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September 9, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 9, 1971

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DOESN'T EVERYONE carry a spare? Curiosity of onlookers was aroused when the Hesse brothers of North Shore pulled into the service station in Tahuya to put air into an inner-tube almost bigger than the car to which it was tied. Photo by Lennia Cares. i . % < . By JEANNINE PETERSON -- 426-38 15 Dog is man's best friend? More like man is dog's best friend in the case of Tom Brokaw versus his dog last week. Tom's German Shepherd became involved in a vicious fight with Jerry Brook's German Shephard and Tom tried to break it up. In the heat of the battle, Tom's dog turned on him and ripped his face from lip to chin and along his cheek. 1 wonder if I could be forgiving if my little Foe Foe did that to me??? (I doubt it!) AI Rodewald's son, Com. Sgt. Bud Rodewald, headed a group of 250 soldiers out of Fort Lewis to search for the two missing boys up by Port Angeles. What an ordeal for parents as well as searchers. Lela Rodewatd was released dinner at the Falls Terrace in Olympia and counted our blessings. Among them was certainly our living on Mason Lake among such wonderful people as you. The September meeting of the MBC Club is this Friday the 10th, don't miss it. A family new, not only to Benson Lake but to the Northwest, is the Wood family. They have five boys, one Jr. High age, and four in Grapeview. Richard and Ione Wood and all the little Woods hail from Memphis, Tennesee. Richard's mum and dad are long-time residents of Benson Lake, Mary and Earl Wood. Perhaps the Wood family on Benson Lake is unaware that ! One-fourth of four-wheel vehicles who leave the proceeds from :the registrations "'beaten path," (regular roadways ordinarily used by conventional cars,) must now acquire an ATV license to cross lands not owned by themselves or by someone from whom they have received permission to drive on the property Registration, which includes all all-terrain vehicles, costs $5, for which the vehicle owner is given a small license tag which must be put on the vehicle. The back roads of North Mason, whether on State-owned lands or on property belonging to timber companies or Christmas tree farmers, have long been a favorite spot for motorcycles and jeep drivers. This new law passed in the '71 legislative session will require ATV licenses for riding on most of them. Motorcycles or jeeps which keep to the main County or State roads will not will be used for costs of administering the new amendatory act, about one-fourth will go to the counties and a little over half will be put in the State outdoor recreation fund. Agents of the Washington State Patrol, County sheriff's departments, municipal police, State Game, State Parks and State Fisheries departments and State Dept. of Natural Resources will all take part in enforcing the law. (Editor's note: Unless your name is Pope, Talbot or Simpson, you'd better buy a tag before heading for the back trails.) GROCERY ROBBED A break-in and robbery of Swanson's Grocery on North Shore was discovered by the owner early the morning of (A llyn, Victor, Mason-Benson Lakes and Lake Limerick) will enjoy a sEght tax Tel/el when they receive their tax statements next year. Because enough funds have accumulated in the bond fund to make the next two yearly payments due on the $22,500 bond issue approved by the voters, the commissioners voted to forego collecting the .43 mill in 1972. These funds are not transferable so could not be used for any other purpose than to pay off the bond issue. Historical Society postpones meeting The September meeting of the Mason County Historical Society of Belfair has been postponed to 8 p.m. this Thursday, September ql~" 000 o00 o0 o 000 o o oo Launching of Louis E. Cuff's newly-equipped shrimp boat was the big social event of the week at the North Shore launching ramp. The Dawn of Tahuya is a trim 26-footer, spanking white with blue trim. She was lying at anchor at Pleasant