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September 11, 2014     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 11, 2014

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Jl v Page B-16 - Mason County Journal - Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014 PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE application for Shoreline Substantial Develop- COUNTY PROBATE NO 07-04-00233-3 JUDG- SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION SUPERI- SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION ment Permit for the development of: Install 100 MENT DEBTOR (S) A writ of execution has been OR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR MASON IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE ft. total length pier ramp float system adjacent issued in the above captioned case, directed COUNTY HSBC BANK USA, NATIONAL AS- OF WASHINGTON FOR THE COUNTY OF to existing shoreline bulkhead: 4 ft. by 35 ft. fully to the Sheriff of Mason County, commanding SOCIATION, AS INDENTURE TRUSTEE OF MASON JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NA- grated decking wood pier, supported by 2 galv. the sheriff as follows: WHEREAS, 1. A Default THE FIELDSTONE MORTGAGE INVESTMENT TIONAL ASSOCIATION Plaintiff, vs. ESTATE steel piles; a 4 ft. by 40 ft. fully grated aluminum Judgment and Foreclosure Decree (hereinafter TRUST, SERIES 2005-3, Plaintiff, v. ESTATE OF OF ELLEN S. FREI; ESTATE OF NICHOLAS ramp; and 8 ft. by 30 ft. wood frame 52% grating "Judgment") was entered in the above Court on JAMES M. WALDRIP, DECEASED; JENNIFER J. GIARDINA; SUSAN BOURUS; ROBERT A, float, secured by 4 galv. steel piles. Stub pile May 1,2014 and amended on August 1,2014 in M. BOGAN; JEANETTE GERON; UNKNOWN BROOKBANK; UNKNOWN HEIRS, SPOUSE, float stop will keep the float above the beach, favor of Plaintiff, Treasure Island Country Club, HEIRS AND DEVISEES OF JAMES M. WAL- LEGATEES AND DEVISEES OF THE ESTATE Parcel Number: 22222-12-00170. Site Ad- Inc. (hereinafter "Judgment Creditor") against DRIP, DECEASED; ALSO ALL PERSONS OR OF NICHOLAS J. GIARDINA AND ESTATE dress: 15071 E State Route 106, Belfair, WA. Defendants Estate Of Constance E Gil AKA the PARTIES UNKNOWN CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, OF ELLEN S. FREI; DOES 1-10 INCLUSIVE; Location of Project: Along Hood Canal 5 miles Heirs and Devisees of Constance E Gil, who ac- TITLE, LIEN, OR INTEREST IN THE PROPER- UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS OF THE SUBJECT west of Belfair WA.; within the northwest 1/4 of quired title as Constance E Mayben, Deceased, TY DESCRIBED IN THE COMPLAINT HEREIN, REAL PROPERTY; PARTIES IN POSSESSION the northeast 1/4 of Section 22, Township 22 James Melville Fox, III D.C., Personal Represen- Defendants. NO. 14-2-00151-1 SUMMONS OF THE SUBJECT REAL PROPERTY; PAR- N., Range 2 W. in Mason Co. WA. RESCHED- tative, Mason County Probate No. 07-4-00233-3 BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF WASHING- TIES CLAIMING A RIGHT TO POSSESSION ULED HEARING EXAMINER PUBLIC HEAR- (hereinafter "Judgment Debtors") in the sum of TON, to said defendants, ESTATE OF JAMES OF THE SUBJECT PROPERTY; AND ALSO, ING DATE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2014 $33,820.11, including interest to date of judg- M. WALDRIP, DECEASED; UNKNOWN HEIRS ALL OTHER UNKNOWN PERSONS OR PAR- AT 1:00 PM in Mason County Bldg. I, 411 No. ment, costs and attorneys fees. The Judgment AND DEVISEES OF JAMES M. WALDRIP, DE- TIES CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE, ESTATE, Fifth St. Shelton. Said proposed development specifies that the judgment amounts shall bear CEASED; ALSO ALL PERSONS OR PARTIES LIEN, OR INTEREST IN THE REAL ESTATE is subject to shoreline management permit interest at the rate of 12% per annum. 