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August 12, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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August 12, 1941

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WW um“ o You AN’T “SE FIN|_3___A [BUYERI list WANLADS L SE»; of SW14 (Less 3% acres) Ex«l"wmm""""' l cepted ground all of Olympic Highway. Section 28 NEE/4 of NEW}, NWI/t of NEl/1, SWVA, of NEM, of NWl/t, 0f NW1,./i. Section 30 NW’A deposited cllctk amount $653.31. and l'r'i“lV"(! a credit of $66.66 liiliking a total 115i: period, July Cheek land unexpired l' ’ ’ of $750.00 to covo. lil ' Jllllc 1911 turned st l’i om Mrs. Bay :iilt ll. Treasurer. Etlli'l lFllZ. of NEl/Q. NWI/t, NW 1/4 . NE‘A “'ilS Reqi SE14 NWlfi SE 1/4 of NW‘A. SW% of NW%, SE14 0f NVVl/Jt. NEE; 0f SW14, SWI/i. (12°) 0 T I (l E HEREBY GIVEN in Conformity with an ard of County ason County. State Of 3’ made and entered 5 August, 1941. order- ..lgned to by law (Section 133. of 1927). Saturday, 1341 at the ' ‘11 the forenoon of said _t door of the Court Clty or Shelton, offer for sale. minimum advertising and highest and the right. title. Mason County. however, all public or alleys f o r ' County Engineer be instructed to pre— . , . . liardman, specii ications Olympia. at Walker pare plans and new ferry for Harstine. Minutes of Julie meetings Were read and approved. Board adjourned. Monday, Board met, all were present. This being the time set for ingr on proposed Plat Harned's—Tahuya Canal W. F- Tracts, proper notice appears from things Drive. that Cal'l'i d. pcrll’iisslon denied. Financial statement from Department of Highways showing: unexpendcd hal- ances for month of May, received and filed. This being the time set for hearing on Applic tion for Franchise to cross ' . Departmi‘nt of‘ Ad— l-oolp Park 5 in was BO Com- N W 1,4 SE 1/ of SW14, 4 of SWI/i. Section . NEV, of NE‘A, NWMol‘ NEE/i. SW14 of NEIA, NIVI/i, yo July 14th, 1941 sell. hear— and SE 14 NEl/i. NINIA- of NWl/i. NW'A, SEl/t of NW1/4, SWI/i of SW14, of SW14. SW14 Townshi LaWs Jones 1 On her, the un- the 6th hour l". by Interior county Bonneville Powwr ‘ lilinistration. proper notice, having been affidavit necessary halving been :vppt'~al'in§: and seconded that the franchise be signed and approved, carried, Clriii‘iis having affidavits on necessary having done, and no one appearing to object. it was moved and seconded that plat and presented1 carried. been given SFli . iile, of SE14. SE14. SW14 NEH of SE14, SE14. p.21 North, Range 5 and b c 0 n from given, file, everything done ject. appears and ' w < Section 14 it Wis of NWIAV NEl/i of SWl/i. NW1; of SVVl/i, SWl/t of SW14, SE11. of SW‘/. Section 22 NEl/t. be accepted. “""""'l to Auditor for filing, Joe McKiel and O. K. Linscott ap— peared regarding formation of Fire Protection District and were that the matter was in the hands of the Election Board. Payment of $23.00 equipment . a roveu price pp SE14 to the allowed. Board adjourned to meet :i'rrain Mon- 10 O'Clock and advised ‘ NEIA SW14 of NEl/t. of SW14. SWTA, NEl/t of SE14, NWIA of SE14” SEM of SEV, SW14 of SE14, Section 23 NW‘A. SW’M of NVVIA, NE% of SW14 ' SWIM. SW14, SE 1/1, SW14, NEW/5 SW Vi 0f , NW 1/1 , NVVlIt of NEH/t, NEVA, of SW1/4, day, August 4th, 1041 SE14 streets SW14 SEI/t gllts—of-Way by. or sought to be for public by said that BOAT (‘i’iMllllSSIONERS T RlilNCKMANN. of the gravel Col lNTY by O. G. Capital Hill was turned over Paul. a n d Silvers, by Mr. ‘ Payment of $3.00 to Road Districtl No. 2 for Raylig was made by Fred . Ferris, It was moved and bridge on or n rental madsthls date DEOVided Sale of forest products in and to described real proper- said County and State, ' 'l» . n g I i v or stream. Chan ..ia.. l o ml REL/L NWié of NWIA” Attest: HA RRV DEYETTE. ClPl'k Of H11: further SW“ NE 1A. SWl/i. SE14. SEl/i NWl/t of SE1/.i. SE33 of SE Section NEl/i. of NE 11,, SEl/i NW2. SE14 Board. Contracts, seconded t h at and Allyn Creek being Mason Lake Road No. across Sherwood be closed to all traffic. Carried. NWl/i of NEIA, NEi/i of NVVlrt, of NWI/z/t» ' SW14, NW‘A OI" SW14, SW13 of SW”. . of SW14, NE14 _ Of 8191/}, SW% of SEl/t, SE14 of SEV, Section 26 SVVl/i 01° NE‘A, SE14 0f NEj/t. SWV, of NWIA, of SW34. SW14, 815% Of SVVM; NEE}; of SET/i, 0f SE‘A. NOTlCE OF SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT ELECTION hereby given dents of School District No. 20 Mason County, , ington, that a special election will be held August 2 gymnasium in said school district between the hours of 4 p. m. and 8 p. m. for the purpose of voting upon a special five—mill levy upon property within the said district, the purpose of which is to raise funds necessary to the operation of the Tahuya grade school 'during the ensuing school term. (Signed) KNOWLTON, Clerk of the board, School District No. 20, Mason County,'VVash. 