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August 1, 1963     Shelton Mason County Journal
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August 1, 1963

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PAGE.10 SIIELTON--MASON COUNTY JOURNAL--Published in ,Christmastown, U.S.A.", SheKon, Washington ThursdaY: - I" I " ' I ' ' I I r rl I " ' " ,11 Rocky Mountain elk are in-excess of 60,000 animals. The ma- N P T o Union Man Spends Vacation W0rkingln Wheat Harvest East Of I0000,,tains e digenous to Idaho. After being re- jot numbers of elk are mostly W r0cess 0 e a oas! pbrted at the turn of the century within the huge drainages of the Reeipi Of Weifa ' Appli anlsl they are now believed to be in rivers. By Mary Bueehel Shelton. They travelled with a damage was done except for a will be home on leave in August. Warrants Few Days -. For his vacation, trailer house through Glacier. Yo- ,mal] bump on the bow and the The h'a Morris family is happy The, -------=--------/ ...... i-,-ml ....... --(----'--= ........ I ,'7-: Neal Purer has chosen to spend ho, Jasper and Banff National sail boat was set after a job well to rel;m'n to Hood Canal after Guard has Beginning in Augu,gL runny of it working east of the mountains Parks. They went north through done by Toni rigging and replac- ,q month's tour of nine states and are still  \\;Vashington's recipients of wel- inharvesLon Ed Hmilton's ranch, the Okanogan valley and returned big a lost chimp, visiting- h'a's fanlily in Texas and Officer fare grants will receive their mon- His wife, Molly, and his son Lea- through north Idaho stopping at MI{. CIIARLE. , Lewis enter- California. Mr. and Mrs. Morris which will thly warrants a day or two later hie. have just returned from there the Coulee Dam. Dry Fails and tained her Book and Stllcly Club and their three boys, Ted. 16; Upon than they have been accustomed after a week's vacation. Sun Lake park. la.;t Thursday at a hmcheon at Ceorge, 1.3; and John. 11: were training, to receiving them. the Department The Buechel family has seemed From Mrs. Miller's point of view he]' cabin at Fairy ]:)ell place on those Io have gone. They had a missioned of Public Assist:race reminded to- to have taken turns visiting" in adjectives fail to describe the the canal. Mesdames George Le- nice trip, the weather not being Guard Reserve, day. Seattle. Ricky Buechel for two beauty and grandeur of these nor- Compt, Dave James. Harold Johns. too hot and no other arising dif- graduates may days, visited the Hal Williams fa- them RocRy Mountains with the Paul Schlosser. Phylis Goldschmit ficulties which many times occur, tary obligation Com:;ned w:th a speedier roach- mily, who are one of the canal's many glaciers and lovely lakes, and hostess were present. The Morris' felt the people of Tex- Guard Officer the-sorting procedure, the late,.' summer residents. Margaret Bue- They also found spelendid park Rolf Schlosser and son spent as to be more friendly than those Program. A Subsidiary of P. N, Hirsch & Co. mailing of warrants will give coun- chel leaving shortly before Picky's facilities and h.iendly people, last weekend at the home of his here and the boys found it even For further ties an average of three more days on Thm'sday, also spent, two days Fright strikes Toni Magelssen, mother, Mrs. Paul Schlosser. more exciting when they were able Commandant (t SUMMER each month in which to process days in Seattle visiting the Buck Kartene Ruthledge and a third Capt. Sceavey of Port Town-to catch a inch and a half long Guard. changes in grants. A slower hand- family with Oscar Smith's grand- party, Gale, a girl friend from send is a house guest of Orre No- grasshopper to bring home, as a sorting method was formerly used daugtLer, Lorelei Buck Friday California, as they were sailing bles. Capt. Sceavey was formerly pet. for handling the warrants, was a day of return for Margaret on the canal last week. A gust tbe commandina- officer on the MRS. R. E. DAY and her father. CLEARANCE The department estimated that and of excitement f0rAnn Brevig of wind tipped Toni's boat, while "President Madison". of the Am- Mr. Hartly, have just returned the change will save taxpayers a and Mary Bueehel as they busily she was teaching Gale to steer it. erican Mailine. which run he- from California taking Dexter Day minimum of several hundreds of prepared for their dinner date in A party in a small fishing boat tween the Port of-Seattle anti the back to Long Beach and visiting dollars a month, Paper-work costs the Space Needle. rescued the three wet