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July 31, 2014     Shelton Mason County Journal
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July 31, 2014

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Thursday, July 31,2014 -Mason County Journal- Page B-9 PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICE scribed real property, situated in the County of NOTICE TO BIDDERS Mason, State of Washington, to wit: LOTS 3, 4, COUNTY OF MASON DEPARTMENT 5 AND 6 OF BLOCK 5, CORRECTION PLAT OF PUBLIC WORKS SHELTON, WASHING- OF ISLAND LAKE SHORELANDS, AS PER TON 2014 HMA OVERLAYS, CRP 1986-1992 PLAT THEREOF, RECORDED IN VOLUME 4 SEALED BIDS will be received for the improve- OF PLATS, PAGE 1, RECORDS OF MASON ment of various roads in Mason County, CRP COUNTY, WASHINGTON, SITUATED IN THE 1986-1992 (Range $1,500,000 to $2,000,000), COUNTY OF MASON AND THE STATE OF at the office of the County Commissioners, Io- WASHINGTON. ABBRV LEGAL: LOTS 3-6 BLK cated in Building 1,411 North 5th Street, Shel- 5 CORRECTION PLAT OF ISLAND LAKE ton, Washington, 98584, until 9:00 a.m., Friday, SHORELANDS VOL 4 PG 1 More commonly August 15, 2014. Submitted bids will be publicly known as: 381 E ISLAND LAKE DR, SHELTON, opened and read in the Commissioner Cham- WA 98584 which is subject to that certain Deed bers, Building I, immediately thereafter. Sealed of Trust dated 11/10/2007, recorded 12/4/2007, Bids received after the specified opening time under 1910511 records of Mason County, will not be accepted. MAJOR BID ITEMS will Washington, from BATTINA GORIN, AN UN- include Mobilization, LS; Crushed Surfacing Top MARRIED PERSON, as Grantor(s), to LS TI- Course, TON; Planing Bituminous Pavement, TLE OF WASIDNGTON, as Trustee, to secure SY; HMA for Preleveling CL. 1/2 In. PG 64-22, an obligation in favor of COUNTRYWIDE BANK, TON; HMA CL. 1/2 In. PG 64-22, TON; Paint Line, FSB., as Beneficiary, the beneficial interest in LF; Temporary Pavement Marking, LF; Traf- which was assigned by COUNTRYWIDE BANK, fic Control Supervisor, LS; Construction Signs FSB. (or by its successors-in-interest and/or as- Class A, SF; Erosion/Water Pollution Control, signs, if any), to GREEN TREE SERVICING EST.; Roadside Cleanup, EST.; SPCC Plan, LS; LLC. I1. No action commenced by the Benefi- and other items in conformance with the 2014 ciary of the Deed of Trust is now pending to WSDOT Standard Specifications, and the Spe- seek satisfaction of the' obligation in any Court cial Provisions for this project. Bid Documents by reason of the Borrower's or Grantor's default are made available as follows: Free-of-charge on the obligation secured by the Deed of Trust/ access to project bid documents (plans, specifi- Mortgage. IIJ. The default(s) for which this fore- cations, addenda, and Bidders List) is provided closure is made is/are as follows: Failure to pay to Prime Bidders, Subcontractors, and Vendors when due the following amounts which are now by going to www.bxwa.com and clicking on in arrears: $16,769.29 IV.The sum owing on the "Posted Projects", ".Public "Work~", 'and "Mason obligation secured by the Deed of Trust is: The County". This online plan room provides Bid- principal sum of $143,844.30, together with in- ders with fully usable online documents with the terest as provided in the Note from the 5/1/2013, ability to: download, vieW, print, order full/partial and such other costs and fees as are provided plan sets from numerous reprographic sources, by statute. V. The above-described real property and a free online digitizer/take-off tool. It is rec- will be sold to satisfy the expense of sale and ommended that Bidders '~egister" in order to the obligation ,secured~by the Deed of Trust as receive automatic e-mail notification of future provided by statute. Said sale will be made with- addenda and to place themselves on the "Self- out warranty, expressed or implied, regarding Registered Bidders List."