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July 17, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 17, 1941

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All, July 17, 1941. Quick Cooking with‘I adv. on in d° The nofli " ,T 0N. WASHINGTON ' sh°WS every night 6 ,"lg at 7:90 P.M. ' 2:15 RM. Saturday . and Sunday 1 10¢ and 25c plus tax 2?; Federal flcl -~ 15¢ Nite Feature I. MANY 0NDES” v . wee. Helen Parrish .1 ,. ’fihmt as Dr. Christ— } ,‘ MEET ,* < GAIN” .I' _ t°°ni~ Serial. "Mom-Tues. ll l “A FRANK CAP- -‘ Because ,_ am: BARB- WYCK are its r g e‘r. Because its t h e f -; w'cal'l Motion Pic- ' . “I g.” re :2 Want Everyone ‘ o ‘ . We JOHN DOE” "Enid Arnold “- Walt- NeWs - Cartoon. l. .11." 10 help afS dl’i'ensv. ull (lPtails 1! rr0, . Try it! 1’s n Honey, , Big value, ', :‘ g 60¢ $5.89 “" Pack ‘ dent all green Izer Cuts. . g cans 11¢ L'Kerr I . 41 Jars. pts, doz. 69c fiz- ___________________ _, 83c Abbas AAAAAA ._ 4 doz.15c inerfect SealiNO. 22. ' 3’ Caps ,,,,,, ,_ doz.19c lips. complete, doz. 19c 'I‘Freh Produce TALOUPES Large Jumbo i9r....25¢ ELLo-GLow ERMELONS he”? 173le. 19¢ PoSsible Prices on “S for Canning CAN NOW!! ' ’IT DOES HAI’PEN HERE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE l Of interest to many local lis-. teners is the announcement that 'the commbia Chm'Ch 0f the Air 1 Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass, lVVlll present a Christian Scienceland may be heard locally over {program over a national network, inext Sunday morning, July 20, at} 9:00 o‘clock. The broadcast will be } conducted by Dr. Frank J. Bunk- 5 er, Committee on Publication for i the District of Columbia. ASSORTED Lunch Meat lb. 33¢ You can squeeze a saving out of every food dollar you spend here. One week will convince you that 20th CENTURY prices are lower, our quality better and our selection much larger. Spaghetti 2No.1cans 16¢ Franco—American Rich. zesty sauce. Egg Noodles . . . . . . . . . .' 14-02. pkg. 10¢ n last summer, so-called One night little community looked as you see it in this According to the State Watch out for those “harmless brush l Church, The 1 Station KIRO, Seattle. 'in 1938, the Census reports. .év Infra Innlsnnnnssstl 41 COTTAGE: cannon 245. 25c smcno BACON . . Lean Strea ked . VEAL STEW . lb. 33c . .....lb.l5c Lamb Stew. . . . lb. 10¢ Lamb Roast . . 1b. 23¢ Beef Pot Roast lb. 23¢ Cottage Butts. . lb. 25¢ DILL PICKLES LARGE SIZE 2 for 5¢ .840 ' i FEATURES for JULY 18 and 19 Made with fresh eggs. Pork & Beans . . . . . . . 3 No. 303 cans 25¢ ' Phillip‘s Delicious. Gelatine..................3pkgs.11¢ Assorted Flavors. Wax Paper .. . . . . . . . . 2 125-ft. rolls 25¢ Air-Tite~J—Ieavy. PINEAPPLE ............. .. 3 No. 1 cans 27¢ Rock Dell Sliced or Crushed. SWEET PICKLES .............. .. full qt. 25¢ Bonnie Best. Crisp, Delicious. SNOWDRIFT .................... .. 3-lb. can 56¢ Freshly Creamed. 61lb. can—$1.09 W'ESSON OIL ...................... ._ 1/2-gal. 69¢ Add Salads to your vitamin list. SHREDDED WHEAT 12-oz. pkg. 11¢ N.B.C. the Original. Eversharp SCISSORS and 3 wrappers from P and G White Naptha saving price! SOAP 3 for 10¢ 12 No. 1 cans 53¢ JRAISINS, Bonnie Best Seedless ____ ._ 4-lb. bag 23c GINGER SNAPS, Splcy fragrant 2-lb. crtn. 23c VICTORY Good Dog Food at a MARSHMALLOWSy Fresh! ______ ._ 12-02. pkg. 100 ALL BEAN, Kellogg’s .................. _. lge. pkg. 19c CORN FLAKES, Alber’s .......... .. 11-oz. pkg. 8c OXYDOL, 69-02. pkg. 620; 24-02. pkg. ______ .. 22c CAMAY TOILET SOAP .................... .. 