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July 31, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 31, 1941

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...Julyoi, 1941. SHELTQN-MASQN COUNTY JOURNAL Page Five Volunteer EXCELLENT JOBS ITING lActiVity Shown News Brevities lTeach-er Play er\s Selected. AT JOB OFFICE: In News Notes From Pickering Important Role ~.\Li:u—t \V A . a“.-- U - S -b , I , . .. I _ the organized opinion of man- Week. Mr. Livingston was, for- . adjutant. Col. laltcifl ‘ The fQHO‘Nlng Job Openlpgs'are serving. their apprenticeship. Ch0_1 e, . By virtue E. Hanlon i kind.” _ merly connected With the Journal annourc ‘gghglav fl? listed this week at the ‘washing— kermen and tong shakers for a ...s. -. ! PIC-hermgi Jilly 30~iMr~ ahdi ..L___ ‘ consu‘ucuo“ 0f WOOd‘m cargo, as a repqrte‘r" and,nO‘Y holds the nnel o‘f '33] 0 £1} 10‘; , ton State Employment office. A reliable logging concern near Union, July 29.—G. R. Cham-‘MYS- 30h camCI'Oh and 50“ Daley; The classroom should be the "655315 from Pacmc Northwestl Sam? posmo‘l on me Vlaklma RC’ State Voluet 13ml representative of the office is at Olympia. A well digger to con-lberlain, better know as “Bobfi'iOf. Changsha. Speht the WNfikéhd . place where American youth learn I‘lmbcr when) Win the battle Otl pUth‘ enuy b . h a .\ h' . the Court House in SflCltOI’l each tract digging a well by the foot, , recently sold his home here to', With th‘ill' mO‘ihCI‘y MI‘S- L1lllahideomcratic living, Dr. Willard E. Fhe Atlant‘c was urged at WaSh" KEEPTVZSl-TTNWGTCNWGREEN eing organized Tuesday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 Pulp wood cutters. Machinists. A} Ed Elliott, owner of “Shake Cab— ‘, CamCTOh- Givens. executive secretary, Na- mgton State Conege recently by‘ Delicpte machines ‘lSed bv the .flIa Unit all-Nd V b, pm.‘ He Will gladly furnish all dairy farm worker. And odd jobs ins” which are directly back ofi Mr, and Mrs, Ed Larson of Shol- tional Education association, told Guy E-_ ThorntIOhv .pmfessor 0f state Division of Forestry are by. {readiness C015,); Ddf Part’cmars regardmg any Of these such as lawn work, gardening, etc. the Chamberlain home and will ton were supper guests at the E. teachers attending the recent in- mEChamcal ehgmefirmg- i arothcrmoorraohs which register g nits art Centralja aid Jobs: l There are jobs in defense in- give that resort an entrance tol B. Harriman home VVednes- ‘ stitute on professional relations at Thornton “summed? fabricat' and record the relative humidity ‘ Caterpillar operator for a 75 dustries to be found at the Em— , tile beach. Bob IS very populal'l day evening. lWashmgton State college. ed type 0f wocden Sh‘p 0f about of the air. and thus warn of fire I l 'Dl‘. Givens quoted Woodrow Wil-i VISIT IN SHELTON son: “What we seek is the reignl Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Living- of law based upon the consent of i ston of Yakima are spending their the governed and maintained byiVaCthlOll at Aldcrbrook Illll tlllS nearin 3 - 7r 7‘ , , , ... . “muting? tht half “‘13 idlesel tractor. yardihg logs hear plovment office, also. These jobs; 111 the community and it is to be Miss Lois Chitty and Fred Dr, Givens said that teachers €320 :ggférmfi‘lgggp: almigmsttélr“ danger periods. o m, _. "Mined ‘Olvm in. The driver must be ex- i d t h" ' t ~ ' n 'd hoped that he will not leave this Chitt Jr of O] ' d' . to h d- ~, p . . me“ e mdc “115 5: Ship yer . . . yv ymplav were "I ,should be thorou hl versed in . ‘— .8me of thethiegmfim perlenced m loggmg- Four young workers, foundry