Cove last week while Curl made final preparations for shrimping this fall. Sharing the launching activities were Curl's wife, Erma B., Curl's uncle, Marvin Curl, his sons, Denny and George. Also BOAT STOLEN An ahiminum boat, a 12 foot Mirror Craft, light green in color, was reported stolen to the local Sheriff's office on August 21 in a complaint filed by Victor Appel of Seattle. present was Margo Warner, Vancouver, Wash. Margo and George attend Central Washington State College. Reunion of four sisters for the~ first time in a coon's age occurred when Mrs. Esda Clark of Phoenix came to the North Shore to visit Mrs. Odd Beard and Ivetta Butterfield, together with Mrs. Marie Denchel of Presser. The four sisters, together with four brothers, grew up in Tacoma. Afterwards Mrs. Clark went on to Mountlake Terrace, Wash., to visit Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Price. They were the original owners of Snoose Junction on the North Shore. That biplane with the pink panther on the tuselage that you saw doing acrobatics and wing waggling over the North Shore belongs to Dr. Joe Ralkowski. It Page 6 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shelton-Mason County Journal - September 9, 1971 September 9, 1971 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page 3 i~"~#C~O~~ ~ ...... ~wr~G,-~,~ Saturday following her surgery on there is another new family to the need them, nor will two-wheeled September 5 and reported to the 9, at the Belfair Community _ , , is a Steaman P2-13, built in 1942 Wednesday and is very weak, but Lakes by the name of Wood too. vehicles with engines of 50 cu. Sheriff's local office. Items found Baptist Church. President Leo tory hOUr t0r tots and is Dr. Ralkowski's pride and In--a--M yaI IK "al" doing fine. I think the doctor was Like the Richard Wood family of centimeters or less displacement, to be missing inluded 22 bottles Livingston asks that members .... joy. in a.hurry to go on vacation or Benson Lake, the Richard Woods on a wheelbase of 42 inches or of wine, seven 6-packs of beer and owning Indian baskets bring continues II Ilbrnry Recently Dr. Ralkowski won something to send her home of Mason Lake hail from the less, which are equipped withmiscellaneous cookies and them, prepared to give a little ..... a fifth place award at an antique early. She still had sore needle east; North Field, Mass. They wheels of14 inches or less rim candies. Losswas estimated at history of them. The public islne weekly story hour held airplane show in Arlington, Wash. holes from her last surgery, so will have five children, two attend diameter. $90. invited. Friday mornings at 11:15 a.m., Daisy Bones, Seattle, visited probably take a little longer, but Grapeview School. Molly and which were scheduled this Ada Lincoln Miller recently to By LENNIA CATES -- CR 5-2245 she came through fine. Howard Vaughn, long-time summer at the North Mason recall old days Mrs. Bones drove Pete and I were pleasantly ~ residents on Mason Lake are the Library in the rear of Belfair TV, the school bus between Dewatto surprised when a little Japanese parents ofBarbaraWood. Richard Otbserv,tjoj Roted by reoder will continue on through the and TahuyawhenMrs. Millerwas operator called last week from is presently helping build a garage t winter months, it has been teaching at Tahuya. The disappearance of the two The Alexanders of Maggie The 'monsoon" put a damper on Japan to ask if we would accept a for Jack Denny at Paradise. Both announced The sessions are for - a. ....... " - , . Friends of the L~o,~y mt Bellevue boys along the Strait of Lake hosted a huge salmon bake that so they headed on over here collect call from our son Mark. Richard Woods are looking for pre-.school" age"children- " . No calendars are selling like hotcakes Juan De Fuca Coastline is most at their place a week ago, having for cover. (can hardly wait for the bill!!) He steady employment in this area. d" ' : A ittle different tea, left some change, picked up the slots where the new ones had charge. along the North Shore. Two tragic--and