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July 29, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 29, 1941

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“mm now, 1941‘. .110 Land Dives 50 Feet Down m‘wmm film mantg 0n the Santa Margarita Ranch, near Oceanside, Calif., I, a bill disturbed by the fact that they are 50 feet below those at normal field level. Engineers are studying the land c9. For a time, the land dropped at the rate 'of a foot a day. 2.; Tater-Picking Is Tough geek 015 Lawrence, Kan., had his two daughters pick pota— ‘Iooong enough to have their picture taken. Then regular Over the back-breaking job. Spuds on this farm are k 200 bushels to the acre, are of excellent size and quality. Carter’s. 5-oz. Cube 25¢ Sunset Green . V te Blue Sunset Brown Violet Sunset Red Washable Black 3-0z. Cube 15¢ PIN T AND QUART PRICES Pints I Quarts Black Blue—Black 1.25 1.50 75¢ 90¢ aSent Blue Permanent Blue anent Red tat Cireen IeIOUBNAL: Permanent Red Violet & Green /i?u-r 1 mouse-r 'FAY WAS CRAz‘l AQOUT YOUWCAN’T SELL UNTILWWDU 'fFlklle A BUYER USE WANT-ADS SHELTONSM'ASON J I LEGAL PUBLICATIONS No. 1437 I NOTICE OF SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION I In the Superior (‘ourt of tho of “'nsliington in and for County of Mason In Probate 1n the Matter of the Estate of ED- WARD DICKENSON PAYNE. Deceas- ’ State the. 1 ed. I Notice is hereby given that in com-- pliance with the, order of court here- tofore entered in the above—entitled cause the adi‘ninistratrix will offer for sale at public auction at the cast' front door of the county courthouse in the City of Shelton. County of Ma— 7 son. State of Washington, at the hour of 10:00 o’clock in the i‘orenoon of the 21st day ‘of August, 1941, the follow-I mg described real estate: ‘ MASON COUNTY Township 21 North; Range 2 W.W.M. v Section 4 NED/4 ol’ SE14. NW2; of SEX/t. SW 1.3. . of SP; 11., SE“, of SEII. I Section l0 . SEW, of NEIL NE»; of SE14, NVEI»; of SE»,, SE»:’. of SE13. Section 12 SW55; of NWI/,. NEI/L of SW14." SE»; of SWl/t. SW14. of SW‘A, , Section 12 I SVVIK, of NW»/,, NE»; of SWI/i,! SEM of SW1,Ji. SW»; of SWIG. I Section 15 , NEIA of NE»;, NW ».’. of NE%, M., NE»; of NEH/(Q. NW% 01' NEl/i, SVVl/x, 0f NEl/Ii; SE14 of NEH, NEIL, or" SE14. NW»; of SEA/i, SWIQ ol’ SE14, SE1". of SE‘Q. NEH, of SWIcl,‘ NW»; 01' SW14. SW»; of swig, say. l of SVVI/l, ’ Section 21 I NEW. 01' SEW, NW»; of SE»3, SWI/i ‘ of SEI,/,, SE»; of SE14, . Section 22 I NEW. of NWII. NW»§, ol‘ NW1,./,, SW 1,], of SW14. SWII of NW»’., SID/4‘ or NWig, NWV. of swig, I Section 23 NW»; of NWI/i, I Section 28 I SE13 ol‘ NE‘Q. SW»?. of NIH/hi NWI/i of SE14, NE% of SWI/i, SEM of SW53. SW14 01' SE14, Section 31 i NEH; (if NWIA, NWIA of NWI/l,’ JSW»; ol‘ NW1/i. SEl/i of NWI‘Q, Section 33 NE% of NW1/4, NWIA of SW14,1 Township 21 North, Range 3 Section 7 NW1; of SE14, NE»; of SW14. SE14 I vol“ SW14, SW»!. of SE14, I Section 8 NE»; of NWH, NWI/A of NW14, SWI/i of NW1/4, SE»; of NW»; NE»; of SW14, NWIK; of SW%, SEIQ oi" SW14, NVVIA of 813%. Section 13 I Nwsg or Nwig, swl/4 of NWV. NW»; of SW14. Section 21 S5114 of NEIL}. SEM; of SE14, Section 22 I NElg of NEIA, NW% of NE%. SW14 of NE%, SE14 of NEl/t. NE‘A of NW»L., SW14 of NW%, SEl/l, of well to cite the following 'two sections