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August 26, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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August 26, 1941

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, August 26, 1941' you CAN’T SELL UNTlL you“ FIND A BUYE‘RL USE WANT--AD§_ PUBLICELOHLI; FNo. 143'? 1 OF SALE AT VBLIC AUCTION Lourt Mic ermi- ‘ ington Mason In Probate Estate. of ED~v El\lSON PAYNE. Deceas— oz‘ the State and 81‘ of i{hereby given that in com- order of court here- Adnr above—entitled inistratrix will MEN :0 ' the e in the offer 10 auction at the cast courthouse Shelton. County of Ma— ashington. at th“ hour, ock In the lm‘Mlumi of till: September bed real M40 :21); county 19.4]. tfl‘u‘: the lol- (‘01 orth. Ralllhl 2 VV.W.M. El/Section l a. NW1. of sun. [,4 of snig, '~1Section 10 A. NE!4 ul' SEH, 4‘ of $191,. section 1,4. NW 3:, i ,. Niel... SW‘”: Section 15 VVVH SlVH. SW1... pi. NEH. NEH SW”: SVVH. Sl<l‘,:.. , 1 ,. Nut. ,4 4, SW. or swu. ]Section .4. NVVH (if still}. SVVU 4, of Sin... bl‘ction NVV‘Q, Skill/4 '\'\“i. NEE, . sn 1,3 Scetio 1' NW‘l NW’A. L' 111' NW1}. NW‘A. ‘3 ction i 21 North. itiiiigv 3 W.W.M. Section 14. NEH or swi/i. SE31 V of SEX/5., Section 8 NW1; Elf; of NWléi SVVH. .f. SE of NW 1,3 . N E 1.; SE 1,1; n 1/ ./ . vii/S . 0f SE ‘4, Section SW‘,’ Section 2! in. SE1... of SE11, hection 2 NWli of NEH. ’ 0f NWIS. SW14, NVVll of SW1d. SE 14 of 14. $191.1. SE 1,; NE 1,: SE 14 NEl/l W14 swii NE 1,; , NE 1,4 SW 14 ' of NEH}. of NW!.;. NE]; of SW14. .4. SW}; of SW11. SE10 14 0f SEU. , 01; SE14, SE1... of SE11. bection 26 . SW11 ~S‘I’V‘Ai '"I‘slortll. Range 4 W.W’.M. . ., sWll/éction 2.; 4 . NW of "N NWli NW ,,, WV NW ’*‘ SW14. aim. 24 S. SE1; of e S/vagion 26 1.! . SW14 (Less 31.5 all of land hWay. {V WEI}q SW 1.1. Ex- East of acres) ection 28 . NVVI/Q (if N 1/1 of NEu. 0f NWIA. 9f Section 30 l ‘_ NW1; 4. SEL}r Of NWli. Section E . SW DlEl/i SWI/i of 1,3 , NVfl/ . NIL) 1.; of NW1 1 . SVVL’. ,. of SW14. 0f SW14. Section 35 it, Nwlsz NEl/i. E’.’. ‘4 of qu.‘ SW14 1; SW14 SW14 of SVVVI. ,4 0f SE14. of SE 1,4, NW 1/1 SE 1,4 Section 14 W14. SE14 of qu.’ . NfVVSl,%vof SW14. SW»; 0 . Section 22 NW‘A NE V. SE14 of NE 1A. NEl/l SE13; 0f SEE.’ , SW1, SW1}: of SE14, Section 23 / 1/ 1.: of NW%, 4- 1791/31 7131.4 of NWI/fl SW14. SE14 NWIA / , SEE/1 01' SE15, Section 25 SE14 of Of NVV‘A. , NOTICE OF WARRANT CALL 3 hereby given that the following Mason County Warrants are Yment at the. office of the Treasurer of said County. and that 0633‘: on the date of the publication of this notice: “Se 'ai-mnt Nos. 10507 to 10678 inclusive; 2 Warrant Nos. 2013 to 2028 inClusive; . 45 Warrant Nos. 2932 to 2948 inclusive; No. 302 Warrant Nos. 1635 to 1640 inclusive: No. 304 \Varrrant Nos. 1220 to 1221 inclusive; E 1.2, SW11 ‘ O. t s‘l’lelton, SHELTONeiuASON COUNTY JOURNAI) lNWt/l. SE1. of NW1/i, NEu ofr l swu, wa1 of SW12. SWI/i of SW11 lSEt'. of SW14. NEE of SEE, NW1; of SE14. SW]. of SE34. SE14 of SE14, Section 26 Slit”; of NEH. SE1/4 of NE14. swig of SE14 of Nth, NEIA of SW12. of SW14. SW14 of SW14. SE14 of SW14. NE»; of SE14. NWV; of SEE/l. SW14 01' SEPT. SEM, ,of SE 1,4. ‘ Section 27 NEW; of NEH. NW1; 0f NEE/4,, SW1... of SE14 of NEH, Section 35 . NEH; of NE“, of NEV, SW15, of NEl/Ji, SE14 0f NEEQ, NEE/41 of SE 1,4. SW11: 01 SE“. SE14 of SE14. Township 20 North. Range. 