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August 19, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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August 19, 1941

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'August 19,1941. " \Ah___ k,__._ * FIND A BUYER! .l'able Tax iPark Jurisdiction IEvery 20th Man: Hie Averted Bill Thru House; Is A ‘Dichromat’. ‘ Passage Certain; An Associated Press dispatch] One out of every 20 men in the from Washington, D. C., la s t i United S t a t e s is a dichromat. week said the house has passed I There are e i g h t t i m e s as many and sent to the senate the bill { male as female dichromats in the (HR 4336) accepting cession byIAmerican population. Washington state of exclusiveinever inherit the condition from jurisdiction over lands in the their fathers, and mothers, show- Olympic National Park. v thtfv‘ned disruption of bal- I)‘Ilenational tax scale on Yerages which loomed “191' menace to that state . grOWers and winery is believed to have dby prompt action hamber of commefc’e association officials, filled recently in Seat~ ent was made by iton Wine Council, atOrs’ association, that in federal tax sWeet and dry wine ' Considered out of those for beer and Bi had been reconsider- °_llse Ways and Means and been reduced for 9f the fruit growers, , le parity with other ‘ “era ‘es. .Qeasegs $3,000,000 in establishment of t h e their offspring. steps park and provides the government shall have exclusive right to en— force its laws there. It is placed statement on color-blindness. The Institute explains that a person with normal-color vision is able to distinguish combinations and variations of the three primary colors, and is known as trichro- imat. A person whose vision is glimited to two of the three pri- mary colors is known as a dich- romat. “Color-blindness is a sex-linked under the jurisdiction of the Uni-I ted States court for the western“ district of Washington. I The bill, introduced by Repre-I sentative Henry Jackson, prohi- bits hunting except for dangerous animals and fishing except under regulations established by the in- terior department. were part of H _ _ , No oppOSltion is anticipated in* ,000 tax bill l . . . ‘ Con ress. Th, 1- the senate and it is expected the ' trait that can beninherited only boogts of upetlocifillo measure will be passed shortlyitwm theHmOthersi Says ,the In‘ .011 Wines, Telegraphed and sent to the president for sig- i St‘tUte' M393? women Wlth “01" Exam Washington State nature. mal color ViSion have a latent . Is‘eattle Chamber of Local sportsmen, park enthusi- tendency for Icolorrblindness. Such A and Yakima Grape asts and park officials for more ‘ women, are, carrlers 311d 59"“? Association to Knute than two years have awaited pas- v 0f the” Chlldren‘ are born d‘Ch‘ romats. Fathers have no effecr on color perception of their off- spring. ' “There are t ee general types of color-blindness,” continues the Institute. “First, there are those. sage of a jurisdiction bill witliI keen interest, since the 1939 legis-I lature adopted and the governor; signed a measure ceding the am; thority to the federal government. At present, state fishing regula- tions apply in the park, except for a trout catch limit of 10, and red- Their color spectrum is ' district congressional , Me and member of the . eans Committee, Were «reiionsible for the re- _, ‘Dl‘eviously-voted in- ‘en put into effect it 2eiiulted in a heavier the price of dry and I than contemplated. have worked a hard- inl? on Washington‘s growing wine indus- hundreds of , growers thru— . e“how cultivating the Wine fruits. DFOduction continues. ti, Wine industry will 1128 about twenty-five of Washington 55,. loganberries and Wine fruits. Since began in 1935, the Converted more than .1 Pounds of Washing- to wine. ., GEMEN'rs FOE i5 {I‘EESCROW presentation of At- ? Brodie, counsel for tPatrix, an order was “dge‘ D. F. Wright in