providing penalties .for' Icarelessness which leads to the- starting of forest fires, inasmuch' Iseason and great care is necess-i jary to protect our forests from the red- demon. Section 28 NEW. of NEH. NW»; of NEl/l- SW»; , of NEl/L SE»; of NEH, NEJA. ofl NW»;. NVI»; of NW»Q. SW»; 01' ,NW‘AH SE»; 01' NW1d. I ‘ Section 30 NE»; of NWIQ. NW% of NW%. SW14 0f NWIA. SE17; of NW»;, Section 34 ; NEIL, of NWI/I. NW»; of NWIA,‘ SWl/i of NW1/i. SE»; of NWI/A. NEE/4 ,of SVVIA. NWIA of SW14, SW»; ofI SW14, SE14 of SW»{;, Section 35 NW»;. NEH, of SW14, NWIQ of SW1/4. I SW15, of SW14, SE»; of SW14, NEE/.1! of SEl/I. NW»; of SEV, SW14 of! $131.31., S1014 of SPF/1. Section 23 NEIQ of NEH.“ NW% of NE1/4,‘ SW14 of NE‘A, SE»; of NE1/-., NEl/LI of NWI/I. NW1/4 of NW%. SW14 NWMI. of I SE14 of NW%, NEW; of SW%, NW»; of SW14, of SW ».’.,, NE»4 SW14 of SW14, SE14 of SE14, NWIA of SEl/i, SW14 of SE14. 513% 0f SEl/i. Section 26 NWIZI of NWM, SW1/4 0f NW%,I NVVl/4 of SW1/4, SW14 of SW%,I Township 21 North, Range 4 Section 23 SW14 of SW14. Section 24 NE»; of NW1/4, NW»; of NWIA. SW14 of NW1!“ SE»; of NWIA, I Section 26 NW»; of SW16. SW14 of SW14, SE14 of SW»; (Less 31/.» acres) x- cepted ground all of land East of Olympic Highway. I Forestry Laws Concise About Fire Dangers! From the forestry laWS of the] State of Washington it might be as this is the height of thefire Section 103—Negligent Fires:_ Every person who shall wilfully or negligently set, or fail to care- fully guard or extinguish any fire, whether on his own land or 'the land of another, whereby the .tim-' bet or property shall be en- dangered, or who shall fail to respond to any lawful summons to‘ aid in guarding or extinguish- ing any fire, shall be guilty of a. misdemeanor. I Section 104—Lighted Cigars, Matches, etc. It shall be unlawful during the‘ closed season, for any person to throw away any lighted tobacco, Cigars, cigarettes, matches, :=fire~ crackers, or other lighted mater— ial in any forest, brush, range, or grain areas in this state. .Every person, firm or corpora- tion operating a conveyancethru or above forest, brush, range, or grain areas shall 'be equipped in each compartment ‘thereof.._with suitable container or receptacle, for the disposition or reception of lighted tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, matches, fire-crackers, or other inflammable material. TRAVEL TO BEACH , Mr. and Mrs. Harry Young, Miss Virginia Clark, Cal Jones and Bud Quinn went to_CQp.alis Beach Sunday, where they .en- Joyed a day of ocean swimming. , 01' 1 NWI/i, ‘ SW13 101‘ NE%, NE» of NE»... NWIAOf NEl/i. SW14 of N 54, SE»; of NEIA, NEIA of NW»;, NW»; of NW»;, SW14 of NW1/4, SE14 ol' NWlA, SW14 of SW»(., SEE/i 0f SW14. NEH; Of SE14, NW»; of SE14, SW14 of SEN/.1, SE14 of SEM, Township 21 North. Range 5 Section 14 SW‘/.'\ of NWII, SEM, of NWIA, NE»; of SW14, NWM, of SW14, SW14 of SW14, SE14 01' SW14. 