8-5—‘12—2t. Same Tract 15 ~and Isabella unsafe. Regarding curity Administrator, it appearing that ranking persons the S.D.S.S. had SW 1,1 Tra‘ct selection NE 1,3, Lake . IOCk 27 Social Offer $50.00. 0. NEl/t Notice resi- three mended by secured employment, and State i‘econl- SE14 of SE 1,4, NVVV, already moved writ/o Security Carried. NW1d. . NW1/4'. ection 12. Twp. 20 N., Offer $200.00. .. . SEI/t ,3"- Dlatted in Island except right of . Section 1, Twp. Offer $52.00. Tract No. H d as follow.: r>er 0f Section 8. Town- Range 4 West W.M North line of SW14 m»"3011th 14.25 chains ‘thcnce along said 93' easterly to a point ' beginning: to point of begin- 10.175 Acres.) SE 1/4 NE 1A 2 Wash— SE 1,4 (Talluya) it was seconded that Clerk Department of Social and ask for a further list. The names first submitted by the D.S.S. being C. E. Stanton, Gertrude, Thomas and Alice Bailey. Letter from Mrs. regarding road oil, that the. money for oilinzf. roads is now ‘ all obligated. , It was moved and seconded that‘ closing date of applications for Coun-i ty Land Sale No. 12 be set for July‘ 26th, carried. Notice from Washington State Liq- uor Control Board of transfer of liq- uor licenses from Elmer F. Millo, Old Hoodsport, NE 1A, SW14 of NW 1/1 , SW14. SE 1,4. 1941, at the NWJ/j SE Vi NWJ/i of SE 1/1 . of SE14, NEi/é, SW 1,4 Section 27 of NEH/4, SW1/4 of N_E1/,. SEl/i of NINA. Section 35 Nwl/l Frank Cleveland to reply NW 14 2 of Clerk NE»; of NE%. SW14 of NEIA, SE14, of NEl/i, NEl/t of SE14, SW14; of SE14, SE14 of SE l/ Township 20 North, Range 4 W.W.M. Section of SVVl/i. of SWI/t, NE 1,4 SW 1/1. NE Vi NW’l/l of SW14, NW1/4 thence SE14 Section of NEH/4. , swig. of NEl/t. SE14 of NEl/i. NEu of NVV%, NWI/l. SW14, Nw1/4 of SW14. SW14 of SW14. SE1/t of SW14, NEu of SE14, NW1; of SE14, SE14. . EFFIE L. Mill Horne. Letter from Director of Highways submitting estimate of the, amount of money which will be accrued to of Mason Motor Vehicle; year 1942 924.00. Statement from Department of High— ways advising the gas for the month $10,127.22. Report of Agriculturist for month of June received and approved. Letter from State College of Wash- ington asregards soil son County \Vheeting will regarding same. Two applications for sale of County land received. . This being the time, set for hearing on Kamilche Point Herd District Pe- The following record of votes Immediate forma—‘ Tavern, Neoma ' NWt/t, ~ 9 N., Range 5 W.W. SE 1/.i 14 NE ‘A of 1,4. 1 NWA NWV‘ SE 1/4, credit County Fund for the calendar Estimate $116,— NE 1/ from angc 5 W.VV. NE !,{: North 30 NW1/ Section “863 6 Of- OMER L. DION. Treasurer of Mason County. 8-12-19-25~—3t. NI. R SEI/i. SEl/L 1 Directors” SW 4 CALL FOR BIDS FOR WOOD School District No. 42, South? Bids are open for twenty old growth. 3 sound, dry wood piled in the shed Bids will be open— ed August 25th, 1941. Mail bids to district No. 8-5-7-12g3t. Section 6 ‘ SE14 of SW14, NW1/4 of SE14. SW14 of SE14, Section 10 NE1/4 of NElt, NWy, of NEl/i. swy, walgElii‘fVV f NW1' SW1/ of NW1/ 3. 0 /.1. 4 4,. “ IA .314 of SW14. NW1/, of SW14, SE1/1 of SW14, may; of 8131/, NWI/t of SEl/i, S'WIA of 313%.. SE14 of SEl/i, NE Vi Vt SE‘A. NWVP tax allotment 1941 to g of SE14, SE 1A, ‘ Side. , ricks of May, of 16 inch SE14 NE 14. NE v. at schoolhouse. SE14 of NWI/i. survey for Ma—‘ Doctor later this month advising that call Frank 42, Rt. 3 Shelton. Binns, clerk ATER RIGHT N N0. 