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September 23, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 23, 1971

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In, ItS Basic Survival 3ass Scheduled This Week Punt, Pass II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~l~~~~~~~~~l~~l~~~l~~~~~~~~~l~m~u~~~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ll~~~~~~~~~~~~~l~~~ A ten-hour Basic Survivalinclude: There is still time for local Competition is open to grade Class will be conducted Friday The Psychological Aspects of boys to sign up for the 1971and junior high school boys, ages SIMPSON MEN'S HOUSEWIVES SUNDAY MIXED 4's evening and all day Saturday, Survival; Effects of Cold on the Punt, Pass & Kick competition. 8 through 13, in the United Stan Ahlquist232.Men's Hi Game: Die Ramsfield Women's HiGame:210. , Colleen Yorke 212.Men's Hi Game: Wayne Clary October 8 and 9 at the Colonial Body; Effects of Heat on the The local level of the States. Each entrant must be Stan AhlquistMen s Hi Series: Troy West 554. Women s Hi Series: lone Visser Men's Hi Series: Jim Tobin 537. House, Thirdand Pine Streets, Body; Energy Use and Energy competition will be held Sunday, prepared to furnish legal proof of Standings: Chippers 6-2; 554. Women's Hi Game: Glenda Ettlin Shelton. Loss; Improvising• October 3, at t p.m. on Shelton's his age, such as a birth certificate• ts 5-1. Hidden Boom 5-3; IBP 4-4; Mill 34-4; Standings: Whiteys Auto 228. Sponsored by the Simpson For further information or toL o o p F ield, under the Seven-year-aids who will reach ~ 3-33"3; RaArctiCnier 3-5;Railr°adMil144"4;3-5.Shop 3-5; Loaders 8-4;B°dYskipper8-4; Sprinq,John sWaterRest• 7V2-41k;Tavern Women's537• Hi Series: Glenda Ettlin Recreation Association as a register for the course contact sponsorship of Jim Pauley's, Inc. their eighth birthday by January dlblazers 2-4; Boom 2, Gale Albrecht 533; Witcraft & Swope Logging 7-5Standings: Sun Downers 7-1; learning opportunity for hunters, Norm Eveleth at Simpson Participants compete only 16, 1972 may compete. A Mill 42, Troy West 554; Mill 3 3, B&R Oil 7-5; lahilJp Lake Gal's Moonshiners 7-1; Ding-a-Lingsthis course will also be appropriate Personnel. Enrollment is limited against boys their own age• There 13-year-old'boy who becomes 14 Ahlquist 611;Bob Brown 538; Railroad 1, 6-6; Dean s Gunshop 5-7; Manke 5-3; Farmers 5-3; Ranchers 4-4; Norm Castle 546; Chippers 2, gtr 532; Jess's for anyone, sixteen years of age to the first thirty people who is no entrance fee and no body on or before January 16, 1972, & Sons 41/2-71/2; Hood CanalH2OK9S 4-4; Hooters 4-4; Pink rredsonreds°n 534;541; BrownDale Neff456;480;iBP 4,L°aderSOleRamsfield2' Tom 3-9.Marina 4-8., Balls Food Center Elephants 4-4; Go-Getters 3-5or older, regardless of their register. Hours will be Friday contact during competition• No will not be eligible. Because PP&K ~b Wi es 528; 531; Shop 0, Bruce Williams 438. r-.. _Whit.ey'? Auto Body 2, Timber Ducks 3-5; Odd Balz 1-7; activity interest, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and special equipment is needed and finals will be held on January 16, :hapman 507; Prospectors 1-7. , Instruction will be provided Saturday from 8:00a.m. to 12:00 participation does not impair a 1972, age of entrant at that time • -v,een YorKe 552; Philip Lake Pink Elephants 3, Ken Le through the Institute for Survival noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. boy's amateur standing, determines his PP&L age group• ~roldChurcnill SHELTON RECREATION Gals 2, Bea Brandt 484; Bresh 422; Farmers 1, Nancy railblazers 0, Women's Hi Game: Bobble Springwater Tavern 4, Iona Visser Brewer 499; Odd Balz 1, Jean Education. Subjects to be covered Bannett 230. 