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September 2, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 2, 1971

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:p, ,- The machines are about to win another battle in their war against humanity. After a lengthy study of the role of the Social Security Number (SSN) in modern record keeping, a special task force has recommended that the Social Security Administration encourage a program of "early enumeration" in the nation's schools for ninth grade students. The report goes into considerable soul-searching over the potential for infringement of personal privacy, but concludes that "technological progress is inexorable." in simple terms, the 124-page report, submitted this summer to the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, says: If it is technologically possible to reduce individual citizens to a number, it will eventually be done, so let's get on with it. The task force also determined that the use of the SSN can lead to secondary problems of an individual being condemned to "perpetual unemployment or uncreditworthiness by the computers of employment agencies or credit bureaus," but "computer collection and exchange of data.., is so beneficial to the conduct of society's business" that it would be "neither realistic nor in the public interest" to attempt to curtail it. In other words, the efficient collection and exchange of computer data by government and business outweighs the degradation and depersonalization of the individuals in our society. The institutions that were set up to serve the individual have appropriated the "inalienable rights" reserved to the individual and the machines set up to serve the institutions are just a step away from controlling the institutions. We have built a society which serves machines. A sizeable segment of the younger generation is rejecting this dehumanization. They are driving the majority of their elders wild because those elders suffer from the delusion that the incredible machines they have perfected are serving them. They may have the uneasy feeling that something is wrong, but they have neither the stomach nor energy to recapture the individuality they have sacrificed to the monster they have built since the end of World War II. Children are propped up in front of an electronic babysitter as soon as they are able to focus on the screen that spews forth its unrealistic pap hour after hour. '7 wasn't even replaced by a new machine. They just put an attachment on an old one." They learn that the most important member of their family is the automobile. Families that suffer financial reverses go without food before they give up their automobiles. And now, the youngster is to suffer the final indignity - the substitution of a number for his name so that "society's business" efficiently. 2 " By ROBERT C. CUMMINGS said local school districts should ~_ ~ l~ll~ ,~~~'t~, it~l~~aVl~:;~ ~ ~i'* The wI~-~' .......... ~eez~ [~j~ou~ ~sider a reduclion become sausage machines dedicated to turninguniform resulting in unexpected saving '; special lev es. various levels of govermnent. At Good For A Month links devoid of individuality, are clamoring for the issuance the state level, it is estimated that of numbers. "Some of these (school) systems were so eager for elementary school SSN issuance that they offered to pay the Social Security Administration for the enumeration," the task force study said. What the schools are saying is that efficient bookkeeping is more important to them than individual humans. They will no longer have to recognize the Mary Jones with the sad eyes or the Mary Jones with the long, dark hair, but will simply feed 972-21-8355 and 972-54-1437 to the computer, which will mark them for life with its cold-blooded imprint. Parents who are angrily asking, "Why don't my kids appreciate what ! am giving them?" should take a hard look at this latest gift for the answer. What you are giving your beloved offspring is a lifetime number to replace the name you gave him so tenderly at birth. The machines demand it. wlnl If the Republic is to survive, it is to be hoped that President Nixon's new 180-degree economic game plan is more successful than his celebrated Vietnamization program. Since he took office - after promising to end the war - his expert manipulations in Southeast Asia have had the following results: 19,350 American dead; 108,455 American wounded; Untold Vietnamese dead and wounded; Two unconstitutional invasions of sovereign nations; A "democratic" election with one candidate; A continuing war. Founded 1886 by Grant C. Angle Ma,ling Address: Box 430, Shelton, Wa. 98584 Phone 426-4412 Published at Shelton, Mason County, Washington, weekly, except two issues during week of Thanksgiving. Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Post Office, Shelton, Wa. Member of National Editorial Association Member of Washington Newspaper Publishers' Association SUBSCR IPTION RATES: $5.00 per year in Masen County, m advance ..... Outside Mason County $6.00 EDITOR AND PUBLISHER ...................... Henry G. Gay PLANT SUPERINTENDENT ........................ Jim Shrum NEWS EDITOR ................................... Alan Ford OF F ICE MANAGER ......................... Lodema Johnson OFFICE ASSISTANT ............................ Mary Kent ADVERTISING MANAGER .................... Don Adolfson WOM[ N'S EDITOR .............................. Jan Danford freeze on step increases for state employees will save the state more than $3 million during the current 90-day period. If it is extended an additional three months, the savings will total in the neighborhood of $8.5 million. In view of other financial demands, legislators are likely to be tight-fisted with any unforeseen cash that becomes available, but everybody seems to be after it. Sought For Pensions The Washington State Employees Association has proposed that the savings should go into the Public Employees' Retirement System, to pay the amount which wasn't funded by the 1971 Legislature. It advances the argument that unpaid salary increments should be kept for the benefit of state employees; which undoubtedly will find some attentive ears among law-makers. But some educators also are after the money. Reps. Frank B. Brouillet, D., Puyallup, and Dale E. Hoggins, R., Edmonds, co-chairmen of the Joint Committee on Education, have issued a written statement saying: "Savings resulting from the salary freeze in state agencies should be used to fund the unfunded liability of the Teachers' Retirement System." Sehooi Districts, Too The ruling that the wage freeze applies to teachers' pay raises which hadn't become effective prior to the freeze - even though they had been included in signed contracts - will mean a saving to numerous school districts. The amounts will vary from district to district, and the total hasn't yet been compiled. This has created a fear that there may be an attempt to use money resulting from the salary freeze to lower the state's share of support for common schools. As leaders of the "education bloc" in the House of Representatives, Brouillet and Hoggins are prepared to oppose any move in this direction. "A Word of Caution" The two legislators also have warned local school districts against incurringlong-term obligations from the salary savings; only one-time expenditures suchas deferred maintenance, textbooks and other instructional materials. If the freeze should extend beyond 90 days, the law-makers Page 4 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Thursday, September 2, 1971 A check by State Liquor Board officials indicates there are enough stocks of Scotch and Canadian whiskies and other imported liquors and wines to last at least until October 1. That means there won't be any boost in the prices on these brands while current supplies last. But the 10 per cent surcharge on imports will be added to all new stocks purchased from other countries. When the wo~d gets out, this could result in another buying flurry through September. But it won't compare with the one which occurred during June, before the new state tax went into effect. For one thing, only fanciers of imports are affected by the surcharge. Also, the price boost will be less than that caused by the tax increase. The surcharge is imposed only on the price the Liquor Board pays,, here, re markup and imposition of other taxes. Novel Requirement A novel condition is being imposed on whoever makes the successful bid for some 11.1 million board feet of state-owned timber being offered southeast of Forks, in Clallam County. Terms of the sale require that the timber be logged with a "flyer" system. This comparatively new method of cable logging lifts logs completely off the ground and can transport them over long distances, thus reducing soil disturbance and stream sedimentation. Persistent Law-Makers Despite troubles encountered in the 1971 sessions, the Legislative Council's Committee on Commerce will try to pass a proposed constitutional By BILL BATES Congress passed a significant milestone last week by puncturing the cherished illusion that an American could succeed in business by really trying. But it's all right. They made it more difficult to fail, too. By voting to underwrite a quarter-billion dollar loan to Lockheed, the Congressmen and Senators initiated a process which will result in the establishment of the Bungling Business Bureau (BBB). As a brand new federal agency, it shall be provided with unlimited funds, offices in every large city and the mission to give aid and comfort to failure wherever it may be found. "'Let's not fbrget, a failing business is not only bad for the business man, it's bad for the country," says Sargent J. Striver, newly-appointed director of the BBB. "'And what's bad for tire country is certainly bad for business." And it came to pass that a bumbling young businessman, Farnsworth J. Peabody, faced with bankruptcy or returning to his old position in his father's thimble factory inquirel about a loan and was received by Director Striver, himself. "1 see by your application you are a manufacturer of buggy whips, young man," Striver said. "How's business?" "Terrible, sir." "Good. Let's take a quick look at your cumulative financial report and your profit and loss st at ement ." 