4 W.W.M.; Section 2 may; of SW14. 01" SW34. SW14 of SW11. SE1... of SW14. Section 3 NEH. of NEW, of NE‘A. SW1”; of NE%. SE14 of NE‘,{,, NEl/[i of NWI/i. NW1/éi 0f NWM. SW14 of NW1“. SE14 0f NWI/fi. NEE; of SW14. NVVll’l 0f SWV. SW14 of SW14, SE11, of SW1.1i.VNE‘.1i of SE14. NW‘A of SEE/1., SW14 0f SEV, SE14 m" ' SE‘A- , Section . SE11, of SW“;. NWIVL', 0f SEA/h SW13; 1 “r snu, SEV. of SE14. Section 10 NEW. of NEH, NWI/l of NEE/.1. SW 1,5 of NE‘A. SE% of NEl/g, NEM, of i NW1... NW»; of Nyvii. SW14 of Nwlg, . SE 1,1 of NVVl/l. NI‘J‘A 01' SW 1,1,. NVVI/I ‘ of SW13. SE13; Oi SWH, NEH of SE54. inl’. or SE2. SW'X; hf SEE/4, SE14 ul- SE14, Section 11 NE], of NWH. NWM of NWli, SW53 of NWBS, SEX/4 of vai/h Section 15 SW17. of NEW, NEH, of NWIA'V NEl/i of SE14, Sci-tion 10 NWlé of NW”, SWl/i of Nwi/gy SEE; of NW 1.4., Township 20 North, Range 5 W.W.M. .- Section 2 NHL, 01' (Lot 3). NW‘A of NW1; (Lot 4). SW14 of Nwi/J, SEiA of NWli. NWlZ. of SW14, NED;L 0f SW14, SW L5, of SW‘A. SE14 of SW14, Section 3 SE»; of NEH. NEH, of SW14, 5 11/, of SW14 (Less Railroad right .,f way) NEl/f, of SE‘A. NW1/l of SEE. SW13 of SE14, SEW, of SE‘,{.. Section 10 NEIA of NEl/gl (Less railroad rightl of way), SE14 of NE’A, NEH/4 of SW14. SE34 of SW14. ‘ Section 14 NWIA, of NEqu SW14 of NEl/i, NEV, of NWV. SE14 of NW1,;’,_ 1,; of SWI/i. of SW14. SW81 of SW14. SE»; of SW14. SWI/J, of SE14, SE17, of SEli. Section 18 of NEl/l. SW14 of ,NE1/4, NEH; of NW14. SEX. of ngi, NEH, of SW14. SE12, of SW14, ot SEV, SW1/4 of SE14. THURSTON COUNTY Township 18 North, Range 1 W.W. M. Section 2 SW14 of NEI/i. SEl/l of NEll, SWI/i, of NWIA. (Less county road), SE14 of NVVl/l, NE% of SW14. NW1/i of SW‘/.’l. SW14 of SW14. SE14 of SW14. Section 3 NEIA of NEH/i (Less county road), of NEIA, SE17; of NEi/l (Less county road). SW12; of NEl/Zi. E134 0i i SE»; of W12. of SE14. of NEIA of SW14, NEIA of SE54, Section 10 NEH; of W04 of NEM, of SW1,{, SE14 of SWV, ot SE.1/4, Part of the 81,4; of NW9; comnlencmg 80 rods S. of the NW section corner. E. to intersection with line running N and S, through sprlng southly, 80 rods; to line of section; to beginning. Township 19 North. Range 1 W.W.M. Section 34 NW% of NE% (Less county road).‘ SW13. 0f NEl/i. SE14 0f NE1/, NEl/l of SE14 (Less county road), NE14 of NWI/l, SW14 of va, SE14 of 'va, " That the property will be_ sold to the. highest bidder; that all bidders must be prepared to pay not‘ less. than u$21.000.00 in cash; which is the min— imum sale price set by the court. Dated at Shelton. Washington, Aug— ust 22. 1941. ' ‘ VALEVE PAYNE WEBBER. Administratrix. DOANE BRODIE. Attorney for the Estate. Angle Building. Shelton, Washington. 8»26—9-2—9—3t. 1434 NOTICE 013‘ SALE OF REAL‘ PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Mason County In Probate THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ALEXANDER JOHNSON, Deceas— ed. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Undersigned. Wnl. E. Stevenson, Administrator of the Estate _of Alex— ander Johnson. Deceased, Will on or after the 11th day of September, 1941. offer for sale and sell for cash, all of the interest of the said Deceased and the said Estate. the same being and undivided 1/2 interest in and to Lot 6. Block 10. Frances Shelton s Ad- dition to Shelton, Washington.” 