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July 15, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 15, 1971

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..... ell CowM i Famil urns ,k Island 4 Plan 1 1 Wa* I* and t me w en woot o tota *a Fair's, "Ladies Cow Milking Eugene Avey have returned home Japanese navalbase.. ., Olympics", has received wide after living seven months on the Dorothy JJene karson woma notoriety over the years that it Island of Moen, located in the like to express her thanks to as big around as their plates. The O'Neils visited trienas m has been featured throughout the Truk Islands in the western everyone for .helping and making However, the DC 3 nine hour Lyman and also stopped at the five days of the fair. Official Pacific. Gene was supervisor of the potlatch m l'otlatch on u.b. flight back to Shelton did up-set Swedish Hospital in Seattle for a buckets, milking stools, weighing Industrial Arts at Truk HighPostal Service Day, July l, 1971 the stomachs of some of the visit with Jim s dad, Sam Hansen. scales, judges and spotters are School which has had enrollment such a great success. Shelton and Quinault men. Among those visiting the provided t o prevent any of about 600 students Hoodsport Boy Scout Troop What souveniers did the tired, Potlatch Post Office during Postal dishonesty such as adding water Ori-inall,, T'im Avey 111 members Kenneth David dusty men return with? Well Service Day July 1 were Mrs. to the rmlk all Daily winners are accomoanied his oarents to the Connally and Brad Aitken raised Gordon Ragan from Skokomish Lydia Colopz, a concert pianist eligible to Pcompete on Saturday Islands, however the method of and lowered the flag besidesValley brought back a sack offrom Akron, Ohio, her sister, Mrs. for the coveted crown in the teachin~ nractices used in the serving as hosts for the eight rocks and yes Indian dolls for his Siros Sirpo, Portland, Ore. and HLJRS i "Ladies Cow Milking Olympics", A YOUTH TEAM composed of Bob Jones, Susan Tulle and school along with the lack of hours. They served coffee, tea and girls and earrings for his wife, their 82-year-old mother. T according to Mrs. Joe Balmelli, Jim Florence will present a special musical program at the sports and music were not to his punch plus cookies, thanks to the Marilyn. Then Gordy signed out Mrs. Colopz was visiting Miss chairman of the event. Northside Baptist Church at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday and liking so he returned to Hood Hood Canal W.oman's Club for two days of rest and Claire Wilson, a friend she had not This popular feature, which Saturday and at 11 a m Sunday Rev Paul Butterfield. Canal the first of March. Before memoers ~ars. t.ymaMeaaowcrmt relaxation on the Olympic seen since 1946 in Heidelberg, nearly fills the huge Shown d,,r of the church co nnounced t'he Vacation Bible he returned home, Tim and his and Mrs. Dorothy t,~eason. Atso, Peninsula with his wife. A rest Germany. .... is ~" ......... 1 d to eleven year old Kenneth Drakewell deserved after 128 hours Mrs. Colopz played a few Sa Pay!hun o to capacity, daily,__. School Parents Night will be held Thursday night prmr to the mother,, arab ell, trav.e e r, ok-n u,, and send down some work in eight days. selections on Postmaster Belle reaching tar new magmtuaes tms .