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Shelton, Washington
August 26, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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August 26, 1941

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Have You a SHELTON HISTORICAL PAMPHLET? f .90, Did You SEND ONE TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS Whom You Believe Would Appreciate Having 0116? They May Be Obtained FREE Asking for Them at . CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OFFICE Title Insurance Bldg, Harold Lakeburg, Secretary or at The Journal SEND NEWS TO JOURNAL OFFICE With many of the clubs and organizations starting again next month, each is requested to appoint a person to handle the news items and report the news the day before press-day to insure the item getting in the paper. The cooperation of each of the clubs in this matter will be appreciated by The Journal. nouns 0N wig ~3- In the Famous Tiddle Botflg 0. Washington 9'1“. onqrolu (nnmlnulh- Shelton, Washington, located 18 imiles north of Olympia on jOlympic ‘Loop Highway, took its name from David and Frances Shelton, pioneer settlers who "crossed a continent by covered .wagon from Missouri to Oregon territory in _1847. They settled at the present site in 1853. Before the region was known to the Skoko- mish Indians as Big Skookum (Strong Water), unquestionably because of the swift rush of tidal ebbs and floods through a nar- row inlet which the noted Eng- lish explorer, Captain George Van- couver, set down on his explora- tion maps in 1792 as Hammerss ley‘s Inlet. Wows LthLlJillY, lulu, Bourbon Springs Nell- C-o-ly Ky. no. Bardnown. lay. l now T0 our nu: M051 FOR Yovn RIATTBESS MONEY. . . Lesson #15 w v_... 3 HOURS or LUXURY, COMFORT Ii: 7 Yes, . . . a whole night’s sleep on a famous: Beautyi-est Mattress costs'only a penny. The‘ Beautyrest is $39.50. It is guaranteed for 10 years...that figures down to about a cent a: night. 8 hours of utter comfort...8 hours of; healthful sleep and relaxation...just 1,5. It’s. really cheap, isn’t it? We have a budget plan“ that makes it easytojown a Beautyrest h A _/ Now is a good: :time'tdget Luxury—Comfofifcome inaud‘see the} Beautyrest this week. If it" .‘no‘tztcony‘fygigo; . 0/ come in, just phenom." i. .9154. / lCA'S'BlGGESKSLEEPAVAL .;. OI sen FumitUre Co. .. ———~—-—.—~.——————.._.——————.—————__‘ . _‘ -Ar v“ . .v . \.. MODER ,CRNEi . I new cornpickcr. the' Sheltons came the' Sound InneETu—lies tread and strong sidewalls is no dimensions,” Mr. Fox pointed out. W C Hula Farmers this year are harvesting one of the largest wheat cro SHELTON-MASQNHCOUNTYWIOQRNAL Facing a. serious shortage of hired help this fall, farmers will rely on modem machinery like this The two-row comicker snatches bare every comstalk it passes. streamlined, rocket-shaped: nose glides through a. maze of tangled, lodged stalks. reach out to grab stray ears and a. special shield prevents shelling waste. BEMPEE WHEAT once I ps on. ,i#_ .‘M an, .—....._~_.‘,v_‘___._.“. The machine’s Spider wheels record—estimated by the U. S. Department of Agriculture at 950,000,000 bushels. Wheat bins in the nation’s grain- elevators are filled to capacity. FBETER HOMES FOR CHILDREN Very Important IMPORTANT WELFARE FUNCTION; The importance of using strong, sound inner tubes was stressed here today as Mr. M. Fox, Budget Manager of A1 Huerby Motors outlined ways motorists can as- sist nation-wide efforts to con- serve vital stocks of crude rub- ber. “Rubber, because of its vital applications in national defense, is more valuable today than ever before. Yet many American mo- torists are wasting rubber be- cause of improper care and use of their tires,” Mr. Fox declared. According to the store man- ager, few motorists recognize the part the inner tube plays in the safe performance of tires. It's this “inner tire,” he said, that often spells the difference be- tween trouble-free motoring and a costly tire failure. ' “Even a nqw tire with ample proof against tire trouble unless the “inner tire” itself is also in first-class condition, for when the inner tube fails the tire also fails,” he said. “Because inner tubes “grow” in service, and become stretched be- yond their original dimensions, motorists should always buy new tubes whenever they replace their tires, as a safeguard against fail- ure because of a pinched tube.” “The only exception to this mat- ter of