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July 24, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 24, 1941

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{1113524, 1941. eport Headway . .\ “‘1th that the, I'16 is swinging: ‘ .magaln was seen, I “.r eeting Mondayi ' man Ray Mork-l p committee 1 ' of the; ad been, tanding in the; that. the othrri ‘wallld be withinl f Weeks at the‘. .9 Committee is: -’y Russ Lamb ad- ; aiepnews Of the evc—, .. beer?" that several I . Cleaned up and! w have balances. , Collins of the} (I? reported alli . “7.11% annual aerie‘ .p” be held at August 3 are; l i l l REMOVED O Pqtlatch Route v . . lit era~t10n for the! ‘ wappgndix at Shel-l .Wnesday. l I l l l I l liME'é'S'ri'ivnnr Historic Mackinac Isle ls Quiet and Peaceful RTH "SE EING Carpeted by L. forest of green, for summer travelers. BY WINIFRED CLARK MACKINAC ISLAND, by ‘Grcat Lakes quiet, peaceful and lovely, is one of northern Michigan’s favored summer vacation spots. Here you slip back to the horse and buggy days, for automobiles are tabu. No street cars or rail- road trains mar the quiet of this island paradise. Sufferers from hay fever find sure relief here. And there are no mosquitoes. Limestone bluffs at Mackinac Island are crowned by a forest of green. Almost all the buildings in the island’s only town are cooled breezes, impression is of orderlincss and r‘leanliness No Sportsmen Ass’n Meeting This Month Due to action taken at last month's meeting, there will be no meeting of the Hood Canal Sports- 1ro GARLAND President "Env lAMARR l ,ANA bership today in answering sev- eral inquiries which have come ’M-Imnunm,¢hmu I in about the meeting schedule. ' .“munnphflipoon. The next meeting will not be " usianyu levign held until September as the July lleonord , and August sessions were cancel— thine» in July, 1’ I l l ! E l I l I l I I | l l i i l I I spotlessly white, and your first I I l l lmens Ass'n l l I I at the June gathering. 50-lb. sack No. 2 ................... .. doz. 7loes guns Large Sunkist, Fisher's Blend, Rwansdcwn, 7r Drifted Snow, 4G-lb. sack racker Ripe filive George Adams reminded the mem- I Friday and Satudy pecials 39 NU SPREAD 0 Pounds ...... ._ Giant Size ......... ,_ White Star .» ........... _. Grahams or White, 2—lb. box Frail Cocktail Grape Joe. 9:: Peanut Butte W' H00“ Canal "‘3‘ nights Mackinac Island is a cool haven RICH in history and legend, the old. fishing and trading vil- lage has expanded into a modern resort town with fine shops, splendid hotels and summer homes. The island, only two by three miles in size, abounds in scenic resources. Leading to spots whose his— toric association or natural beauty require a visit, more than 25 miles of drives, saddle paths and foot trails wind their way. Picturesque old stone block- houses of Fort Mackinac have been restored. Enjoyable cruises to Mackinac Island are offered on Great Lakes steamers. It’s an ideal va- cation trip for travelers bent on 1'e—discovering America. “Boys’ Airguns“ Face ,confiscation of their airguns. they don’t exercise more caution in where they shoot them and if they don’t quit shooting birds. He said numerous complaints have reached the police depart- . ment regarding the careless man- Iner in which young boys have been handling their guns near homes and with the number of 1y with the airguns. 43¢ BORENE 57¢ 19¢ TOM. JUICE , TUNA .......... __ 25¢ _________________ $1.79 aririféflc 1 9c serial 90 barrel 90 .290 2-lb. can Police Confiscation 1 Police Chief Andy Hansen to— day threatened Shelton lads Witt; i __.___.__._._____ ..________.._._____. -.