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July 17, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 17, 1941

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Jl11y 16.—The Pot- elub met at the bHales Tuesday eve- sIces of contract were ore going to Mrs. ;kr:°°0nd high to ;.§°0se ’_ 13011 stattle visitors Tues- é fillnesday. '_,. Vgodwwth and her wlebb, bicycled to the fitter in Eldon. ‘, i Pul’allup, is visiting t. home. I“ accompanied by .,,‘ I‘llf Hoodsport, drove :60 ursday, taking Ver- With them. When home they brought “9 With them. Esaw returned to 3’ after a weekend Parents. ' w- Hale were enter- s for a chicken din- ,MrEer of Shelton. ~5~ 1. S. Grovold at- l Captain and Mrs. Tacoma. .' will return home the hospital where vgring for an opera- ridge Clinic in Ta- ‘Mrs- Tyler are plan- wfiligr'l‘acoma for sev- R 8 they will visit ,' Obert Rockholt and 3' Displays 'at\S.W. Fair ‘3 Sul‘prises at last “St Washington Fair 89 Division, which “my stream of vis— Of the excellence of egages had exhibits in last year and this p, enry Bouchard has ‘ , “n5 for at least six 38 desiring to enter {led with Space. A I? made each Grange , In addition the fair 25' to be divided ac— . ‘3 decision of the T‘Ve b ethis al fol, con taking a fine department and ready worked out t their exhibits. gent is open to all Outhwest Washing- adv. S‘mnty Savings Association Twine: Bldg. You .CAN’T SELL UNTIL you USE WANT-ADS “ FIND A BUYER Mrs. l ' Reader received the‘ andl daughter, Es- ett‘s father, Mr. Ar-‘ day dinner given at I a. Care Of Tires Means Greater eth Hussman E Thousands of tons of rubber could be saved: yearly and tires service if America’s motorists i would guard the “health” of their tires, according to Mr. Manley L. Fox, manager of Al Hllerby Mo- tors Budget Department. Commenting on the rubber sit— uation in the light of the gov— consumption of the nation’s most vital import, Mr. Fox said great- er care in the use of tires would ‘ conserve an astounding amount of rubber. “Rubber today is being wasted by motorists who drive at ex- cessive speeds or otherwise mis- use their rubber tires and this fact is important because more 1 than 70% of the rubber consumed by the United States is used in the manufacture of tires,” Mr. lFox states. According to the store man- ager, studies made by the tire development department of the B. lF. Goodrich 00., show that ob- servance of a few simple rules or. “tire health” would result in [greater service, safety and long- ] er mileage. l “If tires are used 50 as to last Ilonger and deliver greater mil- neage, savings in rubber since the need for a replacement is put off just that much long- er,” Mr. Fox declared. since 90% of all tires are re- placed because of worn-out treads, it naturally follows that the problem primarily is one of re- ducing tread wear.” Mr. Fox said that the B. F. Goodrich studies showed that ev- ery time a motorist fails to in- flate his tires properly, takes curves too fast, drives at sus- tained high speed, spins his tires to a sudden stop, rubber is being destroyed and tires worn out be- lfore their time. | “Underinflation is a prime ‘cause of tire‘ wear, for each pound of underinflation increases tread wear 121/.» per cent. And high speed is a vicious enemy of tires for speed means heat and Iheat deteriorates rubber,” Mr. Fox said, adding that tread wear is twice as rapid at 70 miles an lhour as at ‘45. The observance of the follow- ing rules on “tire health” is of timely importance because of concern over our rubber supply, in the opinion of Mr. Fox. These rules are: .l 1. Maintain recommended air pressure at all times. , 2. Whenever a tire is changed, check the air pressure after a few miles service. 3. Do not run a tire constant- ly on the same wheel, instead (shift your tires from wheel to wheel every 5,000 miles to in- sure uniform wear. 4. Keep safe tires on all wheels—a blowout destroys a complete tire. 5. Don’t take corners at high speed, that wears tires faster than anything else. 6. Never slam on your brakes I—except to prevent an accident. 