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August 3, 1939
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II Grapevlew Party moo i. ,,.,, SHIPMENT Extra Ii&apos;eature :ial ,ser Process for WEAR ADDED BEAUTY Hose in three leg lengths short, medium, 31 and lonK, 34 inches. All Sizes l 1.00 Pair SILK HOSE Knitted Top for Elasticity) and Service Weights Sizes 8'/ to 11 and $1.15 l'air Bids Farewell To Summer Visitors By Louise Mitchell Grapeview, August 2. - Mrs. Will Spooner and Mrs. Henry Pe- terson entertained last Saturday afternoon at a tea at the home of tim former, with Mrs. E. E. Longoilier, Mrs. J. M. Suitor, Mrs,. Barrett and Misses Barrett, DaN fit[y, Barker, Wyeth and Mitch- ell as guests. It was a farewell for Mrs. Langellier, as she is to return [hi. " week to her home in Newburg, Oregon. A pleasant afternooll was made more pleas.- ant by Mr*. Spooner's organ music, which included as usual, request numbers for the guests. The Grapeview Garden Club met last Thursday evening at Twanoh Park. Husbands were in- vited to thi:, meeting (tey were needed for transportation) and children, who added to everyone's enjoyment. The topic for dis- cussion was products of the gar- den. with practical examples set ., before the members. After the practical examples had been con- sumed, the meeting adjourned to the moonlit beach and further conversation. This made a de- lighttul ending for the Garden Club's first year The 1939-1940 season is to open in September. Visiting the Elicks this past 1 T i ItEI,'I'()N-MAS()N ( ,1)1 NTY .I()I!IN..\\;I i ill . i . i .......... _ o...,y....o......r. S0Clft[ (V(MS sp ....... ,g .., wt;et,, a u Grapevlew. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Colemm moved last Monday into the for- mer Butcher house. When the ...... qIII I : 21 " e IIw'mty E ........ wear and tear of moving are over, " -- , ,-- they -md Dinty, the dog, Maggie, MAXINE BRIGGS, Socl ditor the cat, Dgwood, the kitten, and Phons 274J the chickens whose names I don't ........................................... weekend were Mrs. Ralph Elick's parents, M,'. and Mrs. C. C. Coates, l veral .day !n Grapeview } a s t her sister Janet Coates', and her weeK. on thmr return m Brmnon grandfather Mr. W, D. Coates, all they took with them their nephew of Seattle Zane Zizz for a visit Anzuer p.-uy from Seattle fill- Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cttmpbell ed the -Pomer0y house. Besides spend the weekend at Grapeview, tim Pomeroy iamily there were los .a prelude to their vacatioa Misses Betty Johnson and Bar.[Wmcn will consist of short trips bara Ahlskog, Mr. Harry Bly and m Washington. The children, Mr. "rod Mrs. Ira Kelly, Tom Kel-' Joan and ,terry, are visiting their' ly and Bob Shea, and Mrs. Jack aunt, Mrs. T. G. Jerry, in Forks. McCall and Cynthia Diane Mc Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Barrett, of Call. At last they have had  Olympia, spent Sunday at their weekend of good weather in Grape- Grapeview home, with Mr. Earl Bauer aud his little daughter Son- view this s,ummer. However, of- dra, as guests. ter their record of good luck on Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Barrett and their California trip-.-only o n e day of even slightly bad weather Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Finger me- .... they shouldnt ask for too much tored along Hood Canal l as t Sunday. It is reported that Mr. William Spooner takes excellent care or A delicious golden cake filled with fresh Bananas and tasty Chopped Walnuts. DONUTS Glazed, Chocolate, Coconut and Nut Dozen ..... 