1 Section 22 NE»; of NEIA, NW»; of NE»; SW14 of NE»;, SE»; of NEl/i. NEiz, of SW14, SW»; of SW1d. SE»; of SW»:§. NEl/J, of SE»; NW»; of SE14, bEI/i 0f SEIZvASW‘A of SEIQ. Section 23 NEV, of NW3d. NW»; of NW1/,_ SW»; of NW»{,, NEl/I of SW'IZi,‘ NW»; of SW14. SW14 of SVVIA, SEMI of SW14. NE », of SE14, NWIxZi of SEX/i. SW14. of SE14. SE»; of SE14, Section 25 NE}; of NEW, NWIA of NE»;, SW»4 of NEM. SE»; of NEH/3. NE»; NWICI. NVVI; 01' NW5, SW»; of SE»; 01' NW»;, NE»; of SW14, NW»; of SW»... SWI/ri of SW14, SEI/x, ol SWI/I, NE»; of SEI/i. NWM, of SE14, SWIK; of SEIA, SE»;, 01' SE14, Section 26 SW14 0f NEH]. SE11, 01' NE%. SW% 01 NW‘,!;, 813% of NWI/I, NE‘A of SW14, NWIQ Ol' SW16, SW31. of SW14, SE». of SW14, NE»; of SE15“ NW». of SE14. SW17. of SE14. SEE. (if SEMI. Section 27 NEM, of NE»; NWIA of of NE»;. SE14 of NE'a, Section 35 NEIA of NEIA. NWIQ of NEIA, SW14 of NEIA, SE»; of NE%. NEM1 NEIA, , (If SE14, SW»; of SE14, SE14. ol‘ SKI/1,, Township 20 North, Range 4 W.Vl«’.lv1. Section 2 NE‘A of SW%, NW»; of SW14, SW14. of SW»;, SE»; of SE14. Section 3 . NEV, of NE‘A, NW1d. 0f NE‘A. SW14 Of NEE/i. SE 1/4 of NEIL NE»; of Nwil, Nwl/i 01' va... SW14 ofI NWIA, SEI/i of NW1/l. NEl/i iol' 'SW‘A, NW1/i of SW14, SW14 (if SW14, SE». of swv... NE». of SEE. NW». of SE14, SW59 of SE‘A. SE»; of SE14. Section 6 SE14 of SW14: NW». of SE14, SW». of SE14. SE14 of SE14. Section 10 NE»; of NM, NW». of NEIA, SW»; V SE», of NEIA, NE» of' qu. Nwi/,. of Nwli. SW»; of DIWE. I SE»; of Nw1/,,NE1/. of SWI/i, NW»; of SW 1.4., SE». of swig. NE»; oi SE14, NW»; of SE14, SW»;’. of SE14. SE14 of SE17], Section 11 NE% of NWI4. Nle1 of NW»;, SW14 of NW»;. SE»; of NW»4, Section 15 SW14 of NEl/I, NEl/I of NW%, NEI/4 of SE14, Section 16 .NWl/i of NWIA. SWIA of NWIA, SE14 of NWIA, Township 20 North. Range 5 Section 2 ‘NEI; of NW»; (Lot 3). NW»; of NW1/4 (Lot 4), SW14 of NW‘A. SE17, of N'WIA. NW% of SW14, NE% of ,SWI/t, SW». of swi/i, SE14. of sw:/,, Section 3 SEM, of NE»’, NE1/4 of SW14. SE14 of SWV; (Less Railroad right of way) NE»{. of SE14. NW1/4 of SE14, SW1/4 of SE14, SEM, of SE14. Town- ship 20 North, Range 5, SW14. of SE14, SE14 of SE11}, Section I!) NEIA, of NE% (Less railroad right of way). SE14 of NElA. NEIA of SW»;, SE»; of SW14. Section 14 NWI/L of NEEQ. SW14 of NE1/1H mm: of qu. SEI/4 of NW14.NE1,4 of SW%. NW»; of SW14, SW11. of .SW%. SE% of SW14. SW14 of SE14. SEl/i of SE14, ectionls NW2; of 17.. NEIA of NW%. SE»; of NW1/4, NEla of SW14. SEM, of SW14, NWV; of SE14, SW14 of SE14, I TIIURS’I‘ON COUNTY MTownship 18 North, rRange 1 W.W. .Section 2 SW14 of NEIA, SE14 of NEVI, SW14 of NWML (Less county road), SE14 of NVV1/4, NEM. of SW14. NW»; of SW%,‘SWIA of SW14, SE14 of SW14. Section 3 , . NE»; of NE% (Less county road),'- NW%, of NE14. SE17, of NE»; (Less county road), SW14 of NEl/4, 13% of SE14 of NW1/4, W14 0f SEl/t of NWIQ, NE»; of SW14, NEIA of SE14, Section 10 NE»; of NW», W-‘Vi of NEH,r of SW14, SE14 of SW14, NW»; of SE14. Part of the 81/2 of NW»; commencing 80 rods. S. of the NW section corner, E. to intersection with line running N and S, through spring southly, 80 rods; W. _to W. line of section; N. to beginning. Township 19 North, Range 1 Section 34 NW‘A of NE1/4 (Less county road),l SW% of NEH/4, SE1/4 0f\NE»./¢, NE‘A of SE14 (Less county road), NE% of NWIA, SW»:. of NWIA. SE14 of NW1/4. That the property will be sold to the highest bidder; that all bidders must be prepared to pay not less than $21,000.00 in cash: which is the min- imum sale price set by the court. 28Dall§fi at Shelton, Washington, July AvALEVE PAYNE WEBBER, Administratrix. DOANE BRODIE, Attorney for the Estate, ‘ . Angle Building, Shelton, Washington. 7-29. 