has hit close to home caught the fish the first part ofThey took off again back to had been at sea for 36 days. They (Coincidence huh?) from the usual Huckleberry her package and started for the been, he boldly marched out of North Shore artists who for some of our summer families. August at Westport. Tacoma last Friday expecting the Kevin Conner, 13, and his This has become an "annual trip to take about five hours You had run parallel to a typhoon forThe siren on top of the Fire Herald fare, the following essay sunny sidewalk outside. Nearing the store without paying for the TAPEDECK TAPES STOLEN .cntributed pictures, are selling two days, but other than that, no Hall blew and blew a week ago was brought into the office by a the door she halted and then pills in his pocket or the glasses ' batches of them Winona Hoppe parents were guests at the affair' for the Alexanders andcouldn't have asked for a better problems. He sounded like just Wednesday. I had several calls young reader of the paper and I came back past the greeting cards on his nose. A tapedeck' , from 10 to 15 and Flossie Cady. The Livingstone tapes and earphones were Dempsey summer place at Bald never fails to draw their many behaved and polite group! next door. Didn't realize he was wondering if I knew where it was; think the observations of the to the display of sun-glasses For the duration of my " " " * now have sold over 200 in direct e]r r we couldn t make Well the Menses are tr m ~t Point the week prior to th " friends. (SoT y ' ' " Y" g " so far away until I heard the the fire, that is. But there was no young man will be of interest to directly behind me. After turning research most of the case studies reported stolen during the night sales. Calendars are now also ill-fated trip up ,orth and were it, but thanks for the invitation) again - another week's vacation Japanese operator's accent. Then fire, just a leaky roof that let the o t h e r H e r a 1 d r e a d e re. the rack around at least twice she were similar to woman "B". The of August 29 from. a car parked being sold at Cady's Real Estate, 1300 feet off the highway on the North Shore frequent customerSwtthin OUretr storeman The Tucker cabinenWaS bulginge onein theweek"bananawas belt?"spent ThiSwatchmgSpring,lt it hit me! It was 8 p.m. Saturday water run down the pipe in the SUN-GLASSES selected, a pair, put them on, customer would be in for a Gra eview Road " " The Clothesline the We join in " th " y at the seams wh thirte n * " " here and 1 2 noon Sunday there,box that houses the siren. The . r, uD~e,r,~Ducr, e'rc~Hmr, gazed in a small mirror provided purchase, notice the display, 'P "" Nursery, as well as The Two Rare friends in the hopes (even though bicyclists submerged upon it last snow every day - the next time Not only miles but time separates siren shorted out and ran and near the rack aria then marched make a selection and after Birds and the Library in Belfair. they hstened to the rain all week the search has been formally week The group (all from ' " - my family now. ran... Dick Schnettler was the .... oft to vu,~.,~ .~ ..u. self-approval of her reflection in ~, -- - --. Vanessa Hoppe Sheila Corey, and called off), that both Kevin and Tacoma) spent the -first night at this week?? It was the second day of ~ .., .~..~,. L... :..A Mark will turn up unharmed and Potlatch'and had planned a trip Lincoln Continentalsdon't As you know Pete Peterson good samaritan who patched the ready warm spring sunsnine wltn Woman "B" entered the store the little mirror, would buy the uonaTion o~ ~aole Janet Fisk were peddling them at - and Don Bunch formed a roof and vacuumed out the box. more of the same forecast I " glasses and go on her way. One to librarv announced BelfairThriftwaylastweekend. To well turn Jesse on these days On one and very systematically with the ' . up and across the floating bridge. " partnership and purchasedthe Never heard of water causing a happened to be at a soda fountain " , " of our recent hotter-than-usual in a drugstore si-'"in- relaxin" aid of a list