554; Hood Canal Marina 0, Emi Hartwell 488; Hooters 3, lan Any boy who misrepresents his Women's Hi Series:Bobble Pleines 481 Bali's Food Center 1, Systma 495; Sun Downers 4, Jim actual birthdate or age will be • Bannett 575. Muriel Mueller 502; B&R Oil 3, Tobin 537; Timber Ducks 0, • • • III disqualified. .rnOson212. Standings:Trail Blazers Stella Howard 470; Witcraft & Mabel La Belle 502; Ding-A-Lings S II am Fossmaier 6V2-11/2; Dairy Queen 6-2; Harpers Swope Logging 3, Merge Witcraft 4, Jerry Pyle 511; Prospectors 0, Those eligible may register at 5-3; Hoodsport Cafe 4-4; Puget 498; Dean's Gunshop 1, Betty Mike Hughes 404; H2OK9S 1 | Jim Pauley s. Lois Simpson Sound National Bank 3-5; D&E uean 474; Manke & Sons 1/2, Toni Glenda Ettlin 537; Moonshiners Trophies 3-5; Shelton Recreation Matson 432; Skipper John's Rest. 3, Art Pleines 468; Go-Getters 0, • • • Lois Simpson 21/2-5V2; B&J Mart 2-6. 31/2, Margaret Bibbee 526. Carl Goodburn 472; Ranchers 4, KNOWLEDGE IS more than Shelton Recreation 1, Donna Russ Clary 472. equivalent to force• ey 7-1; Agate 3-5; 1-7;. ;avage Coleman 448; Hoodsport Cafe 3, Shirley Hi(:ks 430; Harpers 4, Bobble Bannett 575; D&E Trophies 0, Dana Roberts 471: Dairy Queen 3, Marlis Monger 436; B&J Mart 1, Marg Beat 473; Trail Blazers 4, Maxine Waite 430: PSNB 0, Adair Neau 448. LADLES THURSDAY TRIO 427; lPSon 493; 432; imons 411; GUYS & DOLLS ler 556; Men's Hi Game: Leo Nault 212. on 550. Men's Hi Series: Leo Nault 580. Women's Hi Game: Mary Lou Nault 210. Tony Musgrove Women's Hi Series: Pat Brown 553. Tony Musgrove Standings: Morgan Transfer 7-1; Riot's 6-2; Straf 5-3; ares 3-1; Sandbaggers 5-3; 4 B's 4-4; :rs 1-3; Bullheads 4-4; Newcomers 4-4; Outcasts 4-4; Woodchucks 4-4; Kinfolk 3-5; 4 Lovers 2-6; Carpetbaggers 0-8. 236. 4'B's 4, Pat Brown 553; ;on 586. Kinfolk 0, Muggs Ogden 483; Jess' Outcasts 3, Bob Yates --Char "a 5-3; Murr 448; 4 Lovers 1, Skip Karch 479; Sandbaggers 1, Lionel Hawks Leman 511; Morgan Transfer 3, Tahara Norm Schimschat 507; Oil 3-5; Carpetbaggers 0, Linda Tibbits s Clams 424; Bullheads 4, Bill Fredson 549; Woodchucks 1, Mel Hughs )b Olson 450; Riot's 3, Ray Rice 474; Loren Newcomers 0, Kathy LaBresh L. C• 490; Straf 4, Leo Nault 580. Women's Hi Game: Tuey WOMEN'SCITY Schumacher 202. Women's Hi Game: Sonja Women's Hi Series: Louise Clary Cochran 233. 480. Women's Hi Series: Sonja Standings: Clary Trucking Cochran 499. 7-1; Mikes McCulloch Sales 7-1; Shelton Veterinary 6-2; Nye Co• 5-3; Arnold and Smith Ins. 4-4; Olympic Paint 4-4; Servicemaster 4-4; B. Fuller Custom Builder 4-4; The Hut 2-6; D. Makoviney Const. 2-6; Wingards Sport Shop 2-6; M. and O. Logging 1-7. B. Fuller Custom Builder 3-1, Bunny Orr 426; Wingards Sport Shop 1-3, Mary Olson 341; Servicemaster 1-3, Colleen Yorke 427; Nye Co. 3-1, Dorothy Ahrens 437; M and O Logg. 0-4, Cindy Barnes 384; Clary Trucking 4-0, Louise Clary 480; D. Makoviney Const. 