~ service batawan to visit t~uennn &vey, '" ~'~ v 91 year. The sponsors, the Lewis youtH who is a high school principal delicious banana-nut bread on Members of the HoodCanal.Larson s piano during the visit. County Dairy Wives, issue a there wliich he had taken a blue ribbon Federated Woman's Club are busy The visitors ordered old and challen e to all lady cow milkers ._ _ The Truk Islands are ,-art of in 4-H competition, m aking plans for a White aerospace stamps from Mrs. throughout the State of irav ~|11~ ~;fBIl~.,,lllll~t the eastern Carolinas. About Eighty-two visitors anti Elephant and Rummage Sale to Larson and concluded by taking a Washington. iiqJA II1k~alli~al ~lll~iDli VJ~IF~ forty-eight of them lie inside a patrons signed Dorothy Belles be held at their Potlatch picture of the new Potlatch, "" -- ........... n - "--" " ...... reef t~--t forms a guest book on this Post Office clubhouse on July 23 and 24.Wash. sign with Mrs. Larsonin the mrs. tacoma mcLaugrLu , ,din __~ m--- iF,, .. _m_ oarrler cura~ ~,a Anyone in the community who picture. Secretary of the Washingtonl.;oming an I~11 }wly lagoon forty miles wide At the Inauguration Day. .... w " re The Robert Velkov family would like to contribute items for Falr's Assoclatmn is currently present time the Truk Islands a . . issuing the challenge to all fairs in Registration of retired senior for the slow sign-up is the not developed to accomodate recentlmYo;cql2~dsa::;~t:gty the affair are asked to contact the state. All those interested can citizens and disabled persons for possibility that many retired tourists but the area is expected um .... Mrs. Leonard Johnson, chairman ] F-t,.)L, IT~W I ~ ] FRIDAY, write to: Ladies Cow Milking 1972 nrooerty tax exemptions citizens who claimed the $50to be adesirabletouristattraction children. The shetland pony or Mrs. Charles Meadowcroft. [ I~= ] ~ I lrunal Ol topics, P. O. Box 831, " - x feted exemption this spring under the within the near future. Aboutanswer,ng to the name OI Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I I 1 Y .... has been less than e p . - . "Precious" has oeen making a rear Connally's home became a [ /,~ [ A tw'7~s,o,: [ ~I~~1[ Chehahs, Washington. Official A s-at check of county old law may feel they have 25,000 people, including . v .... n hit with the younger children in campers paradise the first week of I I ~ [ ~.,~;~ [ Salad entry blanks and details wall then assessor offices July 6 and 7 exhausted their benef,ts. Microneslans and some America be sent to the respective showed that the number of However, the new law increased officials, live on the Truk Islands. the community. Rach.ard Ve!kov July. Seventy friends and ] ~"^_ I ~ ] 9 Ai challengers. The Cow Milking annlications is still fewer than last the exemption and expanded its Avey's home on the Island of and omer .smml.~.cnuoren nave relatives, ages five months to 87 [ ~.~'~ I ~ [ ....... cut neen enjoying riving me pet,teyears came fully equiped with ten I ,~- ] 1~% I Olympic s finals will be held Aug. ..ear even thou-h the number of scope so more than twice as many M o e n w a s a G overnm 14 at 4 p.m., in the George eYli~ibles has m;re than doubled people will be eligible. The apartment with all the modernpony around the yard. . trailer houses and one tent for a ] rJ~ I ~ [ Walker Pavilion. under liberalized exem.-tion relief current registration will affectconveniences of their Hood Canal Vicky vemov is visiting Her fun filled reunon. Steamed clams, I J ~ ~,*~o2~i;~ I grandparents Mr and Mrs Fair dates this year are Aug. enacted b,, the 1971 le,,~slature taxes payable in 1972. home. The glass louver windows , . . fried clams and potluck dishes of [~ ~ [ 10--15. Mason~County repo~ed 650 For those with incomes of were screened on the inside to Bernard Powers in Lynwood, all types were prepared for the [ ~1 ~ I ..... : . applications. ~4,o0OOto~lesis~)0h;d:d::nt~OnfW:lll1 ~e:pr cOl;tth~hcl2;tYa::qqU;tpO~ Ch~ffi.s V:kygphT;dthom; ~o ~hy potlatch held on the Fourth of} ~~1 ~ ] July. , i ~I~'~11i~' [ ~ i PICtllC Deadline for applying for , eep s~:r_.min_ChG/:tepSWlmmmg.andpp g' "u ;ac~;22om; Mr. andMrs. JimONeilleft [ "ffixl~lw] ~t~u~ I NDThe Seattle arch's annual 1972h;d~duc~?p~;~S~l:Yi3]iity ;x;;ScSrt~v~ithnatheicLaiumman~ :liothhiagh~;~7 =m~detwin: earlyJuly3 for the dog show in ................. Grilid North Dakota picnic will be held re"uirements are" $50. If excess levies are less than molding. Manilla type furniture Vicky shopping q Bellingham. Jim's sister, Anna ' July 25 at Norm's Resort, "~ 62 ,,ears of a-e or over or $50, the remainder will be decorated their living room from of the newest fashions. AmongHansen and Mike Davidson of -- -- . ~tm~i Woodinville. There will be free retired from em--lo~'ment because deducted from regular levy which they could look down onto those purchased were three maxi Shelton also accompanied themI lrn,hla with I coffee and ice cream for the ofdisabilit,, v x payments.Those with income the airport and also view the dresses andapairofhotshorts. _ and th,eir Saint Bernard .o~E~ ~.~.~ | children. The races start at 1:30 Income from all sources iaetween $4,000 and $6,000 will American Flag flying beside the The forest fires raging out at 'Rosebud. The O'Neils new vanI h~/dr~lllltt I ,.m. -------- . including retirement, not pay on!y hmalfnOfany excess lewes, M~r:nes;;n ~hd U~d N;tlthS ;ntnrlc2:tarnWdnSlan~, Air, z ~ave andPrVedcampingt be anvehicle.ideal travelingThey | @,t~l'ttDlgltt~ll}fUlUUllb |11 CORRECT J :r:;e:d,'nngo $mdorOe00thanOillh8; w'th2!~together, the Department DisC;let Administrator Building. from Hoodsport Rang~[1D~t~;;t.camped at Friday Creek Park on | Oyi~t~|||~~_ | ........ I be income from wa-e's or of Revenue estimates that Orabell found the country have returned name. t~ "y., Old Hiway 11 and enjoyed the | -- li FORMAl WI-AK I seii-emp]oymmay ' -ent. g approximately 100,000 persons was truely the "Land of Verne Rosenberg, Bob Hdhs, large supply of food contributed | Your Standard Man, | Comr, lete Tuxedo [ -Applicants must own and should be eligible for an aggregate Rainbows". The temperature was Leon Litzenburg, Calvin Ching, by their devoted mothers. | C.C. COLE & SONS, INC. I o, --_ r- . [ occu"'" the home for which the of $6.9 million in property tax between eighty and ninety Stuart Blocker, C!fff Cowhng, The Dog Show sponsored by| Can Solve Your Problem. | SUN | Rental Service ] claimV~filed exemptions in 1972 -if they degrees everyday, but the rain Tom ~urner and .~e].m ~eeter the Mt. Baker Kennel Club, Inc. | He s In Shelton-426-4411 I i~ .~" , 4Pt _ I - "" " *:on fo ...... register before August 1 continued to come down. Banana, were roved tram tHeir oeas at featured 1,142 dogs of all breeds. | ommm | i~111 I ADDIICat~ Hn~ anu ..... I !1 I J I o-irlelines for determinin~ Based on population and bread fruit and pineapple trees 2:30a.m. June 29 to jom up w!th Rosebud took a second place | Standard0ilC0mpany ~ | ...... ' " " " t l lO otHer men irom tHe ribbon in competition with. ten | alCalilornia ~ I I V~'I~1 " I eligibility may be obtained from aging data, the department werewrappedwlthwfldwnestha Potates'V ~ ~ ~l the county assessors. Claims predicts that if counties merely seem togroweverywhere.. NhOr~tehre~e727wflh:htb2~a~d;dtw; females in the Saint Bernard | - II iillil ~lt.,j %d~ ~/%4 A~,I submitted by mail must be double the number receiving in May, TypHoon Amy|~ ~'f e, ! ! ,_ . --- , I ........... he ---'-i--ed throu-h the Islands hour and twenty-seven minute Men's ~. w~en a I notarized property tax re~,e~ unuer t wn pp ~ .......... illgn[ To wmslow , ~a,...^.,~ I One of the reasons.advanced retired citizens' $50 exemption destroying all trees and other - . ~l.O~n-,,~.,.,.,,~,,p,. ~ ~ ~ *. ~, ~ r ~ o Upon their arrival m Wmslow ...... ..... -':~: i~'~:'~ ~,: :%%.,'~'~ ~ :.~, I~.st year, 84,'700 pe sCtl~.~,.~l~,q~'Ta~2i~d~._~'~tt~ path. The typh on " " " v :~- , ,..