selected a few items other woman was somewhat ~ nameafew. I .i ~ a #~ ql, ll~n"l~ ~1~1~11711~1~ days he offered to moveoneforaPile Drivera year ago. They fire alarmbefore.., pv ~, ~ '. different. After examining the There's good news for those before stopping at the sun glass t ~ IhF ~1~~ | I~ ~llq[,Vl~ | lady so she could gas up (petrol, worked it together the summer of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd's daughter and soaking up air-conditioningdasplay She also gave the" rack- ' a display, she took her sun-glasses who like to spend time in the~ DENN|S } ,~ } 1970 and this summer Pete is in Providence Hospital in without even a good reason for " " TOPPED ?uRIILMyMEgsORRE ETREMOVED [ that is) The dashboard resembles worked it, hiring Dick BrooksSeattle, and doing better. She is ~ ....... on, then looking in the ntirror, spread out before them on a ]REAL ESTATE [ TOPPED, MOVED that of a Boeing 747 and leave it from Spencer Lake to assist him. still on oxygen every four hours any reason for leavmg e~ther. So ' " , RIMMED OR " bein" there" however there wasn't few rotations. However the first out of her purse. She put them library browsing through books [-- ] pair she tried dIdn t smt her as FULLY INSURED ...... ~.,,.. ~ .,,,,;~A ~,. we]] as the second pair through proceeded to pat up the back of table Thanks to Mrs Darlene / . I _ _ . " [ Speciadzing in I to him to push the master button As of August 3let, Don purchased due to her punctured lung and there I ~,,~ ~.~. , .u,~, ~,~ her hair, touch up her lipstick, Jensen, WhO aonateu a table to | waterfront and View I rather, realized, that here was which she peered Into the mirror | 5-1217 Lou Dobbs TR 6-4783 | which locked all controls so he our half interest in the machine broken ribs and they still can't somethin~ uninue takin" "-l~cefrom several angles. These glasses and adjust one of her ear tings, the North Mason Library, this can | l couldn't even get out! and is sole owner now. After 25 start skin grafts for a while. She ~ ~ v a What strikes me as funny is now be done at the local readm~ I BelfairB Across From I After about ten minutes of a which I had never noticed before, and the rest of the ~tems she that most of these people selected ~--------- ........... ------- ...... ---:-- ............... --------- ..... - ....... - ..... ) mighty hot-dry suana, Michelle years of second jobs, we thought feels lucky that she is alive, o I CR 5-2254 BelfairNtate Park I | ~ Hoppe of Bald Point came to theit time to retire, from at least one. though and the slow recovery although most likely I had happily paid for and departed, sun-glasses and, except for one, room. ~ I An underground sprinkler period will be worth it. responded or performed at oneEnter man "A", already paid for them, without testingoHUSO~~ ~BROSL I CLOSE OUT SALE I rescue! business on the side in PortlandDid it rain last week or did time or another in much thesame wearing a pair of sun-glasses,them in the sun. Now one would Arlene Berchot is making a kept Pete busy for years and then it rain? Ask Jean and John Moore. way as I was observing. Well-tailored light suit, polished assume sun-glasses should be I --In ,.~-~,. ~ . m .. ( necklace of stones - 174 to be i J~ll l~/1 ~aTS an~ Motors I exact - gall, that is, from her building on our house here on the After spending considerable By making use of the large shoes, clean shaven; he was the bought on their merits of .... } recent operation. Arlene says Lake kept him busy for four years mould on having their motor mirrors in front of me, my business man for this study, reducing sun glare - but these Clearing Earth Moving Road Building more. Now he can play like other overhauled on their boat, the observations were carried on especially when all he got was a people, although getting them to ~n ~tOCK I "Thanks" for the deluge of cards people occasionally, rains filled her up and down she unnoticed. As I sat, all thatsmall bottle of aspirin. However, wear in the sun never once tried | also SKI SALE } she received, transpired behind