and aircraftgvloimty. He and Mrs: Chambcr- ner guests Sunday of their un- ; practice. of democgaci, and the “"th double the “umber .Of "0551 c I - k c k- -“ 'i uph A. Jackson Spo- ,mehi over 18 years Of age. who are workers. Most of these jobs arel 1am are now hung in Shelton cle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Claude ' classrooms should have materials bulkheads The lumber Industry‘ G 00 Qu'c 0 I n 9 w; l ‘1“ and assigned -as ad_ i desirous of learning the sheet me- in private industry and workers’ where Mrs. Chamberlain lS em- 9 Hanlon. Lois remained to spend and aids available, suitable for partlcmal‘ly that Of the'NorthWest 35- a V H. smith Everett tal tl‘adfe. t0 W9“! 35 apprentices are very much in demand. xployed- lth‘? week On the mneh ifree inquiry and discussion. He would, begreatly benefited by the "— assigned intelligence They W111 “Cave 3 Salary While Women, also, are very much in I. P. Callison, with his son, Dom? M15 811d Mrs. Lawrence Gib- stressed the idea that an ch11- COPSUuCtIOn 0f SUCh vesselsv he pl “Bryant Weml — demand in privateemployment in left by plane last Friday to r! 130)” Aberdeen: SI)th Sunday drcn should learn to cooperate in salsd'eciauzed trained I b r ‘ 1d mi assigned plans and DI.‘ Harold H. McLemore’ .Of Jobs such as nursmg, housekeep— , Alaska on a hunting and picture- ‘Ylth MI- and M“- J- Jones and helping their fellow students. i tpb d d - b -1d-a o vou Travel Into The Ger; J .r c l .. l t V mg, waitresses, maids and day: taking venture. Previous to their fd‘hhly- MT- Glbbons XS 11 nephew i. .~ . no 9 nee 8. m u‘ mg.the ves— in can C. P1111... . Spokane, “as appon ed medical Y ’17 H T} E l t S ’ ' ) VI of M,, Joneq Each American has a respon- 3.315 as their constructlon does . aSSigncd supply officer with the rank of captain .“0’ ’6’?" ‘9 mp Oymer}. erv' departing the) flw". we: L 19 V5,] 7W "3 A1,, ,. . sibilitv in helping the other 132.— not, entail the manufacturin of M P I with supervision -over Spokane, Ice has many Opportunities toi Olympics and mOk pletures' Mr‘i yJ-Lkil' A lump}; "xa"dm' Who IS 000 060 Americans t0 “6t ahead " bent knees formed 'keel g d k iwaua walla and Mason City. Dr. place stenographers, key puncthallison has already some veryi“ ‘71 in?” m. 53‘1"”011' Spout the he 'Said ° b.1 ' . Sons an B S ’ dv_ . c. f yak , . operators, bookkeepers and num-‘wonderful films of scenery an over‘ weekend With her grandson, Ir- ' . . _‘ge curvesv 958d m the convfm‘ y a e 01.98 a lHembdo. AthOd' 91h d lma'w‘ls erous others the Northwest The Callison home Vi" WWW" and family i m exPressmg the mm 0f “‘11— tlonal type smps' Thornton sald' . lnamc ca am Wl' su eI‘VlSlOn , _ ‘ ' ,‘ I . ‘ ' . ’ , ‘ ‘ , WL_ . iowr “mg”, and Wenatlghea ; All persons seeking employ-‘has Just been repainted and 15!. Jackie Wopdworth of Yakima, 122332311“agglpéggnggfigmgiogféfé H T k B . 1-Day Conducted Trips ment should contact the Wash-ivory attractive midst all the 15 “$1th 1113 grandparents. Mr- 'i uge rue rlngs Skokomish Divide ; Other officers: Port Angelesw-‘i , . r . ' lLieut. Curtis B. Bar'narcl;bAbel._lmgton State Employment Serv- beautiful flowers, another hobby all-l M15. P. E. Ball. l ‘ Furniture From Calling on Mrs. E. B. Harriman Son Frank, Jr., who recently arul H___W I) 0" F1,” P: INN ~) i. um vlrjv/ s, deen~CapL George D. Magce and l ice and reg-‘Ster for employment‘lOf the callisons‘ l. . , , _ , .ngfefirdorless Way to ‘Lieut. Frank D. Hobi; Everett-—§ M The old saying is that whenflfi‘g {figsw‘gg‘sg’na “fibertifil‘r' I'l‘gdlémm PMISEOUQ 1&0 1:15“ IgF-l A huge moving van