Saturday authoriz- e’nents for escrow of ,Iveé‘lucontracts and pa- ,pro 1n the sale of cer— ‘ul Derty included in the , 8° late Edward Dicken— '.pT0minent Mason Plfltmas tree shipper, mg payment immed- the sale from the I tothe sale to allow the be- free and unem- .i- persons fishing therein must have, Shortened 0“ the Fed‘ Shot and 3 licenses issued by the state game I neufira.1 zone appears 1“ the green commission. When and if the‘ reglon‘ The second type of. color jurisdiction bill is made law, the blindness Includes those persons park service will promulgate its Who confuse green With other own regulations. colors. “The spectrum of such Propagation of fish in the parki persons 15 I301: Shortened, and the by the park service, it is under- I green zone 15 bright, and not dull stood ‘here, also probably will be as With people in the first group. undertaken on a more extensive? MOSt COlor'blind Persons fall in scale than the service is engagedI th group- in at present. _, “The third kind of color-blind- ——-—————————— - iness," continues the Institute,” is 3 found in persons who confuse blue. , These cases are not common. The Ipaucity of persons who confuse blue may depend in part on the . fact that as illimination is de- creased, normally the eye be— MOMesanO, Aug- 7-—J09 SChle‘ comes more sensitive to blue than gel and “Stub” Guggenbickler,E to other colors Who jUSt returned from a week'sf, “Complete color blindness trip into the Qlymplcsy report ‘ very rare. The spectrum is seen they saw more Wlld game than 0n as a series of grays that differ any previous trip- ; in brightness.” They saw two or three herds _ _._______ of elk every day, one of them the Wind and did not see them containing at least 70 head. They until Schlegel moved to reach his also encountered several bear and camera. But bruin decamped saw eight or 10 deer. Ifaster than he came, and the One meeting with a bear was picture was missed. a surprise for everyone concern-I Their trip took them into the ed. Schlegel and Guggenbickler high country east 0f were resting beside a windfall creek to Sundown lake, the Mc— near a small lake when Schlegel Gravy lakes and the headwaters saw a pair of big ears appear 0f the Skokomish. from behind the log, scarcely 101 W feet away. , JO n I W I . . Then came the bear’s head. The theirurvaalue Iing‘fgg; ifuesnéwifii animal had approached them with paper! 1 p '1 guests pearénce ,r as much in your printed message as it does in your p e r s o n 211 solicitation. When you send out your sales message IN PRINT, it must have all the briskness, appearance and good taste as your high priced Well-dressed salesmen, that’s if you want them both to do a first class job of selling. Printing of this type is designed and‘ produced ’in the modern and well-manned plant of the Journal call The JOURNAL , . when you need printing ' I 107 Fourth Phone 100 m Believe-It-or-Not Children l ing no evidences of dichromat The measure ‘is one of the final 1 tendenCies, can transmit them toI These facts are vouched for by’ the Better Vision Institute in a. persons who cannot distinguish. GraveS' SHELTON=MASON COUNTY JOURNAL‘ I Counties Seeking From U. S. Lands Port Angeles, Aug. 16.—The im- mediate launching 'of a program Ito obtain statistical data and other information necessary to support the position of Washing- ton counties in the presentation being made to Congress by the Interstate Association of Public Land Counties in an effort to Iobtain a greater return to coun- ties from federal public lands, was announced today by County Com- missioner Harry LeGear. LeGear, who was recently named chairman of the Public Lands Committee of the Washing- ton State Association of County Commissioners, attended a joint meeting of the committee with Guy Gordon, general counsel for L. Phipps, executive secretary, at Olympia August 7. Other ,members of the public lands committee are Arthur Bor- en, Jefferson