__._—_—_<_._._~‘_—__ l l l I l .Men enlisting as Apprentice Sea-‘ i I l l l I led by vote'cf the membership‘ birds which have been killed late-F, I men between 17 and 18 years, who serve to their 2lst birthday, the jclasses is presented. Enlistments ‘in the ‘ the line of communications. may he enlisted as Apprentice Sea- _;__SI—IELTON-»MASON COUNTY JOURNAL OUTLINE OF REGULAR U. S. NAVY AND NAVAL RESERVE In addition to the Regular Navy ' six year, for men over 18 yearsm and the minority enlistment for following brief but comprehensive, outline of the Naval Reserve Naval Reserve are for a period of four years, with obliga- tion to serve during time of war or National Emergency. Class ,V-2 is comprised of those men between the ages of 17 to 28 who have capacity along aviation lines. They receive training at Na- 1 val Aviation Trade Schools. A percentage of the Navy’s pilots are required to be enlisted men. man for this duty may Well aspire, to become chosen for this valu-: able training. I, Class V-3 is comprised of men between the ages of 17 and 36 with aptitude or ambitions along‘ They man for Radioman, Signalman, or Yeoman. Class V-5 is comprised of innni between the ages of 20 and 27 having completed years of col- lege and who have obtained not less than one half the credits for a degree which normally requires four years from an accredited uni- versity or college. However, appli- cants who have acquired a sub- stantial equivalent education bV other means are also considered. The training for these men asl Aviation Cadets is conducted at flight training bases. Upon gradu- ation they are commissioned en- signs in the Naval Reserve with designation as Naval Aviators. Class V-6 is composed of twol groups, the first of which is com- prised of former enlisted men of the Navy or Naval Reserve and of men between, their 17th and 50th birthdays without previousl Naval service who can fill ratings of mechanical or other nature in ' the Naval Reserve. The second group is composed .of men between I the ages of 17 and 36 who may be enlisted as Apprentice Seaman for training as Metalsmiths, Ma- chinist‘s Mates, E 1 e c t r ic i a n’s Mates, Carpenter’s Mates. Store- All Normal Again At Union As Hot Weathelltetreats Union, July 22— Altho many here said they would never be the same after the experience of extreme hot weather, all seem to be back to normal eating hot meals at home again and exercis- ing a bit. The electric storm drew many out to see what had happen- ed—a couple of places on the hill here seemed to have been struck judging from the sound and dust that arose but no fire was started. The fire warden was notified and he stood by for a while: .Mr. .and MrszJames .Moriris of Naches, who are the guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morris, have been feted seveYal times while here. Friday of last week they were dinner guests at the home of Francis Wright. Mrs. Neldon was joint hostess with Mrs. Wright. Besides the honored guests and the hosts, there were at the table, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morris, Frank- Morris and Betty Allen. Mrs. James Morris is an aunt of Mrs. Neldon and «Mr. Wright. On Sunday there was a family picnic held in the Henry Morris yard. Mr. and Mrs. George McHenry and family came up from Lilliwaup for the occasion. Hugo Bagen of Boston, who is a sister of Mrs. Fred Robichau, is a guest at the Robichau home. Mr. and Mrs. Francis 'Butler of Burbank, California. arrived a. few days ago with their two daugh- ters, Winona and Brenda, for a visit with Mrs. Molly Butler. The Francis Butler home is rented this summer. Property improvements are still going on. GeOrge McHenry recnt- ly finished a retaining wall for the Wuest property formerly own- ed by Mrs. Halbcrg. The Tracy home is being covered with plas- tic shingles—the work is in charge of A1 Martin. Miss Alice Monroe of Zillah is a guest at her brother’s home, Lyle Bittle. Announcement cards have been received of the birth of a daugh- ter Mary Susan Addleman at Ab- erdeen, July 12th. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Addleman up until the first of this year were residents here for several years. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bierbrauer were away several days this week on a fishing trip. Guests for several days of Mrs. Lud AnderSen, were Mrs. Clare Bernsen and daughter Sandra, Mrs. Henrietta Roggenbihl and son who had all recently driven up from California, their home for the present. On Sunday there was quite a family reunion at the An- derSen home. Besides those already mentioned, there were present for the picnic dinner in the yard, Mr. and Mrs. Ed McReavy of Randle, Herbert McReavy. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sturgis of Olympia, George Allen and the hostess. Miss Marie Short is spending a few weeks at Camp Sealth from where she has taken some inter— esting side trips. Joe Mayrand, postmaster of Poulsbo, who with his family is camping on the Canal, called on, several friends Tuesday. For years he was salesman for the Society: Candy Co., so well acquainted all} along the Canal. I Several from here were amongi the many who attended the fun—l eral of the pioneer, John Denniei Ahl at Shelton Monday. Hospital Personnel . Picnics Last Night Some sixty persons composing the nurses, medical staff, trustees and kitchen crew at Shelton Gen- eral Hospital, and a few added friends, enjoyed a. picnic dinner and outing at. Hillier’s beach on keepers, etc. The men in Class V-2, V-3, and this branch of V-6 who enlist as Apprentice Seaman for training in specific ratings go to San Die- go for recruit training after which if found qualified, they are assigned to the trade schools of their choice. Class \7-7 is comprised of un— married college men between the ages of 20 and 28 possessing a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Engineering Degree from an accredited university or College. These men are commis— i sioned Ensigns in the Line of the Naval Reserve after successfully completing four months intensive training. ' Class M-1 and M-2 pertain to men between the ages of 17 and 50 with merchant marine or other seagoing experience. In Class M-l .are the men serving aboard a merchant ship which is taken over by the Navy and who choose to enlist in this reserve and con— tinue on the ship in the Naval Service. Class M-2 is a recently author- ized Class. It is composed of ex— perienced personnel of off-shore fishing and coastal vessels and men in this group will be enlisted m the Naval rating which they can best fill and will be utilized in manning Local Defense and Pa- Wood Products Substitute For Metal In Crisis? The Department of Agricu has called attention to the possi- ble substitution of modern wood products for many of the defense, materials in which critical s iges exist. In describing recent discorericsi that have led to new and wider uses of wOod, Secretary of Agri— culture Wickard said that pl plywood offers the possibility ,of floating the need of the air industry for a material that 'iclp alleviate the present alum- ‘num shortage and the shortagci of skilled metal workers. \voorl For Training Planes Manufacturers of training planes have been advised to start adapt- ing their designs to some in ial other than aluminum and wood and plywood arc materials to which they are turn~ . Say It WITH FLOWERS They Bring Comfort and Hanniness FUNERAL DESIGNS AN HOSPITAL BOUQUETS alloys, Page Five ling. In manufacturing combat izing,r and pressure has rcr-r-ntly 1 planes every effort is being made been devised whereby wood ven~ ‘by the companies to make. at eers can be converted into ex- lcast some parts of wood and ply- tremely dense, tough material, in- wood. Basic information about: terchangeable with metal for pro— these. materials enabling them to l pcllers, radio masts, small fixed make the shifts is being provided fittings, and the beam reinforce- as rapidly as possible by the For- me,an as fastening points. cst Products Laboratory of the —— U. S. Forest Service. Cool, A method of combining plastic- Gas. lture Quick Cocking with adv. hort- a ~ 7» ~ astic craft will Wilcox 10‘? Store New Shipment TABLE LAMPS .. . . . choice 1.39 Colored lO—oz. TUMBLERS.......... 