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August 5, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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August 5, 1971

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FIRE DESTROYED the A-frame building being used as the sales office for the Beard's Cove development on North Shore early the morning of July 28. Two summer residents of North Shore, Les Brown (left) and Dennis Moe, both from Bremerton, stopped for a look at the charred remains. Cause of the fire is being investigated. Io Io Nothing but ashes and charred wood remained of the A-frame building being used as a sales office at Beard's Cove on North Shore following an early morning fire July 28. Fifteen firemen of the Belfair He said he had talked with a caretaker of the Beard's Cove, hired by the developer, Allen Bowden, and learned that only papers were kept in the office. The alarm for the fire was turned in by Deputy Jack Hauge By Leo & Margaret Livingston -- CR 5-6421 Eloisa San Luis is among the festival and organization queens from all over the West who are special guests of the Seattle Seafair. Eloisa left Belfair July 29 expedition to Sekiu on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. She had 17 punches on her card, including a 24-pounder, a 21% pounder, 18 and 16 pounders• Elmer caught Mr. and Mrs. Mandas Nelson have returned home to Terra Linda after a six-week trip. New neighbors: Mr. and Mrs. Fire department turned out to of the Belfair office of the Mason Walter Baselt have purchased the fight the blaze with three fire County Sheriff's office, to stay at royal quarters at the five or six All were Kings, caught trucks. Three other firemen Accompanied by Leon Smith, Olympic Hotel, Seattle, until " " Ethel Stees home near Swansons lived aboard their boat while at the Belfair end of the North remained on standby in the who works part-time for the August 2. She joins a bevy of on hernng and cut plugs. They store. The Baselts formerly lived fourth truck belonging to the Sheriff's department, Hauge had queens from Alaska to California there They have a 21-foot ,, . .: .... Shore road. They are leasing out t~elnell, the uaa district until the engines were just gone by Beard's Cove, with who are participating in the ' their former home Their back at the stations ready for neither man noticing anything Seafair parade and other events. James H. Huffman was host.at cnuaren, .......... Alan, LO, tsraa" 13,'" anu" service at 2:30 a.m. The fire call wrong But a little over a mite Eloisa, an exotic dark-haired a recent family picnic on the ......... ~onme, x6 ann dogs Lucre & • beauty, was chosen queen by the Little Mission It was the occasion .~ - ' ......... was received at 1 05 a m r h Shore • ~OOKle, were also uengllteo With • : • • further along No t Filipino-American council of the of the birthday of his daughter .......... Cause of the fire was towards Belfair, Smith happened _ ' me move July J/ wnlcn took unknown. Fire Chief Bill DeMiero to look back toward~ the flats and Pacific Northwest, Seattle. She is Mrs Barbara Hunt with all of the ........ said the floor in the center of the • " " " e ir 16 and a sophomore at North local" Huffman and' Hunt famines" ,. tnem ......... to me waterlront. Mrs. • . . t~aselt was oorn on boutn ~nore saw flames leaping into th a . Mason High School. She is the in attendance Also ceteoratlng ......... " one-room office had burned "~au e of "-e f'e is bein .''" . . .. ~orm ~nore reslaents have • . . t_ s m lr • g daughter of Mrs. Fred (Aurora) a birthday In July IS Mrs. t, race .......... through which could indicate that ..... . . ~ . been ouymg me new noou t_.anal the fire had started in that area. mvesugatea. Fontanilla of the North Shore• Hunt John Hunt, 18, ~s on a ........... "'" . . . art 1~)tl calendars wmcn support She was born in Manila and came bicycle and camping trip to . . ' ..... the Belfalr hbrary. Some have to Belfair with her mother and Victoria and Vancouver tslano ......... .......... • oougnt rive or ten ior Lnrlstmas ~~~~~~~~I brothers when she was 101/2 years beautltlCatmn news: wilton ........ - BONDED LICENSED INSURED old. and Esther Jon .on Mission ........... " ""ns .. presents, lne Llvmgstonsnave - CONTRACTING BUILDING = young son, planting , ,'.'.,SOlaaoout/oottheseconectorSite~'- JESFIELD CON TRUCTION Seafair visitors for sure this Creek have oeen worKlng nara . ....... . t , ' . ... . , lt|~ WltlluUt tlyl.g. week will be Mrs. Fontanilla and lanuscapmg, putnng in a lawn, -- = -- Fred Fontanilla, Jr., trees..