7. Have your wheel alignment, front and rear checked regularly. 8. Give your tires your per- sonal inspection from time to time. 9. Don’t drive too fast on hot, dry roads for high speed heats up tires and hastens and wear. 10. Start up gently, do not spin' your wheels and grind off rubber. 11. Do not bump into curbs—— no tire will withstand such abuse. If you Wish to Sell you’ll Have to Tell—Journal Want-Ads. Journal Want-Ads—Phonc 100 ins teeth. Calcium "1 D is one of the most essential vitamins c‘mdren’s growth and adult health! Be sure unfamily has an adequate amount each day, by mag milk part of every meal — as a beverage. {’ '3 a food. Then you’ll all keep smiling — with ONES VOU S-PARKUNG l 1 would deliver greater mileage and ' ernment’s recent action to curtail' result ' “And 1 in a quick start or skids them~ l l l l l , the soundest statements urging the v ' purchase of defense bonds. DEFENSE BONDS SALE REPORTED DOING WELL HERE? Statement Explaining Sound Plan Behind Purchase Of Bonds Outlined In Story Local sales of United States De- fense bonds are increasing stead— ily, report Postmaster Miss Jessie Knight and Manager Lawrence Carlson of the Seattle-First Na- tional Bank branch here, the two places bonds may be purchased. Many inquiries are also being received from persons who plan to buy them on a budget basis, either in large or small denomi-f nations. Banks throughout the country: are rendering this service with-l out charge, and at continuing ex-l pense to themselves, as their con- tribution at this time to the na-‘, tional defense program. 1 Both Miss Knight and Mr. Carl— ‘ son feel that the following state- ment by Dr. W. Randolph Burgess, chairman of the Economic Policyl Commission of the Americanl Bankers’ Association is one of‘ Financed By Inflation “Historically, wars have been' financed by inflation. With prac— tically no exceptions, all major wars have been accompanied by credit expansion and by rising prices and wages, very unevenly distributed. The inflation has impeded the war effort and made, it more costly, and it has beenl followed in every case by great; and costly depressions. i “Unless we are wise and coura-l geous the present defense effort will be financed by inflation and followed by depression. “The processes of inflation are; simple. The government pours out fresh buying power to pay for l armaments. The people have more money to buy with than there are: things available to buy. Hence prices go up. Lend Your Savings , “The most simple and effective,l and in the long run the least painful and disruptive way of com- batting inflation, is to divert buy- deterioration l lsuade people to save, and to lend 'whose incomes are now increased .will set a considerable part of the .a representative group of Mason ‘three options that dairymen may ing power from the people into the hands of the government. One way to do this is through tax- ation. A second way is to per— their savings to the government. When they do this the financing causes no inflationary increase in buying power. If they do not do, this, the government will have to sell its securities to banks. The result would be an expansion in bank credits and in buying power which would be inflationary. “Not only do public subscrip- tions to the savings bonds combat inflation during the boom period, but they provide reserves of buy- ing power which cushion the re- adjustment afterward. If people increase aside for the rainy day, they will therefore benefit doubly. From Increased Earnings “It is not expected that the sale. of Defense Savings Bonds will draw upon existing savings de- posits as much as it will draw, upon the rapidly increasing earn-l ings of the people stimulated by defense production