county; Schrock, Okanagan; Dr. J. F. Les-- , King. Action taken by the committee at its organization meeting last of the Washington State AssOcia— tion of County Commissioners, as its executive secretary, the adop~~ (ion of a budget of $10,000, of which $2,500, will be paid into the interstate committee’s budget, and the instruction to the coin— mittee’s secretary to proceed im- mediately with the sta-tiscal sur- vey. The committee plans to raise the budget adopted through spe~ cial attorney contracts with each of the counties in which the fed- eral government holds any sub- be apportioned among the federal land counties participating in the ,program on the following basis: $100 from each county as a basic contribution, such sum to be de— ducted from the gross budget of '$10,000, and the balance to be apportioned among the cooperat- relative federal land acreage in each county with a maximum con- i at $600. The financial part of the 'program was discussed with the IProsecuting Attorney’s Associa- Ition at its annual convention at v Quinault and received the support of the prosecutors, LeGear said. Varied Data Data compiled by the commit- .tee’s executive secretary will in- clude the following. items, accord— ing to information sent by the committee to all county commis- sioners and prosecuting attorneys of the 25 or more Washington counties involved: 1. A statement of the source of all money used. for county ad- Iministrative purposes, including I the support of special districts and units of the county. Some spe’ci- fie county or counties of each state should be selected and the financial structure thereof set up and analyzed so as to show the total cost of its governmental ac— tivities as. well as the cost of its various tax raising and tax spend— ing units and the specified source of the funds received and expend- ed. 2. Tables showing property tax levies in each county for the last ten years broken down to show the I purposes for which the money was raised. 3. The amount, by counties, or moneys paid by the federal gov- ernment On account of federal lands such as national forests, wild life refuges, Taylor grazing districts, etc. These amounts should be segregated to show th amount from each source. ‘ 4. The acreage by counties of Ilands acqmred by the forest ser- vice both by purchase and by ex- , change showing the assessed val— ue of such lands when acquired andtaken from the tax rolls. This information is particularly im- portant in connection with legis- lation now pending and the in- formation should be made avail- able as soon as possible. 5. All available data relating to percentage 0f assessed value to cash value in all counties with in- formation 'as to the name of the agency making the calculations, such as State Tax Commission». or 1similar taxing bodies. ‘ I To Show Exemption Effect I 6, Any [other pertinent data Igoing to Show .the adverse effect I of tax exemption of federal lands upon local taxpayers. V7. The acreage of federal lands in‘ each county broken down ..to Show by what federal agency the land is held. In 1933 the Federal Govern- ment owned 451/2 percent of all iland in Clallam county and it has withdrawn Since that time large I tracts of land for federal purposes, I taking the same from assessment . and taxation, with the result that remaining privately-owned proper— ty has to pay more of the expense of state, and county governments, LeGear noted. LeGear, said that the results of ,the surveymay be the drawing up of a bill similar to that intro— duced by Senator McNary, of Ore- gon. McNary‘s bill provided for payment by the government of 2 I percent per annum of the fair ‘val— ue of national forests and other I. land owned by the government. FATHER VISITS FOR DAY L. W. Pickens, who has been visiting in New York and Mon— tana, and enjoying a leisurely trip to his home at Escondido, Cal, is here for the day with Dr. and Mrs. Russell Pickens. He is ac- lcompan‘ied by his niece, Mrs. T.