and cold Orient It was in 1935. while mak- t]'iends. Mr. Iiartly and Mrs. Ddy CONTINUES will be decreased because the Mrs. Nine Miller has jusf re-girls, ing his first trip to tile Orient. took two weeks to make the trip number of warrants that have to turned from nearly three weeks From there, the girls got back that Orre first met Capt. Sceavey, and visited five television shows malting a friendship which has en- to add to the excitement. be re-directed or cancelled and re- and 2300 miles in the Canadian to shore and were able to get help dured through the years Capt. computed will be reduced. The Rockies. She made the trip with from John Rathbun of Tacoma, Mr. Stark has improved much number of over-payments also will Mr. and Mrs. Mervin %Vivell of and Roy Dunn and Frank Willard Sceavev is a colorful character, with his five week stay in the Terrific Values decline, of Shelton. The three tried to set well thought of and known, hospital and may be able to come In the past. welfare recipients fourth day of the month, the boat upright, but it kert tip- Mr. and Mrs. H Douglas Lent home this week. of Shamrock Point were blessed Mrs. Dalby, I'd like to thank , received their monthly checks on The total of monthly payments ping. Finally, Willard just- Wait- with a baby boy, Mark who joins you very much for giving me this I" All Deparlments any one of the first four days of sent directly to welfare recipients ed for the others to get help, while a little brother. Kurt. chance to write the column. It's KEEP the month, depending on the loca- is about $5.5 million, which goes he kept the said from going un- Mr. and M:rs. A. M. Schafer been quKe ex'oiting and a little tion of the county in which they into all counties of "Washington der and turning the boat com- The Fringe is Getting Gray lived. The new procedure will State to help those who are in pletely over. The boat was shortly Satm'dav for friends gave a cocktail supper party last bit harder than I thought it would , l I change these dates to the third oz' need. towed to shore and bailed. Little - be. Thank y(;u. and I hope you "With the end of The month a.re enjoying" yotlr vacation. brings the end of a month's sum- ' mer vacation on the canal for the PENNEY'S I La k e Ilahwatzel Yields STOCK UP - USE YOUR PENNEY CHARGE CARD! people stayingat Bel'quistApart- ments on the canal. It is only late- ly though, that they have been able to enjoy the weather and spend it skiing, swimming and re-Catches 0t Fish Over laxing in the sun The families of ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Brewers. Stabbert. Peterson. ...-,"" Sehmidt. Sunquist Campbell, and By 3oann Tapper the funeral o,.'" EhrhhrL all from Portland will LAKE NAHWATZEL- Fish- ther, "" be leaving, ing still remained good at the Home in . ..,,"'" The "Tex" Stirlings have had lake over the weekend, with Mr. Shelton cerne ,.," company, AngeTo de Maria, from and Mrs. R. Larson of Hoquiam Last Tuesd ,,oo,-''" Carmel. each catching their limits, one be- er and ,.. Twanoh is booming again as ing a nice 14-inch trout children, good weather retltllllS. All camp- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Springer, tored to ]ng spaces are filled and parking Brinnon, were dinner guests at ping. 1000 your ear has become a job. the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Visiting .... Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Adam, Springer last Saturday. Ralph and Cooper las Connie Cowan, formerly of Shel- Charles did some stream fishing were Mr. "" u limited ti iN ton, now from Oklahoma City, and caught 22 fish, one a 16-inch linkie of -- - , yards were blessed with a baby girl, trout. :Mr. and ::!;}!!:!!!!i :!:!a Gayla Dianne, who joins two older Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Amel grandson, ................... i sisterS. Mrs. Adams' sister Bet- Tveit last Saturday was Mr. da I ty Cowan of Union. went back to Tveit's nephew, LeRoy Tveit sta- her :'':!: :" help take care of the family while tioned in the Navy at Whidbey weekend a w. everyone was making adjustments. Island. Sunday dinner guests at of Betty just recently returnecl, t.he Tveit home were Mr. and Mrs. S P ( " ' pondentsWashingtn Mortgage Corres- Robert Wardand sonsof Bremer- wood.AssoeiaDon ! are to meet ton, DawsonS at Alderbrook for quarterly meet- Weekend guests aL the home of wood with inK, AuK. 2- 4. Fifty-five people, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Hewson were spending a men women and children, will be their daughter, Mrs. Phil Parker ma and attending. The