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August 28, 2014     Shelton Mason County Journal
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August 28, 2014

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- ........ +J+ ....... i Lt m .... J-++~- Reporter's brush with pot crushes senses, creates confusion during trip to ttawafi arijuana can be a tricky ride. Some- times you'll sit comfortably in the saddle, moved by fresh insights and sensations. Other times, you can be seized by a paranoia that makes your brain unspool as your horse gallops through brambles. Tremendous insight often accompanies tre- KIRK mendous para- By noia. That's the yin and yang of who's in his early 60s put it this way in an interview with the Jour- nal: ' When you settle down and get married and you have a full- time job, you have kids, you're not smoking pot like you used to," he said. "I didn't miss it .... It not only made me stupid, but it put my brain in a different place than the rest of my family and it wasn't fair to ERICSON them or to me. They're not on the same wave- Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014 - Mason County Journal - Page .... marijuana. "We don't want to treat this like plutonium, but at the same time, society is not ready for us to treat this like oregano," John Novak, operator of the webs|re 420leaks. corn, told Northwest Leaf maga- zine in a March 2014 article. Indeed. You can't overdose on pot, but you certainly can get too high. In the summer of 2007, my wife, our two sons - ages 3 and 12 - and I were in Hawaii, where we visited a couple who had retired from Mason County and moved to the island of Kauai. The wife had worked for the state and her hus- band had run gardens, including for some South Sound tribes. The husband taught youths the ways of the garden. The husband had a Hawaii medical marijuana card because marijuana helped him with his ailments -- Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes -- and he grew a few marijuana plants on his secluded property for his own relief and pleasure. One Hawaiian afternoon, they drove us down to a beach, and then he and I left the womenfolk and the kids behind so they could enjoy the pacific Pacific and the sandy, gently sloping beach. The husband wanted to smoke mari- juana in his car. I joined him. I didn't smoke marijuana much because, mainly, I found it put me out of sync with my family and my work. Plus, I wasn't interested in mak- ing the effort required to get it. A marijuana grower in Seattle length." Fair enough, but this-was Ha ........ |-coutdr#t-stop it ,,, Paranoia rolled over waii and I was a guest. We sat in his ear, away fromthe pleasant sensations ef Hawaii |ike the beach, and he rolled one. He lit it, inhaled once and handed the tideover a sand castie+ it to me. I inhaled, and then he started coughing. Big, deep, shut- tering coughs. I couldn't hand it ground, though, I felt a creeping water. I asked him how he was. back to him because of the cough- anxiety. You're away from your "Fine." ing, so I was stuck with this thing, family. They're in the ocean. En- What are you doing? I inhaled ... and inhaled. After tire families were swept away in "Just staring at the ocean." a minute, he stopped coughing, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Silence. He wandered away I handed it back to him. He took Sharks. Beach thugs. Sneaker from me. I followed. -He looked another puff, handed it back to me waves. Somali pirates. Where's at me. I looked away. He moved and started coughing again. So I, Dad when we needed him? again and I stayed with him again, was stuck with this mar|- I couldn't stop it. Paranoia again. juana for far too long. After a few rolled over the pleasant sensations "Dad?" minutes of this dance, I realized of Hawaii like the tide over a sand ' res, Alex?" I wasn't feeling its effects, which castle. ' You're acting weird." was odd because my tolerance was I got out of the car and walked Alex wandered away again, zero and I had just smoked a lot the hundred yards back to the but I didn't follow this time. I of marijuana in a car with all the beach. My wife was talking with took deep breaths and tried to windows rolled up. her friend. A few feet away to- chill the hell out, wishing I could "Did you grow this?" I asked, ward the beach, our 3-year-old, purge this substance from my looking for clues as to why it Ryan, was playing in the sand. system. wasn't working. Our 12-year-old, Alex, was wading After I straightened up, Ryan "Yeah." nearby in the ocean about 10 feet told me he said Alex was a ghost "Where did you get the starts?" from the shoreline, because his brother's skin was I don't recall his exact sen- Everything was as it should be. so white compared to the tanned tence, but it was along the lines I went to the 3-year-old. I asked people on the beach. of: "From a strain that was in the how he was doing, trying to recon- I pointed out that Alex was Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam a struct from memory how I normal- ghost-like, not a ghost. I told him couple of years ago." ly act. He turned from the ocean, he should have said he looked like Oh. looked at me and said, "Dad, Alex a ghost, not that he was a ghost. That fact immediately clicked is a ghost." Otherwise, you'll scare dad. with a fragment in my brain that "What do you mean?" knew this guy was a top-notch "Look at him. He's a ghost." *** horticultural|st. In a sober state, I might have If you haven't had marijuana And barn. played along, but in the state I for years, be careful. It really is I began to notice life outside was in, my brain told whatever more potent these days. It's like the car. The swaying palm trees, was left of me that my son can see a haircut. If you get too much cut the deep color of the flowers and the future and something awful off, you can't put it back. And if the landscape of a Hawaiian beach is about to happen to Alex. I have you smoke too much, or especially started to pulse. Across the road to act. eat too much, you can't make it go was a sign for a polo club. Odd, I moved quickly to my 13-year- away quickly. but not overly weird. In the back- old and stood next to him in the That can ruin your trip.