• Blacktopping Floyd Williams, near Pleasant -=- CABINET WORK • CONCRETE WORK __-_ who will be applauding when the has been completed at Terra Cove, is now collecting choice old floats go by... The other Linda. (but unwanted) items for sale at -- Ben Jesfield P.O. Box 11 Jim Jesfield -- members of the family will be Neal Halvorson, Mission the Belfair Flea Market this coming =------ CR 5-2652 Belfair, Washington CR 5-6684 ~_ busy on the Fontanilla berry farm Creek, is reported to be making weekend. Aug. 7 & 8. Proceeds go as the season comes to an end. slow but steady recovery to Mason County Historical ~~~~~1~~~E More and more Californians following his stroke last May. Society. ~'-~.'.-%~.N~ ,,.~~,~~ are visiting the scenic wonders of ~ Mrs.the North Shore. House guests OfGrace Hunt are Mrs. Ruth I--------------------~;ERV[CES .......... , Tune-ups Minor Repair Work Barnes and Mrs. Shirley Duncan. They originally hail from SEPTIC TANKS--DRAIN FIELDS 24 Hr. Wrecker Service Vermont, as does Mrs. Hunt. TOP SOIL -- SAND -- GRAVEL -- FILL DIRT CR $-2077 'Shangri-la" is how Mrs. , INSURED LICENSED BELFAIR MOBIL Laura Whitedescribesthetranquil I' FRANK D MIERO . odo, o, ,easa t .ve whe e she made a return visit to ttood Canal to visit the Livingstons. She } CR 5-6155 Belfair, Wash. fives in the handsome community Lee Lopriore--BUILDER WE HAVE BUILDING LOTS WE HAVE FINANCING, VARIABLE INTEREST NEW CONSTRUCTION -- REMODELING LICENSED -- INSURED -- BONDED CR 5-2021 of Cardiff-by-the-Sea in southern California, but is entranced by the evergreen clad hills and blue waters. Oda Beard enthusiastically reports she outfished her husband, Elmer, during a fishing For Delivery Seattle Times Phone CR 5-2402 Ervin Furchert Page 4 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shelton-Mason County Journal - August 5, 1971 RETAIL & WHOLESALE FRESH LIVE or STEAKS Phone MonaRCH cLams, Inc. or John Ewart, Pres. 265-6670 1 Mile No. of AHyn Dan Ewart, Mgr. i By JEANNINE PETERSON -- 2t5-3B 5 Ah? Summer continues, in spite of the Almanac and it's lovely! The swimming pool is fun all day and 1 just wring the twins out before they go to bed. Fishing is also an avid pastime and they have caught some beauties." Eighteen perch one day that were 12 to 16" long. Also some very large bass have been caught in the Lagoon at Paradise. A 24" bass was caught at Calm Cove recently too. What fish are you catcing out of our lakes? Quite a few people are vacationing here for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Rowe are here for the rest of the summer, with a week taken out to tour Hood Canal by boat. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Patterson from Portland are spending their fourth week and Mrs. L. Z. DeSpain is staying out and her husband has been commuting to Seattle. Our next door neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hay from Aberdeen, are here for the summer and contemplate building a permanent home in the near future. They have the two young boys who would attend Grapeview School.There were three permanent residents in Paradise when we moved here four years ago, now there are 10. Talk about the population explosion ! Doug and Hazel Sayan and their children spent a different kind of vacation. They flew to Victoria, B.C. for 3 days of sightseeing and shopping. Then returned to entertain Seattle friends over the weekend. The population at Jerry Hills' has increased too with a Shetland Pony, and a dog and cat this summer. Pete Hill is vacationing with his sister in Alaska this summer and is enjoying it so much he is looking for work so he can stay longer• Bad luck continues to plague our son Steve's '57 Volkswagen. Last fall the motor was overhauled and lasted about two weeks. Then it sat in our front yard for 10 months waiting for the money to accumulate for another overhaul. Finally a rebuilt motor was purchased and installed and he and Keith Bystrom left for a week's trip around the Olympic Peninsula• Two days later the phone rang and he had proceeded as s far as Quilcene, it gave up the ghost there so you know who went to the rescue! Dear old Dad towed it back to the garage in Gorst. (Luckily it had a 90 day guarantee ! ! !). An article in the Seattle paper not long ago referred to ducks with the feather top-notches as being very rare nowadays, Well, not at Mason Lake. The first one we noticed was an orphan that adopted our children in our swimming area about four years ago. She was distinguished because her little hat sat on the side of her head. Now every year she adds another one to her family. Pete says "even the Ducks are growing long hair"• Kim Kimmel returned last week from a week's visit with her sister and brother-in-law