1 bids or offers must be in wl'ltlng: may be left with the. Understgneds Attorney. Suite 1, Lumbermen's BUIIG— inn. Shelton. Mason County, Wash— ington. or delivered to the understgned personally. or may be filed in the. Of— OMER L. DION. Treasurer of Mason CountY- to reject. an, this QtStll day of August, illil. the, following (h-scrihi ties, situated in said County and State, to—wit: fice of thr Clerk of the above. en— titled Court at any time after the. first publication of this Notice and before the naming of the sale; each bid shall be ‘rtt'ColilpilI’llCd with cash or certified check to the amount of 10C; of [llt' bid, with the balance pay— able upon the deliver" the Deed. The Undersiglled i ‘F‘S the light and all offers. Dated E. STEVENSON, Administrator of the Es— tate of Ale der .Irvhli.~ sun, Dcceo . Lumber- lilen‘s Bldgr Shelton. N11- firm County. VVashing‘ton. CHAS. R. LEWIS. Attorney for said Admin— istrator. Suite 1. Luilii ' berlnen‘s Building. Shel— ton, Mason County, IVashing‘ton. 8~26. 9'2‘9"‘3t_- (12) NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to and in conformity with, an order of the Board of County Com- lllissioncrs of Mason County, State. of Washington. duly made and ellteredl on the 7th day of August, 1941 ing the. undersigned to lull, in the. manner provided by law (Section 133. Chapter 203, Laws of 1927), the un- dersigned will on Saturday, the 6th day of Septtnllier, ltivil at the hour of nine o'clock in the. fort-noon of said day, at the. front. door .nl' the Court order— liouso ill the City of Siil‘lttln. said County and State. offer for rule, at not less than the minimum price. stated below, plus 1Hin rtisingr and: cruising costs. 1 best bidders, interest of cepting {ht-rerrmll, lwwe' roads. (.‘(L‘I now ill ‘ e, or i’i;’,’lits—of»way forv roads now owned by. or sought, to lm‘ appropr‘i ted at this 0.: o to the highest and all the right. title, and id Mason County. ex— 'l‘, all lltllilltt is or alleys roads, st! t for public ‘ roads. ‘C romln m' streets. by said county. end provided turther that prom-eds from s:‘,‘.l- oi" forest products shall apply on ('tll'ill': ill and to I'( all proper— Deseriptiull No. 1. S54; Tr:ch 15 and sllorclaildu and 'l‘i'at‘l it; and sl‘iorelands, Blm‘k 2, Lulu- Mali-Olin. Home Tracts. Offer $50.00. Description No, 2. NWI/f; NEW: SW1/4 NE‘A: Nil/r NWl’l. SEl/fi. NVv'l/i; all in Section 12, Twp. 20 N., Range. 3 VV.W.M. Offer $200.00. Description 3, SE13 SE11; or. Lot 2 except part platted ill Island Lake Shorelalld and except right oi" 'way; and SWH SELL, Section 1, 'i‘Wp. . 20 N., Range. 4 W.\V.l‘\/l. Offer $52.00. Description 4. Tract No. 2 of Section 8, doscribod as follows: Be.- giniling,‘ at center of Section 8. Town- ship 20 North Range 4; West W.M run West along Nni'tli line of SVVl/i 10 chains; thence South 1425 chains to County Road: thence along said County Road Nortllcastel-ly to a point South of point of beginning; thence North 0.10 chains to point of begins ning: (containing 10.175 Acres.) 