meetings are to be md her daughters of Olympia. belier o in AlderbroolUs Loft and Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford homes Flagg rooms for the men while Ford were visited by :Mr. and ]Y[rs. end were women and children enjoy the LeRoy Booth and family of Ho- Lemke, recreational facilities, horseback quiam. The occasion was the eele- sero and riding, and boating available, bration of Dinah Booth's 15.th Mrs. Bud Q Fishing is at a peak and many birthday. Also attending the par- D. L. Mac are being caught. Ea.rly last Sat- ty was Mrs. Farris and sons of Chuck cottons urday nmrning, Bill Smith of Ms-Hoquian]. and other children. Seattle. drona caught an 8-lb. salmon Con- Monday visitors to the Ford were Mr. an gratulations. Bill. home was their grandson, Steve Mr. and NTEVE MORIlIIN. Colin Morris Crapo of Matloek, who is working and Mrs. - and Bud Wyatt, all of Union, went Mrs. Male, eampin at Harper's Meadow last tn Seattle for the surgmezL arid his - ,  " friend Tobie 0'Brieni) eat,[l.  HATION.WiD[ .,.MA=.,-rII=,rnUAILI , week. The]," eanlpin g trip was for SPENDING A FE daysvisit - the purpose of fishing and sight- ing Mr. and Mrs. Allan Hickson Settle. Mr. famous long,wearing cOtton muslins famous, fine combed cottoq percale 0W seeing, last week was Mr. Charles Clinton. of Early Tuesday morning Mrs. Les a former teacher at Mary M. Clemons WHITE VVHITE .ASTELS O Conns took her husband into the t(ight School at Matloek. who ton Mr. ',,, ,o,,, $147 ""x ,o,,, $179 =248 sa,e! Shelton General Hospital on an is now teach:n.= a Coneonully. Mr. and flat or twin Elasta- flat or twin Elasta- ' emergency. Les Coons was hospi- Mr. and Mrs. Hector Barbour Mrs. Ken fit bottOm sheet talized for five days, from Tues- motored to Tacoma last Saturday owen [ slstant CottonS, Embossed Cottons, fit bottom sheet day until he was released Satur- o do some :hopping. Sunday they of Shelton Terrific assortment of Cease re- day, Talking to Les on Sunday visited at lhe home of Mr. and Saturday full 81" x 108" $168 full 81'' x 108'' $19 9 $27 3 he had greatly nnproved and was y[rs. Ralph Rothrock of Elms. flat or full Elasta- ' 1 feeling much better. In my column last week I wrote per and flat or fuil Elasta- fit bottom sheet Woven Yarn dyed Goods, textured The Garden Club is to meet next hat David Kelley, son of Mr. and is Mrs. fit bottom sheet Cottonz, Everglazed C o t t on s, Thursday aL Tom Webb's home on Mrs. Archie Kelley was due home il Mr. pillow cases, 2 99 2 ,.21 Printed cotton C0rd0na and other the Skokomish River. They will Tuesday fors few weeks. He was d 42"pillOWx 36"ca'ses' " 2 for 78 42"X 382" for for JL novelty Fabrics. 3usa in time for have a business meeting at 11 a.m. %layed. in Boise Ida., for a few [ to be followed by a poLluc;k lunch- days, finally received a flight Fri- The ". :' back-to-school sewing, Busy Man, con. clay. Mrs. Kelley and daughter, sponsoring O0 The Union fire department is Betty, and Mrs. Hank Chappell Hall next ...... ":!:::::::r.. happy to announce they have just drove to Boeing airport in Seattle music by ::::::::::@:::" acquired an ambulance. The Dis- to pick him up when his airplane There will .... : abled American Vet, through Ran- arrived Friday evening, and reels .::::iii::i!iii iii" .  ydsl dell Updyke. sold the ambulance SUNDAY DINNER guests last Lake j Lo the fire department. It's nice Sunday at the Kelley home were will .".:iii .... to have iL when it's needed, but Mr. Jake Kelley and Mrs. Alice next " let's hope they don't have to use it. Christian of Shelton. rence " Danny Pierce has joined the ha- Mr. and Mrs. Archie Kelley and CH RGE IT. vy and is now in San Diego, Lrain- son David accompanied by ,r. Genitl: ing before he goes to sea. Danny and Mrs. Henry Ctappell attended energy. / S U H H E R o, ,our Home -- EeonomieM, practtcsl L E A R A N C E HiGHT-TIHE OUTDOOR ILL .. For only a few cents a night you can light up your front - yard and driveway, you can install a modern efficient light near your house or garage, you can banish the WOMENS swIMSUITS MENS PORT SHIRTS darkness around your patio or recreational area. Here's All Reduced Short Sleeves An efficient and r naire designed for '68s 'lSS ., Visualize YOUR home with one or mo on the light as of these modern, efficient lights. Think o turns it off the many advantages you will enjoy an( * All brackets and hardWP're the pece of mind you realize if you, property is effectively illuminated afte, complete instllatio' GIRLS DRESSES BOYS SWIM TRUNKS dark. 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