at Rhododendron, near Mt. Hood in Oregon. On her return home she picked up our cousin, Velma, in Vancouver and brought her back for a few days visit. John and Jean Moore had a "Dog Watch Evening" last week. Everyone gathered around the bonfire on the beach waiting for their dog Gi Gi to bless the family with puppies• Anyone want a peekapoo? Don't forget the Salmon Bake at the MBC Club the 21st of August• Dancing and live music too. Mark your calender• Next Tuesday the 10th, the Women's Fire Auxiliary will meet and the following Friday the 13th (That's unlucky!) is the MBC Club meeting. Alice Jean and Slim Mendenhall's family is busy and certainly spread over the world. I'm sure everyone misses those smiling faces at the Marina. Dave is stationed at Kadena Air Force Base on Okinawa. He was married to a lovely little blond, Isabella Louise from Seattle on June 21st. The weather is very hot and humid there, he reports• His twin brother, Bill, is leaving for Russia to attend the University of Lenningrad after Labor Day. He will visit his sister, Kathy, in Denver before flying over for the fall quarter. The red-head, Pat, is head of the Kent-Auburn Civil Air Patrol and is very busy and working hard this summer with that organization, so we haven't seen much of him, either. He very much wants to attend the Air Force Academy when he finishes high school. Good luck, Pat. The oldest boy, Doug, is out of the Service now and attending the University of Kansas. He is working toward his doctorate. Certainly a family to be proud of. A "Spur of the Moment" party at the MBC Club was enjoyed by about 40 people recently. It was a "bring your own food, etc," party• They tried to contact all the members, but that is nigh on to impossible during the summer• It was fun, I'm told, and all members are welcome at these gatherings. Mrs. Lou Pazaski is spending the summer at the Lake. A1 Rodewald has been doing extensive remodeling on her cabin and it is going to be real nice. Her children have been visiting her off and on and helping her paint and fix. That big annual dance at the Victor Hall is scheduled for the 7th of August• This is to raise money to operate the Allyn Aid Car. If you can't make the dance, BUY A TICKET. The Aid Car has done a remarkable job for our whole community in the past few years and certainly is a worthwhile cause. (You may need it next.t) The dance is always fun, however, with lots of good food and a good band for dancing, so attend if you can. Dick and Bea Schnettler and and Gorst Sub.Station CR 5-61 I0 ES 3-2785 ! Week Only For pick-up & delivery at UNION leave name and number at Union Tavern. Mr. Chin (their dog)spent 10 days rock hunting in eastern Oregon recently. Madras, Prineville, and Lebonon on their list of desolate places visited. (That's a matter of opinion, of course, but I wouldn't want to live there; I was raised with the rattlesnakes in Burns) It was hot in the interior but cool on the Coast, so they returned early• Was a fun trip, I'm told. Rudy and Dolores Zingier spent two enjoyable weeks vacationing the first of July. They visited Dolores's son Eddie, and K'lea Davies in San Francisco, Rudy's son Brian and family in Fresno and Dolores's X-lnlaws. While in Fresno, Rudy had a checkup at the hospital for an infection. In LA they stayed with Dolores's sister Birdie and Harold Nunn. She works for Universal Studios and they had a most enjoyable trip through the Studios, lunching in the same dining room as Robert Young, Jonathon Winters, Gaff Gordon, Susan Plechet, Eddie Albert and numerous others. Then on to Las Vegas where they took in all the shows, and then last stop before home, Duchesne, Utah. A day at Disneyland was enjoyed while in LA too• Sounds like a great vacation (I'm jealous). l~aK~e, art~ son ~te,~e of ~e~-~/ • Hills, are on their third week of a month's vacation at their place at Bald Point• Last year they did considerable remodeling and were pushed up to the last minute of their vacation in completing work started to insure against damage by the winter rains and snow. This year they are enjoying the fruits of their labor. This vacation hasn't found them idle, as there were inside jobs to be done but the pressure isn't there - matter of fact Franks's been busy helping others in their remodeling jobs. Sure is refreshing to see how they all pitch in and help one another up there - something that seems lacking in city living these days. Sure glad you got the sunshine you hoped for - shall we put in an order for some snow come Christmas? A slide caused a two-hour power outage last week when about five-trees knocked down the lines. Volunteers from