25 O know---expect to enjoy their wa- terfront home very much. Mr. Waiters entertained a num- ber of young people "t a beach party Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Chamberlain had another pleasant weekend at their Grapeview home; sx) did Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Beck and their son Bob from Prosser, and the;r non Gordon and his family from Seattle, especially the two chil-' dren of the latter family ..... the, younger, who is six weeks oh l, is getting an early taste for rtlral weekends. vlr. narles Sc]lwirm and fam- ily, and hi.' I)l'other Mr. E. L. Schwinn and family, from Minne- sota, motored to Portland last Saturday to visit relatives. Frets there they took the road to Sea- side on Sunday, ferried from As- toria, and returned along t h e ocean beaches. They arrived in Grapeview late Sunday evening after a glorious trip. Phil Besch and Bob Hansen were in Grapeview last weekend. Bob has recently had a promotion, earned in a relatively short time at the Humphrey mill. . The Clifford Sharp family spent Bel:linc-Bergeron Wedding Shower lhmors Bride-To-lh, To ]:k', Held Saturday ,i Wednesday Afternoon The wedding of Miss Louisctl.e Wednesday afternoon, M is s Bergeron and Dennis Monoban Pearl ConRlin, whose wedding will Berdine will bc held in Long:take place Sunday, ws honored Beach, Calif., at "the Church o;with a shower at the home of St. Anne Saturday morning. Miss JMrs. C. C. Gibbq on Hillcrest. Bergeron left last Sunday w i t h Hostesses w e r e Miss Florence her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eetls and Mrs. David Graham f Camille Bergeron and her twin Portland. The table was center- sister, Mariette, for a two weeks' ed with a lovely, bouquet of sweet- motor trip south. Mr. Berdine is; peas and baby breath from which Jumbo Sewing CABINET woman will one of these handy cab- Lgo, 1.00 Bowl COVERS foods. Keep fresh. In grad- sizes. Wash- able, sanitary 19' et .of 6 .... the son of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Berdine of Elma. Miss Mariette Bergeron wall be her sister's only attendant. Fol- lowing the ceremony a wedding break[ast will be held at the Bev- erly Hills home of Mr. Berdine's cousin, Mrs. Lawrence Bates. The new home will be made in Long Beach. Miss Louiette an,J another sister, Miss Paula Ber- geron are accomplished horsewo- men and raise many fine horses at their Killarney Farms. Miss Louise[to is a graduate of Western Washington College of Education and the University of Wtshington. She taught in the Shelton scn(ml for several years. Mr. Berdine i. also well known locally, hawng been employed at the Rayoniev Inc., at varauus times. He attend- ed St. Martin's College and was graduated trm the University. Olympic Laop 'l'our Brings Mauy iltol To Shelton The Olympic Loop Tour staged by the wamiington Motor Co.*ci'. company, which stops in Shelto/l, I .a . * We(tuesday:.; and l)rltlays, 1. . bvn|g- ins a large zluml:2r of visitors t,) tlt,. see[loll. The tour )s gill Ltn-I nual affair, and makes a stop in I Shelton at the L. D. tlack storc. I Wednesday there were 15 passes- l gers and Mr. and Mrs. Hgck serv- ed them orange punch, and gay(: them sote Isouvengrs ot t ,  s section ot the eounl:ry. On tlls particular trip there were people ['om .New ae.