5539 - on Office of .Su- . Ydl'aulics Olympia AY, CONCERN: given that Joel 0. Section 11 NWVL SE14 of NW‘A, Section 15 SW% of NEIA, NE% of NWI/t, NEM1 Section 19' SE1 f Nilvi/IWIA' o .. wa'nship 20*North, Range 5 W.W.M. Section 2 (Lot 3). “’1 ATIO of 1 “hingt . of NVVl/4, of NOTICE APPLICATION of “'asliington OF WATER RIGHT NO. 5473 Office of of Hydraulics Olympia. TQ WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: is hereby given that Elmer Hiller of Hoodsport, ing‘ton. under date filed With Hydraulics, State. pcrvisor tition. were tallied: . tion of Herd District~16-2. formation of Herd District~10—3. layed formation of Herd District~17fi It appearing that the majority of per— sons favored delaying the formation of the herd district the board so or- dered. Resolution North Shore Road Oiling' Project was approved and signed. Resolution re Bridge Filling Project was approved and signed. Resolution re oiling Secondary State Highway 14 A to the School House .2 mile distant all in the town of Al- lyn be approved and signed,'carried. It was moved and seconded that bill for care of Andrew Johnson in sums of $75.00 und $25.00 be allowed to Dr. 1 B. N. CollYer, Board adjourned. Monday, of SE14, NWJA elfai date E, State State of Wash- August 4, 1941. .Supervisor of lea, Washington, an permit to divert the Against SW14 De‘ ' Notice, State of VVash- ot May 24, 1941, Supervisor ‘ Olympia. Washington, application for a permit to divert the public waters of an unnamcd spring, of a. second foot, subject to existing rights, from 1 of each year for the purpose of irrigation and con-. for domestic NEIA NW14 of NWI/t, SW14, SW34, of SW14. SE34 of SW14, Section 3 SE14 of NEl/t, NEl/l of SW'l/n, SE14 Railroad right NW% of SEV, of va. ' (Lot 4), swv. of NW1/4, SE1/4 of SWJ/t, unuamed stream, 02‘second foot, sub- rights, SI of each year for I‘1gation and contin- 0 Supply: into. State NW’A from April V§,ir the amount of 0.02 that the f diversion is 10- Olut t 1 of of SW11; way) NE 1/4\ SW 1.4 (Less of SE 14. SEVI April 15 to October Section -v Range W. w. M.. A map showing the ‘ n of said diversion the proposed use I‘EIS’fcllffieei of the State rauics, together with s 3: required by law. corporation injuriously af- aindication may file ,Supervisor of Hyd- Dla. Washington, such of SE14, ship 20 North, Range 5, W.W.M. SW14 of SE14, SE14 of SE14, Section 1 (Less railroad right- of way), SE14, of NE1/4,NE1/4 of SW14, of SW14. Section 14 SW14 tinuously approximate r rated withi that thcl point of diversion is 10- of Section 12, To‘wnship 22 'N., Range 4 W. W. in map showing the of said diversion use; ,Lot 4 NE% of NE% Mason County. ,location and plan and the place of the proposed use is on file in the office of the State Su~ Hydraulics. together with such other information as is required by law. Any person, whose fected with the Olympia. ueli other SE V4 NWM; carried. of NE1/4, NE% of NW%, SE14 of NWI/t, NE% of SW14, SW14. SE14. of SE14. NW%. of NE%. NE‘A Of NW%, SE14 of NW%, NEl/i of SW14. SE34, SWV; July 19, 1941. meeting to consider appli- cants for position of County Admin-1 Board met and all Glenn Radcliff ap- , pcrvisor Olympia. . Washington, Special NW1/4 of SW14. of SW14. SW14 of SE14. Section 18 istrator. bers were present. peared and was interviewed. Fox appeared and J. R. Patterson was also viewed. Board reserv Monday. Board adjourned. July let, 1941, 10 O'Clock A. M. Board met, all were present. It was moved and seconded that charity bed at Hospital be authorized for Andrew Johnson. carried. , Copy of petition of Laura M. Pow-‘ Carl Smith, WPA: Congressmen signed ask- mcm- firm ‘ corporation right Will injuriously af— said application may file State Supervisor, of raulics, at Olympia, Washington, such objections or representations, in writ— ing. as he may desire to make, with- in thirty (30) days after date of last publication, which date is August 12, 1941. Witness SEl/n William interviewed, inter— ed decision until Sentations, in writ< esire to make, with- S after date of last date is August 19, SW14 of and was Hyd- SEM, of SW14, of SE14, THURSTON COUNTY Township 18 North, Range 1 W.VV. Hi 5’ hand and official seal “gust, A. D, 1941. :T. BARTHOLET. isor of Hydraulics. 8-12-19-—2t. Section 2 SW14 of NEl/t, SE14 of NE‘A, SW14 of NWIA ,(Lese county road). of NW’1/4, SW14, SW14 of SW14, SE14 of SW%. NE1/4 .“Derv hand and official seal ‘thi's 18th day of June, A. D. CHAS. .I. EARTH State Supervisor of Hydraulics. 