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September 9, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 9, 1971

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poJ~ts wldch ~are ob#ctJ'onabte to someone or those which are not clearly understood as written. Purpose of the zoning ordinance is to establish what types of zones there will be in Mason County and what will or will not be acceptable in each zone. As proposed, the County will be divided into such districts as forestry and undeveloped land, agricultural use, flood plain, suburban residential use, urban residential use,-mobile home court, neighborhood retail use, community trade and service centers, commercial recreation use, manufacturing use, planned unit developments and combining districts. Within the 57-page booklet, under each individual district is listed the things which will be allowed automatically with no permit needed and others that may be permitted conditionally. Standards which will be required, such as height of buildings, off-street parring accomodations, lot sizes, distance of buildings from lot boundary etc. are all specifically outlined. For instance, under urban residential use, which probably will include only Shelton and Belfair, there are only four permitted uses: single family dwelling units, two-family dwelling units, highway and street right of way and protective functions and related activities. There are 19 uses permitted conditionally which may or may not be allowed upon request, including such things as multi-family dwellings, mobile homes, highwa" and street right of way, protective functions and rehted activities and parks. In the proposed ordinance any areas designated as fish and aquaculture conservation combining districts will permit fishing activities and related services and nature exhibitions. Uses permitted conditionally will ci~r!strgc~on when not with navigation'" and "'tilting for aquaculture when. the concurrence and cooperation of the State Dept. of Fisheries has been obtained." An effort has been made to cover every possible contingency forseeable in the future. Even such things as rapid transit. (Rapid transit in Mason County?) Regulations covering such things as billboards, shooting ranges, Go-cart tracks, gravel pits, fertilizer or glue manufacture or storage of explosives, etc. have been provided. A section is devoted to administration and enforcement of the rules and how to appeal a decision if a property owner does not like it. A Board of Adjustment or a zoning adjuster will make the decisions on the conditional permitted uses but a denial can be appealed to the County Commissioners. Candidates must file by September 17 September 17 is the deadline for filing declarations of candidacy at the County Auditor's office for those intending to place their names on the November 2 ballot. Many local district positions will be voted on this fall; commissioners for fire districts, water district, school districts, port districts and the Belfair cemetery district. Forms for filing may be obtained from officials in the local districts, from the office of the Superintendent of North Mason Schools or from the County Auditor. BIKES STOLEN Two Schwinn bikes, a brown 5-speed and a green 10-speed, were reported stolen from a South Shore residence September 1 according to a deputy of the Sheriff's local office. THE SIGN along the highway says "Rest Area", an invitation to passing tourists to stop and picnic at the Coulter Creek site containing a picnic table and restrooms and two litter barrels. But tourists who heed the sign and stop for a break will usually find themselves "resting" alongside a garbage dump. Not many would want to spread their picnic lunch on the picnic table in the background, with the Labor Day weekend's accumulation of garbage so close at hand. As the picture was being taken Tuesday morning one more station wagon, with a license from Tacoma, pulled up so the driver could toss three more bags to the growing pile. Maybe the signs along the highway should read "Garbage dump?" Nearby residents wonder why the summer residents who cause this unsightly mess every weekend don't subscribe to summer garbage pickup service. fir resident dies William T. Walbaum, Sr., 58, former Belfair resident, died September 3 in San Jacinto, Calif., following open heart surgery. Burial will be Friday in Twin Firs cemetery, Belfair, following services at Miller-Woodlawn Funeral Home, Bremerton, at 1:30 p.m. Mr. Walbaum was a resident of Belfair from 1941 to 1964. He ByJULIPRESTON CR5-6288 head east again and is on his way to the coast where he'll visit more relatives in Massachusetts. With limited three minute phone calls home about once a week, the Allen family knows he's doing It's quite a thrill to be a seventeen-year-old high school student and be the proud possessor of an airplane pilot's license. With a lot of hard work, study and practicing, Bruce Landram, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Roseimrg where they caught a bus to Eugene and from there they could fly the rest of the way home. Mr. Landram, who used to be a pilot, was a help in the emergency landing and was an operated the Belfair Dairy, once had a concession at the Belfair Barn Dance. From 1954 to 1964 he and Mrs. Walbaum operated the Siskin Motel on the South Shore of Hood Canal. In recent years they have been operating Ricky's Restaurant House in Hemet, Calif. Family members who will attend the funeral services