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August 28, 1941     Shelton Mason County Journal
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August 28, 1941

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Page Three SHE], .TON-MA SON COUNTY JOURNAL # R. E. Grating plasma: "summamsoficoum JOURNAL "Rain Should Mae 1 anniversary event. a fly swatter for some time. He Defense savings stamps may now expects to take her out on a trial friends ‘port federal building at 7 , September 3rd. i, There will be some changes in i the Hoodsport school according to ‘Mr. Goodpaster, who is at the head of our local school. He is! Published every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I Member of \Vashington Newspaper Publishers’ and National Editorial Association. Entered as second-Chis: matter at the postoi‘t‘ice at Shelton, Washington Subscription Rates: 8 to sell always genome is no FUN Belching is disagreeable and of- ten embarrassing. If you take a . l i. great success. i 1 V ,trip September 3rd. All kids who _ ibe purchased at the Fir Drug mation a bout 3 Consolidated with The Shelton Independent i wish to go must be at the Hoods-l Store. . A.l\’l. ' Scribe Believes By G. (la-Gray Fir Drug Store Celebrating his <21st sary as a druggist in Shelton, H.S t h e Agate. A u g u s t 27 Agate grangc is sponsoring a pie sociall 1, and entertainment program at the l Agate grange hall this coming; Saturday evening following the i Assoeiatiun I anniver- ii" Hoodsport, August 26 —~ If youi REWARD .i’l a. the manufacturei . 7 ' ’BY MAIL: in Mason Couiitv (outside of Shelton city mail carrier districts) , x i t‘r- h Cl ,- mor 0k. on a three—(lav vacation to Smith E. Grenberg, proprietor of spoonful of Bisma-Rex in glass revular busmess meeting, which. , ‘ _, . h . W: ,. ,0. . r ,. ., . p ,ml 9‘81 (“we “mug ‘1 e 0: l , . . . . ‘ starts at eight o’clock. ,%,’.‘ff,§“;rggifile',;gg %tm§%:}ftsén7“:érgcar‘fi;“cwy’lingfi €23,538}. $0”; lahoma, you will see a great ranch l, Lake. his last V§03t10n bCffOI'C ’ Fir Drug Store, is conducting 21 Of Water aftel meals: 37.011 can 01' Callous GREAT. house. In the center of this greatl School Starts- Smlth Lake IS «’1 back-to-school sale this week. eXPEI StomaCh gas QUICRW- Bls‘ , All ladies attending are askedl receiving their Journal by .mail. CORN SALVE‘ to bring a pic Dancing will be BY JOURNAL CARRIER: m Shelton, . i . ~2 r n v“ ' . I. ,I. Git Mid/er “115- % enjoyed. The public is invited. The 0“ l "‘0 D” W” 1" “‘dv‘mce E (me rdons Shelton , program is under the home econ— GRANT C. ANGLE 89' lomics committee with Mrs. Jen- Editor l »nie York as chairman. i l l I l I ' l ibillions, and centralization of all power in ington, and all industry in or near the big lstill refuses to heed the appeals of the smaller ,. lcommunities for new and smaller industries of lwar defense; and also ignores the lessons of the; 13¢ per month (collected by carrier) 1. EBER ANGLE Manager CENTRALIZING OF INDUSTRY The administration which can see only in Wash— ; ipresent war where bombs are wrecking the in—' ldustrial concentrations and wisdom is scattering them all over the country less inviting to bombers. . ; It cries out for raw materials and about, shortages of production yet gives its funds to big cities, ' building you will see a great sta- tue of a great man, Will Rogers. [On the base of this great statuel, you will see these words inscribed: “I never saw a person I did not like." Well, that‘s how every one here feels after this great rain. If someone who hasn't spoke to you for years, walks up, shakes hands with you, talks awhile and goes on about his business singing or whistlingA-he isn't crazy or isn't a candidate. It‘s the rain. Forest fires are all out, pastures, hay, grain and vegetables are looking fine. Art Ammerman, our local bean king, reports the value of this rain upto fifteen hundred dol- lars on his bean crop alone. Jack Manley, our local electrolux agent, is also our local tomato king. His figures run about the same as Mr. Ammerman‘s, on his tomatoes. And we’ll be satisfied if the neigh- bors garden keeps our chickens in icouple of miles above Flapjack .Lake, above the Staircase. Mr. Goodpastcr declares he always lLake. He took a half dozen cans They‘re crazy about canned sal- mon. There is going to be lots ‘of little fish miss their regular feeds