8—5—12—2t. 941. LET, NE V. , of SW14, NW14 0N .7. l It 110k", ers et al, to Mr. Administrator, and Senators at Washington, by 309 Mason County residents. ing that WPA be reinstated in Ma-’ son County, received and filed. Mr. A. C. Bayley appeared for Mr. Ernest Carlson with proposed Plat of Potlatch Beach Tracts, and seconded that Monday, July 28th. 1941 at 10:00 O’Clock A. M. at Commissioners Room, House, Shelton, Washington, be desig- nated as the time and place for hear— ing on same, carried. , Mr. A. C. Bayley appeared for Na- tional Bank of Commerce of Seattle. with proposed Plat of Clifton Beach Tracts Division No. 3. and seconded that Monday, 4th, 1941, at 10:00 A. M. at Commis— sioners room at Court House. at Shel- ton be designated as time and plaCC. for hearing, Mr. ERS PROCEEDINGS 19“, Monday regular session. Pres- aann. Chairman. , “‘3 Fred Ferris, Jr., nd Harry Deyette. (SEAL) and of NE1/4 (Less county road). NW%, of NE%. SE14 county of NE1/4 of NElAt, SE14 of NW1/4. W1/4 of SE14 of NWV, of SW%. Vin- 1437 road). SW14 OF SALE PUBLIC AUCTION Superior (‘oui't \Vasliington County of Mason In Probate of the Estate NOTICE NE 1/4 Section 10 W‘lfl NE 14 NEW, BO 0f SE14. a of th e and SW0 of NW1/,. SW14, SE14 of SW14, NW1/4 of $113.14, Part of the 81/2 of NW1/4 commencmg 8O rods S. of the NW section eorner,‘ intersection with line running through W. to W. . beginning. Township 19 North, Range 1 ‘ Section 34 NW1/4, 0f NEi/i ‘(Less county road), SW‘A 0f NEl/l. of SE14. NW1/4: time set for con- of NEIA. sed plat of , acts No. . 511g been given as ldavit on file and SM? having ‘1 and seconded that approved and pre- 01‘ filing, carried. strict Engineer _Hum Creek Bridge 1Ved and filed. f Treasurer's cash was examined and Elmpo it was moved Tr In the Matter WARD DICKENSON PAYNE, Deceas- Notice hereby given that in com— pliance With the order of court here- tofore entered cause of ED— at the Court and 80 rods; sottthly. section; spring 8 n . b e line of e imw “ in the above-entitled administratrix will for sale at public auction at the east front (1001‘ of ‘the county courthouse ' Shelton, County of Ma— e. 01 Washington, at the hour of 10:00 o clock in the forenoon of the 21st day or August, 1941. the follow- lng described real estate: _MAS()N COUNTY Township 21‘ North, Range 2 seNiVl/‘n 4 f E SW . 1,4. o S Min 1 of SEW. . Sectiim 10 NEl/i, ol' SEMI. NEJA ni' SW74 of NWustion 1/ 44- of SW14. A' NE" NE1/4 - NEH SW1/4 of ,of SE14, 'SE1/4.. NWV; of S‘ of SW14, hr f offer . Crete of 'OH SE14 of NEIA, (Less county road), NE% of- NW%, That the property will be. sold to the highest bidder: that all bidders must , prepared to pay not $21,000.00 in cash; which is the min- imum sale price set by the court. Daitsgd] at Shelton, Washington, July 28, VALEVE PAYNE WEBBER. Administratrix. in the City of It was moved son, Stat August SW14 SE54 ' E- Lockwood et al f county road known eflue Hoodsport. cended that petition Monday, August 4th 0mmissioners Room 9 designated as time. aI‘lng on same, quDr Control ansfer license from 0 Neoma Home-Old Sport, Washington. carried. Larson appeared to apply tori position of County Administrator I Welfare: and was interviewed. In the matter of appointment of a County ’ Administrator. having been made, having been interviewed. it was moved 1. and seconded that Glenn Radcliff be appointed. Notice from less ' se “kl may, of SE 1,. of SE 1,4, ” SEI/ of Nrji nr srl‘li, ‘ /" SWVi SE'A SWIA SE 1, t 0 SE 1,1, several applications car- and applicants SE ‘A . NW 14 SE1"; Section of NW ‘/i. of SW 1,5,, DOANE BRODIE. ttorney for the Estate, ngle Building, Washington. 7-29. 8—5-12-19—4t. Board SW carried. of SW’A. Director of Hi of approval of resolution initiating the 1 improvement of Satsop River Bridgk’. received and filed. , Check in the amount of $1700.00 m_ settlement of Insurance for . house on County Farm. was received from Agricultural Insurance Co.. in to Treasurer. It was moved and seconded that Resolution for Improvement C-600-26 be rescinded and rendered of no ef-; fect, carried. Claims allowed. Bond of CRP No. A.th hwy" Shelton. . 1* \m Matlock Economic urge that consider- . budgeting for . .