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September 23, 1971     Shelton Mason County Journal
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September 23, 1971

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By RONA HARPER .,--..m...~.,~,..~,..o-.,,~-.e,-.,- A bid of farewell and good 22nd birthday on Tuesday, Sept. n. ~ei~aan~Di~ne 22jZY 2~oy~ta~lanTwi~h s;2mT tidings go to Ned and Kathy 14 with family and friends. I i i How many of you boys and Cokelet. Open house in their There will be a lot less Happy New School Year! for 1971-72 are: the families of his sister and spent building a new racing car. parents along the Old Belfairhonor will be held Friday evening, summertime dust and no more School started this year with President Sheri Ward brothers in hosting a 40th He and his wife have won trophies Highway and around the lakes Sept. 24th at 7 p.m. at the home wintertime mud puddles at the an assembly in the gym at which Vice President - Vanessa ~ wedding anniversary party fordriving in racing events around have registered your interest in of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lohman.Sunset Beach Driveway. Those Mr. Lackey explained about the Hoppe i parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Berger, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. the new~y organized PeeWee All friends, relatives and old good old days are gladly forgotten new lunch program. After ayear Secretary-SandiScott on Sunday, September 12, at the During the visit, Mrs. basketball. Did you know thatclassmates of the coupleare with the recently new paved of no hot lunches we have them Treasurer - Bob Greenleaf ) Sons of Norway Hall. McCullough toured the Fort you are officially accepted into invited to attend, drive. again this year with a change. The Honor Society is planning ii The cocktail-buffet receptionBenning paratrooper school seeing the Kitsap County Adult PeeWee Ned recently received his It's that time of year again... Instead of just having one lunch a different field trip each month was followed by the serving of a the various-sized towers used by Association? And good news for masters degree in oceanography smelt season. We natives of the period there are two separate until school is out. The field trip four-tier wedding cake. An album the trainees for jumping mothers is that the furthest point and received a National Science shoreline know what to expec[ to drive in the scheduled games is Foundation Grant to continue his and though we enjoy smelt lunch periods and it depends on for October will be to Gonzaga prepared by the boys of the experience. She thought the Chico9 studies. Trinity College in dipping, it's with a little. which side of the hall you have University inSpokane, family was presented to the rolling hills of the country Realizing that the KiwanisCambridge, England invited him reluctance that we entermto tehl~ your fourth period class to seeA.S.B. cards are on sale in the honored guests based on "This Is beautiful, but felt their small Little League of only one sport to study there where he wouldseason. Too often the sine which lunch period you are in. sixth period classes at 2:05. The Your Life" it had pictures from timber would rate as poles here at This system isn't too popular price this year is $8.50 which will childhood days up to the present home. The city speed limit waswasn't receiving full support the spend three to four years studying fishermen not only trespass on with the students and a petition get you into all the home games day family of 14 grandchildren. " set at 60 and seemed wild, but urging of interested parents of for his doctorate. He accepted private property, but in their was circulated requesting that the and at a discount at games played F our tab le s wit h flower was found to be quite safe boys ages 8-12 brought about the and the couple will be leaving on haste, do their share of flower and lunch period be changed back to at other league schools. Junior centerpieces carried out the especially when there was a September meeting to organize a Sept. 29th. shrub stomping. Well. with a Pit the way it was last year with only High students will be admitted to yellow and green color themenotable lack of wrecking yards full sports program. Kathy Cokelet received herof tolerance and head shaking, one iunch period. Also, home games free with their Jr. The fun of arranging the Sea-Tac airport has been a There is more to come if you degree from the U.W. and her drive carefully when a smelt complaints were heard that this High ASB cards when reception was in having asurprise busy spot for Mr. and Mrs. R.J. show interest; wrestling, tennis, license to work in occupational fisherman is driving ahead because year the only place you can eat accompanied by their parents or of guests and relatives from Bisson. Mr. Ray Pitsinger returned baseball, and