Tahuya Fire Department responded when a small brush fire started from the sparking lines, and also helped in cutting the fallen trees in order to keep traffic moving while awaiting the road and power crews. Residents may as well resign themselves to more of the same unless something is done in certain areas of the North Shore Road where overhanging trees are Harriette Newkirk Private funeral services were held for Harriette A. Fardo, 82, of Newklrk Road in Be|fair July 28 at MiUer-Woodlawn Funeral Home in Bremerton. Mrs. Fardo died July 26 at the Martha and Mary Nursing Home in Poulsbo after a lingering illness. She underwent major surgery 6 years ago after being in frail health for years but she never regained her strength, being an invalid the past 2 years. She was born Harriette Tunell, Dec. 12, 1889,in Keister, Minn. Mrs. Fardo was raised on a farm in Minnesota and then moved to Chicago, I11., at age 18 where she lived 20 years. In 1929 she married Frederick Fardo in Los Angeles, Calif., and they moved to Arizona in 1942. They moved to the northwest in 1944, living in Spokane (Spokane County) and Seattle. In 1956 they moved to Belfair to the farm of their daughter andson-in-law and later to their own home where they have resided since. During the 1920's, Mrs. Fardo was a milliner, hand-making elaborate veiled, beaded and feathered hats of the day. She also painted on cloth many years before it became a well known medium, being commissioned to do hangings and pillows. In later years, before it, too, became well-known, she did decoupage, creating several outstanding furniture designs for her own home. Her last creative efforts were hooked rugs which won county fair blue ribbons, and the landscaping of her homes in Kirkland and Belfair. Organization memberships include a lifelong membership of the Lutheran Church, friend and supporter of the Belfair Community Baptist Church. Mrs. Fardo, unable to be active many years, supported several churches and charity groups. Survivors include her husband, Frederick, of the family home; a daughter, Mrs. Lee (Claire) Lopriore of Belfair; two sisters, Mrs. Rhoda Saucke of F July Richland Center, Wis., and Mrs. Clara Grey of Seattle; nieces, Mrs. George (Alverta) White of Milwaukee, Wis., Miss Florence Tunell of Minneapolis, Minn., and Mrs. Harry (Leone) Redman of Waiters, Minn.; nephew, Gene Saucke of Richland Center, Wis.; and numerous nieces and nephews of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Officiating at the service was the Referend Milton Nesse of Our Savior's Lutheran Church, with burial following at Forest Lawn Cemetery. Remembrances may be made to a favorite charity. "oOmg d,o~x~ tt~o~xt t~ae sit-aat~_o~. "0/inter ~ be lxere before long anti with any amount oi snow we can expect power outages again as happens every year. Something should be done now as a preventative measure - area residents deserve a break - and not in the power lines again - they have just about reached the saturation point ! !! Roy and Mary Russell's siamese cat finally had her kittens - four of them. It was her first litter and they were afraid to leave her alone at the last and also afraid to take her along when they went anywhere, so it more or less curbed any excursions they had in mind. Last week they took off for Portland - cat, kittens, litter box and all!! I see where sports fishermen can use more than one pole now!! What good is that when there aren't any f'mh to be caught? I know our Governor likes to ski, and no doubt owns a lot of equipment for his favorite sport. I wonder, however, how much salmon fishing gear he and Thor Tollefson own - or if own, ever use. If indeed they own any, perhaps they should try their luck .in this part of Hood Canal sometime - there are few salmon left to come down this far after the gill netters and purse seiners get through, Last year we caught a lot of fish - EVERY one had gill net marks on them - this year, and we are not alone, almost every fishing excursion ends up as a boat ride!! Two or three poles per person indeed - if there were any fish here to be caught,one pole would be sufficient! t Harriette Fardo Claarinl Earth Movin| Road Buildin| GRAVEL--SAND--ROCK FREE ESTIMATES Days CR 5-2837 Eves. CR 5-2152 LOCAL CONTRACTOR CR 5-22315 Zedtk C0br/ll tt W/Y-hdbs.Hi-Frs CHANNEL MASTER ANTENNAS SERVICE ON ALL MAKES Have Tubes - Will Travel CR 5-6244 HOURS: 10 - 6:30 DALLY --- SAT, ONLY: 10 - 1,30 August 5, 1971 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shelton-Mason County Journal - P.age 5 Wes Griffey CR 5-2117 Lou Dobbs 11111 6-4783 D & G TREE SERVICE, TOPPED, TRIMMED OR REMOVED FULLY INSURED