‘ ‘01: Agent at next were non-com- would consider SW14. SVVH/{t Section 15 . NWI/t NW‘/& of NEH/t. of SE14, of SE14, of SW%,, of NEl/i,‘ of NE‘A. NE‘A SW11, NEH; ’Df SW14. V14, SWl/t oil SW14. Section 21 _ , NWl/li, of SE14, SW9; SE V4 01' SEE", Section 22 01' NW‘A. N0. 3997 . In the Superior Court of the State 0 Washington for Mason County. GERALD J. SMITH, Plaintiff. , vs. ELMA SMITH. Defendant. STATE OF WAS Smith, Defendant: NEl/L, S U of NEE/.1. NE‘A. SEII/EVW‘A loss of , d and SE18 ‘they v time. eWis appeared as a 9 Garden Club to all they can to ruction of For: lDWers along Coun- Oélrd agreed to co- re ti turned ‘E1/4 H’INGTON to Elma You are‘hereby summoned to ap— pear w1th1n date of the first publication of this within sixty days. day of June, 1941, and bove entitled action the court aforesaid and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorney for plaintiff at his office addreqsbelow stated, and in case of your failure so _to do. judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint which has been filed With the Clerk of said court. . The ob ect of. this ‘action on the part of t e,plaintiff‘is to secure a divorce from the defendant. . W. GRAHAM, Attorney for tiff. Suite 5, Gove Shelton, Wash. u 8-5-12—7t. NEI/ of SEI/ of Sin-414, NE 1/ SW 1/4 *or of NW1/4, NW 1.4 5121/1 dest sixty (60) days F. Forbes. Contractor; Road Oiling. ' amount of $13,205.25 was examined approved. Received from H. E. Peterson f0? raylig $6.00 for the credit of RoadI . County Road Fund, and turned over to Treasurer. , In the matter of building Ferry. 1t NW% of Slim1 was moved and seconded that Resolution be approved, Permit was , Inc. to lay 380 ft. of 1%" water 13190 along the south side of H street “1: Mountain View Add., and bond in the amount of $100.00 was approved. Board adjourned. Monday, July 28th, 1941. Board met. all were present. This being the time set for ing on proposed Plat . Beach Tracts, proper notice haVUf‘v been given as appears from affldaVltS' on file. and all things necessary 1" , ing beer! done, and no one appearing. to object, it was moved and scconde that plat be accepted, approved presented to Auditor for filing. Antone Goetsch 31" n to move ter Creek summons. to-wit: after the 30t NW 1/ 4 defend the SWV of NWV, 1 4. SW14 of NW‘A. SE14 NW1/t of SW14, Section of NWI/L' Section 28 swig1 me set for opening oad OilinE. 1 313.460.50 and J. ' 5- The Board de- Wednesday, July Diesel District No. NE! NEVI. ‘\ , NEl/n of SW14. SE14 of SE14, Section 31 NW1/4, W14. SE14 of NW1/, Section .of NWI/i. Township 21 North, NrVNI ~ of Slit/434C?1 of SW14, NEl/é W 1/1 of N NEl/t Dartment of Conser- Dment that petition okpmish Flood Con- 8"missed because of represented, SWJV4 carried. to R8370“ granted iOI‘ NWIA of NW1/4.. NWIA of NWIA', Range 3 W.W.M. Section SE14, NEH of SW14, SEMI SW14 of SE14. Section 8 Dr NW%. Nvlgééi/snu f an. NE% #1 NW% of SE14, Section 18 Of NVV1/4, of SW14, and seconded that Canal Sportsmen’s Board heartily d by their as— Finch Creek to 9 Over 16 years of office Address. y Bldg, hear- l nltiat 910s ’3 Potlatch l 2-29. .‘ you’le NW Vi NW ’A. 7-1-8-15-2 of S SEN/4 HELLO! NEW AROUND HERE, AREN’T, SW1/4 Section2l , NEl/i, SE14 of SE14, Section 22 qu of N11311:. of qu, 4 of SW14, qu of SW14. Wl/l. SE1/4 of swu, NEM. , of SE14, 0f SE14, Section 23 NW»; WBI‘e present. NWIA. issued to Ken- .Dublic dances for 3 months 1941. Barber as Tem- of Mason Coun- Department. a received. cOrlded that resng- carried. unt of $750.00 was Theler, in pay- for one NWy,’ SE14 of NE . SW 14% N W1/ NVVl/l. NE car- ried. Mr. and Mrs. peared requesting permissio building along Coul Cut-Off Road. -Permission was grant‘ Notice from Director of Highways approving Job No. 0-38, fill. in bridge onPThomas Road,2 d b R H etition presen e y . a1 asking for raylig on‘Golf Course Road. received. Because this was included in the road program for 1_ and there, are no funds 3V?“ ‘ , ,v ndEd by It was moxed and sec be re_ Cora S, liter e ,1 194; of NEIL of NE 14’ SW111 NEl/é. NE‘A SE14 small SE14 NW1; SW14 6:36 33.11 ' . at. i‘sifi. et . Ben‘ 4. of 'NE%, SE14 of NE%. NEI/i of NW14. of qu, NEl, ense v I Board or- ., until further order. ' ea. July 9th, 1941. wél‘e present as of «iii» SW1/ of 4 of S (1. SW14 of SW14. SE14 0f SE1/, V; of SE14, SE14 of SE14. Section 26 of NWI/f" .Of SW14. 