... :ii;:!;:i::::::  :::!:! ..................................  kind of a guide's rating you deserve: were in attendance from these with a party. Her cake was made :!i:i:.!:!i::i:i:i::::'::!i- i!iiiii 30 points Grand Exalted Gui e three communities, in the shape f a eat with coco- :i!:::;:. ::.::::.,::i::#i; 25 points Somewhat Exalted G so many lovely and useful gifts nut used as fur, ice cream was :::::.::::::,:::::::::11. Were received among which were also served. 20 points .......... Tenderfoot Guide towels, sets of dishes, stainless Ronnie Sharer is leaving with 15points .......... Newcomer steel, clothing, iron and ironing his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. board, and toaster. Many women Earl Smith of Shelton Valley for 10orless .... Misguided0ut'of'tater ........ :..:..,..:,. , , . ,, :...:. .. . - ..<....:+:,:, .< ... had contributed cakes and coffee two weeks trip to Boise. Ida.. and  :: : .... :ie:,:::::}::: What difference does it msk. , which were served, take in the sights of Silver City ;i:!::::i.: : : ....... : .... :::::::::!:: :: ::: ..... !i. :::::::::: :vm.::: .. . , . Mrs. Susan Von Osten returned and ghost town. "F r:"" : : : :;::: : ::L :: :::: .... : : ..... :.., what kind of aguide you are" t WeJnesday, June 26. Blanche ........ :::::i:::::::::?: :: :: ..- . " : Well, for one thing, the more you l . home from California with her eitner and A lfreda Lockwood ili nephew and his family, Gil Dupp- man, his wife Joyce and six child- were honored with a combined ren Susan, Shirley, Debbie. Karen, birthday party potluck dinner. Garry and Kathy on Wednesday. Several friends and neighbors were They are from Canoga Park, Calif. present. MI. AND MRS. LEROY Dishon Don't forge = birthday club at and children and Mr. and Mrs. the home of Mrs. Baker on July 17. Fred Lckwood spent the fourth '  ..:::..::::::::.. And it's big money, too. of July at the home of Lock- rll jLarJa,, Phal you "e statistics, try the : 'e It: wood's son, Elton Lockwood and [] MT. RAINIER. Best known landmark in Washington, 26 active glaciers. Cam - [] CHIEF JOSEPH DAM.On the Columbia River near Bridgeport.The reservoir, called If hk se Today turJ family of Tacoma, for a big faro- ing, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing. Things to see: wild flowers, ice caves, RufusWoods Lake, is 51 miles long and extends almost to Grand Coulee. Nearby is Washington's Number 4 industry. In^ i]]J0it ily picnic. From Nell Evander National Park Museum. Bridgeport State Park offers picnicking, fishing, swimming, boating, camping, four years, tourists have spent over ,300 i:; th ,Tim Von O,ten, Mel Hemphill, Have you had time to gzve any I"1 MT. ADAMS. Surrounded by some of the best camping country in the State. [] ROCKY BEACH DAM. Seven miles upstream from Wenatchee on Columbia River. Also hiking, fishing and swimming in several nearby lakes. Point of interest; A spectacular "L"-shaped concrete structure. Dam reservoir is 42 miles long dollars a year (400 million in 1962, w Jewel Von Osten and Gil Dupp- thought to your medicine cabinet one of the world's largest ponderosa pines, with a shoreline of 100 miles. Principal attraction is the 1350-foot fish ladder. World's Fair as a magnet). MT. BAKER. All-year ski area, still relatively "undiscovered". Several lodges, [] GRAND COULEE DAM. Largest concrete structure in the Western Hemisphere. More statistics: Each tourist in man went on a fishing trip to lately ? Probably not, but here are 1"3 chair lifts and other winter sports facilities. Good camping in summer; excellent Behind the dam is Roosevelt Lake with 660 miles of shoreline. Great center Westport Saturday. Jim got real a few things we carry for you ]ucky and caught a'22 pound sal- that you should always have ready fishing in Baker Lake and River, Nooksack River and tributaries, for fishing, camping, boating and auto exploring, spends about $8 per day or $28 for th rtmn and some other nice ones at a moment's family of 3.5 people. (Seen any wereMr, brought and Mrs. *home,paul tOO.Gaschk and clovesntice' (1)u s Oilu a llyf !iiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiii!iiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!iiii!iiiiiiiiiii!! !iii iiiiiiiiiii iiii ii i iii ii ! ! i! ii ii i i i iiii !iiii!iii!iiii!i iii !i !i ii ii i/i i !i ii ii i! il ii ii il ii i iii ii ii ii iiii!!ii! ! i i i i! ii i ! ii ii ! i :iiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiili!iiii!iiiiii! !:: :i:i::::::::::: .... lately?)commerce,And,an annualaCcrdingaverage to the U.S, son of Tacoma have spent several helps ease the ::;;::::::::::::::;:;::::::::;:;:::;?.. :::::::::::::::::;:::  equal to a new industry with a payroll days with "her aunt and uncle, Mr. pain of an ach- and :Mrs. Steve Boyce at their ing tooth unti| Why is the Telephone beach home in A]lyn. They put on you can reach a nice fireworks display for sev- your dentist. (2) helping promote Was oral folks on the beach. Spirits. of am- We're proud to be a part of the Mr. and Mrs. Earl Terrcll spent monia will help that's backing Washing the fourth with friends. Mr. and you revive any- "!:!:!:. Mrs. Bob Noe]s of South Colby one who's faint- i:::::: ...... , *'"" :st organization, were present at :Mr. and Mrs. Art ed ( remember to keep the victim ...... " ":': ..... '::  " you, our future is invested in WashingtOn" Kuehn's of Pau]sbo. This is an lying down with head IX)WER second only to Boeing in the number annual get-together for these than feet!) (3) Rubbing alcohol :.