activity. Time: deposits may be reduced somewhat temporarily, but money paid out? to workers in greatly increasing' amounts will result in new de- posits to offset withdrawals. . “The alternative to thus divert- ing buying power to the defense needs of the government is the, sale of bonds to the banks and' the abnormal inflation of buying; power through the expansion of} bank credit with its attendantl dangers to the banking system and 4‘ the whole order of free enter-s prise.” Dairymen Favor Trying Area Test For \ Eradication Following the presentation of information by Dr. Kilpatrick on the Bang’s eradication program, County dairymen voted very strongly in favor of an area test Tuesday. An area test means that every cow in Mason County? will be tested the same as is done in the TB. test. ! Dr. Kilpatrick explained the select. Option A is the test and slaugh- ter, or the same as has been‘ conducted since 1934. Option B gives the owner the privilege of testing, disposing of reactiors with indemnity, andl vaccinating or not vaccinating 4] to S-month-old calves. Option C gives him the privil- ege of testing and keeping any reactors under quarantine, for- feiting the indemnity, and com- pulsory vaccination of 4 to 8 months calves. Calfhood vaccination of 4 to 8 month-old calves has proven very successful. Research work- ers have found that when calveSi are vaccinated at this age 95 per, cent will be negative after 18 months of age. At other. ages. the Vaccine was less effective,l therefore, the Bureau of Animal Industry authorizes vaccination. only of animals of the 4-8 monthl age. 5 Another meeting has been call-l ed for Monday evening, July 21,‘ at the courthouse to hear any ob- Jections to the area test plan. GET A TRAVELERS accident! ticket for every trip, 25c per day. Rates lower on longer DENNIS. See Herb Angle NOW! in Shelton where defensei SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL News Brevities From Grapeview Grapeview, July 16—Thc Young Married Women were entertainedi last Thursday at the home of Mrs. ‘ Web Etherton. Mrs. Teets and her mother, Mrs. Graham, are at the beagh for a, week or two. We are glad to see' Mrs. Graham able to come after her long illness. The two were hostesses to some of their neigh- ‘ bors for lunch on Monday, includ- ing Mrs. E. C. Suiter, Mrs. Alf Zizz and Mrs. Sarah Hansen. ’ A number of other summer pco— , ple were down for the weekend. or longer. The M. J. Robinsonsl were down with the Roy Robins as their guests. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Robinson spent a few days at their summer cottage. er, B. C., returned home after a ten days visit with Mrs. William Spooner. Joan and Jerry Camp-, bell sp grandparents, . 1. with their parents on Sunday. of Tacoma, came to our shores for a call on Sunday it so well that they decided ‘to. stay for their vacation. lSelection Still this month, customers wishing to get a good choice of models and colors, Bob Ervin, local Buick dealer, an-l nounced today. SARAH A. l 17th day1a Mrs. Bert Russell, of Vancouv- ent a week with their the Spooners, and eluctantly went back to Tacoma Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wilhyde,l and liked Good For Buick Buyers Locally With production of 1941 Buicks should buy immediately, Following a period of change-l lover and retooling, the new 1942 Buick will be announced. the coming out of the new models, With the increased manufacturers costs and higher federal taxes is ex- pected to result in a much higher ' local price, Ervin said. Many dealers are already with- out cars, and are unable to ob— tain more. This condition is gen- eral. Through advance buying, Mueller Harkins, Buick distrib-l utors for Southwest Washington were able to put themselves and their dealers in a preferred posi- tion as to supply. Mr. Ervin announced that any- one in the Shelton area can still obtain a 1941 Buick and have a fair selection as to color. 1‘. l LEGAL PUBLICATIONS! N O T I C The following described hereby declared A REGION OF EXTRA FIRE HAZARD SKOKOMISH AREA: Those portions of Sections 9, 10, Wl/z of 14, Sec- tions 15, 16, 20. 21, 22. Wl/g of .23, Sections 27. 28. 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33. Township North, Range 4 West; and those portions of Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, Township 21 North. Range 4 West, lying south of the Hoodsport-Lake Cushman road, west of the Skokomish Indian Reserva- tion, north of the Sunnyside road. and cast of the North Fork of the Skokomish River. For protection ‘of the above described area against fire the following rule will be enforced: Entry into this_area is prohibited except as provxded by law with reference to permanent residents and industrial operations. Violators of the foregoing rule are subject to fine of $10.00 to $100.00 or 90 days in Jail, or both. . Effective from July 21, 1941 to October area is NICE LOT withdweil built 1—room 7-room modern suburban home '7'“ Real Estate “A” AA Muuwnw FOR SALE: 5-room modern house, furnished or unfurnished. $2800 terms. Phone 328-J or 499. R—5-13—tf. BEST BUY IN WATERFRONT on Puget Sound. 5,000 ft. on Ar- cadia Road from Shelton. 75¢ to $3.00 per foot. Low terms. E. A. Carr, DesMoines, Wash. 7—8-10-15-17—4t. " FOR SALE: waterfront lot 66 X 214, miles from Shelton. Price $300.00. Phone W. S. Catto, 591-VV. 7-10-15-17-22—4t. FOR SALE Lot ~— 90 x 180 with a small new room cabin. Located on. Island Lake. Close in. $695.00._g Terms $100 down and $10.00! per month at 69;. Why not have a small cabin to vacation in when you want it and just a few minutes from town. . cabin on Isabella Lake. Fine! fishing and swimming and nice spring. $950. Terms. l :1: >1: FOR SALE l on paved highway, fireplace, basement, plastered with new paper. Has excellent well kept yard with many beautiful flow- ers and shrubs. Small conser- vatory attached to home with many plants. Includes about acres of excellent soil and gravity water system. This is one of the finest suburban homes in the county and will make an excellent home. Why not see it today if you want a really fine home that is close in. Will sell for $5400 and give! some terms. 11-acres in Kamilche Valley, fine soil and most all under culti- vation. Has good 4—room house with large chicken house. Elec-l tric lights, daily mail and about 8 miles from Shelton. Will sell for $1775 and give good terms to reliable party. 5-room modern home with large upstairs in excellent condition, hard wood floors, fireplace, full; basement, furnace and nice yard. Cement ,sidewalk and dustless street. Will sell fori $4500 and allow some terms. 7-room home in best district. SHELTON FURNITURE UP- Sharpened and Repaired ‘ Best. Large lot with excellent side-I walks. A very good buy at l $2375.00, terms $350 down and! Free Enlargement $20.00 per month at 6%. Why not see it today? * * . it III Small place with 1/2 acre of ex- cellent ground. 1-room house and cabin with garage attach- ed. Berries, garden and flowers. Mostly all cleared ready to cul- tivate. This place is close in andl will make a fine home for a. couple or single party. See it today. Half cash, balance on terms .............................. .. $790.00 * * a! >l= * >2: Business building in Shelton. Ren- tal income. Terms. $4,600.00. 1k i ’l‘ * i 5-room modern home, with hard- wood floor, fireplace, furnace and basement, 21/2 acres of ex- cellent ground, with fruit trees and large chicken houses. This will make you a fine surburban home, close in, $2850, terms, may 15. 1941- be arranged ED DAVIS, Directil‘ . ' Department of Coh- Wm tlade' ' servatiton qantd Dcvcl- opmcn, eta c of 7-17—v1t Washington. Herbert G' _.__._.__L___ Angle Bldg. Phone 304 NOTICE OF “'ATER RIGHT ' APPLICATION NO. 5499 State of Washington Office of 811- adv_ pervisor of Hydraulics Olympia TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notlcc is hereby gi‘von that Elinori S. Hulbert Wiscman of Aberdeen, State of Washington, under date of June 23. 1941. tiled with the State foot, subject. to existing rights. from April 15 to October 1 of each year for the purpose of irrigation and con- tinuously for domestic su ply; that the approxlmatc point of ivcrsion is located Within NEE/i of NVVJA of Sec-l tion 4._ Township 21 N., Range 3 W., in Mason County. A .map show— l ing the location and plan of said diversmn and the. place of the pro— posed use 15 on file in the office of the State Supervxsor of Hydraulics. Olympia, Washington, together with such other 1nformatlon as is required by law. Any person. firm or corporation‘ whose right w111vbe injurious-1y alfcct— ed by said application may tile with the State Superylsor of Hydraulics, at Olympia, Washington, such objections or representations, in writing, as he may desire to make. within thirty (30) days after date of last publica- tion, which date is July 24, 1941. Witness my hand and official seal this 14th day of July, A. D. 1941. CHAS. J. BARTHOLET. State Supervisor of Hydraulics. Gas‘ is More Economical. No. 3999 SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION In the Superior Court of the State Supervisor of Hydraulics. 01 mm» of Washington for Mason.Co’unty. Washington. an application for tier,— LE‘STER c~ HATCH, Plaintlffv "s- mit tocdivlé'rt the public waters of SIERTHA VIOLA HATCHv Derelld‘ Dalby ree tributary of Hood Canal. in the amount of 0.01 of a secondl lHE STATE OF WASHINGTON- TO THE SAID BERTHA VIOLA HATCH, Greetings: You are hereby summoned to ap- pear within 60 days after the date of the first publication of this Sum- mons. to-wit: Within 60 days after the 10th day of July, 1941, and defend thoabove entitled action in the above entitled Court and answer the com- plaint of the Plaintiff, Lester C. Hatch. and serve a copy of your Answer upon 'the Undersigned Attorney for Plaintiff at his Office below stated. and in case of your failure so to do. Judgment will be rendered against you according to the demands of the complaint which has been filed with the. Clerk of the said Court. By this action Plaintiff seeks an Interlocu- tory Decree or Order of Divorce from you and thereafter a Final Decree of Divorce as provided by Law. CHAS. R. LEWIS, Plaintiff’s Attorney, Post Office and Office address: Suite 1. Lum- bermen’s Buildin , Shelton, Mason oun— (SEAL) 7-17-24—2t. ty. Washington. 7-10-17-24-31. 8-7-14—21-28—7t. No. 1388 i NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL. No. 4004. ACCOUNT AND REPORT AND PETI— TION 0F EXECUTOR FOR SETTLE- MENT, DISTRIBUTION AND DIS- CHARGE. l IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MASON. IN PROBATE. In the Matter of the Estate of ECKERT. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that Walter O: Eckert, Executor of thel above entitled estate, has filed with' the Clerk of said Court his final account. report and petition for set-l ' tlement and distribution of the estate; of the deceased, wherein the Court is asked to a prove said account andl report, make istribution of the estate, and dischar e the Executor. NOTICE I FURTHER GIVEN, that , in accordance with an order of the said Court made and entered on the of June, 1941, a hearingl will be d before the Court on sai final account, report and petition on Saturday, the 19th day of July, 1941. at 10:00.0'clock, A. M., on said day in the Court Room of said Court inl the Court House at Shelton, Wash- ington. Dated this 19th day of June. 1941. - CLARE ENGLESEN. Clerk of the Superior Court for Mason County, Washington. SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION In the Superior Court of the State of \Vashiugton for Mason County. CLEORA SIMPSON, Plaintiff, vs. SAtMUEL DANIEL SIMPSON, Defend— an . THE STATE OF WASHINGTON TO SAMUEL DANIEL. SIMPSON, DE- FENDANT, GREETINGS: You are hereby summoned to ap- pear within 60 days after the dateof the first publication of this Summons, to-wit: within 60 days after the 10th day of July, 1941, and defend the above entitled Action in the“ above entitled Court and answer the Com— plaint of Plaintiff, and serve a copy of your Answer upon the Undersigned Attorney for Plaintiff at his Office below stated and in case of your fall- ure so to do. Judgment will be ren- dered against you according to the demands of the Complaint which has been filed with the Clerk of said Court. In this action Plaintiff seeks a divorce from you upon the grounds of desertion and abandonment, seeks the care, custody. and control of the minor children, and seeks to have certain real and personal property described in said complaint declared to be her solo and separate property. CHAS. R. LEWIS, Plaintiff's Attorney. Office and Post Office ALDEN C. BAYLEY, Address, Suite 1, Attorney for Executor, Lumbermen's‘ Build- Tltle Insurance Building. ing. Shelton. Mason Shelton. Washington. (Io-till); \yziuliiiixlon. 649'26. 75415—41». _ 7~lO-1l'34-Sl. 5"}“14’21—‘(L l _— ‘10-. Classified Servitf. . o- holsteriiig, furniture recovered and rebuilt, free estimates, 714l Ellinor Ave. Joe Nussbaumer, proprietor. Phone 590—W. 6-20. 7-20«1M. LANDSCAPING Years of experience in lawn making. Contract or 50¢ an I hour. Eight years in Shelton. l Plovie, 726 So. First, corner Mill Street. 7-5fl8-5—1M. REPAIRS Bicycles —— Tricycles i Tires and Other Accessories LAWN MO‘WERS SLEYSTERS FIX-IT . SHOP For Hot Water Service Gas is adv. l EASTMAN” ' PHOTOGRAPHIC: ACCESSORIES . ANDREWS PHOTO STUDIO. FILMS DEVELOPED -—-———.——_———————_ JOURNAL WANT ADS WWW For Rent Aw M“A“ ‘41.““4 ‘Mw FURNISHED APARTMENTS for rent (2 and3rooms). Good lo- cation. Very reasonable. Golds-i """l [borough Apts, Second and Knee-l land Streets, Shelton. 5-7-tf.l FOR RENT: after July 2?; mod-l ern 6-i'oom house. Phone 271- M. P——7-17——1t. FOR RENT: apartment, 3-rooms and bath, garage, electric stove, hot water heater, oil circulator heater, otherwise unfurnished. 221 North Tenth. Across from tennis court. Call 37—M. S—«7-10-15-17-22—4t. FOR RENT: summer cabins, 5 miles south Harstine Ferry. Reasonable rates by day, week or month. Tardiff’s Camp, at Concord Beach. 7-15-22-24—29-31—8—5-7—8t. FOR RENT: 3 room apartment, furnished. Also one apartment partly furnished. Apply 618 N. 6th. D—8-17—1t. . n———-——_-. FOR RENT DO YOU WANT ADDITIONAL INCOME? Then rent this fully equipped store. Living quarters in build- ing. To reliable party only $25 per month. 4—room furnished apt. ........ .. 35.00 Herb Angle, Angle Bldg. " vvv vamvvvmvm‘ Wanted o‘MAM' AAWA‘ A“ CHRISTMAS TREES WANTED: large or small lots. Highest prices. Mattson & Carlson, 4125 Sixth Avenue, Tacoma. 6-24-26--7—1-3-8-10-15-17—8t WANTED: card-punch operators $1260.00 a year. Junior steno- grapher, $1440.00 a year. More tle training necessary for these three types of work. DIETZ BUSINESS & SECRETARIAL 7-15-17—2t. electric key punch at Dietz Business College. Dial 6088. coupon with each roll. FIR DRUG STORE LARGE SIZE Duplicating SALES BOOKS l 25¢ per roll l l ' LOST: Lost and Found blue Catalina bathing trunks with name R. L. Deffin— baugh on inside on Island Lake Road. Reward. Inquire Journal Office. D—7-17—1t. YOU lost male Peke. In— quire 1427 Summit Drive. 5¢ Each Jr 55¢ per dozen We also take orders for all kinds of special—— ,Our prices are an low or lower! l PRINTED SALES BOOKS than outside salesmen can quote Gas is More Economical. adv. l l l l , Tides of the Week Computed for Oakland Bay 3 (Hood Canal tides are one hour . & 55 minutes earlier) you. , THE JOURNAL l Thurs. High 12:33 a.m. 13.5 ft. .m-ww-vmw"w].luly 17 Low 7:50 a.m. 13.3 High 2:37 p.m. . . USCd Cars 5 Low .7 :21 p.m. 5.7 ft. '""""" '"" l Fri. High 1:15 am 13.1 ft. 1938 BUICK 4-door touring se-l July 18 Low 8:41 a.m 1.5 ft. dan, nicely equipped, 4 new: High 3:55 p.m 11.5 ft. tires. New car guarantee $645l Low 8:34 p.m 6.4 ft. 1937 BUICK 5 assenger coupe! radio, heater, ilew brakes, new sat- ngh 2500901“ 12-9 “- paint ____________________________________ $545 July 19 Low 9:28 am 0.8 ft. l1937 CHEVROLET DeLuxe 4 dr.