11) 21 North, S . SW14 of S‘Ve/ction 23 NE! SWM/L N'ng NW1/ ' 4, SE1 NW1 f Kt 0f SVVI SE14. SW NW1; NW 14 TOWnsh this year, able. Paul and Ferris that petiti n jected. carried. _ A. W. Hanna appeared in re 1109.“: on Skill Ball machines, and 699051 ’1 check in the amount of $707.52 am received credit for unexpired to August 21st. of $42.48, making a total of to cover license. from t6 June 30th. ed in to Treasurer.’ llobert NE 1,4 NW‘A SW 1/4 SW 14 NW 1/ . SWV‘. Range 4 ferred action on 15, Road Oil- “.1111 seconded that : be accepted and 1". 'Ql’ld that Certified Sales Co. be held der has qualified. M Recoilde t ll :1 t license amount 50.00 $7 1941 1941 in the of .N‘SvelctiOn 241/ of NWILA. NW ,4 of July NW1 . Check was mm” of qu, ._ SW14. 1942. SE14 Section 26- Hedrick appefll‘ed an” of SW... swu JOUR' W l Classified Service East of I Real Estate NE 14 of m‘-AAMAA‘AM“Au l 'F‘m SW14 of FOR SALE: 40 acres 41/2 miles from Shelton. Unfinished 4- alterations and repairs, gener-l NW1/,_ room house, lights, schoolbus. a1 jobbing. Reasonable rate. H! oiled road. $500.00 full price' M. Jones, 17141/2 Ridge Road, SW4 “I $250.00 down, balance $10.00 a! Shelton. 8-12»~9-12—1M month. Call 347 Second St. —-— NW of ‘ 8—7-12-14-17—4-4t. ' SW1; of holsteriiig, furniture recovered: FOR SALE: 5 room house on and rebuilt, free estimates, 714 NW ‘4, Angleside. Entrance hall, nook Ellinor Ave. Joe Nussbaumer’ 5E1“ 0‘ and sun porch, basement, fur- proprieton Phone 5904;“ nace, fireplace. View lot. Some terms. Phone 74-W. l of NW‘A. . 7-31--8—5—7-12—4t. municipality. Terms reasonable. Iv 77" V "vflrvvvvvvvvvvvvv , AAAA“AAAAAAAAA AA AiKAAAA CONTRACTING CARPENTER.l FOR SALE: dill size pickles 50¢ SHELTON FURNITURE UP- l MUST SACRIFICE studio couch ers. Inquire at 1203 Franklin. up to 1800 lbs. Will sell cheap. Fag RATES For Sale l per hundred. Beets for pickling 292' per pound. Charles Cooke: Shelton Valley. Phone 5—F-3. i 8-12-14—21. l on subsequent insertions. imum charge 40c. and chair also chest of draw- T———8-12—1t. dle and work horses, weighing: l- _ . , Will trade for cattle. Henry Classified Displa Rates on . ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS per Bruemmer’ Dewatto. Requesg NEW acre choice residence or small 1 8-12_21__4t- Phone 100 farm acreage ajoining‘ Shelton ' _ ' 01 BICyCIeS TFICyc es FOR SALE: heavy red fryers, 3‘ Tires and Other For information'see Arthur L. N. to 5 pounds. VV. F. Shoat, South- mvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvv' side Lake Isabella by Delight Resort. For Sale S—8-12-14-19—21—4t I P thes, Route 2, Agate. early apples. Priced reasonable. Bring containers. C. H. Bichl, Weaver ounds you pick. Mrs. M. Mat- FOR SALE AT RANCH: 8—12—14—2t. Ward or write owner. Asa ' ' .va. Ward, 218 U. 5. Court House,l Accessorles I 3;; Nashville, Tenn. 7-31--9-30—2M’ 73' :FOR SALE: attractive 6 room LAWN MOWERS NEE/Ll permanent home on Hood 0311- Sharpened and Repaired of a1 waterfront. Write R.B.F. e-o of Journal office. J—8-5—7-12-14-4t SLEYSTERS FIXJT SHOP FOR SALE: 5 acres 213 ft. water. front with tidelands, good beach, .FOR SALE: canning beans, corn, cucumbers. J. E. Jones, Box 39 Ranch, Skokomish Valley. Five l On Classified Advertisements 10 cents a line -(5words) first insertion, attractively low rates Min- Classified advertisements ac- cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first I of the month to save expense *———"W—_—“‘ of billin . An extra char 9 of 7-20—-8-20—1M' FOR SALE‘ 20 head young sad'l 10c will in. made when billiéiig is necessary. Card of thanks 50c. 7-22-24-29-31—8-5-7—12-14—81: l the city limits with 10—30 foot straw or trade for cattle. Anyl kind. Ted Richert, Middle Sko-I Spray Material Route 2, Phone 4—F—21. timber, 1/2 acre cleared. 3-room 8-12-21~At. Good as new. $65.00. 1nquirc "5 cottage, spring water, beautiful For Hot water Service Gas is — ’ Grapeview Store. ”‘ Spot. Bargain. B. Powers, Shel—l Best, adv, FOR SALE: unfinished modern E—8-5-7-12—9t. SEl/i ton Hotel. Phone 42. 