4 bars 23c Plenty of Parking Space HILL TOP SO. HIGHWAY Phone 29 “I l I “harmless brush fires . merged on the edge of Westimber, Oregon village, and half an hour later the stark photograph, taken next morning. Division of Forestry there are scores of communities in Wash- ington which are in potentially the same danger, right now, in l the summer of 1941. fires.” Put them out. Keep Washington Green. The program is given with the approval of The Christian Science Board of Directors of The Mother First Church of I cruising areas of fire-danger along It cost almost 3 billion dollars to run the general government of lthe cities over 100,000 population ’ a trip on any highway leading l l l» l l l SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL‘ Seattle, July 15.~mKeep fire out of the forests and you will help provide powder for the Army’s guns, the West Coast Lumber- men‘s Association pointed out to- d , ' l t th - . ay m an appea o e foreSt {flanking forests are mainly young } using public for extreme. c a r el [ with fire in the present period of 1 high temperature and low hu- midity. I “Twenty-four new powder plants [requiring a billion feet of lumber are a rush project of national de-l, fense that depends upon sustained 1 production of logs and lumber,” . the Association stated. “West I Coast lumber is also a key mater- ! ial of construction in naval bases : now on emergency building sched- , Iules. In many other fields of de-! lfense, the Douglas fir is the ltree behind the guns. , reserves are commonly: built up to keep the mills running when summer fire—weather com- pels the closing of logging camps. This year such reserves were de— pleted during the recent strike.l To meet urgent defense demands,l log production must be kept roll- ing despite fire weather. “With this outlook, timber op- erators have expanded their sum- mer 1941. tors have been made ready and manned, to convoy Oregon’s and: Washington’s commercial forests through the hazardous zones of heat and drouth. Patrols are 1 “Log l I Fleets of trucks and trac- the fronts of 1,500 operations in the Douglas fir region, and state and forest industry men in every mountain-peak lookout are keep- ing a 24-hour watch. Networks of rapid communication, by tele- phone and short-wave radio, cen- tering in the headquarters of State Foresters Nels Rogers and T. S. Goodyear of Oregon and Wash- ington, are in operation. “A nightly fire-weather fore- cast is issued by the U. S. Wea-' ther Bureau and broadcast night- ly over large commercial stations in both states. All loggers listen to these forecasts and organize their protection forces according- ly. Every person who is planning . through forest land is urged to lI TRIP TO CALIFORNIA I Mr. and Mrs. Willis Burnett; left Shelton last weekend for a‘ two week trip which will take ithem through Oregon and as far south as the redwood forests of Northern California. RAINIER (ENTER FlElDER FOREST FIRE PREVENTION TO l ASSIST NATIONAL DEFENSES , and trains, forces of forest defense for: — dependable center fielder {or the Cham- pionship Rainiers. "Bill" has been going 909:! for the past several weeks and is one of the chief reasons Ior Seattle being in a hot race to overtake the Secs this season. A w, Poor Bunny 1 ! Bill Lawrence. for many years past the: I ,, ‘ I True lo the tradition of the 'St. Bel‘nards. Hecka, " 18-month-old dog of Mr. and Mrs..F. J. Kirch- enbauer. Cleveland, 0., is always rescuing something. This time ' it’s ‘a tiny rabbit, found in‘the weeds and brought home by'the 125—pound , dog. Gas is Quicker. adv. listen to these forecasts, at 8:30. P. M. over KJR in Washington. KEX is the Oregon outlet. “Practically cverv mad between towns in Western Washington and Oregon is a forest road. The s e 4 growing trees. They carry far higher fire hazard than the old timber. A live cigarette careless- ly flipped from a car may become a conflagration within an hour—— a fire holding up logging trucks menacing operations vital to defense construction, tak- ing man and machine power out of lumber p:~---‘-I..:tic:t for its sup- pression, and clOI‘ing timber op- erations. I “Just as the real victories on‘ the Atlantic are in the prevention of attack on convoys of merchan‘; ships, and not in battles, so