., Bidders. that do not title, possesion or encvmbrances on 8/29/2014. register will not be automatically notified of ad- The defaults referred to in Paragraph III must be denda and will need to periodically check the cured by 8/18/2014 (11 days before the sale on-line plan room for addenda issued on this date) to cause a discontinuance of the sale.The project. Contact Builders" Excha, n'ge of Wash- sale will be" d~scont~nded and terminated if at ington at (425) 258-1303 should you require any time before 8/18/2014 (11 days before the assistance with access or registration. ALL BID sale) the default as set forth in Paragraph III is PROPOSALS shall be "a(tcomp~rfied by a bid cured and the Trust~e'~ fees and costs are paid. proposal deposit in the form of a Surety Bond, Payment must be in cash or with cashiers or Cash, Cashier's Check, or Certified Check in an certified checks from a State or federally char- amount equal to five pe~cet~t (5%) of the amount tered bank.,The sale ~rnay be terminated any of such bid proposal. The Proposal Bond shall time after the 8/18/2014 (11 days before the be on DOT Form 272-001 revised 08/2001 for sale date) and before the sale, by the Borrower Local Agency Use. ShOuld thesuccessful bid- or Grantor pr~the holder of any recorded junior der fail to enter into such contract and furnish lien or encumbrance by paying the principal and satisfactory performance bond within the time interest, plus costs, fees and advances, if any, stated in the Specifications, the bid proposal made pursuant to the terms of the obligation deposit shall be forfeited to Mason County. ALL and/or Deed of Trust, and curing all other de- BID PROPOSALS must be in writing, on forms faults. VI. A written Notice of Default was trans- furnished from Builders Exchange of Washing- mitted by the Beneficiary or Trustee to the Bor- ton, and along with proposal deposit, placed rower and Grantor at the following address(es): and sealed in an 12 x 9 envelope, with an indi- NAME BATTINA GORIN, AN UNMARRIED cation on the front bottom left corner of said en- PERSON ADDRESS 381 E ISLAND LAKE DR, velope, the project name and date of bid open- SHELTON, WA 98584 by both first class and ing, and then filed with the Clerk of the Board certified mail, proof of which is in the posses- of County Commissioners on or before the day sion of the Trustee; and the Borrower and Grant- and hour above-mentioned.The following is ap- or were personally served, if applicable, with plicable to federal aid projects: The (Local Agen- said written Notice of Default or the written No- cy) in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights tice of Default was posted in a conspicuous Act of 1964, 78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C. 2000d to place on the real property described in Para- 2000d-4 and Title 49, Code of Federal Regula- graph I above, and the Trustee has possession tions, Department of Transportation, Subtitle A, of proof of such service or posting. These re- Office of the Secretary, Part 21, nondiscrimina- quirements were completed as of 3/17/2014. tion in federally assisted programs of the De- VII. The Trustee whose name and address are partment of Transportation issued pursuant to set forth below will provide in writing to anyone such Act, hereby notifies all bidders that it will requesting it, a statement of all costs and fees affirmatively insure that in any contract entered due at any time prior to the sale. VIII. The effect into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvan- of the sale will be to deprive the Grantor and all taged business enterprises will be afforded full those who hold by, through or under the Grantor opportunity to submit bids in response to this of all their interest in the above-described prop- invitation and will not be discriminated against erty. IX. Anyone having any objections to this on the grounds of race, color, or national ori- sale on any grounds whatsoever will be afforded gin in consideration for an award. THE BOARD an opportunity to be heard as to those objec- OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS re- tions if they bring a lawsuit to restrain the sale serves the right to accept or reject bids on each pursuant to RCW 61.24.130. Failure to bring item separately or as a whole, to reject any or such a lawsuit may result in a waiver of any all bids, to waive informalities and to contract as proper grounds for invalidating the Trustee's to the best interest of Mason County. DATED sale. NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS OR TENANTS this 21st day of July, 2014. MASON COUNTY - The purchaser at the Trustee's Sale is entitled PUBLIC WORK MASON COUNTY, WASHING- to possession of the property on the 20th day TON Kathryn L. Cad Kathryn L. Carl PUBLIC following the sale, as against the Grantor under WORKS REPRESENTATIVE the deed of trust (the owner) and anyone having 7278 July 24, 31, August 7 3t an interest junior to the deed of trust, including occupants who are not tenants. After the 20th PUBLIC NOTICE day following the sale the purchaser has the TS No.:WA-13-601832-TC APN No.: 32006- right to evict occupants who are not tenants by 50-05003 Title Order No.: 8374084 Grantor(s): summary proceedings under Chapter 59.12 BATTINA GORIN Grantee(s): COUNTRYWIDERCW. For tenant-occupied property, the pur- BANK, FSB., Deed of Trust Instrument/Refer- chaser shall provide a tenant with written notice ence No.: 1910511 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'Sin accordance with RCW 61.24.060. THIS NO- SALE Pursuant to the Revised Code of Wash- TICE IS THE FINAL STEP BEFORE THE ington 61.24, et. seq. I. NOTICE IS HEREBY FORECLOSURE SALE OF YOUR HOME. You GIVEN that Quality Loan Service Corp. of have only 20 DAYS from the recording date of Washington, the undersigned Trustee, will on this notice to pursue mediation. DO NOT DE- 8/29/2014, at 10:00 AM At the main entrance to LAY. CONTACT A HOUSING COUNSELOR OR the Superior Courthouse, 419 N. 4th, Shelton, AN ATTORNEY LICENSED IN WASHINGTON WA 98584 sell at public auction to the highest NOW to assess your situation and refer you to and best bidder, payable in the form of credit bid mediation if you are eligible and it may help you or cash bid in the form of cashier's check or cer- save your home. See below for safe sources of tiffed checks from federally or State chartered help. SEEKING ASSISTANCE Housing coun- banks, at the time of sale the following de- selors and legal assistance may be available at little or no cost to you. If you would like assis- TRICIA J. ROWLAND; DOES 1-10 INCLUSIVE; tance in determining your rights and opportuni- UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS OF THE SUBJECT ties to keep your house, you may contact the REAL PROPERTY; PARTIES IN POSSESSION following: The statewide foreclosure hotline for OF THE SUBJECT REAL PROPERTY; PAR- assistance and referral to housing counselors TIES CLAIMING A RIGHT TO POSSESSION recommended by the Housing Finance Com- OF THE SUBJECT PROPERTY; AND ALSO, mission; Toll-free: 1-877-894-HOME (1-877- ALL OTHER UNKNOWN PERSONS OR PAR- 894-4663) or Web site: http://www.dfi.wa.gov/ TIES CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE, ESTATE, consumers/homeownership/post_purchase_ LIEN, OR INTEREST IN THE REAL ESTATE counselors_foreclosure.htm. The United States DESCRIBED IN THE COMPLAINT HEREIN Department of Housing and Urban Develop- Defendants. Case No.: 14-2-00149-9 SUM- ment: Toll-free: 1-800-569-4287 or National MONS BY PUBLICATION To: Estate Of Patri- Web Site: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD cia J. Rowland; UNKNOWN HEIRS, SPOUSE, or for Local counseling agencies in Washington: LEGATEES AND DEVlSEES OF Patricia J. http.