0f- fer $35.00. Description No. 5. SE14 NW1/4, Section 6, Twp. 19 N., Range 5 W.W. M. Offer $50.00. Description 6. SEX/i NELL' Section 25. Twp. 20 Range 5 W.W. M. Offer $40.00. Description No. 7. NPR/4.: North 30 Acres 1.5; NW‘A ; SE14 NW Vi ; l NEl/l NWl/l‘; NWlt. Section 28. Twp. 19 N., Range 6 VV.W.M. Of—i for $310.00. OMEP. L. DION. Treasurer of Mason, County. (SEALY‘ 8-12-19-2673t. : NOTICE OF SPECIAL: SCHOOL I‘lliEC'l‘ION Notice is hereby given that a special . election will be held at Camp 3, l Schoolhouse, in School District 58. Thursday, August'28. 1941. for the. purpose of voting on a specin levy; of three (3) mills for the purpose of! balancing the budget. Polls will be; open at the usual hours for voting by qualified electors of the District. School District No. 58, By E. J.'DAMMANN, Clerk. Dated Camp 3. Aug. 16th. Publish Aug. 21-26~2t. No. 1399. NOTICE Tl) (‘REDITORS In the Superior (curt of the Stutci Small place with 1 acre of ex” cellent ground. and cabin with garage attach- ed. Berries, garden and flowers. Mostly all cleared ready tivate. This place is close in and will make a fine home for a couple or single party. See it: today. Half cash, balance on $790.00 of VVashinlrtoll for Mason County. THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF EMMA PILLESCHEK, An In« competent. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: that letters of Guardianship of the per- son and estate of Emma Pilleschek have been heretobeforc duly issued to Alice M. Bunnell and all persons hav- ing claims against the said estate are required to serve same with the necessary vouchers upon J. W. Gra—. ham, attorney for said Guardian. at his office ill the Govey Bldg, Shel-l ton.»Washirlgton, said claims to be verified and the original filed with the Clerk of above court. and to be filed and served within (5 months Rf“. tel' ' date of first publication of this notice. and to wit. August 26, 1941. Dated at Shelton, Wash, Aug". 26. 1941. ALICE 1W. BUNNELL. Guardian of Person and Estate of Emma Piller- chek. J. GRAHAM, Attorney, Covey Bldg, Shelton, Wash. 826. 9-2-9—3t. NOTICE OF BOND tin. Notice is hereby given that the fol-l lowing Utility Bonds, Series of 1935. of Public Utility District No. 1 of Mason County. Washington. are called fm' payment at the' office of the Treasurer of said county and that the, .JOURNAL Want: Ads are used by of your neighbors with great success. _ _ . i information about GET A TRAVELERS accident lower on longer‘ for every trip_ 25c per: lfilli‘rrf'st on said Bonds will cease on b("l)t(.~iii‘oel' 1. 1941: Public Utility District No. 1 Util- Ity Bonds. Series of 1930, number- ed 7 and 8. inclusive. Public Utility District No. ll of Mason County By; F. G. BRIGGS. §-14—19-21—2S-28—5t. Manager. \ Washington, August 26. 194i. 8-26—1t- M 006- fooK To?“ @123. AT THE. wwwm Real Estate “AAA-“AMA ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS per acre choice residence or farm acreage ajoining SheltonI municipality. Terms reasonable.‘ For information see Arthur L.I Ward or write owner. Asa N.. Ward, 218 U. S. Court House, Nashvifle, Tenn. 7-31—-9—30A—2M Classified Servi LARCHMONT FURRIERS of Ta- coma at L. M. Store Wednes- day, August 27, to take care ofl your fur needs for winter. New coats restyling and repairing at lowest prices. 8—14—19-21-26w‘lt.l “ small LANDSCAPING Years of experience in lawn-mak— ing. Contract or 500 an hour. Eight years in Shelton. 726 So. First, corner Mill street. 8—5. 