growth in service is the SEAL—O-MATIC tube which because of its 60 per cent strong- er construction than the conven— tional tube retains its original The Sea1~o-matic tube, accord- ing to Mr. Fox, is a safety tube that has special application now because of interest in rubber con- servation. A layer of plastic rub- ber on the inside of the tube furnishes two-way safety to eli- minate ,t‘hevhuzalfd, .Qf puncturesl Shelton Hospital receiving treat- or' blowouts, sinbe’iillltgi p 1 a s t i c ‘ material c105e5,holes without loss of air when the penetrating ob- ' ject is removed. “Apart from thisrsafety is the fact‘ that the Seal-O-Matic 'tube will outlast two and three sets of tires. As a result there is no necessity of replacing the tube. This rubber may be conserved," Mr. Fox stated. ——Ignites Instantly —Vaporizes Completely —Burns With A Clean, Hot Flame 1 mos: 4664? i Ask About Richfield Price Protection Plan. rave" 0i! -+ "Furnace 0| ' / f I l l l ! ._... x...” ~4J4w;_4’~‘—-»—e'> ~» One of the most important and‘I at the same time most difficult, assignments of the County Wel-, fare Department is securingg homes which meet the rigid state‘ requirements for children in need of being placed in private homes because of unsatisfactory condi— tions in their own families, reports . Glenn Ratcliff, new Mason County Welfare Administrator. In Mason County this work is under the direction of Mrs. Eli- nor Nelson, Child Welfare Work- er. A typical example of cases com— ing under this heading would be in families where the parents are divorced or one has died and the, other remarried to a person with. whom the child fails to get along, generally through no fault of the} child’s, resulting in a situation un- desirable for the child's future. Foster homes into which these children are placed must be care- Department and must meet stan- dards set up by the state. A foster a home must provide a separate bed for the child, must not have more than six children in the home, its water supply must be tested tot meet state health department standards, the foster should be as near the age of the child's real pareents as pos- sible, and as near a normal home setup as possible is sought. state for a period of one year to I ! Licenses are issued free by the: 1 Mail carrier’s Leg Fractured By Log Clarence Wivell, Route 3 mail' carrier since its inception almost two years ago, suffered a severely broken leg in a logging accidentl Saturday afternoon and is in the; l mentx. He engaged. in part time log- ging after his daily mail delivery duties. were completed. His place‘ on the Route 3 mail delivery iS being taken by Leland Hudson of Skookum Bay. Defense Savings Bonds can be registered in the name of chil-. dren as well as adults. parents i ___._—.—————-v—~"‘ homes meeting these standards and children placed in them for a few months or permanently as the need may be after they have been legally certified as suitable for foster homes by the County Wei-l fare Department. I If the foster parents require financial help to keep the children placed in their homes the state pays an average of $15 a month per child and also provides medi- cal and dental care and supplies necessary clothing. ' Any Mason County family in— terested in being designated as a- foster home for children in need of being placed in better home ,surroundings is invited to apply to the County Welfare Depart- ment, Administrator Ratcliff said today. ,Bowlers Session fully investigated by the Welfare! Due Friday Shelton league bowlers will lay plans for their 1941-42 sea- sons at a meeting of the Shelton Bowling Ass'n called for next Fri- day evening at eight o’clock at the Shelton Recreation Parlors, Secretary Bill Noblett announced last night. All bowlers who participated in the city and commercial leagues last season and new bowlers Wish- ing to Corning season are invited to at- tend Friday’s meeting. Final 1941—42 School Budgets To Be Viewed Final 1941-42 budgets for Ma- son county school districts will be rewewed this Friday evening at 7:30 o’clock in County School% Supt. J. E. Martin’s office :by the county budget. reviewing board, which consists of R. Strike of Cloquallum, , Robert Binns of Shelton, and John Olsen ' of Dayton. ‘ l O TICKLERS lineup with teams this” THE AMERICAN FAMI “Your mother insisted that I come to dinner without changing from my working clothes. . doesn’t know I’m a lifeguard.” Shafer Buys Shelton