in Finch Creek when school begins. Gambling doesn't pav. We bet an ice cream cone with a local Scotchman that we wouldn’t have half an inch of rain before Sun- day. We had 51/100 Saturday. In— ' stead of expecting the ice cream like a gentleman. he said he didn’t care for ice cream but would take at 10c cigar. Instead we gave his three year old daughter a nice big Vanilla cone as that was her fav- orite flavor. She politely handed it to her dad and said she liked Vanilla best but thought straw- berry would look better on her eats fish when he goes to Smith‘ of salmon along for the squirrels.' l Ina-Rex acts four ways to relieve acid-indigestion. Go to the Rexall Drug Store and ask for Bisma- Rex — 50 doses for 50c. Gordon’s Shelton Pharmacy Making this anniversary doubly significant is the fact that Earline Durand, one of the cmployes at the Fir Drug, was born the same day that .Mr. Grenberg came to Shelton, thus making a “twin” " [feline Gainith ,‘ ._ SEA-ins . “YEQWWNE”. ' . lW-‘i W;- ~ .7 I ‘ H ‘ PORTLAND xv. " ' .5 ‘ Dependable Transportaten ' FOR COMFORTABLE TRIPS between the Pacific Coast and Chicago, with accommodations to fit all travel budget, depend on the luxurious, Roller-Bearing, Air-Conditicncd NORTH COAST LIMETEEB :1! For fast freight shipments depend on Northern Pacific Railway. I: has angel. twmiy- ;industries for expansion in the cities which are new red dress. ‘ ‘ _ green stuff until it rains :1 am. 1 ‘ii' d ii -' ' i l r at irh 'n.: 11:; Cu: ctds . . . . 1b. V an better prepared to care for and house the 1n- one more rain and the field gmen Thanks for the loan of your giving?tiggspzréagdoxgégi-Zdntiwthzcixpcfblzmssigfhljlrzfziaiafqlggieifs:view;‘ n * I in the local fire departments goes ears ma mg urgent eman s on natura resources 0 t is no territory :U\C’J ‘ I r the by the N. . 1flux of new labor by the thousands than a 6 ,down the road talkmg to them“ o. c. GRAY. Ask an I“, remsemme ,0 MP selves. However, the situation in, ‘smaller cities and towns to handle a few extra, ‘ ~ I the slave market looks better now ihundred each, but in the aggregate to relieve the than for some years past- icity congestion as well as making the many new-l Joie Vail has lace? bstandlng lei“. industries possible for present more urgent gua’d 0"“ “5 SC 0" “3 Wlth i needs as well as the future upbuilding of more new, :cities and regional centers. ‘ ._ We hear a good deal about “bottlenecks” of lone sort or another, and of what the various al- phabetical authorities are doing to speed up “war idefense,” yet so far nothing has been done to help idevelop the raw materials existing in our own ‘ istate, such as manganese, aluminum, magnesmm -, i and other metals of urgent need and produceable there, for these many conflicting agenCies are fighting among themselves for control while val— .uable time is being lost, ever more costly than the‘ istoppages in existing industry. l solve your transportation problems Try a Journai Classified Ad—-— If you don’t think it pays to advertise-~placc a Want—Ad in the Journal! Pokles (lt- 190 i, if Crackes . . . . 2—lbs. 19¢ f‘enex pkg. 250 E’s Corn atches ctn. 170 ax Paper 125-ft. r01115¢ pkins pkg. 9c Flakes . G-oz. pkg. l l l i There was another “Versailles treaty” carried! out on the high seas the other day, with all its im— i .plications and possibilities, but unfortunately beg ,fore rather than after the common enemy has, been defeated. As yet, Americans have been de-{ nied the inner details of the deal with England, l and perhaps Russia, and this has much to do With the unrest and division of sentiment and lack of HALES and ELBERTAS Lowest Priceva/n. Town DON’T WAIT CAN NOW! ‘l \ ' ' ' » Golden Ri e Seedless er 4 bars confidence which prevails at home. , p f I“ e Bouquet Soap ¢ , Bananas . lb. 7;: Grapes lb. 71/252 Drlnk SNO-COLA .7 , I SUMMER VACATION 1s OVER 1: “Sunkist _. my a . MW“, 6 t i. ' 3 cans c ’ ————— _ . _ ' emons .. lb. 8¢ Onions 4-]bs. 10¢ F0, 23¢ v; The Labor Day weekend holiday is guilt aheagii Green Utah f. and then the opening of school days for t e you , N I "—""" " """ ’ f Shortenin ,- 3_lbs 49¢ iof the land and work ahead for everybody: The; Peppers C8161? - lb- 4¢ Beverage ‘3’ l e ‘ ‘ 55 ._'___._._._1__.__ ilocal schools are in order and the prlosgect is tlfiati ’? Local 34% 3 “"§%f;,,‘..:§k5 1(){§E,,_“i§'g8 ,3}? 