8-5—12—3t. No. 3997 S U M M 0 N IS In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Mason Count . GERALD J. SMITH, Plainti f, ELMA SMITH, Defendant. STATE OF WASHINGTON to Elma Smith, Defendant: I I I VS. You are‘hereby summoned to ap- pear Within sixty (60) days after date of the first publication of this summons, to-Wit: within sixty days after the 30th day of June, 1941, and defend the above entitled action in the court aforesaid and serve a copy ofyour answer upon the undersi ned attorney for plaintiff at his 0 rice address_below stated, and in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you accordln .to the demand of the complaint w ich has been filed With the Clerk of said court. . The object of. this action on the part of the plaintiff is to secure a divorce from the defendant. J. W. GRAHAM, Attorney for Plain- tiff. Office Address. Suite 5, Covey Bldg. Shelton, Wash. 7—1-8-15-22-29. 8‘5-12—7t. NOTICE OF SALE OF STATE TIDE LANDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That on Tuesday. the 5th day of August, 1941, commencmg at ten o‘clOck in the forenoon of said day, .in front of the main entrance door to the County Court House In the city of Shelton, county of Mason. State of SW14 of NEE, COUNTY J OURNAIJ 0 UR Real Estate MMW FOR SALE: 4 room house on Lake Isabella, 2 lots, basement,‘ out buildings. $1800. Carl Rains. Rt. 1, Box 214. 7—22—3lw4t. FOR SALE: modern furnished beach house at Union, Hood Canal, including 90 ft. of wa- terfront. Owner Glenn Coffee, Olympia, ‘Wash. 7—22--8-7-6t. WILL SACRIFICE $495: 6 acresl choice land 2 miles out on oiled. road. Phone, lights, school available. View lot on Hillcrest. Cleared. Will sell separately. Box 92. B—7-2234—29-31—4t FOR SALE: 5 room home, fin— ished attic, hardwood floors, oil furnace. Phone 258. D—7-24--8—5——4t. FOR QUICK SALE: 6 room houseI one block from Bordeaux, school. newly reconditioned in- side and out. Well located. $2850. Phone 148-R. C-7—24—tf. I n l I | FOR SALE I have two tracts in downtown Shelton for sale that will make| excellent property for homes or rent houses. These tracts are well located close in and are ex- cellent investments. With the present housing shortage here is a chance to invest your mon- ey at home where you can watch it assist in the upbuilding of the community. Why not in- vestigate these tracts today? _, One at $1250 with space for " 6-10 houses; the other with space for 3 houses. Shelton needs inexpensive_ houses for sale and rent, as the future de- velopments point to need for many additional houses. See me at once. I :i; :1: :5: 4-room modern home with large unfinished upstairs. Just finish- ed and in excellent condition. Will make a fine home. $2150— terms $275 down $20.00 per month. .See it today. HERBERT G. ANGLE s: -‘: * FOR SALE Lot —— 90 x 180 with a small new 2 room cabin. Located on. Island Lake. Close in. $695.00.,“ Terms $100 down and $10.00 per month at 6%. Why not have a small cabin to vacation in when you want it. and just a few minutes from town. NICE LOT with well built 1-room cabin on Isabella Lake. Fine fishing and swimming and nice' spring. $950. Terms. FOR SALE 7-room modern suburban home on paved highway, fireplace, basement, plastered with new paper. Has excellent well kept yard with many beautiful flow- ers and shrubs. Small conser- vatory attached to home with many plants. Includesabout 2 acres of excellent soil and gravity water system. This is one of the finest suburban homes in the county and will- make an excellent home. Why not see it today if you want a really fine home that is close in. Will sell for $5400 and give some terms. 