0-4, Barbara Nolan 422; Mikes McCulloch Sales 4-0, Velda Skipworth 443; Arnold & Smith Ins. 2-2. Millie Nelson 47-; Olympic Paint 2-2, Barbara Gorman 429; Shelton Veterinary 4-0, Tuey Schumacher 479; The Hut 0-4, Jackie Brown 396. Doug Richards SIMPSON RECREATION Nabs Cycle Prize Jess' Women's Hi Game: Kathy 568; Motherwell 202. Doug Richards placed the best Don Women's Hi Series: Donna of the six members of the Shelton 3, Coleman 504. Trailblazers Motorcycle Club ann 1, Standings: Loaders 5-3; Shops competing at Everett Motorcycle )47;" Airport B&R 4-4; ShopsRailr°ad 1,4"4;joLoggerSHein3-5"442; Club's annual cross country desert .Morgan Railroad 3, Kathy Motherwell race at Mattawa, Washington, as Imschat 491; Loaders 4, Marlis Monger he finished ninth out of a field of 451; Loggers O, Donna Coleman six hundred. 504. The only other Shelton Sharon MR.,*., MRS. finisher was John Castle who Men's Hi Game: Del Stormo 197. finished fifty-first• Terry Brocha, Pearson Men's Hi Series: Del StarreD 561. John Cookson, Charlie Laity, and Women's Hi Game: Margaret ~rn 5-3; Bibbee 202. Jim Wiley were all overcome by Time Women's Hi Series: Margaret the tough desert course and did Bibbee 560. not finish. Standinqs: Lake Cushman 8-0: . )orothy Mason County Credit Union ~ern 2, 7-1; Tyee Well Drilling 6-2; Nell's Evergreen Florists 6-2; J&J IN TIIE cause of freedom we =kinson Service 5-3; Dicks Diggers 5-3; have to battle for the rights of Sargents Oysters 4-4; Allyn Shell people with whom we do not 3-5; Van's Floor Coverine 2-6: Hoodsport Texaco 1-7; Eacrett agree; and whom, in many cases, 212. Lumber 1-7; Johnson & Johnson we may not like... If we do not 553. 0-8. Les Collins picked up a 5-7 defend their rights, we endanger split. Apologies to Phyllis Bibbee our own. for missing her 188 game last 1-3; week. Harry S. Truman Van's Floor Covering 0, McCoy rd 553; 457; ~oon S Vernon Beeson 456; Sargents Oysters 4, Toni Matson 412; Lake Cushman 4, Margaret Bibbee 560; Hoodsport Texaco O, George Wright 414; Johnson & Johnson 0, Bill Johnson 431; Tyee Well Drilling 4, Del Stormo 561; Allyn Shell 3, Harvey Griffey 450; Dicks Diggers 1, Nine Dishon 445; , Bob Evergreen Florists 3, Lee Elmlund ~arne: Allene 405; Eacrett Lumber 1, Eldon Todd 467; Mason Co. Credit ;: Mabel LaBelle Union 3, Jim Pennington 478; • 7-1; )unting epper Mallory Jerry Mallory Gerry Geist Gerry Geist J&J Service 1, Lucille Chapman 487. WOMEN'S COMMERCIAL ; Women's Hi Game: Mary Lou Nault 193. 517; Women's Hi Series: Dot Ahrens 455; 520. Kathy Motherwell 6-7-10 548; split. "npic Standings: Ming Tree 9-3; 87; Timber Towl 9-3; Kelly's 458; Furniture 8-4; Ogden's Radio & 489; TV 7-5; Brown Logging 7-5; Certified Manufacturing 7-5; Lumbermen's 6-6; Fuller Construction 6-6; Jim Pauley's 5-7; hells & Valley 3-9; Arco 3-9; Gott's Oilerettes 2-10. Timber Bowl 4, Barb Holt 496; Jim Pauley's 0,,Sara Watkins 414; Lumbermen s 1, Muriel Mueller 469; Brown Logging 3, Rea Brown 484; P_ells & Valley 1, 7-1; Glenda Ettlin 465; Certified Manufacturing 3, Millie Nelson ty's 462; Kelly's Furniture 3, Terry oys Stewart 463; ARCO 1, Betty Gray & Cindy Anderson 384; 567; Ming Tree 4, Dot Ahrens 520; 621; Ogden's Radio & TV 0. Marv Lou 501; Nault 500; Gott's Oilerettes 0, Freda Christy 430; Fuller Construction 4, Lorraine White 428. ~rson -ampbell I Glass Replaced Promptly Claims Handled Sheet Q Thermopane • Mirrors Tub Enclosures • Table Tops Windows -- Screens -- Storm Doors ~- FREE ESTIMATES -- Olympic Hwy. N. ;ervice Phone 426- 1152 Dale, Owner FROM NElL e 3 "R's" OF DRUGS • The three "R's" applicable to the manufacture, prescribing, and dispensing of drugs today are: "Reading, 'riting, and research," but not in that order. Research is the first step, which leads to the development of new drugs. Chemical compounds which preliminary studies have shown may be of