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July 15, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 15, 1971

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! Grandma' erent v dear,' in the proper places while i scrubbed and her hair in a neat . ~ B JAN DANFORD ' Howottenwo).~o.,~:.~ ,, her husband was speaking. Shebun she had completed her ~?< " ~r~n ........ ~"'~'~"'~ "" " was not asked to be a theologian; toilette. It was not considered ;~ i u~mao?:ff2t~;;n~h;u:eareandI s~ee she read Biblestories to the essential for her, in order to hold ! . p ..... . ...... children,and slapped their her husband to soak for an hour raised umpteen KI(IS and she clio It . ' -~- t :2tvhtnU:nces,U?cP.t:?n ,modern tl~:g~:yf:e.e~:fx twh~Ya qU.enS~?::d ~wn~th~ot!i Sa~bwdbl;Ser;n~n:, he;::lf : :~ True n,,. s~e also" did it any queries beyond the h r 't o or three specific : Z wi'thout~'" tll'e umpteen bird-and-bee stage were promptly deodorants, dust herself with ' " ~ ........ k ............... _,,~_squelched.Education was a fragrantpowder, enamel her | - ~,~ .~apglt~loJLtttt::~ that .av~ ta.~. '- " toenails and fin ernails a--l" unon the wo .... f privilege. - not a pumsnmem; g , pv )' "It was no't'"r"~uire'd=~t'h-t she and dropping-out was usually of countless layers of facial "I've waited seven years for know whether the'~Renuhii'cansor necessity rather than by choice, cosmetics, paint her lipsand eyes, my climbing hydrangea to the Democrats were-currentlyThe children she raised help to attach false eyelashes and then bloom," declares Mrs. Updike, ~ wearin~ the white hats" it was raise each other, and all either don a wig or spend three who had almost given up hope ~ only necessary that she say "yes, contributed to the labors of the hours and $15 to have her ownwhen the white-clustered flowers '. 11 ~ household. There was very little tresses coiffed by a beautician, finally put in an appearance this [ :< time for" standing on street. No one wanted her to be thesummer. ~ corners; there was not sufficient head of the household, and if she Not so reticent are the many ~ r--'--" - ...... y leisure to nourish boredom; there often was, father and the children other specimens that ornament : ~ | a~ - * - ~ was very little need for never knew it. Father, her patio. Clematis and mock ' I ~=J~~" | recreational facilities dedicated to supposedly, made the decisions orange are in full bloom, and a : -~ :. l ' I | the idleness of youth, and disciplined the kids. huge Japanese bowl of concrete, : , ,~;; | ~ _ _ _e_, | Spelling bees, housewarmings, Grandma had no need to be a approximately four feet in [ ~i1~,,~ | barn dances, community sings, chauffeur; she had no need to be diameter, is brimming with croquet in the summer and sleigh an income tax expert nor a child blossomin sultanis : j 1 BY JAN DANFORD [ rides in the winter - parties psychologist- (Hw she raised t Berthag Updike, born on a : .~ Ji~ L _ .... j innocent of liquor or acid or pot, adulthood those umpteen ranch in Kitsap County, has : ~1 m m I i ' -it all somehow sounds quitechildren without damaging always loved gardening. She is i [] M IiII | 11 . My long-awaited Mr. Right tam~ today, and yet the thriltfelt beyond repair their little psyches, employed as nurse s aid in Mason .: [] '~ 1 | | II IiAt long last came along, by ~he young squire who caught a the world will never know.) General Hospital, and most of her :- | z 1 | | II IIBut hedecidedinstantly glimpse of an embarrassed ankle Grandma did not have easy spare time is devoted to the :: | [] 1 I II II IIThat lwas Mrs Wrong in a gust of wind may well time payments hanging over her growing of flowers i m l II 1 II II. . . " " compare in intensity with .the head. She ran the house