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July 22, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 22, 1971

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en A garden wedding at the Arcadia Point home of Mr. and Mrs. Hal McClary united in matrimony on July 1 two Korean young people sponsored by the McClary's. Miss Kyung Ja Kim of Seoul, Korea, was escorted by flal McClary along a path beside a garden pool to a spot where blooming rhododendrons and green pines formed a natural background. There. with 30 guests seated in a semi-circle around them and with Hal and Roberta McClary standing beside them she and Kwang Chun Park repeated the vows that made them man and wi fe. The Rev. William E. Callahan of Olympia officiated at the simple ceremony, and Bill tterrick sang "O Perfect Love" and "Rise edding Unites Pair "I'm what they call an Okie," says Mrs. Frank JetL "but I came to the state of Washington when I was 16 years old." She lived in Washington for almost 30 years, resided in Indiana for ten years and three years ago came to Shelton to make her home on Hillcrest, where an immense lot is devoted to a 60 foot by 100 foot garden, an artistic border, a spacious lawn and many, many flower beds. Mr. and Mrs. Kwang Chun Park To Meet The Sun". Mrs. William "Even as a small child in F. Andrews accompanied on with the McClary's, and church Mable Koch, Norman ttulbert, Oklahoma, l,had a garden," Eva Jett recalls. I grew zinnias and piano, and played the wedding friends gathered to witness his Einar Petterson, Ray Kohlstedt marigolds- about the only plants march, marriage to Miss Kim. All and Merritt Wingard. The bride was attired in a contributed to a buffet supper The groom attended Inchon that would thrive in the heat.' full-length organza gown with a held at 5 p.m. in the McClaryUniversity in Korea and earned Now she grows "a little of mandarin collar, embroidered home. his M.A. at Stanford University. He everything" - vegetables to feed Karen Dayton with seed pearls in a delicate Rooms were decorated with is now studying for his Ph.D. in the stomachs of her family and pattern, and styled with an pink roses and baskets of double mechanical engineering at flowers to feed their souls, embroidered train. According to white syringa. The table, covered Clarkston College of Technology, a according to Mrs. Jett. | I ~ Korean custom her black hair was with a lace cloth over pink, was branch of New York University inShe has many houseplants, | | ~ 1~ ~ ~ ~ wreathed with white blossoms,ornamented with pink roses. Potsdam, N.Y. perhaps the most unusual being a II II ~ _~1 ~ ~ I~ and she carried a dainty nosegay Silver bells and pink rosettes After a trip across Canada by calamondin miniature orange. The 1 8 inch plant is covered ,~ i of white flowers centered with trimmed the wedding cake. train to Montreal, the newlyweds simultaneously with buds, "College, is a lot different than that this contributes nothing to pink rose buds. Mrs. Arthur C. Christensenwill proceed to Potsdam, where high school, ' says Karen Dayton, education, the purpose for which She fashioned her gown in was in charge of the serving and they will make their home. blossoms, green fruit and ripe who will be a sophomore next she is attending college. There is, Korea, bringing it with her when she was assisted by Mesdames fruit in all stages. Approximately year in Western Washington State according to Karen, an attemptshe came to the United States 50 tiny oranges are now College at Bellingham. "It's a new for a'ruling to permit liquor in the with the McClary's on June 28 developing, which will be an inch world -- new study habits newrooms of students who are overwhen they returned fronl a ~- = = ~ = = = = -- _: = = ~ = ~: ~ _ _ in diameter upon maturity and view points, an entirely new way 21 years of age. six-weeks trip through Southeast i ~ quite sour, with a flavor rather of life." "A person is really on his own Asia. I ~ ~ | between that of the orange and Although very active in many in college " she announces." It's The groom came to the U.S. | O~AAi~ -,,dL~JoPi~A | the !emon. organizations throughout her high really nea't but it's also a lot ol in 1969 as the fifth member of| ~ ~ ~ I, Jl~'l~,l~4,~O' | 'They are great for fish," Mrs. school years Miss Dayton found responsibility Some ~et bv with the international family of young | .... , I Jett states. ,, ' . ......... ! Dy Jail u~moru ] no time for clubs during her first cutting classes others try it and people sponsored by Roberta anfl L ................ = .... Eva Jett enjoys the piecing of year of college, lose out." ' Hal M cClary, who acted as ..... quilts, and has made 18 quilt tops Perhaps next year " Karen Miss Dayton skipped a few parents for both bride and groonl. I'll never forget an experience operator and ask her to report the in less than three years. She knits, ventured, "but I simply had too classeslbut felt that she missed a Kwang Chun had attended the 1 had a few years back. Both of fire?" suggested son number two. and has made an even dozen much work as a freshman. 