9-5v—1M. WANTED: used sewm in good condition. Will pay cash. Roy Nason, Route 2, Shelton,| 1/2-mile beyond Oakland Bay'; School. N7A8-19-21—26-29—4t. l FOR SALE: 5 acres 213 ft. water— front with tidelands, good beach, ' acre cleared. 3-room cottage, spring water, beautiful Spot. Bargain. B. Powers, Shel- ton Hotel. Phone 42. 8-19-21-26-28fi4t. Plovie, timber, CONTRACTING C A R P ENTER, , alterations and repairs, al jobbing. Reasonable rate. H. Ridge Road, 8—12—9-12#—1M gener— FOR SALE: 5—room house, 2-room cabin, 60x195 lot, $1550. $200 down. John Terho, corner 2nd and VVyandotte, Southside Hill. 8-19—79-4e76t. 1%. Jones, 17141/3 Shelton. FURNITURE UP- furniture recovered' and rebuilt, free estimates, 714 Joe Nussbaumer, SHELTON bolstering, Ellinor Ave. proprietor. Phone 590-W. 8-20—m8—20—7M ~FOR SALE: 20 acres, 4 room; house, outbuildings, lights, wa-g' fruit and berries, land, 4 miles West of MatlockI on schoolbus route. Inquire Lee 8-19-28m4 tel", Alder i ington. Everything To Make i !. The Little Tot Happy ‘ -—~ SCOOTERS TRICYCLES REPAIRS Hunter. five fine residential, Hillcrest. ' Cleared within city limits, $403 each. Inquire at Richfield Sta—l tion on, Hillcrest. Phone 288. L#8-26-28--9-2—9u 4t FOR SALE: building WAGONS lots JOURNAL ADS vvv vvwvvvvvvvvvvwvv“ 18. Wanted California. — . 1 WANTED TO BUY 4 or 5 rooml modern house. State price and! terms. Inquire Box L, Journalw L~fi8-19-284—4t. NTED AT ONCE: cal‘ioads or truckloads of large, smooth, sound Maple and Alder logs. Higher price, liberal scale. Prompt settlements. Chair Company, Tacoma, VVash- 8—21~79-2a4t. 'WANTED: housework or care of' children full or part time. Cook- ing and laundry work included, Callia Lundberg, Matlock Rt. 8—21-20 2t. v WANTED: housekeeper two. Mrs. Hans Bergeson, 1325 Rail- road Avenue. Eon SALE CHEAP: 10 acre; partly cleared, 4 room bonsai outbuildings. H. L. Kidd, Day- ‘8-26--9-4r 74L. We also Repair wagons, tri— ‘kricycles, lawmowers, cycles, etc. ton. WANTED: experiedded keeper and care for children. Mrs. D. R. Rich, 307 E. let, SLEYSTERS FIX-IT SHOP FOR SALE Lot 90 x 1.80 with a small‘1 new 2 room cabin. . Island Lake. Close in. $695.00. Terms $100 down and $10.00, per month at 60,. have a small cabin to vacation ‘in when you want it and just! a few minutes from town. Located on , Why not I FOR SALE 7-room modern suburban homei on paved fireplace} basement, plastered with new Has excellent well kept’ yard with many beautiful flow- ers and shrubs. , vatory attached to home with'l Includes about 2 and , highway, paper. Small conser— I many plants. acres excellent soil gravity water system. This is; finest suburban? homes in the county and will make an excellent home. not see it today if you want a really fine home that is close in. Will sell for $5400 and give some terms. Press the button—what you see, you get, in movies, at snapsho: Cost! Black- and-White or full, natural color, in- doors or out, even slow motion. Start now. See Filmo today. Easy Terms if Desired . I IANDREWS PHOTO STUDIO}: one of the Why FILMS DEVELOPED 25¢ per roll coupon with ll—acres in Kamilche Valley, finel soil and ,most all under culti- Has good 4-room house with large chicken house. Elec-I trib lights, daily mail and abolit, 8 miles from Shelton. for $1775 and give good terms” to reliable pa vation. Will sell Free Enlargement each roll. FIR DRUG STORE "RADIO REPAIR and Service. Allx guaranteed. Auto Supply Co., First. Phone 126. M—8-21--9-2—4tl rty. 1-room house Western ! 