in Bremerton include his wife, Hazel and her father, Ed Cokelet, Sr., sons Ricky and Bob Walbaum and his wife, all of San Jacinto, a son William, Jr., Seattle, a brother, August Walbaum, New York, a brother-in-law, Norman Cokelet, Bremerton, and sister-in-law, Mrs. Ethel Mullen, and nephew, Wayne, Belfair. Other survivers inlude his mother, Mrs. Helen Walbaum, New York, and two daughters, Mrs. Carol Palmer, Prescott, Arizona, and Mrs. Doris Miller, Anchorage, Alaska. Bookmobile to make night stop in Belfair Beginning September 8, Timberland Regional Library will have a night bookmobile stop at the North Mason Jr. High School in Belfair. The bookmobile will be at the school from 6:40 p.m. until 8 p.m. every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. This is the first attempt to have a night stop by the bookmobile in the Belfair area, according to Mrs. Mary Stough, Timberland's Eastern Area Supervisor. Mrs. Stough said she hoped this bookmobile stop would reach people who are attending adult education classes, PTA and athletic events as well as community people who work during the day. It will also give students an opportunity to use the bookmobile. Mrs. Phyllis Goldschmid of Shelton will be the librarian on this afternoon and evening run. incentive to Bruce's wanting to okay. He'll be home for Christmas Landram, passed the F.A.A. test learn to fly. Drew, however, has with lots of traveling tales and the ~~" "-~;~ . and received his private license decided that he won't go up again looks of a farm hand. allowing him to fly with in anything with less than four big Mrs. Jean Hall from the passengers, englnes!-Bruce went up again the McReavy house in Union Recently, Bruce and his Dad next day and reported no underwent surgery at the St. took off on their first long flight problems. What a relief! Joseph Hospital in Vancouver, "" to California. Brother Drew Jeff Allen, son of Mr. and Washington. She is recovering nicely and we wish her the very best ! Mrs. Corn Kelly, Mrs. Mary Wing and Mrs. Laura Allen attended the first luncheon-meeting of the school year of the Delta Kappa Gamma. The ladies met at the Red Bull in decided to meet them there and fly back with them. The return trip turned out to be quite a thrill. A mechanical failure forced Bruce to make an emergency landing in a farmer's field they spotted in a canyon near Roseburg, Oregon. After a safe. Mrs. Wayne Allen, packed up his bags recently and tossed them into his V.W. and headed east. He made a stop in Minnesota to visit a college buddy and then went to visit relatives in Eagle Grove, Iowa. They gave him a job on the farm driving a big tractor, but landing, the state patrol picked that won't start until October. Lacey with the main activity of them up and took them to So until then, Jeff decided to their meeting being the initiation " of five new members. 7 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ~ Though our wishes are very ICHONER MEATS late, we wish Mr. Sam Diuris a v 4 miles from Belfair (Formerly Wold'i) " belated 75th Happy Birthday. dl~===,=-Jl~,, dt~__~.--J 4BI=--.=-- Front quarter, cut, ~.(~4 A , ...__ ...._ 0o,o ,,o..o ..... """ i WATCH I Whole Ham. no water added special $9' '! FOR [ will cut aB0 wrap for freezer l I BeEF LIVER Lb. 45' I |identification of Mrs. William I Li-o'rl ann wrapped I.-13 79 I (Ruth) Milbrot. Lost in Belfair I I~"u|l ' --t~" ,August 31. Keep money, but, I please drop papers, pictures, [ I w " I ! cards and checks at the I e can plck up. custom slaughter, cut ancl wrap l I sheriff's office or leave in I your own beef with state insl)ection. ~ J obv;ous place. Port Orchard I CR5-2784 Evenings MY2-2575 .... Men's COLORED i Small, Medium, Large. MEN'S CRUISER JACKETS Pendleton and Skyline Arriving Daily WOMEN'S PANT COATS Graft and White Stag MARY WRIGHT PHONE CR 5-2033 Page 8 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shelton-Mason County Journal - September 9, 1971 { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ! : By LOU DONNELL ~~~~~~~fill~ When the announcement of the end of the Huckleberry Herald came in June I expected SOME reaction from our children. Like being sorry that there wouldn't be a Huckleberry Herald anymore; after all', they did read the paper regularly if just to check to see if I'd made any libelous statements about them in my column. Or maybe showing some concern over their mother's loss of a regular paycheck; my money had come in handy more than once when they'd needed a quick dollar. But, to a man, their reaction, as each heard that there would be only one more issue of the paper, was "But they can't quit the paper; you haven't written about Freckles yet!" Last October I wrote my Huck Friend column about one of our black cats, Spooky, who joined the family via Dan's Trick or Treat bag one Halloween. In May, after six months of continued pressure by the kids who insisted that I had hurt the feelings of our other black cat and our dog, who evidently had read the story about Spooky, l gave in and devoted a column to Blacky, the other cat. But I hadn't gotten around to the dog. So today it's Freckles' turn. Freckles was the second pet to join the family so he belongs to Pete, our second son. Half Samoyed and half Springer Spaniel, he's predominately white with some big black spots and black freckles. His hair is long and he sheds excessively ten months of the year. If anyone ever comes up with a use for recently shed dog hair we'll be millionaires. Freckles