therapeutic value are subjected to a long series Of investigations before marketing. It has been estimated that only one out of 3000 compounds Originally synthesized survives as a useful drug. Even after the drug has Passed the preliminary tests and is deemed safe and efficacious, the testing continues. It is tested in various forms (tablets, capsules, liquid) and in various formulas involving Other ingredients, all to justify its safety and effectiveness. Years may elapse before a drug is eventually marketed. After a drug is Placed on the market continuous testing is Clone to insure standardization and potency from batch to batch. Stability studies are carried out to assure that the Product remains stable and potent Over a period of time. These continuous sl:udies insure that the Product is up to specifications. From the data derived from these and Other special investigations reports are compiled and printed for dissemination of information on the drug for members of the medical and para-medical teams -- doctors, pharmacists, hospital staffs, etc. They study the literature and determine the need for the drug in their regimen of health care. Thus we see that the three "R's" of Pharmacology are essential In providing a Scientific foundation for effective therapy in the art of healing. Nell's Pharmacy Emergency Ph. 426.2 165 Fifth & Franklin St.--426-3327 Open Daily 9:30 to 7:30 Saturdays --- 9:30 to 6:00 Standings: Millo's 15t-gr~ Lumbermen's 5-3; She Recreation 4-4; Morgans 2-6. Lumbermen's 2, Eleanore Stephens 467; Morgans 2, Char Tobin 452; Shelton Recreation 3, Sonja Cochran 499; Millos 1, Pat Wells 494. Batstones Win Two-Ball Event A potluck dinner and social hour highlighted the September 19 two ball foursome played at Shelton Bayshore Golf Course. Prizes for the event went to Bill and Gert Batstone for low gross. Low net went to Jim and Joan McComb. Bob and Kay Ellison took second while Keith Simpson and Hazel Durand took third. Fourth low net to Frank Travis and Martha Cole. Prizes for closest to the pin went to Clarence and Ann Sawers for their shot on number three while Keith and Doris Simpson took the closest to honors on the seventh hole. October 17 is the date of the next scheduled two-ball. Tee off time is four o'clock. An important first step in enacting reform and modernization of the Washington State Legislature occurred recently with bipartisan adoption of a time limit for consideration of bills during legislative sessions. The Legislative Council, chaired by House Speaker Thomas A. Swayze, Jr. (R-Pierce), approved a plan to limit introduction of new legislation to the first 45 days of a session for each house to consider its own bills; and to 55 days for a house to act upon bills introduced in the opposite house. Two additional reform measures were held for later action, after attempts to introduce amendments. Deferred for later action were: I)Regular annual sessions; and, 2) dual sponsorship (both houses) of bills. The annual sessions plan also carried a provision which empowered the Legislature to convene itself. Now, only the Governor can call a special session. As introduced, the provision would have required a favorable vote by a two-thirds majority in both houses. Rep. Thomas L. Copeland (R-Walla Walla), House Speaker Pro Tern, said the proposal would be more effective if the number required to call a special session were lowered to a 60 per cent majority in both houses. "As intended by the Executive Committee of this