218 North ‘1 to cul- , repairs terms LARGE SIZE Duplicating SALES BOOKS 5¢ Each )r 55¢ per dozen We also take orders for all kinds special—- PRINTED SALES BOOKS Our prices are an low or lowerl than outside salesmen can quote] THE JOURNAL YOU ARE COVERED for any ac- cident for $.25 per day. Longer time the rate is cheaper. Herb ets when you travel. Angle, Agent. Business building In Shelton. Ren- tal income. mTermS. $4,600.00. 5-room modern home, with hard— wood floor, and basement, 21A, acres of ex-i cellent ground, with fruit treeslgf and large chicken houses. will make you a fine surburban home, close in, $2850, terms, may be arranged. Will trade. Herbert G. Angle Angle Bldg. furnace fireplace, This you. Phone 304 See Herb scores friends and Complete what you have to sell always helps. day. Rates ticket periods. See Herb Angle NOW! a: TOOK Trlb “Panza. CAT Olympia. Phone 4‘731. 8-26-25n8-2-4- «lit. VWVVVVVV“ "vv~ nvyvvv' Lost and Found Auwmm : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ‘A A AIXA‘A‘ STEADY WORK *5 GOOD PAY-1 FOR SALE: Davenport and chair RELIABLE PERSON WANT- ED to call on farmers in Mason- County. No experience or capi-‘ tal required. Some making $100 in a week. Write" Mr. Inman, 2423 Magnolia St., Oakland, Page Five r vvvvvvvvvv\vvvvvvvvvvvvvv For Sale RATES On Classified Advertisements l 10 cents a line (5 words) first . , l insertion, attractively low rates 1“ Very gOOd Cond‘tlon- can l on subsequent insertions. Min- 310. 8-14-19-21-2674t4 imum charge 40C. \ i l I FOR SALE: Pigs and brood sows. l Classified advertisements ac- Davis Store, Lilliwaup. WaSh. i cepted over the telephone from 8-4-19-21-26wit. l phone subscribers. Cash should FOR SALE: cot. Inquire O. K. Northwest 1.1., .. "LL no i FOR SALE: black Angus heifer.l lFor: SALE: 8—267‘1t. V YOUNG LADY wishes apartment to share. Will Share expensesw Phone 14—F-22. single mattress, goodi F, 778—267 11: house- mvvwm LOST on Upper Hoods Canal, two green veneer rowboats, seven borough Apts, Second and Knee-l accompany all other orders or "’M ’3‘" FOR SALE: Picked Gravensteini payment made before the first g machinei apples, orchard run. 3 boxes of the month to save expense $1.00. Bring containers. J. of billing. All xtra charge of Jacoby, Route 2. 8—14——1tf. | 10c will be made when billing is ‘ necessary. Card of thanks 50c. Barber Shop. K—8-7fitf. ' Classified Display Rates on i Request. PRICED TO SELL: Stinson alr— Phone 100 plane. Earl H. Moore, 218 North First Street. mmvvvvvvvvvmvvvvvv 555252150 osmosis...“ is For Sale be sold at discount in Shelton. These pianos are new but shop worn. having been used as sam- Fruit and Nut Trees pies. Will sell on terms. Write Ornamentals Factory Representative, Box' 413, Sumner, Wash. 8 19 28 4t ‘ Shrubs and Roses 'f"‘““"“""' *' Hand and Power Sprayers Alvin Butler, Middle Skokomish Spray Mater‘al Valley. Begs—2628-725] VISTA DEL ORO ‘ NURSERY CO. 50 pdllets, Newl V Hampshire, laying. $1 apiece} HAG??? (2.30%; h Inquire Walter E. Allen, Route} Rt. 0" 7: y‘“’“‘» as ._, , l ‘ 3' ‘ "mes dowpfglgfogjhu 1 SHELTON» .MEL GIBSON '1 Olympia Feed Co. AAAAAAAA‘A‘A‘A condition. Inquire O. Barberl Shop. K~~8~26-28v72t.SBARGAIN: large used wood range in excellent condition for sale. Shelton Gas Company. Phone 87. 