football, so get the therapy. She will be working in they're usually watching the your lunch is in the cafeteria someone responsible for them. Oregon. The elder Mr. and Mrs. by plane to hishome in Cleveland family out to help as referees, this field while they are in beach and not the road. instead of in the halls and outside Otherwise, Junior High and Berger are retired from theirafter a six week visit last Tuesday. umpires, or even the cheering Cambridge. It sounds like hard Remember the season is closed on the grass like we did last year. Elementary students willbe former business in Bremerton the On Wednesday Mrs. Bisson section. Call Lowell Gunselman at work and excitement for them from 8 a.m. Thursday until 8 a.m. The first pep assembly of the charged adult prices. " Berger Garden Store. welcomed her sister. Mrs. k.W. CR 5-6 751 ifyou need more both. We wish them the very best. Saturday and there is a 20 pound year was the Friday afternoon The counselors have been very Mrs. Glenda Snover came out Rutherford of Wichita, Kansas, information. Belated Birthday wishes go to limit per person. a winner in landing a 50-pound for a stay of two months. before the game with LaUrghbon. busy helping the students to Ken Boad who celebrated his The Seniors, showing th " great change their classes. This year, chinook salmon while fishing out Mrs. Rutherford had much to enthusiasm and spirit, won the because of the new English of Agate and Crescent Beach on tell about her 747 plane flight competition with their program, scheduling was very Sunday. Her husband Barry, inthat included a runaway boy ~,,~. -----..,~--~_~-,~ '-~'~ ~ " ,~7:~" ~ ~'~ ~ outstanding lung power. The complicated and many of the helping land the big catch after boarding the plane during a stop , ~ -,~- -, ..., -~ ,~ ~,~ f o o t b a 11 t e a m g a v e a students didn t get into all the the 45 minute battle, bent the in Denver and having to be ~ : ~ ~" ~ ~'-e "~ "~ demonstration of some of the classes that they had signed up for net. Sons Brett and Craig were forcibly removed from the plane. , ~. " eo : #.~ plays they use during a football so the counselors are working proud to join with morn and dad You can brighten your day by ~ ~ ' ,- ~ ~.~ ' , game which was very informative h a r d t o getevery thing in the jubilant picture sessions driving past Herman and Mary .'~o " ' . ~ " : ~ to those of us who don't knowstraightened out. with the huge fish. Lou Nelson's newly painted ~ ~~ too much about how the game is Monday was Puyallup Fair Congratulations to Keith house. That perky blue color is ~ : ;!~'~" , ~ %:i played. Day for North Mason schools. Pederson, Gwen Pederson, and really special. '~>,~;~. ~. The North Mason Honor Jean Fedenk played in the If you didn't see it, you ;'~,~'-,. Society is going on their first field . There will be a.rooter bus to Olympic Peninsula Junior Tennis would find it hard to believe the .... '~ trip of the year on September 23. the motban game.at vasnon, bo, Tourney held last week at theevent last Tuesday when the State .~'i' .~ They are going to Seattle to the let's all get out there and show Bremerton Swim and Tennis Club Department of Fisheries moved in American Can Company, Van De everyone just h?w much sprat courts. While not placing in the to rehabilitate Mission Lake. In Kamps Bakery, and Darigotd l,~ortn mason nas. top ranks of the winners, they the early hours of the morning, Dairy. The Honor Society officers were playing a top game. boats and trailers started moving The Union River bridge near in the same as on opening day of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .9,,- ~ ~ ~ ~ 4" 4"" the watershed caused a bit of fishing season. Places in line were ~'~ rn~'or"Lon'Lore Notes confusion with the unexpected held better than tempers as the ~ closing on Monday. The South department men began the work Kitsap School bus worked out the of spreading the rhotcnone i,~" :~}~e;~ '~' problem of routing on both sides powder that starts an early By Leo & Margaret Livingston -- CR 5-6421 of the river, but the commercial retirement plan for all fish within ~, /i~.%.~ (~ ~=~ " ):~-~ bus for the working men gave up the lake. ' -~ ~ ~ ~iii Higher Education Dept. down about 1,000 from last year. the route during the three days People were asked to stay off ...... ~ "~ ~' cgntinued: Becky Burrell, 1971 Mr. Hemstreet thinks this may be needed to repair the bridge, the lake as the "poisoning" of North Mason graduate, will bea combination of poor weather at The sign that the Union scrap fish and trout required attending Fairhaven College in the beginning of the summer and Bridge is out that was placed at several hours of boats dragging Bellingham. Mike Shirk, also a poor economic conditions, the Bear Creek junction has been bags of powder to marked and REPLACEMENT OF the Union River bridge which closed the Old Belfairo 1971 grad., is enlisting in the Air Visiting with the Hemstreets Highway for three days last week was done by the State Highway Dept. removed. The smooth renewal numbered spots. 