2. The UNKNOWN CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE, DESCRIBED IN THE COMPLAINT HEREIN review (M.C.C. 17.50)and associated Mason Judgment is entered in Execution Docket of the LIEN, OR INTEREST IN THE PROPERTY DE- Defendants. Case No.: 13-2-00803-7 SUM- County Development Regulations standards. Superior Court as Judgment Record No. 14-9- SCRIBED IN THE COMPLAINT HEREIN: You MONS BY PUBLICATION To: Estate Of Ellen S. Any person desiring to express their view or to 369-1 3. The Judgment is a foreclosure of a are hereby summoned to appear within sixty Frei; Estate Of Nicholas J. Giardina; UNKNOWN be notified of the action taken on the applioa- lien filed by the Judgment Creditor against the (60) days after the date of the first publication of HEIRS, SPOUSE, LEGATEES AND DEVISEES tion should notify in writing of their interest to: following described real property situated in AI- this summons, to-wit: within sixty (60) days after OF THE ESTATE OF NICHOLAS J. GIARDINAMASON COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF COM- lyn, Mason County, Washington: Legal: Lot(s) Sept. 4, 2014, and defend the above-entitled ac- AND ESTATE OF ELLEN S. FREI; DOES 1-10 MUNITY DEVELOPMENT 426 WEST CEDAR 242, Plat of Treasure Island, recorded in Volume lion in the above-entitled Court, and answer the inclusive; UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS of the sub- ST. SHELTON, WA 98584 The comment pe-4 of Plats, page(s) 114-117, both inclusive, re- Foreclosure Complaint of plaintiff, and serve a ject real property; PARTIES IN POSSESSION riod is at least 30 days from the final date of cords of Mason County, Washington. Situate in copy of your answer upon the undersigned at- of the subject real property; PARTIES CLAIM- publication given pursuant to WAC 173-14-020. the County of Mason, State of Washington Tax torney for HSBC BANK USA, NATIONAL AS- ING A RIGHT TO POSSESSION of the subject The final date of publication, posting or mailing Assessor's No. 12105-52-00242 Street Address: SOCIATION, AS INDENTURE TRUSTEE OF property; and also, all other unknown persons of notice is September 11, 2014. A Threshold Non-undeveloped land Redemption Period: 0 THE FIELDSTONE MORTGAGE INVESTMENT or parties claiming any right, title, estate, lien, or Determination was issued the week of August Months. THEREFORE, in the name of the State TRUST, SERIES 2005-3, plaintiff, at the office interest in the real estate described in the Com- 21,2014 under WAC 197-11-340. Written corn- of Washington, you are hereby commanded to below stated; and in case of your failure so to do, plaint herein THE STATE OF WASHINGTONments will be accepted up to the date of the seize and sell the above-described real property judgment will be rendered against you according TO THE SAID DEFENDANTS: You are hereby Hearings Examiner public hearing on Tuesday forthwith, and without appraisement, in the man- to the demand of the complaint, which has been summoned to appear within sixty days after the November 18, 2014; 1:00 PM. in MASON CO. ner provided by law; or so much thereof as may filed with the Clerk of said Court. The object of date of the first publication of this summons, to BLDG. 1. [411 No. 5th St., Shelton]. Contact AI- be necessary to satisfy the Judgment, attorneys' the said action and the relief sought to be ob- wit, within sixty days after the 21st day of August, lan Borden in this office at (360) 427-9670, ext. fees, costs, and interest. If the proceeds of such tained therein is fully set forth in said complaint, 2014, and defend the above entitled action in the 365 for further information, sale are insufficient to satisfy the Judgment, and is briefly stated as follows: Foreclosure of above entitled court, and answer the complaint 7358 September 4, 11 2t costs and accrued and increased cost, execu- a Deed of Trust/Mortgage. Grantors: James M. of the Plaintiff, JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NA- tion shall issue for said deficiency. The Judg- Waldrip Property address: 1680 East Arcadia TIONAL ASSOCIATION, and serve a copy of PUBLIC NOTICE ment includes a right to recover any deficiency Road