~v,,,~,~ ~-,,- . . ~-~ .;.v-.. they were dispatchedto the ~ ....... *'" ' ;:: ~;' ~" ' ~" ......... a ::~Share in the 'new dd~uet'i~.' '~ta~e~: b~ ~t' Friday and lasted . . -. " . . , , ~, hghtnmg tire that had ongmateo Some counties are expected to three days so buildings were " . f ure evacu ted on the Fort Apache Reservation more than double the ig , a in time to prevent ' ! . I"~t 11 11 however, with a predicted personal injury. The school Tim and spread into the Natmnal statewide total of 100,000. had attended was completely Forest, covering 56,000 acres ~, ililiik.~P IlCN~,,,N~,,INk.N~.~ltlLNb,IL wiped-out and school was before ~t was brought under M~ i~ dismissed for the remainder of the control. [Ta" 11 3 lTTal school year. The Islands againThe country was very dry, l! yNk.,ll~ ~IICN~,. "r " II I ..... looked like a battle ground after one inch oi snow had fallen ,n I 11 /roll norse World War II. The greatest December compared to thezr )| llLrD'11d: lt't ILrd' ll f llll _, .,. tragedy suffered by the average snow fall of four to tive at ,1 -i,..., ,,,,,~ ,,,,~-= U,.,ee Micronesians was the loss of their feet. There had been. no %~1 ~ll..~o ~., measureable precl ltatlon since 11 1 main staple foods, the bread-fruit. P . The fire was located on a h,gh ra ktla[ ll, q ,r kllTa l r[l dr- r-__ r'A_L..__| trees and the taro which was u ur J JtIqdw" vvtat rug rl~511VUl destroyed by the salt water, plateau, about 7,000 feet The McCleary Riders Saddle Perhaps the typhoon did do eievanon. . . . ~nm~ ~ood as it really ~ave the The local crews were assigned 1 111 Club will sponsor a trail norse ...... ,~ . . -2"" ?: . "- ~,, h~e fire t~i! ~ ,hi ...... rt ~__k de ............. ,~i~. .... Beer~ower , . people a SHOt oi enmuslasm ~" . , . . ..... crass at o park in be tile am al e r im rov" " sl rids to Y ternative As th y towa d p mg their I a . t 11aUll a lllT'd17'hJl l McClearyduring theMcCleary ~a~u .~, h ....... i, the worked through the Ponderosa ~Llt"-I~lli~,11'- ItIF i !!~,,1[ Bear Festival July 17 from 2 to 6 ;rocess "o'f"be~'n"built'to renlace Pine forest they were surprised to P mThere will be three classes, 13 the hom~de;S:royed by TYoPh~2~imndogthmatYeeCac;:lgrth;n~2Pn and under is Junior, 14 to l7 is bu~Yi'n s .ust sitTi:rew2iStin for toads and one one scorpian had b g l g g It all begins on Friday at 5 P.M. The intermediate, and 18 and over is ,i-o da ..... ~,... ,~. ......... ~n be remained in the dry forest. The low weekend Long Distance Rate on all Semor. Ribbons wall be award ...... i~a a .... ,I, ........... w deer, elk, cattle and even the iNSURANC' :iiiilii calls out-of-state. And it lasts until 5 P.M. ..~.-~. ............ ~ ............. rattlesnakes had abandoned the to five places with a junior and on Sunday. Just dial the call yourself senior high point trophy being hospital to replace the old l~i~ anytime during that period. And you'll awarded. Entry fee is $1 and quonset hut hospital, the forbidden dry land. AGENCY:.I :::::::',:::.. ~':~...~:!:~ save. Complete Long Distance dialing everyone is welcome to ride or commissary which took over the Finally the forest fire was [iiii!i': For All Your Insurance Needs :i~iii!~l information is in the Call Guide section in watch, new store building and the Post brought under control over the |iiiiiiiii::il;: Mon.-Fri. 117 E. Cota Saturday :.::iiIiili!] the front of your phone book. There will be a space available Office which also moved into its Fourth of July week-end thanks [~i~ ::i' 9 to 6 p.m. at ,~h 10 a.m. -- 1 p.m.~'-~i~i!ii!] for horse trailers, for those who new quarters after the old one to the combined efforts of the t~:::: :': :: :::::::::::::::::::::: .:: .: .:~:~:~.2~:..~:~i.?.'.:~..~;::~i~;~:..:.~'.:::r..':r.;.~::~::.::`.: