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July 22, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 22, 1971

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The United States of America has a new nattering nabob of negativism - a spanking-new peurile paranoiac• We never thought we'd see the day when our hero, Spiro, would join the ranks of the muttering misfits who are criticizing this great land of ours. But it has happened. The Vice President is currently visiting the leaders of some of the world's great democracies - South Korea, Ethiopia, Kenya, The Congo, Spain - and the word coming back across the great waters is disheartening. Abandoning his fabled firm-jawed, patriotic rhetoric, Agnew whined to reporters that the world leaders with whom he had met were "just appalled" by publication of the Pentagon papers. Then, in an airborne news conference between Kinshasa and Madrid, he did it again with an attack on U. S. black leadership, which he contrasted unfavorably with such African leaders as kindly Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopa, who has made democracy a household word on the Dark Continent as one of the world's few remaining absolute monarchs. The Vice President apparently feels that his beloved country would be immeasureably improved if Rev. Ralph Abernathy adopted the easygoing habits of Emperor Selassie during his 40-year reign in Ethiopa, where a third of the farm land is owned by the government and the royal family, another third by the Coptic Church, and the rest by members of the aristocracy, communal groups and various small holders. Spiro's sudden disenchantment with the American system is a splendid example of why this nation should tighten up on the issuance of passports. He would never have had these paranoid doubts if he had stayed in this country and not been exposed to foreign influences. "Dear Henry. . ." KISSINOER IN SECRET TALKS Letter box: Editor, The Journal: Your supplement to the Journal of June 17 (Visitor's Guide) was read with interest, especially the era of progress on Harstine Island. I was born on Harstine sixty-nine years ago and raised there, so I believe myself qualified to offer a few corrections to the statements occuring in this article. In relating to the first post office being established on the west side by Robert Jarrell, it was established by a Mr. Blake, who owned a farm later purchased by my great-uncle John Haskell. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jarrell acquired it from him. Mrs. Jarrell operated it until her death in April, 1912. The Island schools were first consolidated in 1914. My father, Hans Bergeson, who was a director, was responsible for this consolidation. Ferry service was established on Harstine in early spring of 1922. The first ferry was the Island Belie, not the Harstine 2rid. It was a 40x16 scow with a loading apron on both ends. Its power was a ten-horse Fairbanks-Morse stationary engine. It was constructed by Ira Libby of Agate. My brother, Ed, and I had the first contract to operate it. We made three trips a day, three days a week. Our pay was $50 per month. My father and H. O. Hulin, my step-grandfather, established the first telephone line on Harstine between their ~ distance of year, 1912, it and it Harstine Picketing north of the landing. It article were buried Ballow. was 1890, buried. It is is one of the with the Fossoms me. Mrs. in 1912 and burial a the Jarrell triangle of corners of these trees high; today feet high inches in cover the Mrs. stands lesS from this with ivy the era dimensions also had a which served a kitchen. down about 1 We shudder to think what would have occurred had Agnew visited other heads of state throughout history. We • • imagine the news releases would have been about as follows: m II fl ROME - Vice President Spire T. Agnew, on the last leg of a jackass trip throughout the Roman Empire, today By MARTHAWRIGHT assembly line. Since you don't need a carburetor, saved.., over 20 per cent of cardiovascular invested millions in criticized the organized Christian church of the United As America muddles eeoc " t fuel pump or manifold, Klein points out, the engine morbidity and about 20 per cent of cardiovascular might be useful in autos and • d _ r in o the itself could be cheaper, although he notes that the mortality could be saved... Finally there is a good be useful in trucks. Lear is States. He revealed that Emperor Nero, with whom he spent environmental decade it is becoming clear that Detroit manufacturers could produce his, car and deal of evidence connecting all mortality from offered his expertise to the two days at the circus, was absolutely appalled at the kindly technology will not solve all our environmental "their margin of profit would be protected. ' cancer with air pollution. ' , The Japanese firm Mitsu treatment afforded Christians in the United States. Agnew problems. Many solutions will require changes in The chemical warfare waged on the American But the automobile isn t necessarily the real no one would listen to him. suggested that President Richard Nixon could learn much philosophies, attitudes and life styles, people by their very own automobiles helps make culprit. Some, like Morris Klein wouldn t even say hydrogen-powered vehicles- from Emperor Nero But there are other problems, difficult ones too, air pollution the most serious of the environmental it s the internal combustion engine. Klein says it s firm visited Morris Klein af • . . which technology can solve if applied with the disasters threatening the nation. So many people are the fuel. Petroleum,is an impure fuel to begin with, Japanese patent on his syste BERLIN - Chancellor Adolph Hitler ts dumbfounded at fervor the problems demand. To illustrate, consider dying, in fact, that the statisticians are calling the he says, so you can t help getting poisons when you were "surprised" any Americ the coddfing of Jews in America, Vice Pres|dent Spire T. the automobile. " people who would be alive if the air were clean burn it. with hydrogen technologY" Agnew said at a news conference on the steps of the The automobile with its internal combustion "excess deaths.' The average, uncontrolled gasoline-burningMitsubishi was nearly ready Reichstag today. Following the conference, the Vice engine is responsible for at least 60 per cent of air The principle air pollutants causing illness, death automobile emits 900 parts per million (ppm) vehicle. President left for Italy, where he will confer with Premier pollution in the United States. In some urban areas and property damage are sulphur dioxide, nitrogen hydrocarbons, 1500 ppm nitrogen oxides, and 2.5 The Japanese, who boo Benito Mussolini about the Italian railway system and other it causes up to 90 per cent of the air pollution. Tha! oxides, carbon monoxide, particulates, per cent carbon monoxide. The hydrogen auto freon engine design and are • s air pollution is killing people The internal |mportantmatter. . • hydrocarbons, and photochemical oxidants. Of emits none. hydrogen system, are shoWll combustion engine fed on fossil fuel burns an these the automobile is responsible for large Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis - a' spirit in the field of vehicle P MOSCOW - There is no problem with political dissent in irreplaceable natural resource which the petroleum portions of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon method of separating oxygen and hydrogen in water Japanese perfect their dev!c S .... ,.~~-~i~m~'-T~~~41,~, ~o~,~wJlLlaey, X~-JaO~Red within the.next monoxide and .particulates. Other dangerous with a charge of electricity. One hydrogenAmerican market before • ference- cith Premier Joseph Stalin. , 'tt took Premier, century .... ..... materials such as lead find their way into the manufacturer says it selis 'electrolysis-produced Workers may wish very e None of th s is news But what American Stalin three years - from 1936 to 1939 - to do th job, " " " ' ' atmosphere and lungs via the automobile. " hydrogen for 55-60 cents per 100 cubic feet. industry had beel Agnew said, "but through a series of trials the troublemakers were taken care of and he has had no problem to speak of , ince." Agnew was also impressed with Stalin's unique answer to the problem of unemployment. "In 1928, he instituted a Five Year Plan," said the Vice President. "Citizens who were too lazy to work in their assigned jobs were sent to Siberia where they performed invigorating public works chores. Five million peasants who refused to do their patriotic duty were liquidated, a handy device which eliminated both unemployment compensation and welfare payments." MEMPHIS - Vice President Spire T. Agnew praised the system of replacing leaders in the newly-emerging nation of Egypt. Agnew discussed the matter with Pharoah Menes, who explained that when a change is due, the priests simply open the reigning pharoah's skull, he quickly gives up the ghost, and a new pharoah is placed on the throne. Menes was critical of the high political campaign expenses and drawn-out campaigns employed to do the job in the United States. "I am highly in favor of the Egyptian method," Agnew told reporters. "Just imagine, if Henry Kissinger and John Mitchell opened Richard Nixon's head, I would immediately be president and the United States would be on its way to greatness instead of on the road to ruin caused by adherence to the Bill of Rights and other impediments to progress." technology doing about it? In May, auto industry representatives told Environmental Protection Agency Administrator William D. Ruckelshaus that they doubted they could dean up their cars enough to meet 1975 standards set last year by Congress. But while they were making their gloomy forecasts in Washington, in Hollywood, Florida, an engineer-inventor named Morris Klein was putting the finishing touches on plans ,for a new fuel system. Klein's system, which he already has installed in his own Chevrolet stationwagon and Ford van, emits no pollution. Absolutely no poisons come out of the tailpipes of his cars. The gas coming out is water vapor - H20, because Klein has modified Detroit's internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen gas. Why hydrogen? Why not, says Klein. It's plentiful (2/3 of the earth is water and 2/3 of water is hydrogen) and cheap and not nearly so dangerous as gasoline. Hydrogen has an octane rating of 120+ Klein says, it's lots cheaper than gasoline, engines that use it can be simpler and the engine and muffler will last longer. Klein says any gasoline-burning internal combustion engine can be modified to burn hydrogen at a cost of about $300. It would be simpler, he says, to manufacture the engines on an By ROBERT C. CUMMINGS It isn't especially strange that Gov. Dan Evans looked right past, or around, his own office when he listed some five potential Republican candidates whom he thought qualified to succeed him. But it is strange that few of the political pundits around the state took note of the omission. Virtually all reporters who cover state government believe James Dolliver, Evans' administrative assistant, fully qualified to fill the Governor's shoes. Most think he would be as strong a candidate as any of those mentioned, and stronger than most. Though his only experience as a candidate was an unsuccessful bid for Congress from the 2rid District, he now is much better known statewide than Evans was when he first announced his candidacy for Governor. True, Republicans who are unhappy with Evans wouldn't support Dolliver, but neither would they support Atty. Gen. Slade Gorton or Secy. of State Lud Kramer, who both were on the Governor's list. Evan's omission of Dolliver's name probably was deliberate, rather than an oversight. He is astute enough to know it wouldn't help Dolliver to have him labeled as a Mailing Address: Box 430, Shelton, Wa. 98584 Phone 426-4412 Member of National Editorial Association Member of Washington Newspaper Publishers' Association SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $5.00 per year in Mason County, in advance -- Outside Mason County $6.00 EDITOR AND PUBLISHER -. ..................... Henry G. Gay "1 i, [ ....... "hand-picked" candidate. Mention of Kramer could have been a surprise to some. It - indicates he is back in the good graces of the Republican hierarchy, and that his loyalty has been rewarded. Though he was "dumped" by the powers-that-be in the Seattle mayor's race two years ago, Kramer has remained loyal throughout. He has continued to perform voluntarily many duties which aren't required of his office, and has taken a sizeable load off of the Governor's shoulders in several areas. Many Possibilities Besides Gorton and Kramer, other possible potential candidates mentioned by the Governor include U. S. District Atty. Stan Pitkin, Seattle; King County Executive John Spellman, and Rep. Tom Swayze, Speaker of the House. Pitkin has built quite a reputation as a "crime fighter," and has shown indications of political ambitions. Spellman last attracted statewide attention when he defeated former Gov. Albert D. Rosellini in the Page 4- Shelton-Mason County Journal- Thursday. ]uiy 1971 These compounds are dangerous. Carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin in blood cells and kills outright when inhaled in quantity. Long term exposure to lower levels results in blood thickening and faster heart beat, both put additional strain on the heart. One study found mortality rates from arteriosclerotic heart disease and cerebrovnscular disease to be 79 per cent higher in polluted areas than in those with relatively clean air. Nitrogen oxides in smog cause and aggravate emphysema which is now the fastest growing cause of death in the United States. Hydrocarbons are considered a major factor in the astonishing rise in lung cancer in urban areas during the past half century. For those who like to convert lives saved and illnesses averted into dollars and cents, two scientists concluded in 1970 that a 50 per cent reduction in air pollution levels in major urban areas would save $2080 million annually in terms of decreased morbidity and mortality. Those same scientists, Lester B. Lave and Eugene P. Seskin, also concluded that "approximately 25 per cent of the mortality from lung cancer can be saved by a 50 per cent reduction in air pollution • • • 25 per cent of all morbidity and mortality due to respiratory disease could be countywide contest for the. office Spellman now holds. Swayze, though youthful in appearance, is 39, the same age Evans was when he first moved into the Governor's office. Like most of his predecessors as Speaker, Swayze isn't well known outside the Legislature. but as already quoted, neither was Evans back in early 1964. As for Kramer, he honestly doesn't know at this time what he will do in 1972; run for reelection, seek some other office, or retire from politics. The same can be said for Governor Evans. Many of those closest to him believe he doesn't know at this time what he will do. But he already is being pressured to seek a third term, and that pressure will build up as time becomes shorter. The fact that he has said he will reveal his intentions "sometime this fall," indicate the effect of pressure from those who have been trying to smoke him out on this issue. Some think he may announce as early as next October. But "some time this fall" could be any time up until Decemoer 21. The announcement is more likely to come in mid-December or later, rather than earlier. Even at that, it probably will set a record. As far as is known, no Governor in this state has announced his future plans that early. Relatiye Importance A survey showing some 41 of the state's school districts have had their fire insurance policies cancelled or non-renewed, appears certain to trigger more special levies for new construction. Only 13 districts of the 41 had fire losses during the past three years which is a clear indication that most of the cancellations or refusal to renew were because school buildings didn't satisfactorily pass fire inspections. Replacement coverage for 34 of the districts cost an average of 81 per cent more than previous premiums, and deductible clauses averaging $3,500 were added to 16 policies• But far more important than insurability, or the cost of coverage, is the safety of children who attend these -schools. Administrators can make a good case for the premise that if a building isn't a good insurance risk, it isn't safe for school children. Hydrogen is also a by-product of petroleum refining (the flame always burning at petroleum refineries is hydrogen). When purchased as a petroleum by-product the cost drops to 30 to 35 cents per 100 cubic feet. Klein says enough hydrogen to drive 100 miles costs him about 40 cents. Current producers of hydrogen say they could step up production to meet a national demand if large numbers of automobiles began running on hydrogen. And service stations that now sell gasoline could be converted to sell hydrogen. The oil industry is warning the nation that insatiable demands for oil will exhaust known reserves within the next century. To prevent a national emergency, the oil companies say they must drill offshore around the nation, pipe oil across the Alaska wilderness and ship it in from abroad. The dangers of oil pollution on the seas is well known and the potential dangers of an oil pipeline across Alaska are just beginning to be recognized. Off-shore drilling presents its own special problems as the people of Santa Barbara can testify. The auto industry, which has predicted failure in its attempts to clean up its engines by 90 per cent in 1975, is also saying that its only hope of doing so are add-on devices that require unleaded gasoline in order to run properly. The industry is on notice from EPA Administrator Ruckelshaus that if any of the manufacturers can meet the standards, he will not grant to any others the one year extension of the deadline provided for in the law. He has also warned the industry that not only technical feasibility will be considered in granting an extension. It also must be shown that the attempt to meet the standards was made in good faith. Meanwhile, outside Detroit, several "unconventional" vehicles are being driven or developed. Morris Klein's hydrogen car is the cleanest as most of the others run on some form of petroleum. All the others, however, meet the 1975 standards. And they meet them today. Im Ambler, Pennsylvania, the Williams brothers have perfected a Rankine Cycle engine, or steam car. The Williams' external combustion engine, which they have brought to Washington to show it can be done, has been running with very low emission levels for 10 years. The Williams brothers' auto burns kerosene. In Florida, inventor Wallace Minto is building prototypes of a freon-powered engine for Nissan, the Japanese auto firm that manufactures Datsuns. Minto's car, too, burns kerosene in an external combustion engine. Minto sold his invention to Nissan after the Detroit manufacturers told him' they weren't interested. In Silver Spring, Maryland, scientists with government money are experimenting with a car that runs on a fly-wheel principle. Although it is called the "wind-up" car by some, flywheels powered busses in Switzerland during the 1930's. The flywheel is wound by electricity when the car is parked. Then the flywheel is reversed and unwinds to power the car. Inventor William Lear of Learjet fame has about the development el control devices. For it is instructive to industry the American come 90 per cent clean by industry that was charged Department on Juanuary anti-trust suit with illegally all competition among development, manufacture vehicle pollution Motors, Ford, Chrysler Automobile Manufacturers charged with purchase of patents and parties covering motor equipment. The alleged to 1969- 16 years. Automobile doors in the early days resulted in the October The Justice agreed that Justice the industry would development and devices without admitting So what is the U. S. industry in the world to produce an auto that maybe? Cleaning up will require the full industry. But the auto difficult challenges as and most notably 30 war production in Air pollution in emergency and is By altering its this national performing a patriotic not to mention Production of an turn the tide of a can only be an economical AND It is hoped government and of national security as of millions of enforcement of the bringing to bear the technical know-hOW to considered ana environmental How embarrassing beat the greate-' mass-producing a embarrassing if right here under our And how in the face of citizen! their eyes to country and apparent inertia petroleum-powered