11-acres in 'Kamilche Valley,_fine soil and most all under culti- vation. Has good 4-room house with large chicken house. ‘Elec- tric lights, daily mail and about 8 miles from Shelton. Will sell for $1775 and give good terms to reliable party. I 5-room modern home with large upstairs in excellent condition, hard wood floors, fireplace, full basement, furnace and nice yard. Cement sidewalk and dustless street. Will sell for $4500 and allow some terms. 7-room home in best district. Large lot, with excellent side- walks. A very good buy at $2375.00, terms $350 down and $20.00 per month at 6%. Why not see it today? * * 51' a: a t Small place with 1 acre of ex- cellent ground. 1-room house and cabin with garage attach- ed. Berries, garden and flowers. Mostly all cleared ready to cul- tivate. This place is close in and will make a fine home for a. couple or single party. See it today. Half , cash, balance on terms .............................. .. $790.00 * 3k =1: 51‘ * Business building in Shelton. Ren- tal income. Terms. $4;600.00. * t It: i ' 5vroom modern home, with shard- wood floor, fireplace, furnace . and basement, 21/; ,acres of ex- cellent ground, with fruit trees and large chiCken houses. This home, close in, $2850, terms, may be arranged. Will trade. Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. Phone 304 _UE.LL’YOII G‘EE, 63m: 1514.. m LOVE ‘Wl‘FH HIM m- riser 6‘IGHT ~ I" THAT WOULD HAVE WORKED Ou'r Fina-- »- IF G‘He HADNT HAD '(o'TAKE A , GECOND LOOK... will make you a fine surbutbonI 'of sale. That any Classified Service 0-... SHELTON FURNITURE UP- holsteriiig, furniture recovered and rebuilt, free estimates, 714 ,Ellinor Ave. Joe Nus’sbaumer, proprietor. Phone 590-W. 7—20--8-20—1M MERRILY YOU ROLL ALONG. But your tires don't sing a song, if you’ve switched to B. F. GOODRICH. LANDSCAPING Years of experience in lawn making. Contract or 50¢ an hour. Eight years in Shelton. Plovie, 726 So. First, corner Mill Street. 7-5—8-5—1M. If to TellHJoiirnal Want-A (ls. REPAIRS Bicycles Tricycles Tires and Other Accessories LAWN MOWERS Sharpened and Repaired SLEYSTERS FIX-IT SHOP For Hot Water Service Gas is "Best. adv. I niodel t hm ANDREWS PHOTO STUDIOI FILMS DEVELOPED 25¢ per roll Free Enlargement coupon each roll. , FIR DRUG STORE with Gas is More Economical. adv. LARGE SIZE Duplicating SALES BOOKS 5¢ Each or 55¢ per dozen We also take orders for all kinds of special“ PRINTED SALES BOOKS Our prices are an ion! or lower than outside salesmen can quote you. . ‘ THE JOURNAL ' mowvvvvvvvv.vvvwvv~ Used Cars vavvvvvvv 1939 DeLuxe Ford 4 Door tour— ing sedan. All new tires. Every extra. New car guarantee $695| 11938 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe. Dark ,blue finish. New car guaran—’ tee .................................... .. $695 1938 Pontiac Coupe. Radio, heater, nice in every way ............ .. $545 1937 Chrysler Royal Coupe. New tires. Overdrive. Only ...... .. $445 1937' Chevrolet DeLuxe 4 Door Sedan. Radio, heater, sport lite. -—-——————_—__ AL WANT ADS you Wish to Sell you'll Have. I l I I swell I ""V' I For Rent I““ IFURNISHED APARTMENTS for rent (2 and 3 rooms). Good cation. Very reasonable. Golds- borough Apts, Second and Knee- land Streets, Shelton. 5-7-tf. “Mm.” I l IFOR RENT: summer cabins, 1 miles south Harstine Ferry. Reasonable rates by day, week I or month. Tardiff‘s Camp, ‘ Concord Beach. I 7-15—22-24‘29-31‘8—5-7—8t. FOR RENT: 3 room apartment, furnished. Also one apartment partly furnished. Apply 618 N. FOR RENT: new 2 to 3 room I apts. $10 to $15 per month. Mrs. Edith Whittle, Route 3. Box 8, Shelton. 7-22--8-14-- 8t. FOR RENT: one large house- keeping apartment. Mina Liv- ingstone, 1129 12th St. 7-24—29—2t. ' FOR RENT: modern 5—room home on Mt. View. Rent $30.00. Call Harry Deyette 362 during day. Apply evenings at house. 7-29—1t FOR RENT: house near business center. Suitable for barber or beauty shop or other small busi- ness with living quarters. 218 Mrs. Margaret Carstairs, Rte. 1. Box 130, Elma. I Gas is More Economical. adv. "VVVWVWWVWVWVU Wanted ‘AMA‘. “Am‘ AA‘AAA“ AAA STEADY WORK, GOOD PAY,I RELIABLE PERSONS WANT-I ED to call on farmers in Mason County. No experience or capi-I tal required. Some making $100 in a 'week. Write McNESS CO., 2423 Magnolia St., Calif. 7-22—29—2t. WANTED: 2 cedar logs. 60 ft. long. 27-inch butt; 6 cedar logs, 34 ft, long, 27—inch butt. 'Logs must be sound and cut from from worm holes. Minimum on butt end. Contact County Commissioner V. E. Paul at courthouse. 7-24-31—3t COUPLE WISHES TO SHARE EXPENSES with someone driv- ing to Omaha during next two weeks. Inquire 402 Elinor St. References exchanged. M—7-29--8-7—4t woman between 25 and 35 for general housework for 2 adults. Inquire Journal. 7,—29—1t. mvvvm" mv v WW‘ I Lost and Found LOST: $65.00 in currency in busi- ' ness district. Reward for return to Journal Office. V—-7-26~—1t. I I I I I I z Computed for Oakland Bay (Hood Canal tides are one hour I & 55 minlItes earlier) I l I Tues. Low 4:20 a.m. 2.9 ft. I July 29 High 9:52 am 12.0 ft. Low 3:58 pm 1.8 ft. I High 10:29 pm 14.8 ft. I Wed. Low 5:14 a.m. 2.1 ft. I July 30 High 11:04 a.m. 11.7 ft. Low 4:50 p.‘m. 3.1 ft. 'High 11:11 pm 14.6 ft. Thurs. Low 6:13 am 1.3 ft. I July 31 High 12:27 pm 11.6' ft. Low 5:48 pm 4.5 ft. High 11:57 pm .143 ft.. I I consent of the Commissioner of Pub- |lic Lands, until the full amount of I the purchase price has been paid and deed issued. All sales of state lands are made subJect to the reservations of oils. gases. coal, ores, minerals and fos- ISIlS_ of ever name, kind and dc- . scription, an to the additional terms and conditions prescribed in section I3 of chapter 256 of the Laws of 1907. I Said land will be sold subject to . the terms, conditions and reservations I of chapter 312 of the Session Laws of l 1927. relating to easements for rights- of—way and the carrying of timber. stone, minerals and other I I products over the same. Was $495. NOW .............. .. $425 JACK TAYLOR. 1930 Oakland Sedan, beaten. $75 Commissigneifabl¥AI€Ii§ds 1933 Chevrolet Sedan ........ .. $165I 3f . , i 1932 Chev. Coupe. Very good $150! 7445-22-29. $.55??? “mm'ss‘mr' 1928 Buick. 