Shelton, WA 98584 Publication: The She]- your answer upon the undersigned attorneys for SHERIFF'S NOTICE TO JUDGMENT DEBT- following the sale. The sale is exempt from the ton Mason County Journal [ ]Rhonna Kollenkark, Plaintiff, McCarthy & Holthus, LLP at the office OR OF SALE OF REAL PROPERT IN THE SU-homestead provisions of Chapter 6.13 RCW in WSB #35526 [ ]Craig Peterson, WSB #15935 [ below stated; and in case of your failure so to do, PERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHING-accordance with RCW 6.13.080(6) and the Judg- ]Tiffany Owens, WSB #42449 [ ]Margaret Gal- judgment will be rendered against you accord- TON FOR THE COUNTY OF MASON Treasure ment. The redemption period following the sale braith, WSB #40152 [ ]Kingston Bowen, WSB ing to the demand of the complaint, which has Island Country Club, Inc., a Washington nonprofit shall be 0 months from the date of sale. The sale #46688 Robinson Tait, RS. Attorneys for Plaintiff been filed with the clerk of said court. The basis corporation, Plaintiff, vs. Estate of Constance E may be extended for thirty (30) days. You are 7347 September 4, 11, 18, 25, October 2, for the complaint is a foreclosure of the property Gil aka The Heirs and Devisees of Constance E further directed to make return hereof within 60 9 6t commonly known as E 361 Kingsley Dr, Belfair, Gil, Who Acquired Title as Constance E Mayben, days, showing that you have executed the same. WA 98528, MASON County, Washington as a re- Di~ceased, James Melville Fox, III D.C., Personal The sale of the above-described property is to PUBLIC NOTICE suit of a default under the terms of the note and Representative, Mason County Probate No. 07- take place:Time: 10:00 am Date: Friday, October NOTICE OF REAL PROPERTY SALE deed of trust. DATED: August 15, 2014 McCar- 4-00233-3; James Melville Fox III and Jacqueline 24, 2014 Place: Main Entrance of Mason County NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the fol- thy & Holthus, LLP/s/Jessica Grape Ix] Jessica Celest Fox, husband and wife, and the marital Courthouse on Fourth Street YOU MAY HAVE A lowing parcel of real property currently owned Grape, WSBA #46436 [] Joseph Ward Mclntosh, community comprised thereof; James Melville RIGHT TO EXEMPT PROPERTY from the sale by Mason County will be sold: Parcel #32025- WSBA #39470 [ ] Mary Stearns, WSBA #42543 Fox IV; and All Other Persons or Parties Un- under statues of this state, including sections 51-00014; building lot at 511 SE Channel Point [] Robert William McDonald, WSBA#43842 108 known Claiming any Right, Title, Estate, Lien, 6.13.010, 6.13.030, 6.13.040, 6.15.010, and Road, Shelton; WA method of sale is listing with 1st Avenue South, Ste. 300 Seattle, WA 9810 or Interest in the Real Estate Described in the 6.15.060 of the Revised code of Washington, in licensed real estate broker; purchase price is (855) 809-3977 Attorneys for PlaintiffComplaint Herein Defendant SHERIFF'S NO- the manner described in those statutes. Dated $5,000; anticipated closing date is September 7324August 21,28, Sept4, 11, 18,25 6t TICE TO JUDGMENT DEBTOR OF SALE OF this27th, day of August, 2014. SHERIFFCASEY 23, 2014. Questions regarding this transaction REAL PROPERTY Case No.: 13 2 658 1 TO: ES- SALISBURY MASON COUNTY, WASHINGTON should be directed to John Keates, Property PUBLIC NOTICE TATE OF CONSTANCE E GIL AKATHE HEIRS By: Angel Evans, Authorized Deputy PC Box Manager, at 427-9670 Ext 669. Dated this 2nd SHR2014-00013 NOTICE OF SHORELINE AND DEVISEES OF CONSTANCE E GIL, WHO 1037 Shelton, WA 98584 (360) 427-9670 day of September, 2014. MANAGEMENT PERMIT. Notice is hereby giv- ACQUIRED TITLE AS CONSTANCE E MAY- 7352 September 4, 11, 18, 25, October 2, 7343 Sept. 4, 11 2t en that Jack and Kathy Johnson., the applicants BEN, DECEASED, JAMES MELVILLE FOX, III 9 6t of the described property below, has filed an D.C., PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE, MASON ...... 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