on what A sun deck bears baskets of - II I I [] II II ......... nonchalance with which today's Grandpa gave her, or else. fuschias and trailing geraniums, lne evening WhiCh might have was not : | . B III II IIbeen .................... males step casually over theGrandma's life and her yard is colorful with , F [] I I I II II . . tUllllLllUtlllg In a teuue~ bikini-clad bodies cluttering the complicated by spray cans, one roses, iris, rhododendrons, ' Steven Leone hPa~;;en:ffra~lrtfu2us th?rSte~ beaches, for every household job; with azaleas, and many other varieties [ Y b ' " g In Grandma's world, her soap and water and salt and soda of shrubs and plants. ' eg~lnlng'. ...... husband brought home the bacon; and vinegar, she somehow got by. She grows tuberous begonias ) __ _ uninspWa:geaass2~Yi2: we~th trnne she cooked it. If papa brought Her cupboards were innocent ofwhich are started in her small , . m m ~ m m m ...... y home no bacon, miama cooked mixes and packaged meals, green house along with cuttings of ......... ' l m ~~ ~~1" I~1 r"~ Immaculately shaved, snorn ann corn meal mush; but not very Not k'nowing that milk and sultani. A huge planting of ........ m v v V ~ I m m u | man)cured escort often did s e el with the actual butter and lard and sugar were e : " ~ ~ ~ ", ..... ;" ~,, , " h h p ' bamboo extends through th .... . wnat's tne matter, ne i stickin- Woman's-lace and almost as dangerous as some of onen ton of the front arid and . . . . queried in a lightly bantering tone P g" g" P ..... P ' ":: :~ ...... . Mighty proud are Mr. and attended in add~tmn to Shelton ",~ I nulle'~ ....... f--.--- t.:. both she and her spouse agreed on the things with which they havehidden among the flower beds are , Mrs. Bill Looney, parents ot Schools the Phillips Exeter ~o . .. v .. ~,.~ ......,u~ this - was in the home This they now been replaced, she happily a few tomato,qants a row of leaf " hours weekly as" oonedirectorWhO tentative emorace. 'taave I been .tt rlo K " ' ]..l, "= ' To//, Meet& ::, Steven M rrls L y Academ m Exeter N H was turnedout thoseunforgettable1 t u n fe ant of Y , ., ". ............. ~,, thought, made the difference e t ce a d a w pl s , ...... ..... ' u t in June amen the to . . oeIrayea oy a IlCKie deodorant grad a ed g P class speaker upon his graduation ....... ~_ between a house and a home meals of our childhood without zucchini Humming-bird feeders ~? .... ~:~ii~;:/: ~:; :~:g~. .... : .... . . "an me contrary;' I tOld ' . " , ten of a University of Washington from Shelton High School m ~;,, "lt'~ your doodornnt thnt'e A woman's worth was any short cut cookery, hang m trees. ~::~z .... :;*~:~!:i:~:;;~!~,ii:~:~ : i aC~?rSa of w5a7s00~ 9~iSangr2dheP:nts ~?r6i7t. Hekh;dalI p:d~lePn':ti~daid t"u'rning "me~ o'ff. ~I" ,asr'ffised in estimated, not by her proficiency Today StildwOmoasl~oulhO:Tff~ . She grows orchids. A purple ~:~i::~:~:;:~!~i~c:: ' ' g " " Y ' "'---~--~ and I can t seem to ~e* in the arts or by her participation stands sad cattleya ~s strictly a house plant, BERTHA UPDIKE admires the i ii~i~i~!i~i:;~ii! ~iii!i~i~in~.i(tii !!:ieii~:ii:iiaiia,,~y::t:Ie~]:iI !~i;;~ied!sii:iYde ilil ~!Pii: :~itii! iii~lkAl~~!::h!!i! hydrancjea twining across the front of a i ' " ' " " e ' "" . " . "It's ra h like burying ones , " " . . . " when gardening is impossible, states Berl ltl ~ Kappa m h~s .... jumor year; th He is interested in volunteer ~ace .......... m a norse s mane omy to Im pertaining to the care of her achve m. commumty affairs, for many. years, Mrs.. Updike is Her husband, Wayne, a wouldn't tra,a 0@ )~ James M.McConahey ....... award for work w~th the under-pnvdeged ........... one's nostms w~tn me scent oI house, and her family. She had no She ~s also a homemaker, and, now taking lessons, m Bremerton Bremerton Naval Yard employee, country tot )) an outstanding ..... junior majoring m He has assisted coaches with garaemas." ' . ." oblieation,~ to be a o~lamor .