8—19-21—2t. I '"vvvg I For Rent M----_,-,,-L___.-, AA“ MAAAMAAAAAAAAn§A for this beautiful little spinet. Some Good 10_l terms and might take a used piano or born as part. payment. Messingale Music Co., Aberdeen. land Streets, Shelton. 5-7~tf.! : 8'19'29F4t‘ rent (2 and 3 rooms). cation. Very reasonable. Golds-l eleven feet respectively. Reward. 1 FOR RENT: furnished modern! FOR SALE: Slab WOOG 32-50 cord: F. R. William, Belfair. 8—26—28rv 2t. Knight Teacher , Staff Announced! Mary M. Knight Schools, Dis-I _ trict 311, will open the current'ROOM AND BOARD for mad-1-, school year September 3, instead of September 2, as previously an- nounced, according to A. D. Hunt- er, superintendent. , Thelstaff for the new year is as follows: Hazel Jane Pierce, primary; Cecelia Kalsch, inter- mediate grades; J.eff Tesreau, up- per grades, grade principal and [athletic coach; Francis Markwell .and Jean Rose Vaughan, high school instructors. itor is Lynn Roderick. Ahoy, Matey Buccaneering Was great sport for Rosamond Blackwell, Long Beach, Calif, at the recent Fiesta de la Playa celebration at Belmont Shore. .V—Pa—ul—Revlere . . 1941 Style 5w Here’s the modern version of Paul Revere’s message, as en- acted by 5-year-old Billy Holds- worth, of Yeadon. Pa., ‘at recent. baby parade in Wildwood, J. FOR RENT: dtiplex apartment courts. Reasonable rates froml A150 saw dust. 21/2 miles down Sept. lst to June 15. Junction; .Cole Road. J. B. nghtbody. Courts, 10 miles North Shelton.l Route 3. 8—21—9-2—~4t. C_8‘2L_9‘2“4t'z'DRY SECOND GROWTH wood. ‘ 35 5-mos. old New Hampshire house on Hillcrest. E. G. Davis. pulletS- §Weet corn and toma- Phone 590-1 1404 Olympic Hi- toees. Wlll Turner, Kamilche, way. D—8-21-26-28n9-2'4t4 R 1, BOX 90, Shelton. 8-26-28—9—2-4—4t. l ers in modern home short dis-i You may “Oil get YiChv tance from. town. 'I‘ranspQrta_i When you SVl'ltch to B. GOOd' tion provided if necessary. In- mCh. quire Journal office. B-8-26—1t.; BUt you Will save monOY- l J . FOR RENT: available Septei’nbe vvvvv v vv vvvvvw u vvvvvvv‘ at Mallows Apartments, 618 rl 1, 3 room furnished apartment; l FURNISHED COTTAGES: ultra: The new jan- ’" ‘l1939 DeLuxe Ford 4 Door tour- . modern in all furnishings. Everyi_ 22%;.st(figwAéirnZflaggfiféeEgggg possible home comfort. $35 to, k $50 month inclusive. Lilliwaupl “giffiffighzeg’gl,” p332; Motel, Lillawaup, Wash. l tee ________ _________________________ 0 $595 8'21'26'28“9'2“4t-; 1938 Pontiac Coupe. Radio, heater, HOUSEKEEPING roams for rentl nice in every Way """""""" " $545 can 487_J f _ l1937 Chrysler .Royal Coupe. New or partlglfilj§§21_tf.l tires. Overdrive. Only $445, .1937 Chevrolet DeLuxe 4 Door _._2_.... ._.__..._..._.. ~—‘—.——.—~——_( Sept. 2 Low Sept. 3 Low 10:47am -0.4ft. TO WHOM IT ‘MAY CONCER. 1 Suite 1 M Barber of Belfair, State of Washing— Shelton. Washington ocontinuously for the. purpose of fish that the, approximate point of diver—- JOURNAL Want Ads are used byi Sedan. Radio, heater, sport lite. scores of your friends and, Was $495. .............. $425 . neighbors with great success; 1930 Oakland Swan. beaten. $75 9 Complete information about61933 Chevrmet sedan -------- $155 What you have to sen always} 1932 Chev. Coupe. Very good $150 helps, 1928 Buick. 