is victory in forest defense the pre- vention of fire and not in fire Posing behind a roll of paper Page Three ;‘ From 1902 to 1940, the popula— = tion of the United States increased ,only 66 percent, but total public detiFederal, state, and local— expanded 1774 percent, according . to the Bureau of the Census. Per l capita total public debt grew from less than $43 in 1902 to $480 in 1940. Gas is More Economical. adv. [DANCE DAYTON Saturday, July 19 26. At the end of a festival su ression. Victor in reven— . tioipis principally aiesporgibflity in the machine room of the button-selling contest July 19 of. the forest-using public. Camas paper mill are the girls one of them will be named “State and industry forest pro— who will‘ make up the royal queen. Left to right: Winni- ‘ MUSIC Four ACES teetlon agenCieS 331‘ the ECU“? court of the Camus Paper Fes- fred Smith, Frances Province, cooperation of the public in keep- ing fire out of ‘the trees behind the guns.’ SUGAR ._ Pure cane. fine \. New Leader Butter Kernel granulated, For fresh soda whole kernel. Canning Crackers 20-oz. tin SOADAS CORN 211.51? 2 All? HASH it? $5.89 TUNA COLA Libby's corned beef Biltmore solid Silo-Cola. delicious hash. Ask about packed, white new beverage. $2.000 contesr. meat. 7-02. tin 12-07.. bottle 2tin335¢ tin529¢ w PEACHES lge. 14c Highway brand halves or slices. Large 29-oz. tin PEACHES lge. 150 Castle Crest halves orslices. Large 29-02. tin SPINACH lge. 14c Emereald Bay brand spinach. Lge. 27-02. (111.90) FLAKES pkg. 8c Alber's bresh and crisp corn flakes. 11-07.. pkg. Iced Tea . . . 15¢ Canterbury black tea. iii—lb. ctn. Edwards 1b. 24¢ Finest coffee, reg. or drip 1-lb. Airway . lb. 14¢ Aristocrat of thrifty coffees. 1-11) Nob Hill lb. 20¢ Our DeLuxe blend coffee. . . ‘, g 3. Bread . . . lb. 9¢ Julia Lee Wright’s ENRICHEDJ Bread 11/ij 13¢ in lb. 236 9.21. 19557 BEEF ST Full Flavored lAMB ROAST 1941 Spring Lamb RING BOLOGNA ea. MILWAUKEE’S . MUTTON ROAST ................ .. lb. 13;: MUT’I‘ON CHOPS __________ ._ 2—lb . 35¢ LEG OF MUTTON .............. .. 1b. 19¢ BLACK con ________________________ .. 1b. 15¢ SALMON ................................ .. lb. 23¢ LEG LAMB ............................ ._ lb. 27¢ GROUND BEEF .................. .. lb. 18¢ tival and will preside over the big celebration July 24; 25 and I 1 0 -lbs. t 35 ~— dies 10 Mary Province, June Cox and Gen S ¢ La Leah Parsons. ' __.__._._ A. _..___..._.____.A- l Mir/m MAI— ‘ I . — Timely Sale of Canning Supplies KERR REGULAR LIDS ........ .. 3 for 25¢ KERR REGULAR CAPS ........ .. doz. 21¢ BALL MASON CAPS .............. .. doz. 20¢ KERR REGULAR JARS, qts.... doz. 83c BALL MASON JARS .............. .. qts. 83¢ JELLS RITE —— 8-oz. ............ .. 3 for OERTO ...................................... .. 8-oz. REGULAR JAR RUBBERS .... _. doz. 29¢ 21¢ 3¢ CAN NOW! 5 C33-lb. BOX Canteloupes 4e 1... Watermelon 2%¢ 1b.. TOMATOES lb. 53¢ ifETTUCE...........3—lbs. ERARES lb. GPRIETERPERS lb. DANISH ‘ SQUASH lb. 4¢ CARROTS . . . . . . . . .. 3-lbs. 10¢ —" 10¢ 10¢ 1 0¢ Nu—Made Mayonnaise ................ .. qt. 37¢ Duchess Salad DreSsing ______________ .. qt. 29¢ ,- Sunny. Dawn Tomato Juice ____ __ 4-oz. 16¢ f: .Glennajre Grapefruit ____________ ._ 20—oz. 10¢ Sun Down Cocktail ________________ .. 15-oz. 10¢ Garden Side Hot Sauce, Buffet tin 4/15¢ Garden Side Cut Beans ...... .. 2‘0-oz. 10¢ Garden Side Tomatoes ............ .. 29-oz. 9¢ Libby’s Roast Beef ................ .. 12-oz. 21¢ Libby’s Corned Beef .............. .. 12-02. 21¢ Cherub Milk, 141/2-oz. ............ .. 10 for 79¢ Jello ...................................................... .. 5c Jell We“ .................................... ._ 3 for 10¢ FLUFF 0 KEEN ’ 1: SNOW DRIFT Pure Vegetable Shortening. in sealed tins 49¢. 3"8’..56¢ ROYAL SATIN Pure .Vegetable Shortening, for every purpose. -lb . tin —» fine pure Vege. Shortening Choice of these two