~irl. God bless, her, she needs all the to .learn. the operation, of her new shares her love for nature. They world." IJ) i1~! ) accounting, which ~s given by the commumty sports .............. With her body clean, her clothing labor-saving gadgets she can lay kmttlng machine She plans are both natives of the state of The -. ~l~t~ State of Washington Society of Sailing is also his hobby, and rte ~elt. anru.puy an.a ~naven,t washed and pressed, her faceher hands on. extensive projects for the months Washington, and have always lived m arried o; ;; Certified Public Accountants; the over the fourth of July week-end seen mm since, ouess l just wasn t Simpson scholarship, a $750 he and three companions sailed a ms type. . he.... - grandchildr~ " annual grant for freshman and 24 foot boat to Roche Harbor * * * t # 11 /I __ ~ ~ ~11 / "We would never leave," sophoinore years; he was an where they were forced by bad HowcouldI V~~r~rl~l~ [[ ~l~r~ ~i~ ~r~[l~r~~ ', official nominee for the 1971 weather to lay at anchor. Their Who tend toward shining boot ~ ~1/ ~11~#'11 ~ ~ ~il I! ~ ~# ~ ~ I/ VII ~,#~ ', president's medal for intellectual return was delayed until July 6And garment of . _,-- . ~ - ............. , ,. . _ , ...... ' ....... in mese nays oI ever-risingtnese root vegetaoles are slmpw from the garden, nung Irom the acmevement, utter wnicn Looney departed Ior Hger stripe or leopard spot food rics "hose ~ fres" du an ....... - " - " ' " ~" C here he willFall in love p e ~ oI n g o reset in ooxes oi sane, ceiting ot the storage room until ' served as Washington L~ w - . . Steven Looney has : _ ~ / X " _ ............. vegetables aregoing uptoo So peat, sawdust or mo~st loam used Melon plants may be :~ .... ~- "~a~"e*"- o" ~e work tot me ~ecunty t~xcnange wim plain dark ousmess sult ........... ' IOOF Shelton Lodge No. 62 share as ,7; ~i ~& .~_- -- -~:~.tt.~ .~ ,~2~. ~" ,-,2~-L,.~..2 ..-~t ion ",,~d ~,~,~..,..~:- '" the gardener wno has surpms Cleaned or earth afterd!~l~handled the same way, but hung '~ ~ ..... ox;,~,,q,, He w,ll attend the Unlversi|y Dull pin-stripe and polka-dot?vegetables from his garden has the potatoes may be ~{ored m'ql~t~d m a ~aJnny place, and Ruby Rebekah Lodge No. 75 silverware' ,he i~ t ~ .... -, .~. ~' -vy,, ,,:,-~ ~ of W~shington Law Schoo/ next advantage over others for he can boxes set several inches above the All of the root vegetables will meet for a joint picnic in the For In: ~ t~ ' ~.~):..,~:,'~c,.~.l,v~. ~u~el~t,.,an. year ** * .... storehls surplus. _ floor for all 'round circulation, named above also may be stored Simpson Recreation area at 426-6560e~ . ........ y ,,,e ...... c.~ .~.~,~,.~ x am not, generally speaking, ~wen a corner orafar-proof Cover with burlap ba~s or a outdoors in a nit du~ in a Mason Lake on Saturday. Games , minority public school students much of a one for the gay social basement where temperature mayblanket to keeo out li~l~t whic ~,,,ll ,~i,,,, c,~t nf t=h,~ w~v for the children will be held in the i,~0~ ~ on a volunteer basis, whirl; but last week 1 received an be maintained between 32 and 40 turns tubers green " h corner or'in'a 'sunken" ba;re]~'L~ne afternoon and the potluck dinner r--,.,-,,~V" ] He ha~ been a comptroller for invitation that seemed to be just degrees F , where there isThe next layer up is onions oit or barrel with 6 inches depth will be served at 4:30 p.m. k~UUmt~, er "~ ~ "" C' " " .... the Air t or~c ~GT (adct Cur s m d~sh of tea ve , ..... P ' Br dae Club y ". , ntflatmn and the humidity can which should be stored in slatted of straw. Mix vegetables so a Lodges will supply soft The Ft~t~ v :~ and as treasurer of Phi t, amm= ~ I accepted with alacrity and be controlled, many vegetables boxes suspended from the ceiling variety is available, place them drinks, ice cream and coffee with meet for .o 5il~ Delta handled a yearly cash flow Wi~ner$ Named chose with care a suitable can be kept for weeks, or supported so they set several carefully in the "mine" and cover members bringing other foods to Sunday t~ -s of approximately $100,000. " " ensemble for the gala occasion. Such a storage corner is feet above the floor Drythe with a ' th w' . . nether 6 inches of strpw lie ~s a member of Purple North-Sou tuners at the However, upon arnval at the prepared hke a layer-cake with bulbs well before storing allowed t an .... t me ...... " o protrude through u ~ _ Shield, an underclassmen s Monday, nigh etmg of the scene of the festwmes, ~t became carrots, beets, rutabagas, turnipsPlants of cauliflower, peppers additional heavy covering of earth r*~ honora ry, and of the Oval Club, Shelton Bridge Club were Mr. and readily appa rent that I had and kohlrabi stored at floor 1 evel. and tomatoes, m ay be pulled to serve as vents. ~ s U 11 [6' 'i/ the upper classmen's honorary.Mrs. Clyde Ruddell; Lenore committed yet another of my " IS 1 " Fie participated in the SquashDudley and Evelyn Wills; Tuey famous faux pas. - - "= .... ~6 Club, holding the intra mural Schumacher and Bob Quimby. A house-warming party was in ,a1~| ~ ~., _ : championship in 1969-1970. Winning for East-West were progress. My eager eye had [~g, AR~ ,~ J-~'lj~ o~r" (,,~U~. .......... Bruce Kreager and Mary Keller; transposed a couple of letters. It __. ] ~ntnesummeroi,n~/unewas Col. Dudley and Aubrey Wills" wasn't, as I had believed, a l~,.l^*i-~.. "~,~'...t... l/ employed oy weyernaeuser Lo. " .....'-qor ~-~ ...... ' - ' F, aW~'~ ,t ~;~ . ~ . .. ' ~111 patent dHU r~tta l~ector, norse-worming. tacoma, in a summer accounting '~ intern program of special projects I and seminars at nationalcorporate ,headquarters. In 1969 he ~ [ t [ ! /~i ~~ ~ " contracted for independent home -~1 , I I I I / I '~--painting during vacation, and in _ iq ..J. 2 .... ., II--q^.,J___l I .... j ": the summers of 1967and 1968he ~" -I-~Lt~l,~'5- ! I i ]]-I]~J{~{~[~r'~5 - Po~j A,~ Only d~,~p~ / .: was employed at Simpson "--- -t | I $12.99 ' } Tree planting and Christmas ~ I O t~ ~J, UJ. d SAId ~.i:~~' ..... ~ / ~, tree harvests kept him busy, throughout spring and winter I:'m,tr Qe.u ', II:'e.dt . A -r,.wa HA.O ...... _ : : breaks and during the school year " t \~,~',-,-~_ ~ ~/ , he worked m Stereo Eqmpment ~ e~ t~ : . u,o m 00 ' ,~magazine, oadVertising ...sales at the "t~Ol)" AI~I ~,~ ~'/~ '~ I ~ ~ ~,I'rKA. ~.~1) ! University of Washington and in ~..,~. .~ ~ - ~t) /1~1 work-study c mpensauon tor ten . ~" f~llfit'~tO~i[ m~, -- 'd~,,~a/ ~ program ,~r'~r ~.~,,~.- ~. V 1.0[=- " Step into these )Uj ! for the Seattle Tutoring Agency " ~, I : for Youth. i[ 0 ~1~ : Steven Looney, having OCe ~S O~I#ICt~ ~ ~ ] G~.k~.~ / Styled for easy wear by MISS FROM HAND cARE I f you have minor irritations, dryness, detergent hands or chapping, your pharmacist can recommend an antiseptic first-aid cream. Applied regularly to your hands, the cream will soothe skin discomfort and help to relieve burning and itching. Consult your pharmacist for advice. RAY WAInEEN'S rBECKWITH JEWELRY Neil's Pharmacy 5th & Franklin I I II Emergency Ph. 426-2 ! 65 Fifth & Franklin St.--426-3327 Open Daily 9:30 to 7:30 Saturdays -- 9:30 to 6:00 OPEN: THURS. THRU SAT. i2io4 p.m. BELFAIR, WASH. Next to the Sheriff's office TOGO Only $12.99 % 10 Page 8 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, July 15, 1971