2 new tires ...... .. $40: 1931 Ford swan --------------- " $45 NOTICEOIQFMsAifiE 13% DTIMBER Notice is hereby‘ given that on iWashington. by the County_ Auditor of said county, the followmg de- scribed state tide lands, together With the ' improvements situated thereon, Willbe sold at public auction to the highest bidder therefor, .tO-Wit: ' N TE.-—No one except Citizens of the nlted States, or persons who have eclared their ’ntention to become such, can .purc ase state lands. APPLICATION NO. 10477 All tide lands of the second class owned by the State of Washing- ton, situate in front of. adJacent to or abutting upon lots 2 and 3, section 1, township 19 north, range 3 west. W. M., and haying a total frontage of 58.82 lineal chains, more or less, appraised at 1,176.40. ' ..xcepting such portion of said tide lands as may be included in an, oyster tract deeded by the State of Washington to B. Jacob- son June 8, 1901 under application No. 2632. ‘Said landswill be sold for not less than the appraised value above stated and upon the ternis~and conditions. following: ‘Not less than one—tenth of the pur- chase price must be paid at the time The purchaser. if he be not the owner of the improvements. must forthwith pay to the officer making the sale the full amount of the. ap— praised value of the improvements. as a ove stated. One—tenth of the pur— c ase price must be paid annually thereafter with interest on all de- ferred payments at the rate of six per centum per annum: Provided purchaser may make full of principal, interest and at any time and ob- tain deed. '1 e purchaser of land containing timber or other valuable materials is prohibited by law from cutting or removing an such timber or materials without irst obtaining payment statutory feesah Tuesday, the 5th day of August, 1941. commencing at ten o'clock in the fore- noon of said day, in front of the mam entrance door to e county court house in the City I Shelton. County of Mason, State of iWashing- ton. by the County Auditor of said County, the timber on the following described state land will be .sold at public auction to the highest bidder therefore, to-Wit: APPLICATION NO. 16904 Timber on SW»; of NE1/, NEH/4 and NW»; oféE»; of township 22 north, containing less. of SW11; section 36, range 3 west, W. M., 120.00 acres, more or cording to the government sur- vey thereof. appraised at $369.00. According to the State's cruise there are approximately 123,000 feet sap- ling fir. The purchaser of the above de- scribed timber will be required to comply strictly with laws governing slash disposal as‘found in Title 36. Chapter 1, Remington‘s Compiled Statutes and laws amendatory there- 0. The purchasers of state timber are required to run out the lines and are responsible for tresoass in Case timber is cut on adjacent state-owned property. ‘ Said'timber on said land will be sold for not less than the appraised value, as appraised by the Commis- sioner of Public Lands in the man» ner provided by law, a statement of which is now on file in the office of the Auditor of said county. Terms of sale arc: Cash to be paid on the day of sale. The purchaser of timber on state lands will have 2 years within which to remove said timber. with the privilege of securing extensions of time under the statutes governing. JACK TAYLO . Commissioner of Public Lands. By FRANK .YATES, Assistant Commissioner. 