‘ IR. Clark, a teacher in Los An- geles, whose home is at Wilming- ton. you CAN’T SELL UNTIL "you ' USE WANLADSW Higher Revenue I the interstate committee, and RE W- B- I . 8—19—9—4—6t. ' ter, ChelaVl and Russell Fluent, FOR SALE: 20 acres, 4 room‘ weekyincluded the employment of I Charles Garber, former president\ i ing counties upon the .basis of theI I FOR SALE. moo... has, I cabin, 60x195 lot, $1550. $200 I l stantial acreage. The budget will‘ I ed. Berries, garden and flowers. vJOURNALii —————_——__ WANT ADS I . .... ‘ Real Estate Classified Service [FOR SALE: 40 acres 41/2 miles I from Shelton. Unfinished 4- room house, lights, schoolbus,i oiled road. $500.00 full price1 $250.00 down, balance $10.00 a! ' month. Call 347 Second St. 8-7-12-14-17 4t. LARCHMONT FURRIERS of Ta-. FOR SALE: Davenport and chair] coma at L. M. Store Wednes- day, August 27, to take care of your fur needs for Winter. New coats restyling and repairing at lowest prices. 8-14-19-21-26—4t. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS per. acre choice residence or small farm acreage ajoining Shelton I municipality. Terms reasonable.I For information see Arthur L.I Ward or write owner. Asa NJ Ward, 218 U. S. Court House, Nashville, Tenn. 7—31——9-30—2MI I FOR SALE: 5 acres 213 ft. water- I front with tidelands, good beach, i timber, 1/2 acre cleared. 3—room cottage, spring water, beautiful; spot. Bargain. B. Powers, Shel-l ton Hotel. Phone 42. 8—19-21-26-28s—4t. I down. John Terho, corner 2nd and Wyandotte, Southside Hill. house, outbuildings, lights, wa—, ter, fruit and berries, Alder] land, 4 miles west of Matlocki on sehoolbus route. Inquire Lee Hunter. 8-19—28~‘4t. FOR SALE 3-room modern home, with utility room, completely finished in- side. Located close in within the city limits With 10——30 foot lots. This will make a fine home'for the price and terms offered. $100 down and pay-~ merits like rent, at $15.00 perI month including interest at 6%.I l 1 FOR SALE Lot -— 90 x 180 with a small: new 2 room cabin. Located onl I Best. ‘ FREE for the taking: between 50" and 75 ricks of tree poles inside city limits. 578J between 3:00 and 4:00 pm. 8-14-19‘2t. length LANDSCAPING Years of experience in lawn-mak- ing. Contract or 50c an.liour. Eight years in Shelton. Plovie, 726 So. First, corner Mill street. 8-5. 9-5—1M. EEfiTaXeiifivFEXifiSENTER, alterations and repairs, gener- al jobbing. Reasonable rate. H. M. Jones, 17141/2 Ridge Road, Shelton. 8-12A49-124—1M SHELTON FURNITURE UP- holsteriiig, furniture recovered and rebuilt, ‘free estimates, 714‘ Ellinor Ave. Joe Nussbaumer, proprietor. Phone 590-W. REPAIRS Bicycles —— Tricycles Tires and Other Accessories LAWN MOWERS Sharpened and Repaired ‘SLEYSTERS FIX-IT SHOP For Hot Water Service Gas is adv. Island Lake. Close in. $695.00., ‘ ,Terms $100 down and $10.00 ‘per month at 6%. Why have a small cabin to vacation in when you want it and justI a few minutes from town. FOR SALE on paved highway, fireplace, basement, plastered with new, paper. Has excellent well kept: yard with many beautiful flow-I ers and shrubs. Small conser-I vatory attached to home with many plants. Includes about 2, acres of excellent soil andI gravity water system. This is1 one of the finest suburban, hemes in the county and willi make an excellent home. Why not see it today if you want a really fine home that is close in. Will sell for $5400 and give some terms. 11-acres in Kamilche Valley, fine‘ soil and most all under culti- vation. Has good 4-room house with large chicken house. Elec- tric lights, daily mail and about 8 miles from Shelton. Will sell , for $1775 and give good terms‘ to reliable party. ‘ S *i I 1! Small place with 1 acre of ex—I cellent ground. broom house( and cabin with garage attach- I . 