2 new tires .. $40 ‘ 1931 Ford Sedan .................... _. $45 Tides of the Week BOB ERVIN Computed for Oakland Bay FOR- SALE: 1934 Master Chev. (Hood Canal. tides are one hour sedan, state tested, radio, heat- & 5,5" mmmes earner) l er, $195. Cash takes it. See 'L.' E. Bishop, 4 miles out Arcadia Wed. Low 3:44 a.m. 1.0 ft. Road. 8—26w9-4—4t. Aug. 27 High 9:52 a.m. 12.9 ft. 'vwv VVW'- ¥ Low 3:42 p.m. 1.0 ft. High 9:45 p.m. 14.4 ft. C Thurs. LOW 4 238 a.m. 0.6 ft. AAAAAAAA“ AWN Aug. 28 High 11:02 a.m. 12.6 ft. ‘ Low 4:37 p.m. 4 3 ft. High 10:30 p.m. 14:011. ALDEN C. BAYLEY ' l1 Fri. Low 5:38 a.m. 0.3 ft. Aug. 29 High 12:23 pm. 12.5 ft. ATT°RNEY AT LAW Low 5.243 pm. 54 ft- Title Insurance Building i ngh 11322 P-m- 13-5 ft- ‘1 Opposite First National Bank [1 Sat. Low 6:44 a.m. 0.1 ft. Phone 23 - Shem? ‘: Aug. 30 High 1:48 p.m. 12.6 ft. ——— w ‘ Low 7:01 p.m. 6.1 ft. 2:25 p.m. 13.0 ft. :53 a.m. 0.1 ft. ‘NSURANCE 7 , . 25.13 253352 1232: HERBERT G. ANGLE , 1:36 a.m. 12.7 ft. Office at Angle Building Sept. 1 Low 8:58 a.m. -0.3 ft. 4 :13 p.m. 13.6 ft. :44 p.m. 5.9 ft. Tues. High s2:48 a.m. 12.6 ft.‘l B. l :56 a.m. -0.4 ft. High 5:04 p.m. 14.0 ft. Low 10:42p.m. 5.3ft.' Bookkeeping sys’ems Wed. High 3:56 a.m. 12.7 ft. I Accounting ' Tax Services ‘y. 123 4th St. Phone 565 ’J'. High: 5:47 p.m'. 14.3ft. a...——_ *__._ I 9. Low 11:31 p.m. 4.6 ft. ,NOTICE or WATER mon'r CHARLES R- LE1V1S i APPLICATION. NO. 5562 State of “’ashington Office of Su— ATTORNEY AT LAW ":5 pcrvisor of Hydraulics Olym ia Notice is hereby given that Nelson ton. under date of August 22) 1941.‘ filed with the State Supervisor of Hydraulics. Olympia. Washington. ant alpplication forta pefmit to divert. t e public wa ers 0' an unnamch stream, in the amount of 0.25 of a second foot. subject to existing rights. propagation and power for electricity; I Attorney-At-Law sion is located within NE]. of SINK, , ' of Section 32, Township 23 N., Range Ang'e Bundan 1 IV.W.M.. in Mason County. A map Phone 337 showing the location and plan of said diversion and the, place. of the pro- posed use is on file in the office of ESTATE APPOINTMENTS the State Supervisor of Hydraulicsl . . Olympia. Washington. together with‘ (31308 B. Anderson was appomt- such other information as is required ed administratrix and A. E. A‘S‘h- I; l , by 1aW~ ,, . 'ley, Frank S. Smith and Dana Anv person. firm or Corporation whgso right will be injurious”. mg 1 H. Dickson appraisers of the 65— {cried by said application may file l tatc 0f the late Guy L. Ander- “'i‘“ ‘1‘” “at” Sul‘emf‘)" "f EN“ 3 son in a superior court order raulics..at Olympia. Washington. such I mgned bv uldgfl D F “Irign‘ '3 ‘i objections or representations. in iter- . ing. as he may desire to make. with« 7 Saturday. in thirty (80) davs after date of last _-.4___.._ , ‘ 3ub‘9‘qtion. which date is September “This newspaper favors iade., , 1 4 . M ‘ . Witness my hand and Official SM1.quate prepaiedness for National, V this 22nd dnv of August. A. p. 1941. ,Defense and recommends that CHAS. J- BARTHOLET- .‘eligible young men enlist in the ; (wilffe supe’Vis“ OfSngdgi‘g‘ll‘éii‘United States Army." V