8-5—5t. ac- 7-8~15-22—29. 10- I 5 I at 6th. Phone 487-J. DVS-l7—tf.‘ 7-29-31-8-5——3t ‘ Oakland, I standing dead trees and free. Tides of the Week '. Page Five I I l I RATES On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, attractively low rates I on subsequeht insertions. Min- imum charge 40c. Classified advertisements ac- cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 100 will be made when billing is necessary. Card of thanks 50c. Classified Display Rates on Request. Phone 100 "vvvvvivvvv' vvvvvv O'VV v For Sale W‘AAAAA‘ AA‘AAAAAAA” FOR SALE: fryers. A. Allemaii, Route 2, Box 131, Shelton. 7-15-22-24-29-31—6t. FOR SALE: cocker spaniel puppy. Phone 483-W. B—7—15--tf. FOR SALE AT RANCH: early I apples. Priced reasonable. Bring containers. C. H. Bichl, Weaver Ranch, Skokomish Valley. 7-22-24-29-31--8-5-7-12-147A8t South Second Street. Apply to I FOR SALE: Caterpillar rcbuilF. New Isaacson bulldozer. Roy Kimbel. Inquire Riclifield office Shelton. 7-24--8-5~—4t. SHEEP FOR SALE: some splen- did black—faced ewes. Reason- able prices. Call evenings. John MacRae, Dayton. 7-29-1t. HIVESIUFO‘R'VBEESAFOR SALE.- including the honey. Bert Rau, Kamilche. 7-29—31 ~2t. ) I l I I I I I I USED FURNITURE 1—-5-pc. Bedroom suite ...... ..$29.50 3——Ranges .......... .. $19.75 $32.50 fi—Crib ....... ._ .... ._ 6.95 I2-—Davenports ...................... _. 12.50 I2—Circulator heaters ........ .. 17.50 Olsen Furniture Co. I1——Used Enameled “Quick Meal" Range in perfect condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _ , , . ..$30.00 Used Ice Box—— arge size Lumbermen’s Merc. Co. 7-29-31—«2t. Fruit and Nut Trees Ornamentals Shrubs and Roses Hand and Power Sprayers Spray Material VISTA DEL ORO NURSERY CO. Wm. H. Gross 8; Sons Rt. 1 Box 79, Olympia, Wash. IN SHELTON-AMEL GIBSON Olympia Feed Co.‘ I USED APPLIANCES RANGES — WOOD I 1—Lang .... .. _..........$39.50 I 1—Lang ......................... 27.50 l—Home Comfort .............. .. 44.50 1— Montag .. 29.50 1— Montag ............................ .. 39.50 1— Monarch .......................... ,. 24.50 1— Western _ _. 24.50 .1— Laundry .......................... .. 12.50 ELECTRIC RANGES 1——Hot Point (only ' slightly used) .................. ..$79.50 ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS 1—Norge .............................. ..$ 89.50 1——Sparton . 109.50 l—Grunow 79.50 V WASHING It CHINES 1——Maytag, rebuilt ............ ..$39.50 1—Norge .................. .. 27.50 l—Norge ................ .. 24.50 1—Thor ................................ .. 19.50 MISCELLANEOUS' heater ............................. ..$24.50 l—pair bed springs .,. 4.75 1—_ice box .............................. .. 5.00 NASH BROTHERS Used '-Dept. 117 Cote __PR0iii tins Il—autom‘atic Gas Hot water “Am. ALDEN C. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW Title Insurance Building Opposite First National Bank Phone ’23 - — Shelton ‘—I—1——————_————v INSURANCE HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle Building ELLIOT "B. SPRING Accounting Tax Services Bookkeeping Systems 123 4th St. Phone 565 CHARLES R. LEWIS I ATTORNEY AT LAW I came 1 L. M. Bldg. Shelton, Washington ___I DOAN-‘E BRODIE Attorney-At-Law Angle Building Phone 337