14-ft. trailer house. $200 cash. pan,8_5_7_12-14_4t'l‘ Also 1/2 inch drill press. $15 NEW! cash and 3 hives honey bees $3 Fru1t and Nut Trees I ‘ 'each. Charley Johnston, E.i 1 my I §OR 5““ .th t.” Dickinson St. (Route 3) Shel-1 Ornamentas 11» 3-room mo ern ome, ‘WI u 11 y ton. »7_31_8_12_4t. ' vroom, completely finished in- Shrubs and Roses side. Located close in within FOR SALE: baled oat and vetch l l SW9“ lots. This will make a fine home for the price and termsl NEW“ offered. $100 down and pay-l of ments like rent, at $15.00 per i 0‘] month including interest at 6%.1 FOR SALE komish Valley. FOR SALE: outboard motor. Good condition. Victor A. Johnson, Box 206. FOR SALE: cot. IiIdhir:O.‘ K. Barber Shop. VISTA DEL ORO NURSERY CO. Wm. H. Gross & Sons R—8-7-12-14-19—4t. 4V2 i h.p. Johnson Route 3, 8-7-12-14-19—4t. Olympia Feed Co. K—8-7—tf. i °f Lot 90 x 180 with a. smaiil i new 2 room cabin. Located on, 3 Island Lake. Close in. $695.00. Terms $100 down and $10.00 of per month at 6%. Why not have a small cabin to vacation , in when you want it and just a few minutes from town. FOR SALE 300 music. omens, some ms! USED APPLIANCES enough for fryers, 30¢ a piece.l Barred Rocks and leghorns. In-I quire Journal Office. ll—Lang v- RANGES — WOOD 7-room modern suburban home on paved highway, fireplace, basement, plastered with new paper. Has excellent well kept yard with many beautiful flow- ers and shrubs. Small conser— l l FILMS . DEVELOPED NW1/3 i I ANDREWS PHOTO STUDIO FOR SALE: fountain lunch. Goad established business. For infor- 1——— Montag mation inquire at Penguin, 105 Railroad Ave., Shelton. A—8—7-12-14-19—4t. 1—Lang -------------------- .— l—Home Comfort 1— Montag ...................... .. I 1— Monarch 1—— Western 1— Laundry ELECTRIC RANGES 8-7-14—3t. i l ' 1~——Hot Point ( only NW% of vatory attached to home With 1 slightly used) .................. ..$l9.50 NW of 32:2: plaintséxcigliféfige:oiibwifnfil 25¢ Per r011 . USED FURNITURE ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS . . . . _ 0 graVIty water system. This is Free Enlargement coupon withl 1~Lang\range ..................... ..t’p32.50i1 Norge - - - 1 1 1 < - -«$ 8915 c L _ 1—S arton .......... .. 109.50 "E lilifnesoin “Elie 5:1de erill‘ each rou' Lhirfia rag; 1—G113'Lmow .......................... .. 79.50 OfTS’JEVJfi: make an excellent hgme. Why I 1_Quake§ on 301,135,." ,1: 75:00; WASHING MACHINES not see it today if you Want a 1_Dresser (oak) ______________ H 9315! 31—Mang, rebuilt "y ............ ..$39.5U really fine home that is closet . 1_Chest .(oak) _ 7,75ii—lg0rge .4 in. Will sell for $5400 and give . . I1_Crib _______ u 635, orge . . . some terms. 1 f Gas is More Economical. adv. lwswing Rocker 14‘50!1—.—'I‘horV..." 19.50 11-acres in Kamilche Vale , ine lilovmuu .. L NE%,l soil and most all underyculti- LARGE SIZE Olsen Furniture CO' .1—automatic Gas Hot water - SW, ,1 of vation. Has good 4-room house Duplicating . 4 . heater ....... ... ..................... "$24.29 , /' With 'large chicken house. Elec-I , I l—tpall‘ bed springs . 4..5 tric lights, daily mail and about[ l 'm '"m 1 1—106 box ............................ 5.00 v ' 8 miles from Shelton. Will sell i NEV‘: for $1775 and give good terms Each . ' [Used Dept. 117 Cota NW1/4 of to reliable aparty. . ,1. 55¢ per dozen I. “n M“ * Small place with 1 acre of ex-l cellent ground. l-room house] and cabin with garage attach- We also take orders for all kinds: of upecial—~ I ‘ PRINTED SALES BOOKS I lFURNISHED APARTMENTS for rent (2 and3rooms). Good lo- cation. borough Apts, Second and Knee- Very reasonable. Golds- SE. ed. Berries, garden and flowers..0ur prices are an low or lowerl . _ ‘ MAMMMAMAM- if? Mostly all cleared ready to cul- than outside salesmen can quote: land Stree“s' Shelton 5 7 tf l _. tivate. This place is close in and { you. FOR RENT; furnished apart-l B D will make a fine home for a 1 ment. North First St. Down- E(yLessf couple or single party. See it J ') town. Phone 278-; F—tf.l R0 .4 0 today. I-Ialf cash, balance on 'vavvvvvv'vaw,,""vvv~ _ terms .............................. .. $790.00 v lFOR RENT: modern 5-room Attorney At Law * * I house on'I-Iood Canal last two Angie Bum,ng 0f , Business building in Shelton. Ren- wwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwn weeks in August. Call 77-J or Phone 337 l tal income. Terms. $4,600.00. ‘ i write Mrs. C. D. Wyckoff. 