$.:.. . ployees. We're first in capital folks. THE REACt[ GANG took ad- for rubbing on bruises and sprains 400 million dollars.) Like vantage of Jim Von Osten's big to ease pain and also for use as a sterilizer to help prevent spread the world about Washing We're salmon catch for a. big beach pic- of infection. We're always glad to .'.".r!,i that if we all work at it, we nic on Sunday. The men cooked talk about first aid equipment - the nation'smostrewarding, the fish on an open pit on the glad to explain - glad to be o beach at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Royce. Mr. and Mrs. service to you. What canyoudo? Pie nty] Sam Clements, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Open Daily 9:30 tO 7:30  First take a trip through the state and Terrell, Mr. and M's. Paul Gaschk Saturdays  9:30 - 6:00 on things. (When's the last time, and son. Mr. and Mrs. 1Vie1 Hemp- hill, Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Von Os- Neirs Pharmacy [] ALEXANDER"3 BLOCKHOUSE. Established in 1855 as a safety measure against I"l BIRCH BAY. Named by Capt. George Vancouver in 1792 for the numerou black you viewed the scenes in our Indian invasion. It houses early day,relics -and Indian artifacts. Outside is a birches along its shore. Excellent salt water fishing, and clam digging along the ten, Mr. and Mrs. James Von OS- display of Indian dugouts, fine sandy beach, turn State's Witness. Be an ten and two children and Mr. and ,th & Railroad 426-3327 D BORST BLOCKHOUSE. Restored. BuiR in 1855. during the Indian wars. Pio- [] COPALIS BEACH. Located on the ocean just north of Gray's, Harbor. Famous (or one-family) Chamber of ComJnez- :Mr.. Gil Duppman and six child- nicking in the wooded park. Fishing in small man.made lake--for children under for its swimming, surfboard riding and spectacular scenery. Amo excellent clam ten years of age only. digging and hiking. What else can you do?  I I"1 FORT NISQUALLY. First trading post on Puget Sound, bui t in 1833. Now 1"1 OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK. On the Pacific near Lapush. Sand and rock beaches That's easy. Join WASHIngTON W['CO=;od reeonstructed and stands in Point Defiance Park, Tacoma. Park also offers provide excellent swimming, clamming and surf fishing--and prime beach. picnicking, a zoo and children's zoo, and a deep-sea aquarium, combing, today! The charter membership fee ettl I . , . . $'= ,, more than just the satsfactmn of boo jv# " supporting your state. Along with Yurvjd@d merit in year 'round family fun oara ._ car' and bonuses You'll receive a rnernberSlicil window dccal, bumper strip and th,:ti WASmNTOS WELCOME, INC. publicatnoi#" information on statewide happenings s,a oll to on. Your mcmbership card will also ertu, # bonus and discount rates on statewide z ,. oa va]s. special events and various and stmdrY V.I.P. privileges. To find out what this organization what it can do for you (and it), just send the coupon below. Downtown over]ook;ng the ' full detai]s along with a membership picturesque waterfront .......... near finest shops, financlal: %nt  'v--WAHI  and bus;ness distr;cts. Deluxe | accommodations with telephone i __JWELC and TV. F;nest food in Coffee ,m CENTRAL BLDG Huse and unique Bovorlan [] LAPUSH. Tiny Indian village at mid-point of 32 miles of rugged coasUine. [] J. A, REUTER'S RANCH, DALLESPORT. Scenic wonders visihle from the high. c,,:, u r.omoWa,hh,orWctcOmc, Beer Stube with Jively folk Several fishing resoles with cabins, and boat rentals. Deep-sea salmon fishing way include Hereford cows. horses, authentic outbuildings, mystacks in season, me, , ''''," 1''' r,,,tCr [, (inn, JC '[]. boats for charter, Dugout rides among the many islets. No trespassing, music. Porkng on premises. [] WESTPORT. World famous salmon sports-fishing center. Charter boats, boat [] HARLEY AXELROD'S STUMP RANCH. OLYMPIA. Famous for miles. Things to N,ML ...... rentals, launching docks. Interesting places to visit: salmon canneries, old see: interesting stumps, dry wells; authentic rephcas incIode broken fence. fashioned genera stores, rusty plows, sagging porches. ADESS Another affil;at;on of Lamplighter [] ANACoRTES. Gateway to the San Juan /slands, Resorts, fishing, camping, ] P. R. SHOTwELL'S PLACE. MOSES LKE, Popular tom:st attraction. Thin{s Motor Inns - Write wire or oll boating. Nearby points of interest: fish packing plants, oyster beaches, plyWood, to see: melon vetches, largest collection of shotcus cst of the Mississipp C=T .......... Z0[ pulp and paper mills. River. Visiting time: dark, moonless night only. r l LAR 'ROUND FAMILY FUN-TOUR WASt' for Reservations. TWX 206"998-0547 SWR, "IJOdSII'Q 'q0ugl ,, "V '/' ;:lJOd.M hIJed !eUO!l,N o!dWAlO :gsnoq:)0,g s,JPUeXlV'Wa lnoD PUn'9 :SWePV 'W (-- ..... PACIFIC NORTHWEST BELL