-sey, New xor, In- streamers extended to the edge of the table, with clues attached to the ribbon: as to where the gifts were hidden. After' t h e presentation of the g'it't:L a game "Dress'ng the Bride" was played with Mrs. Robert T'd)ke winning' the prize. At the close, delicious refreshments were served. Those present included Mrs;. Tabke, Mrs. E. B. Sutton, Mrs. W. R. Collier, Mrs. Chas. Chase, Mrs. Frank Swanson, Mrs. John I)otson, Mrs. i:goy Eells, Mrs. Gibbs, Miss Betty Hurst, the hostesses Mrs. Graham and Miss Eells, and the honor guest, Miss Conklin. ATTEND MASONIC PICNIC Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Catto were Mr. Moriah Lod ;e':; lone represent- :ttlve:; at the a:umal 'tatc Masonic picnic Sunday :it Tipsoo L:tlie, on tt: cre:t of the C:-se:tdes. They repo:t approximately 3,000 Mason:; attending. TO POLYP ANGEI,ES Dr. and Mrs. George A. Le- ( * C mpte and Dr. and Mrs. James T. spent last wceRen:l m Port Angeles and on tt:e ttoh river. They made the trip by way of Aberdeen and Lake Quinault. WEEKENiO IN OI,YblPIA Bob and h:aren ,lean Condon spent last weekend in Olympia visiting their father, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Condon. Monday they were guests for lulleh, of Bill, No- n', and Gerry Gros:L former Shel- ton residents, now living in Olym |)is. Tilt.' l*.ttter are the etiildren of Mr. and l'|l'tS. ,7ln, GI'OSL'. DAUGHTER VISITS FATHER Mrs. Elvu Blackfieid, daughter oi H. E. DeShields, N. P. agent in Shclton, visited ber father here this week while vacationing in the Northwest with her husband. 1'3 9,'o Five :;po}lsors for fllcar *'/:(;,tt.,)11't! eI1- Cooldng School, ]:,l;;. i}:}x ill : h'. :ii;g. ,Mca Effie Demonstration At ,,,,,, : ,ve,.c i Matlock Enloye.[ :::' i,,,.,.is 7  # :d,plw,':I iI, 8ll,:!ihm ai,mhty. i' , , ;t:lcl 'hil trc. ( :' ?,'t ,::;,::,,p.* sp'mt I :l}:: v'C'::gll(l ;[ ilh.! ":k!}'Pt Vfitl- I;y Mrs. Zeo Prlszne;' I I.;}e:;:,:' ] ! i) l i : ; ili ''tr  klr. all,J Mrs, My.thick, Allgust 2. -The M:.t - I/ra,l: \\;fml:ch.),n ;:'c,:! s(,n. The leek Ladies enjoyed lhe cookingin!tin f, ik:' ave la,,qpil:g Mr. Vqin- 'school and the demonstration of kel:mH pul qp ha.y. j the (enert'..l Fllectric pr,J(hlct: I lali)h l..>i:t i.; spending hi: va- :pol.:l(,red by the t.obl)in: Electrh; 'ct(,;t ;,1 hi' .Kr:'.l:.Ipar,mL.% Mr. company of Shclt(.)IL Itrl(I the P,- ,lid ,.I';;. [].'i(:k:tu:}. il ().:,k,.'ille. ll.D, No. 3, ullder tle mvnage-! l),.lrx. Z/?,, l.'t'i:::zlcY nl}(i c}l:hlrell, ment ot Elmo Lord. The tcat:l:e.".Iqdw:rd and H.i,:lard, :;.,:i. the demonstrated hove to bake ham, we,.l::ud with Mr. alld Mrs. A. Sunsh:ne ckc, .lctly roll, Devil ix. (i>.;'.,.I, in -;I; It[,. [i'be:l cake with baRcd tlasting, } ',vhMh.:R (l:'tll:U! cltt}l h;,tttl o11 American Sl)aghctti , pigs ill  ... I0, ::;',! ',Viii ecP. l):'.atc the IA[IIt- I lll*)tl ; kct, "pol'cu[)ino I)tlls, Pittsbttrgh Lqr!h! .5,, in Il:;t rlI::llt!l, Mr:;. tl:tr- l)Ot'tLoes IJ.lld paI'tllo.)' 13}cts w(;l'e li .l..1; I.{',;];<l: I.L;I:{ A!i;!:)?t l'l'!;;Znt!I', cooRed Oll It G, E, ran-re. PChilc as ]1; i:;.;:; maliIg lee cre:t(t and such lit,.) I ................... in the G. E. refrigerator which' .,.**,, Reward in the ;I.ft(yu:)orl '[:,3 served to a I large crowd })e['(>re the evenill . entertainment which war a mov- Will be paid by th man|lfmCtilrr i ing picture show th-tt displayed for any Corn GREAT CHRISTO- the advantages of electricity i PHER POSITIVE Corn Cure can. the rural districts, Two lovely not remove. Aiso removes Warts prizes were given away by the and Callouses. 