‘ ngh 4354 pm- 12-3 ft- sedan, radio, heater, spot li$ght5,l Low 9.41pm. 6-7 ft- new paint .......................... .. 49 . . 1937 CHRYSLER Royal Coupe! 20 133:3 13-? new paint, 4 new tires .... .. $495I y Hi h 5140 p'm' 13'0 ft' '1938 Pontiac “8” business coupe! ng 10:39 p'm‘ 6'8 ft' Radio, heater, low mileage $595] ' ' ' 1936 CHEVROLET, radio, heater,[ M0n_ High 3:26 a.m‘ 12.8 ft. new paint ---------------------------- $385' July 21 Low 10:48 a.m. -0.4 ft. 1933 STUDEBAKER sedan,_ excel-l mg}, 6:19 pm 135 ft. lent condition thruout, radio $325 i Low 11:26 pm. 6.7 ft. 1933 PONTIAC COUPE. N ew, paint .................................... .. $185l _Tues. High 4:09 a.m. 12.8 ft. Several Model A’s ...... .. $85 $125, July 22 Low 11:24 a.m. -0.9 ft. Better Values —— Lower Prices High 6:51 p.m. 14.0 ft. ou’ll a Wed. Low 12306 a.m. 6.5 ft. All ’41 state tested . . . July 23 High 4-50 a.m. 12-9 ft: Low 11:59 a.m. -1.2 ft. BOB ERVIN High 7:20 p.m. 14.3 ft. 5 YOU ARE COVERED for any ac. ‘ WHEREAS, the United States' of l cidenbfor $.25 per day. Longer time the rate is cheaper. Herb ets when you travel. See Herb Angle. Agent. No. 1438 ‘ NOTICE TO CBEDITORS ‘ In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Mason County. In Probate IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JOSEPH SCHLEHOFER, De- ceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN'that the undersigned has been.appomted_ and has qualified as Administrator of the estate of Joseph Schlehofcr, .de- ceased; that all persons haying claims against the said deceased or the said estate are hereby required to serve the same, duly verified Wlth the necessary vouchers attached, on said Administrator at the address below stated, and file the same With the Clerk of said Court, together. With proof of such service, Within SIX (6) months after the'date of first pub- lication of this notice or the same will be barred. Date of first publication July 10, 1941. CHAS. R. LEWIS. Administrator of E5- tate of Joseph Schle- hofer, Deceased. Lum- bermen’s Building, Shelton, Wash. 7-10-17-24-31—It. B.P.A. Potlatch-Bremerton line Four Mason County roads Franchise A plication . NOTICE OF H )ARING 0N APPLICATION FOR FRANCHISE IN THE MATTER OF The application of the United States of America for a franchise to construct, operate and main- tain one or more electric power transmission lines across, over and upon certain county roads or p.mliopsz pllicrci-l‘ in lull-.02. County, Washington. America has, under the provisions of Section 6450—38 Remington's Revised Statutes of Washington, filed with the Board of County Commissioners of ‘Mason County, Washington, an ap- x l plication for a franchise to construct. maintain and operate one or more electric power transmission lines, tov gether with the necessary towers, poles, and other fixtures appurtenant thereto, across. over and upon the hereinafter described county roads or thereof in Mason County. Washington, fifty years, NOW, THEREFORE, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a hearing Wlll be held on said ap lication by the Board of County ommissmners of Mason County, in the Mason County Court House at Shelton, Washington. on the 28th day of July, 1941, at 2:00 o’clock P. M. The following described roads or portions for a period of portions thereof are the ones re— ferred to above: 1. Crossing over the dedicated streets in the Townsend Addition to Union City in an easterly and westerly direction as said ad- dition lS now located and dedi- cated in Section 6, Township 21 North, Range 3 West, W. M. 2. Crossing over the Thos. Webb County Road No. 29 in an