'Tiptoe through Force and will be leaving soon for at the ranger s residence are Mr. Photo by Selma Furchert Lackland, Texas, for basic and Mrs. Einar Anholm from San surface of the bridge is in place the petunia bed" was the theme astraining" Sally Scott is transferring Luis Obispo. Mrs. Anholm is Mr.a second-year student from Hemstreet s sister, normal.with traffic and busses back to as uninvited and anxiOUSspectators crowded in on homes ~~~ ~ I Washington State University at The Frances Gladwin Mrs. Marie McCullough has and beaches while waiting for the returned home after a month's go-ahead sign. Corredion on school Pullman to the University of Orthopedic Guild met this month visit in Columbus, Georgia, and is After several hours, trout, Puget Sound, closer to home, in at the home of Winona Hoppe. happy to report that she and catfish, perch, and bullheads attendance policy ~ ] Tacoma. Scott Campbell, a 1968Orthopedic calendars are now on husband Bill have joined the ranks started showing by poking their North Mason graduate, is entering sale in the area. of proud grandparents with the heads above the water. People andIn an article of the Aug. 26 ~~~ ~ ~ ~ [ Green River College in Auburn to The Homemakers-Pinochle birth of baby boy Anthony Allan boats almost outnumbered the tterald giving the new attendance ~ ~ ~ ] learn to become an Air Trafficwill meet in October at the home Zimmerman on August 20. fish in hurried efforts to net the district the end of one paragraph ~~-~'~ LRII:^ [ Controller. RichardHankinson of Mrs. Beth Lewis. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allan few big trout policy of the North Mason School ~I~P~I|P~ I I'rrv I will be leaving soon for Lyle and Hallie Chandler have "Buck"Zimmerman, callthe 5 lb. George" W Worland of and the beginning of the next ~ lh~kllllll kV~l~ I Washington State Universityreturned from a trip to Spokane 9 oz. baby "Tony Buck" and Silverdale and Charles Thomas of were madvertantly left out. ~~Good quality paint at a remarkably low pr0ceu" . ] where is a third-year student in where they visited their daughter, hope the t83/4'' little fellow will Bremerton picked up several Under "excused absence", ~~Gives a very satisfactory coating for wall-I P a r k s & R e c r e a t i o n al Carole Kemp, and Hallie's sister at share their love of building and ood size rainbows and perch Development. To name a few Loomis and Palmer Lake. .. . g " - ' section b, paragraph 2 should ~i~/ board, plastered walls, textured surfaces andl drlvlngraclngcars. Curly Manwiller and Jim Rollins have read "Other absences ~i wallpaper. Has amazing washability afterI more What the world and especially Allan,, was, better known as had a mess of catfish with the arranged in advance may be three or tout weeks. White. | The late summer report fromPleasant Cove needs is a cheap, "Buck while' attending- " the North largest measuring 16 inches. Gina excused by the attendance officer ~J [ Ben Hemstreet, head ranger at efficient system of feline family Mason Schools and assisting Mr. Hannan was a "first" on our and/or principal. To be excused, ~ ~nm | Belfair State Park, is that 35,370 planning, the present count of Hawkins with the Judo classes. He beach with a magnificent the absence must be considered ~ A ~A~L' ~ ~it I people stayed over night and kittens just here being a works days as head technicianat bullhead. 225,933 picnickers used the park somewhat unstable 35. necessary." ,~0~~ ~ m~ ~ ~ l T h i s ~:'~;~ from May through August. This is ........... ., , should have been II'UK i,m I followed by paragraph 3, reading: ........ ~ ~ ] ~~-~ A H~ ~ "Absences of an emergency --i --.nlm ,~l~,n nm [ Pl nature will be excused if the E~_IEI~i".,,K]Ill/ I TOPPED, TRIMMED OR REMOVED student brings in a note from the ~iV~'m "~'Vi | parent on his return to school." . , -- m -- I FULLY INSURED . li' = All Johnson and I - ..... - " " PAINT [ 'e$ Griffey CR $-2117 Lob Dobbs TR 6-4783 ,,t .,,,.....,,...... 4_ .,--.-- SMILE . . . Stationery Enterprise Buttons- Stickers 2 BEDROOM HOME |) Key Chains - Barretts Sfmal 30% OFF and Bulletin Boards Belfair, Good erms ,-, , " t~anK Americard and Master Charge Welcome I OIL s Expert F u i "xnOu ~ Prescr:ptmn ',, III,LFAIR DRUG CAI)Y EALTY , DELIVERY Ser,c Evenings ERNIE -- & HAROLD ARIES ql BIL !/,qkgILl 111// i d 9 - 7 Weekdays -- i0 - 4 Sundays Belfair TR 6-4035 CR 5 2031 8 30 6 00 I~ ~" ~ " _" 9 - 8 Fridays CR 5-6220 CR, 5-6379 I " : -- : ie eeee0ee,o,.e ee.,,,~,~.o..o,.J .... ..... in n - -- Page 6 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shelton-Mason County Journal - September 23,1971 September 23, 1971 - Huckleberry Herald section of Shetton-Mason County Journal - Page 3