'Tm afraid you'll find it just a loss statement, Mr. Striver." "Excellent. Hmm, I see you came dangerously close to breaking even in 1966. Then the following year Peabody Buggy Whips, Inc., showed a marvelous loss. You even dipped into your reserve for depreciation. How do you explain that?" "We had large cost over-rims on a Pentagon order for ten-thousand of our Model XK amendment in the 1972 ,special session, whicl~ would authorize the state to loan its credit to private corporations. Its first task will be to redraft the resolution into a form which can pass both houses. Sponsors want to get it passed in the special session, so it can go on the 1972 general election ballot. In the 1971 Legislature, the measure, introduced as SJR 22, required 66 days and two tries to get it through the Senate. Then it took another 30 days, and another two tries, to get it through the House of Representatives, but before it was able to get through the lower chamber it had to be amended. When it arrived back in the Senate, the Senate refused to concur in the changes made by the House, so the measure wound up in a free conference committee, and it finally died on the 120th and final day of the session. US double-extension flex-steel flare.tipped buggy whips. I believe they were intended for issue to platoon corporals in Vietnam, Marine Corps drill sergeants and to generals of two-star rank or higher. They make lovely swagger sticks, you know." Director Striver looked puzzled. "But surely the Defense Department agreed to underwrite your over-runs. Standard operating procedure and so forth." "Oh yes, sir. They sent a check immediately. "Then how do you explain the loss?" "A rather unfortunate investment in Boeing stock." "That's a relief. For a moment there, 1 thought I had one of these shrewd businessmen on my hands. You just can't deal with that type. Had a fellow in yesterday looking for a loan. He'd made a profit in three out of the last ten years. Can you imagine the nerve?" "Certainly a bit cheeky, sir. l don't think you'll be disappointed in my case. The banks have threatened involuntary bankruptcy proceedings, my payroll of nineteen men and women face an immediate layoff and a British manufacturer of brass buggy whip handle tips will go into receivership unless I am able to deliver a second order of the XK to Washington before September 15." "Perfect! A chance to strike a blow for international good will, rescue a failing business and protect jobs with one sound businesslike government loan," Striver said, clapping his hands. "One final question. Why does the Army want more buggy whips?" "Not the Army, sir. Navy. The admirals want swagger sticks, too." "Do you want it in cash, Mr. Peabody, or shall I just credit your checking account?" from the Snohomish Tribune in By STEVE ERICKSON Men who have wondered at woman's atop a set of spike-heeled pumps will enlightenment this coming fashion season. High heels for vogue males are in. UniSex| haberdashery. Tower-tailed brogans will shoes in bringing Lotharios of the smart Heightened heels will make stud of an One shoe company which offers two-inch, three-inch and "who knows?" realized a 36 per cent profit increase last into the trend with measly heights of The firm's 33-year-old president predicts cycle." What kind of man would wear a two of them? The shoe magnate says "the kicky, kooky customer," a broad interpretation, for he adds, bandwagon." Especially the "Boys in the Band." By DWIGHT WM. JENSEN *Note." The following was written announced the price wage freeze, etc. Whil, the new economic game plan works, dubious thinking already displayed bY economic advis'ors. ) On the typing table rests (if tx said to rest) a copy of a Treasury Depar labelled "Joint Statement of Treasury Connally and George P. Shultz, Director Management and Budget, on budget 1971." It runs four paragraphs. The last some numbers - In the fiscal year in States government took in $188.3 billion (it in a lot of gullible voters, with varied sucC the press release is aimed at doing), spen thus showed a deficit of $23.2 billion. surplus of $2.5 billion, by Nixon arit government is to be praised for coming out The first three paragraphs numbers game in a language that has to English but asNixonese: "For the third year in a row, a full or surplus has been achieved in the fiscal three successive years of full_employment more than $40 billion. "In fiscal 1971, which ended June 30, been a surplus of $2.5 billion had the operated at full employment throughout "This record is in sharp contrast to 1966 through 1968, when full-era more than $40 billion." No kidding. That's really what it government lacks imagination, or has no You may think it a total waste government to put out such baloney. |ia case can be made against it: Like so Nixon Administration, especially those one cheapens the language by robbing - "surplus" comes to mean "deficit," Department, "peace" comes to mean "w about it in detail in Orwell's 1984. But the release has a certain cue, I have composed the following mimeograph and mail to my creditorS, postage: "For the thirteenth year in a roW, stunning surplus of income over expend year, if you assume that I am entitled would have made if I had worked to "In the twelve months just ended, full-capacity basis would have expenditures and encumbrances by added to a savings account which, t included all the full-capacity accumulate, would now amount to interest. "This would mean that I prob incurred my bill with you in the firs would have long since paid it. "Please adjust your books ac .... receipt. "I realize you may think that I with Imaginary Money. Let me assure currency I am using is recognized bY Treasury himself as Coin of the Realm, balance the Federal budget. Therefore, this letter to pay your income tax." from the lr