easter— ly and westerly direction as said county road No. 29 is now 10' cated and constructed in the SW14 of Section 5, Township 21 North, Range 3 West, W. M. 3. Crossing,r over the Mason Lake- Allyn County Road No. 22 in a northeasterly and southwesterly direction as said road is now lo- cated and constructed in the NWIA of Section 26, Township 22 North, Range 2 West, W. M. 4. Crossing over the Allyn-Clifton Hill County Road No. 236 in a northeasterly and southwesterly direction as said county road is now located and constructed in the SEM; of Section 6. Township 22 North, Ran e 1 West. W. M. ARRY DEYETTE. County Auditor, Mason County. Washington. 7-10-17~—2L Page Seven RATES On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (Swords) first insertion, attractively low rates on subsequent insertions. Min- imum charge 40c. Classified advertisements ac- cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 10c will be made when billing is necessary. Card of thanks 50c. Classified Display Rates on Request. Phone 100 V vvvvv vvvvv ——$1260 a year. Junior typist—l calls than we can fill. Very lit-' SCHOOL, Capitol Park Bldg. l WANTED: key punch operators; are wanted. A limited numberf may enroll for short course on} 7—15-17—2t. VVVVVVVVV" "vvv "vvm' l l G—7—17—1t. For Sale “AMAW FOR SALE: 3 milch cows. Marion Smart, Skokomish Valley. 7-8—17—4t. FOR SALE: 250 New Hampshire laying pullets, 100 N. H. year- ling hens, good layers. 300 month old N. H. chicks. Anna: Bloomquist, Capitol Hill, Rt. 2. 7-8-17——4t. _______________._..___—_— RASPBERRIES‘ and Boysenber- ries for sale. Chester Rosenberg, SkokomiSh Valley. 7-8-10-15-17—4t. HAY FOR SALE:— H. L. Miller, Arcadia Road. V M—7-s-1o-15—17_4t. FOR SALE: fryers. A. Alleman. Route 2, Box 131, Shelton. ‘ 7-15-22-24—29~31-—6t. FOR SALE: two 14-foot outboard runabout boats. Reasonable. Charles Afdem. Phone 10-F—1. 7-15-17—2t. FOR SALE: milk cows and sep- l arator or trade for beef cattle. The Farm, Lower Skokomish Valley. F—7-16-22—2t. FOR SALE: black leatherette collapsible baby buggy, good condition $4.50. Gene Hansen, 713 Franklin. 7-16v‘1t. FOR SALE: cocker spaniel puppy. Phone 483-VV. B——7—15--tf. FOR QUICK SALE: 1-year old hens, young chickens, young turkeys. Mrs. Fagerlie at Dee- ranch on new Deegan gan l ' road. 7-17—22—72t. l IFOR SALE: moving Sunday, have to sell springs, mattress, rug and pad, less than year old and other household items. Mrs. . Abbie Tucker, 717 Franklin. 7—17——1t. USED APPLIANCES RANGES WOOD l—Lang ............................. ..$39.50 L—Lang ................. .. 27.50 ~1—Home Comfort 44.50 1— Montag 29.50 ll— Montag 39.50 1— Monarch . ............. .. 24.50 1— Western . ............. .. 24.50 1—— Laundry .......................... .. 12.50 ELECTRIC RANGES 1———Hot Point (only slightly used) .................. ..$79.50 ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS 1—Norge ' .............................. ..$ 89.50 1—Sparton 109.50 1—Grunow .......................... .. 79.50 WASHING MACI-DNES 1—Maytag, rebuilt .............. ..$39.50 l—Norge, ................. .. 27.50 1——Norge 24.50 1—Thor .................................. .. 19.50 MISCELLANEOUS 1—automatic Gas Hot water heater .............................. ..$24.50 1—-pair bed springs ............ .. 4.75 l—ice box .............................. .. 5.00 NASH BROTHERS Used Dept. 117 Cota. _vvv"m-m PROFESIONAL CARDS ALDEN C. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW Title Insurance Building Opposite First National Bank Phone 23 - - Shelton INSURANCE . HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle Building i ELLIOT B. SPRING Accounting Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 565 wn‘sts FUNERAL HOME Licensed Embalmers W A. Witsiers, Prop. Phone 180 ~ Shelton. Wash. MT. MORIAH LODGE No. 11 F.&.A.M. Next Regular Communication AUGUST 2 M. H. NEEDHAM Worshipful Master .1. L. CATTO, Secretary.