3,3,3 lthe facilities in Shelton will be amp e 0 care or V . , ‘ S. Q In 4 ts. isuch new families as have come intof the fiom-l (JarrOtS Lefiuce ' ' ' ' q ¢ ¢ . q 8¢ munity during the summer; at least i we ave! Local Tender E l B S . 9, ireceived no share of the big spending now gomgi Cabbage Corn doz, Milfggdonayu pmach "" .on there will not be the school trfiutfiei Vl’hlckl)1 W111 Yakima 3mg Yak. 35 lb b Wesson 0i] """""""""" " quart 47¢ beset the cities and districts W ic ave Ben ' 'ma ' °x ‘ """" """" ” boosted by army or industrial influx. Tomatoes - - PBdI'S . . . . . gilflffay salad 0“ -- The summer vacation season has been all t0_0l Pure """"""""""""" " 24b; 25¢ short, as it always is, for those who can enjoy it Grade “A” """ do‘z‘ 40¢ in full, and the weather has been about average Tagt Pound with; """ " lb‘ 39¢; with severa1 dry periods and a rain or two for FRUIT JARS doz. ‘ y """""" " ' 7 l" Ball or Keri- quart jars. . JELS-RITE .. 3 for Fruit Pectinwtl-oz. bottle ........... ' seasonal balance; but probably other parts of the country have been busy as well and not the usual! summer travel has been observed for the season| Fruit Cocktail . . . 1-lb. tin 10c ,‘i‘ Marshmallows . . . Zfor 25c lhigh places to consider the course and progress H . (/3 ' Seals jams and jellies airtight... Fluff—i-est fresh tender marshmallows. l—ll). sealed carton. lOf the nation in its efforts at war “defense, and qa ' over the Northwest. allhforeign ktrahvel cutl 2 for ‘fun Down" assorted fruits mixed for tasty i'i'uit cocktail. 16 ounces. . Off there was expected to be a re t is Way Fruit Pectin—8417.. bottle . ,. , - l of summer tourists and vacatlonlsfts but therel KERR LIDS doz gear-:‘s l/é .were no more, if as many, vis1tors this summer as Reg} Km W “as. Pm 0, ,2 8 ’ U ‘ " . ' ‘ ‘ _ ‘ . ‘ . lb. 1 o I usual; but back to school days call all back home. JAR RINGS doz t LunCheon meal I I I I tm 26c , I ——--—-—-‘—“'—"—— I Jmkms m, Ringleadm, jar rings Armour's “Trout” pure. spiced pork lunchPUn meal. 12 ounces. \I E o d [ What this country sadly needs IS a Pause in PAROWAX 1b . to determine if and what must be done to end thel lust 2m 9:: up , , ------- ' ——~—-————- {$13,511 if, bringing backfihelpu “3 “‘Qra‘e Whmhl cunnmnnnunrsh snmm California none, 5-“... 35¢ e backbone of it al . ‘ . , , . u r d 50 l ‘ Brown Sugar .................... .. 3-lbs. 20¢ . Powdered Su ar .............. .. 3-lbs. 22 The prospect is for Milady to become familiarl Tenderlzed Hams lb- 35‘ Crystal Whiteg Soap __________ _. 3 for 11;? Wlth the word “ersatz,” borrOWQd fI'Om the Ger- . Half or Who” I I Swedish Mints ______________________ _. lb. 15¢ iman, not alone in the matter of 811k stockings but Shankless Picnics ll)- 280 Candy Bars ........................ __ for 10¢ in 11211118 pealliatps rrtiiiny othéar thlifslgg zfnéommon use PArmOli‘: Tendered v Beech Nut Cigarettes ...... .. 2 for 25¢ 11 now a co on IS isgu rayon an I I I I c S ecial Brooms .......................... .. 29¢ pyltgln are coming to the front we must get used Cg; mfifsfifi! ' ' Siiperb Soap .................... .. 50-oz. Tc 1 0 e substitutes. x LEG 0F 0. K. Soap .......................... .. 4 for 15¢ —_ Frankfurter: Mut n H . Oxydol .............................. _. 24-oz. 22¢ ,, . Baer EripgyTCagdsd i Always 8. Treat MUT-rotht.) STEAKS an}; gellow Corn Meal .......... .. Egg: .1 “ I cc p e 0 un ay . S. ai‘lfla .............................. .. 5. Due to 1:101:85. weather. va- 21¢ $313!?ch . I . b ggasglgafié‘ """""""""""""" " "gilllligfmllw €3th 3“ i0 if figs? m; eef . _ 1 , , . -------------------------- -- - "ill 3,353: $31,525:, of, , it White Beans -------------------- 3-lbs- 25¢ p y g Rump Rst. ll ‘ 22’s: of Sausage - -- “’- 25" i i 6 en , eor e - Ashbaugh announced this weekg. , an-e Beef Hahbut . . . .4 lb. Golfer: wishing to enter the FRESH S'LVER 1132‘;'ifi‘fill’llgf‘sinl‘illch‘iER'CHED § {é‘ffl‘V § Baker rophy tourna ent in ' \ V ‘l' \ . submit Qualifying card; throuaghl l ——_—————. salmon ' ' ' ' lb' l-lb. Lge. \\\gf’« \\>\ ' next gulch—3:, he said. Prices Subject To Market Change Loaf 11/2413. ¢ “This newspaper favors ade-. quate preparedness for National' Defense and recommends that eligible young men enlist in the United States Army.” America speaks! Answer the call of your country by buying Defense Savings Bondsand Stamps for its protection and defiense.