//www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/hcc/fc/index. Rowland; DOES 1-10 inclusive; UNKNOWN cfm?webListAction=search&searchstate=WA&f OCCUPANTS of the subject real property; PAR- ilterSvc=dfc The statewide civil legal aid hotline TIES IN POSSESSION of the subject real prop- for assistance and referrals to other housing erty; PARTIES CLAIMING A RIGHT TO POS- counselors and attorneys: Telephone: 1-800- SESSION of the subject property; and also, 606-4819 or Web site: http://nwjustice.org/what- all other unknown persons or parties claiming clear. If the sale is set aside for any reason, in- any right, title, estate, lien, or interest in the real cluding if the Trustee is unable to convey title, estate described in the Complaint herein THE the Purchaser at the sale shall be entitled only STATE OF WASHINGTON TO THE SAID DE- to a return of the monies paid to the Trustee. FENDANTS: You are hereby summoned to ap- This shall be the Purchaser's sole and exclusive pear within sixty days after the date of the first remedy. The purchaser shall have no further re- publication of this summons, to wit, within sixty course against the Trustor, the Trustee, the Ben- days after the 17th day of July, 2014, and defend eficiary, the Beneficiary's Agent, or the Benefi- the above entitled action in the above entitled ciary's Attorney. If you have-previously been court, and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, discharged through bankruptcy, you may have WELLS FARGO BANK, NA, and serve a copy of been released of personal liability for this loan in your answer upon the undersigned attorneys for which case this letter is intended to exercise the Plaintiff, McCarthy & Holthus, LLP at the office note holders right's against the real property below stated; and in case of your failure so to only. QUALITY MAY BE CONSIDERED A DEBT do, judgment will be rendered against you ac- COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A cording to the demand of the complaint, which DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED has been filed with the clerk of said court. The WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOS~E.'As re- basis for the complaint is a foreclosure of the quired by law, you are hereby notified that a property commonly known as 621 Northeast negative credit report reflecting on your credit Larson Blvd, Belfair, WA 98528, MASON Coun- record may be submitted t~) a, credit" report ty, Washington as a result of a default under the agency if you fail to fulfill the terms of your cred- terms of the note and deed of trust. DATED: July it obligations. Dated: 4/25/14 Quality Loan Ser-- 11, 2014 McCarthy & Holthus, LLP /s/ Mary vice Corp. of Washington, as' Trustee By: Tricia Stearns [ X] Mary Stearns, WSBA #42543 [ ] Moreno, Assistant Secretary Trustee's Mailing Jessica Grape, WSBA #46436 [ ] Joseph Ward Address: Quality Loan Service Corp. of Wash- Mclntosh, WSBA #39470 [ ] Robert William Mc- ington C/O Quality Loan Service Corl~. 2141 Donald, WSBA #43842 19735 10th Avenue NE, Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 (866) 645- Ste. N200 Poulsbo, WA 98370 (855) 809-3977 7711 Trustee's Physical Address: Quality Loan Attorneys for Plaintiff Service Corp.of Washington;1013 lst.~vq South, 7248 July 17, 24, 31, August 7, 14, 21 6t Suite 202 Seattle, WA 98104 (866) 925-0241 Sale Line: 714-573-1965 Or Login to: http://wa. PUBLIC NOTICE qualityloan.com TS No.: W/~-13-6D1~832-TC NOTICE AND SUMMONS BY PUBLICA- P1088835 7/31,08/21/2014 TION SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON 7267 July 31, August 21 2t COUNTY OF MASON JUVENILE COURT Dependency of: Ronnie Peterson, Jr. D.O.B: PUBLIC NOTICE 2/26/12 No. 14-7-00118-7 (Termination) PROBATE NOTICE TO CREDITORS (SMPB) To: ASHLEY MILLER, Mother; A Peti- IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE tion to Terminate Parental Rights was filed on STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE June 5, 2014 a Fact Finding hearing will be held COUNTY OF KITSAP In the Estate of ROB- on this matter on August 14, 20!4 at 1:00 P.M. ERT L. VOYNOW, Deceased. No. 14-4-00491- in Mason County Superior Court, 419 N. 4th 4 PROBATE NOTICE TO CREDITORS (RCW Street, Shelton, Washington 98584. You should 11.40.030) The Personal Representative be present at this hearing. The hearing will de- named below has been appointed as Personal termine if your parental rights to