'tribution from any county fixedI7-room modern suburban home! not? Press the button—tuba! you see, you get, in movies, at snapshot cost! Black- and~whiie or full, natural colon in- doors or out, even slow motion. Start now. See Filmo today. Easy Terms if Desired ANDREWS PHOTO STUDIO 1 FILMS ‘ DEVELOPED I 25¢ per roll I Free Enlargement each roll. FIR DRUG STORE coupon with i E l I l l Mostly an cleared ready to cu1_ Gas is More Economical. adv. tivate. This place is close in and will make a fine home for 3. LARGE SIZE couple or single party. See it . Duplicating today. Half cash, balance on , terms .............................. .. $790.00 t a: :- ‘ Business building in Shelton. Ren-, 5¢ E3311 tal income. Terms. $4,600.00. Jr 55¢ Per dozen I *, Wealsotak dr totallldnda 5—room modern home, with hard-lot special“ 6 or e l ,_ I wood floor, fireplace, furnace PRINTED SALES BOOKS i and basement, 2%., acres. 0f ex‘ Our prices are an low or loweri cellent ground, With fI‘UIt “69,5 than outside salesmen can quoteI and large chicken houses. This You. ‘ . I will make you a fine surburban home, close in, $2850, terms, may be arranged. Will trade. ‘ Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. Phone 304 vvv vvvv, vv“, mvv Lost and Found FOUND: pair of gold rim-med glasses. Owner identify and pay for ad. Journal Office. 8-18—20—2t. CARD OF THANKS We wish to take this means of expressing our deep appreciation for the many sympathies and kindnesses extended us in our be- reavement over the passing of our beloved mother and grandmother. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hiller and family. —...- TWO Mo'romsrs ~ . FORFEIT MONEY Two motorists, both out-of- county residents, were fined for traffic, violations here yesterday after their arrests by State Pa— trqllman Cliff Aden over the week- en . ‘ Vinal Whitney of Montesano forfeited $15 bail on a. speeding charge when arrested Saturday af- ternoon near Union, while Paul Lambert of Tacoma was fined $20 and costs of $4.70 and his li- censo suspended for 30 days by Justice W. A. Magoon on a reck- less driving charge afterthe Ta- coman’s arrest Sunday evening north of Shelton on the Olympic highway. JOURNAL Want Ads are used by scores of your friends and neighbors with great success. Complete information a b o u it what you have to sell always helps. Motorist Wise Open your eyes, And Switch to B. F. Goodrich. NOTICE OF BOND CALL Notice is hereby given that the fol- lowmg Utility Bonds, Series of 1936. Of Public Utility District No. 1 of". Mason County, Vv’ashington, are calledl for payment at the office of Treasurer of said county and that the __. 1 l l l i a l i l l l l , l 7-20-—8—20——1M For Sale ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A A1 ‘LMAA in very good condition. Call 310._ FOR SALE: Pigs and brood sows. Davis Store,‘ Lilliwaup, Wash. 8-4-19-21-26—41; iFOR SALE: Picked Gravenstein Phone FOR SALE: 20 head young sad- ! I . up to 1800 lbs. Will sell cheap. Will trade for cattle. Henry Bruenimer, Dewatto. 8-12-21f4t. FOR SALE: heavy red fryers, 3 to 5 pounds. W. F. Shoaf, South- side Lake Isabella by Delight Resort. S—8-12-14-19-21w4t FOR SALE: baled oat and vetch straw or trade for cattle. Any kind. Ted Richert, Middle Sko- komish Valley. Rfl8-7—12-14—19—4t. FOR SALE: 41/2 h.p. Johnson outboard motor. Good condition. Victor A. Johnson, Route 3, Box 206. 8-7—12-14—19—»4t. FOR SALE: cot. Inquire O. K. Barber Shop. K#8-7»-—tf. 300 YOUNG'CHICKS, some large enough for fryers, 30¢ a piece. Barred Rocks and leghorns. In- quire Journal Office. A—8-7—12-14-19—4t. FOR SALE: Cocker Spaniel pup- py. Phone 483—W. B—8-19-28—4t. NOTICE: two late model pianos to worn, having been used as sam- the I interest on said Bonds will cease on! September 1. 1941: Public Utility District No. 1 Util- ity Bonds, Series of 1936, number— ed 7 and 8. Public Utility District No. 1 of Mason County By: F'. G. BRIGGS. 