4: It in 1939 DeLuxe Ford 4 Door tou -; 8-4_7__2t_ 5-room modern home, with hard- ing sedan. All new tires. Every, wood floor, fireplace, furnace extra. New car guaran and basement, 21/2 acres of ex- 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe. Dark blue finish. New car guaran-) cellent ground, with fruit trees and large chicken homes. This tee $695' FOR RENT: available August 1 cottage partly furnished two miles out. Reasonable. Call 11-J. 3’8'7'12'14"3t' ATTORNEY AT LAW NEW/1 1938 Pontiac Coupe. Radio, heater, nice in every way $545 1937 Chrysler Royal Coupe. New tires. Overdrive. Only ...... .. $445§ 1937 Chevrolet DeLuxe 4 Door: will make you a fine surburban home, close in, $2850, terms, may . be arranged. Will trade. Herbert G. ,Angle tee $695 I of' than Was 495. NOW .............. .. $425 Angle Bldg'_ P119330“ 1930 Oa$kland Sedan, beaten. $75l 1933 Chevrolet Sedan ........ .. $165 CARD 0F APPRECIATION 1932 Chev. Coupe. Very good $150: May we extend in, this way Olir 1928 Buick. 2 new tires ...... .. $40! I sincere appreciation for the kind- nesses, sympathies and beautiful floral pieces offered us during our bereavement over the death of our beloved Vivian Watson Bingham. Ted ,Bingham, Mr. and Mrs. James Watson Mr. and Mrs. C. Tingstad, Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker, 1931 Ford Sedan ............ .. $45l BOB ERVIN. l vvvvvvvvv“ m7» "WVV, .. Lost and Found y. \ l l FOR RENT: 4 large rooms and bath. Mrs. Edith Whittle, Rt. 3, Box 8. Sedan. Radio, heater, sport lite.‘mvvvvmvvvvvvvvvvvvvv WWW MM“ “A CAR LEAVING for Iowa Wed- nesday morning via. Yellowstone Park. Can take passenger to share .expenses. L. D. McGee. 1222 Franklin St. Suite 1 W_8_7__tf. Shelton. Washington Want ALDEN c. BAYLEY ATTORNEY AT LAW I Title Insurance Building Phone 23 - — sheito'n 8-12—1t. WANTED: day wdrk of any kind 35¢ per hour. Gina Hendrickson, 812 Franklin St. INSURANCE l 8-5-7—12-14———4t. FOUND: small purse, with some currency. Owner can reclaim on identity, pay for adv. Journal office. 8-12-14—2t. LOST or STRAYED: 2—year-old Guernsey heifer. Red head, no white on face. No horns. Re- Mr. and Mrs. Troutman and Harriet Watson. NOTICE OF SALE OF SCHOOL PROPERTY AT PUBLIC SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Consolidated School District No. 309 of Mason County. Wash., will on Fri- day, .August 15, 1941, offer for sale after in will be required to remove said build- ings on or before September 1, 1941. By Order Board of Directors. Consolidated School Dist. No. 309. By. STEVE VIGER, Chairman.- ‘ HARRY CARLON. Clerk. 8-7-12-14—3t. . guish form, according to the Bet- ter Vision Institute. A fly that remains motionless before a frog is safe, .but if he moves about a bit, the frog is on him in a flash. Plain< AHHH-~ WELCOME! WELCOME! I’M, MAC M‘COY.... AND I’M 'THE HE' MAN AROUND “THESE PARTS "EVEN if: I. DO SA‘I IT MVSELF.’ « w...» lWANTED: man to build house. Alma Carlson, Summit Drive. Phone 586-W. WANTED: girl for generalhouse- work. Two children full time. Phone 316W or 86. Mrs. Price, Call 323 North Fourth ‘Street. THE MAIL MAN m 8-12-14—2t. l ELLIOT B. SPRING at Public Sale the buildings on Lot ward. Inquire Journal or phone Pantorium Cleaners. 8-12—1t.- . firhofd Bitacgtdii, {if ShilIton's 111733 B-g-12_1t_ Aécounting Tax Serwces 1r 1 ion 0 e on, ' ason ‘ - . Cottnty. yasllil. bSaicti tslrzlilerillklhe fsotr filingllsearboubiau;? Bookkeepmg sysums cas i. an e n n . , . - : , Entrance t‘g] said apropgrtymat I tell The eyes 0f lower ammals, are Phone 590-J’ or inquire 1404 123 4th St. Phone 565 lo’clock in the forenoon. Purchaser not very well adapted to d13tm- Olympic Highway. D—8-5-7-12-14—4t. _._' The speed of light in water is WANTED: person to repair roof. only about one-fourth ofits ve- locity in air, reports the Better . D—-—8-7—12—2t. Vision Institute. VESSlR.’ NOTHING: \[Up'l Hem—£5 melt 5iSSV. ABOUT ME" , >3 '- FOR Miss MAXNE‘ ‘ PARDON, HERE’S . M‘COV -- GUESS, THE‘I MUST MEAN \IOU , MAC .’ GOT ANVTHINC: l FOR SALE: davenport and (31183;. Hand and Power Sprayers Rt. 1 Box 79, Olympia, Wash. IN SHELTON——MEL GIBSON ................. ..$39.50 ......... .. 27.50 44.50 29.50 . 39.50 24.50 24.50 vvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvy- "'v‘ PROFESSIONAL CARDS CHARLES R. LEWIS l L. M. Bldg. ml Opposite First National Bank HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle Building I