your child are Representative of this estate. Any person hav- terminated. If you do not appear at the hearing, ing a claim against the deceased must, before the court may enter an order in your absence the time the claim would be barred by any oth- terminating your parental rights. To request a erwise applicable statute of limitations, present copy of the Notice, Summons, and Termina- the claim in the manner as provided in RCW tion Petition, call DSHS at 360-432-2050 or 11.40.070 by serving or mailing to the Personal 1-888-283-2634. To view information about your Representative or the Personal Representa- rights, including right to a lawyer, go to www.atg. tive's attorney at the address stated below a wa.gov/DPY.aspx. Dated: 07/09/2014 by Ginger copy of the claim and filing the original of the Brooks, Mason County Clerk. claim with the court in which the probate pro- 7243 July 17, 24, 31 3t ceedings were commenced. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty (30) PUBLIC NOTICE days after the Personal Representative served PROBATE NOTICE TO CREDITORS SUPE- or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided RIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR KING under RCW 11.40.020(3); or PROBATE NO- COUNTY In the Matter of the Estate of OTTO R. TICE TO CREDITORS-I SHERRARD McG- IRRGANG, Deceased. Case No.: ONAGLE TIZZANO, P.S. 19717 Front Street 14-4-03837-0KNT (RCW 11.40.030) The Per- NE P.O. Box 400 Poulsbo, WA 98370 Ph (360) sonal Representative named below has been 779-5551 / Fax (360) 779-1229 (2) four months appointed as Personal Representative of this after the date of first publication of the notice. If estate. Any person having a claim against the the claim is not presented within this time frame, decedent must, before the time the claim would the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise be barred by any otherwise applicable statute provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. of limitations, present the claim in the manner This bar is effective as to claims against both as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on the deceased's probate and nonprobate assets, or mailing to the Personal Representative or the DATE OF FIRST PUBLICATION: 7-17-2014 Personal Representative's attorney at the ad- Eileen Moana Voynow Personal Representa- dress stated below a copy of the claim and filing tive SHERRARD McGONAGLE TIZZANO, P.S.the original of the claim with the court in which By: Roger D. Sherrard, WSBA #6282 Attorneys the probate proceedings were commenced. The for Personal Representative Address for Mail- claim must be presented within the later of: (1) ing or Service: 19717 Front Street NE PC Box Thirty days after the personal representative 400 Poulsbo, WA 98370 PROBATE NOTICE served or mailed the notice to the creditor as TO CREDITORS-2 SHERRARD McGONAGLE provided under RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) TIZZANO, P .S. 19717 Front Street NE P.O. Box four months after the date of first publication of 400 Poulsbo, W A 9837 Ph (360) 779-5551/Fax the notice. If the claim is not presented within (360) 779-1229 this time frame, the claim is forever barred, ex- 7266 July 24, 31, August 7 3t cept as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. This bar is effective as to claims PUBLIC NOTICE against both the decedent's probate and non- SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION probate assets. DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE TION: Michael E. Irrgang, Personal Represen- OF WASHINGTON FOR THE COUNTY OF tative 22505 SE 329th St, Black Diamond, WA MASON WELLS FARGO BANK, NA, Plaintiff, 98010 Attorney for Personal Representative: vs. ESTATE OF PATRICIA J. ROWLAND; TAN- Ryan Y Rehberg, WSBA 32374 18000 Interna- YA BERNARD; BEARD'S COVE WATER SYS- tional BIvd, Suite 550, SeaTac, WA 98188, Tele- TEM; BEARD'S COVE COMMUNITY ORGANI- phone: (206) 246-8772 ZATION; UNKNOWN HEIRS, SPOUSE, LEGA- 7241 July 17, 24, 31 3t TEES AND DEVISEES OF THE ESTATE OF PA-