is probably the best known member of the family out at Mason Lake. Once someone sees him, he doesn't forget him. About the size of a large collie, he gets around with no trouble at all on three legs, having lost the float right leg when he ran in front of a car as a puppy seven years ago. He limps when he walks but when he runs his gait is as smooth as the next dogs' and as fast. Unlike Louise Ewart's small dog who hid under the bed for several months whenever company came so no one could see her after she lost a leg in an accident, Freckles accepted his loss with no difficulty. Just switched to shaking hands with his left paw instead of his right. And I've never seen another dog stare or take a second look, as some people do, noticing that he's any different. He does get tired more easily than he would if he had all four legs. A couple of years ago he followed two of the kids as they rode around Mason Lake on their bicycles and the 12-mile run flattened him for two days; his one front leg just folded up under him when he tried to stand. There was a teen-age dance the next night at the lagoon in Paradise Estates, about two blocks from home, and somehow he made it... when Jeff was still in high school and attending the summer dances Freckles always plopped down right in the middle of the dance floor and all the kids just danced around him. Winter residents sometimes have to detour around him during the late afternoon in the winter months as he lies on the roadway above our driveway waiting for the schoolbus to bring the kids home. He has one little shortcoming that drives me up a tree. If I forget to lock him in the house on garbage collection day he won't let the Mason County Garbage Co. "steal" our garbage. And when you have seven members in the family and only every-other-week pickup service for nine months of the year, one skipped garbage collection can create a crisis. In Seattle it was substitute mailmen who wouldn't come near our place if he were outside, and I didn't blame them;' I wouldn't take a chance on a growling dog that size, either. He seems to be popular with the female dogs around the Lake. Several friends have called to inform me that their dogs have given birth " " " i " " to Freckles s puppies, hinting that I assume some of the respons bd~ty of getting homes for them. I answer "Okay, I'll find homes for all the three-legge, d puppies. If they have four legs they obviously aren t Freckles'.' So far I haven't had to find homes for any. Ulberg named as science teacher at N. Mason H gh Calvin Ulberg, a graduate ofthe U. S. Coast Guard, from Mountlake Terrace High School which he was recently discharged. and the University of Washington, During his term of service he has been named to fill the spent some time as an instructor position of science teacher at of chemistry at the U. S. Coast North Mason High School for the Guard Academy. coming year. After receiving his Ulberg plans to move to the B.A. degree in 1968 he entered local area with his wife and child. Section of the Shelton- Mason County Journal Thursday, September 9, 1971 NINE NEW TEACHERS in the North Mason School District were among those who turned up Tuesday morning for breakfast and a "get-acquainted" session before beginning their teaching duties. Left to right, back row, Mark Muxen, Lance Thurston, Gordon Monten, Cal Ulberg and Doug Cairns. New women teachers are left to right Lynn Olson, Joylyn Commet, Janet Bishop and Betty Watson. zonln in A proposed zoning ordinance for Mason County is ready for approval, criticism, possible additions or deletions suggested by any interested persons. County Planner James Connolly and the County Planning Commissioners will hold an informal meeting at 7:30 p.m. September 20 in the multi-purpose room of the new elementary school in Belfair to Freckles explain, answer questions and listen to constructive ideas concerning the ordinance. Copies of the ordinance are available at the tlerald office in Belfair, the Sheriff's substation in Belfair and" the County Planner's office in the Courthouse in Shelton. Approval of the zoning ordinance is the first step in providing this County with taws which will prevent a hog farmer from moving his business next door to a $50,000 residence or a glue factory being built next to a public beach. At present there are no rules or regulations except those made by individual developers when selling lots in plats or for developments along the shorelines covered by the Seacoast management act which still has to be voted on by the citizens of the state in 1972 to be effective after that date. Following the public meetings with persons interested in the outcome of the final draft, some revisions may be made, then an official public hearing will probably be scheduled before final adoption by the County Commissioners. Then comes the part "where somebody's toes will get stepped on," as Connolly put it. ON a large map of the County, lines will be drawn designating which areas will be strictly residential, which community trade and service centers, which commercial recreation, etc. When the different zoning areas, as outlined in the proposed zoning ordinance, are transferred to the map and officially approved, THEN County officials can control what type of business or building goes where. It is recommended that persons planning to attend the zoning ordinance meeting read a copy first because it is much too detailed and lengthy to cover (Continued on Page 8.)