8-14—19-21-26—28—5t. Manager. NOTICE OF WATER RIGHT APPLICATION NO. 5539 State of Washington Office of Sn— pervisor of Hydraulics Olympia TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that Joel 0. Burkman of Belfair. State of Wash- ington, under date of August fl. 1941. filed with the State SuperVisor of Hydraulics, Olympia, Washington, an application for a permit to divert the public waters of unnamed stream, in the amount of 0.02 second foot, sub- Ject to existing rights. from April 15th to October lst of each year for the purpose of irrigation and contin- uously for domestic supply: that the approximate point of diversion is lo- cated within Lot 1 of Section 17, Township 22.N., Range 2 W. W. M., in Mason County. A map showing the location and plan of and the place of the proposed use is on file in the office of the State Supervisor of Hydraulics, Olympia, Washington, together with such other information as is. required by Iaw. Any person. firm or corpo‘ation whose .right will be injuriously af- fected by said application may file with the State Supervisor of Hyd— raulics, at Olympia, Washington, such objections or representations. in writ~ ing. as he may desire to make, with- in thirty (30) days after date of last pullllication, which date is August 19, 194 . . ‘ Witness my hand and official seal this 6th day of August, A. D. 1941. CHAS. J. BARTHOLET. State Supervisor of Hydraulics. (SEAL) 8-12-19—w2t. l inclusive. I said diversion I l ples. Will Sell on terms. Write Factory Representative, Box 413, Sumner, Wash. '8-19-28—4t. For Rent ‘A‘Am‘um FURNISHED APARTMENTS for rent (2 andsrooms). Good lo- cation. Very reasonable. Golds- ,borough Apts, Second and Knee-I C. H. Biehly Gland Streets, Shelton. 5—7-tf. vavvvm, vvvvvvvmvm Wanted .‘AAMAMAOA‘MAA‘ AAA ‘ WANTED: Girl for full time housework. Inquire Journal of— fice. C78-14-19w2t. STEADY WORK—GOOD PAY. RELIABLE PERSON WANT— ED to call on farmers in Mason County. No experience or capi— tal required. Some making $100 in a week. Write Mr. Inman, 2423 Magnolia St., Oakland, California. WANTED: Girl for housework. Inquire Journal office. C—8-19—21——2t. WANTED: used sewing machine in good condition. Will pay cash. I Roy Nason, Route 2, Shelton, ’ 1.o-mile beyond Oakland Bay School. N~8-19-21—26-29—4t. WANTED TO BUY 4 ,or 5 room modern house. State price and terms. Inquire Box L, Journal. L—8-19-28—4t. WANTED: job clerking or wait-I l 1' VVVV YVVV\V'V"VV"VVV'V v 8—14—19—21-26i4t. ' apples, orchard run. 3 boxes $1.00. Bring containers. J. I Jacoby, Route 2. 8—14e—1tf. dle and work horses, weigh-ing" be sold at discount «in Shelton. These pianos are new but shop. Page Five _, RATES On Classified Advertisements ‘ 10 cents a line (5 words) first insertion, attractively low rates .’ on subsequent insertions. Min~ imum charge 40c. Classified advertisements ac— cepted over the telephone from phone subscribers. Cash should accompany all other orders or payment made before the first of the month to save expense of billing. An extra charge of 10c will be made when billing is ‘ necessary. Card of thanks 50(:. Classified Display Rates on , Request. I Phone 100 "vavvvvvvvvvv 'vaV‘ For Sale “AAAAA AAAAAAAA‘AM Fruit and Nut ‘Trees Ornamentals Shrubs and Roses l 1 Hand and Power Sprayers Spray Material VISTA DEL CEO I NURSERY CO. Wm. H. Gross Sons Rt. ’1 Box 79, Olympia, \Vash. IN SHELTON— AMEL GIBSON Olympia Feed Co. _———-— FOR SALE: canoe $15.00, gar- den lmplements, large platform scale, automobile $25.00, row boat $15.00. Mrs. Mildred P. Biddle, Allyn, ,Wash. 8-19—1t BARGAIN: large used wood I range in excellent condition for sale. Shelton Gas Company. Phone 87. 8-19—21m-2t. FOR SALE: 3 goats, one milking. I $10 takes them all. Inquire ’ Journal. L—8-19—21772t. .7174 TINY PIANO: write us rfiarding this beautiful little spin . Some terms and might take a used piano or horn as part payment. Messingale Music Co., Aberdeen. 8—19—29—4t. I {FOR SALE at ranch: Golden ban- tam sweet corn, special price for canning $1 per sack at ranch. Weaver Ranch, Skokomish Valley. 