Bakery Purchase of the Shelton Bakery by A1 Shafer, former employe of the Daviscourt Bakery and Clyde’s Bakery before its sale to the Daviscourts, was announced today as becoming effective Sept- ember 1. Shafer has owned and operated his own bakery business in PeEll for the past six years. Amos and Clement Boudreau, present prop- rietors of the Shelton Bakery since their purchase from Harry Chris- tofferson two years ago, expect to go to Alaska to accept posi- tions as bakers. Shafer expects to do consider- able remodeling of the bakery quarters before reopening it after the first of the month. Night Spot Gets Official Warning Prosecutor Frank Heuston, De- puty Sheriff Fred Hickson and Special Deputy Bill Noblett “vis- ited” a Hood Canal night spot early Sunday morning but allow- ed patrons and proprietors to go home with a warning that future infractions of the law such as drinking in an unlicensed place would be punished by arrest and fines. Prosecutor Heuston did not re— vea Ithe identity of the place “visited” but warned other night spot proprietors they can expect "visits" any time they violate the law. BABY SON Mr. and Mrs. John M. Smith of Route 1 were the parents of a baby boy born on Saturday at the hospital. RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL Jim Sisley of Hoodsport was re- leased from the Shelton hospital 1 today after having received treat-i l. ment since Friday. RAYON/I’ER EMPL’OYEE Don Moore, employe of Rayon- ier Incorporated, was admitted to Shelton Hospital today for treat- ment. COMMUNITY .IICALENDAR. WEDNESDAY~Active club weekly meeting, 6:30 p. m., Moose Hall. WEDNESDAYAOdd F ell o w s lodge 'weekly’ meeting, 'p.m., ' Hall. By Bob Moyer ‘0 ‘- “I can remember when it rained only cats and dogs. Now You don’t know what to expect." ' LY.... ‘ V“; l v I l . . . By George I guess she Bangs Disease Quarantine Put On Mason County g Mason County has been declar—: ed an area for the Bangs disease test of cattle and has been quar- antined by the State Department} of Agriculture, County Agent' Clinton Okerstrom has been in~ formed. This quarantinr is «21‘- fective as of August 18th. This quarantine states that all. bovine animals are quarantined. against entry into the county by' all methods of transportation, (lX'l cept as hereinafter provided: ‘ 1. Cattle from negative herds: in modified, accredited Bangs> disease free area or herds offic— ially declared free of Bangs dis- ease within the past 12 months. 2. All other cattle over six] months of age not complying with the above section are required to pass a negative test within 30 days prior to the entry and shall i be maintained in quarantine sep— ;. arate and apart from other cat- tle and retested in not less than 30 days nor more than 60 days after date of entry. 3. Cattle shipped for immediate, slaughter ar'e not affected by the: above regulations. Traffic Mishaps (Continued from Page One) . I i occurred when lights on the car failed suddenly on a curve u:1-‘ protected by a guard rail. Mrs. Eleanor Williams, 61. of. Pasadena, Calif, was admitted to; Shelton Hospital last evening for treatment of a cut forehead and body bruises suffered in an acci— dent for which details are lackingi at the presen ttime as no report! had been made to the sheriff’s office this afternoon up to pressl time. Tuesday, August. -_. Robert Wallini Lee Arnold, 25.. at Shelton. August Howard} V Shelton, and V9? l‘mute 3" Dewey nie, 18, ton, August 19. William Bfirgv '~ and Doris MCAh. at Sea ttlc. Aqu West . ,~ John J. Vol ma l3. Anth Vail Rachel M. Nye. M3 Olympia. Edward M. pia. Thora Kline. 34v Okla, at Shelton Howard Sabini' 30, both Taylor, Shelton. LaVorne Bunncll, ‘20, both Shelton. Emmett Johnso bor, 11nd Celia S} View, at Shelton The Abs”; Mason A. L. Abstracts, Loans and . BELL SHELTON; 41 THE AMERICA Brings you i DURAMIN- : G REATE’R TE (21' 0 is in i s ma SMOGTH _ iron: its UIET fl @3md of r034“ JUBILEE TR" Ask us hofiqyo you get TODAY!" LI F E Tl M E Every new? backed Goodrich L1 \s KW \m \ \\\\\\\\\ MR ‘\\\ ' \\\\ “W/ , m \\‘.\\\\\ \\ \\ \\\\ \\ RADIATES! CIRCU LATE BOTH at once! Heaters Real ba the whole family! 5! Famous, low-cost, ' efficient Coleman give 2-way heating service. rgains in Winter comfort for smaller? W. Kostenbadé‘) BALAN A V, combination EXTRA Mil-5..“ to»g .. :al. "#5,; ' 100% E1345 . .4 w 2 ster: t '. v ’v‘. F 111 r! ., .l v p. *A i i! cg", C all ofigg ‘ d, I)°Lu:; . ‘