1 lot by doing so. Shelton United Methodist Church my sons were living at home at "I will! I will!" .. sweaters and shells since last fall. wanted , tospend my time "It's a waste of money not to the time. While they were I picked up the phone. ~usy. She cans and freezes her produce, studying.' attend every class" she says dawdling over their morning Eigh, t-partyline, and specializes in all sorts of As et undecided as to her "Studies should come first s~ciai krispie-krunchies prior to a mad 'Please may I use the baking with a decided emphasis ma'or l~aren Dayton took mostly events second " " ' r'~.. ~,, ~ ~ A ,.~,,L ~,~,, scramble to catch the school bus, phone?" I gasped. "My house is on home made bread. reqJ:ired courses last year. College to Karen Dayton is LJU~IH~ ~/~,H~[ my head came up like that of an on fire!" r thin ~ Who is Visiting is her 14-year-old "1 wanted to get them out of much more than book-learnina ~ i r~ , / old fire norse. , "on, you poe g. nephew, Steven Forbes, wholives the way," she states, "so that l She is acquiring knowledge of has erurnea n'oulce~]me,l smoke, 1 this?iidentifiedm self atQuina, ultLake. will be free to go ahead withpeople and preparing herself for a ._. . . an . . ...... y.. .... 'He s painting the house and other courses once l makeupmy worth-whilelife. TO Homenort 7 w, youre always smelung de ar?manntqPle~:ej9~' tne ilre garage for me," Mrs. Jett says, mind." She is the daughter of Mr. and I"" smoke; ...... p ...... ~. " --" ..... I "and he's doing a great job." She enjoyed an introductory Mrs. Douglas Dayton, and she has Navy Petty Officer Second ~o, reany. , m SUTre and it .... w.e !l e~f.:~g,n,t mere to nelp. art course, and plans to continue a sister, Nancy, who will be a high Class Duane A. Archer son of Mr. , ~ou re aiways . , .,_ wnere is m ii . .... , , . ' always turns out to oe me 'You KNOW wnere I live. with art, but only as a hobby, school semor next year. Born in and Mrs. Kenneth J. Archer ................ iecet If I ''1 ,:I.~.A .all--., ou .:ects ,, Miss -- ~':-"o Cal Karencameto o._ ,, ~ .... . nelgnoors fuming trasn. JUSt flown me roau a p . l llhUId rill lily b uj , ~iltt t/leg , .., " "" bnelton, nas returnento nls ,,. . . . ,, ... . ._ .. ,, , LOOK upstairs COUlfl JUSt use me line Dayton declares 'but 1 find itShelton a year and a half ago.homeport of San Diego"tboard . " ,. , .... "'.'. ~ ~ . , . ' ............ . ...... ~ . " " ~ Son numoer one, in mascunne ' No, no J meant wnat part o~ very natal to comrmt mysett.to a~ ~aa~trtt~ w..,~t~r sKung aria OIKe ..t!~e ale,I-submarine w arlare ..... . . ~. .... " ..... ...... ~ ka2..a -.=.~,~,2~IiLalL_-,L~..'I~,;~ ..,~K~.'~2,~:;~z~'~.."."."."."."."."~';~k~..~N.~.*~d~ ,14~a'~'.~.~ "'~d~i~usr:~.~or ieminlne ioimes, your house is ourning: saunterea up me stairway anfl In aIt seems to oe in me wall educal~!on, but am n ow intends to c~nnplete her ed~tEationafter a four-month deploymenl 4o ' considering home economics or at WWSC. the Indian Ocean and Western few moments sauntered down. He that separates the kitchen from ~ ~ Pacific. During the cruise, his ship operated in the Philippine Sea, the South China and East China seas, the Sea of Japan and over a wide range of the Northern Pacific. "1 made many new friends," she remarked, "but a lot of kids dropped out after the first quarter; and at the end of the year we all went our separate ways. Perhaps some of them will not be back in the fall." regarded me with a trace of respect. "You're right," he mused wonderingly. "There IS a fire." I dashed madly up the stairs to see for myself. I was closely followed by son number two who trampled me terribly when I tripped half way to the top. I rolled to the bottom of the steps where I picked myself up hurriedly to avoid the descending of son number two and the ascending of son number one, which seemed destined to coincide at my approximate location. Dazedly, I started to fill the tea-kettle with water. "Use a bucket, Maw," said son number one, returning from the attic. "I'll get the hose," said son number two, running into the back yard. "Yes, do that!" I agreed, dropping the tea kettle and filling a bucket. A shout from outdoors. "Where's the hose, Maw?" "I think 1 left it in the garden. In the strawberry bed, I believe. It should be a couple of hundred feet past the pea patch and due east of zucchini..." "'Aint't there, Maw." "Well, I guess I loaned it to somebody. Now if I could just remember who..." "Maybe we should call the fire department," said son number one. "Good thinking!" I cried. "Where's the phone