passed un- . . r ome free from , - . . . _. -. . i . ere rs. 1 ran an rs. . . a , ave e- t wn toda l d d t th. 9 d': . un . , , Lieut. Oscar T. Engeiscad, Bell , there is war, the babies are all , _ , , _ , 0 y 0‘1 0 0 gum .,~ ,4 mfi:¥:£ainkleBbHAcfl ingham_capL Victor. H. Roth and =, boys. For. those who believe in] gamnelon Oanucsdav. Mrs. J. La eided to stay in our vieinity for with household furniture from 80‘“) q ,l ‘l- m Clacks and Licut. Bert Sorensen: Yakima—- these old superstitions, is the nsgzawand dg'gt‘TI'm'law 0“ Wed' ?‘Wh‘1e and are now hung 1“ What L05 Angelesi fOUOWihg the fam- ' 0" 1 1. high- over 60 years_is Capt. Harold B. Duncan and Lieut. consolation that we will not “go Mg Lgs‘ Ghana]; Hamon‘ ls known {18, the C' C' curl house' L “V M A' FOWblC' Who is Cm" set protections against "john E‘ Olson and George F. ‘__F_ to war” because we again an_leq;1-10n (myrrh ayd an ft rs. Max 1 The men‘aie brothers. [ployed in the Navy Yard and See a Straw? safe‘ Odorless' Pan“; wenatctheeiueut wayhe R. L. Nicholson Assistant Com- “Ounce the birth Of a gmv Gwen' (Miss Bettymlfoflb Jiirrfilsrdgonpf l nofvsvpgncclg;sLai}hill:§ pdmular place mOVIl’lIg h(iert(lip$mdnently' He had v...‘ ‘ “9 50 up at Drug B. Garrett; Mason Cit “Ca t, -. . ’ , . . win Louise, horn Frida Jul 24, “ - '. y ay 3 group purc am e earl Bennett ranch ‘ " K ‘ ’ y p iml-SSloneI 0f the W011! 1310160“ y y Shelton. and Ralph Droscher call- of young people, and oldsters. too, i in Shelton Valley. and his familv L. STAIRCASE CAMP \J l rS.A 1d. . . . . h . 1-. . d VI“. ‘ H 3 mo “3cm! fox Regmhs Seven and appy parents! 1“ 1n 1 ’5 dav afternoon. iwater or having picnics on the been cam ping until their furniture l . . ~. CED BU'MCK ,Watson and Lieut. Byron Jobe; iannouneed that headquarters for the Sidelines are the grandpar- _~__ l Spokane-MCapt. Ora K. Know— , the eleven western states com- ehtSy MI“ and MI‘S- Ed DalbY~ "' llton and Lieuts' Ralph Bennett, prising the Regions, would be Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rosenthal gFrancis W. Richardson and Al-linoved to Salt Lake City, Utah,‘ have just returned from a visitl ‘bert L. Steele; Olympia "Capt. about August 1. in Victoria where they report ev- to . . ., . IIres and Pet Sho' Gurus C” Berry and L‘eut‘ “(’yd AdmihiStratiOh and Regional Di‘ at the Shelton Hosp’tal to the ed at the Max Hanlon home Sun- can be found enjoying the warm came last we<k but ' M ii v t . Sln,,‘, C‘ N Walla Walla “Capt. Robert S. Eight, was in Seattle today and Vaughn Abrams and Cheering on Mr, and Mrs. Frank Ball and camp grounds. lanived Continued Because of Overwhelming Popular Demand! l Clarence B. Shain and Lieut. Cal— l The. consolidation of the Dcn- cryone seemed to be enjoying life ‘ {Vin S. FOX: KHSU~~LleUL Orville vcr and San Francisco Offices in- in their same leisurely fashion. 0 A N S ,E. Shoemaker; C(élltl'alia~~CapL. to the new Salt Lake City office [Gene Stark who has been scr- ‘Gcorgc S. Stephens and Lieut, ‘ is being made to effect a moroi iously ill with pneumonia, is still §Vlct0r H. Hallcr; S(!attle»~Capt. jWilliam F. Stone and Capt. John 1A. Wait, and Lieuts. George E. efficient and economical regional supervision of the vast territory and a closer cooperation with at 'the Shelton Hospital, but im- proving rapidly and expects to be home any day now. Drew, Theodore E. Pennington state administrators in the-han—l Mia and Mrs. “slim” Anderson, and C80“ Temple- tiling of National DcfeIISe pl'ob- new residents of Tacoma, called ~‘—“— * lems. , on old friends Saturday and an- } Life insurance statistics show \ €£§hciiwth§zmzrinhgmt11321;? In ‘that there are five causes of; . v i r i r 1‘ ‘ , death well Of WhiCh tOday take Eagles [‘0 Stdgse NC‘V i Mr. and Mrs. Neil Barber and 1an annual toll greater than the: Dancer; In Grangeliafll children, former residents of theI EU. 8. war deaths of the last war; __.