8-19wlt. l o i Imvvvv vvvvvvvwvvvvvvv‘ Used Cars mvvvvvvv'vv ‘1939 DeLuxe Ford 4 Door tour- 1 ing sedan. All new tires. Every extra. New car guarantee $695 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe. Dark 3 blue finish. New car guaran- I tee $695 ; 1938 Pontiac Coupe. Radio, heater, i nice in eVery way ............ .. $545 11937 Chrysler Royal Coupe. New i tires. Overdrive. Only $445 .1937 Chevrolet DeLuxe 4 Door E Sedan. Radio, heater, sport lite. Was $495. NOW .............. .. $425 ,1930 Oakland Sedan, heater.. $75 l1933 Chevrolet Sedan ........ .. $165 I 1932 Chev. Coupe. Very good $153) I1928 Buick. 2 new tires ...... _. $40 11931 Ford Sedan .................... .. $45 BOB ERVIN USED CARS 1941 Studebaker Sedan. We offer you a $300 discount and new car guarantee. ress work. Experienced Inquire‘ 1941 International Pick-up, driven P—8-19-21—2t. Journal office. (12)' ' , N 0 T I C E NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to and in conformity ‘with an order of the Board'of County Conl— missioners of Mason County. State of Washington, duly made and entered on the 7th day of AugUSt, 1941, order- ing the undersigned to Sell, in the manner provided by law (Section 133, Chapter 263, LaWS of 1927), the un- dersigned —w_ill on Saturday, the 6th day of September, 1941 at the hour of nine o’clock in the forenoon of said day, at the front door of the Court House in the City of Shelton, said County and State. often for sale, not less than the minimum price stated below, plus advertising and“ cruising costs, to the highest and best bidders, all the right. title, and interest of 5316. Mason County, ex- cepting. therefrom, however, all public roads. CCC roads. streets or alleys now in use, or rights-of—way for roads now owned by, or sought to be appropriated at this date for public roads. .CCC roads or streets. by said county, and provided further that proceeds from sale of forest products shall apply on contracts, in and to the following described real proper- Iles, .gituated in said County and State, o—w1 -. at Description No. 1. 8% Tract 15 and shorelands and Tract 16 and shorelandps, Block 2, Lake Isabella Home Tracts. Offer $50.00. Description No. 2.‘ NW% NE ‘4 : SIR/14 NE’A: NEIA NW1/. SEle NWI/fi; all in Section 12, Twp. 20 N., Range 3 Description No. 3. SE14 SE17; or Lot 2 except part platted in Island Lake Shoreland and except right of way; and SW14 SE14. Section 1, Twp. 20 N., Range 4 Offer $52.00. Description No.’4. Tract No. 2 of Section 8. described as follows: Bc~ ginning at center of Section 8. Town— ship 20 North Range West W.M run West along North ine of SW11 10 chains; thence South 14.25 chains to County Road; thence along said County Road Northeasterly to a point South of point of beginning: thence North 6.10 chains to point of begin- Offer $200.00. ning: (containing 10.175 Acres.) Of- fer $35.00. ’ Description No. 5. SE14 NWVL. Section 6, Twp. 19 N.. Range 5 W.W. M. Offer $50.00. Description No. 6. SE14 NEH. Section 25, Twp. 20 N., Range 5 M. Offer $40.00. Description No. 7. NEW/g; North 30 Acres SW14 NW%; SEIA NWIn: NEl/i NW1d: NWM, NWM, Section 1 28. Twp. 19 N.. Range 6 Of— fer $310.00. OMER L. DION. Treasurer of Mason County. (SEAL) 8-12~19-26—3t. YOU ARE COVERED‘ for any ac- I cident for $.25 per day. Longer time the rate is cheaper. Herb ets when you travel. See Herb Angle, Agent. . only 8,000 miles. $160 discount and new Icar guarantee. Hurry if you would like to save money on these 1941 Model Cars . Al Huerby Motors wvvvvv‘v’vvvvvvvmm ; PROFESSIONAL. CARDS AAAA‘“ Aw WITSIERS FUNERAL HOME I Licensed” Embalmers W A. "Witsie'rs, Prop: Phone 180 - ~ ,Shelton. Wash. ATTORNEY .AT LAW Title Insurance Building Oppoalte First National Bank Phone 23 Shelton I ALDEN C. BAYLEY INSURANCE HERBERT G. ANGLE Office at Angle Building ._~ : CHARLES R. LEWIS ‘ ATTORNEY AT ,LAw I Suite 1 L. M. Bldg. Shelton, Washington 1 l l. DOANE BRODIE Attorney-At-Law 1 Angle Building I . Phone 337