Council, this plan is supposed to once again establish a balance between the executive and legislative branches of our state government. If we make it too difficult to convene ourselves, we will be defeating the purpose of the plan," said Rep. Copeland. Also referred back to the Council's executive committee for further study was a recommendation for joint sponsorship of legislation. Under this plan, a single state senator and representative could sponsor a single bill, which would then be introduced in one or both houses concurrently• While the majority of the Council appeared to concur in the desirability of such a plan, there were numerous questions about the mechanics of the procedure to be followed. Swayze said, "This is an attempt to cut down on the great many duplicate bills now introduced simultaneously in both houses. It will greatly reduce the costs for printing all these duplicate bills. And, it provides all responsible legislators with a needed vehicle for ensuring that good, needed legislation is enacted quickly, without undue delay and extra cost to the taxpayers." With proposed identical committee structure in both houses, this dual sponsorship of legislation could reduce the number of bill printings by half, and cut down the amount of time spent in repetitive reviewing of other-house sponsored legislation even more significantly, according to Rep. Swayze. The major difference among council members appeared to center around the proposal's lack of limitations. It would still permit individual members of each house to initiate separate legislation without sponsorship by a member of the other house. This could result in three types of bills for consideration: regular house and senate bills (the two that now exist), and new "Joint Legislative" bills. Both the annual sessions and joint sponsorship proposals are to be reconsidered at the November, 1971, meeting of the Legislative Council, said Swayze. III KNOWLEDGE AND hun]an power are synonymous. Francis Bacon Samuel Johnson TUNE GOOD- TOWING 1st & Railroad Sh I I .~1i ~J I II Plymouth Sebring-Plus Chrysler Newport Custom He's coming through with great new Chryslers and Plymouths. From the newest idea in 2-doors--Plymouth Satellite Sebring--to the brand-new Valiant Scamp 2-door hardtop. From the small-enough but big-enough Duster to the more-car-all- around Fury. From the sporty Barracuda to the all-new Road Runner. From the easy-to-move-up-to Chrysler New- port to the elegant Chrysler Imperial. He's coming through with new options. Like an AM/FM Stereo Cassette Tape System that's A CHRYSLER ..T.omzeo Oek,,. MOTORS CORPORATION available with a microphone (so you can record your own voice or record directly from the radio) and an electric sun roof that lets the sun shine in. He's coming through with engines that run on regular gas, even our biggest. With Torsion- Quiet Ride on Fury and Chrysler. A combina- tion of torsion-bar suspension, unibody con- struction and a Sound Isolation System. The ideal balance of control, stability and quietness. And a new headlamp washer system on Imperial and Sport Fury. It literally scrubs headlamps clean with miniature brushes. He's coming through with factory authorized parts and trained technicians for fast, depend- able service. He's coming through with Chrysler-Plymouth, the widest selection of any line of cars in town. He's coming through for you. Front & Railroad Shelton, Washington Thursday, September 23, 1971 - Shelton-Mason County Journal - Page 17 J