__ Canal, who are now livmg in Ho- } heart disease, cancer, cerebral Inauguration of a series of quiam, were dinner guests at the [hemorrhage accidents, and Bright 1 dances at the Shelton Valley: home of Mr. and Mrs. Al Martin ,disease. Care and preventive ef— i Grange Hall has been announced on Sunday. They are both offi- E fort can reduce this death to“ it ‘ by the local Shelton Eagles lodge. l cers of the Elinor Chapter of the ‘ First dance will be held this Sat-l Eastern Star and were here for a $1 for your OLD ' ALUMINUM have'delayed, or who have not had time to turn in their old aluminum, we continue the great $1,000.00 Aluminum Drive Contest. Get your Old Aluminum in to our stores—NOW— ' and share in the big prizes! Fancy gilege'rlilgrgmm Features for Au ust lst, 2nd and 4th 2 g for... =is pointed out by life insurance, U . . lmcn. urday evening. Further details of practice meeting that evening. . 5 -——~—-—— lthe affair may be fOund in an Rudolph Beck was confined tel 3 f 99 l Gas 15 Clean. adv. I adVeTtiSement in tonight‘s JOUT- his bed for several days this Rock Deu’m tomato sauce ‘ ¢ q S past week, due to a very severe cold. Hugo Bagen left Sunday for his home in Boston after a ten-day lvisit with his sister, Mrs. Fred Peanut Butter Bonnie Best 2_lb. jar ¢ Lakota Sweet, N0. 303 tins Corn Flakes Keiiogg's---bowmee2 pkgs. 18¢ VVhlte Star—~No. 1,1. tins ' 2 Tomato JUl‘Ce All-Go a b‘ -t' 46'02 Big w 46-215 ¢ Golden Westllb.29¢) can —_0A—in——_—_- I ‘ SPINACH SPRYVegel ShorteningiG-lb l.183"lbc NO' 21/!" tins Robichau. Right up on the honor roll withl our sheriff, Gene Martin, should be Mrs. Robichau, chairman of the USO. in this vicinity. She ‘WA 1r: H ‘ "oiu T‘ r 1r, on ; . 2 ,I’ . ' ' ., ‘1 .- sold sixty buttons personally be—‘ V I ' V i ‘ tween here and Alderbrook and. .'l' H ,E. P. A NT; RY can; 7 ’ " “I ' V g . care of the district west of here i Wilt/v} “YOU HA Vt ‘ 711555, - which is sparsely settled. Be- tween them they collected $26,; Blaze-O-Goldr Fancy _“‘—“ lwhich is a firée showing for a II II I H ll communi y. Idlb :jlil‘onamgrygioxexb‘adkelggt Sggzeogg teng . P uffed Wheat 01' PUFFED RICE ...... I, 2 for....29¢ s. c 32:13}; lflzrrerziltsvliiitKvalhtshasyn Ken- AER_O_WAX (:0. Rub¢ Silk-Sifted 49'lb. KOOL A“) k 2 1 official visit ofotllle W832)? grail}: Assorted flavors P g' C ‘Iilzqfiitfin'cli/Iars'ter 1:: the ’Eastern ¢’ Qt’ 35¢ ters an the State Game “I . W 0 GRAPE JUICE Mimi. 12-oz. 10¢ DOG FOOD N 1y decorated With gladioli and' 440-sheet Breakfast of Champ52f0r 3 f or.... 2-lbs. ... .. 35¢ 3 pkgs. . . . . 25¢ issue: mi; aims? On Tuesday evening was the FLOOR WAX . Honey Dew, 100—lb. $5.89 ‘ Star at the Myaslolnic Hall (1311”; ' PUREX .. qt. Bordens or Pet—tall 5 for There Were W1 er seve ' (1/2 gallon 22¢) l ‘ 1/2 1 Xflgécuetrsniilaytglsitgl‘gng‘omhigfii 2 Hires—Makes 5 gallons PARD ' the occasion. The chapter rooml SWIft’s JeWel Paper and banquet hall were attractive- No. l tins greens. After the meeting dainty Pure Vegetable refreShmentS were served. Mrs. LIJX D ft ri ed Snow enriched ' . . glideg‘ 3110305235193ogpggfciagjg; IfilifilgiglOY 4/26¢ . Pork & Beans Phillips—303’s 3 for 25¢ CRACKERS Elinor Chapter Tuesday evening giant For Your Car! visiting their aunt, Mrs. Rose ‘M. SOUP ........ ._ 3 cans 25¢ g, _______________________ __ 10 bars 390? . & (small 3 for 28¢) Lux Flakes" 2 Del‘Monte Cream StylewNo. 303 tins I Mrs. A1 fStop}? of tSilverfdzgle, .5 over "or e mee ing 0 e COFFEE “m V 3-le. , , hafir'oiarvingf,’ciiif'hfétnnfigii M I s I l ‘ cums mos 13.0.. ...... -9. .. ea pecna s PECTIN 3 for 25¢ NHLDEX ' Prices for Friday and Saturday Only their officers but of the members Gold Shield of Elinor Chapter. and was the guest while here of (large 22 ) Mrs. Al Martin. ¢ Melo Cleaner ............... .. To remove grease? H I N E . Robison. Mr. Cunningham is su- perintendent Over 1500 men in ‘the Mare Island Navy Yard, where g. . ' 2-1bs‘ , hehas been employed for thirteen, B 32 H Liqumfis‘oz- V ms- - it was to rm «2 G'ass mean” BEEF ROAST lb 29 . 2-]bs. g? b350, near the Bremerton Navy CAPS doz. and Sprayer I c ar . Choice Steer Beef, Cross Rib or Arm Cuts \ Keiioggys Fran Ground S Wm—d fig; $5933!“ 9¢ Both for 25¢ ‘ . 11 e wic ea in i lb. V kzpFotR Blade Cuts of Choice Steer Beef T. lb. Steer Beef lakes Short Ribs lb.150 With FREE Dish Sirloin has. ____________ .. Steaks Pure Pork hers... ea..5¢ sausage ._toes q Leg of Mutton . . . . lb. 17¢ ‘f' ' ' lbs. L ¢ Mutton Stew . . . . . lb. 8¢ ' Beans 3.1bs, 25¢ Mutton Chops . 2-lbs. 35¢ iry” LegofLamb.....lb.27¢ Hormel‘s Pickled Pigs Feet ........ qt. SALMON HALIBUT KIPPERED SALMON ZINC CAPSW 41¢ for a beautiful finish The Old Reliable ¢ JARS .... .. doz. 83¢ Kerr or Ball—Quarts i SANI FLUSH JARS .... .. doz. 66¢ for your car radiator Kerr or Ball~Pints 22_0z. tin and. Produce Prices for Friday - Saturday Only WATERMELONS . lb. 22¢ Delicious, sweet POTATOES . . . ‘10-lbs. 15¢ U. S. No. 1. White Rose TOMATOES lb. 5¢ Red, Ripe for slicing! There is a group of buildings at the Southwest Washington Fair iwhich all visitors will want to see, for in them will be found a variety of exhibits. The largest of the four bulld- ings is the Community Building, in which will be housed the Floral and Art Departments. Both pf "these’ departments are using hi- ‘creased‘ space Ethis year. Leonard Sonnemann is superin- tendent of the Floral Department and Mrs. Ray Sabin of Centralia ‘ has charge of the Art department. Displays in both departments at— tracted a great deal of attention last year and with increased space allocated to them this year, interest and quality will be in- ‘ creased. V Adjoining the community build- ihg is the- NYA building, in which the boys have been doing a lot of ‘very interesting work, part of :which will be on display. : Then there is the Wild Life Building. in which the Poggic ‘Club‘will have a very interesting display, and adjoining this is the Training School Building, in which Large Jumbo Sunkist will be a very interesting dis-. LEMONS ........ .. doz. 29¢ play of work turned out at the v I school. . . The fair dates are August 20- 24. Special plans are being made for a record opening day crowd ‘ this year, through special induce- ‘ ,ments to holders of advance sale ,. . " eaCh Large Size Sunkist tickets. Gas is More Economical. adv. LAMB ROAST lb. 23c Delicious Spring Lamb Shoulder Cuts JUICY STEAKS lb. 351:. Rib or Sirloin. Choice Steer Beef LITTLE PIG SAUSAGES ........ .. lb. 29¢ Tasty, delicious LUNCH MEAT __________________________ __ lb. 35¢» Assorted varieties BACON ..................................... .. lb. 31¢ Lean streaked end cuts. By the piece. Center cuts 33¢ lb. SLICED BACON ________________________ __ 1b, 35¢ BOURLAND'S *CANTALOUPES .. ea. 5;: °f HILL TOP — SO. HIGHWAY PHONE 29 Ripe, full meated! . ORANGES ...... .. doz. 39¢ (ill will S‘lllllES TY