2 Paints & ,, ENAMELS...........io¢8z2 ater- the cw A‘UL 151:1 I ,0’ ),- I, ..~ Delive'ed anywhere, anytime New Shipment l . trol Vessels. the Naval Reserve are not subject Men who enlist in to Selective Service. Phone 232 Travis Floral Shop Shelton Hardware Blda. POTTERY & VASES . '15; to 49¢ ‘ 270-W OYSTERS, Blue Pearl .................. __ 5-oz. 10¢ VINEGAR, Rock Dell Pure Cider 22-oz. 9e PEAS, Lakota, garden fresh 3 No. 303 25¢ PORK & BEANS, Phillip’s 3 303 cans 25¢ MACARONI & CHEESE 3 No. 1’s 25¢ SNOWDRIFT ...................... 3-lb. can 56¢ WESSON OIL, Eat more, salads .... .. qt. 47¢ CHILI CARNE, Hy-Power .... .. 2300’s 35¢ COCKTAIL TAMALES, 2 No. 2 cans 29¢ Q FLY srRAY shagging; 3 FLOUR Enriched Silk Sifted :22 ...... ._ 1.77 SUGAR ‘ Honey, Dcw 60¢ IQ-lb. . cloth bag .. Excello-Pu‘ffod WHEAT or RICE j; Ecle/lllboliag .. MEL'O .‘ MEL'O Cllhltfl .m. an"... Marvelous New Cleanser um nu mum mn- mn «ml Made by Sam-Flush mm m. FRESH PRODUCE Prices Good Fri.-Sat. Only tails at any .20th Century Store 2’ Q Tomatoes 2-lbs. 15 RedsRipe for ‘slicing. Watermelon . lb. 3 Melowglow Guaranteed. Cantaloupe 3 for 25 Large jumbo size. Grapes .. 2-lbs. 25 Limes doz. 29 Frest and Juicy. Green Beans 2-lbs. 15 Fancy Blue Lakes. Oranges . 2-doz. 29 Sunkist Juice Size. Potatoes 10-lbs. 15 U. S. No. 1 White Rose. GELATIN DESSERT. 8. Best Asst. 3 pkgs. 11¢ WAX, PAPER, i‘Air- Tite’ CANDY BARS, Hamilton, full size Spry SHORTENING, G-lb. can 1.18 3-lb. can, 59¢ GRAHAM CRACKERS, Sunshine 2-lb. ctn. 29¢ MILK, Borden’s, Pet, Carnation .. 5 tall cans 41¢ WHEATHEARTS, Sperry’s KIX CEREAL, ready to serve ...... ,. 2-pkgs. 21¢ 7 TOLL HOUSE COOKIES Nestle’s semi-swt. Choc. 2 pk. 25 Quaker oats .......... .. sml. Lipton’s Tea,1/2.-lb. 22; 1/4-lb. 43 2 cans .................................... .. 15¢ I For Your Old Aluminum America needs more aluminum! . We’re helping to collect old alum- inum~—~— and are, offering $1,000 in DefenseBonds and Stamps for your cooperation, Get full dc- OLD Huron CLEANSER I . For Smoofh Ice Cream Borden’s EAGLE BRAND 2 125-ft. rolls 25¢ ._ 3 for 10¢ 28-02. 21¢ Iced Tea Served with new l Get FREE RECIPE HERE ! pk. 10 Chases Dirt 2cm ..,..15¢_ MEAT PRICES GOOD FRIDAY. & SATURDAY CORNED Sweetened Condensed Milk ' V Much Mom NEW HALF-SIZE CAN A MAKES sanvmos 21/2395 N° Gris"- 12-91. ..GRATED WIENERS, BOLOGNA, Liver SAUSAGE 25¢ ' For Cool Summer Meals. 20 CRAB MEAT Lucky Sail Brand 2:..32- is TOILET. Tissue, ‘Pgl-mtex, 100 354.4314 .‘for 23¢ -_ , KEN-L-RAVTION 069 Food ...... __ '3 No. 1'; 23¢ U N 'CALO, the, in Idogflood ,,,, u No, 1'; 23¢ chicken of the Sea . OLD DUTCH‘,_C,LE.ANS,ER .. ........ ._ 2 cans 15¢ . , by White Star BORAXO in Sifter can 1045'; 13¢ 1H,; ,_ I BORAX 'POWDER . . . . . . . , , . H 2..“ 29¢ : No. /4 BORAX SOAP CHIPS Ige, pkg, 23¢ . . can ‘ LUX TOilet soap ------ ................ .. 4 bars 25¢ , ‘1 , 15 LIFE auov Health v-Soap .............. ,_ 4 bars 25¢ /2' - c LUX FLAKES, Sml. pk. 10¢ ...... ,, Ige, pkg. 23¢ RINSO. 69-01: 62¢ ................. .. .. 24.02. ‘pkg. 22¢ i O. K. SOAP, Yellow Nap. .............. u 10 bars 39¢ Ill POTROAST lb. Juicy ! Flavory ! GROUND Strictly fresh~—Grand for ’burgers. BREASTofLAMB 2-lbs. For delicious hot, savory stews. SLICED BACON 1. . . . . . . . . . l/z'lb. cello COTTAGE CHEESE 2-lbs. Freshly Creamed. 'LAMBROAST lb. Shoulder Cuts—Best Flavor. BOURLBND‘S Plenty of Parking Space HILL TOP -— SO. HIGHWAY PHONE 29 COCKTAIL TAMALES 2 -10'/Z—0z. cans 19¢ I". I II I 23¢ 21¢ 19¢ 15¢ 25¢ 21¢ v..- ....¢..-..~\