me could be as he passed the glasses he them in the sun'first; they judged [ Have heard of bats in the Incidentally, we celebrated went. Harry Martin pulled it to GRAVEL--SAND--ROCK | _ ~ belfry - we have squirrels in the our 25th wedding anniversary shore and John and Mark came seen without even so much ashesitated, glanced at himself inthe glasses solely on how their ~INII|' RN~T~ MnTnn ! attic!! Tried luring them out with August 30th. We enjoyed a quiet later that evening to bait it out. turning my head. Now before Ithe mirror and removed his face appeared with the glasses on. " FREE ESTIMATES enlighten you as to my discovery, sun-glasses. He then selected a ,,Fn,,~------,. ~- .--.wn=~ ~ u~BvllVlflkdF ~ sunflower seeds but they just I shall first present you with some pair from the display put themEditor's note: I hate to admit it, }Bank Terms Belfair CR5-2297 ~ deposited them under the hood of / "~ I ~ :.~,2~=,~.~ case studies., ...... on, quickly.glanced in the mirror, but that's the way 1 ve always Days CR 5-2837 Eves. CR 5-2152 ..... - ..... -_-_-_-_-_-_-- ..... -_-_--_-.____ __________ ...... .( our car - any suggestions'?'? Qualmlg Landscaping Woman A finished her ]ced then inserting his old glasses m bought sun-glasses, too. LOCAL CONTRACTOR OR 5-2235 " " " rt /yen .... i ! rurple neo g ';. ' ONE BOOK TOO MANY . . A ,er the ummer Lee Loprlore--BUltDER to Daren t. Gilson ....... NORTHSHORE INN was over and children had IR K C RANDALL, Chiropractor , WE HAVE BUILDING LOTS } Army specialist FurDaren L" l~'"~"~\~--th h & i~'/~4~ ~~ IGilson 90 son of Mr and Mrs~ N; ~'~fflW" v~'~,,'~vq,~ I checkedreturned the books they'dout to read, Elizabeth / WE HAVE FINANCING, VARIABLE INTEREST / " ' - ' " " Pool Tables Shuffleboard Gatlin, librarian for the North REM ~ Allen E. Gilson Route 3, Belfair Mason Library in Belfair, NEW CONSTRUCTION -- ODELING Wash. recen'tly received the I North Shore Road Belfair CR 5-2558 I Sandwiches Short Orders discovered thatone child had | LICENSED --INSURED -- BONDED ( purple heart in Vi~ntn;ms awarded mistakenly dropped off one of his NOW Practicing At . " / ~o The aecoratio .... I ...... ------------ .... --I Dancing (or her) own books. The book is / CR 5-2021 r wounds suffered in action beingheld at the local library until ]~_ =J,.: ......... , ............. .~ gainst hostile forces while serving Daily 10 a.m. ill 2 a.m. Sundays 12-12 -'- "----:~-~-~---'----"=------- .................. ;'----with the armed forces of the ~ Custom Work ~r~A~tV$~ ~ the owner claims it. 5 .~.~.,)..m,..,,~-.,~...,~..~D...,m~.~P.~'m"'~"','~',,,~.-m)~=.1 United States. The heart-shaped Easy Lift Trailer VIIl lk II ") t St. Rt. I, Box 2 2, Belfa,r IIII --II . I! .| ,, medal, one of the best known andHitch Installed I Y'I i mnr~n ~nnrn Pmefrnlllr ' one of the most beautiful of our Electrical Repair i Engine uvernau~ I ! ,.vii Illll; .IHIq~'il q~ ~wll..----. .4e, , decorations, was established by I " . . I IC)RTH SHC i Phone CR5:3110 l * * General George Washington I~Transmission repair, all kindsSEnU, rc , ~! W Service-Color or B/W * HI-F! I August 1782. I Front End Alignment II~|~llllr" I ~ (~ * AUTOMATIC REFILL I! ANTENNAS INTER-COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMsM/"RINE * AIRCRAFT * 2-WAY RADIO |'";*"uT -ass edthsaBraifl ]ni an|LubricaUnl"awaSpec., Gi]son received the . Radiator Repair I I~r~l~'~l~ t: niL BUDGET PLAN Tuesday and Friday -- 10 to noon- 1:30 to 5 | i ;;d'infa pany tx' ' [t n'l " " ntry of the 23rd Infantry l Tune-ups ll,lll liV411FI t Evening 7 to 8:30 P.M. Portable Gas & Electric Welding FCC LICENSED I Division's 198th Light Infantry~ Heliarc Welding J/z Mile West ~ OLD BELFAIR HY. 10AN,ER|SH CR S-6654 l ~I~S~i:;~G~'Chi:LG!;:es nB ;t:rleYt ~ Belfair State Pa,-k , Wed. and Thurs. -- |0 to noon - | :30 to 6 o , 24 Hour Towing--Call CR 5 2192 Day or Nite i__ ___ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ~ Port Orchard, Wash. I__- -- -- -- -- -- --_ ___ __ __ __ __ __ __I .-------------_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-__--- - -~~_~~