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July 31, 2014     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 31, 2014

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continued from page A-4 to a successful society. They wrote into law that adequate funding for schools was a first priority. Maybe experience hadn't taught them that "adequate" would be captured by unions and bloated administrations to insure an ever increasing bundle of extra juice for their benefit, making students an afterthought at best. Now our legislature is stuffed with boobs who can't imagine any other way to improve schools than tossing ever more plunder at the de facto monopoly their predecessors allowed. Union influence mitigates against the charters and vouch- ers that might goose the discovery process that delivers better results cheaper. Still, great things are happening at the margin. The Khan Academy and emergent MOOCs are examples of superior learning delivered free to anyone with interest and online ac- cess. TeachersPayTeachers.com helps superior pedagogues make beaucoup bucks helping other teachers improve their skills - and results. A freed market in education would produce other miracles that can't be known in advance. If we could allow sanity to prevail, better education would be available at decreasing costs. The freed booty would spontaneously channel toward other desired consumption patterns. That would in turn expand other fac- tors of production and restore employ- ment opportunities that are and have been crushed by grossly oversized government. George Wigginton Hoodsport Shame on Congress, Editor, the Journal With all the investigations launched by Congress, costing taxpay- ers millions, with no tangible results, we now have a lawsuit, with no basis, against the president that will cost $3 million to $5 million -- again, tax payer money -- that will be thrown out of court. The Republicans are so afraid of doing anything to further this country and the people in it (jobs, etc.) because it might, inadvertently, help the presi- dent. The racial hatred of this president by the Republicans in Congress and .... ~i~ iii i!i!!~I!~ ?~ ;;~ :~! ,~ ~: ; :i ~, .... i ~ : ?: :~: the senate minority leader, who led the charge from day 1, is intolerable. This holier-than-thou attitude is not helping at all. And now, we have the religious righ- teous and gun-toting demonstrators railing against immigrant children. What would Jesus do? According to Re- publicans -- nothing without offset. Cut the pay of Congress. They de- serve nothing because they've done nothing and have no intention of do- ing anything except restrict voters rights, take women's rights back to the dark ages and have yet another vote against the Affordable Care Act. Disgusting. Sharon Valley Belfair Green Diamond proposal has broad implications Editor, the Journal After the last public hearing, and being completely trounced by Green Diamond Resource Co.'s very erudite lawyer, I felt truly humbled. Here I am, an old woman with just a high school education, trying to make a point that a state law has any power against the mighty Green Diamond. Why did I think by merely stating a state law (RCW 36.70A.070 Compre- hensive Plan -- Mandatory Elements) would have any effect? After all, when did a mere law ever stop them before, even when the RCW states, "Measures governing rural develop- ment shall include measures that ap- ply to rural development and protect the rural character of the area as es- tablished by the county by containing or otherwise controlling rural develop- ment; Assuring visual compatibility of rural development with the surround- ing rural area; "Reducing the inappropriate con- Thursday, version of undeveloped land into sprawling low density development in the rural area, providing critical areas as provided in RCW 36.70A.060, surface, and groundwater resources, protecting against conflicts with the use of agricultural, forest, and mineral resource lands designated under RCW 36.07A.170." Green Diamond wants the county commissioners to change the Compre- hensive Plan and remove the annoy- ing definition of the word "cluster," with its restrictive rules for rural development, because they want to greatly increase the number of lots allowed within an area to be able to sell more development rights and at a higher price. I think I have the reasoning right, but stand corrected if I am in error. So when this very confident, pro- fessorial lawyer carefully explained that the Commissioners had nothing to worry about and assured them, with a figurative pat on the head, that there would be no trouble by passing this request, I guess I was told. He never mentioned the law, but emphasized the point that it was not worth going through the court case with all the time, effort and money, to be told it was an OK decision. It was amazing to see how the com- missioners really perked up when he got up to speak. They were all smiles, and Commissioner Terri Jeffreys went to great lengths to say what a great man he was and he returned the com- pliment. Wow, what an endorsement. It was such an inspiring change from the frowns and indifference to my poor excuse for asking the commis- sioners to check on the GMB Compre- hensive Plan - Mandatory Elements to ascertain whether this action is actually legal. I was going to bring up another rule (WAC 365-196 Growth Management Act - Procedural Cri- teria for Adopting Comprehensive Plans and Development Regulation), but now see that would not have done any better. July 31, 2014 -Mason County Journal- Page A-5 I was surprised that this very im- portant lawyer would even take the ..... ...... time to explain the errors I had obvi- ously made and emphatically empha- sized the futility of having a legal deci- sion made. It was almost as if he were speaking ex cathedra. At the time it appeared to me, there might be some trepidation concern- ing the outcome, but of course I was wrong. Green Diamond always has all their demands, I should say requests, so neatly packaged, and always with the appearance of being so concerned about doing the right thing, that ][ should have realized how mistaken I was. The laws seem to be just so much of an annoyance to them. But just for the heck of it, I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenge the commissioners, to check with the RCW 36.70A.070 to confirm that all the indignant verbiage that filled the air at the hearing, about this request, is in fact in compliance with the GMA, and I have submitted this for public record, a most chastised citizen. Patricia Vandehey Shelton Photo of teenager offensive to reader Editor, the Journal I am offended that the photo of the Shelton students was published as it was. Close examination of the offending photo will show the first individual in the photograph making, maybe not a "destructive decision," but certainly a poor decision, in my opinion, when he chose to give his middle finger to everyone viewing it. Shame on him (the unidentified Kan- sas student). But my bigger issue is with both the photographer and the Mason County Journal in not editing this photo before publication for appropri- ateness. It would have been a simple thing to do for the reading public. In addi- tion, by publishing the photo with the offendinggesture, the work and mis- sion of the other student attendees was diminished. Just a word to the wise: Please show some sophistication and good sense next time and don't offend the taxpaying public who probably paid for some of these students' trip. Nancy Broekemeier Union All Natural Grain.re4 All Natural New York Pork Beef Steak niblets Spareribs Mason County