book?" "What did you do with it?" inquired son number one of son number two. "You had it last," came the answer. "Go to the neighbors and borrow one!" I shouted. "Why don't you just dial the THE FIFTIETH WEDDING anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Kager was observed Sunday afternoon at a reception in the Stretch Island home of their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Don Pogreba. Among the 150 guests were four sisters, a brother and several nieces of the guests of honor, for whom the occasion was also a family reunion. Family members came from California, Montana and Oregon. The Kagers, 20-year residents of the Grapeview area, have three grandchildren. Your On the Right Course When you set sail for the MILL And Our Famous Stop in and enjoy your favorite beverage along with the featured dish of the "What's Cookin' " column from the Journal. 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Hoodsport the living room, and it's between the outer wall and the connecting door, a little closer fo the door than to the wall and about midway between the floor and the ceiling and the distance is narrowing rapidly. Could I please..." A tap on the shoulder. "Cool it, Maw. It's the neighbors burning trash. Just a little fire drill." The rich aroma Of the rose Does not arouse My languid nose. For incense sweet And perfume rare My nostrils never Test the air. Not salty smells Of sunny seas Nor cedar-laden Mountain breeze My sense olfact- Ory delights, But how the scent Of smoke excites! And with what poignant Pangs of yearning I announce that Something's burning! Today, Thursday, July 22 Rotary Club luncheon, noon, Ming Tree Cafe. Toastmasters Club, 6:45 a.m., Timbers Restaurant. Slimette Tops, 7 p.m., court house annex. Golden Age Club, 6 p.m., Memorial Hall. Friday, July 23 Ruby Rebekah Lodge, 8 p.m., IOOF hall. Twanoh Grange Pinochle Party, Belfair hall on Victor cut-off road, 7:30 p.m. White Elephant and Rummage sale by Hood Canal Woman's Club in their Potlatch clubhouse, 9 a.m. Saturday, July 24 Salty Sashayers, 8:30 p.m., fair grounds. Jayettes Social evening, 7 p.m., at the Wolden's summer residence on Lake Nahwatzel. White Elephant and rummage sale by Hood Canal Woman's Club in their Potlatch clubhouse, 9 a.m. Sunday, July 25 Shelton churches invite you to attend the church of your choice. Monday, July 26 PUD NO. 3 commission When you dial Long Distance direct, you get there quicker easier. Really. For area Codes and dialing instructions, check the Call Guide in the front of your directory. Pacific Northwest Bell sociology-anthropology." She wishes to be certain in her choice, and she is working through the summer as a teachers' assistant in a summer school program in remedial reading for elementary schools. "This should help me to decide whether or not 1 really want to be a teacher," she says. Miss Dayton lived in one of two co-ed dormitories on the campus. Three more will be added next year. "There is some drinking in the dorms," she reports, although she herself does not drink, believing lay Day Planned In Dayton A play day for interested horse-back riders has been scheduled at the Dayton Play Pen arena for Aug. 1. The arena is located across the road from the C and M Crossroads store at Dayton. Events, which will incude both performance and game classes, will start at 10 a.m. There will be about 25 classes. Fees will be 25 cents a class or $1.50 for entry in all classes. A potluck dinner is planned for between noon and 1 p.m. There is no admission for spectators. Winners Named North-South winners at the Monday night meeting of the Shelton Duplicate Bridge Club were Mr. and Mrs. Rex Umphenour, and Tuey Schumacher and Bob Quimby. Winning for East-West were Peggy Page and Gale Schmik and Ruby Egbert and Dorothy Quartier. FAT OVERWEIGHT Odrlnex can help you become the trim slim person you want to be. Odrlnex Is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed. Contains no dangerous drugs. No starving. No special exercise. Get rid of excess fat and live longer. Odrinex has been used successfully by thousands all over the country for over 12 years. Odrlnex costs $3.25 and the large economy size $5.25. You must lose ugly fat or your money will be refunded by your druggist. No questions asked. 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Defianc Shelton Bridge Club, 7:15 p.m., PUD auditorium. Goodwill truck in town. Phone 4264847 for pickups. It's About Time Tops, 7 p.m., County Health Office. m eetin~ Tuesday, July 27 Kiwanis Club luncheon, noon, M as( Timbers Restaurant. District City commission meeting, 8 p.m., city hall. Moose Lodge, 8 p.m., airport hall. Degree of Honor, 8 p.m., Memorial Hall. Eagles, 8 p.m., airport hall.noon Mason County Credit Women, Lake. 7:30 a.m., Timbers Restaurant. ThursdaY' Ming Tree The hometown