35 at Gordon's l.cbbins company. They v[ere al,'Shelto n Ptlarmacy, --adv electric iron and clock which were i .................................................................. Th(:y now live .................. at San Francisco. won by Mable Priszner and Helen p.FIF*,,,,IFIFIr,qFFIFIF,. MONDAY IN SEATTLE Valley. } , The [:,,rIlllltltlit y thanks the i ,' % Mrs. AI Koch, Mrs. Win. A.  i ......  i , MeKenzie and Mrs. Winston Scott LORRAINE CATTO HOME we,'c. Seattle visitors Monday.[ MA00iAGE lICENSES [ Miss Lorraine Catto, daughter iTicy joined friend at the Wo- of Mr. an! Mrs J. L. Catto, or- imen's University Club for hmch-i ...... rived hem6 Tuesday from Long emL ' ! Milton Herbert Re: t.oule, 21, and Beach, Calif., Junior College, where I -- Norms Elizabeth Small, ,lg; both t she has been attending school the LLOYD BREWSTER BETTER of Hoquiam, at Shelton, August 3. l past two Years, including sun,-i Lloyd B,'ewster, Shelton high N O r ],I,  ] ] ] { } . {. p h B  ,r ' {, y ' 21 [ 4t[]{],  . & &  [ l,,cr ,,essio.,. Mis.., C00tto will 1:7 s00hooi who underwent youth Juanita Iren('. Miller, 19, both of J wain here for two weeks, then turn to California to enter th'enmjm' operation for mastoid at Aberdeen, at Shelt(m, August :L I ;.helton hospital Monday, is re- . ...................................................... bll 1. University ot Califoruta at Be,'k- I i),)rte d slightly improved today I you'd hevc your :;till .,eriously ill. Icy. INJOY (',RIIISE SATURDAY I VACATION AT FLAi" JACK Sttlrday evening a gronp et-! ll'.. a|l, "Mrs, }.(*y. }" t. , ' joyed swimming and a steak sup- . .a=im:' leit, ....... +,, ).. ,. .. . , ... . . ,l'uestlay for a vacation Ol s.vel'al 1ot.* ?ll tda- tat,LC[I (ill ZIOOU taalll I ] , '' days at Flap Jack Lake. and later enaoyed a moonlight[ ceulse on Rarnsey's boat. They _ , _ . -- , ,, included Mr. and Mrs. Phi! Mur -I AMOS BARI', IN HONPIIAL phy, Mr. and Mrs. Win. A. Me- Amos Bare, botlerlnan employed Kenzie. Dr. and Mrs. Mum'ice Kin- by the Simpson Logghlg company, sey and Mr. and Mrs. Winston was admitted to Shelton ho.pital Scott. Tuesday for treatment.. Say It WITI:I HOWERS They Brnfl Comfort and Happiness FUNERAL DESIGNS AND HOSPITAL BOQUETS Del|vered anywhere, anytime. Travis Flower Shop Shelton Hardware BIdq. Phone 232 270W Wesh tuitt lean=d right Ju=t 'phone =nd tell Us o| your lieht. Ironing Board & (,ove, sold for more. Fits alOOth and tight er stand- rd 'board .... 37 Powder FUFFS high pile, ed Velour Packed in a acetate tube. 10 for 19' _ Sanitary NAPKINS ralue you cannot to miss. 12 ............... 9 children while their parents spend the evening out.-, Since the re- of this item was Cliff Bar- rett, one of Grapeview's most dot- ing fathers (and that means some- thing, considering how many dot-l ing fathers in the community[ could be listed), the care must have been perfect. Gir 12, Hit By Car, Recovering At Home Helen Robinson, 12, daughter of Mrs. Dorothy Robinson, is report- ed recovering nicely from t h e bruises and shaking up she re- ceived Monday night when struck by a car at 12th and Railroad .. Ver. , street, driven by Waiter Corliss S Of Shelton: , Miss Robinson will be confined to her home for several days, but Is not seriously hurt. Rnd \\;'} Percales Prints-:-aoUd colors. The fine, smooth quality. Exclus- ..... Ive ,election of IS patterns. Fast tb C ashing ............... 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Ik Pat, OI. } IbCord Sewing Thread, 200 sad 300 yd. spools ...... 8c Pen|maid* Bias Tape .......... 8c RIck Rack Braid, 6 yda.....Sc Safety Pina ........................... 8c Penimaid* Tape Measure.,8[ Singer S. M. Needles,4 for 8c Dress Trimmings ................ 8 Peuimaid* Pearl Buttes..8[ lmbroidery Hoops ........ L....Sc Cotton or Rayon Elastic..$ Steel Crochet Hooks .......... 8 Panimatd* Common Pins..Ic Pmtlmaid* Skirt Belting ....8c. *. u.I. '- qe. Penlmaid "3 ."t RUF 1 LING A large vcriety of patterrs axtd colore. This trimming is ideal for Frocks and  Amrona ................. Per yd. O diana, Minnesota and Kansas. Mr. Hack states that some of those who stop here on the tour wrote him after they return home, eu- ing him that they thoroughly en- joyed the trip through thin coua- ry and they will never orget t. Billy M(:Gaug,. ..joys Birthday Celebration A birthday party was given Tuesday, August 1st for Bil 1 y McGaughy, celebrating his tents birthday at the home of his par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Mc- Gaughy, Sr. Those attending were: Patty and Audrey Kihner, rtodney and Ron aid RhiRes, Warren Cowden, l:lob- oy t-ucu, JeVvy one )onrl 3 L:t,o.l from Olympia, Danny Lynn, Jack .;j,/', rOl'tlAn al[n(leron t J,.CI ,1111 Elaine Petit John, his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Reed, his grmdmother, Mrs. H. W. Mc- Gaughy, Sr., his great aunt, Mr.;. Dora LeMay, Mrs. Jack tettijona and baby ,-ett]Jonn, and latty MeGaughy . Billy received many nice gifts and his guests were aerveu .Ke; ice cream and punch, whmh wah enjoyed by all h,s little friends. Iowa Guests At L. D. Hack tlome Wednts4hty I Wedne,,:Jay evening, Miss Grace and Miss Betty DeGrote of Hum- boldt, Is.., visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. 19. Hack. 'rrmy are visiting with Mr. aud Mrs. Victor Lattier of Bremerton nd ,hey all moored here to vimt fhe Hack's. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Stark of the Waterwheel Grocery on Hood Canal, were also present. They are all tormer Iowa rein- dents. Cameron-l'utman Weddiag Is Held Tue:lay Tuesday evening at 8 p, m. James B. Cameron and Miss L,eal Alberta Putnam, both of Shelton were married at the M. E. Par- sonage with Dr. Robert Brumlolay pe,,t,nuig t,ac mngm ring er- ,sony. 'neir attendants w e r e Wm. Robberson and Mrs. Neva Pe- eron. They will mare .t h e i r home on zlt. View In Shelton. The bride i.,, the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Bert Putnam. Past M.tro,tu Gue,ts Next Thurs'Jy Ot Mrs. Afdem The regular meeting of Pt Matrons Club will be held at the land Bay on Thursday, Augustl 10th. There will be a potluck/ luncheon at 12:30, and the East- ern Star officers have been In-. vited to attend. All are reque.ted to bring table service. Royal Neighbors To Meet Thursday Evening The Royal Neighbors Will meet this evening, Thursday, at the I.- O.O.F. hall for a regular business ,necking, The rellcsnntent;J whl be In charge of Mrs. Grace Stev-I ens anti IVlrm Bertie McKinney. O.E.S. To Honor Mrs. s .2 ,rA,;'Jale Saturday evening, there will be a reception and meeting of t he ...'astev [Star, honoring Mrs, Es- llev Grisdale, associate g' r a n d matron. There will be several grand officers present as well a' ,,slers rrom other chapter,.. low Club Picnic, To Be Held Next Sunday r ................. . residents will be intere:.,ed in the anuouneement" of a picnic of former Iowa real- dents Sunday, August 6 at Point Defiance iu Tacoma. L. D. l-Iaek is vice-president of tim group. TO ATTEND T. B, INSTITUTE : Mrs. Vernon Davidson w i I l Saturday for Seattle where she will attend a T. B. for all Seal Sale hairmen state. This is an annual Mrs. Davtdson expects to be gone two weoks, t L I I j I llll II II Gone Are The Days! 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